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  • Reconciliation Bill Adds Even More Taxes

    A jubilant President Obama put his signature on health care legislation yesterday, but the work isn’t done quite yet. The U.S. Senate must pass the Reconciliation Act of 2010, making a number of tax changes to current law.

    By signing the legislation, Obama already broke his campaign promise not to raise “any form” of taxes on families making less than $250,000 per year. The reconciliation bill adds even more taxes for Americans — an estimated $52.3 billion over 10 years, according to a new analysis from Americans for Tax Reform.

    ATR’s Ryan Ellis spoke at The Bloggers Briefing yesterday about the reconciliation measure: ”We lost a major fight on Sunday. That fight is lost; President Obama has signed it into law. Rather than wallowing … and waiting until the election, we have a fight this week on the floor in the Senate. Do we want to have an additional tax increase on top of the tax increase that has just been signed into law?”

    Heritage’s Robert Book, Guinevere Nell and Paul Winfree have been documenting these tax changes, noting how the legislation imposes new taxes on employers, the sick, and low-income and moderate-income workers.

    Below is a table showing taxes that apply to everyone regardless of income.

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    33 Responses to Reconciliation Bill Adds Even More Taxes

    1. shane diffley 27103 says:

      i just became a member yesterday. this is the only place i found i could leave a comment. if this is the wrong spot could you please forward to correct location.

      if we stop this charging rhino (demos and thier adgenda) which is a must. how do we know the republicans wont be a charging horse (republicans and thier adgenda) after the november election. the WHDC is completely corrupt and spineless.

      how do we get these politicians to work for us and do right by us not by them.

      myself and my wife are some kind of angry at this administration and the anointed one.

      we need to shake the "etchie sketch" (DC) and start over.

    2. Cindy Groom, Spring says:

      Robert Book's WebMemo on Health Care Reform refers to tax penalties for small businesses (>50) when hiring single parents. Where is this referenced in the bill? How does it specifically look at a two parent household with one working parent vs two working parents?

    3. Concerned, Mequon WI says:

      If you have a head for numbers and you run a business you know this is not sustainable the way Obama is trying to sell it. The bottom line is that "everyone" taxes will be going up substantially over the next few years. This administration can talk all they want – there is no way they can raise the kind of money needed for this program without raising taxes for everyone. This president wants socialism. The next thing after socialism is communism. This president does not want a nation that can think for themselves but wants government to do it for them. If we don't talk this up and change things in November and 2012 and the next presidential election this country will be destoyed by liberals.

    4. J.C. Hughes, Texas says:

      Tax increase? You mean all the talk about "HOPE" was a big campaign lie? Those of us forced to listen in on Obama's cheap slight-of-hand rhetoric have long seen the proverbial writing on the wall. And believe me, in the end it ain't going to be pretty. This congress and president finally succeeded where other social progressives have failed. They've managed to undermine ever more our individual liberties, economic prosperity, domestic tranquility and national security. All this to serve their third world self-indulgent political agenda. After being stabbed in the back by Obama, Reid and Pelosi's dis-ingenuousness, I can honestly say I've lost all faith and trust in the nation's government. For most Americans, it's best to stick with your states as they're your last "REAL" hope of any governing sanity.

    5. Drew Page, IL says:

      As speaker Pelosi said, we are finding out what's in the bill, and what it costs, now that's it's law. More to follow.

      Remember how Mr. Obama promised that this legislation would not increase the taxes of anyone earning $250,000 or less, not even a dime.? Or was this just what we THOUGHT he said?

    6. Dennis Social Circle says:

      Tax with out end, this is all this amounts to. Will we sit by and watch this happen or will we vote in 2010 to stop this BS.

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    8. Contessa, Wisconsin says:

      The workhorses are getting tired of pulling the cart. The cart is getting heavier.

      The workhorses will quit or retire early. Then who will pull the load?

    9. Drew Page, IL says:

      To J.C. Hughes in TX — I would love to take your advice pardner, but I live in Illinois. Probably thee most crooked state in the Union.

      This is the state where Mr. Obama, his chief-of-Staff, Rahm Emanuel, his senior advisor, Valerie Jarret, Senator Dick Durban and Senator Roland Burris (you know, the one appointed by our impeached and federally indicted former Gov. Blagojevich), the Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and the Secretary of Education, Arne Duncan all came from. All have been schooled in the "Chicago Way" of government, where the tactics of bribery, extortion, union protectionism and changing the rules of the game have been elevated to art forms.

      We are ruled here by King Richard (The Crafty) Daley, who also never met a tax he didn't love. It was he, KIng Richard, who elevated Prince Barack through the ranks of Illinois nobles, to his current lofty position. Unlike Prince Barack, King Richard will remain king for life, or until he chooses to retire. Unlike four other Illinois nobles (Governors Kerner, Walker, Ryan and Blagojevich) and many of his pawns, Richard The Crafty has, however, found ways to avoid the Dungeon.

    10. jill.hetherington Ma says:

      What comes next ( Charles Krauthammer says) is a VAT tax like in France. It is a must in order to get tax money flowing in. That increase taxes on every single person.

      O Bama is a liar and he has not kept his word on anything that is good for America.

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    13. Bill McIlhany, Bever says:

      Opponents of the Obama takeover of medical services should be urged to put pressure on all House members, before and after the midterm elections, who control every penny of the money used by the Executive branch. Those funds for this massive unconstitutional and totalitarian takeover can be cut off.

      But I don't hear Republican leaders, Fox News or anyone else talking about this!

    14. Billie says:

      All for the convenience of a quick collapse.

    15. MARK DAZEY SR. MEDFO says:

      I don't like the idea of these back-stabbing, deceiving liberals,(Obama,Pelosi, Reid, included), getting paid by our hard working American Dollars. I hope some attorney can bring charges against these people and lock them up in Gitmo! Lies, Lies, Lies! That's all this President and his bunch of idiots do is lie to us. If we did this at our work place, we would be terminated. I urge everyone to go do your home work at this upcoming election and go to the polls in November. Let's get honest, hard working, people in office, (and empty the trash!), who will work for the American people. And tell your friends, family and co-workers. God Bless America!

    16. J.C. Hughes, Texas says:

      Drew, Your astute comment is much appreciated. I said most Americans as I'm definitely aware states like Illinois and California, to name a few, have their work cut out for them. The optimist in me, however, sees residents as having more voice in their state affairs than they do in national politics. And if damage control is no longer a viable option, then abandon ship for another state that’s sea worthy. I’m sure you’d grow to appreciate being a Texan.

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    18. Maggie, Atlanta says:

      This chart, well well-organized, leaves out another tax – the increase in taxes we'll be paying if we use FSAs. I believe the FSA cap of $2500 won't take place til 2013 (though the limit on OTC meds will start in 2011) but that will be a HUGE tax burden on my family. We currently max out our 2 employer-based FSAs at $5000 and $3000 — but we spend well over $10,000 out of pocket on medical expenses each year due to physical, speech and occupational therapies my daughter requires that are not covered by my (federal employee) health insurance. This cap is going to cost me a fortune in higher taxes, as well as credit card interest (the FSA money is available to me all at once – if I have to pay out of pocket, I'm going to have to put at least some of it on credit cards until I can pay it off). Sickening.

    19. Onyx Hull, jacksonvi says:

      When we get a conservative president back in the white house, he just writes an Executive Order stating that Congress and the Senate voted overwhelmingly to repeal Obamacare and state that it is determined to be repealed. What you say? That won't work. Just as legal as the way Demorats voted it in. Did I spell that wrong?

    20. Cathy Tuell Lake Cit says:

      It amazes me the people who took Obama for face value Hope and Change as he campaigned on and didn't do there home work.. Obama is dangerious and is a Marxist and could easily be a dictator.. He and his left wing croonies need to GO!!!

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    23. Rachel- Los Angeles says:


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    25. big t says:

      To Jill

      To be accurate, Obama did keep his word on one thing – nuclear power. The reason he kept it was due to Rahm and Dave Axelrod had worked for Excelon and their HQ is in Illinois. More in-your-pocket politics.

      The nuclear power plant workers will not pay for everyone's Social Security, Medicare and health care, however.

      Someday we will look back on 2010 as the good old days.

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    27. lupus, seattle says:

      The Republicans are just as bad as the Democrats. They ALL are corrupt. I’d like to think people would be able to see that by now…but probably not. No, most people would rather keep their ideological blinders on and just throw more accusations against the democrats (or the republicans) of socialism or fascism, respectively.

      PEOPLE – What we have been experiencing since the 80′s has been class warfare. The rich are getting richer somehow – and it’s your dollar they are taking. The politicians are merely the cheap-to-buy guardians of the economic prosperity spigot. Pay a few of them enough and they’ll reward you with a 1000% increase on your investment.

      All this talk of “how’s that hope and change working for ya?” and “stay the course” is absolute drivel.

      I dunno about you – but I want the whole structure of the US government to ‘change’….don’t you? And what does it mean when the people on both sides of the ideological isle want our government to behave differently?

    28. A. Kaufman, Williamsport, PA says:

      The biggest problem, it seems to me, is that the PROCESS is broken. It takes big money to get elected and the candidate then OWES his financial supporters his votes. Most laws seem directed at paying those contributors.

      Another problem is the 2-party system, where the candidate owes allegiance to the party that put them on the ballot. The party is the gatekeeper and can then pressure their members to vote the way the party dictates, horse trading away your rights and freedom for their political benefit. Where in this setup does the voter gain any traction? All representation goes to the moneyed interests and the party.

      But there is another way. A group called GOOOH (Get Out Of Our House) has figured out a way to short circuit the current process, taking the money advantage away from big contributors. They also get around the party influence problem by sending true representatives of the people to serve in the House under contract to their constituents and for a maximum of 2 terms.

      This is just what the country’s founders envisioned. Citizen representatives in place of career politicians. I say lets GOOOH for it!

      Disclaimer: I am a member of both GOOOH and Heritage.

    29. Susanna, Kansas says:

      I am demanding term limits for all elected officials. I am demanding there will be no special retirement packages for any of them – revoke them. I am demanding the Federal Government, Unions, all members of Congress, everyone in the White House be on the same program as the rest of the country. I demand anyone even THINKING of running for a public office, actually READ and MEMORIZE the Constitution. I demand that if any of these elected officials break their oath to protect and defend the Constitution, they be removed from office immediately.

      Oh – and, I'm really tired of listening to the Democrats (who have just run rough-shod over the American people, their rights and liberties) who have amped up their whining about the bad things people are saying about them. Get over it! Respect? You get what you give.

      I also think we need to withhold our taxes until the lawsuits have gone through the system. This particular HELLth Care bill was not wanted by the American People. I have no doubt that it will be determined to be unconstitutional by the courts – And the people may be able to get it repealed after November 2010. Hopefully, it will be one or the other before a whole lot more of us lose our jobs because of it.

      Next up – immigration reform. The push is to get this through with the thought they will have those votes next time around. The Mexican people, for the most part, are hard-working, family oriented, religious people seeking the American dream. Once they figure out that what Obama is offering will lead to heavy taxation, poor HELLthcare, vanished dreams, I don't think they will be so in love with him. (I think that is why the heaviest taxes seem to be coming 2011-2014 – with the next Presidential election in 2012 – sneaky)

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    32. adam smith richmond, says:

      I have NO job–no health insurance. Is Obamacare gonna take care of me??

    33. James says:


      The rich have been getting a free ride for far to long while everyone else has been suffering an indirect tax increase…. wage stagnation

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