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  • Stupak Admits He Allowed Obama to Fund Abortions With Taxpayer Money

    In the final hours before the passage of Obamacare, Rep. Bart Stupak (D-MI) and his like-minded Democratic colleagues announced that they would vote for the legislation after President Barack Obama agreed to sign an executive order purporting to prevent the federal government from funding abortions. But one of the problem’s with this approach is that the President isn’t bound to preserve the executive order for any length of time. The President could wake up the day after signing this executive order and rescind it. Stupak himself acknowledged this in an interview with Fox News’ Megyn Kelly:

    Kelly: What is to stop this openly pro-choice President from reversing himself on this? We’ve seen him on the other deals that were offered to get Senator’s votes in connection with this bill. What is to stop him from reversing himself on this executive order now that he has got your vote?

    Stupak: Well that’s why we have asked for it to be public. We will have a public signing of this …

    Kelly: The Senate deals were public too …

    Stupak: I know. And you’re right, Megyn, there is nothing that would stop this President from a month from now, a year from now, 10 years from now, [from] repealing this executive order.

    The plain truth is that an executive order is simply not the same as enshrining these pro-life protections into the health care bill.

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    41 Responses to Stupak Admits He Allowed Obama to Fund Abortions With Taxpayer Money

    1. Joe A. Dantona, Ohio says:

      I have lost all respect for Stupak.

    2. Isaac, Michigan says:

      Check out http://www.smashstupak.com, the online hub for the nation-wide grassroots campaign to replace Bart "Sell-out" Stupak, with a live anti-Stupak news feed!

      Also please support Republican Linda Goldthorpe to defeat Bart Stupak in November: http://www.lindaforcongress.com

      Linda on the Right to Life: http://bit.ly/c5KUaV

    3. Stephen, NY says:

      This is further proof, as if any more is needed, that the Democrats just cannot be trusted. They lie knowing full well that they are lying, they lie even though they know they'll be called out on it, they lie and then admit without shame.

    4. Delores, Alaska says:

      What happened yesterday was a sad day for America, and all the unborn children. It looks like we will become a socialist country.

    5. Texana, Texas says:

      10 YEARS FROM NOW??! How long does Stupak think Obama will be Pres? Does he know something about suspending elections, amending the Constitution, Marshall Law plans that we don't know?

    6. Addam says:

      I have lost all respect for this political system. Not sure if this will make any difference seeing how this country has been so corrupt for decades but…

      I pray that people WAKE UP and vote republicans AND democrats OUT OF OFFICE! We really need another political party running things! These two parties suck!

    7. Connie Ashley, Germa says:

      Unfortunately, we cannot trust the Democrats to keep their word. We must vote out as many as we can in November. I wonder if the federal money for the airports was the real reason Stupak sold his vote.

    8. pink sugar, AK says:

      Unfortunately, a whole generation has been raised – Being told that there is 'No Right and No Wrong' ~ No winners, No Losers.. we just want everyone to 'feel good' and feel good about themselves, and they aren't taught Whats Right and Whats Wrong, only to ask "Whats in it for Me?"

      I don't know that our nation will ever recover.

    9. tim lee says:

      i pray one day soon we will have representatives in washington d.c. that will not lie !!!!

      stupak needed to vote "NO' THERE WAS NO RUSH TO PASS THE BILL.!!!!!!!!!

      stupak can't say he wasn't a sell out !!!!

      gotta vote him out …period…

    10. Phil, Boston says:

      Can anybody refresh my memory, what exactly was chairman zeros' 1st executive order?

    11. Bob, West Babylon, N says:

      The man is a phony democrat who swore he would not sell out, but sold his soul just like many of the other liberal socialists. This entire bill will be repealed when we take over The House and Senate in Nov. by replacing all incumbents.

      I weep for my grandchildren…..

    12. Chuck, Memphis says:

      He caved, period. When push came to shove, he sold out, and all of his posturing about standing on principle was just as worthless as a promise from Obama. Pitiful. Now it's time for the people of his district to retire him.

    13. Space, Bisbee, Az says:

      The Democrats like to call the Republicans, "the Party of No. Where as they have shown that they, the Democrats, are the party of LIES!!! All I have seen coming out of this Admin and Congress, is empty promises, that are backed by lies. As a child growing up in the 50's and 60's, I was taught not to trust a liar to do anything but lie. The Democratic Party has lied from the beginning of this election, and they continue to do so.

    14. Ted Kortes, Greenvil says:

      Bart Stupak revealed himself as a WEASEL-Look weasel up in the dictornary and Bart Stupak's picture will be there. VOTE HIM OUT

    15. Firebatt, Sierra Nev says:

      Stupidpac didn't even hold out for a future flight on air force 1. Kookoosinich is snickering. What a Sad, Sad Circus the Congress has become.

      Audit the Fed. End The Fed. Take away the fools' funds. The Circus leaves town.

      Ron Paul is the only Rep who consistently walks the Constitution's talk.

    16. Scott, Mossouri, Uni says:

      I can't believe Stupak didn't know that an executive order is no guarantee to any thing, a little alone for a vote as important as this one. If you listened to him say why he was voting for the bill, one would certainly believe he actually didn't know. But than I heard about the Three airports in his district getting federal money, it started me wondering. I think it was just another pay off no one was supposed to find out about. Another liberal buy out, pure and simple.

    17. toolmaster says:

      Well it seems very plain that all of this was bought with our tax money in the form of Bribes and there are a lot of new millionaires.But I must say that Obama was almost right when he declared that America was not a Christian nation,he should have said his party was not Christians.I still say God Bless America,and I'll say it to his face.

    18. Clara from Frazeysbu says:

      There have been to many lies, to much corruption. I don't believe anything any of these Congressmen have to say and I will refuse to listen to their rheotric from now on. I've studied the Constitution and there was so much wrong done with this bill. It's just plain arrogant of them.

    19. Okieoneshinobi, Iowa says:

      It would have been impossible to put the antiabortion language into the Health Care bill. It would have required 60 votes in the Senate no matter how they were to do it procedural, since it is not a budgetary thing.

    20. Susan, Niantic, CT says:

      There is one and only one solution to this travesty…we must vote OUT each and every one of these Social Democrats in November and in EVERY subsequent election, until Congress is restored to members who have been elected to represent US and DO SO. This is supposed to be a representative government, not a radicalized socialist dictatorship. Vote them out of office. And beware of news that Acorn is filing bancruptcy and going out of the community organizer business…the reality is they are opening up in every state as we speak under numerous names in order to confuse us. If Obama can't win in 2010 and 2012, he will steal elections left and right. Your vote counts! Vote for every conservative Tea Party sponsored Republican…splitting our votes between gops and Inds will cause the S.Dems to win. We must be united!

    21. Gary,Peoples Republi says:

      The Federal Government needs to be dismantled and rebuilt. The states created this monster now they need to do something to stop it.

    22. Roguespeare, Denver says:

      Evermore he will be called "Bart Stupid"

    23. Mansfield Bob, Texas says:

      The political party that gave you a government-lengthened Great Depression, the nuking of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the Vietnam War, Chappaquiddick, abortion on demand, the abandonment of embassy personnel in Iran for 444 days, 20% prime rates, the stoppage of refinery and nuclear plant construction, the enviro-choice of tiny fish over human jobs, the first WTC bombing with no retaliation, Khobar Towers with no retaliation, two embassy bombings with no retaliation, the USS Cole bombing with no retaliation, Rabin forced to shake Arafat's bloodthirsty hand in a sham agreement, the slandering of our troops past (Kerry) and present (Murtha), Cash for Clunkers, Government Motors, Bill Ayers, Jeremiah Wright, Michael Moore, bankrupt New York, bankrupt Massachusetts, bankrupt New Jersey, and the laugh-a-minute, foul-mouthed, inept and classless Vice President Joe Biden, now is in charge of your health care.

      Are you scared yet?

    24. Mark Skog,The Neo-Co says:

      Is this a real bad movie or joke? Does it look like Bart Stupak even knows what the hell he is saying?

      Glenn Beck said it best when describing Obama's circle of friends…. "There is a Great and Terrible EVIL in the White House". The son of Satan has cast his spell.

      Just as the actions of Pontius Pilate led to the saving of our souls this may be the darkness before He who's name is "I am" will return to bring us home.

    25. ray, atlanta says:

      Well, this is what you get when you let the other party do all the work by not participating. If the Reps were never going to vote yes for anything, Obama should have done this type of stuff on the Public Option as well. Obama bent over backwards to include any sort of Republican language but got nothing. Republicans can now sit back an cry because they lost on so many levels, and the next level will be in the Midterms because as much as you may hate Social Liberals blah blah blah, what the majority of Americans feel is that doing nothing is simply worse than doing something to help, even if it's not pretty. And that a party based on Obstruction is ruining the political process and therefore stuff like this happens. Thanks for letting the Dems sneak one pass the goalie…

    26. elizabeth hart ohio says:

      you caved//you will have to accept responsibility for the rest of your life for the end of the united states of america as we know it. God help you.

    27. Claudia, Atlanta, GA says:

      Good for you, Megyn! You really held Stupak's feet to the fire! Great interview! Thank you! Now I am going to do everything I can do to make sure that he gets voted out of office in the next election. I have decided to donate to candidates outside of my state. That's how I am going to respond to this healthcare "deform" bill!

    28. mac says:

      Stupak is as are many in congress a phoney. That being said i think abortion as a means of contraception is wrong but if women want to do it and PAY FOR IT then ok. I do not think the Government should bless it or condemn it or pay for it.

      Whether to use abortion is a personal issue and Government should in no way be involved.

    29. mac says:

      There is an article with quotes by Nancy P and E.J.Dionne that claims that much of the "obama care" is based on a 1993-94 set of ideas by the Heritage Foundation. That may be true and if it is the Democrats have touted and passed a law with a largely Republican base set of ideas.

      It also says that Nancy P and Harry scammed their party which is clever regardless of the base set of ideas. It also proves that the Legislature is non functional as a institution that represents the voting public and uses a 1984 like perversion of ideas(left is right etc).

    30. April, Columbus, Ohi says:

      I don't think we should fund abortions, but I do think we should end the angry, hateful, mob-like Christian energy sweeping the nation today. A lot of this energy has to do with abortions in general and whether or not abortions are funded by the healthcare bill. This energy reminds me of the energy surrounding the Catholic Church during the sexual abuse scandal a few years ago.

      Back then there was also a lot of anger and hate by Christians. There was a lot of cover up going on too. Christians stood by their church and they moved sexually abusive priests from church to church. Christians denied and ridiculed children who were brave enough to speak out about being sexually abused. Some of those children committed suicide. Others turned to drinking or drugs. Eventually a mandatory Protecting God’s Children program was put in place to help end the abuse, ease the angry energy, remove the denial, and to create an understanding of the victim.

      Today we need to create a similar program for abortions and the Christian community because civil unrest and misunderstanding grows greater by the day. Our nation, as a whole, needs to understand the effect of abuse on women – the mental, financial, physical, social, and sexual abuse of women – like we understand the effects of sexual abuse on children. We need to understand that the ridicule and that the denial of abuse causes women to turn to abortion the same way Christian children turned to suicide. Our nation desperately needs to create a Protecting Women Program that works something like the Protecting God’s Children program.

      Just like the Catholic Church, our nation can no longer be in denial about this cause and effect. Once this denial is removed and understanding put in place, abortions, like the suicides of Christian children, would be dramatically reduced and the energy within our nation would begin to mend.

      Anything you can do to speak out about or to put such a program in place would be greatly appreciated. I feel that it would really help in America's search for a middle ground.

    31. Paul Terry Stone, Su says:

      Abortion has nothing to do with Health Care. I do not see how politicians who claim to represent this country can compare an amount of money or anything else with a life and conclude that the money or anything else is more valuable.

    32. Zack says:

      hey bob in texas, now write about all the things that the republican party has done to our country or did you just choose to ignore everything? if you dont i will and i guarantee i could fill up about 5 pages worth if not more. no federal funding for abortion, period. but, if fox news fear mongered you guys into thinking otherwise then so be it. but even so, do we make abortion illegal?- yea, that's a great idea. lets make sexual education illegal too. i have said so many times. heritage is so far beyond bias and partisan its almost as if they are intentionally trying to post false information. jeez, at least make it hard for us to spot. these days if you tell your conservative followers that the earth is flat, sooner or later it would become fact. I have a huge thank you to all the conservatives and republicans out there. – thank you for committing political suicide day in and day out. thank you for ensuring the democratic majority for the house in november. keep up the tea parties. keep up the fear mongering and false information. keep up the no no no no. keep up with not providing solutions. keep up the forced christianity. keep up with supporting limbaugh, hannity, beck and coulter and for sake…palin! thank you so much for being the largest most supportive contribution to the democratic and liberal parties.

    33. Andy Trench says:

      You people who voted for Obama have now seen what you got. As someone said, this new President could not even manage a Lemonade Stand.Look at his background,a union organizer,that's it.What kind of qualification is that to become the President of the United States.We Americans have a tough fight on our hands with what we now have in Congress.Just remember this country became great,not because of the thinking now in Washington,but because of the great leaders we had in the past.So DON'T GIVE UP**

    34. ray, atlanta says:


      Ummm. He just did something 7 ex presidents were not able to do. He's a shoe in for a second term, you do understand that, right? 2+ years from now this won't be the hot debate, what will be is how the Tea Bag movement imploded the Republican party.

    35. gary michigan says:

      I hear all this anger about voting Stupak and the dems out. I hear about how Bart just may as well pack his bags now….as he should. But, I would think we gotta do one thing more than just do this talking. I think we should make our point clear in no uncertain terms and loud. Something to give him a real message BEFORE we boot his butt.

      I have what I think is an excellent and novel idea.

      When we react with words about Bart packing his bags, I say we all try sending him an old, non valuable suitcase to his headquarters as a symbolic gesture to show him, and others ever thinking on doing any future betrayals, how absolutely, positively hurt we are by his betrayal. We must do something big. Something clear. We need to send him packing alright, and can you imagine his office getting thousands and thousands or old, dilapitated and non useful suitcases with the message his vote was good for a few packing containers? (I know, he is a goner either way though). I live in his district, know it and I say he is gone. But we can't let someone just walk away so conveniently.

      This would be a civil statement. NON THREATENING. (as long as nothing illegal is inside but perhaps a letter or something as I naturally would not be condoning any violent act ect.)

      Also, I am aware a new suitcase might be pricey to send him and the money might be best spent going to his opponent's campaign or something. Yet, I think small, old, non valuable suitcases would be easy to come by. Perhaps you have one downstairs or in the attic? Perhaps your family members or friends may have one to give you? You can get junkie ones at yard sales this spring, goodwills or other second hand stores for just a couple of bucks. Not sure what the postage would cost. But if we could all send this man a hundred or two hundred thousand of them…we could sent a pretty good message then we can move on to helping his opponent.

      I am not much of an organizer. I dont have connections to start something like this. If someone thinks this is a good idea or maybe someone from NRLC, MRL, health care opponents in general or Tea Party people interested is reading this can make this idea come to be……?

      If you are in such a position and agree this would be a powerful and non threatening way to give Mr. Stupak some help in packing, please try to pass this idea to an appropriate person or organization. Thanks.

    36. G. Martin says:

      Stupak was a definite sell out to Obama because Obama preys on the weak as we have consisently seen. Obama is quite the orator but whatever he has to say has no substance because there is no follow through, he repeats, repeats, and repeats exactly what most of the people who voted him in want to hear. Of course a lot of people that voted him in have said that they will not re-elect him. :) Stupak chose to believe what Obama promised him rather than what his constituents wanted him to do for them! He, fell right in with right in with Obama, Pelosi, Rangle, Reid, and the other senseless "D's" that voted for this unfair HC reform because they told nothing but lies to get it passed! Stupak does not deserve to serve in a position for the people who elected him when he won't listen to what they want and does not follow through on his promises.

    37. G. Martin says:

      Hey Zack,

      I think that you will be surprised how long memories will be in November to get rid of Pelosi, Reid, Stupak, etc.

    38. Steph, MI says:

      Phil, Boston. Great Question. If I am not mistaken his 1st executive order was removing the ban on US federal funding of international abortions.

    39. Jeff, NJ says:

      I thought Stupak was a man of character after listening to him over and over again, but I was wrong. The man can be bought and in the process he has not protected one unborn baby. How can this man live with himself…. Does a man's word mean NOTHING???

    40. Pingback: Obama: Drill here, drill now!?!?

    41. kcdad, Illinois says:

      "Stupak Admits He Allowed Obama to Fund Abortions With Taxpayer Money"

      Could this be any more disingenuous? Dishonest? A down right lie?

      That isn't what Stupak said at all. He said there is nothing stopping Obama from rescinding an executive order. NOWHERE does he say Obama intends to, might or will do that.

      Who writes your crap? Frank Luntz or Roger Ailes?

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