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  • Fidel Castro: Passage of Obama's Health Care Plan Is "A Miracle"

    Fidel Castro Health Care Reform

    As President Barack Obama embarks on a high profile campaign to bolster public opinion of his health care plan, there is one man who is already convinced that Obamacare is the right move for America – Fidel Castro, the Cuban revolutionary leader and first secretary of the Cuban Communist Party.

    According to an Associated Press report, Castro hailed Obamacare as “a miracle” and “an important battle and a success of (Obama’s) government.”

    Castro went on to favorably compare President Obama’s health care plan to the one Cuba enacted a half century ago. Ironically, it was reported last year that Cuban President Raul Castro said his country’s spending on health care was “simply unsustainable.”

    In the Land of the Free, Americans remain unconvinced that Obama’s health care reforms are right for the United States. A CBS News poll released Wednesday shows that 62% of Americans want Republicans to continue challenging the health care bill that President Obama signed into law this week.

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    34 Responses to Fidel Castro: Passage of Obama's Health Care Plan Is "A Miracle"

    1. David Roach says:

      Just wanted to add that the Cuban Dictator says that Obama's Health Care Plan is a miracle. What does that tell us???? Also why should it matter what Fidel Castro thinks? Honestly… Insanity, Speaking insanity.

    2. David Roach says:

      Power to the People!!!!

    3. Missourimule says:

      Fidel should stay tuned . . . he'll probably find a lot more to like.

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    5. Matt, Texas says:

      If this doesn't confirm the Marxist influence of this bill, nothing will. When was the last time an American President was praised by this Communist thug? That's right, it's never happened before. We must defend our Constitution by voting these Marxist democrats OUT before we get more praise from dictators like Castro and Chavez.

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    7. Dennis Allard, Calif says:

      The U.S. current health care system is idiotic.

      How do you expect a minium wage earner to pay for health insurance? Should we just go back to slavery and not provide them health care except to keep people alive during their crop picking years?

      As is done successfully in Germany and Switzerland, we should have a 15% flat tax for health care (no limit on top bracket), make the system be not-for-profit but care-for-people by well-paid flat salaried doctors and nurses and give the job of designing it to some people who know how to design complex systems (not bankers), also paid with flat high salaries.

      The people who invented the internet did so as a project funded by the Government. It is thanks to that socialist program that you conservatives are able to communicate on the Internet which was invented by that socialist project. Let's put out bids to revamp the health care system to those same qualified body of engineers and mathematicians (not bankers or over-paid old-boy-and-girl school executives or Repulican lobbyists).

    8. Joe, Georgia says:

      Ah. Validation and acceptance by your own ilk makes it all the more clear now.

      My mother always told me "birds of a feather flock together" or "misery loves company"

      I can't wait until I have to float away to another continent on a 57' chevy with a propeller on it.

      Never. Live free or die. I'm sure at some point they'll accommodate me on that phrase.

    9. Joe, Georgia says:

      Dennis, how about the minimum wage earner educate themselves and better themselves and strive for a job that will enable them to get health care?

      Believe me I understand there are exceptions. But let's stop coddling people it does them not good nor society. Teach a man to fish.

      Why are we continuously buying this crap about someone doesn't have something so we should just give it to them. Isn't that for non-profits or churches? I don't need the government interceding on my behalf for my salvation because they think it so. My faith teaches me, the individual, to take care of the poor. Not give the government my first fruits.

      And by the way, we are going back to slavery with this health care bill so don't you worry. You have no choice. What next I must buy a GM car? Go to the gym twice a week or be penalized? Where does it stop?

    10. Steve, Millersville says:

      WOW…if this doesn't say something about the direction of this country, I don't know what does

      And thanks to Dennis for proposing REAL reform that will cause TRUE CHANGE! Enough of this fake crap that Obama and his liberal buddies propose!!!

    11. Ken says:

      Dennis, Dennis, Dennis, What are you smoking? You don't know anything about obamacare. Whether your a minium wage earner or not, now you have to buy insurance or pay a penality. Obamacare has not put any limits on what insurance companies can charge so it's not going to be any more affordable than it is right now. You guys absolutely amaze me…….DUH

    12. Steve, OH says:

      Dennis, you've obviously missed the whole conservative point about health care reform. Anybody who says we don't need reform is lying… everyone (liberals and conservatives) agrees with that. The way I expect a min. wage earner to pay for health insurance is to remove the market causes for rising insurance costs, not by having the government come riding to the rescue, mandating costs like centralist planning (socialism, Marxism, communism, take your pick). We all learned about central planning in high school civics, and we know it's not as good as our free market society. If you really want to know how this bill will fail to fulfull the empty promises the Democratic leadership is spewing, you need to read the detailed analysis that the Heritage has done on this subject. They have the facts, and a plan to change things the right way, without destroying the economy along with the best health care system in the world. Change you really can believe in, not "make believe."

    13. Marina Kesling, Caba says:

      And with this endorsement, we the People are well on our way to becoming yet another third-world Communist country.

    14. Geoff, Las Vegas, Ne says:

      I'm sure Castro wishes BHO was Cuban so he could take over when he dies. Wait a minute, how do we know he's not Cuban?

    15. Jeanne Stotler,Woodbridge, Va says:

      With F. Castro backing this travesty of our freedoms, I know I am on the right side, this is contrary to the 28th admendment as well as abuse of the authority it has in Congress. Today BHO is selling us out to Russia, by lowering our defences, either he is nieve or in cahoots with Russia and communism. BHO LIES, do not trust him, and DO NOT UNDER ESTIMATE HIM, he is as cunning as a Fox.

    16. John, Alexandria, VA says:


      You reference the health care systems in Germany and Switzerland. Not a good idea. I don't know about Switzerland, but Germany is facing a disaster when the number of people requiring coverage outnumbers the number of workers contributing to government coffers. Their system is simply unsustainable and it is going to come crashing down in the near future. That's not what we want, in spite of Fidel Castro's ringing endorsement.

    17. Doug, Michigan says:

      Dennis of California states his misinformation very well showing how misinformed he is. This is the worst legislation ever passed by Congress but what else could you expect from a group such as this?

    18. Leon, Durango, CO says:

      Isn't it wonderful how Obama gets so much approval from Communists and Fascists? Makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside to know that Obama has the support of murderers, tyrants and totalitarians. This kind of thing has happened over and over again while American Patriots are all left out in the cold. It is as if the Liberal Democrats are immune to common sense. They cannot see behind the scam protecting Obama from prosecution. If you looked at all this in historical context, Obama should be hanged for a Traitor. The foreign interests that he serves (instead of the American People) are easy to identify by this kind of display. It is the Communists, and guess who Obama put on Staff? Just a little confirmation from Fidel in case anybody was wondering what Obama is up to.

    19. Jennifer, Indiana says:

      A minimum wage earner that falls below the income line will not be expected to buy insurance, they will be on Medicare or a host of other plans for the low income bracket. This bill will protect the people already ill and thus previously inunsurable. Smokers won't be turned away, neither will the obese or otherwise ill. If you can afford to buy insurance, according to the plan guidelines, you will be expected to do so….no one will be turned away. In addition, there are incentives for "getting healthy" (stop smoking, lose weight, etc), and "staying healthy". This IS a radical change, but it's damned time. Every president since Truman has known health care was a problem and spoke about it at length. Finally we have someone brave enough to risk his possible re-election by doing something BIG. This won't be in full effect until 2019, so you've got time to get used to the idea. I promise in a generation or two, people will shake their heads in wonder at all the uproar over this….reminiscent of the uproar over women voting and black voting. It's forward thinking. Or, as my Australian friend said, "Health care!! Welcome to the 21st Century!"

    20. Wm, Ky says:

      Fidel Castro. Just who I would want to list as a reference on my resume. Jennifer; as has been stated thousands of times over, no one is saying that healthcare reform is not needed. But this package shoved down our throats is not sustainable and it's designers knew (and know) that. We debate a healthcare plan contents when I see the intention as being socialization of America. If you are a socialist you probably do love it. If you are truly poor you probably do love it. But the vast majority of people in this country do not know what poor is. It is not having to make cell phone payments, cable payments, new cars, what computer to buy, on infinitum. I have no recollection of the government running anything successfully. Time will tell (unfortunately). This bill is not the answer. Why would we need 17,000 IRS agents for a great, or even good piece of legislation? Wait til you get your Medicaid. Just wait. I am a physician in Ky. I see Medicaid at work, or not working, everyday. I see what entitlements have done to keep lower socioeconomic classes just where they are. You cannot make a man rich by giving him money. It is the Left's basic flaw in ideology. But then again I guess you can get him to vote for you. God Bless you and your family.

    21. Kevin Cormier says:


      PLEASE HELP. HELP. HELP ME . I am trying to start a class action lawsuit against congress for violation and Breach Of Contract by ignoring their constitruents . Also I wan to sue so they will freeze certain spending we have a 12 trillion dollar debt and a health care paln that pays for 10 years of health with 20 years of taxes. I was a nurse in the army and in Katrina. I have seen how gov. bueracracy has cost lives and how it will cause further damage.Find a conservative law firm and tell them Kevin Cormier from Baton Rouge LA wants to start a class action lawsuit to take america back from "carreer get rich quick" politicians.

      _kevin Cormier

    22. Elbert, NYC says:

      Castro applauds Obamacare? Oh gee, what a surprise! For more on this and the Communist – Progressive takeover of America, click here:


    23. Zack says:

      Dennis makes valid points. You guys respond with the same talking points over and over and over. The best healtcare system in the world? really? wow. And the healthcare bill was the worst legislation ever passed. So both busd tax cuts that will cost more then twice the amount both passed under partisan republican/conservative reconcilation get a free pass. And plese tell me at this point that tax cuts work or the trickle down theory works…please, im begging you. And for all you conservatives even peeping a word about insurance cost and why its so high shouldnt waste your time. For over 30 years your policies and your politics have done everything you can possibly do to protect these insurance companies. Yes, market problems. free market problems are the problem with healthcare. 90% non competitive. ranked 27th in affordability, ranked 31 in fraud and wasteful spending. every person writing on this page have been living off government since you were born. please campaign on repeal and against reform. please keep the tea party’s up. please keep the fear mongering up. hey, you might actually lose more seats in november. that’s right, more seats. read 3590 and stop believing in what your told. read the commerce clause. read the current healthcare statistics. read the bush tax cuts. read conservative legislative history. read about free market failures. read about the housing market. for heavens sake just do you own personal research and stop buying into heritage!!!!

      -with love from me..(a very pro-freedom, pro-american liberal democrat)

    24. Ron, NE says:

      Dennis & Jennifer – Bravo

      Joe — "How about the minimum wage earner educate themselves and better themselves and strive for a job that will enable them to get health care?" With unemployment at its highest levels in many years (thanks to the Republican's belief in letting the businesses rule themselves without oversight), how do you propose that these people get better jobs? Are you willing to pay more for your goods at stores that will somehow pay better wages under your dream plan? Or do you think that everyone will just magically start earning $100K per year without going into debt for years to pay for a college education?

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    26. eduardo georgi says:

      There exist flaws in a capitalist economy with regards to elastic services. At what point will a person decides to pay for health is determined whether they can continue to afford it. Heath care must be mandated to be less elastic where more choices and alternatives are allowed. Certain things work under well in a mixed economy, yet really the problem arises in the method one must fix that system. Cuban socialism does not work well with other services and you have no freedom to choose…similar to our present health care system. Ask any Cuban doctor why he practices medicine, and you have an answer to serve the community, save lives, and to rid desease. Ask that to a doctor in the States and you get a different answer like theres good money in it. Western Medicine is about profit and as such it will make the society sick, and its nothing more than desease in our health care system. It will take time to cure, but its that change that we all must endure. Simillar to healthier live style changes in our personal health.

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    28. abner says:

      Geeez, mention Fidel and watch the cowardly patriots scurry from their holes and reject and denounce. Makes it easy, huh, guilt of association.

      Cuban healthcare kicks ass—Yup, I've been there to see it, and hear the storys, but you guys are so afraid, if I shoved the evidence up yer ductwork, you would reject and denounce…

      Facts is,if Fidel READ the bill, he should reject and denounce it-it's a corperate giveaway…

      It's NOT a government takeover-It's a corperate take over…..and cooperate death PANELS ARE FAR SUPERIOR, CUZ they are private sector, right?

      Thanks for doing the work of the corperate lobbyists…

    29. Dave, Iowa says:

      I find it amazing that the morons and nit wits cheer as every aspect of their lives come under government control. How condescending can the government be to think we NEED them for all this crap. Quite capable of taking care of ourselves, thank you – now get out of our faces. Only the lame-brains who have no intention of bringing something of value to the table embrace this garbage. Unfortunately, they seem to outnumber us. Temporarily.

    30. Dave, Iowa says:

      Hey Ron in NE. Quit enabling, coddling and making excuses for the underachievers. I happen to believe in the individual's power to rise up and create whatever kind of life they desire. It's YOUR attitude, my friend, that holds people down.

    31. Dave, Iowa says:

      What's all this talk about minimum wage? It's not intended to be a LIVABLE income. Purchase health insurance with it? Hell, you can't buy groceries with it. Get a grip people.

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    34. JOHN says:

      castro is a joke the cuban people need to stand up for them self,s this is 2011 hes got his people fooled and they beleve him speaking with cubans there is allways a problem we cannot find rice,eggs ,chicken,vegetables meat what are they doing with all that land chickens cattle and the 30,million plus that he gets from depature tax and you can double that when you add in the tourist visa the tourist has to buy a tourist visa 22.euro and then depature tax 25 C,U,C, PLUS WHAT THE TOURIST SPEND WILL THE CUBAN PEOPLE PLEASE GET SOME SENSE AND START ANOTHER REVELOTION CASTRO IS SCARED

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