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  • Morning Bell: A START Towards Undermining Our Nuclear Security

    Yesterday the Kremlin announced that the Obama administration and Russia had reached agreement on a new nuclear arms agreement intended to replace the 1991 Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START). The declaration appeared to surprise the White House, as Press Secretary Robert Gibbs could only confirm that the two sides were “close” to a treaty. But U.S. officials confirm that “all major obstacles” in negotiations with Moscow have been cleared.

    Russian approval of a new START agreement has been the cornerstone of President Barack Obama’s “long road toward eliminating nuclear weapons” policy. President Obama’s desire to appease Russia is why he began negotiations by unilaterally surrendering to Kremlin demands that the United States betray our Czech Republic and Polish allies by going back on our promise to build ballistic missile defense facilities in Eastern Europe. Russians took President Obama’s easy and early capitulation on missile defense as a sign of naivete and weakness and concluded that the Obama administration was far more desperate for a new nuclear treaty than they were and, as The Los Angeles Times reports, “used that fact in negotiations.”

    The full text of the new agreement has not been released, but early reports indicate that it will not adequately address three key issues and would therefore compromise U.S. national security:

    Verification: The Russians have a long and well documented history of violating arms control agreements. By focusing intently on the reduction in each nation’s strategic arsenal, the U.S. has lost some negotiating ground on the issue of verification. The Senate must ensure that the new treaty is adequately verifiable. There is no reason to sign the treaty if the verification mechanisms fall by the wayside.

    Nuclear Modernization: Some arms control advocates insist that the U.S. has a robust nuclear modernization program. This claim is simply inaccurate. The truth is that America’s nuclear infrastructure is rapidly aging, in deep atrophy, and is losing its reliability and effectiveness. The U.S. is not producing new nuclear weapons, and its ICBM force is shrinking and not being modernized. In contrast, Russia and China are engaged in a major modernization effort. On December 16, 41 U.S. Senators voiced their concerns and signed a letter saying they will oppose the new treaty if it does not include specific plans for U.S. nuclear modernization as stipulated in the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2010.

    Missile Defense: It is absolutely imperative that a new START agreement not undermine our post-Cold War defensive posture by linking offensive weapons with missile defense. But early reports indicate that the treaty does exactly that. The New York Times reports: “Administration officials describing the draft treaty said its preamble recognized the relationship between offensive weapons and missile defense, but that the language was not binding.” But the Times goes on to quote retired major general Vladimir Dvorkin who says Moscow will scrap the treaty if the U.S. pursues missile defense: “If, for example, the U.S. unilaterally deploys considerable amounts of missile defense, then Russia has the right to withdraw from the agreement because the spirit of the preamble has been violated.”

    The Obama Administration’s arms control strategy has been deeply flawed. It is based on outdated 1970s arms control strategy and 1960s idealism and naivete. It will not work because it does not account for Russian nuclear strategy, which is based on approximate parity between the two sides, Mutual Assured Destruction (MAD), denial of missile defenses to the U.S., and nuclear warfighting capability. The U.S. needs to reset the reset before the Obama administration is allowed to seriously undermine our national security.

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    68 Responses to Morning Bell: A START Towards Undermining Our Nuclear Security

    1. M. S. Haden, Conroe, says:

      How foolish can Obama be? His inadequacies are glowing in these one sided negotiations with Russia! First we don't verify that they are not producing nuclear weapons and Second, we agree to NOT develop and maintain a missle defense program? It's very hard to believe that Obama is simply stupid when the facts suggest that he is deliberately disarming America when nations want to destroy the US. Can anyone really be that naive/stupid??? If he in fact taught Constitutional Law, did he not comprehend the fact that his sole charge in that document is protecting the United States???

    2. KLIMAX Baltimore MD. says:

      It is obvious we can't trust the Russians but with NObama preoccupied with "HIS" Health Care Bill I'm sure he has not devoted enough time to this situation !!! I think one of the big problems with his administration is a lack of a Diplomatic background he (the President) avoids these situations and uses his priorities as an excuse !!!!! We need to vote him out before he ruined OUR Country beyond repair !!!!

    3. Richard Cancemi, Arl says:

      Is there ANYTHING good coming out of the Obama Administration?

    4. John Manitta says:

      It seems very clear to me , that every thing b.h.obama is doing, is making us

      financially, & militarily weak. This once great nation will be no more. I am truly

      sorry for the young ones who will have to face this terrible transformation.

      GOD will help only if we help our self's.

    5. Ken Jarvis says:


      For the last 2 days

      HF hasn't written about HOW Bad he is doing.

      THAT is GOOD.

    6. jill.hetherington Ma says:

      Isn't it obvious that this administration and the Lackies in Congress are trying to destroy our country.

    7. Steven Wilson New Je says:

      Is this idiot going to really screw us, his problem with is childhood should not be paid by the American people. He lives in a fantasie world and thinks if he makes nice to russia, iran , iraq that they all will like him. He is a discrace to the name of the United States of America, jimmy carter doesn't hold a candle to how stupid someone can really be when they are president. LBJ was bad enough but now we have this smuck in the Blight House.

      Russia will eat us alive if China doesn't do it first. Our Senators and Congressmen need to pull their heads out of their a-s and get rid of this SOB. Damn him and his socialistic policies and all the other bastards that are with him. How can 20% of the people control 80%???? Clean the White House in November, hold or Rep and Dem reps to doing their jobs instead of worrying about their own good. GOD BLESS AMERICA PLEEEEEEASE!!!!!!

    8. Bill Grant, Little F says:

      We never learn. Where's Joe McCarthy when we need him. This Government is Jimmy Carter on steroids. We'll all soon be living in a Habitat for Humanities structure at this rate, but it might be on another continent.

    9. Mary.... WI says:

      This is the one aspect of government that SHOULD be pursued by the president and congress…..the safety of our homeland and her people. Guess which country is the Biggest Loser!

      Don't worry about the takeover of the heatlhcare in this country because we just might end up annihilated by Russia and Iran before it goes into effect.

    10. Jan, Metairie LA says:

      Will wonders ever cease?…..NO! Not will this socialist administration!

    11. Ken Allison, Tyler says:

      The validity of your comment that, "The Obama administration's arms control strategy has been deeply flawed." depends on the viewer's perspective. Patriots would agree and wonder what, if anything, this administration has done has not been "deeply flawed".

      From the perspective of the crop of Statists currently in office and their legions of appointed officials, they are proceeding precisely according to plan. Their objective is clear: enslave the People to a national government which is both morally and financially bankrupt.

      Along the way they insult or abandon our allies, destroy the free market, eviscerate the military and bow to every tin-pot despot on the planet.

    12. Giles, Winnsboro, TX says:

      More evidence of this administration's quest to destroy this nation. We are being plundered from within by the legislative, the executive and the judicial branches, we are told "they" know better. Law was signed that will "mandate" we purchase insurance. The President meets with foreign leaders and unilaterally agrees to disarm this country after appearing to be humble and meek all the while the other countries scoff at our weakness and proceed to do exactly what they want which is to build their armies and arms, to agree in "talk" but to continue full throttle ahead, all the while we comply with the "talks" and leave ourselves vulnerable, unarmed and outgunned. If any of the DC leaders think they will be placed on some pedestal by a foreign entity, they better think again, the leadership is generally done away with as they could pose a threat to a new regime, in other words DC leadership, you are dispensable it's the masses they want, the ones that work hard to provide. President Obama, you offer no strength, therefore your "humble acquiescing" is viewed as weak, if you don't have a powerful military backup the "talk" all the "talk" is for naught. Humbleness and meekness do not equate weakness or pompous overbearing actions, those words equate strength of character, compassion and the ability to lead before, during and after dangerous situations. We as a nation do not have humbleness nor meekness in our leadership in DC, we have many egotistical, power hungry, vain and disrespectful persons, who are in positions that are undermining our strength around the world. Our credit rating is horrible, our military are sent to war but told they must do their jobs under strict guidelines, like you can't fire your weapons unless certain criteria is met, regardless of how many weapons are being fired upon them, they must be politically correct to not offend anyone, they must fight and guard under extreme conditions, all the while the hierarchy of government, the media and many people at home are making detrimental public remarks concerning the "war". We are the joke of the world, other countries are just watching the movie unfold to see when the complete meltdown will happen, poised ready to jump in and loot as the cancer of weakness spreads.

    13. Claire MacRae says:

      As usual, another serious jab at America and the American people that this administration intensely dislikes. They are determined to undermine our strengths.

      America, wake up and see what is and what will happen to our country.

    14. Claire MacRae , Glen says:

      As usual, another jab at America and the American people this administration intensely dislikes. They are determined to undermine our strengths

      America, wake up and see what is happening and what will happen to our country.

    15. Dave Richers, Denver says:

      Having worked at several DOE/DOD nuclear facilities in the past, its appalling to realize many of our plants have been completely decommissioned or closed down. We most assuredly don't have the capability we had 30 years ago. Warheads age and need to be refurbished frequently. One must wonder have we even upgraded the electronics on the majority of these systems? A strong and powerful arsenal is a pretty big deterrent.

    16. D.L. COTE, SALEM MA says:

      WTF are these idiots doing to our country, and why haven't we stopped this treason. I just don't understand it. What are we becoming, that a hand full of freaks can be allowed to damage our country so fast and in such a profound way. I'm telling you people are really,really mad, and there is going to be serious trouble if we do not put a stop to this BS.

    17. Linette, Boise says:

      I do not believe anything this Congress says. They are a bunch of spineless, gutless wonders, (with a few bright exceptions) who will do anything to save their sorry political careers with endless pandering, lying and cheating. I've had enough of their thievery and corruption and will be voting against the status quo come November.

    18. Susanna, Kansas says:

      The PURPOSE of the Federal Government is to protect the American people and their interests in the world. This administration and the Progressive/Marxist/no-longer Democratic Party, by their actions which speak much louder than words, are extremely against the people and are anti-American. So, while BO and his gang are raping and pillaging the American people and their wallets over health care, immigration, cap and trade, financial reform, etc. (It's all about money and power and control), they are exposing us to danger in the extreme. I guess that's part of their plan, as well. Hell of a change!

    19. Jim Roumeliotis - Hu says:

      I am beginning to question if there is anything this adminstration has done or will do that has been or will be well thoughtout and meant to advance the position of the American people. It is very obivous that the Russians are not to be trusted, yet this adminstration weakens our defenses and "crows" about the parity we have in this area. Gee…what next.

    20. J. Guidry, Battlefie says:

      The appeaser in the WH is at it again. Bowing to demands to a country which is allied with a country who would like nothing better than to destroy western civilization any way they can. And, this present administration seeks to further handicap this country with another treaty re: nuclear arms.

      So much for the United States of America where I was raised. Could be gone in a flash.

    21. Lloyd Scallan - New says:

      Don't we get it yet? This is exactly what Obama wants. Obama is determined to

      destroy this nation. First our economical system, now our nation's security system. The real question is what's next?

    22. Sue From Detroit says:

      I have in mind the same thought Mary wrote. We will not have to worry about the health care law because we will be blown up thanks to the Obama's Administration.

    23. Mike Indianapolis says:

      Yea, he's real warrior he is! This administration is beginning to scare the hell out of me!!

    24. Geoff, Las Vegas, Ne says:

      We have an abundance of fabulous negotiation trainers in this country. You can't get on an airplane without the in-flight magazine advertising one of these courses. Why is it our government when involved in ANY negotiation, ends up with the greasy end of the stick?

    25. J.P., Virginia says:

      No shock that conservatives hate START, not to mention that similar arms reductions have been signed in the past. No shock that none of the comments actually reference the article, but nod in agreement.

      Explain to the American taxpayer that it is OK to give Poland $20 billion+ worth of Patriot missiles just so they "feel safe" from Iran and not "betrayed" by America, even though Iranian missiles can't reach Poland. "We are spending ourselves into oblivion!" "Treason!!!" is all we hear, but there is only silence about the cost of BMD.

      How exactly does BMD in Poland help the American people in Boise, Salem, MA and Wisconsin? Certainly, such juicy contracts benefit Northrupp, Raytheon, etc.

      Do you go to bed at night worrying about Russia annihilating the US? If you do, wake up because it is not 1982.

    26. Nancy Jones / Auburn says:

      Forget McCarthy…where is Ronald Reagan when we need him? "Trust yet verify" was one of the more brilliant attitudes and policies ever in regards to nuclear arms and Russia (or will they soon be back to the USSR?). I sure do miss common sense and integrity. I suppose the statists laugh at such "outdated" notions. Everytime I see/hear a report about this administration I can't help but think about Bizarro world! Everything they do is counter intuitive. Blast the UK and the Israelis, embrace Muslim terrorists. Try in a military tribunal American Navy Seals, give KSM American constitutional rights. Raise taxes in a recession and increase government regulations, dump on small and large business alike. I could go on and on. We are living in dark times people. Dark times.

    27. ella quinn kinaton n says:

      The obama adminstration is not going to protect america.We need george bush.

    28. ella quinn kinaton n says:

      You are right Lloyd.

    29. V. Pauls, Tennessee says:

      Yet another example of this administration's sole purpose: Destroy America as we know it.

    30. Nancy Jones / Auburn says:

      Oh, and to JP in Virginia: What is wrong with American companies who employ Americans getting government contracts? If it's okay to hand out subsidies to Spain for building wind turbines to help combat a problem which doesn't even exist (Anthropogenic global climate change) then why can't a few Americans be employed by a defense contractor? And to assume that just because the Iranians don't currently have missiles that can reach Poland then Poland need not be protected is ignorant. Russian missiles can certainly reach Poland, can they not? And I think it's safe to assume that Russian ICBMs could be sold to Iran, correct? Critical thinking, JP…have you heard of it?

    31. Glenn, Scottsdale says:

      This, like the earlier 'aggreements' are unilateral disarming since the Russians never ratified their end.

    32. toledofan says:

      In the article Heritage says that 'the Obama Administrations arm control strategy has been deeply flawed'. I think flawed doesn't go far enough, I think their policy is almost non existant and I don't think Obama even cares about foriegn affairs. Look at the gaffes between us and Israel, how can that be? I don't think, the liberals have the stomach, the will, or the knowledge to keep us safe; it's easier to pacify the bully and walk away thinking he'll leave you alone. That will only work for a short time and the bully comes back demanding more. Still no major santions for Iran, I wonder why? I don't worry today about Russia as much as Iran, but, beware, Iran and Russia are allies. Without strength we are not only vunerable, we become weakened to defend others; not a good place to be.

    33. Blair, Franconia, NH says:

      I have one question for our Fearless Leader. What were you thinking?

    34. JFBeck says:

      For those that are venting their frustrations to take it out on "all of them….You better get your head straight and focus.

      There are 250+ democrats in congress (House). Everyone one of them needs to be voted out in Nov10 to give our country a fighing chance before Obama distroys us all. That means, you have to elect Republicans to stop everything (defund) in 2011-12 that Obama tries to advance. Then hold on until 2012 Nov. to vote out the last of the few straglers of Dems left. Repubs have learned their lession.

      If Nov10 is is lost. There will be no US of A left to vote for and save in 2012.

    35. Tacoma, WA says:

      In defense as in finance, self reliance is encouraged. Interdependence, good; independence, better. Whatever happened to, "Speak softly and carry a big stick?" Moral suasion and impotence?

    36. Judith in Michigan says:

      JP of Virginia: I'm sorry you have a comprehension problem. Perhaps if you investigated the issues instead of just nodding in agreement with the brilliant utterances of the Keith Olbermanns of the world, you might actually learn something.

      A great place to start your education in truth is to watch the Heritage Foundation film, "33 Minutes". It is about the dangers this country is facing with the likes of Iran, Russia, etc.

      33 minutes refers to the time it would take for a missle fired from an enemy nation

      to reach an American city. .It is about the destruction and death of the United States that is only 33 minutes away and is now possible.

      Not sometime in the future, but NOW.

      I know that the many experts at HF are not as educated in foreign affairs, policies and nuclear proliferation in enemy countries as you appear to be, but watch the film anyway. What have you got to lose, except your naivete? Look on the bright side. You might even be able to prove HF wrong But I have a feeling this film will actually scare you senseless.

      Are you willing to take the chance?

    37. Dennis Social Circle says:

      This is just more of the same, obama thinks America has done the world wrong. Yes we made mistakes along the way, but who oir what country has given more in blood, sweat and tears than America. If America had not given so much in WW1 WW2 where would the majority of the world be today. Who is always shoveling money and goods when disaster strikes. Yet our fearless so called president wants to give away all we have just to change the image of America. Well I guess he has suceeded with the job, the "guvnmnet" has taken over business, banks, jobs, economy, and now health care, it is all socialist and marxist controll. VOTE IN 2010,

    38. Mike Sheahen, Hickor says:

      Anyone expect anything else from a bunch of Statists but to undermine our freedom and defenses and have us break our promises to help defend any friends?

      To expect a bunch of Statists, now ruling the U.S. and Russia, for example, to do anything other than to undermine our security, and have us break our promise to "pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend, oppose any foe, in order to ensure the survival and success of liberty" (as even John F. Kennedy at least said) in the face of undying Marxist/Communist/Socialist Statist doctrine and plans to spread and rule the world, is indeed the trademark of the blindly naive so ready and ripe to be herded into giving up freedom for the bottomless pit of dependence upon and thus control by government, including “personality cults” (such as Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Mao, and others), as has already been repeatedly shown and proven throughout history to this day, and Obama and his Statist Comrades around the world are evidently doing what it takes to repeat again.

      Except that this time it is more probable than ever before that there won't be any escaping anywhere from the bottomless pit of Statist control by government, perhaps even a Leftist/Statist “one world government”, which in any case is why Ronald Reagan called the United States "the last, best hope of mankind", and why so many (legal) immigrants say "Too many Americans don't appreciate the freedoms they have, and evidently won't until they are gone, but then it will be too late".


    39. Linda Q. Vermont says:

      This President is treading on thin ice in regard to national security! This is quite evident prior to his election he made the statement that he would sit down with Ahmadinejad without preconditions! This is VERY dangerous! Also don't forget former President Clinton was very antimilitary when he closed down many strategic air command bases in the United States! Some of which where the largest in the world and located on crucial borders. One of which was Plattsburgh AFB a SAC base in upstate New York! I'm thinking that's exactly how Al Qaeda got into this country undetected to Logan International …After all the St. Lawrence Seaway is an international waterway with all kinds of unmonitored infiltrated access…This President NEEDS to be vigilant or We the People will become vigilantes…

    40. gorio, calif. says:

      Dear Virginia, No its not 1962 its more like 1980 with that smiley face Carter explaining to us that we have been unable to solve our Irianian problem because we haven't done enough to solve the worlds housing and kissed enough dictator buttt. The BIG difference is that one face was light and one was dark and that somehow we managed to put a whole lot of little Carter wannabe's in our House and Senate. Maybe we still have one last Regan left in our pocket, if not just enjoy the inflation rollercoaster as we circle the bowl. The founders did make a mistake they didn't tell us NOT to let the children steer the ship.

    41. James Canyon, Texas says:

      Barry S a.k.a. is a local boy who thinks he is doing a great job. His best suit is rhetoric, which is not all that good, as I have heard great orators. He is not one.

      He is a Marxist, an idealogue, and idealist who "believes" his own press and takes the Russians for what they say they are, not who they have been. He ought to read Kipling's poetry to understand the Bear [Russia].

      If the U.S. survives BHO and his willing Democratic fellow Marxists and Socialist, I will be surprised.

    42. sue maxwell says:

      How much evil one leader can accomplish in one year is unbelievable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And he works fast at it- every possible area of weakening this country is being touched. Years ago I met the author of the only book written about Washington's childhood, and what went into the making of his character. He said " I wrote it because the world needs George Washington again." I have never forgotten that and that is exactly what we need again- men of great character, who serve, who understand the principles of liberty, who have been through what we are headed for and know its evils or who know what they knew. Many of us know what they knew and I think we need to let others know what they knew.

      Before the elections even started I reread a book by Herbert Philbrick who was a double agent for the FBI in the American Communist Party. It is called " I led Three Lives," and is available on the net. General Wilbur's book is called "The Making of George Washington," and is available through Patriotic Education Inc.

    43. Joe Pochis says:

      Wake up people and treat these politicans as your enemy. One of the major factors that caused the revolt against the king of England was the "stamp act" which gave the king's forces in the colonies the power to write thier own search and siezure warrants. Well guess what? The patriot act gives Fedral agents the same power. Democrat or republican they have the goal in mind. To steal your liberty and property and to grab as much power as they can. Not all are doing this just about 93 % that's all.

    44. Phil Hurst, Locust G says:

      It is not in the vital interests of the U. S. to reduce our nuclear weapons because Russia wants to. We have numerous other enemies to be concerned about. China is working rapidly on a nuclear ability from space. Iran is close to that capability as well. A combination of foes working together to undermine our power is entirely possible. Certainly China and Russia could strike at the same time.

      It would take years to replace our stockpile when we had to have them replaced.

    45. lynn, austin says:

      Click on impeachobamanow.com and let's get a groundswell of support for impeachment by WE THE PEOPLE. Let's take this anti-American out of office….quickly….he's taking us down as fast as he can.

    46. wallyblu Zion IL says:

      I've lived through the depression, world war 2, the Korean war, Vietnam, the first and second Gulf wars.

      There were many trying times but I'm glad I will be gone before all the things that the Social Democrats are imposing upon the American People come to pass.

      We went to war with our Government at the time, over a tea and stamp tax that were no where near as oppressive as what our current Government is doing to us, we went to war against our own people to free those who were in bondage, we went to war to free those who were being slaughtered in the name of racial purity and we prevailed.

      Now we are told by the political pundits and the press that we must not go to the ballot box with anger in our hearts to kick the tyrants and despots out of our own government.

      When did it become heroic to lay your head on the chopping block?

    47. Carol, San Luis Obis says:

      What concerns me is that Obama has stated in the Washington D.C. news outlets that he has agreed to reduce the amount of nuclear arsonals; but he does not define where these sites are located–Shouldn't we be concerned that he is not being open to the American public once again, but intead is acting in secret.

      Further, has anyone in America asked themself why we are abandoning START II and what we will lose (National Security-wise) by abandoning START II-which curiously enough was never ratified by Russia.

    48. Ted Stein, President says:

      I agree that trust and verify is brilliant. I also know it predated President Reagan, but was used by him to good effect. (Most kids today think their favorite celebrities wrote the classics. It's not their fault.) But, like the Cold War, generals fight the last battle.

      I have always believed that diplomacy and trade agreements trumped war treaties. Besides, after a nuclear war, there won't be anyone left to sign it. Personally, I'm not afraid of what Russia might do, or China for that matter, I'm more afraid of the McVey's of the world. The more weapons we remove, the better off we'll be.

      As an aside, it's possible to confirm the state of our arsenal by looking at the financial reports of companies like GE Nuclear. France and China can only use so much nuclear fuel. Just a thought.

    49. Lee White Tanks AZ says:

      Watch the "Birdie". This man definitely adds something to this adage from old time magic shows.

      While everyone's attention was focused on Obamacare (the birdie) his other hand was signing agreements with Russia that greatly compromise our nuclear weapons capabilities.

      I have to wonder what he will have going as Immigration reform becomes the new "birdie" and Cap and Trade will follow as the next "birdie".

      Obama really is one scary dude.

      PC is Thought Control


    50. Ed Zierlein Coeur d& says:

      You WILL buy insurance!! If not, you are breaking the law.

      We CAN take money from your bank account without your permission!

      You will get ONLY what we tell you can have on health insurance!

      You will now pay 2.9% additional taxes on all NON_EARNED income!

      You will pay a new VAT (Value Added Tax), just like most of Europe!

      If you are a student and need a loan for college-You must come to the government now! (This is in our new Obama Care Health Bill???) why?

      Remember when Big O said, " you will not have to pay any new taxes if you make less than $200,000, not one penny more".Good Luck Folks!!!

    51. Doug Whaley says:

      When your goal is to destroy the United States as Obama's goal is, what better way to do it than to set about weakening it with this type of action? He isn't waiting around to see how long his domestic actions take to bankrupt the country when he can hasten the end by turning the country into a third rate power.

    52. Wayne Kerr says:

      Not to sound like a religious nut…my only hope is knowing that God is ulitmately in control. God has blessed this country from it's founding to present and the rest of the world is better because of America, that's no secrect. While God allows us to make our own bed, and spend some time in it, he will ultimately help to bring common sense, morality and virtue back to the foreground. It's already happening with the Tea Parties. You can feel the tide and momentum shifting.

      With the efforts of a few and prayers and suppor of many, IMO conservative will soon reign again.

    53. DM, Ohio says:

      Do any of you right wing nutjobs actually know anything? The wonderful capitalist system we live in is actually a socio-economic system, which would be what you would call a socialist system. Free Markets are a joke! You fools need to start doing your homework, you had your 8 years with GW, where were you when GW put us into two wars based on oil? Oh yeah, in your own little dream worlds believing the junk that pundits spoon-fed you on fox news. People only call Obama a socialist because they fear the what they don't understand. People that lack the insight to understand more than one side to an arguement are doomed to fear. If you don't like it, exercise your right to vote. You're in control, it has nothing to do with your personal god.

    54. N. H. Nasralla, Illinois says:

      How would YOU feel if Russia and China began negociations with Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela (just to mention 3 close by countries) to install nuclear facilities in their countries??
      There are always 2 sides to a coin.

    55. Leon, Durango, CO says:

      By their acts ye shall know them, and Barack Obama does continue to demonstrate his service to America's enemies (as opposed to serving the American People). How much proof do you need? Obama is a traitor. I think it is illegal for him to brazenly serve Moscow's interests, especially since he and his buddies were Saul Alynski Communists growing up. They took over the Democratic Party and by it the White House, but all the time he was serving the foreign interest. Obama should be prosecuted and hanged as a traitor. The Quid Pro Quo is complete, the crime is complete. But of course this is one of a few hundred crimes.

    56. Mike Sheahen, Hickor says:

      What is with HF not posting my comments here lately?

      I am a financially and otherwise contributing member of the Heritage Foundation, and my comments have not been and still are not any less worthy or worth posting than any of the others being posted here, and, with the 2nd Amendment to back me up, I will only try to post my comments again anyway, like now.

      Anyone expect anything else from a bunch of Statists, such as the Obama Gang and their Comrades in Russia, but to undermine our freedom and defenses and have us break our promises to help defend any friends?

      To expect a bunch of Statists, now ruling the U.S. and Russia, for example, to do anything other than to undermine our security, and have us break our promise to "pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend, oppose any foe, in order to ensure the survival and success of liberty" (as even John F. Kennedy at least said) in the face of undying Marxist/Communist/Socialist Statist doctrine and plans to spread and rule the world, is indeed the trademark of the blindly naive so ready and ripe to be herded into giving up freedom for the pit of control by government, including “personality cults” (such as Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Mao, and others), as has already been repeatedly shown and proven throughout history to this day, and Obama and his Statist Comrades around the world are evidently doing what it takes to repeat again.

      Except that this time it is more probable than ever before that there will be nowhere in the world for us, the freedom-loving people of the United States, and no place for freedom-loving people from around the world, to live, and to emigrate to, and be free of the already repeatedly proven incomparably disastrous, disempowering, enslaving, impoverishing, and even murderous control by such as that of a Statist/Leftist leader and government, or even that of a Statist/Leftist “one world government” in the, at this rate, only too easily foreseen and not too distant future.

      I know I have pointed out the following before, but the antics and machinations of such Statists/Leftists as Obama, and his Comrade in control of Russia, make it bear repeating that such things are why Ronald Reagan already warned against them when he called the United States “the last, best hope of mankind”.

    57. Mike Sheahen, Hickory, North Carolina says:

      Correction: And, with my 1st Amendment right to freedom of speech to back me up, I will only try to post my comments here again anyway, like now.

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    59. bigdave, ocala fl says:

      I don’t know, Wayne Kerr, we built a great country “in the name of GOD, and all of a suddden, people with the mentallity of a Ken Jarvis came into power and now we are going backwards about ready to pass our ROOTS(belonging to England) and be a part of Europe again! Its all in our hands! We just need to adopt the liberal mentallity…destroy them the way they try to destroy us! Isn’t it funny how the libs try to destroy every republican, even personally, attacking their families and everything attached to them, yet they proclaim “we must negotiate and try to get along with our ENEMIES”?! Truly a sick horde of people.

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    62. Mike, North Carolina says:

      Anyone expect anything else from a bunch of Statists, such as the Obama Gang and their Comrades in Russia, but to undermine our freedom and defenses and have us break our promises to help defend any friends?

      To expect a bunch of Statists, now ruling the U.S. and Russia, for example, to do anything other than to undermine our security, and have us break our promise to "pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend, oppose any foe, in order to ensure the survival and success of liberty" (as even John F. Kennedy at least said) in the face of undying Marxist/Communist/Socialist Statist doctrine and plans to spread and rule the world, is indeed the trademark of the blindly naive so ready and ripe to be herded into giving up freedom for the pit of control by government, including “personality cults” (such as Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Mao, and others), as has already been repeatedly shown and proven throughout history to this day, and Obama and his Statist Comrades around the world are evidently doing what it takes to repeat again.

      Except that this time and at this rate it is more probable than ever before that in the not so distant furture there will be no free country, as in a free United States of America, in the world for freedom-loving people to stay in, or emmigrate to, to be the most free, self-governing, prosperous, generous, and secure people and country in the history of the world, as we, the people of the United States have been and our country has been.

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    65. Eric, North Carolina says:

      Mentioning a bunch of loopholes that the Insurers will look for to continue to deny coverage while at the same time being on the side of insurance companies through the whole debate seems sorta crazy to me. You KNOW they look for loopholes and you still support them?

      Then I see unintelligent statements such as "Obama is TRYING to destroy the USA". Such ignorance helps me to feel better about the debate as I know people with such thoughts are simply delusional and there's really no reason to debate crazy people.

      People who scream the crazy things like "Socialist", "Kenyan!", "Indonesian!", "Muslim!" didn't like Obama when they first heard his name and or saw his face and those people are embarrassing themselves and our country.

      "I don’t know of anyone, in or out of government, that is more determinedly seeking peace than I am. And my goal is the total elimination of nuclear weapons" Ronald Reagan

      I bet that Obama could move forward to ban abortion and you people would flip flop with the quickness just like your 2012 candidate Romney has done his entire career.

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