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  • Morning Bell: Congress vs. The American People

    Another day, two new polls showing the American people are strongly against the health care plan President Barack Obama will sign into law today. According to CNN, 59% of Americans oppose President Obama’s plan. And according to CBS News, 48% of Americans oppose the plan (with 33% in strong opposition) compared to only 37% who support it (with only 13% in strong support). Digging deeper into the CBS poll, we find that 76% of Americans disapprove of how Congress is handling its job on health care, 46% think Congress has spent too much time on health care, and 49% believe the rules and procedures used in Congress to get the current health care bill passed have been mostly unfair.

    But the leftist majorities in Congress just do not care what the American people think. Today, the Senate will press forward with work on the proposed “fix-it” bill through the reconciliation process. You may have thought it was impossible to make the policy and process of Obamacare even worse, but that is exactly what this reconciliation bill does:

    Abuse of Process: According to the Congressional Research Service, 19 reconciliation measures have been enacted into law since the procedure’s first use in the Carter administration. The record shows that reconciliation has been used for virtually all imaginable scenarios — save one: There is no precedent for using it to enact a once-in-a-generation rewrite of the relationship between Americans and their government that appeals exclusively to one side of the aisle. But that is exactly what Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) is attempting to do. According to the latest NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll, a plurality of the American people strongly oppose this procedural tactic for this highly unpopular policy.

    Even Higher Deficits: According to the Congressional Budget Office, new entitlement spending in the reconciliation bill would cost $216 billion in 2019 alone and will increase by 8% every year after that. Now, the Democrats will tell you that the CBO has also said their plan raises enough taxes and cuts enough Medicare to pay for this gigantic new entitlement. But the CBO is obligated by law to believe whatever Congress tells them. The American people are not. According to the latest NBC/WSJ poll, 76% of the American people do not trust Congress. That is why, according to the latest CNN poll, 70% of the American people believe Obamacare will cause the federal budget deficit to go up.

    Even Higher Taxes on Business: As bad as the employer mandates in the Senate health bill were, the taxes on businesses in the reconciliation bill are even worse. Companies that hire certain low-income Americans will have to pay $3,000 per employee, per year, even if the company offers insurance. And companies that employ 50 or more workers will face higher tax penalties to the tune of $2,000 per full-time employee.

    New Taxes on Investments: Investment is what creates job growth. One would think at a time of 9.7% unemployment, the government would not want to increase taxes on investment. Not this leftist government. The reconciliation bill slaps a 3.8% tax on investment income.

    Cornhusker Kickbacks for All: You may have heard that the reconciliation bill “got rid of” the Cornhusker Kickback. That is not quite true. What it really did is extend the additional Medicaid funding Nebraska got to every state. But to keep the new entitlement spending deficit neutral, the new Medicaid funding creates a fiscal time bomb for states by vastly cutting Medicaid reimbursements in 2015. This reconciliation will only further strain already bankrupt state governments.

    A Government Takeover Preview: Sen. Ben Nelson (D-NE) has already announced he will vote against the reconciliation bill because of the government takeover of the student loan industry that Democrats tacked onto the health care bill in order to help pay for the new entitlement. The student loan debacle is unfortunately just a preview of the direction the left wants to see health care go. The government first justified subsidizing student loans in the Clinton administration by saying it would make college more affordable. The opposite happened. College costs have only skyrocketed, just like health care costs will only sky rocket under this bill. So now this reconciliation bill is completely nationalizing the student loan industry. Unless the direction of health care policy changes, our health care sector will not be far behind.

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    108 Responses to Morning Bell: Congress vs. The American People

    1. Robbie Lee says:

      Angry Lamentation of a Conservative
      I am proud of yet angry at the Republicans. I am disgusted by yet admire the Democrats. You might say that my thinking is a contradiction in terms. Maybe, but not with out good reason.

      I am proud to see the Republicans show true unifying leadership to hold their caucus together in the opposition of the atrocious health care legislation bill. However, I am angry because the afore mentioned legislation surely would not have been considered had true conservative republicans been the majority party in this congress. The loss of the majority and the presidency is the culmination of years of namby pamby leadership on conservative ideas in the GOP. I’m not all down on republicans of which I am one. President Bush cut taxes, signed the partial birth abortion bill into law, and appointed two great supreme court justices that ruled in the majority in a 5/4 decision to uphold the constitutionality of that law. I could name more, but I will not. Having said that, republicans went a stray to grow the size of government, and spend money like there was no tomorrow. Those policies are the antithesis of conservatism. The willfully disregard of conservative policies is the reason why democrats control now and this so called health care bill will be LAW! I pray that the GOP has learned their lesson and will never again repeat the folly of their last majority.

      As for the Democrats in congress regarding the health care bill, I can not go into much detail about my thoughts of disgust for fear of expelling the content of my stomach. Their goal in short is to make the majority of the voting public dependent on government. This is of course the formula for perpetual power in Washington or any other governing body for that matter. I have no doubt that many of the democrats believe that this command and control will bring about a more perfect union. There is nothing namby pamby about this majority party! It was for that reason I said before that I “admired“ the dems. One can not really admire something one loathes, so I would like to amend that statement to, “ I respect the fact that they will fight for what they want.”

      I hope the GOP is taking notes on how to get things done for when they are in the majority again in January, 2011.

    2. Alan Meek, Kentucky says:

      Correct me if I'm wrong, but it seems that the largest impact on education will be the tremendous increase in tuition. When states are burdened with higher and higher Medicaid costs, the first thing that usually suffers in a state budget is higher education. As state funds to higher education diminish, the colleges and universites will have to raise tuition to make up the difference.

    3. Jack Lohman says:

      Yes 59% of the people oppose this insurance industry giveaway, because 65% favor a single-payer Medicare-for-all system. Why is Heritage not reporting that?

      The only reasonable fix is HR676 Medicare-for-all. For the same dollars we are spending today we can provide 100% of our population with first-class Cheney-care. And we'd eliminate the costs for corporations and they could spend their health care dollars on jobs instead of outsourcing them. We'd pay for the system in taxes rather than wages.

      Jack Lohman http://MoneyedPoliticians.net

    4. Blair, Franconia, NH says:

      We, the People, will remember in November!

      • Mike Swanson says:

        Yes we will and i will remember how the Congress of The United States of America is screwing
        over the middle income americans OH HOW I WILL REMEMBER IN NOVEMBER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    5. Mark Heil, Bloomingt says:

      A couple of the links in the "Even Higher Taxes on Business" section are broken. "foundry.org" is missing at the beginning.

    6. Ken Jarvis says:

      HF always gets it WRONG.

      It is the GOP, HF, and MURDOCK THAT ARE

      AGAINST the American People.


    7. Pam Heidenga says:

      When, with what Obama is doing to destroy the United States, does it become an impeachable offense. Isn't this as close as you can get to the word treason? Let me know. I'm sick over this. We have to stop this.

    8. Duncan Druhl says:

      Let's see…Government Motors, Government/Sachs Bank(s), Dr. Government, guaranteed profits to insurance companies and drug companies, government education runs the states' programs, what else? Okay, the government doesn't own Starbucks, Home Depot, Sears, Jewel, Food Lion, or Ford…yet. But it does / can / will have a great deal to say about how they operate. Have you hugged your local Commissar today? It is coming soon if you don't act.

      If your Senator or Representative participated in this dance of the Stalinists and you don't do everything you can to put somebody else into office this year, you deserve what you get, Ivan Ivanovich…. just remember; it will be you who gave away your freedom, nobody else if you don't work to secure it.

    9. Charles, The Republi says:

      There is no longer any reason to be polite about those who seek to destroy this nation. They are not democratic in any way, shape or form. They are enemies of The Constitution. The notion that they are simply out of touch with the American public is no longer valid. Their actions are deliberate. Alinsky & Cloward-Pivins. They have a small window of oppurtunity left to inflict more damage (amnesty or a run around on the 2nd Amendment) before they have to focus on the November elections. That's where the cleansing begins. It will be interesting to see who drops out now. Only obama & pelosi are safe, for now. Don't despair. Americans are at their best when our backs are against the wall!

    10. Jack Lohman says:

      Moderator: You are choosing not to approve my comments. Because you disagree? Did I say something offensive? Would you like me to omit something?

    11. Mary.... WI says:

      Taxes, taxes and more taxes!!! And I just learned about the Law of the Sea Treaty that Obama and Biden would like to see passed in order for the USA to use the oceans for sea vessles and aircraft….more taxes! Why not just give the government our paychecks and be done with it. Oh wait, we're already doing that! This country paying taxes to the UN is WRONG! Every day we get closer to the New World Order. WE must vote them out in Nov.

    12. NeoConVet says:

      As the revelations of the deals (bribes) come out, the IRS increased monitoring of all of us coupled with the obvious fiscal boondoggle that the curent Health Care package most certainly is… even the most seriously mentally challenged citizen and Leftist Congressman / Senator will wonder what we actually got..beside DEBT and more beaucracy.

    13. michael montgomery says:

      its time for some real action , folks! economic power! we the producers of this country, should divest ourselves of certain investments. such as: GE, Microsoft, warren F-ing buffet,and other companies and corporate entities who don't have our interest at heart.don't purchase any municipal bonds, or treasuries, anything government.. calling your reps in DC id a waste of time. i think this can be an effective way of sending a message.i'm sure there are other investments just as good. what do you think, folks?

    14. Donna Williams, Winc says:

      Republicans/Conservatives can't afford to become complacent or too sure that they can win solely on America's dissatisfaction with the health care bill and how it has been handled. We need to remain alert and active. Obama will use amnesty and anything else at his disposal to keep his power. He does not plan to be a one term president, he hates everything America has stood for in the past, and he is determined to change it.

    15. E. Jones ,Monroe, OH says:

      The progressives/communists are trying to form a Soviet AMERICA. We have never been under such an assault of freedom in my lifetime. THE BILL OF RIGHTS & THE CONSTITUTION mean nothing to the totalitarian mind set of this evil communist administration. The Soviet Union was no utopia as their propaganda proposed; instead it was slavery by a tyrannical oppressive state. The take over of health care/death care must be fought with all our might. A free AMERICA is at stake!! If elections are suspended in the fall we are a communist country with comrade Obama as dictator & chief. Having read "TO THE FINLAND STATION"-WILSON, "THE PLAGUE"-CAMUS &"THE DARKNESS AT NOON"-KOESTLER I am frightened as to our survival as a country. The axis of evil now includes democrats/progressives/communists. The EVIL FROM WITHIN will destroy a FREE AMERICA!! THESE PEOPLE WANT A SOVIET AMERICA. Are re-education canps far off? There is no one to rescue us from this evil. If there are still elections in September we must vote these monsters out of office!!

    16. Pat Hartis says:

      Voters need to become much better educated about those they vote for. Turning a blind eye to the history and beliefs of those running for public office will get us more of this in the future. Now look out because here comes more government spending of our money with the push for amnesty for illegals aliens.

    17. Ed Angelo, Quakertow says:

      Your analysis of the statistics is crude and self-serving of your politcal agenda on the healthcare plan. Yes, 59% oppose the Obama plan, but many of them oppose it because it does not go far enough in providing our citizens with healthcare.

      It's time to get over it–bottom line is this President has accomplished something that a dozen of his predecessors failed to do. In a supposedly Christian nation, where so many on the religious right militantly oppose abortion, it is a national disgrace that innocent children who dodge the bullet of abortion–hip hip horay, you of the religious right would say–are not provided healthcare, and many even die for lack of it. Should doing our Christian be subject to winning a statistical contest?

      Now what would Jesus say? What would Jesus do?–he'd favor providng basic healthcare to His beloved children as well as to the least among us!

    18. Pat Hartis says:

      Anyone one who thinks this is a good idea needs to move to Cuba.

      "The only reasonable fix is HR676 Medicare-for-all. For the same dollars we are spending today we can provide 100% of our population with first-class Cheney-care. And we’d eliminate the costs for corporations and they could spend their health care dollars on jobs instead of outsourcing them. We’d pay for the system in taxes rather than wages."

      It's hard for me believe that any American can spout this stuff. Of course I'm assuming he works for a living.

      Why does he think people are getting on rafts in Cuba to cross the Gulf of Mexico and get to Florida?

    19. Jeannine CA USA says:

      One thing polls do not reflect, is me, and others like me. I know what they do is ask 100 people and they figure X amount of people are what are opposed to or for the questions asked. However I know in my heart, because I am one of them, that for every person that shows up at a "TEA PARTY" ther is one (like my sefl) that simply could not make it. So for every question asked and I have filled out questionairs from the Republican party but it still does not express my complete disgust with our government, Obama, Pelosi and Reed. A more dispicable threesome could not be found on this planed at this time. I did just put my check in the mail this morning to help fight but in my heart of hearts I believe Mr. B HO is going for dictator. After implimenting all this legislation he will not be willing to walk away and put it in the hands of someone the American people will want to destray all his hard work. Thank you for your time.

    20. Don, Michigan says:

      I am amazed Congress defied the the will of the American public. The thought of marching into socialism is very scary. Thank God we can still vote!

    21. Gerry Roth (Germanto says:

      Could someone enlighten me – which deficit is being cut by this bill – the deficit to date or the projected deficit through 2020? Perhaps someone will plot this deficit reduction on the CBO deficit chart shown on the CBO Analysis on their home page. The alleged $138B probably would not even show up.

      Welcome to totalitarians.

    22. Ken Allison, Tyler says:

      I must first take issue with the misguided displeasure over the Congress disregarding the polls on the issue of health care. We are not a Democracy, we are a Republic and important issues at both the state and federal level are entrusted to our elected public servants so that we cannot be held captive to the tyranny of the majority.

      Now, having said that, it is clear that We the People have done a miserable job of screening those seeking to be our representatives. Our peaceful recourse should be exercised in November.

      Beyond that, if we are to keep our Republic, the current level of animation in the public discourse regarding our government must be maintained permanently. Absolute fealty to the Constitution as it was originally intended should be a prerequisite for every office-seeker at every level. We must never again disregard our responsibilities as free people, lest we find ourselves no longer free.

    23. Frank Rivas. Marbell says:

      It will cause a tremendous hole in the pockets of American People and a poor quality health servica like in Spain.

      Poor souls…

    24. Albert, Vallejo, CA says:

      For all the arguments over "process" it really does not matter that 19 times this process was used for "bi-partisan," non-controversial, legislation. The process is still illegitimate. If it unconstitutional now (and it is) it was also unconstitutional for the other 19 bills where it was used successfully. Talk of never before using this process to enact "once-in-a-generation rewrite of the relationship between Americans and their government that appeals exclusively to one side of the aisle," is nonsense talk. Legally we have never changed the relationship between people and government. WE the People are the masters, and government is our servant. That this relationship has indeed changed is not a desire or act of the People. It is solely a usurpation of power by government. And this "reconciliation" process is just one example of that usurpation. This bill must be overturned. It is illegitimate. It is illegal. It is unconstitutional. This is where we need to focus our attention. Stop defending the "process" as used before and condemn it outright in all its occurrences. It is no matter that President Bozo intends to sign this piece of garbage. It is not and never will be "law" in any legitimate sense. And we are under absolutely no legal obligation to obey it.

    25. Jim Roumeliotis - Hu says:

      The solutions for health care served (fix it) up by the Democrats continues to travel down the road of ignorance and non-reason. Certainly very little or no thought has entered thier minds as to what is in the best interest for the people.

      My only wish is for November to come quick and hope that the American people remember how they now feel, then.

    26. toledofan says:

      We don't have to look very hard to find the unintended consequences as to why this healthcare bill will fail; look at medicare, medicade, social security, the budgets, education, etc., etc., and there are still some who think big government is the answer, strange. Anyway, this whole bill is froth with pitfalls, gaping holes and just wastes lots of money. One thing I haven't heard alot of is how is this going to be implemented, who has the plan where's the road map. Once this is signed into law, today, should we all go to set up an allegience with a doctor? Do we all go to get a physical to determine how healthly we are, where do we go, when do we go, and if we can't afford a 'policy' how do qwe get one? It's probably just me, but, wasn't that all the things Obama promised? So, what about people in prisons, or even Gitmo, who pays for them, do they need a policy? I don't know about everyone else but this seems like it going to get pretty complicated before evn one little part of this is implemented.

    27. G W Jefferson, Colum says:

      The federal government is one of limited powers.Everyone needs to read Article 1, sect. 8 of the Constitution. It contains the limited powers of Congress. We have a constitutional government not a supreme parliament that is unlimited in its legislative power. Article 1, sect. 8 contains only 18 paragraphs. Paragraph one authorizes the power to tax and spend to pay debts, for the national defense and the general welfare of th States of the Union. There is no authority to fund personal entitlements such as government health care. Entitlements is a method of buying votes..

      Neither is there authority to loan money to college students. The Supreme Court can put an end to the reckless unconstitutional acts of Congress.

    28. Giles, Winnsboro, TX says:

      We will have to remember this is about greater government, there will be positive aspects of this health care, i.e., pre-existing conditions, ability to insure majority age children, however on raising the age of insurable children could lead to those adult children suing their parents because they choose not to provide them w/insurance, we must remember the job created by this bill will be touted as jobs created, over 16,159 people will be employed by the government, an entity that does not provide it's own funding, an entity that does not know how to balance a checkbook, an entity that cures less money by printing more money, raising the debt ceiling so they can borrow more money. Remember just those things and you will remember that the citizens, you and I, are footing the bill through numerous additional taxes/levies/fines and will continue to be assessed more and more as borrowing from other countries dries up due to our inability to pay our loan encumbrances, with those accounting principles in mind it will not be hard to remember why we are voting out all those that supported larger government, runaway spending and told us as citizens we didn't know better they did, come November our votes will possibly be cast in the right direction.

    29. Bill says:

      Well we have been shafted by Obama and his 2 buddies. Reid and Pelosi. I have made a list of all Democrats in Texas that voted for the bill. We will not forget…

    30. DenofYork York, PA says:

      Why all the anger against Congress when it is clearly the President's bill? He has told us this ever since he swore the oath. The disdain for congress should be for their inability to stand up to Pelosi. I wonder if the new H.C. plan covers "backbone transplants"… Seems to me that a few are needed on the hill!

    31. Neil, Washington says:

      Unfortunately, after the abuses of this super majority in congress, voters will likely balk at ever getting into that situation again and forfeiting the chance for the opposition to ever remove this horrible legislation.

    32. JimC, chicago says:

      How can congress get away with enacting laws that don't apply to itself, or to federal employee's, and at the same time gives exceptions to other favored classes of people (unions)?

      This is one of the features of Obamacare that galls me the most. If people are going to say heathcare is a right, then why do some people seem to be granted by law better rights than others?

    33. MichaelScottLawrence says:

      Not only are there more un/anti-constitutional issues entwined within the myriad of pseudo-legalese which no doubt makes for good-reading-for-insomniacs, but we also have to consider the constitutional proscription, in the main body's closing, against there being a "religious test" of any kind…if 2 "groups" are exemptible, what about the millions of us who disbelieve in allopathic medicine (and it, like evolution, requires more faith than scientific knowledge), and should, therefore, be considered non-users of same, as those who do not drive are also non-users (certainly in the commercial sense) of allopathic systematolgy ! Three cheers for Jay Sekulow , et alia !! Thanks, and may you continue in His blessings as you seek His guidance!

    34. Steve, San Diego says:

      Jack, where is your source that 65% of the people favor a single payer Medicare for all system? I've been paying into Social Security and Medicare my entire working life. Social Security has been robbed, repeatedly, to cover the rest of the budget deficits, until it is nearly broke and I don't expect to see anything for my "investment". Same with Medicare, and now the progressives propose taking $500 Billion from Medicare to make it more viable. How would that be possible? How would your lifestyle be affected if 20% of your income disappeared? BTW, Rasmussen Reports has your single payer at 34% in favor of. That would be 66% opposed! Totally opposite from your claim.

    35. Normca says:

      I can also make up facts – 65% want single payer. Would that be 65% of the 10% who never thought about buying health insurance [but will be buying it or pay a fine] or who will have it and not pay a dime ? Or is that like as pointed out by the CBO another $500 billion counted twice or not counting the $300 billion doctor fix ? Some who are fans of the MSM need to stay in their cocoon and not venture into the real world because they refuse to see facts. They want it for free. "Give me more", "give me free stuff" says the drone. I have one question; if the health reform bill to be signed today is so great, why are the democrats exempting themselves from it ? For those 65% dreamers, answer that.

    36. Drew Page, IL says:

      Mr. Obama and his Democrats have got what they wanted, by hook and by crook. With this vote, the Democrats in the House and Senate have burned their bridges with a majority of the American voting public.

      My fear is that now, Obama, Pelosi and Reid will move next to push blanket amnesty for all illegal aliens in America. They will call it Immigration "Reform", but it will be blanket amnesty nonetheless, making millions of illegal aliens American citizens and eligible for the free health care. Next, Cap & Trade and the rest of Mr. Obama's agenda will be placed on the fast track for passage in Congress before the November elections.

      After passing the health care reform bill, what do the Democrat legislators have left to fear from the opposition, further such threats? The opposition has already promised to remove from office those who voted for this. Deomcrats know that even if they vote against any other of Mr. Obama's initiatives, the majority of American voters will not forget their vote on health care reform. They have nothing left to fear or to lose by voting for every proposition that Obama, Reid and Pelosi put before them.

    37. Angel, Ohio says:

      If this is so good, why is congress, senate, president exempt? The only way it will ever work is if they are required to participate.

      I wonder if any of you have considered how companies used to provide towns for workers to live in. Everything was owned by the company so all the profits go back into the companies coffers. Isn't this similar? Replace the company with government. People will only work for the government, buy from the government, get health care from the government.

      Way too much control to a out of touch few.

      Wake up America — You have been Betrayed!!! Don't forget it.

    38. Ann, Cape Coral, FL says:

      Please, someone tell me why this administration CANNOT be stopped! Don't we have any intelligent lawyers who can find a legitimate reason to impeach Obama and the rest of his gang.

      We are being taken over by a dictatorship and, apparently, it cannot be stopped.

      I just cannot believe what is happening, and what is coming around the bend.

      Really, what has to happen to get him and the rest of them out of office?????

      Does ANYBODY know????????

    39. Dale Cord says:

      You people just don't get it. This is a violation of your "CONSTITUTION" it's not about health care.It's about destroying your freedoms and the documents that have kept you and your families alive and out of concentration camps.Because you have not studied your history and Germany's history and world events which would have warned you of your impending fate,without your "Constitution","Bill of Rights","Declaration of Independence".You and your families will now suffer great atrocities as those in 3rd world countries have for hundreds of years, Deceived once again, like the sheep and cattle you are waiting in the fields for slaughter. "HOW PATHETIC"..

    40. Carol Heimbach, Blou says:

      When we elect a President or Congressman or woman to office, we expect them to vote the will of the people and not of the President or Party. That is totaly unacceptable. We also don't expect or excuse lies or false promises. The integrityof our President and that of Congress has gone right down the sewer!

    41. loves Dogs/Colorado says:

      The bottom line of these politicians is THEY DON'T GIVE A D—. TO HELL TO ALL OF US. unless, OF COURSE, you're on welfare, illegal or gay—this batch of politicians are CORRUPT…..no other word fits them.

      I have to wonder how many years of corrupt politicians we've endured. Now that we have YOU to TELL THE TRUTH and SIRIUS RADIO AND OTHER TALK RADIO THAT ACTUALLY TELLS THE TRUTH AND A FEW OTHER PROVOKING THOUGHTS—– just how stupid have the AMERICAN people been?

      Maybe just the people of this country need to run Washington. NOT RICH, TAKE IT ALL FROM THE PEOPLE POLITICIANS–PUTTING MONEY IN THEIR POCKETS ETC. ETC. Just maybe if we got everyone off welfare and whatever else they get—food stamps, etc. Unless they really really need it—-like someone that is handicap etc or for a short period so they can get a job or education (like a friend-single mom-did and then got off)…get on their feet and get going.

      But this group, like I said, they don't care. THEY ARE IN POWER and that's all that matters. IT'S THROW BACKS FROM THE 60's, 70's 80's that smoked pot and did lots of drugs and sucked up to everyone and anyone that could help them get to this point in life—-OBAMA We all know Peloisi came from money and politics—-uck–can only imagine what her family is like uck


      We've lost too many lives in too many wars for this crap to be happening and no one listening.

      Student loans????? What the h-ll Is the government going to pay for my daughters loans(230,000) to be a doctor since they'll be taking away from her paycheck. She's not been at this long and this was her life long dream…………AND YOU SOB'S are going to ruin it for her and every other doctor and maybe even nurse's out there because of YOUR GREED!!!!! JERKS SCUM


    42. Becky, WV says:

      A government of the people, by the people, and for the people!!! WE THE PEOPLE WILL REMEMBER THIS IN NOVEMBER!!!! This is not a dictatorship, and that is exactly the way Obama and the Libs are acting! They do not care what WE THE PEOPLE want or think!! They have done what they want!!! This bill has nothing to do with health care, its all about control!!! With this bill they will control every aspect of our lives!!! This is a free country!!! My grandfather (and many others) fought in World War 2 so we could have our freedom!! To keep a dictator from coming into our country and taking over us!!! Now we have one right in our midst! Controlling our country!! Taking America from within!!! I will stand and fight!! I will not throw in the towel and bow down! "IF GOD BE FOR US WHO CAN BE AGAINST US? " NO ONE!!!!

    43. Tim, Alabama says:

      Just Remember in November to vote them all out. Don't worry, Nancy and Harry have promised them all jobs in the government so they will survive and not be homeless. So what can the government take over next? Since housing was an issue why don't they enact a law to provide equal housing for all? I mean just because you worked hard and made lots of money doesn't give you the right to have a nice big house with good schools and a nice car, you need to give most of that back to the poor guy that didn't bother scraping his way through college and couldn't get a job watching TV so he picks up his free stuff and we pay for it. So the government should take money and build the same houses for us all and tear down those nice ones, wouldn't want Larry Loafer to have low self-esteem.

    44. MJG, Bonita Springs, says:

      I don't see how anyone can even talk about a 2700 page bill much less vote for one. There's no possibility of discussing the same point which can be buried multiple times throughout this trashing of our Constitution.

    45. J.P. Empire Alabama says:

      of thoes men who have overturned the liberties of republics, the greatest number have begun their career by paying an obsequious court to the people; commencing demagogues, and ending tyrants. First Federalist Paper!

      The laws of nature never change. Educate yourself.

    46. Bear-man, California says:

      Prediction: The "fix-it" bill in the Senate will not pass. The Republicans will oppose most, if not all, of the content for very solid reasons, and rightly so. Harry Reid and company will throw up their hands in discust and claim that "The Party of (k)no(w)" is obstructing the agenda and the Democrats must move on in order to accomplish more important legislation and, of course, serve the people, and thereby maintain their dependency clinging voter base. Methinks the Democrats believe that most Americans are disinterested and have short memories id este the D party will not suffer that greatly in November 2010.

    47. Joe Colliins, Bremer says:

      Our U.S. Constitution and Declaration of Independence has to be our focus first. We must uphold them at all cost. We need honest, honorable, wise people to lead us through this attack upon us as a free people.

      I read about how the laws in congress have been violated in previous times, by the Republicans and Democratics in passing bills and laws.. This has to stop. Is their any honor left?

      All those in Congress and the President take the "Oath of Office – An Oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States"………..When in court we take an oath to tell the truth and violated we are in contempt of court and pay the penalty. This Oath of office that is violated by many in the high offices, is just as important or more important and should be treated as such.. We need to a group (maybe a group from Heritage Foundation) that will charge those violators.. Is there a new paper that "We the People may author – that would mandate that violations of the Constitution would imprision, fire, recall, remove all violators immediateley or within 90 days, once violations has been confirmed…….How might we impose, place, create some teeth behind the "Oath to the U.S. Constitution that our elected take? ???? Who will help with this answer? Thank You, Joe Collins, Bremerton, Wa.

    48. Ben C. Ann Arbor, MI says:

      Jack Lohman:

      For those who favor single payer health care – move to Canada, There you will find utopia–and long lines and delayed treatment for your illnesses. I live near Detroit and my medical friends all tell of the steady stream of Canadians seeking medical care for their problems. One of my sales reps Mom had to some to the US to have her breast cancer treated because the wait in Canada was months to years and she would be dead by the time her care would be delivered. If this is what you want move to another country – don't try to change ours.

    49. Greg B. Vail, AZ says:

      Jack. Your figures have no meaning without providing studies or poll locations to support them. Remember the Original Congress bill INCLUDED a public option, but a look at AP polls, CNN polls and Rassmesen Polls at the time it was voted on showed 48% OPPOSED a bill with a public option. This gives further dis credence to that 65% figure you are tossing around. If my math is correct, 65 and 48 comes to more than 100. Are you including dead people in your figure like ACORN did in registering votes? The Dems are constantly screaming about disinformation from the GOP. Why don't we ALL stop the lies and misrepresentations of the facts?

    50. Kevin Habib, Glen Bu says:

      So how has all this reporting on polls helped the last 15 months?

      The GOP gambled and lost big time – absolutely the worst legislative defeats in decades. GOP tried to make it Obama's waterloo and now they are screwed.

      The Senate fix bill will pass without question. Whoever thinks it will not pass needs to turn off FoxNews – they have been lying to you for years and yet you continue to believe?

      I can guarantee that the GOP will stand strong against the Senate reconcilliation bill…that is until they smell the fuel of the jets and see their Easter/Passover break ahead of them – I can tell you with certainty, they will be gone by Sunday. GOP talks tough, but little action.

      2 months ago, everything was looking so rosy for GOP – but they blew it by refusing to participate in health reform negotiations. The DeMints and Greggs and Boehners all talked of how killing the bill it will kill the Dems and Obama – and their agendas. Wow – they blow it. Wasted 13 months of resources, tiem and money for nothing except top show that the Dems were able to accomplish something that has been attempted fro a decade. THANK YOU TEA PARTY!!!

      I love the Tea Party! Shows Americans the far right fanatics who are stuck in the 50s and only helps the Dems. American will see all teh far right lies from Beck and Palin.

      The GOP had Novermber in the palm of their hand, but they really dropped the ball here.

    51. Bob Veigel, Arlingto says:

      One of these days people may wake-up and realize the real cause of their problems. IT IS GOVERNMENT!!!!!. It is not big business, it is not the banks, it is not Wall Street and it is not main street. IT IS A BIG, INTRUSIVE, ARROGANT, CONTROLLING, GREEDY AND INCOMPETENT GOVERNMENT, MAINLY THE CONGRESS OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

      Unless and until this sinks deep into the minds of all and appropriate action taken to correct, problems will grow and grow and grow.

    52. wallyblu Zion IL says:

      Why is anyone in their right mind going to work today?

      Don't they know that they can stay home and do what ever they want now that the Government is going to take care of everything?

    53. Bill Duncan, St. Lou says:

      After months of hearing "Dead Legislation Walking" and "Someone should tell the President that his health care bill is dead", it is clear that the Heritage Foundation is unable to distinguish between what they desire and what is actually happening in the world around them. The hubris and arrogance need to be set aside – this has severly damaged the Heritage Foundation's credibility.

    54. S Rubicon, Southcent says:

      Americans do not favor any plan that sticks us all in one basket. Our needs are all different so one plan for all would be a disaster. The plan signed into law does wonderful stuff. Like help the SEIU generate new dues paying members to fund its underfunded pension plan that union leaders failed to fund, as they spent dues on, political activism. Taxpayers should not fund any bailout of a plan the leaders screwed up. While many want to believe this hurts the GOP the fact is, it hurts Democrats really bad. Tea Partiers want to elect ANYONE from ANY PARTY who represents them, not special interests.

      The bill can be repealed &/or so underfunded & watered down with obstacles that it will be ended before it can really begin. No one wants socialism & that bill is just that, an incremental step into socialism. Perhaps some should read writings by Vaclav Klaus, the Czech President. He lived under socialism for decades & knows how oppressive it is & how demoralizing to humans it is. Plus, he can tell you how an elite always becomes, oppressive. Check out Hugo Chavez if you need an example of how socialism fails.

      When congress says "comprehensive" reform of anything, it means, the people will get screwed by special interests who have bought & paid for politicians & whose objectives are less than freedom. They are the new national socialists of the world.

    55. Melba, California says:

      Lucky me, one day after the famous vote, I had a doctor's appointment. I inquired of my doctor how he felt about Obama care. Actually I was very surprised that he would share his opinion as he is usually a very private person. His comment was that he would be leaving the medical profession as he has no intention of working for the Government and that is where this will eventually be heading. For now he is looking at no longer taking on any additional Medicare or Medical patients due to the already low reimbursement rates. Folks —– he sees this as only getting worse, and so do I.

      Don't take your eyes off of the illegal immigration issue as the present Congressional representatives will want to hurry and get this one done prior to November elections. They are going to need those un-informed voters that haven't been around long enough to be aware of the dirty politics. They want and will need those votes.

      The comments that I had the hardest time dealing with during all of this was, "to save the presidency," "we are making history" like this was about the President and the Congress. No it should have been about saving America from bankrupcy as well as her States within. The President and Congressional Representatives do not live in the real world. For those that are up for re-election in November, I hope and pray that change is provided for/too them, and that they get to go back to their home states and enjoy some power/down time.

      Another very upsetting thing for me is that if one has an opinion to express, the first thing that is asked is, are you a constituent? No but I am an American Citizen. Then your are told the Congressman or Senator only takes comments from constituents. Isn't that really special? I'll bet you that if I wanted to donate money and I wasn't a constituent they sure would take and keep it. What about all of the donations that are given? Are they only from constituents?

    56. Brad, Detroit, MI says:

      Hey Kevin – go back to commenting on the NY Times articles by Paul Krugman. Your DNC talking points don't go over so hot here.

      Face the facts –

      – You can't suddenly insure 30 million more Americans (BTW – whatever happened to the 46 million # that Obama was floating out there for about 6 months ?) and not raise taxes.

      – Any tax thay is imposed on any business gets passed on to the consumer (if you are not smart enough to understand this, please stop reading).

      – Any health care REFORM without targeting actual cost-cutting measures will drive prices up for everyone. Who else is going to pay for all of the new government oversight jobs ?

      – The two main contributions to the expense of health care are not those greedy health insurance companies (average profit of less than 5%) – it is third party payer and defensive medicine. Third party payment causes the user to not worry about the cost, thus there is NO incentive to find a better price. Defensive medicine requires Doctors and nurses to cover their behinds to ensure that they are not sued by ambulance chasers. This bill addresses neither of these items.

      – There is health care reform for children. It is called SCHIP and it covers basically any child and their parents that cannot afford health insurance. The new bill does nothing further in this goal.

      – Any medical procedure with true choice and competition (not covered by a third party) has shown reduced costs over time – Lasik eye surgery is one example.

      – HSA's or HRA's where people save money in a spending account and pay for their medical bills directly have also brought down costs. Again – this bill does not promote either one of these practices.

      – The CBO was asked to score this bill by reducing (magically) the cost of Medicare by $500B. They were also asked to keep the Medicare "Doc Fix" cost increases off of this scoring to make it look deficit neutral. If we can magically save $500B by a wave of the wand – did we need this bill to do it ? Obvious answer – NO.

      This bill has nothing to do with the desperate need for health care reform NOW. It is simply a power grab by our Federal Government and unwanted intrusion into the private lives of the American citizen. If it was so important to get it done NOW, why do we start paying for it almost immediately, and wait almost 4 years to start seeing the benefits ? Simple question.

    57. Carol, AZ says:

      You realize that after the tax increases for the 33,000 thousand that are currently uninsured and most are not citizens of the U.S.we have turned into a new form of "welfare state of the union ."

      Support the 10 amendment in your state for states rights to repeal the responsibility in your state and 36 others , that want to block this craziness based on states rights and will lobby for real refrom within.

      It is not over yet America!

    58. Carol Wilson Bluefie says:

      I agree with the statement of those that put Obama in office could not spell the word vote or pronunce it. I have said from day one his plan is to over throw the government and become the first dictator of this nation. In humble opinion he is no more an American than the idiot from Iran!!!!

    59. karen bonville pendl says:

      where is the bill ,we never did get to see it or read it.they hid the true contents from us .thier back room dealings sounds like something out of a badly written movie,does that snake we call a president not realize what he has done to the American people?

    60. Howard R. Reed says:

      Patriotic Red White and Blue Americans,

      This piece of legislation and the progressive's "screw you" attitude best expressed by a defrocked federal judge now representative from Florida Alcee Hastings– who I hope along with other leftist Dem legislator's remarks the Republican National Committee will inundate the airwaves with during this off year leaction period — is an abomination of biblical proportions.

      We cannot count on the federal court system to save us from this literal 'killer bill'. It is up to the American people as best exemplified by the Tea Party movement and the rest of us red white and blue patriots of the order of the founders Cincinnatus movement to permanently rid ourselves of the scourge of progressivism from our shores through the vote . . . 'We the people's . . .' last true bastion of defiance of States and Federal corruption, before the exercise of our Second Ammendment rights become the expression of rebellion.

      We are faced with the reality of an American Islamist movement within the Washington establishment. These purveyors of deceit, and adherents to Islamic style 'culture of death' are traitors to our way of life of the first order. Think about what I have just written to understand the true magnitude of the evil Bam & Companjy are imposing on us.

      We stop them the same way pest exterminators rid buildings and residences of pests. Our means of extermination though is in the voting booth. With the mood of the nation over the lunatics running the asylum procedures that gives the government control over 1/6th of the economy, what we have to do in November is doable. It is up to the individual America First organizations within each state to constantly remind the people of what we are ffaced with unless we drastically change it, starting in November.

      It takes 2/3rds vote from congress to overturn a presidential veto. That means we have tp put 75% true patriotic Americans in office, which we can do in the House come Election Day in Nov. Everyone in the House is campaigning for re-election this year.

      Forget the 34 Democrats that voted with Republicans to overturn ObamaCare. All Boy Bam and Pelosi needed to shove this up that place where the sun don't shine is the few votes they got from the so called pro life Dem.'s. They didn't want to sacrifice all their members . . . a remnant can begin a resurgence toward control over the long haul. THERE ARE NO SO CALLED CENTRIST DEMOCRATS IN CONGRESS. If it were so the ABOMONATION would be history by now.

      The Republicans are going to make a move during the amendment phase to force progressives hands, from Bam down by introducting ammendments that make them subject to their own legislation. This would ensure Obama & Company have to buy their insurance from the same government pool they are imposing on us. This will also publicly show their true colors. . . RED.

      We have the ball folks. Let's score a touchdown then do the in your face dance in the end zone.

    61. Joseph Gerant, (USN, says:

      Wake up America. Sharia is here. They make no bones about it.

    62. Mary E. Miller says:

      Our health insurance companies will be destroyed as of Jan. 1st. No one

      will be able to pay the increased premiums caused by govt. regulations.

      We would love to read more about this…….

    63. Howard R. Reed says:

      Yo Kevin Habib,

      Let's see the egg on your Muslim face after Election Day in November. You might have one in the White House, but we have the might of the true God Jehovah, not some insipid moon god Muhammad and this master 'the prince of the world' tried to hide by not giving your god a name. What kind of name is Al-god/lah-the. The god . . . you guys can do better than that. Hey Bro. In true Christian fellowhip which is what the right expressed by our soldiers of the faith are excuding . . . WE LOVE YAH and so does the God of Judaic-Christianity in spite of yourself.

      The Turban Torpedo

    64. Dennis Social Circle says:

      The Socialist Republic of America is alive and well in the hands of pelosi, reid and now the infamous obama. I read an article by al sharpton wwho states that the American people want a socialist style "guvrment" as they vote for a socialist in 2008. I have nevr heard or read a statement by shaarpton that I though was the truth or even close to it, but the above statement is right on. This country is going to a socialist government quik, fast, and in a hurry with obam, reid and pelosi. We the people are to blame, as we have sat on our collective butts and allowed these people to take complete controll. They now not only controll government, but our very lives. We gave it to them on a silver platter!!!!!

      We must stop the madness and we must do it this year. It does not matter who is elected to office, nor who is thrown out, they all must know that we the people are the ones they work for. This must be made plain to them and in terms they understand. The terms must be limited they do not need to stay for 40 years, two terms are enough. The Republicans must be told to get back to the basics, and the dems to get off the socialist, marxist agenda.

      I nevr though I would be sick and disgusted with thsi country, but I am, and to think I put it all on the line for we the people, by the people and for the people, what a joke.

    65. DENNIS - CLEVELAND, says:


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    67. John B. San Diego says:

      Kevin Habib, Glen Burnie, MD

      Explain your stake in Obamacare gentleman, so we may more fully understand it.

      Are you medical doctors or are you two from Maryland? Just curious.

      Steve, San Diego

      I agree if Federal Government can't run something as basic as Social Security,

      how in the blanking-blank do they propose to run something as complex as what majority party passed in congress and the president just signed?

      I don’t think those voting for the bill understood everything in it.

      My friend, I am ready for a one time buy-out on today’s cash value on the dollar offer from the treasury on my SSN account! Just cash me out I'm done!

      They are squandering our hard-earned wages.

      Call your State Attorneys General everyone and Heritage Foundation, please post-ups; some info so we can cut the inflammatory rhetoric and focus our attentions on process to November 2010. Let's cut to the chase this is ON!

    68. Nancy O'Hara, T says:

      Does anyone think this legislation, as it applies to college tuition, will do anything less than enslave every student who accepts the government's help to get his/her "rightful education"? Does anyone think doctors, teachers, engineers or any other graduates will be allowed to select their workplace or employer or have any choices as to remuneration? I haven't been that naive for about 70 years now…

    69. Ben Harrison, Hemet says:

      We will soon see how many Americans are concerned about what Congress and the President are doing to us (triple emphasis on to). ALL democrats need to be replaced in Congress regardless whether they voted for HC or not. Many Republicans need replacing also. Weed out, find out who are liberal/progressive in the ideology. This is up the to voters in November 2010. It will also show us the courage, or lack of, of the Supreme Court on the Constitutional standing of the "right" to medical care. The American way of life is now in the hands of voters. There are those who think we many have had the last "presidential" election. Don't laugh, but watch closely. 100 to 200 "new" voters soon to be added to the rolls. Can you habla espanol ese?

    70. Michael Bray, Panama says:

      I would like to point out that the process and the issues surrounding the Health Care Reform Bill are nothing less than "Economic Fascism". As Jerry Doyle explains in his book, this policy involves the means in which government controls Product, Price, Profits, and People. The "Leader" of this "Economic Fascist Movement" is none other than President Obama. This "movement" also is right in line with the same movement that arose in the 1920's in a country we, the United States, had to fight against in WWII; Italy and their Fascist leader Benito Mussolini. He maintained his beliefs in his core values of Socialism, and took control over businesses through massive government control over industries and forced private businesses out. Sound familiar? President Obama is doing the same thing now and boasting like Mussolini did, that he "bailed out big business and banks" to convince the American people he is "morally right" in doing so. This Health Care Reform Bill is just one more step in the direction of Socializing America. This is not what our Founding Fathers had in mind with our form of government.

    71. John Braunig says:

      What amazes me is how many Americans that are not outraged at this communist takeover. That any American would be willing to give up there birthright of freedom in exchange for goods and services promised by proven liars is the ultimate display of stupidity. Freedom does not have an exchange rate. Trading your freedom for services provided by the government, is like buying a stick of gum with a bar of gold. By the way, I just wanted to point out that 'something for nothing' is not a human right.

    72. Robert Close says:

      Any member of the United States Congress that has supported the House Bill 3590 or the Senate version of the same Bill, should be deemed a TRAITOR OF DEMOCRACY and should be expelled from their respective offices based upon the total dissregard of the will of their constituants. As a representative of WE THE PEOPLE, these elected officials were elected to do our bidding not Washingtons bidding.

      Their actions are a complete breach of contract with the American People and should be treated as a crimminal offence.

      The backlash of this brazen affront will become evident this fall. I personaly have never been a political activist, however with the actions taken by this Congress and this Administration I am vowing to do everything in my power to reverse this legislation and hold these crimminals accountable for their deception and total lack of responsibility.

    73. Scotty in Bristol VA says:

      Thanks to the Three Twisted Twits in Loontown who designed this disaster , ably assited by a collection of left edge true believers , abject cowards , plus members available for a bribe , the sun is setting on the shinning city on the hill .

      And , there is no place to go where we can find what we had . That means , that "we" will have to take back our government , and soon , or we as a free and independent people , are forever undone !

      Who among us could have contemplated , how rapidly , and so completely , we have fallen , due to well laid long term plans , masterfully executed by social enemies domestic .

    74. Judith in Michigan says:

      All doubt has now been removed.

      According to Al Sharpton, when asked by Geraldo Rivera, after the vote on Obamacare, if this bill veered into Socialism, Sharpton said,

      "The American public overwhelmingly voted for Socialism when they elected President Obama." Really??!?!!

      That would certainly be a great poll question. "

      "For those of you who voted for Obama, did you vote for Socialism for America? "

      "Do you even understand what Socialism is?

      According to Merriam Webster online, Socialism is:

      "Collective or governmental ownership and administration of the means of production and distribution of goods." (sound familiar?)

      "A system of society or group living in which there is no private property. A system or condition of society in which the means of production are owned and controlled by the state. " (sound familiar?)

      "A stage in society in Marxist theory transitional between capitalism and communism…" (coming to your town & city soon? )

      Wow!! It is hard to imagine that the majority of Americans want Socialism here. The majority of Congressmen & women? Maybe THEY do.

      Do you want The United States of America to become a Socialist country?

      Think about it.

    75. Heidi, Spring Hill T says:

      The entire purpose of this bill is to put private insurance companies out of business and set the stage for the single-payor-system. The govt determines what coverages are available (which means high cost, high coverage plans with no deductibles and low copays), and also controls any price increases from the insurance companies. When people are only shelling out $20 copay per visit, they don't think twice about using as much healthcare as they want. When the amount of claims go up since we are covering more people and the usage increases as well, the insurance companies will try to raise premiums due to increased claims spending, and the govt agency will say NO. Eventually claims will increase so much the insurance companies won't be able to stay in business, and VIOLA, in comes the government to solve the problem they purposefully created and single-payor-govt healthcare gets implemented.

      The Democrats think people are too stupid to think for themselves and make any decisions, they know better. It is time voters become educated on health insurance, immigration reform, foreign relations, etc. and also research the candidates they are voting for. It disgusts me to hear so many people say they wanted "change" and are surprised at how Obama is trying to shove Socialism down the American people's throats. It is exactly what he said he was going to do! Get rid of the crooks in November!

    76. Leith Wood Richmond, says:

      There is no excuse now for any American to remain in denial about what Obama and his Progressive thugs are foisting on this country. This is a war. We need to remain informed about what is really happening, stay strong and brave and fight to win.

    77. Sue From Detroit says:

      This Health Care Law worries me more than the attack on the World Trade Center. When the World Trade Center was attack I knew we would recover and American would be O.K. we had enemies before and we will in the future. We would regroup and protect ourselves. This Health Care is an attack from within. This Adminstration is dismantling this country. Innocent hard working people who love this country and pay taxes and want to leave a good future to their children are under attack. The progressives hate traditional ideas and their people. Progressives are never content and the government never gives them enough. The progressive would never give a dime or time of their own help out another individual. Their answer is let the forgotten man pay for it. That forgotten man, is the middle class tax payers' children and grandchildren. How evil !!!

    78. J.M. Evans, UT says:

      It bothers me that in the end, this administration's approach to sell this bill is that "something needs to be done", to which I agree. However, in their haste to prove that indeed Liberals can get "something" done they failed to do the "right thing".

      I do not need more government intrusion in my life, in my job, and certainly not in my health care. I have seen socialized medicine in practice.

      And to those who think this bill will improve health care for american citizens; you are living in a fools paradise. Try living abroad and become familiar with socialized medincine. You will witness the only people who can get even reasonable health care are those with enough personal wealth to afford private clinics outside of the socialized health care system.

      This president and this administration are hell bent on socializing america. We must not allow this to happen. Remember this day, this bill, and the deaf ear this administration gave to america. Start the cycle of conservative change this coming November and continue the rally into 2012. We Must Take America Back!

    79. ANOTHER MAN, NOME says:

      On this day, may we think of civics.

      Article V. of the United States Constitution is the Amendment Clause. It grants the power to propose amendments to both Congress and the several States; and the power to ratify amendments to the several States. When two thirds of the several States, or 34 States today, by application of their State Legislatures, call for a Convention to amend the United States Constitution, and if three fourths of the several States, or 38 States today, by application of their State Legislatures or State Conventions (with the Mode of Ratification as may be proposed by Congress, presumably if Congress was the entity to propose the amendment), ratify the proposed amendment(s), the amendment(s) SHALL BE VALID TO ALL INTENTS AND PURPOSES, AS PART OF THE CONSTITUTION.

      The Amendment Clause builds upon the fundamental Constitutional holding, found throughout the Constitution, that the States possess the ultimate Power of our Republican form of Government; that the States possess ultimate Control over the three Federal Branches.

      A Constitutional super-majority of States possess ultimate Power and Control over the Federal Branches; if 38 of our 50 States were to band together, ANYTHING legislated or asserted by the Federal Branches could be REPEALED or REVERSED, and ANYTHING desired by the 38 States could be ENACTED. There is nothing, NOTHING, LITERALLY NOTHING!!!!!, the Federal Branches can do about it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    80. Dale Cord says:

      You people just don't get it. This is a violation of your "CONSTITUTION" it's not about health care.It's about destroying your freedoms and the documents that have kept you and your families alive and out of concentration camps.Because you have not studied your history and Germany's history and world events which would have warned you of your impending fate,without your "Constitution","Bill of Rights","Declaration of Independence".You and your families will now suffer great atrocities as those in 3rd world countries have for hundreds of years, Deceived once again, like the sheep and cattle you are waiting in the fields for slaughter. "HOW PATHETIC".. Remember this all of you State Attorney Generals as if you already don't know LOL. Filing appeals on an unconstitutional Health Bill or any other charges against a corrupt government like this one, is like the Germans or Italians during the 2nd World War filing charges against Hitler and Musellni. When you have a stacked deck for the house in card games, you lose. What were the people thinking when they allowed each president to appoint a justice to the Supreme Court. We now have 9 Liberal minded people sitting in the highest court in our land making unconstitutional laws and undermining our individual freedoms.

    81. Normca says:

      William Ayers, Reverend Wright, Johnny Elasco [spelling] were all well known friends that we saw. The Chicago way of having Chicago newspapers disclose confidential divorce information of Obama's opponents [primary and general election] should have been known to the Naval hero – Rep Nominee. These friendships and actions should have told all of us who Obama is. These were names that the Republican nominee [who is fighting to keep his seat today] fired his staff member for uttering during the campaign. The guy who upheld late term abortions while in the state senate now does an Executive Order to prohibit abortions in his center piece legislation that he outsourced the writing of – like voting not present as he did in the US Senate more than not. We knew who he was and is. But some of us allowed the newspapers and the rest of the MSM to tell all that Bush was bad and anyone would be better. Now this health care fiasco has opened the spicket all the way will be followed by Immigration and Cap & Tax. We knew who he was, Bristol, VA. November 2010 – Impeachment ??

    82. Jean Cartwright Blai says:

      What a sad, sad day for America! What entitlement program run by the government has ever been successful in meeting budget? Every one I see is in the red. We the People have been lied to and cheated without any representation by those who supposedly work for us.

    83. J.P. Empire Alabama says:

      i find it disturbing that no one picked up on my previous post. that a quote from the federalist papers would not elicit a single response. everyone is caught up in their own importance. we are a people who sought liberty and layed down a constitution that secured our liberty. to not abide by this document is a sure path to servitude. al oths of office are to uphold and defend the constitution. there are few in power today that could be considered in persuit of individual liberty

    84. Al Wunsch, Fl says:

      Too bad the voters didn't take notice of Mr Obama before the elections. Neverthe less, he is our President and he is said to be schooled in constitutional law so he knows very well what he and the dem congress are doing. He is a progressive following his ideology and as he said, if successful is willing to be a one term president(hopefully he will be a one term president). Give Pelosi credit, she did one heck of a job bringing these 219 dems together. In the end, our best recourse is the 2010 and 2012 elections to vote out the dems and those republicans that do not represent conservative, traditional American values.

      We now have a bill that cost much more than that represented by the CBO estimate so look for a proposed significant tax increase after the Nov elections. We also have insurance companies, I think, that the bill relegates to a utility company providing coverage and collection premiums based on Government rules. Our health care decisions will no longer be an issue of health care but of polticial and economic concerns.

      Isn't it (as congressman King of IA said) ironic that the very people who objected to the government having a right to interfere in a woman's decision regarding her body, now will dictate our health care.

      I truly hope that the States will successfully sue the gov regarding the constitutionality of some aspects of the bill. I hope that everyone demands that their State refuse to take unfunded mandates from the federal government. I personally will not vote for any candidate who runs on the democrat ticket so long as the progressives are running that party – even if he/she is a true conservative. As we found out, there is no such thing as a pro life dem and we found out that 219 dems (as well as those in the senate) do not really care that much about the impact on their country so long as the party wins. In the meantime, let's hope the electorate start brushing up on what America stands for and what the constitution says. There is no hope in socialism.

    85. Billie says:

      p&p president and pelosi have their ground covered. Not once did they say anyone would have to buy it, unless a mandate actually says it? But even so, if the mandate is removed, the law of common sense says the people will be forced into, due to government's mandates, regulations, restrictions. on private insurance companies. Since prominent doctors will be forced to give up their profession, Doctors will be provided by government choice. Held with no accountability as is government. What's the sense of suing a government controlled doctor, it would be suing oneself. Law suits will tie up the court system and cost much. Can it be sued on probability it won't work? It's deceptive? It's incomprehensible? Fraud? Intentional corruption? Taking away the freedom to live in control of our individual selves? Who insisted there was a health care problem? No one but government influence and the president's plan is what has kept and is keeping people from choosing to get their own. Everything else is an obama illusion. Insurance doesn't keep you alive. It is a privilege and a freedom of choice. The members of government continue to step over the line. Stop ignorance in it's tracks. Demand details upon the government members empty answers. Which all continue to be.

    86. Billie says:

      Forget what I wrote, I just heard the mandate. I'm sure this intelligent leader and administration have it covered, they'd go as low as bribing the judge. Hopefully he respects and cares more about the inalienable freedom of mankind then he does stolen money.

    87. kevin r says:

      I would like to mention all the people that I here talk about united states citizens they are calling us americans we are not americans we are united states citizens in the health care bill that Barrok Obama just signed in too law calls us the U.S. Citizens americans. Americans represent North, Cental, and South America. the Whole Western Hemisphere. I'm getting tired of people including Glenn Beck calling us americans when we are really U.S. Citizens.

    88. Kenny, Alabama says:

      Ed…. certainly Jesus would favor aid to the less fortunate…. Thats why most churchs have benevolence committees. My business, my church, and I personally give to those in need. This administration is an absolute affront to Americans, Christians and the founding fathers. The constitution is being de-valued at every turn. The will of the people is being cast aside. This is blatant marxism and socialism. Few if any Americans have read the bill (I doubt seriously that many in congress have read it). If YOU haven't read it take the time to study this thing before commenting on it. If you have read it and still think its good for the American people then God help you.

    89. Rick says:

      How can Student Loans be "rolled into" a reconciliation bill?

      Is Reconciliation so "flexible" that the Democrats should have also "rolled in" Cap-and-Trade and immigration reform?

      This end-run to get other reforms implemented along with Health Care Reform should be opposed and brought outside the Senate for adjudication.

    90. Jim Freeman says:

      The majority of Americans that will be paying for these entitlements have no voice. For the past year most of us have avoided stating that the Obama agenda is a clear and deliberate move toward socialism, but more and more people are using that term these days. I feel that there is a methodical process in motion to destroy capitalism in this country. Unfortunately, Congress and the Obama administration are on a power binge that is only gaining momentum with new proposed legislation regarding Immigration, Housing, and Cap and Trade.

      My question, how can there be a recovery of our economy when every piece of legislation introduced by the Congress only sabotages the ability of small and large businesses to put people back to work and invest in there business?

      Jim Freeman

    91. Drew Page, IL says:

      To Kevin Habeeb and Ken Jarvis — I strongly encourage you, and those who feel the same, to keep gloating and taunting. I love it. You will keep the fires of resentment burning bright among the rest of us and we will re-double our efforts to get rid of every liberal who dares run for office. Thanks again, guys.

    92. John B. San Diego says:

      To Jim Freeman,

      How ironic your last name, and then you pose a question such as you have.

      No coincidence that Obama is spending more U.S. dollars than all Presidents combined from George Washington to George W. Bush.

      An opinion, that for Obama to succeed with his agenda he must take our country to the ground and rebuild it in the Barrack Obama image and forget the George Washington image.

      Not to taunt you sir but just how free is Obama making you feel?

      Everything that would create the atmosphere for investment, prosperity, solid career opportunity has been ignored or arguably stifled.

      Instead, shovel ready nice catch words nothing more than part-time and temporary government subsidized jobs at best

      Nationalization of everything they can wrap their dirty little fingers around.

      Expansion of government we don't need in any circumstance and couldn't even afford in the best of times.

      Of course Rahm Emanual, one of the president’s confidants, has stated Let No Emergency Go Unexploited, so go figure this is a National Emergency we shouldn't be shock or surprised. They are doing exactly what they said.

      The big question is why do we feel so helpless and how do we fight for our country and preserve our rights under our constitution.

      Answer, we need a leader to rally around and focus our emotions of outrage, betrayal, and of grave concern towards a goal of well thought out steps to regain our precious United States of America, good day Sir.

    93. Charles, Houston says:

      Obama and his administration plus many elected congressional members are the most dangerous threat the United States Of America has ever faced. Forget the monetary cost factor of the health care, cap&tax, and other bills —- the cost is OUR FREEDOM!!!! OUR

    94. Charles, Houston says:


    95. Arabella/NYC says:

      Medicare Drug Cost Estimates: What Congress Knows Now

      Published on April 28, 2005 by Derek Hunter

      [W]e as a Congress have an obligation to try to fix [those entitlement programs] today so that they don't end up bank­rupting our children and our children's children tomorrow.

      -Senator Judd Gregg (R-NH)[1]

      There is no way we are going to deliver all the Medicare promises that have been made. No way.

      -David M. Walker, U.S. Comptroller General[2]

      Since the Administration's release of its latest 10-year cost estimates for the Medicare drug bill, many Members of Congress say they are in a state of sticker shock, and taxpayers are confused and suspicious. More recent estimates of the bill's cost are far higher than the 2003 estimates on which Congress relied when voting on the bill.

      When Congress enacted the Medicare Moderniza­tion Act (MMA) in November 2003, it relied on cost estimates by the Congressional Budget Office (CBO). The CBO estimated the 10-year cost of the drug pro­visions at $394 billion for the period 2004 to 2013.

      The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), the agency that runs the Medicare program, gen­erated its own estimate in 2003 and has continued to do so every year since the bill's enactment. Though not made public until 2004, the CMS's 2003 estimate was $534 billion for the period 2004 to 2013. In CMS's February 2005 estimate, the 10-year price tag of the drug provision is $724 billion for the period 2006 to 2015.

      Competing Estimates

      The difference between the two CMS estimates is easily explained. Members of Congress should not be surprised. White House press secretary Scott McClellan correctly observes that comparing the two 10-year totals is akin to "comparing apples to oranges."[3]

      Specifically, the previous estimates were for the time period 2004 to 2013. Since the full-blown drug entitlement does not begin until 2006, the 2004 to 2013 estimate includes two years of the sig­nificantly less expensive Medicare Drug Discount Card (MDDC), which offers targeted, substantial help to needy seniors.[4] Only eight years involve the new prescription drug program's higher costs. The newer estimates, for the period 2006 to 2015, include 10 years of the new entitlement-hence the major difference between the two estimates.

      New Taxpayer Costs

      The true significance of the latest CMS estimate is that this number is the taxpayers' first glimpse of the drug entitlement's enormous cost, which will soon grow dramatically as the baby-boom genera­tion retires. These drug costs will aggravate the already enormous unfunded liabilities of the entire Medicare program. For example:


      Taxpayers will face an estimated $29.7 tril­lion in unfunded Medicare liabilities. Accord­ing to the latest Medicare Trustees Report, the estimated total of unfunded Medicare benefits increased by $2 trillion in just one year.


      Taxpayers will pay trillions of dollars to cover the Medicare drug costs. The latest Medicare trustees' estimate of unfunded drug entitlement liabilities alone is $8.7 trillion over a 75-year period.


      Taxpayers will pay an increasing share of their income taxes just to keep Medicare afloat. Under current law and assumptions, Dr. Thomas Saving, a former Medicare public trustee (his term expired after the 2005 Trust­ees Report was issued), estimates that the pro­gram will consume 25 percent of all federal income taxes by 2020 and 50 percent of all federal income taxes by 2040.

      Thus, the financial burdens of the expanded Medicare entitlement pose a challenge for, and impose an enormous burden on, both current and future taxpayers. Even though the latest revelations of the Medicare drug bill's 10-year cost should not surprise Members of Congress, their anxiety is well founded. The most recent CMS estimates reflect a reality that is very different from what many thought to be the case in November 2003, as con­gressional leadership rushed the Medicare bill through passage in both houses of Congress, based solely on the CBO estimates.

      A Responsible Policy

      Once an entitlement is in place, it is nearly impossible to repeal or limit it.[5] The most sensible option for Congress is to repeal the drug entitle­ment provisions of Title 1 of the Medicare Modern­ization Act of 2003 before they take effect. Meanwhile, Congress could target direct and gen­erous assistance to seniors who are without drug coverage, particularly poor seniors.

      Short of repeal, the next best option is delay. Delaying the starting date from January 1, 2006, to January 1, 2007, would save nearly $40 billion in 2006 alone.[6] Accordingly, Representative Jeff Flake (R-AZ) has introduced the Prescription Drug COST (Control Overspending to Save Taxpayers) Containment Act of 2005 (H.R. 1382) to delay the start of the drug entitlement while extending the life of the Medicare drug discount cards, which are intended for seniors who actually need help with the cost of their prescription drugs.

      Moreover, some of the nearly $40 billion in sav­ings from the proposed one-year delay could be rolled over into the MDDC program, thereby expanding the subsidy to low-income seniors and allowing more seniors to qualify for that subsidy. This would increase aid to seniors who are in actual need while temporarily relieving taxpayers of much of the new entitlement's crushing cost.

      Behind the Different Medicare Estimates

      As noted, Congress voted for the MMA based on the CBO cost estimate, the only estimate available to Members at the time. The CBO priced Title I (the prescription drug benefit) at $409.8 billion over 10 years. After savings in other areas, the estimated total cost of the law was $394 billion.[7] In March 2004, Congress and the public learned that the CMS had done its own cost projections on the MMA and had estimated the 10-year price tag at $534 billion.[8] The CMS and the CBO used differ­ent assumptions as to which and how many seniors would sign up for the program. These account for most of the difference,[9] but the real story goes deeper.

      Whether made by the CBO, the CMS, the Office of Management and Budget, or independent health policy analysts, health care program cost projec­tions are a profoundly difficult exercise. Slight changes in assumptions can dramatically affect these estimates, just as unforeseen external factors can cause actual costs to vary greatly.

      Tables 1, 2, and 3 compare the three sets of pro­jections for the prescription drug benefit's first eight years. (The CBO estimate includes 2004 and 2005, two years prior to the drug entitlement's 2006 start, but the CMS estimate does not. Similarly, the CMS estimates include 2014 and 2015, but the CBO's does not. Therefore, these 10-year estimates provide only eight years' overlap for comparison.)




      In summary, the original CMS estimate for the period 2006 to 2013 is 23.7 percent higher than the CBO estimate for the same period. The more recent CMS numbers are even higher: 26.3 percent higher than the CBO estimate.

      Recalling Medicare Catastrophic. Congressional experience with the Medicare Catastrophic Coverage Act of 1988 directly relates to the current Medicare debate. That bill passed by huge majorities in the House and Senate, and enjoyed the Reagan Admin­istration's support. It also included a prescription drug benefit.

      However, there is a major ironic difference between that Medicare drug benefit and today's drug entitlement, which was cobbled together by a Repub­lican congressional majority. The 1988 bill was self-financing; those who would receive the drug benefits would pay for them. The 2003 bill is not self-financ­ing; it is an open-ended entitlement, largely financed by the taxpayers out of general revenues.

      Although the 1988 Medicare drug provi­sion was designed to be self-financing, its costs ballooned out of control, and the Medi­care Catastrophic Coverage Act of 1988 was repealed after a little over a year. Contribut­ing factors included growing senior opposi­tion and exploding cost estimates, but the exploding cost estimates are positively minuscule compared to the enormous obliga­tions that the Medicare Modernization Act of 2003 imposes. As Robert E. Moffit, Director of the Center for Health Policy Studies at The Heritage Foundation and a Reagan appointee at the Department of Health and Human Ser­vices in 1988, recalls:

      The Congressional Budget Office's (CBO) estimate of the annual cost of the 1988 drug benefit jumped from $5.7 billion when the bill was passed to $11.8 billion just twelve months later. The CBO raised the cost of a new skilled nursing benefit from $2.1 billion to $13.5 billion, or by 642 percent, in just 14 months.[10]

      While the recent CMS increase in the esti­mated cost of the MMA is striking across the board, the most disturbing numbers are for the first years. Estimates are more likely to be accurate in the early years than in later years. For example, in its 2003 estimates for 2006, the first year of the entitlement, the CMS exceeded CBO estimates by 36.2 percent, or $9.3 billion. For 2007, the second year of the entitlement, CMS estimates are 30.8 percent, or $12 billion, higher. (See Table 4.)


      First-Year Drug Costs. Now that the CMS has released new cost estimates, the discrep­ancy relative to the 2003 CBO estimate is even greater. For just 2006, the program is estimated to cost $37.4 billion-$11.7 bil­lion more than the CBO estimate that Mem­bers of Congress had available when they voted for the MMA. (See Table 4.)

      The CMS has increased its own esti­mates for the first year of the drug enti­tlement. Originally, the CMS put the price tag for 2006 at $35 billion; now it puts it at $37.4 billion. This is a 6.9 percent increase for the same time period, from the same agency, for the same program, in 14 months.

      The Price Taxpayers Will Pay for Congressional Inaction

      Just as the cost of the prescription drug entitlement (Part D) will con­tinue to grow, so will the cost of the rest of Medicare, including both Part A (hospital insurance) and Part B (sup­plemental medical insurance). This will only increase Medicare's massive unfunded liability.[11] The 2004 annual report of the Social Security and Medi­care trustees estimated the unfunded liability for Medicare over the next 75 years to be $27.7 trillion, $8.1 trillion of which is directly attributable to the prescription drug entitlement.[12] The passage of the MMA in 2003 is there­fore responsible for nearly 30 percent of Medicare's overall unfunded liability.

      Bigger Liabilities. The 2005 Trustees Report has increased that number to $29.7 trillion, with $8.7 trillion directly attributed to drug entitle­ment.[13] This is an increase of $2 trillion in just one year, including an additional $600 billion, or 7.5 percent, for the drug entitlement alone (Part D).



      For perspective, according to Forbes, the com­bined wealth of the 400 richest Americans reached $1 trillion for the first time in 2004.[14] The further one pushes the 75-year window into the future, the larger grows the burden of unfunded Medicare lia­bilities on future generations of taxpayers.

      Medicare's Increasing Share of Federal Income Taxes. As the cost of Medicare Parts A, B, and D continues to increase over the next 75 years, the share of federal income tax revenues required to pay bills not funded by the traditional sources of Medicare funding (premiums, payroll taxes, etc.) will grow exponentially. Dr. Thomas R. Saving, one of the pro­gram's two public trustees, estimates that Medicare will consume 25 percent of all federal income taxes by 2020 if nothing is done to reform it.[15] By 2040, fully 50 percent of every dollar collected through the federal income tax system will have to be spent on Medicare just to pay the bills in excess of funds received from traditional sources. (See Chart 3.)


      The trade-offs are painful. Assuming no change, either America's taxpayers face massive tax increases, or seniors would face giant premium hikes or benefit cuts, or Congress must enact major cuts in non-Medicare govern­ment spending. However, the better course of action would be to reform the Medicare system as soon as possi­ble by changing the structure of the program and repealing or delaying the universal drug entitlement before it goes into effect on January 1, 2006.


      The Administration's latest $724 billion 10-year Medicare drug cost estimate should not surprise Members of Congress. It is a cost projection for a massively expensive, open-ended entitlement, the costs of which will grow every year. In a sense, it almost does not matter whether one uses CBO or CMS numbers: Either way, costs will soar; only the rates differ. In fact, historically, every proposed Medicare drug benefit has included a larger price tag than the one preceding it.[16]

      The real significance of Medicare sticker shock is that it marks America's first glimpse into the soar­ing future costs of the drug entitlement. Congress can act now to revisit the Medicare law by targeting drug subsidies to low-income seniors who are without coverage and therefore lessening the deep­ening fiscal crisis in Medicare. This can be done this year, either by postponing the drug entitlement before it goes into effect on January 1, 2006, or by repealing it.

      Representative Flake's proposed Prescription Drug COST Containment Act of 2005 would sim­ply push back the entitlement's starting date by one year and extend the life of the Medicare Drug Dis­count Card to cover that year. This would be a good start, saving taxpayers nearly $40 billion in 2006 alone and ensuring that seniors in need would con­tinue to have help with the cost of prescription drugs.

      In any case, Members of Con­gress cannot now pretend they do not know the true dimensions of the nation's looming financial prob­lems-even if they insist that they did not know of them in Novem­ber 2003, when they enacted the largest entitlement expansion since Lyndon Johnson's Great Society.

      Derek Hunter is a Research Assistant in the Center for Health Policy Studies at The Heritage Foundation.

      [1]Bill Swindell, "Senate Committee Members Say It's Time to Control Medicare's Surging Costs," CQ Today, February 8, 2005.


      [3]Robert Pear, "Estimate Revives Fight on Medicare Costs," The New York Times, February 10, 2005, p. A20.

      [4]For more information on the Medicare Drug Discount Card, see Derek Hunter, "The Truth About the Medicare Drug Dis­count Card," Heritage Foundation Backgrounder No. 1766, May 28, 2004, at http://www.heritage.org/Research/HealthCare/ bg1766.cfm, and Derek Hunter, "The Medicare Drug Discount Cards: One Month In," Heritage Foundation WebMemo No. 538, July 15, 2004, at http://www.heritage.org/Research/HealthCare/wm538.cfm.

      [5]The one major exception is the Medicare Catastrophic Coverage Act of 1988.

      [6]Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, "Comparison of CMS's Original Title I MMA Cost Estimates to Those Under­lying the President's FY 2006 Budget," attached to unpublished e-mail from Julie Goon, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, February 9, 2005.

      [7]Douglas Holtz-Eakin, Director, Congressional Budget Office, letter and attached chart to Representative Bill Thomas (R-CA), Chairman, Committee on Ways and Means, U.S. House of Representatives, November 20, 2003, at http://www.cbo.gov/showdoc. cfm?index=4808&sequence=0 (April 21, 2005).

      [8]Amy Goldstein, "Official Says He Was Told to Withhold Medicare Data," The Washington Post, March 13, 2004, p. A1.

      [9]See Derek Hunter, "How the Drug Entitlement Drives Different Medicare Cost Estimates," Heritage Foundation WebMemo No. 464, April 1, 2004, at http://www.heritage.org/Research/HealthCare/wm464.cfm#_f....

      [10]Robert E. Moffit, "The Last Time Congress Reformed Health Care: A Lawmaker's Guide to the Medicare Catastrophic Deba­cle," Heritage Foundation Backgrounder No. 996, August 4, 1994, at http://www.heritage.org/Research/HealthCare/bg996.cfm.

      [11]The unfunded liability is the amount that the program will cost over and above what current revenues will provide to the program.

      [12]Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, 2004 Annual Report of the Board of Trustees of the Federal Hospital Insurance and Federal Supplementary Medical Insurance Trust Funds, March 23, 2004, pp. 60, 99, and 108, Table II.B11, Table II.C16, and Table II.C22, at http://www.cms.hhs.gov/publications/trusteesreport/tr200... (April 21, 2005).

      [13]Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, 2005 Annual Report of the Board of Trustees of the Federal Hospital Insurance and Federal Supplementary Medical Insurance Trust Funds, March 23, 2005, pp. 92, 101, and 112, Table III.C10, Table III.C15, and Table III.C21, at http://www.cms.hhs.gov/publications/trusteesreport/tr200... (April 21, 2005).

      [14]David Armstrong and Peter Newcomb, eds., "The Forbes 400," Forbes, October 11, 2004, at http://www.forbes.com/free_forbes/ 2004/1011/103.html&r104 (April 21, 2005).

      [15]Thomas R. Saving, "Perspectives on the 2005 Social Security and Medicare Trustees Reports," slides for presentation at con­gressional briefing, "Analyzing the 2005 Social Security and Medicare Trustees Report," National Center for Policy Analysis, Washington, D.C., March 23, 2005, at http://www.ncpa.org/evn/washington/2005-perspectives.pdf (April 21, 2005).

      [16]See Derek Hunter, "The Sky's the Limit: Medicare's Upwardly Mobile Drug Cost Projections," Heritage Foundation WebMemo No. 326, August 12, 2003, at http://www.heritage.org/Research/HealthCare/wm326.cfm.

    96. Ron Derry NH says:

      I am saddened at the incomplete knowledge of my fellow Americans that trust the government take over of our once beloved country by social engineers who have little to show for their progressive destruction of worth culminating now with the giving to the international banking magnets our life's worth, releasing of the restraints of Glass/steagal and the resulting economic destruction be choreographed ploy to introduce the destructive principles of Marxism upon us.

      This is not about health care never was and never will be it is about Centralizing control upon the American system and communizing the country. We have lost our influence on congress and I can only hope the international monetary fund can be shaken from our throats in time to save our children's futures because right now MONEY is totally corrupting decision making and debt is being invented to secure servitude to it.

      The future is looking much dimmer with these abscounders of liberty and American workers worth. The 70+ year systematic destruction of worth is nearly complete and dependent now on what the President decides and so far it has been against american principles, and the bill of rights worse the GWB. This Bill is in fact the economic subjugation of America with a name only of health care reform.

    97. denver- oklahoma says:

      One should reap what they sow. I sincerely hope that when the new congress convenes, next January, right after Obamacare is repealed the retirement and benefits of everyone involved with that criminal enterprise should be cancelled .They had no mercy in mlnd for us they deserve the same.Let'em live off all the graft and theft the've accumulated in office..until they're caught up with.

    98. John Manfredi, Illin says:

      This bill is unconstitutional. This process should never have even been started in the first place and members of congress and the senate know this. No one and I mean NO ONE should be forced to buy something they don't want, and then if they don't buy it have their paychecks garnished or their taxes at the end of the year taken away from them. I also find it very ironic how a health care bill has things in it that don't even pertain to health care. I for one call on the immediate impeachment of President Obama and the immediate resignation of all members of congress who voted for this unconstitutional bill. With that said when all members of congress and the senate took office to include President Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid. They all raised their right hand and took an oath to protect and uphold the constitution of the United States. Every one of them lied and did not protect and uphold it, they all went against it! to me that is a huge lie and they deserve to be impeached and voted out of office to include their immediate resignation. And if they don't want to resign because they lied when they took office and lied to the faces of the American People. Then I say every member of Congress who including the President, Pelosi, and Reid who voted for this monstrosity of an unconstitutional bill has to pay out of their own pockets! Let them pay for the bill and pay for the deficit they are putting the American People in and leaving a debt for the future generation. In November and any months to come vote out those members who voted for this bill and vote new people in. Let the new members come in with term limits to stop the absolute power and rise of our Government! This has to stop before all our rights are taken away. All of them lied when they took office and they have been lying ever since. Let's vote them out and send a message to Washington that we do care, and we do hold them accountable for not listening to the MAJORITY of the people when we say NO! It's not what they want; it's what WE THE PEOPLE want. That's how our founders wrote it, and that's what they swore to uphold and protect! Guess what they are not! Vote them all out, and let’s start new before it gets real bad!

    99. J. White//Quinton, N says:

      WE must remove them ALL from office by whatever means…let us conduct ourselves in the same manner by which they have started forging the chains of European style serfdom- far far worse than slavery ever was in the USA- for those who work for a living and pay for themselves and their needs.

      None of owe each other the results of our own efforts…the world does not owe these parasites on our economy a living unless, of course, THEY are willing to get up off of their lazy behinds, finish high school, and go out and earn that living…then let's talk. when THEY are on an equal footing by dint of we can discuss the realities of the healthcare system in the USA. This IS what America is in a nutshell…."opportunity to win or lose- by one's own effrots."

      I have never seen such a wholesale disregard for OUR Constitution and its purpose. These people are vermin, pure and simple. Little disgusts me more than some of the above comments that say that the healthcare bill did not go far enough? Please, why should I pay for you? I am still having Medicare taken from my meager paychecks. For the first time, I actually used Medicare for an operation- done before some half-wit government twerp "decides on whether or not I live or die.

      NOWHERE in the Constitution does it state that healthcare is a "right", but, it, in essence, does say that we are a free people. No where does it say that I who work have to feed anyone except for MY family and others as a voluntary act of charity

      Let us pray, yes, "pray" that God helps those of us who are in touch with reality and have morals and the courage to stand up to those who do not believe in Him- let us name them- "liberals' aka marxists aka communists aka fools. atheistic in their view of our people and themselves.

      VOTE VOTE VOTE them out of office and do not ever be fooled again by the verbal fertilizer of people like the imitation President that some fools put into office. They do not "play nice" and neither hshould we. Doing so, does NOT earn their respect but their arrogant disdain for being naive; and, we lose..

    100. John Burdick, Glendo says:

      We are all frustrated. I have only two requests. First, please do not buy into the term "Progressive". They are Liberals/Socialists/and yes, Nazis………Hitler's party were socialists. Secondly, If the president, congress, thier staff and union members are exempt from the healthcare travesty, then we should also. This is clearly an unfair application of the law and should be challenged. We will take our country back.

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    102. Robert Williams Warn says:

      I do not understand why no one debates the overall reason for our country falling into decline in the first place. If we look at history and not at the democrat excuses why they believe our economy tanked, we see that with each major depression we have suffered through, it has been because the people anticipate what the left is going to ultimately put us through. Oh I understand that there are some legitimate reasons for financial decline but, for the most part, it is mostly things like Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac running amok without any true oversight. Even though republicans tried. Just one example of many. Why does'nt the right wing media try to make people understand that this is consistently what happens everytime the democrats take office? I know the left is trying to erase history in the mind of the public at large but still we should be hammering home each and everyday even during the good times that this is what happens when the left starts to get a grip on political control. Just wondering.

    103. Pingback: It’s No Competition: We Need Private Health Care Competition : Smart Girl Nation

    104. MyDogOreo, Chappaqua says:

      This is what Americans voted for. I feel no sympathy for those who say they did not know that Obama was going to be so extreme (see above opinion poll). What they are really saying is, they did not know his plans would come out of THEIR wallets.

    105. Pingback: Jan to July 2010 Browseworthy Stories Archives « Clear Thinking

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