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  • Video of the Week: Sharpton Says American People Voted for Socialism When They Elected President Obama

    After the health care vote last night, Reverend Al Sharpton told Fox News:  “I think that this began the transforming of the country where the President had promised. This is what he ran on.” When the interviewer interjected that many view the vote as a step towards socialism, Sharpton didn’t skip a beat, responding:

    the American public overwhelmingly voted for socialism when they elected President Obama.

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    27 Responses to Video of the Week: Sharpton Says American People Voted for Socialism When They Elected President Obama

    1. Barb Fears ATL, GA says:

      If they can turn the water on, they can turn the water off

      (Vote buying in CA last week for health vote)

      This should be our theme, call to action, socialism sucks

    2. Ozzy6900, CT says:

      For once in his life, this time, Al Sharpton is absolutley right!

    3. Dean, San Diego, CA says:

      I guess this proves the point that when you succeed in getting what you want, you can reveal yourself for who you really are.

    4. Sandra, California says:

      Thank you, Reverend Sharpton, but your admission is too little and comes too late.

    5. Richard,Oregon says:

      This is my first time to this site and I am running out of ideas as to what to do. Maybe this will give me some more resources to use when facing the socialist agenda. In God I trust. Our current government officials I do not.

      Here is a question….Why do so few have the ability to see down the road and so many only see the road?

    6. stirling, Pennsylvan says:

      People like Mr. Sharpton will forever have his progressive agenda, which is not for bettering the dialog, but to continually stir up the past in-equalities from our countries history. He's no better then Obama when it comes to solutions to help our country succeed. It's clear that most who voted for Obama thought he was a "moderate" and not a progressive mostly due to the way the media portrayed him durring the election.

    7. Norine H says:

      Only the clueless didn’t understand that before the election. Unfortunately, the majority of Americans were clueless. Thank God they are now awakening.

    8. Carla, Ohio says:

      In the first place Obama didnt win by popular vote as it should have been.The democrat voters after the counting of votes came in that Hillary won the election. Mr. Obama was appointed by the Democrat Politicians and that goes against our Constitution. I’m not saying Hillary would have done a better job but when American politicians that work for US, change how things are run and ignore popular vote and then went within the political field to APPOINT Mr. Obama, that is the day I gave up hope on Democrats. If the Political leaders would follow that important work called The United States Constitution, we would all be in allot better shape. It sure couldnt hurt! We are being scammed daily and before you know it they will be herding us in like cattle. Now is the time to do things about what you feel is wrong and write the President, Vice, Congress, Senate and the Supreme Court. I have and have gotten several of my points across. They work for us and WE THE PEOPLE ARE THEIR BOSS!

    9. JHop, Ohio says:

      Way to take a quote out of context, he is actually trying to argue against the assertion made by the host. Don't get me wrong, I don't like the Sharpton or Obama agenda, I do think that the Obama policies are socialist minded. I am sure that you could take part of a sentence of just about any speech and make a catch headline, but does it really further your cause?

    10. Kathy Newton says:

      The problem with the last election for President is that 50% of our citizens did not get out and vote!! Vote in November and let's remove these clowns from public office, as they have done a disservice to the Citizens of the United States and themselves. The disservice to themselves will come election time.

    11. Billie says:

      True Americans that voted for obama were not voting for socialism. They were voting for a man that was truly happy to exploit his skin color and have the position in hand. We all know Mr. Sharpton, the voters were swoon to this man's appearances.

      They believed this man could motivate personal responsibilities and dignities to those that have been a burden to society. But instead, THIS MAN IS THE BURDEN TAKING AWAY THE FREE SOCIETY! Paying, with other peoples money, the way for all burdens. The people of America were fooled by ignorance.

      Mr. Sharpton, I myself would be swooned by you as I've always thought you ARE the cutest in the world. Seriously! Just a compliment…

    12. Michael, IN says:

      I wonder how this will affect nursing care – has anyone read what the new patient/provider ratios are going to be?

    13. Billie says:

      people were convinced he would motivate and exemplify freedom.

    14. John, Hollidaysburg, says:

      What's truly interesting is the way you edited the soundbite, and then managed to de-contextualize what little bit of the full answer you left in place.

    15. Josef Krystof, Brook says:

      This is pretty pathetic, you misleading truncators. I thought the Heritage foundation had more intellectual honesty.

      What Sharpton said was, "Well, first of all, then you'd have to say that the American public overwhelmingly voted for socialism when they elected President Obama. Let's not act as though the president didn't tell the American people — the President promised the American people health reform when he ran, he was overwhelmingly elected running on that, and he has delivered what he promised. I don't understand Republicans saying this is against the will of the American people; they voted for President Obama, who said this was going to be one of the first things he would do."

      In logic, we call this a conditional statement. Sharpton said in essence that IF the health care reform bill is "socialism", THEN the American people voted for "socialism" because Obama specifically stated that he would enact this type of health-care reform.

      Disclosure: I am a believer in democratic market socialism a la Scandinavia; I can say with full confidence that no socialist would ever call this pathetic bill, which is basically a gift to the insurance industry, socialism. People who do are merely revealing that they have no idea what socialism is.

      Now since both I, economists with functional brains, and the Heritage foundation all know that this bill is not actually socialism we could conclude that Sharpton is not in fact revealing the president's secret socialist agenda. Except that the Heritage Foundation finds it more politically expedient to pretend it doesn't know what socialism is in order to stir up the fears of the ignorant, like Carla from Ohio and Richard from Oregon, who are deathly scared of "teh socializmz" even though they wouldn't be able to figure out what is socialist about this bill if they had complete copies of the works or Marx, Lenin and Mao.

      What really galls me is the total lack of recognition that the capitalist/socialist tension exists along a spectrum. No society is purely capitalist. No society has been purely socialist. So why would educated people like those at H.F. sink to such misleading rhetoric?

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    17. Jolie, US says:

      Josef Krystof….If you read the article clearly, you would see that the interviewer did not say this bill was socialism, but rather "a step toward socialism." No one would argue that this is 100% socialism, but we are really dang close to it now. And your "If..then" statement is ignoring the fact of what he said. He was ADMITTING that Obama is a socialist. PERIOD. Now, I am sure that he will try to back peddle on his statement, but he cannot erase his words. He was more honest than he intended to be and don't believe for a second that the people voted Obama in to give this EXACT bill. We wanted health care reform, not this pathetic excuse to pad more politician's pockets. Also, tell me, exactly what was contained in those 2000+ pages? Did you know that student loans are now a part of health care? According to this bill, private companies now "bid" for competitive positions with the government. How pathetic! Now, even our education system sits in their hands with more money in their pockets. Don't tell me this is not leading to a socialistic economy. We will not be free very long at this rate.

    18. Michael, South Carol says:

      You've watered down your own credibility by obviously removing this quote from the context in which it was spoken. Do better!

    19. Matt, Fresno says:

      Couldn't you post the video in context? I have time to listen, and I would rather not go off of such a tightly snipped video.

    20. Rick B Dayton Ohio says:

      Mr. Sharpton didn't deny that this is a move towards socialism. This is what the uninformed, hand-out voters voted for. Sort of confirms what we suspected as their agenda! Amnesty and gun control are right around the corner.

    21. Carla, Ohio says:

      Since Josef Krystof from Brooklyn decided to go against the policy right below the very box of which says "it will not tolerate personal attacks” he decided to include me into his conversation by calling me ignorant. He's shown his true wisdom to all! Now let me stress my actual point!

      My point is I don't care what Mr. Sharpton has to say, he’s one in a million that thinks they know it all as Josef Krystof from Brooklyn does.

      First I am tired of all hearing Obama was elected. He was appointed! The Super Delegates regardless should NEVER have the ability to override the vote of the American people. IF the politicians would actually do right by the people maybe more would vote, but when our vote doesn't count the voters start to think what matters.

      I don't care what Obama promised he would do! He also promised allot of other things as well and he’s went against his word by doing just the opposite!

      With all the bad news from around the world, we hear nothing of the people living in the tents and hungry here in our own country! There are ways to come out of these problems we have and they aren't difficult, they just need time devoted to every failed situation we have had here!

      If as much time had been spend on other issues such as the current health care reform, Americans would be in a better position than they are today. Face it our health care issues needed fixed but they did not need an entire overhaul! I doubt many inside or outside the White House have read all 36 hours worth of them! They have been way to busy dealing with other issues!!!!

      Both parties all say one thing and do another. It seems that both parties have went as far to the right or as far to the left as they can go and that leaves NO room for the voters that wish to try and be fair to all! We are going to have to do our homework way ahead of time on these elected officials to make certain they are the type to do what they say and we can trust them! Not sure who that will be! We Must Never forget that the politicians are our Employees and they can be fired every four years, if not sooner. All politicians need to remember that WE THE PEOPLE DO MATTER! I would say they will find that out election time!

      America is still full of illegal immigrants that are sucking off our tax dollars through Government help with borrowed money! Producing jobs would have been a great start but instead we are watching illegal workers on work visas. Does that sound like they are doing the people here right? There are American Citizens that would love to have an income yet they are given to the people that don’t even belong here under law!

      Now when you read all of what I have said you’ll see it’s seen as a socialist situation. Sounds like it to me otherwise the American People would matter more than they have, NONE!

      VOTE AND HOPE – is all I can say! I have a feeling things will get allot worse before they get any better!

    22. april ohio says:

      That quote was totally out of context. I am so tired of these bitter people, when will this propaganda end?

    23. Jean, Reading, PA says:

      Heard on a local radio program that included in the health care bill is amnesty for 15 to 20 million illegals in this country. They will register as democrats and help to keep elected democrats in place. Any thoughts?

    24. Jade says:

      Mr. Sharpton,

      Why is it you're silent about all the black violence? You blame the WHITES? This is getting old! Gang rape of a 7 yr. old!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Murders of black by gang members, basketball players. nothing from you, only if whites are invovled, RACIST SIR that is what you are!

      You should be screaming from the roof tops, but not a word. A little Black child one of your own gang raped by men, and not a word from you. Makes you a RACIST!

      If it doesn't suit your purpose and it isn't a white thing then you are OK with that right?

      These people in this building are afraid to speak because of the black gangs, but you are OK with that right?

      The white thing SIR shows really what you are a RACIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    25. linda benson colorad says:

      I am watching Al Sharpton on fox news right now and very upset about it. I was in a very serious car accident a few weeks ago causing me to have to call my son from the ambulance to tell him to meet me at the hospital, over 3500.00 worth of damage to my car and why: I was hit by an illegal immigrant in our state with no license no insurance and was not even her car. She was on her way to work either in a hurry late on the phone or something where she was not paying attention. I was hit so hard by her on an incline that she hit me into the car in front of me. If we were to inforce some kind of strong stiff laws that if you want to be here do it legally or stay in your own country I would not be in the mess that I am in now. She merely received a ticket and she was at work the next day. Something has to be done about the epidemic we have in our county in this matter. Giving them amnesty will not solve the problems that are continuing to plague our country

    26. penny, AZ says:

      Al sharpton is wrong, and so is Obama.

    27. RBB says:

      Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy, its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery.." — Winston Churchill These are possibly the 5 best sentences you'll ever read: Unfortunately, most voters don't know this.
      1. You cannot legislate the poor into prosperity, by legislating the wealth out of prosperity.
      2. What one person receives without working for, another person must work for without receiving.
      3. The government cannot give to anybody anything that the government does not first take from somebody else.
      4. You cannot multiply wealth by dividing it.
      5. When half of the people get the idea that they do not have to work because the other half is going to take care of them; and when the other half gets the idea that it does no good to work, because somebody else is going to get what they work for, that is the beginning of the end of any nation.

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