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  • Morning Bell: Choice for the Powerful, But Not for the People

    On April 6, 2009, Secretary Arne Duncan’s Department of Education sent letters to the families of 216 low-income children in the District of Columbia informing them that the $7,500 scholarships they had been awarded by the Department are now being rescinded. Instead of being able to send their children to the school of their choice, these DC parents now have no other option but schools that they believe are too violent and too disorganized to properly educate their child. Education Secretary Arne Duncan simply did not care what the parents of these 216 children thought was best for their child.

    But now we find out that when Secretary Duncan was CEO of the Chicago Public Schools, he took a decidedly different approach to the wishes of Chicago’s politically powerful families. The Chicago Tribune reported yesterday that while he was Chicago schools chief, Secretary Duncan maintained a log of politicians and influential business people who sought better placement for their children in Chicago’s public schools. From the Tribune:

    It includes 25 aldermen, Mayor Richard Daley’s office, House Speaker Michael Madigan, his daughter Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan, former White House social secretary Desiree Rogers and former U.S. Sen. Carol Moseley Braun.

    The Tribune goes on to note that parents of special-needs children also appear on the list, but that “the politically connected make up about three-quarters of those making requests.” The Tribune also notes that the powerful parents did not always get their top school of choice, but did manage to get their kids moved to “still desirable schools such as Lane Technical High School.”

    What makes the disparity between how Secretary Duncan treats the parents of the powerful on the one hand, and low-income D.C. parents on the other, is that the D.C. Opportunity scholarship program that Secretary Duncan has worked so hard to kill has been proven effective by his own Department of Education. On April 3, 2009, the Department of Education’s Institute of Education Sciences released the results of the three-year evaluation of the program. Specifically, students who had been offered vouchers were performing at statistically higher levels in reading – approximately three months of additional learning. The study also found that students in the scholarship program the longest performed at reading level approximately 1.5 to 2 full school years ahead of students who applied but were not lucky enough to be admitted to the program. You can watch the 30 minute documentary on the proven success of the DC Opportunity scholarship program, Let Me Rise, here.

    But we do not even need to examine the data to know that the powerful in the Obama administration already believe that school choice, while not appropriate for others, is best for their children. All we have to do is look at their actions. Growing up in Hawaii, President Obama attended a private school. Growing up first in Chicago, and now in Washington, Obama’s two daughters attended and still attend a private school. Growing up in Chicago, Secretary Duncan attended a private school. And when he moved to DC, Secretary Duncan chose to live in Arlington, where good schools for his children are assumed. And according to the annual Heritage Foundation survey of Congress and school choice, 38% of Members of the 111th Congress sent one of their own children to private school at one time.

    Just last week, the leftist majority in the Senate defeated yet another bi-partisan amendment seeking to save the D.C. Opportunity scholarship program. The left has to kill this program because of studies like the one from the Department of Education mentioned above. The left cannot allow a body of evidence to exist that shows America works best when Americans are given the opportunity to make their own choices. Whether it’s education, health care, energy, food or housing, the left believes the American people are incapable of making their own choices. They believe the federal government must be empowered so that it can step-in to limit and make those choices for them.

    It’s time to give all American families the freedom to offer their kids a good education rather than be held captive by union special interests.

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    77 Responses to Morning Bell: Choice for the Powerful, But Not for the People

    1. Shirley Gabri, Willi says:

      Hi & good morning -

      I strongly believe an immediate Amendment must be enacted, approved and signed into Law which defines Congressional Legislative Impact upon ALL AMERICAN CITIZENRY. American Citizenry to include all government branches – executive, legislative and judicial, government officials – paid and/or unpaid, government staffers – paid and/or unpaid, natural born citizens, documented alien/immigrants, undocumented alien/immigrants, American citizens working in or out of the United States, unions, non-profit agencies, visiting foreign dignitaries, visiting students from foreign nations, etc.

      We enjoy ‘Equal Protection Under the Law’. We must now enact the following:

      New Amendment to define ‘Equal Liability Under the Law’ which defines Congressional Legislative Impact upon ALL AMERICAN CITIZENRY. These Liabilities to include, but are not limited to, the following:

      o Bills, Laws, Taxes, Fees, Levies – past, present and/or future, etc.


      Crude in the outline defined above, but I believe you get the message. Will our Congress?

      Thanks for listening,

      Shirley Gabri

      Williamsburg, A

    2. William G. Dwyer, Be says:

      This sad tale of the Obama Administration's disregard for proper of schooling of poor children in DC underscores its slavish, bowing to the NEA, other unions, and trial lawyers. For shame, Secretary Duncan and President Obama!

    3. Anita Metairie says:

      I sure hope when the Conservative Repubs take over they take this into consideration. Look at how good the government schools are. What a jungle to send our children into everyday. This is purely child abuse. The Fed. Govt. keeps pumping money into the system. Money is not the answer. Let me tell you why I think that too much money is put into the system. I live just outside of New Orleans, La. About 6 years ago an audit was made of the school system in N.O.

      It was discovered that in 5 years 20 MILLION DOLLARS was stolen. No one missed it. If you have a system that can steal or misplace 20 MILLION DOLLARS and it is not missed, then you don't need any more money. Money never found. No one went to jail. This 20 MILLION DOLLARS could have been given to children that can and would succeed in a good learning enviroment. You can't fire UNION TEACHERS. (ANOTHER THING THAT NEEDS TO BE ADDRESSED.) You can't fire TENURE TEACHERS, and it goes on and on. Take the Fed. Govt. out of elucation. The rate of graduation has not increased with all the money they threw into it.

    4. Ardath Blauvelt says:

      I know Heritage knows that it isn't about what the Left believes, it is about what the Left wants. It is totally aware that we make better choices for ourselves which leads to our success and, therefore, independence and strength, as individuals and as a nation. What it wants is the opposite — a weak and dependent people in a weak and manipulable nation, easily ruled, not governed. They have spent at least 75 years achieving it. Voila — we are almost there.

    5. Jim Judd says:

      The only argument that I have with this article is with the part that states:

      “Whether it's education, health care, energy, food or housing, the left believes the American people are incapable of making their own choices. They believe the federal government must be empowered so that it can step-in to limit and make those choices for them.”

      The reality is that the left knows what will empower Americans to take charge of their lives and improve their standard of living and the left puts it’s highest priority on doing all it can to prevent Americans from doing so.

    6. Amy, Avon IN says:

      Such good stuff in these "Morning Bells". I wish they would come by 6:00 am so that my middle & high school students could read them before they head off to public school, where they get a one sided scoop from Channel One everyday. Fortunately, they are politically literate and recognize liberal garbage when they hear/see it, however they could use this fresh dose of info every morning.

    7. toledofan says:

      Everyday there is at least one more 'disaster' or one more major problem that goes unsolved because of the lack of leadership and the general lack of regard towards the Constitution by this administration. We must be viewed, by the other nations, like a bunch of kids trying to play government. It is appaling that we would continue to waste good money on bad schools and deny anyone from getting a good education. Mr. Duncan should be ashamed of himself and what he stands for, it's time to give these bums the boot.

    8. R. A. GOODWIN says:



    9. James Smith says:

      In Chicago, it's just another plantation, except the colors are reversed. We now live in the new America; 15% of the population now runs 90% of the country. The new regime will soon declare that on Good Friday, everyone must eat fried chicken, or Rahm, Louisville Slugger in hand, be enfroce da law.

    10. Barb - Missouri says:

      We parents should never put our trust in government run education. It is our resonsibility to train up our children in the way they should go. We make and take the time to sit with our children to see that they spell, read, write and do math equations the correct way and to make sure that the children and parent understand the instructions given. Then pray to the Almighty for their protection at all times.

    11. John Kearney-Illinoi says:

      With the Health Care now ruined, it does not surprise me at all that this has taken place. Once again, it is power to the government rather than Power To the People!

      See you all in November!

    12. D. Eaton, Deer Park, says:

      Just like health care, what is best for the people is not good enough for our elected and appointed government officials.

    13. John, Michigan says:

      If we allow for any of this to stand, we deserve what we will recieve.

    14. Linda, Idaho says:

      Funding like this is another drain on our budget. I believe in education. I home schooled my children. I would never assume the government has a duty to school my children or pay to send them anywhere! Instead of paying to send children to a private school, why not clean up the mess we have in the schools? If there are problem children, kick them out. School is an opportunity, not a right. I don't mind paying taxes to help others educate their children, but not over and above that amount to send them to special schools. Keep the feds out!!

    15. Steven D. Shurtleff says:

      In 1774 didn't we have a little tiff with jolly ole England humm oh yes the intolerable acts! The "Progressives" are destroying this country and our non-responsive political hacks just keep on trucking.

    16. Aaron says:

      Why do we have a Federal Dept of Education? Most states have their own and local decisions on schools is better that distant Federal control. Just another waste of dollars. Thanks Jimmy Carter

    17. J.Ottley says:

      What does this have to do with what just happened in this country regarding control of our lives,i.e. "healthcare reform" passage? Are you rolling over and playing dead as all the media is suggesting Americans should do? While the education choice is an important issue, I certainly did not expect to open my morning bell and read something completely unrelated to the sweeping sunami that is heading our way.

    18. jill.hetherington@ma says:

      How are ya gonna keep them down on the plantation if they get a good education. OOPs there go the votes! We can't have that can we?????

    19. KB Hahn, PA says:

      There is a group emerging who will, I am very hopeful, be successful in combating the lies of the liberal left to those in the inner cities. This group has come to realize that the handouts by the democrats, all these decades, have served to do nothing but lead these folks down blind allies, and keep them in the gutter.

      This group also seeks to wake up the GOP to their opportunities, here, to become involved in the emergence of these folks who have figured out to reject liberalism as nothing but being sold even further down the river.

      Check this energetic, enthusiastic, well-informed group out at hiphoprepublican.com

      Hopefully this group will pick up this article by Heritage, and run with it, since facts-according-to-reality are always kinda handy to have available.

    20. Lloyd Scallan - New says:

      Each and every one of the people that surround Obama are hand picked to reflect

      Obama's socialist ideology. It should not be a surprise to anyone that Duncan is

      just another in this long list of those that are determined to destroy (transform) this nation as we know it. To kill a snake, you must first cut off the head.That's what must be done now, if we are to save America.

    21. Kathy Gann-McCoy (Mr says:

      I have a question. In the last year the government has taken over the financial portion of the country, the automobile industry, and now the health care industry. It has been reported that the health care bill will represent 1/6 of our economy. What portion do the financial and the auto industry represent? What is the total figure of government takeover of America in the last 18 months?

      Thank you. Kathy Gann-McCoy

    22. Blair, Franconia, NH says:

      This why France in 1789, and Russia, in 1917, and Iran, in 1979, overthrew their monarchies, and got governments that were far worse. Congress' attitude is: "Shut

      your pie hole, we know what's good for you." This is our reply to Congress: "SEZ YOU!"

    23. Mary.... WI says:

      Todays youth aren't taught much history at all, they cannot spell, they cannot write a complete sentence, they cannot write long hand and many of them can hardly read. A friend of mine was telling me just yesterday that his daughters were not taught about WWI, WWII, the holocaust, nor the constitution. He took it upon himself to educate his daughters in these topics. But he noted the school taxes keep increasing every year and for what….to make sure a child is proficient in computer skills?

      So the chosen few get the best education while the minds of the "serfs" of this country are wasted.

      When one of my nieces s in 3rd grade the teacher put pictures of all the presidents on the walls around the classroom except for GW Bush. Now what does that tell you? Not very fair and balanced. There have been good presdients and not so good presidents. This brainwashed child thinks Obama is the greatest president that ever came to office. For me, Obama is not acting nor presiding like the president of the USA but rather a dictator. I'm praying all his "laws" come back to bite him in the butt. Vote these socilaists out in Nov 2010 and Nov 2012.

    24. Kimo Maher, Texas says:

      Even though I work for a public school, I completely agree with that study. I have found that when ever the Government gets involved in anything It tends to go down hill very quickly.

    25. okiejim says:

      More of the Chicago gang tactics. Al Capone had mor honor than that bunch.

    26. Richard Cancemi, Arl says:

      The Democrats/Progressives/Liberals/Leftists/ Socialists/Marxists/Communists, whatever is the nom du jour, don't care at all about people. They use people for their own ends and accomplish this through indoctrination in schools. An intelligent and informed electorate would kick all these anti-Americans out in a second. Therefore, private schools for the public are a danger to them. Obama, and the Democrats who slaver after him, are to be despised for the treacherousnous of their intentions.

      Don't ever take their words at face value; look beyond them to see the villainousness of these American traitors!

    27. loves Dogs/Colorado says:






    28. david cannady, savan says:

      I am afraid that the normal political channels are blocked. Both the Executive and Legislative Branches are corrupt. I honestly believe that we are near a necessary Civil War or better yet a 2nd Revolution. Obvioulsy those in power do not care what We the People want or believe. As Thomas Jefferson put it "Honor, justice, and humanity, forbid us tamely to surrender that freedom which we received from our gallant ancestors, and which our innocent posterity have a right to receive from us. We cannot endure the infamy and guilt of resigning succeeding generations to that wretchedness which inevitably awaits them if we basely entail hereditary bondage on them." Additionally, Jefferson said "The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is its natural manure.".

      I believe we are there my friends!

    29. Jim Mitchell, Lafaye says:

      Hopefully, it will become apparent to all citizens of this country after this healthcare takeover, that liberals (leftists, progressives) consider themselves the elite. Only they know how the country should be and the "fly-over" people must be managed, controlled, and made subservient to them. We've always been concerned about the enemies coming to our shores, when in fact the destroyers of this country (as it was formed) are here living among us.

      The elites, with their support of unions, lawyers, academics, are assuming control of this country through heavy taxation, burdensome regulation of our financial markets and banking industry, assumption of property and private companies, indoctrination of our children through management of our entire educational process, and, now, control over our very lives with the takeover of the healthcare industry (and insurance). Keep in mind, that as holders of the highest offices in the land (including Justice and State), they administer all federal elections as well. So, how do we change this course when the only remedy is the polling booth and the court system when they effectively control those as well?

    30. Jim Roumeliotis - Hu says:

      The rule seems to be "Whatever we can do to help and advance ourselves personally" and it is not concealed but flanted, with pride by the ruling party. Do they not have no shame and sense of fair play? Of course not, I momentarly forgot of those we are speaking of. It will be episodes like this that will "keep the fires burning".

    31. bigdave, ocala fl says:

      I wonder exactly WHEN the American(I mean the REAL AMERICANS!) People are going to WAKE UP and STAND UP and GET RID of so-called politicians who LORD it over the population, destroying their jobs and ability to provide for their families, UNFAIRLY taking hardearned money for politically correct FEELGOOD PROJECTS, politicians continually looking for NEW WAYS to tax the people, politicians who TAKE OUR MONEY AND BUY VOTES WITH IT(for the demorats!), politicians who say private schools are for "their kids only", politicians who vote for a 2400 page so-called healthcare bill from which THEY ARE EXEMPT, politicians who NEVER FEEL THE PAIN OF AN ECONOMIC DOWNTURN yet tell us to "tighten our belts"….politicians like PELOSI and REID and especially the socialist OBAMA!!!

    32. Giles, Winnsboro, TX says:

      The evidence mounts. To quote Speaker Nancy Pelosi referring to the passage of the health care bill," when we kick this through the door there will be more to follow". Reconciliation means to make consistent and congruent, the only consistency and congruency this administration displays is their unity to force the citizens to conform to their ideals and rules. This rescinding of the vouchers for students in the DC area is further proof it isn't about improving, being concerned for and assisting in aiding people to be able to take better care of themselves, it is about THEIR power and control so they can stand on a pillar far above the common folk to look down with basset hound eyes in pity for the state we find ourselves in. A smart general surrounds himself with the best officers for success in their endeavors, he basks in the light of success, he is applauded by the masses because of the success, he stands at the head but not above those officers and everyone succeeds, but this administration desires to stand aloof, far removed from the citizenry that voted for them, taking step after step to be sure the people will not be successful, their narcissistic personalities require robotic accolades never questioning never ceasing to adore and praise. How long will that last?

    33. Normca says:

      I do not believe it is so much about the powerful as it is about the teachers' or any other union. The unions are the one entity that is harming this country more than other entities. The exemption for their health care plan; others must pay for hat the union dos not. At one time in this country's history someone had to protect worker safety. Today thanks to state and federal safety standards, peer pressure and the incentive for lower insurance premiums, the vast majority of companies do implement worker protection for self preservation as much as anything. A trained worker cannot easily be replaced without adversely affecting productivity. [I know as I am a safety inspector.] However it is the unions that these powerful or people in power] will not go against. Why don't we parade the school kids of DC, who are the democrats' and union victims, in front of the cameras, like the families of those without health insurance?

    34. Duncan Druhl says:

      The moment we accept the idea that government knows better what we should do than we do, we're wards of the state and have made it so ourselves. That we were so uninformed and easily led in the teens and 30's when massive amounts of government resources were devoted to this exact purpose only shows how effective government can be at its bully-boy nature if we aren't paying attention or are deflected by larger issues.

      How did we know the totalitarian nature of government over 200 years ago, but have forgotten it now?

      Why do we allow this government to build itself to the point where some nameless, faceless, automaton in the East Coast sets policies for a school in Nebraska, Illinois, or any other state? If it is money, why give it to the federal government to begin with – it only goes back and forth. Just stop the "goes" and keep in in state to do what the residents of the state want. Simple answer, I understand that – but the basis is not unsound.

      The goal should be a government that can survive on 10% of GDP, not the bloated, suck-all-of-us-up behemoth that we have carelessly allowed to develop because we listened to the TV and radio people we thought were on our side. They aren't. They are on the side of their own paycheques – and we have to attend, militantly attend to our interests; otherwise, we're just marching into that great fascist state that was in Alinsky's mind.

      It is time that all this stop. Just stop. And whatever has to be trimmed to bring our lives back under our control is eliminated. Outside of Washington, that also means the extension of the US may have to be curbed excepting those cases where our citizens and their interests are endangered.

      It is time to reformulate our position both nationally and globally before we let those who would be our masters do it for us, yet again. Are we too late to stop it? Maybe. As Thomas Sowell has pointed out, November may be the one, last, only time we have to voice our view before we are told what our view should be.

      Remember the 219!

    35. Rick Hall Wichita, K says:

      God has given all people free will, to make their own decisions. What makes the goverment think thay have the power to take it away?

    36. Francisco, Bandera, says:

      I thought obama was cared for by his low income grandmother when "he" was

      in Hawaii and she was on a fixed income????? Where did I read that???

    37. Suzanne, Florida says:

      My three older children grew up in the Fairfax County school district. It was wonderful. Our fourth & youngest spent her entire education in north Texas schools. She was in TAG & AP classes & received a very good education but the advanced classes were under constant threat of being cancelled. One principal informed me that "those kids will succeed anyway so monies should go to the low levels." I was astounded but not surprised.

      We have now come to the ultimate conclusion of years of preparation to dumb down the entire society. There will be a few elitists controlling the rest of we poor uneducated boobs who won't know the difference. Get involved!

    38. Francis Oswego, NY says:

      More repression of the black community!

    39. kathy ohio says:

      the parents of the DC children who are losing their vouchers need to do what parents such as myself have done for the past 12 years…make the choice to send your children to a private school and find a way to pay for it yourself!

    40. Bob Veigel, Arlingto says:

      Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely. Obama and his goons know that well. And they are good at 'it'. American's are in for a real struggle in order to regain decency, freedom and virtue. And hopefully in that process reduce corruption to a minimum.

    41. Susan Popke, Weehawk says:

      Here it is: Do as we say not as we do. For a very long time the left has used blacks in particular as a breeding ground for uneducated dependant voters. Welfare, keep dad out of the house, and keep paying for each new baby, err- voter and they will grow up to radically change our culture from self-realization and independence to watching TV while waiting for the next check, and maybe a bus trip to the polling place to register, vote. This Government has been a disgrace ever since The Great American Society (LBJ et. al) started stealing from the social security piggybank to fund programs that would guarantee dependence, Medicare, Medicaid, food stamps and the list of never ending entitlements. God help us fix this starting in November.

    42. Roadrunner, The Grea says:

      It's called the Dumbing Down of America. The more ignorant and/or under-educated people 'they' can get to vote for them, and be totally dependent upon them, the longer they will stay in power and the more damage they will do to our used-to-be free country.

      I fear for all the damage that will be done during the reign of this Socialistic administration.

    43. Bernard Rosenberg says:

      The approach to creating a socialist state is to create a class of undereducated and dumb people. This is done by lowering the standard of education so that these children when grown up will not think intellectually and rationally but become a slave to the state. Stalin, in his first step of his dictatorship,removed the intellectuals.

      Our current system has done the same. Reduce the level of public education. remove the study of our constitution, our founding fathers' thoughts on morality, integrity, freedom, independence, strength to defend our freedom, and at the same time to humble ourselves and be thankful to Almighty for this beautiful and bountiful country. Our current system espouses entitlements (" I am entitled to this because the guy across the street has it") rather then hard work to earn .

      And so, these same people, all grown up, have elected those who would prostitute themselves to offer entitlements to these citizens, rather then govern with honesty, integrity and accountability.

      It is not only Obama, but also those in Congress, who, upon seeking election, promised their constituents, that they will take care of them if they will take care of him/her. Not ability. Not experience. Just the oldest profession. Prostitution.

      And we made it legal, by never holding these people accountable for their criminal actions.

      As George Orwell wrote in Animal Farm We are all equal…..bur some are more equal then others". In how many schools is this book being read?

    44. Beverly Broughton,Ro says:

      In the mid 1900's in Detroit, the school teachers unionized, and the quality of education began its descent until Detroit's rating today is the lowest rating in the United States. In the 30's and 40's the rating was among the highest in the U.S. and the teacher's could actually spell their notes to parents correctly.

      About the same time, the stone and brick masons who could lay the most bricks earned the most hourly pay. Why? because they were the most valuable workers !! Then the unions decided that superior workmanship was "unfairly" rewarded and the standard of workmanship should be measured according to the lowest achievement not the highest. Thus we descended into the Ideal of the Mediocre as the standard of achievement in the workplace and the school system.

      The standard of "C" and "D" to be our starting point of achievement in education and employment surely cannot be what Franklin, Jefferson, Adams or George Washington had in mind when they founded America. It is time right now, today, to move away from the union mediocracy and return to the excellence set forth by our Founding Fathers if we ever expect America to become economically and morally strong again.

    45. gerald skey says:

      Your comments about how politicians tend to favor their own is somwhat unfair. The poblem with judging a school and its teachers on the relative achievement levels of the students is that you omit the single most important piece of the puzzle which is the family structure of the student(s). Children in heathy, educated and in tact families will always fare better than children from ill educated, unhealthy and divided families. for the most part, wealthy neighborhoods will produce children who do better. Therefore, it is not surprising that concerned and educationally engaged parents in poorer neighrhoods will want their children to go to so-called better schools and once there, it is also not surprising that these students will also do better. But what that leaves in its wake are the poorer schools who now have lost their better students and then the death spiral continues for the poorer schools.

      So, the fear becomes that the poorer schools will become even worse and the existing gap in achievement levels will grow wider.

    46. Bernard Rosenberg says:

      The worst mistake America made is our " Judges" declared that yes equality is protected by our constitution. But affirmative action supercedes eqality.

      So to deny the Afro American a college education is discriminatory.

      When I went to college, I had to study to earn high marks to enroll and get a scholarship.

      When, due to affirmative actions, open enrollment started, 60% of the college's budget went toward remedial reading, writing and arithmatic

      Obama's enrollment to Harvard was not because he was smart nor did he have good grades. He was pushed in by an Afro American Congressman from NY and tuition was paid by a generous shiek fro Saudi Arabia.

    47. Mike, Bakersfield says:

      For these children specifically, who presumably come from poor families but who do perform well in the better schools, would it be possible to set up a Scholarship fund where generous people could chip in and make it possible for them to continue in the schools of their choice?

      It is a crying shame that these children have to transfer out of schools where they are doing well, especially for this disgraceful reason

    48. Parella, Aventura, F says:

      What's new in all this? The Obama administration and the Democrats in general need a subclass of uneducated (or undereducated) folks to suck at the teat of the federal government. What better way to increase the rolls of the unemployed (or underemployed) by ensuring these folks do not have a good education? Without an underclass, the Democrats would have no constituents….the more people sucking at the teat, the better… And the parents of these youngsters be damned…. They were damned with their own lack of education (or being the byproducts of a poor education themselves), and this will continue for generation after generation.

    49. Parella, Aventura, F says:

      What's new in this? The whole point of the Obama administration is to create and nourish a subclass of folks who are uneducated….the democrats need their votes to further socialize this country. I weep with the thought of what is to come!

    50. Dale Cord says:

      "To educate the mind without morals,is to educate a menace to society!"

      Where's the media when you need them?

      At the top right hand corner of page 17 of the New York Post, January 24, 2009, was a column entitled, "Replacing Michelle" in the National Review, The Week. Here it is, as it appeared, below:

      "Some employees are simply irreplaceable. Take Michelle Obama: The University of Chicago Medical center hired her in 2002 to run 'programs for community relations, neighborhood outreach, volunteer recruitment, staff diversity and minority contracting'.

      In 2005 the hospital raised her salary from $120,000 to $317,000 – nearly twice what her husband made as a Senator.

      Her husband, Barak Obama, had just become a US Senator. He requested a $1 million earmark for the UC Medical Center, in fact. Way to network, Michelle!

      Now that Mrs. Obama has resigned, the hospital says her position will remain unfilled. How can that be, if the work she did was vital enough to be worth $317,000 ?

      Let me add that Michelle's position was a part time, 20 hour a week job."

      My thoughts: How did this bit of quid pro quo corruption escape the sharp reporters that dug through Sarah Palin's garbage and kindergarten files?

      I hope this is forwarded so many times that the media will HAVE to cover it.

      For every action, there is an equal and opposite government program.

      Recession is when your neighbor loses his job.

      Depression is when you lose your job.

      Recovery is when Obama loses his job!

    51. Zack says:

      i have said so many times. heritage is so far beyond bias and partisan its almost as if they are intentionally trying to post false information. jeez, at least make it hard for us to spot. these days if you tell your conservative followers that the earth is flat, sooner or later it would become fact. I have a huge thank you to all the conservatives and republicans out there. – thank you for committing political suicide day in and day out. thank you for ensuring the democratic majority for the house in november. keep up the tea parties. keep up the fear mongering and false information. keep up the no no no no. keep up with not providing solutions. keep up the forced christianity. keep up with supporting limbaugh, hannity, beck and coulter and for sake…palin! thank you so much for being the largest most supportive contribution to the democratic and liberal parties.

    52. Zack says:

      its so great. somebody just pulls false information out of thin air and puts it on this website and every single person so far has sucked it right up! notice nothing is provided as evidence in either the post itself or comments following it. it's all socialism, liberals destroying the country, blah blah blah. come on guys.

      and you guys attack the democrats and inner city students for being uneducated. haha. wow! turn on fox news or just keep believing everything this website tells you. ive seen more then enough un educated good ole boys from down south that basically control the entire gop and they are very far from educated. go to the town hall meetings.. educated? the fear mongering, the lies, the false information by conservatives. its non-stop. or the guys that bring guns to town hall meeting, or shout the n word at black caucus member or call the president hitler, or a socialist. hmmmm. once again, its just too easy with you guys.

    53. Nancy Jones / Auburn says:

      It really is no surprise. They've exempted themselves and undoubtedly their children and other familiy members from the healthcare bill as well, right? They are the elite; we are the plebians or more accurately, the peasant class. Redistribution of "other's" wealth, not theirs. It's all about power, greed and incestuous cronyism. Utterly and completely disgusting…and they have the gall to cast conservatives as greedy and ucaring of the poor. I am angry beyond beleif at these people. Liars, theives and power mad. Good God, what are we going to do?

    54. CHyatt, Albuquerque says:

      Heritage, we get the point. We average tax payers are far below the elite politicans who are running this country(into the ground that is). There have been so many lies told to the American Public, who by the way are supporting the elected politican via hard earned tax dollars. There is an answer. It's coming in November. And to the lot of panhandlers and snake oil salesmen in Washington, your time is at hand. You will be judged by the tax payer and the voter. Just remember the most loyal voter is the un-educated, oppressed and government tit riding voter. Obama is right, this country needs to pay for it's sins…..The sins of the politicans that is.

    55. Chuck King Cumming, says:

      Just another in a long line example of the leftest stateists in Washington thinking they have a better handle on how we should raise our children. How arrogant. How disgustingley familiar. Throw the bums out. Obama, Pelosi, and Reid are disasters for the American people and our Consttutional Republic.

    56. okiejim says:

      I realize we are all citizens of this great country, but to be a good citizen one must be informed and educated. Unfortunately, the progressives do not want the majority informed and educated. They can talk more and more gullible people into voting for them if the voter is ignorant.

      I never thought I would say this, and I hate myself for even thinking it, but it may be time to require all voters to be high school graduates. The poor, uneducated are rapidly growing in population, and will soon be able to completely control outcomes of elections. With groups like ACORN, et.al., telling these people how to vote, guess who controls.

      The only saving grace may be that conservatives form organizations to counteract the ACORN's of our society. We must be able to reach those who are following blindly those who would control our lives. Welfare reform was a good start, but it has faltered and is no longer viable.

    57. Mike, Chicago says:

      It is not fair that only low income kids were receiving the grant to send their kids to school. I'm willing to bet that at least 95% of those kids were minorities. Why should white parents have to pay excessive taxes to subsidize these families and then, to add insult to injury, subsidize their private education as well. If it's going to be done, it has to be across the board and that still may be discriminatory because some of those people pay little or no taxes already.

    58. Richard L. Stapp - N says:

      Well, of course. In the Soviet system the Kommisars got foreign travel. the best universities or were allowed to study abroad, internal passports, duty free foreign luxuries and dachas. All socialists or quasi-Marxists think alike. They believe because they are the elite, they deserve it.

    59. John, Colorado says:

      One way to save money on education: speed it up and cut out the baloney.

      Thinking back on high school, the important and valuable courses only amounted to about 2 of the 4 years. In that situation a student could have gone on to college on the last 2 years of high school funding. In many school districts today that would easily amount to as much as $14,000 worth.

      College likewise, could have been condensed to 2 to 2.5 years without all the repeat general ed classes and other frass, and sticking to the degree field. What do those savings amount to? If 1.5 to 2 years was saved on a college education, what does that amount to? Today an astronomical amount at many schools.

      And if you get out early and start making money instead of wasting it on unnecessary schooling, that's money further ahead.

      To those who make the argument that the general ed is needed to produce a well rounded graduate, I would ask "well rounded"? Don't you mean, in 99% of schools, "liberal indoctrinated"? And aren't we just supporting a plush professor's lifestyle taking all those general ed classes, propping up the ivory tower way? And I am sick of liberals wanting the general public to learn about the "arts", what they really mean is they want the public to continue supporting their lifestyles and occupations, and above all funding for the NEA.

      Further, in 6th grade I had a teacher who didn't teach anything. In 7th grade a science teacher likewise, 9th grade a history teacher likewise, 10th grade a vocational agriculture teacher, 10th and 12th grade a teacher who was supposed to be teaching personal composition and speech, but just talked about whatever came up, never taught. There were about three other such teachers. Then there was Art class, Painting and Watercolor, and other wastes of time.

      We can also consider the cost of the tremendous waste of kids talents and natural interests that the one-size-fits-all public school system perpetrates. Kids natural interests are rarely supported or developed by the system. In addition, for too many kids, it ends up being 13 years of meaningless activities and boredom.

    60. Zack says:

      hypocrits! all of you! "There is an answer. It’s coming in November"- what does that even mean? what, the "conservatives" are gonna take power back and just do the same thing they have been doing for decades? what, lower taxes, still do nothing for healthcare reform, tax breaks for the rich, deregulate everything and anything and let the perfect free market reign so you can put us in another market recession. Your policies really don't work, how many times can failure get you attention. You guys keep telling each other you are tired of Washington. Conservatives are no better. You talk about "blindly following". – you are a member of the heritage foundation and you believe everything it tells you! Like i said, hypocrits, all of you!

    61. wallyblu Zion IL says:

      This is how liberals think. "I'm going to improve your situation, I'm enacting all these things for your benefit, trust me."

      No you can't make me or my children comply with the rules I'm making for your benefit.

    62. T Kulcsar says:

      There in lies the problem,the kids showed improvement,the powers that be want our kids dumbed down, so as they wont think for them selves.How do you think this guy got elected,they have been pumping crap in our kids heads for years,they don't teach them the stuff they need to know. LOOK WHO'S SPEAKING AT PITT!!!! A KNOWN TERRORIST. WHY WOULD YOU WANT YOUR CHILD LISTENING TO HIS CRAP.

    63. Zack says:

      just so everybody knows, heritage will not post comments if you offer opinions against conservatism. what a coward this moderator is. you guys personally attack liberals, democrats and president obama all day. you can dish it out but not take it. what a coward. now go and justify it.

    64. Billie says:

      The "Powerful" are the government members (president's) allies. The people are the pawns.

    65. MN J says:

      It's time we stop avoiding calling the problem what it is: These problems are caused by socialist/progressive/leftist DEMOCRATS.

      They are not moderate or conservative, they are out to ruin this country. We need leaders. Many of us are working for change but leadership is key. Call the Democrats what they are: robber barons, thieves, freedom-killers. Then let's get on to win the election this fall.

      We must be careful – if amnesty passes, we'll have 15,000,000 more voters and they won't vote Republican. This may be our last chance – get out and work, donate, volunteer.

    66. Brenda, Louisville, says:

      I truly believe that the intent of our government is to dumb down the students. What better way to control the future adult population of the country? The government can dumb them down, put them on an entitlement program for their entire adult lives, and win elections everytime they run for office.

      Since January, we've witnessed the results of government indoctrination when citizens believe they are entitled to all types of services and care for free. People have lost their pride, ambition, and self respect when they wait for someone to take control over their lives in exchange for a handout.

    67. Alex P. Upper Marlbo says:

      This is why you don't trust a Chicago politician. They speak out of the left side of their mouths while stabbing you in the back with their right. Why is it so hard them to understand that government help is the worst kind of help. When heard that they rescinding funding for the charter school in DC, I said the ship is taking on water faster than you can get rid of it. So much for real change you can believe in!!!

    68. maureen houston says:

      Iam sorry but there is no other way to say it two faced blatant arrogance. they want for themselves what others cannot get. It is disgusting. Arrogant and disgusting. It makes me sick. The poor children who are being "put down" once again by the Democratic party.

    69. Lee White Tanks AZ says:

      There are three basic steps that must be taken to return the education of our children to parents and local control:

      1) The Federal Department of Education must be dismantled. It has served whatever purpose it was set up for and now accomplishes nothing. This is more than evident given current student achievement levels on basic educational items such as reading and arithmetic. Return the children's education to the states and parents as outlined by our founders.

      2) Disenfranchise national teachers unions. Unions are fine at the state and local level but obviously are no longer a "positive" factor in our children's education.

      3) Get rid of Tenure at all levels of education, K-12 and Colleges and Universities. This is one of the primary contributing factors in the decline of our schooling system into the cesspool of Political Correctness (PC).

      PC is Thought Control

    70. Willam says:

      Republicans need to add an amendment to the health care bill that states that if the bill is approved, it will reinstate the vouchers for DC. Two can play this game. Oh, and by the way, lets throw in funding for crisis pregnancy centers too.

    71. gorio, calif. says:

      The end result of the progressive mindset is a society that is not able to compete in the world marketplace without a subsidy/controlling influence of a government agency staffed with elitist leftists who will guide the sheep to their appropriate shearing stalls. It is interesting that the muslim religion considers non-believers to be animals fit only for control or slaughter and the leftist leaders appear to relegate non-leftists to a similar fate…. Is there a convergence somewhere between these two ways of looking at the human condition? Why would the progressive elitist be willing to "sacrifice" the struggling poor black child on the altar of an inferior education system if there wasn't some insane religious fervor behind it?. They are forever reminding us that everything they do is "for the children" yet they insist on abortion, what's going on here?????

    72. Pingback: Extreme Wisdom » Blog Archive » The Grotesque Chicago-ization of the United States Government

    73. Bonnie Redding, Cali says:

      Working in our government run schools in California, as a foster grandparent, I am completely blown away by what is going on in our state schools. With Kennedy's federally funded "No Child Left Behind" the classroom has been reduced to a scary and unsafe place for children to be in, much less learn anything. Teachers and children are having to deal with situations that have a huge impact on them. It is a very bad environment for learning and healthy development of our children. Our public schools are a disgrace, and it is time that the parents start demanding that the federal government get out of our children's education. Take your children's education back from Congress Parents!!!!

    74. Paula Gutow, Minnesota says:

      2) Disenfranchise national teachers unions. Unions are fine at the state and local level but obviously are no longer a “positive” factor in our children’s education.

      Union control is at the state and local level as well! Why do you think public employees earn so much $? What is the reason for voters not showing your photo identification card at the voting polls!

    75. Danny, Harlingen, TX says:

      We must never lose sight of the fact that the Obamas, as all other leftists before them have a vision of America that is not America. They are for tearing down anything that requires discipline of life whether, moral, ethical, or sexual. This is why they almost always seem to support things that are immoral, unethical and perverted. These people are about societal control, excluding themselves, of course. This is not what made America great. Work with passion at every turn for smaller government. Get rid of any career statists. Vote them all out!

    76. Danny, Harlingen, TX says:

      I have been pondering this issue of choice in education. I tend to lean toward education vouchers for school choice rather than gov't run schools. However, I am lately pondering the idea as well as to whether we, the people, have surrender to the government the right to educate our own children according to our values and choice. If we believe it's our right and responsibility to educate our own children, why should we then expect the "government" to give us vouchers to educate them. Why have we handed that power over to them? Get the government out of our children's education!

    77. Good report, well written I have to admit.

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