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  • In Their Own Words: Rep. John Dingell on How Long it Took "To Control the People"

    Yesterday, President Obama signed his health spending bill into law promising the American people: “These reforms won’t give the government more control over your health care.” This statement is simply untrue, otherwise over 16,000 new IRS agents wouldn’t need to be hired to enforce the mandates. And if this was the case, Senator Tom Coburn (R-OK) wouldn’t need to introduce an amendment to the reconciliation bill that would “limit the amount of discretion given to the Secretary of Health and Human Services under the current bill to determine acceptable levels of coverage and services.”

    And if government wasn’t exerting control of your life, then you could keep the health insurance you have now with zero changes, but sadly that won’t be the case for many Americans. But don’t take our word for it. Here is audio of Congressman John Dingell (D-MI), a champion of this legislation telling radio host Paul Smith on WJR in Detroit: “It takes a long time to do the necessary administrative steps that have to be taken to put the legislation together to control the people.” Rep. Dingell has held his seat in Michigan for over 55 years. That is certainly a long time before he finally achieved his goals to “control the people.”

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    45 Responses to In Their Own Words: Rep. John Dingell on How Long it Took "To Control the People"

    1. MJF, CT says:

      Congressman John Dingell said is all… "……Control the People.". It's what the Liberals have wanted to do for decades.

      Notice The Dragon Lady (Nancy Pelosi) looking on like an evil monarch!

    2. Dan, Detroit says:

      So This is How Liberty Dies…With Thunderous Applause: http://mittromneycentral.com/2010/03/21/this-is-h

      This is the best wrap-up I've seen yet. This fight is only beginning!

    3. Gary Nashville,tn says:

      We need to expose the motives of there liberals and get it into the liberal media outlets.

      are there grassroots orginizations that are trying to expose thers Idiots.

    4. valerie huyett , yor says:

      Sad thing, this is just the beginning of 'controlling the people', do they think we are all stupid? And I'd like to know why obama is not worried about his popularity rating? Perhaps it is because he thinks he's our new dictator!!!

    5. kathy says:

      I am COMPLETELY against this legislation, and I am a proud Republican who did not vote for Obama, and is terrified and saddened at what he is trying to do to my beloved Country. However, that said, I listened to this clip, and I think it would have been better to hear the rest of his comments, rather than just cut off at that sentence. I took him to mean not literally to "control the people", but more to have the administrative means necessary to manage this disastrous monstrosity of a bill, because it will, indeed, take a much more bloated government, and many more gov't workers, just to be able to do that. So many people, so many plans, so many different types of coverage, so many regulations, rules, exceptions, etc., etc.

      I don't think red herrings and rhetoric is the way to get our message across. The truth speaks for itself. Poor choice of words on his part, but let's not argue semantics, rather argue the facts.

    6. Judy, Los Angeles says:

      Why would anyone with half a brain be the least bit surprised or shocked by what he said. This is what the progressive statists want ….it's all about control. Tell me, liberals, are you listening????Do you understand that you have voted in a president and a congress with an agenda that is not in the best interest of the American people?? When Obama was running he made it abundantly clear to anyone listening that he wanted to change our country into a socialist utopia….re-distribution of wealth, take-over as many aspects of our economy as possible and destroy our free-market way of life. The people who voted for him were not listening. but,maybe now they will. The progressives do not really care what the people think or want.Welcome to reality.

    7. C. Taylor Tomball TX says:

      please view this web page and see what you think http://www.northernresistance.info/fema.html you have to take off the blocker in order to view the films. If our prisons are so full and prisoners needs to be released, then why are these buildings vacant? Are they for in case USA gets attacked by another country, people will have a place to go or what????? I do not know if I trust any part of the Government anymore.

    8. Nancy - Oklahoma says:

      I'm an EX-liberal who ashamedly admits to voting for Obama. I will not make that mistake again! When he said he was running on "change", I stupidly thought he intended to clean up government. I believed his lies. Good grief, could I have ever been more wrong! This administration is the most corrupt government I have seen in my lifetime. I had been a Democrat for 35 years, but I started to open my eyes and get a clearer picture last year to exactly what Obama and his cohorts really meant by "change", and I didn't like what I was seeing clearly for the first time. I am now a registered Republican, something I never thought would happen, but I carry the banner proudly. I want my liberty and my country back, and I'm all in for the fight to reclaim our great nation from the socialists.

      I do not want to be "controlled".

    9. okiejim says:

      The truth is out, although one must wonder about the sanity of anyone who has been in Washington for 55 years.

    10. Jill says:

      This is just great!! What's next, microchips implanted in us? When is this craziness going to stop?

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    13. Billie says:

      "It'll take along time to control the people?" For what purpose do you have to control the people? It's not anyone's job, but the persons themselves to control. That's what civil law is. Of, for and by the people…not government. The mindset of these American government members is directly on destruction.

    14. Billie says:

      and changing the mindset of many more like they did with "white privilege."

    15. OceanLife says:

      Hi Nancy: Thank God you opened your eyes! And I am sure you are not alone….I have been a republican for 20 years…. The Dem. Party has moved to socialism, they want to change our great Nation! Please help us spread the word to your Libs. friends, we need more people to open their eyes! I left Cuba when I was 12, I am SO GREATFUL to my parents for sacrificing everything for us to have the FREEDOM and opportunity they didn't have!

    16. Bill says:

      They may think they control the people. They have not seen anything yet. The people has just begun to fight.

    17. A. Scott, El Paso says:

      Goodness, 55 years??? Must be time for this congressman to go!

    18. Ragnar says:

      The people in shock and awe truly are dense. On one hand I'm glad you've come to your senses, and own up to the mistake of voting for this pinko. On the other hand, it was all out during the campaign, you chose to dimiss it. Congrats- you got what you voted for. The only problem is that those of us who knew better also have to pay for it.

    19. Sandra, California says:

      Hey Dingle,

      Can you spell 'tar and feathering?'

    20. Sandra, California says:

      To Nancy in Oklahoma,

      I too am one of the idiots who voted for Obama and, like yourself, I will not repeat that mistake in 2012. As for Stupid Stupak, I hope his political career careens straight to Hell. I also think Madam Speaker would be wise to hire a few bodyguards. This is not hate speech. This is righteous indignation directed towards just a few of the traitors among us.

    21. Kay, Billings, MT says:

      Nancy. I questioned his plans and definition of change early on, I was sick when he was elected. I'm glad to see you're questioning his agenda. I wonder how many, like you, have reformed their opinion?

      Unfortunately I think the handful of powerful have the same agenda, to control American's….or destroy us.

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    23. Teresa-Oregon says:

      At 18 years old I believe that government was wrong. People need to govern themselves, it starts and stops with you. If you don't like something don't buy it, if something in a store on tv or radio offends you don't watch or listen. If you truly want to help someone than pay for their current needs. God help us all if this government continues in the direcation it is taking us. Remember everyone the constitiution is We the people….and I believe somewhere it states and please don't quote me, that if the government becomes a tyranny than we the people have the right to abolish the current government. But to actually hear Democrate John Dingell state "to control the people" has long confirmed what I believe, we are on our way to socialism.

    24. Dexter, Indiana says:

      Health care has passed but the fight isn't over. It can and should be changed. We can't get totally caught up on this issue or the Dem's. will push immigration reform through and pick up 20 million more liberal votes and we'll never get them out of office. This is going to be a hard fight until the conservatives retake congress.

    25. Dawn, Illinois says:

      This is not about Democrats vs. Republicans or Liberals vs. Non-liberals. This is about the government no matter what party is in office, doing just what this moron said; controlling the people! Guess what will happen next…"oh Mr. Smith you broke your leg? Did you have your R14 vaccine yet? We can't treat you unless you have had your R14 vaccine, governement regulations, for your safety of course." Meanwhile said vaccine contains, oh let's see, mercury, flouride, whatever other poisons they can get into you, and yes Jill perhaps microchips. If we don't stand up and take back our country and soon, then we're in trouble! Please stop arguing over the Republicans wouldn't have done this, or this is bc of the liberals because that's just dividing us and we have to stand together as Americans!!!! A revolt is coming very soon. Did you know that this bill was signed 235 years after to the day that Patrick Henry gave his 'Give me Liberty or Give me Death' speech? Coincidence? I think not; they're mocking us.

    26. Giles, Winnsboro, TX says:

      Not microchips yet, but you will get a "card" with your personal number on it, just swipe it and all of your private information is delivered quickly. There is some thoughts that with the power of the executive order the President might just executive order his next term in office, after all it is an executive order and he is the dictator of those executive orders. I find it quite interesting that these people have not been tagged as traitors, they have completely demonstrated they do not uphold the oath of offices each of them took. Term limits is the only way, those good legislators can move to other areas, like from representative to senator, governors, etc. The government public servant was never meant to be a life time career with lifetime benefits after that service, go home and earn a living in the private sector.

    27. Bob says:

      Can you provide the entire clip?..this sounds like a quote taken out of context.

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    29. Dexter, Indiana says:

      "Can you provide the entire clip?..this sounds like a quote taken out of context."

      Bob I heard the entire clip this morning on Fox News and no, it wasn't taken out of context, that's what he meant though he stated later that wasn't what he intended to say. In other words, he messed up and said what he meant.

    30. A. Ray, Knoxville says:

      Some of us have always known it was about control…. I'm glad that, finally, I am not alone. No longer an army of one…. but of millions. Let's go to work!

    31. bill in Hattiesburg, says:

      control . . . I hope they can control the people when the welfare checks stop coming …

    32. Shane, USA says:

      i am amazed that after all of the info in the news, cable, and publishing over the last 2 years about pelosi, reed, and obama pushing a socialist agenda "BOB" up here can only say:

      "Can you provide the entire clip?..this sounds like a quote taken out of context"

      what a joke,

      truly lacking any constitutional, accounting or logical argument for their cause of take, take, take. and unable to see their position for what it is. A JOKE.

    33. sal Rizzo, Oh. says:

      sal-barack (slick) obama-"federal funds (billions) received by

      planned parenthood are to be separate from funds used to

      perform abortion" but the fed. funds can be used to defray their

      costs to operate the clinics leaving them with more of " their money"

      to fund abortions. tax paying anti-abortion people do not want their

      money to pay for the killing of the unborn. If stupak and his group

      had stood by their principles and voted no the bill would have failed.

      we must win the house in nov. pick up enough seats in the senate

      to be able to filibuster if need be,and in 2012 win the senate and send obama back to chicago.

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    35. Chandler, Arizona says:

      It is sad to see us fight over a bill that if full of Republican ideas that the democrats rejected in the Bill Clinton Health care crusades. We have to stand up for something and in this Health Care debate we are either confusing ourselves or standing for nothing. Politics is not a zero sum game… These bill even have ideas espoused by John McCain and Mit Romney ( Ideas Obama objected to as a presidential candidate). The truth is; we are allowing our emotions control our good reasoning and conscience. We can make our arguments clearer without raising our choices. We are giving the other side an advantage because they seems like the adults now and we are the kids throwing tantrums. I am just saying that we are boxing ourselves so much, occasionally, appearing extremists in our views.

      Harry Bate

    36. The Master, Gallifre says:

      Dexter, can you provide a link to this supposed entire clip from Fox. Just saying that you heard the whole thing is just about as fishy as reporting on an incomplete sound bite.

    37. Jeeder, OR says:

      There is one thing, maybe it's a fear that I have. We look back in history and specifically to the greatest nations(empires if we want that term) that were percieved as democracies. The glaringly terrifying part of this is that those nations no longer exist, they were crushed or torn apart. Is that where we are in the United States today? My largest fear is that may be where we are headed. I noticed recently to my surprise that the USA no longer declares English as our National or Federal Language. Does that not disgust people, I know it certainly does me. Further our country was formed on Christian ideals and morals, where has that gone. I believe people should be allowed to worship or whatever in ways that suit them certainly but by GOD we are a country under GOD and people need to remember that plainly!

      So we must all act in the best interest of what remains of our once glorious country and vote out these moronic liberal idealist sons of bitches. We must go back to our government officials being you and I the working class who daily bust our butts for the betterment of mankind not self kind!!

    38. Ed California says:

      I have seen the Dictator using the rules of Castro and Hugo Chavez. He has not told the truth until after signed the Health Care Bill. He said " I know this Bill is not perfect". Every other statement he has made, he has not followed through with any of them. Where is his transparancy in government. All of his deals are made behind closed doors. If he can't twist arms enough then he buys off those he needs to convert this country to a Communist Government. He has taken over the Banks, The Auto Makers, Education and now our Health Care. Will you be able to keep your Doctor? Not if he does not accept the government Health Insurance or closes his Practice. Will you be to keep your insurance? Not when your company cancels your insurance so that you can go on the government insurance because, it will be cheaper to pay the fines than to pay for your Health Insurance. If you want to control a country and turn it into a Communist Government, you must Nationalize all Banking, Auto Makers and Health Care. Read your History of Communism and see for yourself. Our schools no longer teach this in our schools.

    39. D.T. Radmilovich, CL says:

      Obama, Reid, Pelosi, Dingell, et al should visit their Proctologists (yes, Proctologists) and get their heads screwed back on straight. Perhaps they'll find the view from the above more clear than the view from their bottom(s) and stop their wilfull destruction of America.

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    41. Jim Roumeliotis - Hu says:

      I think Dingell has served enough time in D.C. Maybe 54 years too many. This is just another episode that reveals the mentality of this administration and it's individuals desire to serve their personal needs. The Democrats have two years left in which to tear this country apart and seem to be going full steam forward.

    42. Dagny Taggert, Michigan says:

      Dingell will be challenged by a friend of the Heritage Foundation, Ann Arbor cardiologist and small business owner Dr. Rob Steele. Dr. Steele is going to need a lot of support to take on the Detroit machine to retire Dingell.


    43. Charles Sainte Clair says:

      Dear Mr. Dingell

      The framers of the Constitution of the United States would turn over in their graves if they heard a member of Congress mention "controlling the People".

      The Constitution and the Bill or Rights were enacted after long thought and many years not to "control the people", but rather to protect the people from the Government.

      I hope that was just a slipup.

    44. Rob Steele for Congress, Ann Arbor says:

      A Detroit News front page article from their Washington DC writer is scheduled Monday about my accepting Dingell’s offer to debate the health care plan as offered on WJR Frank Beckman show. I am scheduled to be on the Frank Beckman WJR show Monday am if I can get a break between cases in the cath lab. This is the channel where John Dingell made the Control the People comment to host Paul Smith. Frank Beckman is the host he accused of Spreading Useless Terror.

    45. Alan says:

      Come on folks, it was just a slip of the tongue. He meant to say "sheeple", not "people"…

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