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  • White House Health Care Rhetoric About to Meet Reality

    Individual mandates cause headaches.

    At the signing of the Senate health bill today, President Barack Obama said: “In a few moments, when I sign this bill, all of the overheated rhetoric over reform will finally confront the reality of reform.” Let’s review some of the “overheated rhetoric” that is about to get tested by reality.

    Over the past months, the President and Congress have promised: that premiums would drop by $2500 per family; that if you like what you’ve got, you can keep it; that it would bend the cost curve down; that it would decrease the federal deficit.  The fact of the matter is, none of these things will become reality once the bill is implemented—these claims are nothing but the rhetoric attached to an unpopular piece of legislation in the hopes of creating support that has yet to materialize.

    The truth about the bill is already becoming evident as effected parties become vocal with their concerns.  Some highlights just from today’s headlines include:

    State Medicaid Programs Worry About Cost of Expansion: The bill will increase coverage among the uninsured largely through the expansion of Medicaid, a low quality, poorly structured government health care program which is paid for jointly by the federal and state governments.  Though the bill will cover the cost of the benefits expansion, it will not cover the added administrative costs, which Heritage analyst Ed Haislmaier has highlighted. According to an article on Bloomberg.com, “States faced with unprecedented declines in tax collections are cutting benefits and payments to hospitals and doctors in Medicaid, the health program for the poor paid jointly by state and U.S. governments. The costs to hire staff and plan for the average 25 percent increase in Medicaid rolls may swamp budgets.”

    Haislmaier projects the added administrative cost to the states would total $9.6 billion between 2014, when the provision is implemented, and 2019.  This extra burden comes at a time when states are trying to tighten their budgets to account for decreasing revenues.    Research by former Heritage analyst Dennis Smith and Ed Haislmaier shows that, as the fiscal burden of the Medicaid expansion grows, it would be in states’ interests to drop the program entirely: “The savings to state budgets are so enormous that failure to leave Medicaid might be viewed as irresponsible on the part of elected state officials. The federal government, however, would be left holding a trillion-dollar-plus tab.”

    Businesses that Offer Already Offer Insurance Face Growth-Stifling Expenses: Caterpillar Inc. recently addressed a letter to House leadership claiming that the health care legislation passed Sunday would result in over $100 million in new costs for the company in the first year of implementation alone, due to the increase in Medicare taxes and mandated benefits.  Said the letter, “We can ill-afford cost increases that place us at a disadvantage versus our global competitors.”  Effects of the bill’s provisions will include job loss, wage reductions, and reduced hours, as testified by more than 130 economists in a letter to President Obama and members of Congress.

    In recent research, Heritage analysts Karen Campbell and Guinevere Nell further demonstrate that the economic impact of taxing investments to pay for the bill will be disastrous.  In recent months, Americans have made it adamantly clear that their top priority is jobs and the economy—instead, Congress has delivered a health bill that will harm both and burden the ability of American companies to compete globally.

    And this is just the tip of the iceberg.  The negative unintended consequences of the Senate bill will be quick to surface now that the bill has been signed into law.  Americans must remain aware of the direction in which this legislation will lead our nation such that the requisite change will be swift and sure.

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    24 Responses to White House Health Care Rhetoric About to Meet Reality

    1. ANOTHER MAN, NOME says:

      On this day, may we think of civics.

      Article V. of the United States Constitution is the Amendment Clause. It grants the power to propose amendments to both Congress and the several States; and the power to ratify amendments to the several States. When two thirds of the several States, or 34 States today, by application of their State Legislatures, call for a Convention to amend the United States Constitution, and if three fourths of the several States, or 38 States today, by application of their State Legislatures or State Conventions (with the Mode of Ratification as may be proposed by Congress, presumably if Congress was the entity to propose the amendment), ratify the proposed amendment(s), the amendment(s) SHALL BE VALID TO ALL INTENTS AND PURPOSES, AS PART OF THE CONSTITUTION.

      The Amendment Clause builds upon the fundamental Constitutional holding, found throughout the Constitution, that the States possess the ultimate Power of our Republican form of Government; that the States possess ultimate Control over the three Federal Branches.

      A Constitutional super-majority of States possess ultimate Power and Control over the Federal Branches; if 38 of our 50 States were to band together, ANYTHING legislated or asserted by the Federal Branches could be REPEALED or REVERSED, and ANYTHING desired by the 38 States could be ENACTED. There is nothing, NOTHING, LITERALLY NOTHING!!!!!, the Federal Branches can do about it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. USMCRich82, Pennsylv says:

      They are stealing from the rich and giving to the poor. I almost forgot, they are also stealing from the middle class.

    3. Charles Anderson says:

      Medicaid, isn't it about more than admin costs? The CBO's last estimate before the vote projected Medicaid and CHIP enrollment under current law to go down (!) 5 million people by 2019. Under HR4872, CBO projects these 5 million staying in plus 11 million more enrolling for a total of 16 million in Medicaid.

      1) What forces bear on enrollment? We need to know in order to have confidence or not in the CBO estimate.

      2) What forces bear on the roster of services covered? If enrollment expands but enrollees lose services they get today, like preventive dental care, that affects 51 million projected enrollees by 2019.

    4. Billie says:

      Thank you. This is very nicely written.

      Calling to attention, this segment, lacking obama specifics. "that premiums would drop by $2500 per family, that if you like what you’ve got, you can keep it, "how?" that would bend the cost curve down.""How?"

      It's been assumed he was talking about "every family" in America, since he didn't specify. How will it bend the cost curve down? Specify, all or what, "per family in America"… or it doesn't make sense.

      "that it would decrease the federal deficit". "How?"

      Can't believe these empty answers were acceptable.

      When he speaks of "we, us, ours, mine, together" demand specifics. He isn't addressing all in America, Citizens of America, have a right to know where they fit in.

      Some can't pull their own pants up and everyone has a right to know each individual spending tax dollar money, to do it for them.

      We have a right to know who is behind this health care, freedom and liberty take-over. These people aren't stupid enough not to understand the exact meaning of the Constitution and it's purpose. That's how government leadership uses it against us. The document that keeps us free. Too weak to comply, more weak to destroy. Obama made History, instead of building strength in freedom, he feeds mankind's weakness and will to dependency . All to keep that way.

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    7. Wm; Ky says:

      I still believe this is all a part of a larger plan. It is designed to fail, to bankrupt America. Amnesty will "shift" the thinking of America. It will shift the voting. An economy already on the brink cannot support either of these ideas and we have yet to deal with Cap and Trade. They will surely need to broach the topic of gun control sometime in their plight to disarm and defeat remnants of America as I knew it. I am being punished for? I was taught that if you wanted something you work for it. It was a given to "help thy neighbor". By choice and duty. Not by law. These things are no longer true. We will see NATO troops on American soil before the decade ends.

    8. bigdave, ocala fl says:

      Nothing is simpler than this. Obama was a TROJAN HORSE…rolled into the white house and all of a sudden all the little communists /anarchists/revollutionaries/radicals come crawling out. Obamacare? Another Trojan Horse! Under the guise of HEALTHCARE, a myriad of new taxes, new government beaucrats, unionization of the medical industry, amnesty for illegals, free healthcare for illegals which will soon number over 100,000,000 after passage of this monstrosity cause they will bring their relatives with them for all the freebies you STOOPID FOOLS, and stuff we don't even know about yet!!! GET A CLUE AND GET IT QUICK!!!

    9. JD, real world says:

      They never made a claim that your insurance premiums would go down from where they are today. They're claiming future premiums will be less if this bill hadn't passed. Same thing about cost of healthcare in general.

      Sneaky bastards aren't they?

    10. RG Bates says:

      Does anyone seriously believe that we would be in this situation if the 17th amendment had not been passed. By directly electing our senators, a situation was created that allowed pandering to the electorate for votes and, at the same time, completely eliminated the voice of the states in the federal government. Under the system envisioned by the founders, any unfunded mandate would never have been approved by the states,and the growth of the Federal government would have been stymied.

      Once again, we see the results of "unintended consequences".

    11. Scott, Illinois says:

      You state "these claims are nothing but the rhetoric attached to an unpopular piece of legislation in the hopes of creating support that has yet to materialize." I say these claims are out and out LIES. Let's call a spade a spade.

    12. Drew Page, IL says:

      Mr. Obama's tactics, and those of his supporters in the House and Senate, have clearly demonstrated their conviction that the end justifies the means. Bribery of Senate and House members, exemptions of federal employees from this legislation, exemption from taxation of "Cadillac" health plans for unions and federal employees, distortions, half-truths and outright lies presented no problems for this cast of characters. Mr. Obama and his supporters merely call these charges "sour grapes by the opposition".

      The stench of the "process" employed in passing this legislation is only exceeded by the financial havoc it will wreak on the economy. Mr. Obama wanted Health Care Reform legislation to be the cornerstone of his presidency. It will more likely be the tombstone of his presidency.

      It s true that action is needed to be taken to reduce health care costs and increase its availability to American citizens who truly can't afford it. But we have no obligation to provide health care to illegal aliens, anymore than we have an obligation to provide it to the rest of the world's population.

      Mr. Obama did not lend a hand in the crafting of this legislation that he claims to want so badly. He turned it over to others in Congress in the same way he turned over creation of the Stimulus legislation. As a result, we have things in health care reform legislation such as Student Loans–which have nothing at all to do with health care. And just like he didn't read the Stimulus bill, he did not read the health care reform bill, content to learn of its provisions and true cost only after it passed.

      Further, contrary to making the process of creating health care reform legislation in a bipartisan, in a transparent way, he allowed just the opposite approach to be taken. Forgotten were the promises to include doctors, nurses, health care providers, representatives of the insurance industry and others to participate in a roundtable form, televised on C_SPAN. Instead, there was no such participation, meetings were held behind closed doors and Republicans and their ideas were kept out.

    13. Tim AZ says:

      I'm not sure how one could arrive at the notion that all damage from every piece of legislation this den of thieves have enacted since Mao-Bama took office could be considered unintended consequences? Ignorance may be bliss but it may also be our undoing if we can't even be honest with ourselves and each other.

    14. Mike in Missouri says:

      "Mr. Obama wanted Health Care Reform legislation to be the cornerstone of his presidency. It will more likely be the tombstone of his presidency."

      Great line Drew!!

      God willing, his socialist version of "reform" will die in the courts.

    15. S Perkins, Hakalau, says:

      We pray, we vote, we speak the truth. Not EVERYONE who lives in Hawaii

      is a "liberal democrat". Elections are coming.

    16. John B. San Diego says:

      Alright so here we are; great comments:

      Trojan horse…. no doubt…. I think we all have read that story…we're not fooled

      N.A.T.O. troops…… no… We have difficulty getting them to show elsewhere

      Constitutional Convention….yeah possible

      I'm still laughing about the "Tombstone Part"

      Good to see no one has lost the spirit!

      I say this to add to my fellow patriots; Congress rolled student loans nationalized in with so-called health reform, right?

      Well I want to quote Mr. Obama ….President Obama said "You don't go blow a bunch of cash on Vegas when you're trying to save for college."

      What a poor choice of analogy especially since Nevada Democrats despised the comment.

      I'll just add this insult to injury for the DEMS;

      Obama would be better served to send Tim Geithner (one of my favorite tax cheats) to Vegas ($ fund this bill ) and spin the wheel putting everything on "BLACK" because his CBO score for this Health/Education Bill will not stand the light of day…. just as his Chicago Style Politics don't stand the light of day.

      Just stopped in to throw a little gasoline on the FIRE of disapproval…!!


    17. John B. San Diego says:

      Not so good news Grassley Amendment to have Congress and the White House accept healthcare reform as dictated by Obamacare just failed the Senate

      (approx 4:25 pm PDT 23mar.2010) . this vote today was probably a trade for votes on Immigration Reform. My Opinion!

      Two reasons:

      If amendments are added to (The House Reconciliation Bill) by the Senate the bill goes back to the house.

      The other reason just as significant: Obamacare is good enough for us but not good enough for our (SO-CALLED) Public Servants

      Check It out on C-SPAN for yourselves……..they are Overbearing Hypocrites and Snobbish Elites


    18. Doug Lauer, West Ben says:

      If we can force a man to pay taxes on wheat he grows for personal consumption, why can't we… encourage ….competition and commerce between states on Health insurance?

    19. Dean, Idaho says:

      Mandated abortion coming soon to an enviromentally government run health care clinic near you. Get in line all you who hope to have the free right of more then one child. GET A CLUE AND GET IT QUICK!!! I agree !

    20. Steve K - MD says:

      What has happened to Heritage? Whyhave you becoem so biased and changed to spew so much rhetoric and hypocrisy.

      You very own paper in 2003 on health reform – by your very own Staurt Butler, Ph.D., calls for an individual mandate and subsidies for those who need it. And now?? Now you oppose that simply for politics. The GOP is falling apart and the mask of lies is crumbling.


    21. Bellicus Pium, Repub says:

      To force a man to pay for the violation of his own liberty is indeed an addition of insult to injury.

      Benjamin Tucker

    22. Craig W. Brown, M.D. says:

      Reality will certainly prevail as the "unintended consequences" of this so called

      health care legislation come to light. As I and approximately 50% of my colleagues leave the outpatient clinical practice of medicine the public howling will begin in earnest. The current waits to see and access care by an experienced physician are going to look like utopia! Our offices will be flooded with requests for care at no cost to the individual (or so they perceive). Development of new drugs and treatments will come to a halt. New taxes on medical devices will limit the availability of such devices (pacemakers, defibrillators, etc.). I doubt that Americans will be happy with rationing of care and I guarantee this is coming as the cost of this "health care legislation" comes to light. The emergency departments will be flooded with requests for the care of minor problems as the number of clinicians dwindle. Good luck accessing emergency care! Again reality will prevail! I pray that this country does not experience a single payor federal government system of health care as we will all suffer!

      I can also reassure those who doubt me that I have cared for the poor for many years as have my colleagues. I have personally written off the equivalent of 13 years of my salary over the last 30 years. I will also assure you that the Obama and Pelosi regime is not going to be as generous!! I pray daily that

      God would continue to protect the private practice of medicine and the private insurance industry and the private capitalist system which is the engine of our economy. May our loving God continue to protect our freedoms.

      Sincerely, Craig W. Brown, M.D.

    23. Bob Campbell Atlanta says:

      "OBAMA LIES" enough said

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