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  • Morning Bell: Repeal

    Fellow Americans,

    Late last night, in a narrow and partisan vote, the U.S. House of Representatives passed the most significant piece of social legislation in over seven decades. It did so in the face of overwhelming and principled opposition from the American people. Large majorities of Americans oppose this legislation because it offends the historic American dedication to the principle of self-government. They understand that this new law will accelerate Washington’s intrusion into our most personal and private decisions.

    This is why opposition to this bill will only grow. Supporters of this bill argue that popular hostility will recede upon its passage. But, rather than cementing our descent into a European-style welfare state, last night’s passage of Obamacare is best seen as a historic turning point, a true catalyst for real change.

    I write to reassure our supporters, the conservative movement, and the American people at large that The Heritage Foundation will do all within its power to keep this issue alive in the public square and make the intellectual case for the repeal of this act. We will bring all our resources to bear on behalf of those who believe America is and will always remain the Land of the Free.

    This, rest assured, can be done. The American people are never permanently thwarted. President Obama’s health care legislation can and will be repealed.

    Those who supported this bill are our fellow Americans, and we do not question their good will or patriotism. In public policy, however, good intentions alone do not suffice. And let there be no mistake, our philosophical differences with supporters of this bill are profound. The reason government-run health care has been the holy grail of the left for decades is that liberals realize as much as we do that it is a giant step toward the creation of a European-style welfare state. This is an evolution Americans have always resisted because it is alien to our national character.

    If there is one good thing about the past year—one in which we have witnessed unprecedented horse-trading, press stunts, midnight votes and political manipulation in both houses of the U.S. Congress—it is that the American people have come away educated as never before about the differences between these two visions for America. Americans are strongly opposed to this bill not because they have been hoodwinked but because they understand this bill both in its particulars and at an instinctive, gut level.

    They understand this health care bill forces individuals and employers to buy insurance policies designed by government bureaucrats. This intrusion is intended to follow us from cradle to grave.

    Instead of empowering families and individuals to make their own choices, Obamacare empowers the bureaucracy to make those decisions for them. It is this unelected bureaucracy, unanswerable to the electorate, that will determine the content of health benefits packages, including medical treatment and procedures, and how much will be paid for those services. Yesterday’s legislation brings us one step closer to fully government-run medicine, with expanded government power over the financing and delivery of medical services that is sure to ration care in the name of cost control.

    You will hear the left say this new entitlement will be popular with the American people. Do not believe them for a second. Yes, 32 million people will gain the theoretical right to health insurance. But over half of that coverage comes from placing at least 16 million more Americans into Medicaid, an unpopular and overextended welfare program that already rations care.

    Americans will not stand for it. The American love for liberty prevailed in our founding, and will prevail once again.

    In December of 1773, to protest unjust taxation, a group of American colonists dumped tea in Boston Harbor. The punishment for that first Tea Party was a series of intrusive laws passed by Parliament that were so oppressive that they could only be described as the “Intolerable Acts.”

    Obamacare is today’s Intolerable Act. And just as the colonists banded together to enact change after those acts were passed, so should America respond to Obamacare. This law must be repealed.

    Much of the fight against this bill will be led by the individual states, a process we encourage. All told, 33 states have already taken steps to challenge various aspects of Obamacare, including its unprecedented mandate that every American purchase health insurance or face a steep penalty for noncompliance. Four additional states will have this question on the ballot in November.

    On Capitol Hill, the initial battle over Obamacare will occur when Congress considers whether to fund the tens of thousands of new federal bureaucrats necessary to implement the new law. In the tradition of the Hyde amendment, which prevented federal funding for abortions through annual limitations appended to appropriations bills, conservatives should look to the appropriations process as our first line of defense. Straightforward funding limitations would prevent any Administration official or any bureaucrat from implementing the law.

    Our health care system requires reform, and we have long advocated measures to improve our system. We can and should strengthen the ability of American families to choose the coverage they want, rather than giving that power to Congress and its agency bureaucrats. We can also spur competition and choice to bring efficiency and lower costs to the health system, in place of the bill’s deadening regulation and damaging price controls. And, above all, we should foster state innovation rather than Washington-based central planning.

    But such reforms can only be considered once this tragedy of arrogance has been fully and completely repealed.

    Fortunately, there are no permanent victories or defeats in Washington. For millions of Americans and for Heritage, Round One of this fight is over. Today, The Heritage Foundation is answering the bell for Round Two. Join our fight; become a part of our mission. Help us educate our lawmakers, as well as those who aspire to become tomorrow’s lawmakers. Together we can make the persuasive case for repeal of this Intolerable Act and thereby return us to our American destiny.


    Edwin J. Feulner, Ph.D., President, The Heritage Foundation

    Quick Hits:

    • The New York Times reports that Obamacare faces “long-term political and legal fights” as the “battle over health care” moves from “Congress back to the country.”
    • The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops condemned the Rep. Bart Stupak (D-MI) taxpayer funded abortion deal, noting that an executive order cannot override legislation.
    • Yesterday was a good day for socialists in France as the Socialist party and their allies won 54% of the vote in regional elections.
    • According to Rasmussen Reports, 52% of California likely voters believe public employee unions place a significant strain on the state’s budget and 53% oppose unions for public employees all together.
    • According to Gallup, at 62% Americans’ support for the use of nuclear power is at an all time high.
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    341 Responses to Morning Bell: Repeal

    1. Cheryl, Michigan says:

      We have to actively fight this bill – if there is a basis for repeal, let's move forward.

    2. Kenneth Murray, Huma says:

      Thank you for being at the forefront of this massive assault on this country. Keep up the fight!

    3. Jeanne Stotler, wood says:

      We may have lost the battle BUT we haven't lost the war. Everything about this smells to high heaven, it is unconstitutional as well as the behavior of the house members and BHO in the bribery and coercion of it's members and the weak spines of those who folded under pressure. some how members of Congress have forgotten WHY they are in Washington, not for their own benefit but for us "WE THE PEOPLE" they do not serve at the Pres. pleasure like cabinet members, the are suppose to serve at our pleasure . The last time I looked it is still suppose to be Gov't. of the people, for the people and BY the people" These congressmen/women seem to think it's about them and for them including BHO. Let's not retreat with our tails between our legs, stop immigration, repeal this bill and Vote all these people who will not listen out come 11/ 2010.

    4. Rich, Sparks NV says:

      As a small business owner with a $850,000 annual payroll, and a salary of $45,000, the penalties for this bill exceed my salary. I will have no choice but to freeze wages, reduce benefits, raise my prices and hope that my strategy works. I will work locally and nationally to throw the bums out of office that blindly voted for this bill. In addition, I disagree with the article as written.. I do question the integrity and patriotism of every lawmaker that voted for this bill. Each has made a conscious choice to choose tyranny over liberty.

    5. Edith Driver, Hanfor says:

      Thank you for this communication. It is was of interest to me that this travesty of freedom was accomplished in the dark of night. We need to actively fight for repeal of this bill. Our forefathers left Europe to escape oppression. We must remain free!!!!

    6. J.C. Hughes, Texas says:

      Last evening's congressional HCR vote was a very sad day for America's job creators, and in the end all Americans. I was floored when Nancy tried to portray her victory as favoring our founder's agenda. Such is an absolute fabrication of history. She and her supporters spit directly in the face of our nation's founders. Her emotionally driven propaganda is typical of the rhetoric used by dictatorial power grabbers. Appeal to the ignorant masses. Thoughtful Americans saw her speech for what it was, pure hogwash. This congress has not only wasted people's time with their misguided legislation, but now have created a bad situation that needs to be corrected. It'd be nice to keep it civil. That said, I have lost all faith and trust in our nation's government. They have subverted our federalist design and squandered liberty and prosperity for future generations.

    7. Mark, Fairfax, VA says:

      Register your determination to repeal this monstrosity. Become a fan of Project Repeal on facebook.

    8. Ann Cortes says:

      Hooray! I worry that people will go back to work and about their lives and forget about this. I hope people can stay focused and committed to real change– back to basics and greater freedom.

    9. steve, Indianapolis says:

      many 100's of thousands have fought this, for the congress to act against the will of the people it is understandable there is a underground "will" to stand for this: …….."And what country can preserve its liberties, if its rulers are not

      warned from time to time, that this people preserve the spirit of

      resistance? Let them take arms. The remedy is to set them right as

      to the facts, pardon and pacify them. What signify a few lives lost

      in a century or two? The tree of liberty must be refreshed from

      time to time, with the blood of patriots and tyrants.

      It is its natural manure."

    10. Spiritof76, NH says:


      It is fine to look up to the coming elections to remedy the problems that we face. I, for one, do not believe that will be enough.

      Socialism and communism are not compatible with our Constitution and the individual liberties enshrined in it. Time has come, just as it did in 1775, to take the oath of loyalty to the Constitution. That means, you beleive and will fight for, no matter what it takes, individual liberty and eradication of the collectivist plague. In 1775, the patriots took similarity oath to rid of the rule of the king.

      As a second step, we must call for total shut down of America for at least one week by closing all private businesss and employment. We must force the government to its knees in the manor of employing civil disobedience.

      Enforcement of the health care through IRS is no different than the Gestapo in Nazi Germany. America, wake up. You have surrendered your liberty for security and are on your way to becoming slaves.

      I would like to see a walk out of physicians and nurses and stop all their work.

      We must do unpalatable things to redeem our liberty. In 1775, the patriots took up arms. In 2010, we must engage in non-violent mass civil disobedience. Short of that, we can never change the landscape significantly. Sure, we could probably change a few stones in it but that won't essentially change.

    11. Bob Heilbrunn, Trumb says:

      Mr. Feulner, thank you for your fine essay this morning. As you note, we understand the issue at a gut level. How ludicrous to think the bureaucrats will manage health care in an (even remotely) efficient manner. On the other hand, think of the high comedy we are treated to when we hear about "savings" from Obamacare !

      Thank you again for your efforts and for your gifted writing.

    12. william meyer lilber says:

      Thank you for leading the charge. I for one, have only just begun to take my country back .

    13. Exdumbocrat says:

      Now the real stimulus money will be spent. Get ready for the relentless propaganda in getting these traitors re-elected. It's going to be sickening.



    15. Barbara, Charleston, says:

      Last night the people that we sent to Washington, D.C., decided to ignore the wishes of those they vowed to represent. The only thing that moves and motivates them is their sincere desire to remain in power and thus, the only way to address them in a manner that they will listen to is to systematically remove them from power. If the majority of these folks get reelected when their terms expire they will simply continue to ignore their constituents and vote as they wish. We must not forget when election time comes, what they have done. They need to be replaced with good people who want limited government and who are dedicated to serving the voters in their districts. I'm in favor of repealing this legislation, but I doubt it can be done while these corrupt and greedy politicians are still in control of both the House and the Senate.

    16. Joseph Regina West B says:

      Send a Message to Washington on How We feel.Go out there and get signature to get Real "CHANGE" Limit the terms of Rep in Washinton. Put It On The 2010 Ballot.Show them we mean business

    17. Jill, California says:

      We also need the Heritage Foundation to lead the way in impeaching this president before he can do more damage to our country.

    18. Jerry Smith 3058sw r says:

      I know now that there is only Democratic TYRANNY in White House and

      Washington D.C. TIME for the second round, DEFEAT THIS BILL.

    19. Andrea says:

      Stupak sold out the American people and OUR BABIES FOR AIRPORTS!

      He knew about this probably a week ago because this was posted on his website March 19th!!!! All the while telling Americans he was voting NO! I even called his office every day for a week to support him in holding strong!

      What a sorry excuse for a human being!



    20. Ronald Hahn says:

      Needed to hear this today. We appreciate all you do at Heritage Foundation.


      Ron and Kari Hahn

    21. Barry N. Schmidt, D. says:

      The fight is about control of our own health care in the short run, but more importantly, about the entire scope of Congressional decisions based on what is politically expedient, rather than what is Constitutional. Regardless of how the health care issue plays out, the long-term issues have to do with the rule of law in the United States and how and wh our legislators have been ultimately given the power to rule, regardless of the wishes of those who pay taxes.

      It is often said that we get what we deserve. In this case, we have gotten what we do NOT deserve. The signing of this onerous bill will merely serve as a call to arms to those who feel our government has forsaken us and have turned around our God-given powers to rule ourselves.

      Within weeks, insurance rates will go up because the companies will be forced to add people with pre-existing conditions. You and I will pay those rates. As a result, businesses will have to fire people to stay afloat, and Obama will have to add more stimulus money to keep the economy afloat. The notorious organizer Saul Alinsky has sold Obama a bill of goods, and in turn, we will suffer for it.

      Without more physicians, who will see those 31,000,000 people added to the roles? You will see doctors leave their practices and you will have to wait and wait and wait. Obama and Congress thieves have their own Cadillac government health insurance for life. The elite in Washington seem to have their own guaranteed life style; when they retire on their fat pensions……I feel I am shouting into the wind. Sad, Sad.

    22. toledofan says:

      What a pathetic thing to watch; the governments take over of the insurance and student loan programs with a slim bipartisian vote. The whole process has been tainted with bribes, back room deals, tricks, gimmicks and corruption just to get their own party to sign on to the bill, so, is it really that good for America? Watching the exerubence of Pelosi was a little too much to take and I applaud John Boehner and all of the Republican Representaives that stood their ground. The likes of Democrats like Sytupek and Kaptur just are pathertic; how can any of these people look in the mirror and think they did something really great. It is clear to me that the Democrats can never be trusted with managing our economy, our government or our military.

    23. Ronald Hahn Palm Spr says:

      We needed to hear your voice this morning. We appreciate all your work at Heritage Foundation.

      Thank you

      Ron and Kari Hahn

    24. Mike Rappert Manches says:

      Do not give up now,

      …Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil…Psalms 23

      Onward Christian soldiers!

    25. Deanie and Francis D says:

      We thank everyone in the Heritage Foundation for their tireless work on behalf of the people, and our great country. We must all come together and fight against the tyranny of the left. They've pushed this health care bill against our will and we must make them pay the price in November so we can begin to take our country back!

    26. Mary.... WI says:

      Although I want to believe a repeal can be won my gut is telling me it's over…..Obama will stop at NOTHING in order to destroy this country.

      Our great national embelm is spiraling way down to the left with massive breaks in it's wings to eventually become nothing more than road kill if it's fall is not stopped.

      I will stand behind you Mr Feulner and pray the brilliant heads at Heraitage Foundation can some how stop the demise of this free country.

      Isn't it sad how our men and women in uniform are fighting for peoples freedoms in other countries across the seas while their country at home is slowly losing it's freedoms. A very sad situation indeed and one that I WILL NOT forget come November 2010 or November 2012.

      Thank you Heritage Foundation.

    27. Brian S, Westfield, says:

      Ed, you have more faith than I do. I sure hope you are right. Also, just watch what this does to the unemployment rate. Businesses have been waiting on hiring and firing decisions to see if this passes. Look for high(er) unemployment rates for a long, long time. As the costs become more accurately assessed, more people will lose their jobs. This will create even more people dependent on government – a Democrat's dream. Very sad.

    28. Bill Fowler says:

      Our rallying cry shall now be "Repeal and Impeach"!

    29. Ted Moore Grand Prar says:

      I admit that I am tired from the last 14 months of battleing these corrupt politicians, but I refuse to give up the fight, and as a Proud Conservative, and Tea Party Patriot, I will stand with my fellow Patriots and see that we return this country back to the Founders pricipals. Thank you Heritage Foundation for all your doing, I am proud to be a member.

    30. Melinda, Colorado says:

      Thank you Progressives for showing what your true face. We can stand and fight you! We will defeat you and take back our country!

    31. Drinking Tea and not says:

      In 2012, can we elect the Heritage Foundation to be our President? I'd like to see Mr. Feulner and his organization fill all the Executive positions with the Heritage folks, or select the best ones from outside. We will need some really, really good people with ethics, common sense, historical knowledge, and a grasp of reality and our Founding Principles to set the stage in which America can clean up all this mess with a truly free market and unfettered entrepreneurs. If we don't, we can just rename our country The Feudal States of America.

    32. W. A. BOURRILLION, D says:


    33. Robert C. Masters, E says:

      It is my opinion that Obama, Reid, Pelosi, and ANYONE that voted for this assault on the Constitution should be jailed! When I joined our military I took an oath to defend the Constitution from enemies "both foriegn and domestic". These criminals that voted in support of this bill, along with it's creators are domestic enemies of the constitution in my opinion and should be immediately removed from office and jailed. These are NOT patriots, they are traitors. Period!

    34. Bethany, (Missouri) says:

      We have to fight this before it goes any further. We, as a people, have to reject this transition to "European-style" government. We have to do something. It is so important to retain our freedom. The more we give away, the faster government will take away other freedoms…until we are left with a monarchy that tells us what to do and all freedoms are lost. America is not about Socialism. It is about rewarding hard work. This is the first step in taking away accountability for not working hard. Now those of us who do work hard are being "forced" to pay for others who don't.

    35. Pat San AntonioTx says:

      I am outraged that the wishes of the citizens and legal issues have been circumvented by this band of so-called politicians. This flys in the face of everything that we learned in school about our political process. This bill is a monstrosity and its authors should be taken out of office and put in jail.

    36. Don Lewis Lillian AL says:

      We must continue to fight by voting and giving money. This must not stand. Dlewis

    37. Publius Huldah, Cook says:

      To fight this, we need to go for the jugular. We need to talk about "enumerated powers". We need to show why neither the "general welfare" nor the "interstate commerce" clauses authorize obamacare. We need to show how medical care can not possibly be a "right"! I have done all the work. Here it is:
      Now! All of you: Read, learn, and then you go out there and FIGHT the statists. They can not defend their positions intellectually. But YOU can. Go for it.

    38. Bill Brownfield, Bev says:

      An outstanding evaluation of our future required battle plan. As in the past, keep us informed and make recommendations for the man in the trenches to follow.

      Thank you.


    39. Ozzy6900, CT says:

      The Liberals may have won the battle but not the war. We will continue to fight back on this lunacy until they see that WE the People run this government, not President Obama or Nancy Pelosi!

    40. Paul Reid, Lockport, says:

      We are fast becoming a new country……the U.S.S.A- -the United Socialist States of America. Hard to understand why so many people that oppose this direction did not vote to prevent it.

    41. Sandy Houdeshell, Ma says:

      God bless you mightily, Heritage Foundation…we will continue to hold up your arms as Hur and Aaron did for Moses until victory is achieved!!!

    42. Russell,. Spring Tex says:

      Edwin J. Feulner, Ph.D

      Sir, I 'm tired of being angry and upset, I want to get back what we've lost and I want to be involved. I've given monies to the right people, I've voted conservatively and I've played by the rules but to what avail.

      I'm not satisfied; I see no light at the end of the tunnel. What I do see is that there is no accountability, I see illegal backroom manipulations that are not acceptable by the voice of the people and yet the left still gets what it wants. When will justice and the true voice of the people prevail?

      I'm just flat tired, two years of campaigning 2006-2008, with a major loss at the general election, Omnibus, Stimulus, Tarp, and Healthcare all detrimental to our economy run by the likes of a President who has no history, associates with known felons, communists, and socialist and apologizes for my county and yet we must be restrained. Who's really in charge? Repeal? Never happen, it's an entitlement, a drug for the lazy. They will be addicted and we will never see the end of it.

      Demo-craps have the best intentions with other people’s money, but they never provide a way to pay for it. It’s always a shell game. Freedoms, hell they are taking that away everyday and the only place now to be really free is in Antarctica I guess. I have served my county as a US Marine; I've have two active duty sons in harm’s way in the Navy since 2001 I have a right to be angry and protectionist and with the right to demand legitimacy from the governing bodies that continually sap my liberties and limit my pursuits of prosperity.

      These rights that have been paid for by others in our history and we are not only failing them, those that gave their lives and livelihood, we are failing ourselves. Bottom line we need to fight fire with fire just to survive, be one step ahead. Especially when laws and normal expectations and the US Constitution and Bill of rights are being ignored to curtail unjustness, then what do we do? Go with the flow? How much longer will it take before the top blows?

    43. James A. Johnson says:


      I'll be interested to SEE if Heritage prints my comments above. I doubt it!! JAMES A. JOHNSON

    44. Susanna, Kansas says:

      I totally stand behind you on any all all efforts to block this intolerable act. As a person who has not yet reached the age to be herded into Medicare, I am currently carrying a very nice and affordable health insurance as an individual. I am well educated but currently without employment and not eligible for workman's compensation. To that, I am relieved I am not sucking on any of the gross entitlements offered by the government beast.

      My parents raised their children to be totally responsible for all actions and decision. Isn't that the way it is supposed to be? If we called home to tell them of some situation or other, my Dad would say, "Sounds like you have a problem. What are you going to do about it?"

      So, it sounds like we have a problem, and I'm joining in the fight against the assault from the Progressive/Marxist/no-longer Democratic Party. I'll be participating in the marches and all efforts to oust the lawmakers who voted for this gross legislation. I will support all efforts to repeal the entire bill and/or pieces of it. I support all efforts to show just how unconstitutional this bill is.

      The members who voted for this legislation broke their oath to support and defend the Constitution and most of them voted against their constituents. They do not need to be in office anymore. Further, they should not be eligible for the cushy health care package they have for themselves and that benefit should be stripped from them. (Frankly, if this isn't good enough for them, it certainly is NOT good enough for the American people). In many ways, I see the passing of this legislation coupled with the arrogance and backroom deals as treasonous. Perhaps we should also keep GITMO open so we have a place to send any and all lawmakers found guilty of such behavior.

      (Guess you can tell I'm furious!)

    45. G W Jefferson, South says:

      Legislation that burdens the exercise of historically protected fundamental liberty rights is unconstitutional. Obamacare does just that. The due process liberty clause of the 5th. and 14th. Amendments protects our liberty rights against a federal or state statute against deprivation of life, liberty, or property. The supreme Court has found a private contract to be a protected liberty right.

    46. Katherine B, Tenness says:

      Bless you. Thank you for keeping on keeping on. All of us need encouragement now, after the travesty of yesterday's vote. Hard working families trying to live our dreams, raising our children, making responsible choices feel heartbroken this morning.

    47. Bernd Boas says:

      Please do not be fooled into thinking this is similar to European style health care. It has many significant differences and should not be compared to systems that are functioning and have been in use for decades. This new law is total madness and will not work. The European systems are not out of control and are not running their economies into bankruptcy. This one will.

    48. Susanna, Kansas says:

      Oh! and, now that this country is a house divided, how valid is Obama's Peace Prize now!

    49. Giles, Winnsboro, TX says:

      We now have documented proof of the intent of the federal government. It did not matter that Rep. Cantor, Jeb Hensarling and others displayed visual statistics demonstrating the use of unacceptable accounting practices. How many CPAs would challenge counting income twice by any of their clients, even the IRS would not allow us to count deductions twice and they are overworked and under paid. The votes are on the record, the names will be displayed by the vote, even though Rep Boehner's request for each representative to stand and personally account for the vote they were casting, hiding behind an electronic device, was evidence of a coward's way out, exposure is bright in the light of this day. People will vote in November understanding more than they have in the past, they will be aware of candidates records, their personal standards, the issues and their ideology. The effort of the people to be educated politically has been greatly accelerated by sound journalism from journalists of integrity, from public persons who have integrity, from personal individual integrity of the everyday citizen networking their information with their family and friends in their neighborhoods, their towns and their states. The blackout barrier has been pushed down, there is no place to hide because people are engaged, they have spent their money to go to Washington, to walk down the halls to talk to legislators and depending on the response from that legislator will dictate how their vote will be cast in November. Let the Constitution stand as individual states collectively march to the Supreme Court to litigate the treasonous acts purported by 219 democratic legislators voting for a takeover of 1/6th of our economy, 17% of the GDP in an effort to control the present and future generations with a dictatorial rule. Thank you Heritage Foundation for the information that educates each of us so we can make a knowledgeable choice in our future.

    50. Drew Page, IL says:

      Now that the House has voted to approve the Senate bill, it will be interesting to see if Mr. O will sign it immediately, or send it back to the Senate to change all those things that he promised the House.

    51. John Olofson, Graeag says:

      If we are ever going to get serious, now is the time. The time not only to repeal this travesty called Obama Care, but to initiate TERM LIMITS. Now is the time!

    52. Joe Arsenault Dresde says:

      Not Questioning their patriotism? That's nice; But to what country.

    53. R.U. WITHMEE says:

      It is a sad day in America!The camel got his nose under the tent in 1900.(T.Roosevelt).He got his neck inside the tent in 1937(F.Roosevelt).He got his hump inside the tent in 1965(L.Johnson) He got his posterior inside the tent this year(Obama).

      The moral is , where were the guards all these years that were supposed to protect this country?They assinnated the messenger.Remember senator McCarthy(tail gunner joe).He was right!We fed the camel and booted the guard.

      Our motto should be"never again"

    54. Janet, St Louis says:

      Send Bart Stupak his 30 pieces of silver… he earned them!

    55. richtfan, buford, ga says:

      I cannot believe that America has gone down the toilet so far. This is outrageous. I almost could not sleep last night because I was so distraught and angry. This is not going to go away. It is only going to get louder, more intense and angrier. And so be it.

      We have to take America back. Repeal the bill. Support efforts to have it declared unconstitutional. Oppose this at every turn.

    56. Vince De Young, coop says:

      My biggest problem with this law is that it is a forced robin hood policy. It imposes taxes on group A to pay for the medical care of Group B. If congress passed a law that taxed everyone to provide for the people who don't have insurance, that would be fine–then everyone (including the beneficiaries of the law) would bear the welfare burden for the needy or the irresponsible. But it's easy to vote for a benefit that someone else will pay for. If this had a tax on everyone, then it wouldn't pass. There is no end to this robin hood philosophy, and it could eventually apply to housing (a good house for everyone) and transportation (a good car for everyone) and who knows what else.. It doesn't yet apply to a "good retirement for everyone" because social security is paid for by all recipients (it is not an entitlement) even if the trust fund has been mismanaged. And Medicare is not a robin hood entitlement either–it was and is paid for by the recipients. This current bill is taxation without representation because the people being taxed are not the people receiving any benefit and it is a transfer of money that has not been consented to by the people.

    57. Virginia Roth, Buffa says:

      If we are to repeal this monstrosity, economic education is required. Profit is good. It releases a person's creativity and makes possible generosity toward the less fortunate. Keep the taxes close to home.

    58. James Few, Gulf Bree says:

      There is no compassion in this. It is a mere grab for power. If government controls your health care it controls you!

      This marks the beginning of end of private health care insurance companies, which cannot compete with a government system that can just print money.

      Repeal is not possible since it would require 67 votes in the Senate to overcome presidential veto.

      The deem to pass option PROCESS IS PROLOGUE to national bankruptcy, demise of the Constitution and our Republic.

    59. Terra Sinclair, Las says:

      Very well written–thoughtful, concise, accurate and a call to action! As an 11th Generation American, you have my support 200%! Since November of 1620, my family has been fighting for freedom and I now join my ancestors as I can no longer stand by and watch what all my precious family died for disappear!

    60. Linda Bishop, Indian says:

      I must take issue with you on one point. I most certainly do question their good will and patriotism, and theses people may be legal, but I don't think they have a clue what it means to be an American. What they have done is very unamerican. Comments like yours are statesmanlike, cerebral, and generous. Frankly, if the conservatives in this country have one fatal flaw, it is that they insist, like you have here, to fight from a lofty position of logic and politeness against a foe that fights a bare knuckled (and sometimes brass knuckled) fight with lies, cheating, stealing, and thuggery. I marched on Washington on 9/12 and again on Saturday. I did not leave my home at 1:00 am on 1 hour of sleep, drive seven hours, stand in the hot sun all day, search for water and restrooms, walk for miles screaming at the top of my lungs for hours, turn around and drive back home, another seven hours, arriving at 3:00 am Sunday, only to read some drivel about "my fellow Americans with good will and patriotism." If you continue to adopt this pathetic, anemic position, conservatives are destined to lose. Wake up! This is not an exercise in political gamesmanship and civility. This is a brawl for the very existence of this country. If I've offended your sensitivities, feel free not to publish me. I, and millions of others like me, will be "published" in November.

    61. philip says:

      Don't tread on us we will cone back with vengeance,and remember those cowards that took bribes and voted for this unconstitutional bill,also those who disier to put goverment rule over we the people who shall over come this unjust form of goverment buy Obama Polise Reid dictator type of rule. Americans will stand for freedom,and will remeber on nov.2010 @ 20012 will also take any leagle action nessary Thanks to Heritage Foundations support

    62. KVM says:

      Freeloaders of America, rejoice!

    63. Mike Armatage, Alpin says:

      What is Partriotism? Are we loyal to a geographic location, in other words to dirt? Are we loyal to a group of people who reside within a defined geographical boundry? Such groups are always changing. Are we loyal to possessions, cars, houses, clothes, etc.? These come and go. Are we loyal to a charismatic leader? Such leaders, even if benevolent, are always followed by those who are not. Or… are we loyal to unchanging principles? This country was founded to let men seek their own happiness in whatever way they believe suits them as long as it respects the right of others to do the same. It was founded to eliminate a "we know better than you" governing elite with the power to impose any whim they wish on a powerless people. It was founded to hold all people accountable to the same reasonable and morally-based standard.

      The current group of Americans in power do not appear to be loyal to the same things I am. Are they loyal Americans? What are they loyal to? They don't appear to be loyal to the Constitution, or at least, not all of it. When they call themselves loyal Americans, what are they refering to? Are they loyal to limited government? Are they loyal to government "by the people"? Are they loyal to fiscal responsibility? Are they loyal to individual liberty? Are they loyal to Almighty God? These officials swore to uphold and defend the Constitution. Their actions speak more loudly to me than their words.

      This government is rushing pell-mell to dismantle that which I am loyal to. I pray that we can somehow reverse the direction of the last 100 years peaceably.

      Thank you for leading the fight to restore liberty.

    64. ted irvine san marco says:

      1. The voices of individual freedom need a bell cow – a major spokesman – we had none in this fight.

      2. Progressives are regressive – a return and subjugation of individual freedoms to the state or the "master" – used to call it slavery. Many on twitter, etc. fail to realize their freedoms will be vanishing – China, etc

      3. Why isn't there a voice criticizing the state of the EU – no utopia there – progressed right into anarchy with the unions and others – a shambles

      4. Where is the Republican Manifesto? Where was the Republican Health Bill for all to see?

      5. For all its faults, we need to champion wealth creation, not wealth distribution – If we create, we can distribute and we have. No wealth – serfdom – "The party of wealth creation"

      6. Think a lot bigger about how to solve America's problems and encourage the majority to become vocal-really vocal. We are being directed by loud, but tiny, minorities – sheep dogs!!

    65. Kathleen says:

      I was in D.C. Saturday and there are A LOT of Americans who do NOT want this FLAWED bill. The arrogance of Pelosi, Stoyer, Obama & the like is disgusting. I DO question their patriotism. Obviously they hate our constitution. I, along with many, many others will never give up fighting CORRUPTION. I smell REVOLUTION in the air.

    66. Sjirk Zijlstra, Leuc says:

      In the past few months I have heard the word UNCONSTITUTIONAL so many times that I like to believe (and hope) that Heritage and all other conservative institutions join forces and proceed with legal actions. Several Govenors have indicated that they will challenge Congress in Court for the unconstitutionality of the unfunded mandates, they need help too! We the people will not be silenced, see you at the April 15 Tea Party.

    67. Virginia Roth, Buffa says:

      If we are to repeal socialized medicine, economic education is required. Profit is what makes generosity toward the less fortunate possible. Low taxes make us prosperous. High taxes depress the economy, shrink the job market. Not everyone knows this! Keep the taxes close to home. Keep the money in your own community to support the social services you see the need for..

    68. Robert Herndon, Denv says:

      Ed, Thank you for sounding the call to resume the fight-

      We must however, address not only the symptoms by repealing the act but also the cause of this debacle by mandating a 28th amendment —(1) requiring congress to be covered by the same"plans" (e.g. social security and medicare) applied to voters—-(2) limiting congressional terms to an aggregate of 12 years-and (3) establishing a protocol for the recall of any and all elected officials by the voters.

      We can do all this by "contracting" with candidates of both parties prior to this year's election.

    69. Paul Long Island, NY says:

      Vote OUT every democrat as a START……………………then, politely remind every elected official they are on a short leash! Dem's from local comunities to the highest offices need to be removed 100% ASAP

    70. Seth Warner, Connect says:

      Thank you Ed Feulner. Thank you for running Heritage so well and for your succinct position statements such as this one. I would appreciate comments on how you think we may best help repeal this heinous act with deeds rather than $ contributions. Obviously the main plan is to change congress big-time in November, but there must be additional things we can do to actually work towards repeal starting now.

    71. Spook, United States says:

      All Conservatives must demonstrate the courage of their conviction and refuse to file and pay income taxes. The federal government does not have the resources to arrest and prosecute millions upon millions of Americans. By forcing through legislation opposed by a majority of Americans, the democrats have acted against the "consent of the governed" for the first time in American history.

      The Federal Government is now ILLEGITIMATE!

      Congresspeople will be returning to their districts in the near future. Make their lives hell! Hound them wherever they go and whatever they do!

      Throw away your Census Form!

      Increase your monthly exemptions with your Employer so that ZERO funds are withheld for taxes and sent to Washington.

      Withdraw all your liquid cash from all financial institutions (they can't directly access your money if it isn't on deposit!).

      Do everything you can to frustrate and stifle the Federal Government.

      Read the book, "Unintended Consequences" by John Ross.

    72. James Gravat, RN Tam says:

      Now that this bill has passed I will shortly be unemployed. The surgeons I work with will retire. How will I support my family let alone pay for the insurance I can not afford.

    73. Olos Nah, DC says:

      This. This is the reason for HCR (http://bit.ly/business_costs):"'I've resisted hiring more people because of the costs of health care,' he said. 'We had to raise deductibles, because we pay more and more all the time.'"

      The American people voted Democrats into office to pass legislation like this. There are clearly issues with the American health care status quo that need to be addressed before this country can move forward into the 21st century. The costs are outrageous and will only serve to hamper the interests of both individual citizens and business owners alike. Although I consider myself an independent, I recognized that health care is a problem in the U.S.

      Also, are you all really questioning the patriotism of members of Congress? That sounds pretty familiar. As in, really familiar. As in, it sounds exactly like McCarthy style fear tactics. I would strongly urge Dr. Feulner to add a disclaimer at the top of this post discouraging such language.

    74. Albert, Vallejo, CA says:

      This health care bill is null and void. It has no legal validity whatsoever. Socialized health care is not a power delegated to congress by the constitution and government has absolutely zero legal authority to pass this bill. This bill is a crime against the American People. It should be challenged in court. Those who voted for it should be removed from office. We the People should ignore it completely and refuse to participate. It is not Law since is was NOT passed pursuant to the Constitution. This truly is the crime of the century, the wholesale condemnation of the American People to the slavery of Socialism. To those who think socialized health care is the way to go, then why not do it legally? Ratify a constitutional amendment? And if it is so wonderful, then why not socialize something even more basic? Food! Let's socialize farming and food production. Oops! That's been done before. And millions of people starved to death! This illegal bill will bankrupt this nation in a sea of debt and condemn all of us to rationed services (except for the greedy Democrat politicians who freeload off the hard work of others). Welcome to the United Socialist States of America. The Constitution is dead. It was murdered yesterday by Nancy Pelosi.

    75. William Downey, JD L says:

      The bill is Consittuionally questionable, and has to be the biggest grab for federal power in history.

      The provisions that may help people, such as insuring pre exisitng conditions and obtaining health insurance for those who lack the purchasing power don't take effect for 4 years. How many federally legislative mandates are met in the original timeframe? How many come in on or under budget.

    76. Mon Valley Pennsylva says:

      It is a sad for America. The time is now to join together and bring these America haters to their knees.

      Bob Pa.

    77. Elizabeth George Kan says:

      My husband is a small business man. (70 employees). We are deeply disappointed with the health care outcome, but more importantly, my husband knows this his 'now' healthcare for his employees will have to change, and, that sickens him more, because he will have to eventually lay some of them off. Please do all you are able to – we are behind you.

    78. Denise, TN says:

      Hooray! I am so encouraged by the comments of so many of my fellow Americans. It is "We, the People". I am an American; not black, white, brown or green…an American. Please continue to keep us informed and expose the corruption that has brought us to what transpired last night. And that exposure should not be partisan, whoever and from whatever must be brought to light, for there is no room for evil to hide.

      I am a small businesswoman, who will be educating her clients, friends, family and foes and the truth of our government.

    79. Rhein Krigner says:

      United States Socialist Republic! This is now what we are. How did the Woodstock people get in Congress?

      All that died for freedom Have died in vain.

    80. patricia j. read cap says:

      How sad this Monday is for most Americans. With the passage of the

      Obama Socialist Healthcare bill, America is surely in a dangerous place.

      Imagine how our troops feel, fighting for a country that is no longer free.

      Obama's plan all along was to tear this country apart.

      We must stay together and hope for a leader that will lead us away from

      socialism. PJR

    81. Lawrence, Virginia says:

      Now it is time to get beyond the anger and hate. Our nation can prosper! As the issue of Health Care is taken off the plate for more people we now can concentrate on getting people employed. If if people are working small businesses won't have to address Health Insurance Issues. The Small Business owners who employe 10-20 people can keep employees who have family members that have health concerns.

      Let's watch the economy grow!

    82. Susan Kittrell, Dall says:

      To all that have fought so hard to have Washington listen to what the American People want ……………..WE CAN NOT LET UP NOW!!!…..I want my children and grandchildren to grow up in America. The America my father, my husband, my friends have fought so hard to defend. To defend our Rights. Our Freedoms. I believe this president has an agenda to have America Transformed by 2012 so that he will be re-elected. His agenda has nothing to do with the American people because he does not see us truly as a free people….He sees us as his subjects. Well Mr. President , Mrs Peloski, Mr Reid this is ONE of many Americans that will fight to the end not only to boot you out of office, but hopefully then come back and prosecute ALL of you for what you have done.

    83. Lorenzo Vazzana says:

      Nice article Ed. Unfortunately I feel that the democrats and their liberal cohorts are beyond educating. They will always place their party and their liberal agenda above the good of the Country and they will do whatever it takes to attain their goals..

    84. Gerald Ausitn, Rapid says:

      I have been battling gout for about 34 days 8 hours, needless to say it has been a miserable month. During my medical appointments, I has occasion to relate my age, almost 69. Both physicians noted that because I still work 10 to 11 hour days and have health insurance, Medicare will not cover me. They both noted that it was good because their practice, which includes most of the specialists such as rheumatologists are on the edge of not accepting any Medicare or Medicaid patients. Not only have they had to wait as long as 10 months to know if a charge was accepted or denied so they can be paid for their work, the pay is artificially held at about 50% of the current raw costs of the services. Since not even physicians can work long with income in red ink, it will be necessary to not examine and treat those patients in the Government run program. So what good is the Federal programs when the providers of services cannot affort to see their patients? Grayson's comment that the Republicans are telling elderly citizens "Just die" is really the practical effect of the Federal program. It will get much worse.

    85. DORIS MARTINA, DANSV says:


    86. Lee , Illinois says:

      It has saddened me since long before the election that so many Americans just weren't paying attention to what was about to happen. I live in Chicago. I've seen how things work here. (I could go on and on about that, but another time).

      Our media certainly did not help matters by endorsing then candidate Obama and there was no 'investigative reporting done'. ……….

      This President said he wanted to 'fundametally change America'. He said that he believes in the 'redistribution of wealth'. He was an 'active' member in a church which believes in reparations, econmic parity, and 'a disavowal of middleclassness'.. They believed in the work of Louis Farrakhan. ………..

      Michelle Obama was speaking the truth when she said that for the first time in her life she was proud of her country. The Obama's stated all along what they wanted to see for America. America just wasn't listening. …..

      What is most frightening to me is that there are too many people who agree with them.

    87. Gary Nevada/Alaska says:

      These "haters" have no clue of what has made America exceptional in the evolution of man, and want to return to a Dark Age of stupidity and mind numbing ignorance. Stand up America!! While we can. If the Constitution is erroded further, we will be slaves in a totalitarian state, in a dictatorship.

    88. Bill Dayton, OH says:

      I agree with Linda from NC when she says "I must take issue with you on one point. I most certainly do question their good will and patriotism, and theses people may be legal, but I don’t think they have a clue what it means to be an American. What they have done is very unamerican. Comments like yours are statesmanlike, cerebral, and generous. Frankly, if the conservatives in this country have one fatal flaw, it is that they insist, like you have here, to fight from a lofty position of logic and politeness against a foe that fights a bare knuckled (and sometimes brass knuckled) fight with lies, cheating, stealing, and thuggery.

      This is why we cannot win. We are fighting to different battles. They are fighting to win, and we are fighting to show them we are polite, proper and nice. They are throwing rocks at us and we are smiling and making pretty piles out of the rocks. Let's stop the BS and fight these clowns the way they fight. Trust me the Liberals are pacifists and they will choose not to fight if we make it difficult for them.

    89. Bill says:

      Repearl this bill. I have a list of Texas people that voted for the bill. I will do all in my power to make sure they are voted out…

    90. Jim Roumeliotis - Hu says:

      Another day, another battle……..ho hum.

    91. Lorenzo Vazzana, Blu says:

      Nice aticle Ed. Unfortunately, I feel that the democrats and their liberal cohorts are beyond educating. They will always place their party and their liberal agenda above the good of the Country; and furthermore, they will do anything to attain their goals.

    92. Benjamin, Alabama says:

      This is nothing like the "Intolerable acts" The Colonists were opposing taxation without representation. The House is a representation of the American people, even if they didn't vote the way you thought they should have. Take it up with your congressman if they didn't vote how you wanted them to, but don't make ridiculous blog posts making bad comparisons to the past.

    93. Yvonne, Rancho Santa says:

      I wish we could impeach the president and recall every member that voted for this bill. I don't really want to have to see what another 3 years of him in office will do to our country. Living in California with already high taxes we can't afford to pay for other peoples insurance. I do believe that the American people can put a stop to this bill.

    94. Lance Queen Creek, A says:

      The cloak of deception came off all those that voted for this bill lastnight. Their is no doubt in my mind that the Democratic Party IS hell bent on socializing or worse this country. I for one will not forget. Dana Kirkpatric is my Rep and she voted for this bill. I will do all in my power to see she is not re-elected. I encourage everyone to never forget whick Reps voted for this and see to their being thrown OUT no matter when they are up for re-election. This is more dangerous to the very freedom of our country than the attacks were on 9/11 and I for one am taking it that seriously. I WILL NOT FORGET!!!!!

    95. Edward Wade says:

      "Non Serviam" The democratic party has clearly chosen to exclude the moral law of GOD and has removed Him from debate on the issues of life. From conception to the aged they will make the choice of who lives and who dies.

      Open up your eyes and look at the increasing natural disasters and realize that God will not be ignored and marginalized from the decisions of humanity. As we plunge the sword of death on the innocent and elderly so shall we receiveas as a nation the same sentence.

    96. Patrick D'Agost says:

      If we have enough States in opposition to the constitutionality of this Healthcare law, then we should convene a convention to amend the Constitution. I would suggest the Constitution be amended to provide for term limits for Members of Congress. Further no congressman should be allowed to run for the Senate and no senator should be allowed to run for the House of Representatives. Furthermore no Member of Congress should be allowed to run for president for at least two presidential terms after he/she leaves the Congress.

      It's time to address the corruption in our government and the longer politicians serve in DC, the greater the chance of corruption setting in. We may not get such an opportunity to amend the Constitution for a long time..

    97. Wayne Hatch, Murphy, says:

      I couldn't agree more. We are at a point in time where jobs could go a long way to cure the health care problem. Unfortunately, this apparently is not a prority of the majority. I'm "giddy" that the States are lining up to challenge this law. The CBO scored the bill on the "assumption that the provisions are enacted and remain unchanged for the next two decades." In the same document, the CBO cast doubt on this assumption stating this is "not always the case for major legislation" citing Medicare payments to physicians. These payments have frequently been modified to avoid reductions in same. Current legislation is pending to do so again. The so-called "doc fix" is on the mend and somehow, our leaders don't consider this to be part of the Medicare/Medicaid fix. If this legislation is passed, the numbers waived by members of the majority are nothing more than illusionary. Secondly, who on earth would believe that "all things would remain constant for two decades?" – or for a year when it comes to Washignton, DC? Trust in Congress is akin to "Trust Funds"; both of which are

      empty. Health care may not have been an issue if the nation's financial position

      was responsible and sound. I am of the opinion that the current majority doesn't know the meaning of fiscal responsibility as evidenced by the further slide into the sea of red ink. REMEMBER NOVEMBER! THROW THE BUMS OUT!

    98. Homeboy says:

      Republicans/conservatives are so ignorant. I'm really sure Jesus wouldn't want people to have health care, and would be cool with the 10 largest health care companies having skyrocketing profits of 482% over the past 8 years!!

    99. Allen Whitmore, Hous says:

      This program will cause Medicare et al to dwindle away and degenerate into nothing more than substandard healthcare for the poor, working poor and illegal immigrants. These folks will have their own set of substandard gov't doctors, drugs and hospitals. Of course we will pay for it. We will pay for this democrat vote buying. The insurers et al will then begin offering plans for seniors, and everyone else for that matter, because the now plethora of gov't healthcare "options" will degenerate into ineffectiveness AND high premiums. The insurers et al have had a laser lock on this coming and going. It's 12-30 (or whatever) million guaranteed new (poor, immigrant) insured's, delivered and paid for by the gov't, (at a questionable profit margin) plus another wave of seniors baling out of Medicare et al and buying either whole or supplemental health policies. The insurers will make the money hand over fist. And we will be paying for health insurance twice. Just like we pay twice for private schools. But our wages will adjust and it will all even out…in that respect anyway. Only the 10-20% marginally skilled and employable population will sink deeper into indebtedness to the gov't "company store". The democrats will have created their poor, gov't dependent, segregated, have's vs have not's, voting block that we will pay for. Now at some point this all has to be funded. It has to be funded after the bill is signed by Pelosi via Hussein and it has to be funded every year thereafter, as long as it's law. At some point that burden will be too much and the funding will be severely cut as will ALL "entitlements". Then all these people will be without a sustainable solution for healthcare, such that healthcare it will be for them at that time. The democrats will have created a whole new underclass that in the potentially near future will necessarily have to be abandoned and left unto themselves. They will have run out of our money. But…that's what they wanted, that's what they'll get. I say good riddance to all of them all. Why? Because there is no free lunch. We all know how this is going to end.

    100. mark orlando florida says:

      is there anyway that we can sue in a class action lawsuit to get this repealed? I don't think they can force you to buy health care if you don't want it. Get ready for the same mess on immigration now that health care has been passed.

    101. Margy Pezdirtz, Okla says:

      My heart is grieved over the insidious actions of the House of Representatives last night. This is not a victory for our country. This is not something we can be proud of. This is another step toward total socialism and a welfare state. I am sickened by all of this – a full year of fighting with everything we have and clamouring to make our voices heard – yet their backs were turned and their ears were deafened by their own political desires. Let's fight back. Let's fight with all we have. If it means going to the mat, then lets go. I cannot stand back and be silent for I have heard the sound of the trumpet and it is calling me to stand for truth, for life, for liberty and for justice. This is not justice. This is a total injustice for every patriot that has fought for our freedom from the very inception of this country. I love America…the America I was born in. This is a disgrace to the America so many have fought to get to so they could know freedom. Let's fight. Let's fight with all we have. Let's repeal this hideous bill and let's throw those who voted for it out.

    102. Ben C. Ann Arbor, MI says:

      Its great to know I am not alone. Perhaps The Heritage Foundation will keep a scorecard much like the US Debt Clock listing promises vs reality in Healthcare Reform. When people are hit in the pocket book with their withholding increased, employers decreasing health benefits (I plan on paying the first two thousand a year and have my employees pay the balance – after all, if I dumbed them they would have to apply for Obamacare), and the lines begin to get really long (as in Canada and Australia) then and only then will the general populace realize the huge mistake they made in electing the socialist. Yes everyone, last night was truley a sad night and the House Minority leader is correct – the bonds of trust have been broken.

    103. Mitch, Oklahoma says:

      I too am very outraged by Washington Democrats. They have lost their way. They believe in & see another America; one that I don't know about. Democrats believe in the courts, the media, liberal politics and control. Democrats don't believe in telling the American people the truth because there are NO absolutes or time honored principles that they believe in. The believe themselfs to be moral but in truth they are amoral. They ask the want an individual to have "choice" but they continual play word games with the American people. They say they want unity and minority imput but they only want disunity, class warfare, identify people by race groups and no deviation from the deviant mantra.

    104. Lou, East Quogue says:

      What frightens me most about this vote is the lack of concern or respect Congress has openly shown in the face of our nation's opposition to the Bill. Why aren't they concerned about their low popularity just ahead of the upcoming elections? They're a little too confident about themselves. This tells me they have something up their sleeves and that they don't intend to give up their majorities.

    105. Susan Shumway Phoeni says:

      Is Bart Stupac that stupid that he doesn't know that Obama has voted many times FOR abortion and in the last trimester when he was in the Illinois legislature. He will see that there is public funding for abortion. They must be stupid if they thought an executive order for the halt of abortion in this bill was in concrete. Obama will null and void any executive order first thing. This is not about US the tax payer is about enslaving the millions of working folks to higher and higher taxes. They all need to go!!!!!!! I for one will do everything I can to help unseat Harry Mitchel in Arizona. They all sold their vote or caved to the pressure of Nancy Pelosi. What a bunch of crooks!! This is not what the framers of our country had in mind. In fact this is just what they were probably worried about. I Loved John Boehner's speech. He reflected how I feel for sure.

    106. Michael Nilson, Omah says:

      One thing that is true now, the bill will have to withstand scrutiny… it will be out in the open now for public analysis. My hope is that entities such as the Heritage Foundation will outline the ramifications of this monstrosity so people can refute the spin. The American People want truth and its groups of people like yourselves who can arm us with honest facts. This entire bill is wrong, even the Democrats know it simply by all the deals they had to make to their own members to get it past. Upon scrutiny of the bill, If it is good for America I will be glad to say I was wrong….. somehow I don't think I am. Voting for change for the sake of change…. never a good thing…

    107. Ruth, New York says:

      Thanks for your encouraging article to all patriots who will continue to use our legislative processes to defend the Constitution and reverse our country's headlong descent into the abyss of socialism. Despite the excellent article, I must register and objection to your comment that, "Those who supported this bill are our fellow Americans, and we do not question their good will or patriotism."

      I ask, not in anger or frustration, but in all sincerity – what is your definition of 'patriotism'? Am I wrong in believing that, at the very least, a patriot would have a desire to protect and defend the heart of our freedoms, our Constitution? How can politicians who don't have a clue what is in our Constitution, nor have a desire to find out – how can they be considered patriots? How can politicians who take an oath to uphold our Constitution yet determinedly set about to destroy it – how can they be considered patriots? I find it repugnant, that in the name of politeness and political correctness, you 'deem' it necessary to use the most excellent of words, 'patriot', to describe enemies of our Constitution. I'm not suggesting they be tarred and feathered, but just leave out the platitudes. I never, never, as a true patriot, want to be considered in the same breath as those who just sold out our country.

    108. J. Wyatt Uhlein says:

      An extremely well written and reasoned article.

      The use of a "Hyde Amendment " approach to thwart the implementation of Obama Care makes sense. Who is leading the charge in this regard?

      Has a law suit been filed challenging the constitutionality of the provision requiring all individuals and businesses to purchase health insurance?

      How likely is it that individual States can be successful in implementind their own health plans a la Massacsetts. How does Article vi, sec 2 apply?

      Has anyone calculated how many new beurocrats will need to be hired to implement Obama Care and make decisions for each of us that hitherto we and our Doctors made? Such numbers should be publicized on a daily basis and made availble to the public as well as the organizational stucture of the Bureau and its divisions that will be administering Obama Care and issuing regulations. Such publicity between now and November should convince many voters to " throw the bums out".

      You can count on me.

      Wyatt Uhlein

    109. Cliff, Annapolis Mar says:

      I am one of the American voters who was heard but not listened to! I love my country and wish to uphold the morals, values and The Constitution of our great country. I wash greatly energized by the House Majority Leader John Boehner's speech yesterday to Congress. A true patriot!

    110. LDOT says:

      Thank you, Heritage Foundation, for continuing the fight for freedom and liberty from tyranny.

      Stay angry people. They are counting on time to let apathy set in.

      What we must do is rally against amnesty as I believe this is why they chose to ignore and not represent the majority of Americans. They have something up their sleeve and to legalize 12 million illegals may be in the cards. Why need to lobby Senator Lindsey Graham of SC as he and Schumer are co-writing an amnesty bill. Unbelievable!!!

      At the risk of being ridiculed, I so wish a tremendous push would be made to learn, once and for all, if obama is truly eligible to be doing this to our country. If he were found to be the fraud I believe him to be, all legislation he has signed would be null and void. To spend as much as he had to keep records hidden, what he's been doing to dismantle and bankrupt our country….who's he really working for? And the "crazy liberals of the 60's" gulped the Kool-aid and are helping him achieve the destruction of our unique, exceptional country.

      The Republicans and TEA partiers need to come together to create a really strong conservative party. Please donate and help stop the push for amnesty, especially before the mid-terms.

      God Bless America and Her Patriots!

    111. Keith Franzen Exeter says:

      After reading all the posts so far this morning, all you like minded good Americans haven`t touched on the true root of evil this congress has done. You have a choice in selecting bread for your family. Brand A or brand B . So what drives Washington ? MONEY ! With out it, it can`t do anything, income taxes are due? Not. Redo your dependents to the max if employed. Self employed?? Use the shoebox method.. God know that the fingers of the Fed dig deep into all enterprise, so let them try running the country on what they can get from the hidden taxation. Do you really believe the irs can take on ALL of us?? Just a thought….

    112. ronnie rizzo, Pompto says:

      Shame on you polititians for literally destroying our wonderful country!!!We do not want Republicans to represent us in November we want Conservatives to replace them. Obama and his band of Marxists must be dealt with swiftly. Does anyone recall that Lennin did this very thing??We need to repeal this monster. After that All elected polititians must immediately bring their own lunch or pay for it!!! They need to purchase their own healthcare as we do!!! They need to pay for their own parking, No more salaries after retirement if the y want they want a retirement plan buy it like we the people do!!!!

    113. JOHN J. MORELLA SLID says:









    114. Dennis Social Circle says:

      The dems and obvama "rule" by fear and intimation, not by the people for the people or of the people. The death of the USA started on 1/20/09 and they have driven in nails ever since. I dio believe that the USA will soon become the SRA instaed. {The Socialist Republic of America"] We have to vote in 2010 to turn this mess around, it is time that this country returned to the basics of what made this country great, honesty-the dems have none- hard work- no more handouts for those that can and should work,- pride- not only in the country, but in ourselves- compassion- for each other. We must remember what the founding fathers said and di, what the WW1 veterans fought aganist, what the WW2 veterans fought aganist, Korean vets, and yes even the Vietnam Vets, not to mention what the Gulf war vets fought for as well as those that are still fighting and dieing for. FREEDOM HAS NEVER BEEN FREE, THERE IS A COST FOR IT. ARE WE WILLING TO PAY THE COST?????

    115. James A. Johnson says:

      The foregoing 143 or so comments are mostly very good for the cause of our beloved U.S., but as all one need really know is BARACK OBAMA IS A COMMUNIST – - nuff said!!

    116. Giles, Winnsboro, TX says:

      The President's promise to Stupak to create an executive order to protect government funds from being used for abortions, does this mean the Presidential order will trump the law? The majority of so-called "benefits' not being implemented until sometime after 2014, the collection of funds immediately in an increase in the deduction for medicare on W-2 income, the order of reconciliation (budgetary offenses) on a law that the President will sign into law this week. 159 or so jobs that will be created immediately to implement the steps of this law, the 16,000 IRS jobs that will be created immediately to allow the IRS to make their determinations of what we have as personal insurance coverage which will include printing of new forms, large distributions of new pages to the IRS directives handbooks CPA firms use to refer to what the rules are in maintaining their client's accounting needs, the massive invasion into the Student Loan program and those that will implement this. These are all costs to individuals for government. Voting will be critical in the upcoming elections, not just November 2010. Thank you for helping us to be informed so we can make a decision based on facts.

    117. Jackie Pierce says:

      I do not like the healath care bill, but I do not like federal control of education, federal control of the laws that should be the responsibility of the state, federal control of the banking and monetary system, etc., etc.

      It was inevitable that someone like President Obama would come along. In the light of what has happened in the past to all our institutions, who and what was to stop him?

      Jackie Pierce

    118. Patricia Najhawan, H says:

      And to do it by lying and using 'healthcare' as a tool to keep the lazy thinking they are being vindicated…little sheep taken care of. America is for those who think freely and act for themselves. No laziness allowed.

      This is the rule of the fool, now.

    119. James A. Johnson Bro says:

      The foregoing 143 or so comments are mostly very good for the cause of our beloved U.S., but all one need know is BARACK OBAMA IS A COMMUNIST, and all this bizarre foolishness will fall readily into place.

    120. ann kitay says:

      Do not tell me not to question the patriotism of elected officials when they are jubilant to pass bills on any subject or of any size that are unconstitutional! Evidently we have different definitions of Patriot!

    121. Patricia Najhawan, H says:

      A fake bill passed, by fools, the laws of the thugery…

      This is the rule of the fool.

    122. Claudia Pearson-Davi says:

      Thank you so much for the encouragement I felt after reading this morning's article from Heritage! It is so incredibly sad to know that so many of our "leaders" see themselves as either knowing what is best for us, or even worse, knowing it is just a stepping stone to our becoming a welfare state like Europe! They do this knowing what a dismal failure the socialism has been all over the world, through time, yet they think they can do it right! Such arrogance and self serving is almost too much to bear!

    123. ldot says:

      Here, here Spook!!! Maybe that's the rallying cry at reconciliation, this government is illegitimate!

      At the risk of ridicule, I really want to know what obama hides in all his papers…who's he really working for? It's not for the American people to try and better our country, so who?

      If proven once and for all that he is not eligible to be in this honored position, all his legislation would immediately be null and void. He could be booted (exiled to Siberia) and all his future wealth would be null and void as well.

      Like the member of the military who didn't want to see battle until he had proof that obama was truly the President who sent him to war, couldn't WE THE PEOPLE insist on his paperwork before such a destruction of our Constitution takes place?

      Impeach anyway, he swore to protect and preserve the Constitution.

      BTW, Floyd Brown has the website impeachobamanow.com

    124. Jodi, Palm Desert, C says:

      We need Pelosi out of power. Watching what the liberals have done to California is bad enough, but to now watch out Country destroyed is disheartening to say the least. We need to get rid of this supermajority. What were the American people thinking when this Congress was voted in?

    125. Mary Minjeur, Sterli says:

      I was completely devastated at the passing of the healthcare bill last night considering how many of us conservatives sent faxes, telegrams, called our representatives, etc. to vote NO and still they did not listen. I am so very glad that the Heritage Foundation has not given up and that we are going to work on an appeal. Outside of "civil war" to take back our republic, what else can we do?? I feel helpless and frustrated as an ordinary citizen trying to eradicate the socialistic wave our government is headed into. How can the democrats not know what they are doing? It almost makes me think there is another "power" working to take over our country by doing it from within. I pray that God will side with the righteous and the evildoers who want to destroy our freedoms and liberties will be thwarted! Thanks for all you are doing for God and country! A concerned American

    126. Robert Seewald says:

      "If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land." 2 Chronicles 7:14

    127. Robert J. Deck says:

      The most arrogant abuse of power by the members of congress that I have ever seen in my 72 years.

    128. Cynthia, Texas says:

      If you want the American Public of average intelligence to raise themselves off their couches and fight for repeal of this, someone will have to show them what is wrong with this in the simplest of terms, on billboards, in Newspaper ads, in magazines, etc. Take a passage or section at a time and hit reasons as to why it will hurt us and not help. Point out that the AMA endorsement represents only about 16% of the doctors in the USA.. and it does not have the backing or reputation that most people think it does.. find the myths, show the truth to everyone, non-stop, and help them to see why it is outrageous that anyone (republican, democrat, libertarian, etc..) would ever try to put a bill with this much change into the system!! Things must be bite sized and slow enough that we can fix the problems that these bills create easily. This bill is bound to be disaster because it is not thought out, it is too much too fast, and it binds freedom. We have to get Obama out of that office, or he will make us the SSA instead of the USA.. (Socialist States of America).. and America should always mean FREEDOM.

    129. Blair, Franconia, NH says:

      Remember 1988? George H.W. Bush was running for President against Michael "The
      Fish Rots From The Head" Dukakis, Ronald Reagan was in final year of his second term, and Congress passed a catastrophic health care bill. With a cost of approximately one billion dollars. Reagan quickly signed it into law and what happened? It was supposed to help seniors pay for catastrophic health insurance so
      they wouldn't have to send down their money in order to qualify for medicaid so they
      could go into a nursing home. Remember 1989? Right after Reagan signed it into law, Congress repealed it because it was too expensive. This bill, soon to be a law,
      is just like the catastrophic health care law Reagan signed in 1988. It's too expensive
      and it should be repealed. Will it?

    130. Bob hall Syosset. N. says:

      This is but the first step to a single payer system. The unintended consequences are truly frightening. One will be the end of a great deal of medical research. In the last 10 years almost all the advances in medical devices have happened here.Pacemakers, defibrillators,stents, catheters and their techniques, just to name a few. they have all occered here because of the profit motive. In a single payer system in order to turn a profit companies will drastically reduce their research expenses. Please excuse the spelling errors.

    131. Jupiter, Florida says:

      We should remind the chattering class in the media that the BiPartisanship was AGAINST this bill!! Their selective memories come in play when confronted with the facts.

    132. Richard Mallette, TH.D says:

      It is beyond belief that so many Democrats could sell out this nation for some corrupt bckroom deal. Whar cowards and I hope you people will bring into the light all those who made deals and highlight their names and districts so when November comes we will have their names at hand, ready to throw them out on their yellow backs.

      Richard Mallette

    133. Andrew Wojtkowski, H says:

      Dear Mr. Feulner:

      Poland's most famous 19th century romantic, Adam Mickiewicz, wrote a classic in verse titled Pan Tadeusz, or Mr. Tadeusz. One of the more memorable passages from that work refers to Ojczyzna, or homeland. A small excerpt roughly translates as follows:

      ". . . my beloved homeland, you are like health. One only knows how much to cherish thee, who lost thee . . .".

      To the average American reader, this passage may seem meaningless, but to me, it seems appropriate in light of what just happened in Congress. I'm an American of Polish descent. My father survived the Auschwitz concentration camp and my mother was driven into Nazi labor. I grew up hearing their stories of utter horror. When they emigrated to the States in the 1950s, escaping the post-War communist government in Poland, they breathed the freshest, cleanest air and knew when they arrived that they were truly, genuinely free. They fervently loved America and imbued in me that same sense of love of country and patriotism. In the context of their history (and stolen childhood, I might add), our country's founding principles took on much greater meaning to me. But now, I'm afraid. I will continue to pray for our country, and I will continue to support the efforts of the Heritage Foundation, through which we can develop the leadership that's needed to preserve the tenets of our constitution, our founding principles. They point to the truth about peaceful, lasting human events because they're grounded in the inalienable rights of man. As a country, we still may be divided, but if we strive to be free, our differences of opinion would eventually find consensus in the truth.

      Thanks for your work. May God bless you and may the Holy Spirit descend upon our land.

      Andy Wojtkowski

    134. Laila Garza Lehi, Ut says:

      Why do our elected officials act like we voted them into office as our parents and that they know what's best for us? Why are they allowed to continually make huge decisions that are not supported by the American People? We have to make our voices heard and not allow this Government Healthcare decision to stay in effect.

    135. Jim Freeman says:

      The display of arrogance and the lies, back room deals often displayed before our very eyes is astounding. To watch the House Speaker say that this was done for the American people last night was sickening. The Democrats, led by President Obama, are making a full out attempt to gain governmental control over every aspect of our lives. The Speaker's comment about how proud the Founders of this Republic would be of this legislation is truly an "Obamation". I do not know what it will take for them to get the message. Additional legislation is already in the works to deny the American people more freedoms and rights, i.e., the New Immigration Bill as well as Cap and Trade still loom heavily on our futures.

      As a small business owner I am extremely worried about the burdens we will face to maintain health care for our employees and to sustain our growth. One of the guests of Neil Cavuto last night made the statement that this vote and legislation would be the catalyst of "pre-revolution." Is this what it will take to bring our country to its senses? There is a feeling throughout our country that we as American citizens have no voice when it comes to deciding our futures. We must do everything in our power to avoid escalating this ongoing invasion of our rights. Until our congress and president take the majority of Americans seriously, our options to regain control of our own country until to be more and more limited.

      I realize that there are the November elections coming in a little over seven months. Let's pray that our memories are not short and that our commitment to hold true to our Constitution will never waiver.

      God bless the American people!

      Jim Freeman

    136. Terry B, Lake of the Ozarks Missouri says:

      Notice they are attacking symptoms of our problems which really are
      remains of the Great Society ie… we allowed to develop an underclass
      that the government pays to be non productive (welfare etc) from the
      Great society. Also the real problem is JOBS, and since GATT and NAFTA
      gutted 28% of jobs in our country and about 14% of jobs that fed manufacturing
      we are left without a money multiplier other than a scant service economy.
      We must now put all our chips on the table, and to quote a verse they will under stand how about; freedom, “by any means necessary.”
      We have to push back like we never have before. Pay attention because next
      they will legalize all the illegals and that will assure they Don’t get kicked out
      like so many think they will.
      It’s time to march, it’s time to listen to Michael Savage and other like
      minded patriots…

    137. KC - New Mexico says:

      The comments from this morning's Foundry are right on and show the feelings of many who do not provide comments. I questioned why my Representative did not vote along the lines of his constituencies and determined that many who are concerned do not communicate actively with their representatives in both houses of Congress. One of our Democrate Representatives of NM did vote "no" based on the input from his district. The following is the real issue –

      My 92 year old Mom told me the other day that many in Europe did not rise up and question the actions being taken by one individual in the late 1930's. The resulting dictatorship, killing, and destruction might have been prevented but no one acted.

      Consider the comments that we have heard lately about how the administration and leaders of Congress treat their members. We no longer have a democracy but we have a dictatorship process within Congress. The pressure from these leaders has corrupted the ability of the Representatives and Senators to really represent their states. Our Congress and administration are not interested in the majority of American views. They are interested in the money from special groups and basically the needs of the few. They are not interested in the needs of the many – because the majority does not let them know what we need or want. I imagine that today many are says – "Oh well", and then hoping for the best.

      So what should we do – this is not about being Rebublican or Democrate. It is about being an American and standing up for what our country is all about. The middle, or the majority need to stand up during the next few months, including November elections, and be heard. Yes the Foundry is one voice but the emails, phone calls, letters are more effective. We need the middle Dems and Reps in Congress to hear the middle and to start making real change. Our leaders need to hear from the middle, not the ultra coservatives or liberals.

    138. Laura K, Pennsylvani says:

      Well defined. This in not over, yet. It is matter of keeping our freedom the way the constitution and founders of this great country conceived it. We will stand steady and fight for what is wright for us, our kids and future generations.

    139. Justin, Florence SC says:

      "Those who supported this bill are our fellow Americans, and we do not question their good will or patriotism."

      Dr. Feulner, I respect your magnanimity. However, I disagree. These people are enemies of liberty and have threatened the Constitution for far too long. In my opinion, it's time to label them as such.

    140. Sterling Baer, Mesa says:

      Ring the church bells loud and clear, repeal, repeal, repeal! Let the tea party movement reach a fevor pitch unseen before since Boston and let's all put a STOP PAYMENT on on all our checks to Washington. This is a time for massive movement against the governments mandates. We must act now and never let up until we repeal the socialist bill and throw those out of office that do not listen to the American people.

    141. Jack Lohman says:

      If I knew that Heritage was not at least partially funded by the insurance industry perhaps I could agree, but to condone that industry’s ripping off the public is not acceptable.

    142. okiejim says:

      We are with you Ed. I watched our Constirution slip away last night. The fight is on the recover it. Let freedom ring!!!

    143. lorna osborne, Washi says:

      Thank you for those strong words of encouragement.

      This is not the America I know and love.

      Woe to the Democrats for their traitorous actions.

    144. Ken Jarvis says:


      I believe in an America,
      in which,
      we just don’t look out for ourselves,
      we just don’t tell people,
      you are on your own,
      we are proud of our individualism,
      we are proud of our liberty,
      but we also have a sense of
      neighborliness and a sense of community,
      and we are willing to look out for one another,
      and help people that are venerable,
      and help people that are down on their luck,
      and give them a pathway to success
      and give them a ladder
      into the Middle-class.

    145. robert schroer,ohio says:

      I think you give too much credit to the supports of the Health Care Bill.I would compare them to the Torys during the Revolution.They are indentionally imposing Socialism on this country.

    146. Mark Bigham, Houston says:

      I sure hope you are correct………

    147. Samantha, Texax says:

      Thank you, Mr. Feulner. I needed a talking too, for I was feeling defeated and just unheard. I have worked in Health care for about 20 years and this felt personal. I have been sadden by this administrations picture of CHANGE of America that We will be leaving my son and you reminded me that Americans do not give up, so easily! Thanks and God Bless America,Land of the Free!

    148. richard l engen says:

      I think it is too late. By the time this gets enforced, too many people will be on the plan to vote against it. This all comes due in the 2012 election year. The only recourse is through the Supreme Court and if new liberal judges are appointed…it will be here forever. He has done what he said he was going to do.redistribute the wealth.

    149. Todd S. Lindley, St. Paul, MN says:

      Dear Heritage,

      Yes, my wife and I will support your mission. We have already renewed our membership. Last night I cut an article out of the Pioneer Press newspaper that was about new Republican candidates getting ready to take on the current 4th District Representitive, Betty McCollum, in the Fall re-elections. She will be seeking her fifth term in a seat that has been held by Democrats since 1946.

      My wife and I plan to be at the Republican party’s April 17th endorsing convention and then support and campaign for the best candidate chosen there. We have never been involved to the extent we will be now. We will also fight to send Senators Klobuchar and Franken packing when their re-elections come back up.

      Keep up the great work!

      Todd S. and Mary R. Lindley

    150. disgruntled democrat says:

      Read only the beginning of your article. Just wanted to say that I totally oppose the government take over of one more thing. Apparently OBAMA does not comprehend that we can't afford it and that this country is already in DIRE shape. I am a registered Democrat, however, come this November I will be voting AGAINST Senator Boxer, and my daughter who just turned 18 will be doing the same.

      HOPE we can repeal this bill, and get this country turned around for the sake of all of our kids and for future generations.

    151. Robert Reilly Virginia Beach, Virginia says:

      I am sick and tired of hearing “we do not question their patriotism”!!! The democrat party has consistantly, thru the years, led the drive to deminish our military in the guise of cost cutting while increasing spending on social programs. Yes I do question their patriotism when the democrats want to undermine our Constitution and change our once great country into a socialist state.

    152. Robert and Candace Goldapper New York says:

      If we wanted to live in a socialist state, we would have moved to Europe. Aside from that, we can no longer feel safe with an administration which cares more about making a historical mark than protecting us from terrorism. All becomes moot when an insane madman like Ahmadinejad, desiring to make his mark in history as well, explodes a nuclear weapon in the middle east.

    153. Kimberly Benacquista, New York says:

      Please, please DO NOT rest until this dishonest, crooked, illegal healthcare bill is repealed. Never in my life did I think I would see my country, for which all of us have worked so hard to get where we are, sucumb to such trickery, deceit, dishonest and illegal activities. Nancy Pelosi is no credit to the human race — I can’t believe a woman, who is suppose to have some semblance of character, could stoop to the tactics she employed to force Democrats to vote for this horrible, horrible bill. And, Obama, — words can’t describe his dispictable and unprincipled activities! He never should have been elected to the office that he’s is in. My friends and I are of the opinion that he wants to tear this country apart. We are a divided country now, he has destroyed the auto industry and so many other cherished American principles. Can’t believe an individual can be do dishonest and rest peacefully.


      Mrs. Kimberly Benacquista

    154. Ted Stein, President and CEO, The Stonepath Group, Incorporated says:

      Healthcare needs reform, but not when there was a Republican majority or president. The Democrats will take a beating in the midterms, how sincere the concern. Donate now, so we can repeal the government takeover.

      I learned a long time ago, it’s always the third thing.

    155. Dave, Oregon says:

      Right on and well written – I’m mad and prepared to do whatever it takes to win our freedoms back.

    156. Ken Allison, Tyler says:

      The fight is not over. That part is correct. It is past time though for the gloves to come off. How can we not question the patriotism and motives of self-serving oath violators whose votes are for sale? These people are not well-intentioned public servants, they are the enemies of Liberty.
      This is not about health care or bailouts or high taxes. It is about freedom and our Constitution. And maybe also about my grandchildren who will live in some Orwellian nightmare if legitimate government is not restored.

    157. Andrea says:

      Maybe we should go right to impeachment and the heck with repeal!


      It is so refreshing to read an editorial with such positive fore thought and action to be taken by the 33 + 4 States to defeat the passage of the Euro. and Canadian style of Health Care systems. Please in November 2010 take the Gavel away from Nancy Pelosi and remove Harry Reid from his Senate Leadership.
      To bring back the AMERICA of LIBERTY and the pursuit of ones own happiness.

    159. Kevin Habib, Glen Bu says:

      That's just humurous – good luck with the whole repeal thing.

      Ever heard of a presidential veto?

      I do hope you spend all your time and energy on this for the next 3 years – love it when far right wastes so many reasources.

    160. Patrick McDaniel, Ohio says:

      Talk Show Host, and former aid to the Regan Admin. Mark Levin and his legal team will be on the attack, so not to worry. Mike Steele is also on the war path! Truth will prevail Mark in Houston. Keep in mind the far-left has now just destroyed the Democratic Party for a time to come.

    161. John, New Orleans says:

      Thankyou for your words of encouragement. yesterday was indeed a dark day in our country’s history. November is Coming!

    162. Sal G says:

      That’s a nice spin but until the dumb masses wake up to the fact that both parties brought this on, we are doomed. It is a sad day for America and the world. Without a strong and free U.S.A., the One World government that Bush, Clinton, Bush, Obama and unfortunatly too many other presidents wanted is now just around the corner.

    163. Elizabeth Franklin says:

      Yes, but do we have time? If BO pushes through Cap-and-Trade, illegal immigration reform, nationalizes banks and private property, then passes an Executive Order declaring himself President for Life — all before November — do we have time?

      They fight dirty, we fight clean. Yes, it's the right thing to do, but no public agency helps me fight him. I feel like I'm completely on my own. We need to ramp it up farther and faster, and hang together to fight like our lives depend on it — because they do.

      Let's all support The Heritage Foundation, MarkLevinShow.com, and others who are putting everything they have on the line to fight.

      But do we have time?

    164. Millie, Texas says:

      After we have all had a few minutes to get over our disappointment about this vote, let’s hop back in the saddle and fight on. A battle was lost, but not the war. Our very nation and way of life are at stake. So, fire up, troops! Let’s get back into the battle even stronger. Make sure everyone who voted for this political atrocity is defeated at the polls in November. And be sure to keep an even hotter fire lit under your Republican representatives.

    165. OleProf, Washington, says:

      An effort to correct the defects of the Obamacare bill, e.g., the insurance purchase mandate, will be successful. I believe most Americans see problems with health care and understand some aspects of it must be reformed, e.g.,tort law. However, efforts toward outright repeal will merely brand its advocates as pusillanimous obstructionists. Rather, we need to articulate clearly the flaws in the bill, e.g.,the mandate to purchase insurance, and advocate fixing the legislation.

    166. Mike Horst, Remington, VA says:

      No where in this bill was it stated that members of the House, Senate, and all other Federal government employees (including Obama) would have to utilize the health care plan that the “Parasitic Party” jammed down our throats. They enjoy a separate health care plan along with a special retirement system that the average American cannot ever have. Why?

      The Democrats insist on giving entitlements to every illegal alien within our borders. They consider all “undocumented workers” as future Democratic voters. Shame on them. Why should I have to contribute to their support when they aren’t even supposed to be here?

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    169. Larry Carter, Duluth says:

      This bill is outrageous, and the process that led to its passing was even worse. However this nation DOES need serious healthcare reform, including a SUBSTANTIAL reduction in its rising costs! To date conservatives, including The Heritage Foundation, have done an ABYSMAL job of crisply communicating alternatives to reduce fraud/waste and to ensure that our healthcare dollars are most cost effectively spent. Please don't tell me that 'we offered ideas'. I know that! What we MUST HAVE is an easy to understand communication of the 3-5 REAL problems with the current legislation AND 3-5 POSITIVE alternatives that WILL help the American people. Candidly, the Democrats out-sold us! While I say 'Shame on the Democrats' for passing this bill, I also say 'Shame on us' for letting it happen!!!

    170. Katie Lou, Kansas says:

      To Ken Jarvis: This is NOT a happy day for all Americans :( When you quote Obama saying "we don't just look out for ourselves, we look out for one another", in a country where FREEDOM rings, the government does NOT TELL YOU WHERE, WHEN AND HOW MUCH YOU HAVE TO GIVE TO YOUR "NEIGHBORS"!!!! When the government makes laws that tell you where, when and how much you have to give (ie: redistribution of wealth), we no longer have a free country, we have a dictatorship and we are truly heading down this path. You CANNOT dispute this, no matter how hard you try!!! Almost ALL American's want health care reform, but not the way it is being done…don't twist the issue…there is so much garbage in this bill that has nothing to do with health care, not to mention the take over of the student loan program. Students who take out loans will now be over-charged to help pay for this horrible bill. And that is another fact you cannot dispute, no matter how hard you try to spin it!

    171. Joseph LaBella says:

      The Democrats did the Conservative movement a huge favor yesterday. They proved by their votes that they are all leftists and can never fool the American people again by playing the moderate roll. They destroyed their party and hopefully this November we will see the end of their rule.

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    173. saleboter, Gainessville, FL says:

      We now have a government of and by but not for the people.

    174. Roger / Clarence, NY says:

      You wrote:

      I fully disagree with you. I do question their good will and their patriotism. I believe that these men and women – most of whom are lawyers – know full well what they were doing and what they have done. And further I believe that they are "traitors" to this country in that their goal is to "overthrow the present Government of the United States" and its Constitution. It is time that we see them as such and vote the whole liberal left (and the middle of the road group which has no moral spine) out of office.

    175. Hansel- Louisiana says:

      I am outraged at the abuses layed on the American people by the vacant, feel good minded liberals. Obamacare will just provide another excuse for Americans NOT to succeed. Why should they? all of the needs will be met even if you have a mediorce job you can aspire to “average” and live like you won the Nobel prize (oops wrong comparison no one can live like Him). You can loose your job and live on unemployment benefits ad infinidimun. While we “rich” Americans can work to pay.

      I am sick and tired of sob stories- I do not care about your dead sisters dentures, or your brothers tumor, or your mothers hair loss, everyone has a sad story. I lost my home and its ENTIRE contents including family antiques as a result of Katrina and guess what there was someone somewhere worse off than me. There will always be someone worse off and that we cannot fix that. Libs just get over it and go back under the rock you came from, the fungi need food.

    176. Mary Mitchell says:

      I feel relieved and reassured by your message this morning that more will recognize the House vote as you so perfectly put it, a tragedy of arrogance. I vigorously support the growing movement against a government takeover of health care. Thank you for raising our spirits this morning!

    177. Earl, QUEENS, NY says:

      Our only hope now is to get rid of as many democraps as possible, and to repeal this disastrous health/hellcare bill before it is fully implemented. On the bright side, the 2010 and 2012 elections are less than 8 and 32 months away, respectively. IT IS NOW CRITICAL THAT WE ALL GET TO THE POLLS IN THESE ELECTIONS!!!! We need to think of Donald Trump's two famous words and send (most of) the Democraps a message in these two important elections………."YOU'RE FIRED!!!!"

    178. John Shelton - Alamogordo, New Mexico says:

      This President while campaigning had so many red flags flying,
      that I thought it would be impossible for him to get elected,
      because I thought no Christian could vote for such a man with the back ground and associates that he has. Take a look at this
      administration; many of which couldn’t get a job at McDonald’s,
      or have the necessary knowledge for a decent employee. These
      bums need to be thrown out of office ASAP. Who can imagine
      what our country will be like in another three years with the likes
      of what we’ve got as a so called leadership. May God help us!!

    179. Al Reasin, Conowingo says:

      We are partially to blame! Congress outlasted us as they thought they would; they moved to use political trickery to achieve their goals as we maintained our same efforts; laud rallies, writing and Emailing. We were late to even demonstrate at congressional offices and who picketed their Rep`s and Senator`s offices as I did and where was my support for continuous picketing or my standing at street corners for 30 weeks with messages to alert my fellow Americans. We never ramped up our activities to peaceful sit-ins and disruption of government and congressional offices.

      Had MLK used our limited methods, chances are we would still have some form of segregation. The sucessful 1999 TN Tax Revolt was instigated by talk radio and Emails, so it can work if the people will get up off their couches to protect their freedom. So who in the media or even congress called for the same proactive peaceful efforts that achieved MKLs victory. People were not so bashful in the early 1960s. Heck, on Saturday when constituents were locked out of their Representative`s office and the staff threatened to call the police, the people left the public area complaining instead of calling for support and doing a legal silent standing protest in the hallways. I know for a fact that they could have done that legally until the building closed and even followed their Rep throughout the public areas of the Capitol complex. Our supposed betters hate having their freedom impinged and we could video their arrogance.

      I am disappointed that our citizens do not even have the respect of our military and civilian dead and life long disabled who have sacrificed for our liberties to sacrifice even a little to protect that hard earned gift. Shame on us.

    180. Barry N. Schmidt, D.D.S. says:

      Today is the day our freedom died. The health care bill was a bad one to begin with, but the real danger lies in the fact that it was unconstitutional to have passed it, regardless of the fact that those who voted for it betrayed us. I served in the health care industry for 35 years and had to put up with a bureaucracy that ran wild with taxpayer money (I speak from experience), and had no idea how to economize. But why should it? It wasn’t their money they were spending.

      To top it off, an entire taxpayer-funded student loan program was attached to the bill. The government can now decide who gets these loans, since they will soon be the de facto arbiter in charge. With the exception of one bank in North Dakota, it will be illegal for private banks to issue loans.

      Way to go, Obama. You and your Congressional buddies did a nice end-run around the American taxpayers by your lies to the public and by your arm-twisting members of Congress who cared more about their political careers than they do about America. This entire episode is nothing short of a huge push down the slick hill to Socialism.

    181. David Gage says:

      The Fiscal Elephant in Your Nation's Living Room

      Taxpayers of America wake up! In my entire lifetime I have seen every generation want and get more from their governments while at the same time they all paid less in real taxes. 'How' can this be you ask and should I ask 'Why'? Well, the how is very simple. It is the same reason for the mortgage failures in the current American world and that is that we all felt, or at least the majority of us and that does not include me of course, that it was the right thing to do when borrowing from your or your children's future. It seems that the "Spend all you can today for tomorrow you will die anyway" was the primary justification. There's the 'How'. Now, the 'Why' is far more difficult to answer, but here I go.

      To start, do you understand or have you ever even read about the family failure to recognize the truths in their own lives. Do you know to what this statement relates: "The Elephant in Your Living Room"? Psychologists have for years used this statement to point to the fact that many households have serious problems but most of the applicable residents seem to want to avoid addressing these problems at all costs no matter how serious the particular problem might be. Don't even talk about the problems, let alone try to solve them. Most people actually think that if they don't think about a problem it will go away. To some extent they are correct providing they die early enough and never have to really pay for their failures as individuals or members of their families. Now, take this line of thought to the current American government system, you know that group which is supposed to be there to service the basic needs of the taxpayers. The majority of those in the American government cannot or will not even look at what is in front of all of us. The cannot see the truth.

      This failure to recognize what is really happening in one's life is actually the same failure issue when it comes to the current "National Health Care Option for the USA". The majority of Americans want more today provided they can have this at no cost. They really do not care what the costs might be providing they can pass as much of these costs onto someone else or even better down to those who will be around after they are gone. It is amazing that the majority of those in the US House of Representatives along with the President feel the same way. Who cares about the debt? It is more important to spend before saving. Well, how many of you actually know what the national debt is? This question needs to be answered by you because this nation is currently running a 1.5 trillion dollar deficit increase each year (and according to the Obama White House this overspending problem will continue for at least the next ten years) and this does not include a penny of the new costs related to the majority supported current "National Health Care Option for the USA". That will only be more for your children and grandchildren to pay. Why is it that you want to add another trillion or two to this debt burden? Is it that you were taught that it is never a problem to pass a problem only on to those who you created? If so then also learn that what is even worse is the fact that you will add an additional burden on to their taxpayer shoulders when, and here it is important to understand that your current health care cost numbers created by the CBO (Congressional Budget Office) have not included the 20 million illegal aliens covered in the Obama budget, and they will pay for them as well?

      Wait a minute, you do not what to steal from your own children? Maybe I better not ask why but simply inform you that if you really do not want that to happen you had better call your Senators today and let them know this or at least begin to help the conservatives to develop an alternative plan, and do so now before it is too late.

      This is not a joke. Yes, we need a new type of basic health care plan in the USA and one very similar to that which has been laid out in the book "True Freedom – The Road to the First Real Democracy". However, the first thing which must be learned is that there can never be any government program which costs nothing. Every taxpayer in the USA will have to pay their fair share. Get away from the poorly educated Obama/Democrat groups and learn that their approach related to taxing only the rich is just dumb. The corporations and wealthy who control the supply side of the economy will raise their prices to include these additional costs and it will be you and me who will pay. Even worse is the fact that using the existing government program structure system the costs for poorer services will be much higher than they are today and you will pay even more in one form or another.

      In conclusion, it is important that the "America workers in the current world unite as the time has come for you to understand what is happening and then decide what you really can afford and do so in a way that you will not steal from you own children" for if you don't The Fiscal Elephant in Your Nation's Living Room will end up crushing most of them. Again, taxpayers of America wake up before it is too late!

      © 2010 All rights reserved


      Please note: Those of you who find this as being a very different way to view current issues might like to also take a look at the site http://www.democraticroad.com. This site has many articles which are far more serious and includes one, True Freedom: The Road to the First Real Democracy, which is the first truly democratic constitution ever written along with the needed 869 page explanation.

    182. V.T.Turk says:

      Ronald Reagan said," sometimes the Lord allows a country to endure a bad president to make them appreciate having a good president".

    183. Bev DiSanto says:

      Iam thankful that there are so many Americans like myself that are outraged at what happened yesterday.

      This was not a proud day for our government.

      Being born and raised in Chicago Iam well aware of the tactics used to get this bill passed.

      This was a time where the voice of the people was heard and ignored.

      We will not give up and the roar of our voices will grow louder and will be heard. For all you men and women who are in Washington and voted for this bill, we will remember you, you can be sure of that.

      I joined the Heritage Foundation this morning and Iam also thankful for them.

      I will be praying for you as you lead the good fight ahead of us.

    184. Gordon Gunderson says:

      Thank you., Clear, cogent and compelling. Last night I was depressed; it seems impossible for an individual to have any impact on legislation especially when even conventional rules are manipulated. I even made a poster for my car rear window: A half-mast flag annotated America r.i.p. March 21, 2010. Maybe a little premature but that;'s how I feel. Please let us know what we can do as individuals to get our country back. Donating, yes, is always good. But many of us want to <> something (besides join the dangerous-for-media Tea Party).

    185. Lloyd Welch says:

      I am so tired of hearing that these liberals are patroitic Americans. They are socialist and want to see the destruction of America. To them we are knuckle dragging, mouth breathing halfwits who do not have the intelligence to know what is good for us. Have you looked at CNN, MSNBC they are sure that now it is passed we will begin to love it, that they have protected us from our own stupidity. None of this really begins(except the taxes) for four years. When the tax burden hits we will have our chanch to repeal this.

    186. Gordon Gunderson says:

      p.s. Larry Carter above: You have hit it square-on. We conservatives, our congresspeople, our blogs, have not clearly and concisely and simply stated the case. Lots of verbiage. Our opponents should be able to repeat our position after reading it once. And every issue we support must be directly supported by an original prinicple. Establish principle and then connect the dots for the average America. Larry, please run for Congress.

    187. JOHN J. MORELLA SLID says:



    188. JFBeck says:

      A leader will emerge to us take into battle. The leader is Paul Ryan, congressman of WI. Heed his words, his vision and perserverance.

      Be prepared as we take this outside of the home onto the streets, the names you will be called by those 46% of this countries residents that want to worhip at the alter of Obama.

      Are you prepared to confront these people in yoiur conmmunity? The fight will only be won on this level of a fight. Hand to hand. Waiting untill Nov10 is too late.

      It is about today, and tomorrow.

      Time to fight people. Take no prisoners.

      The second revolution is now in session.

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    190. Peg Fisk Port Chester, NY says:

      Aside from the negative aspects of this misbegotten bill, I resent the whole racist bias that was thrown in at the end by John Lewis, Barney Frank, and Nancy Pelosi. In addition, to calling this bill, “An All-American” bill by Pelosi is just an insult to all of us–the American majority–who were against it. I do hope that we remember this day of infamy when November elections roll around.

    191. John B. San Diego says:

      I am calling this day now and forever "The Monday After"!

      Candidate Obama spoke of "Change We Can Believe In" or "Transforming This Nation" and railing remarks such as about “bitter Americans clinging to guns and religion.” He spoke with such distain in his tone and condescending expressions facial and body language. Now President Obama has succeed in creating more "Bitter Americans" never mind the guns and religion we come armed with the Constitution slung on our shoulders and the belief that rights make might not guns. The ballot box is we place our faith in government; this Obamacare that he finally took ownership of, this is not the end and this is not over

      The Sleeping Giant is fully wakened now.

      These Quislings parading our flag and wearing the badge of honor have started something they can not and will not finish. Mr. Fuelner, I have a request Sir,

      See if heritage can put up a “Petition to Repeal” on the website here were we might sign our names in support of "Repeal" ,in exchange I will join you and others as a dues paying member of The Heritage Foundation and pledge my undying support.

      You wrote of a gut feeling Americans had, even if we didn't understand the complexities of the bill. Today there is knot in my stomach that won't go away.

    192. Tenn Slim Tennessee Western says:

      1. The Conservative Coalition is forming, gelling and gathering strength thru adversity.
      We Will Prevail
      Semper Fi

    193. Roger King, New Hill says:

      Please keep up your great work and keep pressure on getting this bill repealed or changed to something with choice and that won't break the bank. Your a great organization.

    194. Linda Waalk, Houma, says:

      I was not surprised this bill was passed but am so completely, totally, disgusted with Obama and the legislators who slipped this in behind our backs and down ours throats. I am opposed and do hope for an appeal.

    195. Lloyd Welch says:

      I just read a comment by a person from Virginia. Just kick this debate off the plate,ie just accept it and move on. Do you see the arrogance in this statement? Hey stupid, this issue is not off the plate, we will not JUST move on. Hear this, we have just begun to fight. Now is the time to take off the gloves. They want to fight dirty, well we can fight dirty also. Now is the time for us to declare "Damn the torpedos, full steam ahead."

    196. Steve G says:

      The time has come for Americans to put down the remote or Xbox controller and get involved. If the Left will go to these lengths to ignore the will of those Americans who are informed and engaged, then they need to removed from office.

      I haven't found a better commentary on this entire health care debate than right here: http://rjmoeller.com/2010/03/battered-citizen-syn

    197. Ron Cox - San Antonio, TX says:

      The democrats have once again lived up (down) to the character of their leaders and passed a bill that should have never seen the light of day. There is a saying here in Texas – “if it was not for low class – he would have no class at all” – subsitute character for class and you have todays democrats. In the past I would vote in local and state elections for the person who I thought could get the job done. From this point on I will never support or vote for another democrat. They allowed themselves to be subverted or brought off by their leaders and have proved that they should never be allowed to hold a public office.

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    199. Rob, Grafton, WV says:

      I was raised to believe that we live in the greatest nation on earth. I have lived 39 years and I have firmly believed that to be the truth. I was raised to believe that we lelected men and women, to go to Wahsington, DC, to be our voice, so that we might be heard. Over the last year, I began to see these principals in action, until yesterday. The vote on this health care fiasco has taken just about everything that I believed in, about this nation. How can any elected official cast a vote that goes against the wishes of the very people that sent them to the senate or house? Since when is it alright to ignore the voice of the people? I served and faught in the United States Army, because I believed in the principals that this Nation stood for. Now, I am starting to feel as though this is no longer a democracy, but low slung socialism. I honestly feel that when our government refuses to listen or hear her people, we have every right to refuse to listen to their laws. In fact, we have a responsability to take over thie government at any cost, as it has failed to be our government. We used to have government for the people, by the people, and of the people. If we allow this type of government control to continue, we will end up with a single ruler, that never loses power and has his will, as he pleases. I am so angered over this, I cannot put into words my actual thoughts.

    200. Ken Allison, Tyler says:

      So many comments. Some quite eloquent. I remind you, Patriots of what Ben Franklin said:
      “I have lived, sir, a long time; and the longer I live the more convincing proofs I see of this truth, that God governs in the affairs of men.”
      We can and must fight. We must do all in our power- but it will not be enough if we do not recognize the gravity of the fundamental error we committed by allowing He Who gave us our Natural Rights to be expelled from our government, our courts and schools.
      The Founders pledged their lives, fortunes and sacred honor and at the same time acknowledged the necessity of reliance on Divine Providence. Without His help, blood may flow but we will fail.
      “And can the liberties of a nation be thought secure when we have removed their only firm basis, a conviction in the minds of the people that these liberties are the gift of God? That they are not to be violated without His wrath? Indeed I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just: that His justice cannot sleep forever.” T. Jefferson
      II Chronicles 7:14

    201. Victoria Maine says:

      It was with a sinking heart that I saw the Sec. of Health and Human services LIE in her "victory" interview with CBS news this morning. She said that she was sure that the president would not go back on his promise not to allow federal funding for abortion, JUST AS IT HAS BEEN FOR 30 YRS. A blatant lie. I am ashamed to admit it but within the last 30 yrs I have had TWO abortions, PAID FOR BY MEDICAID. New program, same director(the government), same outcome(bankruptcy). So Sorry to see my country here.

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    203. Spiritof76, NH says:

      It is time for loyalty oaths to the Constitution. Those that refuse, communists, socialists or progressives are not compatible in our country founded on individual liberty, private property and personal responsibility. They should be removed from the government. It is what our patriots did in 1775 by signing the loyalty oaths and exposing the tories and the loyalists that aided the British.

      Waiting for repeal is a futile effort. It will be vetoed. Supermajority will be required.

      Civil disobedience and shutting down the businesses, hospitals, banks, and shops for a week will bring the federal government on its knees. That is what is needed.

    204. James, Palestine, TX says:

      America needs to impeach Obama, Reid and Polosi. Obama has already lied about upholding the Contitution while Reid and Polosi have helped him do so.

      All of America, 60 to 100 percent of us need to back this impeachment up with our time, talents, efforts and money.

      We all need to hang together or seperatly.

    205. Donna S. Woodburn, O says:

      Thank you for the hard work you have done and continue to do to educate people such as myself concerning important legislation. I have recently become part of the senior citizen age group and have real concerns about my access to health care in the future. I know the more government gets involved in any program, the more expensive it becomes. The mandates, both state and federal placed on health insurance companies, have caused much of the increase in premiums. I remember paying for the doctor at each visit when my husband and I were much poorer; the cost was reasonable. I for one will not forget in November what happened on Sunday, March 21.

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    207. karen bonville pendl says:

      i am just sick about this.evilness knows no bounds.Americans will Not Stand for this . Pelosi is a freak of nature as is that thing we have in the Oval Office.We are angry and it is going to get rough here on American soil soon.That's sad too. Because we are a country founded on Freedoms and rights and integrity,but in theshort span of a year I have watched our freedoms and rights slowly disappear.

    208. Moderate one in Utah says:

      The thing that frustrates me about the whole health care debate is the fact that everyone seems to agree that somethings do need to be reformed, but no one actually offers any constructive suggestions (especially not the conservatives who have done everything to block health care reform and nothing to channel it in a constructive path). There is little argument that issues like pre-existing conditions, portability, and affordability need to be addressed.

      I am not at all sure that the government can do any better than the private sector has (probably not), BUT, we obviously can't leave it exclusively to the marketplace (read that as the insurance companies). If they were going to fix health care they've had decades to do it. It is very clear that the marketplace is NOT working in the healthcare industry.

      The Heritage Foundation and conservatives generally cannot win this or any other significant social battle unless you convince significant numbers of moderates such as myself. I can tell you that you will not succeed in that regard unless you start replacing some of your nasty rhetoric with plausible, common sense alternatives to those issues mentioned above that do, indeed, need fixing.

      Tone down the rhetoric and come up with viable, substantial and constructive alternatives and the elections this next fall will be yours for the taking. Staying totally negative impressing each other with your group-think rhetoric may making you feel better (kind of like venting), but it will not fix health care nor win elections.

      Oh, and by the way, while you're getting real and constructive, the Heritage Foundation and its conservative followers should address the issue as to how the Congress and the President, under six years of total Republican control (supposedly the party of the conservative), could allow the deficit to soar so much while under their stewardship. For moderates as myself, it makes Republicans look hypocritical . . . they spent like sailors on leave after six months at sea while they had total control, and now that they no longer have control, are trying to blame the democrats for doing the same thing they did.

      I love my country and know each of you do too. Let's work together in the spirit of constructive compromise and find a way forward that respects the essential and bottom line concerns of most Americans (which would be conservatives and moderates because no one element can, by itself, succeed — we are simply too diverse for that to be practical).

    209. stirling, Pennsylvan says:

      Time to start voting every single democrat (liberal-progressives) out of office this year and every single election to follow until there is nothing left of them in government. Democrats are no longer supporters of this countries constitution, and should not be allowed to continue their distruction of the free market private sector capitalist system. Democrats will never again be seen as anything but liars to me and my family for future generations. I have lost any and all respect for what they stand for.

    210. Justin, Florence SC says:

      Kevin Habib, Glen Burnie, MD on March 22nd, 2010 at 8:33am said:

      That’s just humurous – good luck with the whole repeal thing.

      Ever heard of a presidential veto?

      I do hope you spend all your time and energy on this for the next 3 years – love it when far right wastes so many reasources.

      Come back in November, Habib. Tell us then how humorous you find it. Ever heard of nullification? Ever heard of interposition? Here, I'll make it easy for you. Ever heard of the tenth amendment? Thirty-Three states are ready to file suit against this federal government. Why wait on this "bill" to be repealed? Why wait on the SCOTUS to rule it unconstitutional? Why wait on those lengthy processes when we, the states, can just say "no, we will not comply" right? So, please come back and tell us how humorous you find it when we refuse to comply with this unconstitutional tripe. I won't hold my breath waiting on you, though. You may not mind being a serf, but please don't be too offended when the rest of us refuse to travel the road to serfdom.

    211. Bill Lee, ArkLaTex a says:

      This is a show down over which way America will move.

      1. Toward more government and less private domination.

      2. Toward Freedom of the individual and free markets.

      The Left with Obama has finally caused the country to wake up.

      I am not sure which way America will go. They have allowed many socialistic measure into the fabric of the Country: Social Security, Medicare, and Medicade.

      Some compromise is possible but not sure either side is in the mood to compromise.

      Creation of the another bureauacy with health care may be the last straw in the Free Market and prosperity. If Obama and company would get off the Cap/Trade farce the country might rebound with oil drilling and energy production and pay for the healthcare mess!

      But I think Obama and company want America in decline and a debtor nation. Wonder if all the media types know they will suffer and the others that depend on a good economy for their prosperity?Why else would Obama raise taxes when History shows more taxes damages the economy and lower taxes bring in more tax revenues and prosperity?

      Wonder what Obama and company think they will gain with third world America?

    212. Bill Bonifay says:

      This fight must be advanced and battles won within the next 7 months with more energy than in the last year. If power in congress is not changed in November this monstrosity will slide into the future as the catalyst of the economic demise of this country as we know it.

    213. Jim Garcia , Cypress says:

      It’s extremely difficult to understand the “sucker punch” that own elected officials have hit us with in expanding their ideology … I do know how to fight wrong! and that is with right !. Right will always win. See you all at the rallies, see you all town halls. See you all election booths …. Lets Buck-up and fight the good fight

    214. J. White//Quinton, N says:

      I have written it before. This anti-American lying African is deadset on destroying this nation. His hatred for this nation is his driving force backed by the liberal leftist obscenities such as Soros, Ayars, Jeremiah Wright. all of whom cater to those too lazy to work to succeed or too convinced that somehow or other that they are a privilieged class. "sacred cattle" is the term that comes to mind.- created by white liberals solely for the sake of their own political power. The result of their efforts? Just look at what the scurrilous thieves did on Sunday night.

      We must and shall keep in mind that this is a terrible thing that has happened- voted on by dishonest people. The momentum cannot be turned off, but increased. We SHALL NOT become inured to this and let our thoughts subside into submission…

      We must repeal this and throw the make-believe president out on his arrogant behind. His psychological disorder is obvious- narcissism of the worst form…a la Hitler, Stalin, Mao….Chavez……..similar in their mindsets.

    215. Richard Houston, Tex says:

      If there are 33 states that are considering challenging certain aspects of the bill (such as the mandate to acquire health insurance), then why not try to get the states to convene a constitutional convention to pass an amendment to nullify this law and make it impossible to happen again? Is this approach worthwhile? I realize that the state executive branches will be challenging the law, but some of these states have had legislation that has approved the challenge or endorsed it in some way.

      My other question is has anyone talked about the fact that the bill the House approved (the Senate bill) originated in the Senate, and not the House, making the bill unconstitutional? I do not think that the Senate can get around this fact by taking its bill and attaching it to an unrelated house bill and then deleting all of its language. The bill's text still originated in the Sentate! Has Heritage written on this matter?

    216. karen bonville pendl says:

      What happens now?

    217. PETER STRASCINA, ALB says:

      We can all dream on, if we like, but this will never be repealed. Not now, not ever. Every one of our congressmen from NM voted for it, and both of our senators are in favor. We are not unique in that respect. The only chance of making a dent in this is to focus our efforts locally and work our "como se llamas" off to defeat these people in the upcoming election. In our state, that will not be easy because NM's lifeblood is cronyism and the way of the "patro'ns". The enitre state culture is one of handouts and favors. The rural majority historically has been the tail wagging the dog. The effect has been that practically everyone in state government here (the largest employer, by the way) is related to everyone else in state government here. OK, so a bit of an exaggeration, but only a bit. Thank you, and may God help America (although, given the manner in which we have, over the past forty or more years, invited him to butt out, He may not care about the country anymore, either…)

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    219. Sally, TN says:

      Thank you for so eloquently putting our thoughts into words. The American people, the majority, are so disheartened today. I can fully understand the emotions and feelings of our past citizens during the periods before the Revolutionary and Civil Wars. Our current president and his puppets feel that we will all eventually come around to their way of thinking. But what they don't understand is that this goes beyond health care. It is our Constitution, our foundations that are being attacked. And just as Bin Laden underestimated the American people after 9/11, so does this current administration underestimate us. Our voices will be heard, we will not go under without a fight and I thank you for what you've done and continue to do in support of this republic.

    220. Karen, Kennewick, WA says:

      This health bill isn't constitutional (read Publius Huldah's Blog above), but neither is Barack Obama acting as our president constitutional, since he was born in Kenya, and his American mother lived outside the United States from her 14th to 18th year, not giving her the necessary eight years living in the United States, after the age of 14—-per our constitution. So where do we U. S. citizens go for help to get our constitution back? The people who can do it don't. We're headed for a war. We're getting fed up!

      Why don't you just say vote for whatever you want. We're not going to abide by it because you're outside your duties in voting for or against such a bill, it's not why you're there!—-per our constitution.

    221. duelles, santa fe says:

      Thank you Ed, Heritage supporters and rabble rousing Constitutionalists. I have spent the morning reading comments here. This couuntry is full of great, astute people who I will join with at whatever level is available to me andmy maeger means to prevail over the Cretins in Congress and the White House.
      In years to come as we realise that this is unsustainable the Left will again try to rewruite the Obama’s history.

    222. Nancy Steger, Wilmington, NC says:

      Hello tyranny! Goodbye constitutional republic! Now that the Democrats have shown the Constitution to be a meaningless scrap of paper and rendered the laws of this land impotent, any insane whim of the president or congress can become law . This is a bloodless coup d’ etat. When will the Republicans realize that the “Socialist” movement is passionate, powerful and relentless in working to destroy the Republic. We can’t afford to elect any more Republicans who are dimwitted, weak on Conservative principles and just want a career with light duties and a lot of perks. Socialist tentacles have been reaching deep into our insritutions for decades. It will take powerful, aggressive Conservative strategies at all levels of government to recapture that usurpation of liberty. It’s not enough to elect a Ronald Reagan now and then. We must all be Ronald Reagans vigilantly defending our Constitution from the socialist barbarians forever. Attacks on liberty never stop.

    223. Matt, Indian Head, M says:

      Yes we've lost a battle and the war goes on but the problem is that we keep getting bested at every turn. Unless something fundamentally changes in the way our opinions are heard and or voiced I fear that we're all at the Alamo….and we're inside! Every morning I visit this website and I feel better, not alone but I wonder if that's part of the problem? Most of us hear are preaching to the choir and that clearly isn't getting us very far. But how do you combat the information presented by Liberals without any viable outlet? All the major Conservative talk show hosts are regularly lampooned to the point they've been neutered while we who listen to them are immediately depicted as racist, rednecks and Tea-bagging morons. We have no media forum to make our arguments and no one to make those arguments in a way that can withstand the Liberal "principled" counters. Fox news may be popular but it is the channel Liberals love to hate…I don't believe they're changing many minds.

      When a preponderance of shows on television portray Liberals in a positive light and conservatives negatively I don't see how we can make any headway especially when it inevitably degenerates into an US versus THEM debate and far too many regard their party affiliation the way they do their favorite sports team. It is no easy task to convince someone who has so very much invested in a belief that they are fundamentally wrong.

      We conservatives are easy targets and so much easier to portray poorly than our liberal counterparts. Images of angry mobs, terribly offensive signs, stories of congressional members being spit at or having racial epithets hurled at them don't just damage our credibility, they cripple us. I don't know if any member of congress was spit on, or subjected to racial taunts….I hope not, but rejecting such claims because we don't want them to be true, or have no proof won't do anything to further our cause. We need to be ready to lay the proverbial hammer down on anyone we see or do such things, PERIOD. In the end I'm reminded of a quote, "Whenever we open our mouths we can be reasonably certain of doing at least one of the following: endear ourselves, disgrace ourselves or redeem ourselves".

      I'm not trying to be contrary or combative but Last night's vote cut me to the core. Perhaps I just needed to vent

    224. Robert White, Pleasa says:

      If Congress make repeal tough, with 36 states going for legal redress, it only takes 34 state legislatures to begin a Constitutional Article V convention that Congress has to recognize. This has never been a game of one side wanting change and another not.

    225. William Cole, Texas says:

      Patriotism to not be questioned? Regardless of intent, this health care legislation is unconstitutional. The powers of Congress are explicit and the general welfare clause was taken out of context to justify the unpatriotic actions of all of those that voted to pass this legislation.

    226. wallyblu Zion IL says:

      Why don’t the producers of our society wake up. Let’s join the welfare parade and quit working and let the Government support us.

      Oh, that’s right who are they going to get the money from to support us?

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    228. Tom Lewellen, Scottsdale says:

      I am absolutely with you on the repeal of this legistlation. What I would encourage Heritage to add to whatever effort it embraces for the repeal a set of solutioins that move America away from social programs.

      We need to transform our notions of social welfare. We need to adopt solutions that focus on personal responsibility. We need to move away from ‘write a check’ programs that send Americans down the path of government-sponsored lives of quiet desperation and down the road to a greater America.

      Tom Lewellen

    229. Diana Pollack Cleveland OHIO says:

      I am so sad to think of all the young men who died in Europe and South Pacific to defend this great country. My own Father was in The South Pacific for 4 years. They fought and died for what, so these people could destroy all that we have cherished and held dear. Never believe that one man can cause such chaos. He said in October of 2009 that he was just days away from completely transforming this country. We have just begun, we must be willing to fight back. I pray everyday to our Lord Jesus Christ to give us all the courage we will need to step up and take on this fight. Remember this is the season of Lent When Jesus made the ultimate sacrifice to save all of us. Remember that and this will seem small. We are fighting for those who came before us and those who come after. Vote in November and vote republican and vote pro life. God Bless the Heritage Fdn. and God Bless America. Thank you.

    230. David, Virginia says:

      Just as a preface to this statement I’d like to say that I am and will for the foreseeable future be an Independant.

      One thing in this whole mess of a situation that no one wants to point out is that the party with the (R) in front of its name didn’t do anything about health care or insurance reform when it held all the power, so it deminishes the weight of the outrage when you had a chance to do it your way and chose not to. It is always easier to be on the sidelines, and even though I totally disagree with the outcome of this bill I applaud the decision to do something other than talk and kick the can down the road.

      If you want something out of your elected officials you ask it of them when they have power, not when they are trying to build their cases for getting elected BACK into power. Anyone can say the words Republican, or Conservative, but as an ex-republican its easy to see it doesn’t make a bit of difference (i.e. the bush years and its radical budgets and spending). To the democrats credit they elected someone (along with millions of independants) that told everyone this was his plan, unapologetically, and he then followed through.

      The bottom line is for some time this has been a government run by two large pools of millionaires and billionaires, devoid of anyone that could even be mistaken for a regular American. Until the purpose of public office returns to standing behind your principals instead of “whatever it takes to get power back”, we will continue to see both parties say things to get elected, just to let us down.

      As a positive to this whole situation, for the first time I can remember in my life, a politician followed through on his word, re-election be damned. Its just too bad it had to be over something like healthcare.

      To the republican party, pay attention to this; its much more important to stand by your principles in the long run than to do what’s necessary to get re-elected every four years. So its time to remember your principles. And i don’t mean throwing around arbitrary terms like Socialist or Communist just to scare people into voting you back into office.

    231. Ross Blankert on the says:

      All the progressives must go. Fire them All in the Fall. Write it on your money and make the banks take it out of circulation and just keep doing it until they give up. It is not like the media is going to help us in our quest to oust the Democrats. We may have a shooting civil war here if Obama tries to take our guns before the elections. I predict amnesty for the illegals and Cap and Trade and new bills to end the right to bear arms. Why not get it all in before November? The war is on.

    232. Thom Kline, Mi says:

      I was so moved by Heritage President Ed Feulner's Repel email, that I had to donate for the first time.

      I was pretty upset after watching 219 sellouts move this country closer to a European type Economy last night. That Repeal email was a great piece of writing, it really made me feel better and to do my part for this Great Heritage Foundation. I finally got in there and made a donation for them to keep up the fight.

    233. joyce nj says:

      With all that we do — it does not seem to matter —they are in the white house governing us and we are the outsiders , who cannot come in to protect ourselves . I am afraid that November will be too late — we need to enact something right now. This is so intrusive in our lives . why cannot we impeach this president ?? We have never had one so cocky and so full of himself as this man! I know that this is lengthy process but this man is destroying america as we speak. I would love to find out all the back door deals that he has provided. –WE ALREADY KNOW SOME! And why cannot we do anything??

    234. Anne, Portland, Oreg says:

      What can we do? It's imperative that we get rid of everyone who doesn't care to represent the ir constituents!!!!

    235. Joseph Torres Ohio says:

      The Democrats know that it will be an end to theeir career but they are also counting on the American public to let by-gones be bygones and forget what has happened in March come November. I believe they also felt as though they had to sacrifice their position in order to meet Reids and Poloseys agendy for the political party. I'm sure they also received some sort of pork funding for their sacrifice as well as some extras we don't know about.

      I also believe somewhere just before November they will create a false flag in America in order to divert the American Public's mind off of the elections hoping to retain their seats and positions with the Obama Administration. They are very sure of themselves because they know the American Public has a short remembrance of the things past and want to look toward the future.

      We must keep this in the forefront of our minds and what our goal is for the Country and our Families as well as for our Freedom.

    236. Thomas Rees, Califor says:

      Many have observed the invasion and successful, and so far, bloodless, takeover of politics by Communists. Both the California and the U.S. conservative element has surrendered without a shot fired in defense.

      I suggest it tis nearly time to start defending this Republic lest it be permanently lost.. There are many examples of national takeovers of what once were free nations. Shall the U.S.A. simply be the most recent Venezuela? Or should we react to this leftist takeover with some kind of "Direct Action"?

      I for one am very concerned for the future of this Nation.

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    238. Joe Melle says:

      In the WSJ this morning a company said that due to the new healthcare law that makes it a requirement that all employers provide health care that when the law goes into effect they will be forced to lay off 1000 people. I wonder how much progress those 1000 people think we have made. How about all the mom and pop companies that cannot afford health care for its employees? I know a guy that owns a “Post It” store and has two employees, he said he will have to lay one off and be forced to work more hours himself because he can’t afford to purchase insurance for two employees. And why does the government have the right to force me to have health insurance.? This was the worst bill ever passed. We are one step closer to losing the American way. Barrack Obama is the worst President in the History of the United States. He certainly is keeping his promise of transforming America though. Transforming us into a socialist nation where the will of the people is ignored and individual rights cease to exist. What a horrible day for America. We are a country without a president and a people without representation.

    239. Ken Krul, Long Beach says:

      "Those who supported this bill are our fellow Americans, and we do not question their good will or patriotism. "

      I do! you should! There is a lot more to this than appears to the eye. In fact, there is way too much more. Stupak should know that an executive order cannot undo a law. Why did he buy into that? He has to know, like we all do, that if Obama is breathing, he's lying.

      No, there is much more afoot — 2,400 pages afoot.

      The "death panels" were built into the "stimulus" package. The government take over of student loans was built into this "healthcare bill."

      "Pass the bill and then we can read it and see what's in it?" – Nancy Pelosi

      How stupid can anyone be to think that this administration is patriotic and wants to look after the people? Good God! Has political correctness reached that far down.

      People who don't want increased taxes are "unpatriotic" according to Pelosi and Biden. If they can deem (and they're good at "deeming") others unpatriotic have we not the right to do the same? Conservatives have never called Liberals "Nazis," but this is a favorite word of the Liberals when describing Conservatives — used, no less than by John Kerry, Ted Kennedy and — Nancy Pelosi.

      It's time to call a spade a spade (which has to do with digging implements, not race) and realize that it's time to give up the Marquis of Queensbury rules and start street fighting.

    240. Richard, Georgia says:

      The vote on the health care bill last night was and is not an example of government by the people. Those who did this are not patriots of the U.S. Constitution – they are looters and traitors. Has Congress now become our enemy?

    241. Pingback: Senate Health Care Timeline | Fix Health Care Policy

    242. John B. San Diego says:

      Delete my last post and you are right in your decision

      Sometimes emotion,haste, and spell check turn me in the wrong direction.

      Apologize to Mr. Feulner for mis-spell.

      I did intend the remarks.

      And I want to see the petition if you are so inclinded Heritage

      Delete this post too.

      Thank you moderator

    243. Erich T. Harrold Enc says:

      I would hope you would post and keep a list of those rotten jerks that voted for this

      horrendous "health care" bill.

      i will surely print it, but we need to see this "TARGET" list each time we get your email updates.

      DO IT!

    244. Don Henry, Edmond OK says:

      "Those who supported this bill are our fellow Americans, and we do not question their good will or patriotism."

      Until we acknowledge that there are those in our country, even our fellow countrymen, who seek the destruction of our way of life in pursuit of their own agenda, until we realize that there are those Americans who are willing to destroy this country from within, who have no respect for the Constitution nor the inalienable rights granted to all men by God, until we, with ferocity, question the good will and patriotism of those whose actions overtly threaten our basic liberties and freedom, we will not prevail over their many machinations. For until we are prepared to confront the enemy as the enemy and hold them accountable for the destruction they wage against us they will continue to advance their powers and their control over our lives because we lack the resolve that comes only from confronting the enemy head-on.

    245. Dave, Provo, UT says:

      Served 20 years in US Air Force as assistant to Flight Surgeons. From my native counterparts in England, Germany and Spain learned that when they had enough income they opted out of government health care and paid for a private Doctor. Why? They got faster, better individual care. That same approach will become popular in the US unless the government take over can be defeated.

    246. Ray Soulard Contooco says:

      Don't waste your breath or your energy fighting this – it's too late. The country our founding fathers designed and built was abandoned and forgotten long ago. Even before socialized health care there was no going back; this, and more government takings like it, are all we have to look foward to. People came here independently pursuing the American dream in the land of the free, the land of opportunity.

      That dream has been displaced by the dream to be like Canada, or France, Greece, etc…

      It is too late for Atlas to shrug. He may as well just let the earth fall and walk away. The takers far exceed the makers.

    247. Chuck Olympia, WA says:

      I plan on contributing to any candidate that is going to run against the Democratic Congress and Senate in Washington, so we can stop the madness. The seed has been planted for Universal Nightmare, and by the way did anybody notice that Obama now runs the financial aid institute in America? I've signed up for Repeal it and will do anything in my power to stop these sell outs.

    248. Vince Rinchiuso, Tex says:

      I believe its Title V gurantees protection from descrimination in religion.Now to exempt Amish,and Jahovah Witness only is Discrimination and unConstitutional.

      Also I think it should be illegal for a president to harass,intimidate,bribe,threaten

      members while they are considering and voting on any bill-the only voices they should hear should be from WE THE PEOPLE.

    249. Paul Wisconsin says:

      When I look back over the last 20 years of our history as a nation, this comes as no surprise. I firmly believe that now the reasons for NAFTA and GAT are clear. With out good paying middle class jobs the opportunity to socialize would be welcomed with open arms. A job and a good paying job is what leaves a citizen independant of government controlled programs. While granted taken into consideration of those who choose not to succeed or work hard for the rewards such as health care and retirement they also contribute to a want or desire to be taken care of by some type of government run system.

      The insurance industry did also contribute to the problem causing a desire for protection of services from the industry. Another opportunity to socialize.

    250. Sarah, Wisconsin says:

      To those who say health reform will cause rationing. Do you think Democrats want that? Or do you honestly think it is a big conspiracy to help the government take over all our lives, or for some bureaucrats to overthrow the government? I understand there are legitimate differences of opinion between right and left, but please don't be ridiculous. Let's avoid accusations of treason, please.

      I have good insurance through my employer, but I support the bill because not everyone is as fortunate as me. And because I believe in a "national character" that doesn't deny Americans access to medical care.

      This is not a socialist takeover. It is an attempt to make sure everyone has a fair shot at healthcare.

    251. Jill Colvin, Temecul says:

      Thank you for a concise framing of the debate as it moves forward. Read your constitution people! Know the laws of the land…apparently six US Reps believed or thought that we were stupid enough to think that an Executive Order over-rode a piece of legislation….apparently our President is uneducated in this or thinks we are stupid enough to fall for this as well. Replace these goons, repeal this trash then impeach the leadership that used bribery and blackmail to get this done…Replace, Repeal, Impeach!

    252. Lee White Tanks AZ says:

      The passage of the ObamaCare package is a huge step in moving from a "wounded" Democratic Republic to a full blown fascist Enforcement Society.

      Take note of the new expanded role of the IRS who will be hiring 18,000 new "enforcers" of the ObamaCare mandate. Note as well the expanded role of the EPA is the Cap and Trade legislation is passed. You breath CO2 which is now designated as a "dangerous" pollutant. Where do you think this is going to lead.

      Look at the new laws and regulations coming into being from Senator Dodd's new and expanded Financial Institution(s) regulatory agency. Barney Franks New and Improved expansion of federal controls over mortgage lending.

      Also note the new controls that are included in the ObamaCare take over of the Student Loan industry to help fund the already defunct new entitlement.

      The currently proposed Immigration Reform package is loaded with new policies and procedures amounting to a host of new enforcers and enforcement issues.

      Just add all of this to the 18 or so "policing" agencies the average citizen is now subjected to and one must ask:

      Does anyone begin see a pattern here???

      PC is Thought Control


    253. MichaelScottLawrence says:

      Check w/your legal staff(Being acquainted w/several, I KNOW there are a few legal beagles present)

      and apply the principles of Marbury vs. Madison, (1803) Which declared, +/-, An unconcstitutional statute is invalid on its face from the moment of its enactment, and not merely from the decision so branding it !! I could delineate the egregious disregard for our founding principles that began with the Whiskey Rebellion(G.Washington had no choice, and the fools should have knwon better than to challenge him), the murders (and attempts) of several presidents and others by enemy agents, from Harrison & Tyler to Lincoln & McKinley…the bankers tried to have Andy Jackson shot 3 rimes; on the first two occasions, he shot the would-be assassins with his own pistol ! On the 3rd, his companions were the more alert, and that lackey was hit several times! None of the pols cannot know that the Fed is a fraud, and they are, with too few exceptions, collusional! In my sainted perspective, treasonous actors are thieves and murderers, and they deserve no more compassion nor mercy than do pedophiles, who should be dismantled, cell by cell!! Thank you for your efforts, may you continue to be blessed, and perseverant & tenacious in your service to our people…

    254. Don Torre/Muskogee,O says:

      Thanks,i really needed that…

    255. Lee White Tanks AZ says:

      My answer to those asking about or suggesting a Constitutional Convention:

      Absolutely NO and a thousand times NO. Such a convention puts everything on the table. Every part of our constitution would come under consideration for change.

      Remember there were few if any attorneys involved in the writing and passage of our original Constitution and Bill of Rights. Take a hard look at todays society and the absolute dominance of the legal profession and think again about the advisability of a Constitutional Convention.

      Additionally, it just took 2077 pages to write a health care bill. Can anyone even imagine what a new constitution would entail.

      This is just not an option!

    256. mark woodard burling says:

      It is gratifying so many are trying to stop this, but I fear the efforts will fail. Even if we take back congress, it's a long way to repeal.

      The question isl, should there be a major march on DC? If so, count me in.

      The other more radical approach would be a strike, or national "sick in". This might do more to hurt us but at this point what do we have to lose?

    257. Tom- Florida says:

      I think you should point out some of the lines of the bill. Then people will see just how intrusive this thing is!! As I understand the following is true: Pg. 50 bill will provided to all non US Citizens. Pg 42 the health choices Commissioner will make your choices for you depending what you have. Pg 29 your health care will be rationed. Pg 30 a Govt. committee will decide what benefits you get. The IR S will audit your books if you are an employer, or patient to see if you are providing the required insurance and fine you if you are doing and insuring accouring to their requirements. In order to do this the IRS will be hiring aprox 16,000 more agents for audits. If you need care the govt will decide what you get– if you are elderly you may get a special consideration by a committee that will decide possibly that you are not worth the regular care–decide when you die by the care your case will justify!!! It's all in the stew folks–you just didn't know this. Also think of the people that are running a business that will decide to lower pay so they can afford your helth care if you are an employee? Don't hire as many people because the health care will eat away what your business makes. Less employees—not more make sense. There's a lot of bad stuff here folks and nothing that has been really tried—just ideas that the govt is going to force on you whether you like it or it works or not. Too bad for the comming generations.

    258. Jessica, Texas says:


    259. Duane, Steilacoom, W says:


      God Bless The Heritage Foundation. Since the Congressman who voted FOR this FRAUD violated Article 7 of the Constitution with this UNCONSTITUTIONAL sharade can we inititate RECALL PETITIONS to recall them? In response to our anger at this FRAUD, these democrat congressman are saying: "we are confussed and don't understand the bill". This shows their arrogance. We are much smarter than these arrogant people think. I will take issue with your statement that these are "well meaning people". No they are NOT. They are systematically destroying the is Nation. That Ed is NOT being well intentioned. They have been at this since the 30's. My wife and I lived in Germany (a socialist Nation) for 11 years while serving our Nation and watched it in action. On several ocassions I as required to go to a German hospital for medical care. It was a frightening experience.

      Our thought for the day: Thomas Jefferson wrote to James Madison: “The People…are the only sure reliance for the preservation of our liberty.”

      OK folks… get off the couch and let's do what we need to do to CLEAN HOUSE. My wife and I have never been for term limits, but after watching this fraud, we are rapidly changing our minds. Our Founding Fathers never believed that a congressman would come to Washington D.C. and STAY there. We don't have ANY statesman in D.C. anymore.

      God Bless America and our great warriors! Please remember to pray for them and their families.

    260. ANTHONY ROCHESTER ,N says:





    262. Pingback: Anonymous




    264. Katie Lou, Kansas says:

      Sarah, Sarah, Sarah….that is so great that you have health insurance, but support the bill because "others are not so fortunate". We are glad you believe in "national character" and don't want to deny "medical care" to anyone…YOU are so ignorant!!!! Once again, and I will type it s-l-o-w-l-y so hopefully you can understand it….ALMOST ALL AMERICANS ARE IN FAVOR OF HEALTH CARE REFORM!!!! BUT, this bill has so much garbage in it that has nothing to do with health care!!! Did you even know about the student loan bill that was attached to this "health care" bill???? I am sure you don't and I can't believe you agree with all the bribes and benefits that were given to certain states…and who pays for this….WE DO!!!! Nothing is free…the government does not have money making ability….they get their money from YOU and ME!!!! And in a democracy WE THE PEOPLE choose who we want to give our money to and not have the goverment tell us that we have to share our hard earned money with others…that is the redistrubution of wealth that Obama wants!!! It is call Socialism!!!! Wise up!!!!!!

    265. Chuck, Arizona says:

      Many liberals want common sense (?!) solutions posed by conservatives regarding health care reform. Here's just one that will lower costs by thousands.

      Tort reform.

      People cry about how greedy doctors perform every test on the planet and over medicate. The reason for this is that if they didn't and someone had an episode, the ambulance chasing lawyers would be the first ones in line convincing the patient they need to file a lawsuit. Doctors are so afraid that if they miss something and don't cover all the bases, they are leaving themselves exposed for a lawsuit. If malpractice insurance rates drop, so will health care premiums, hospital and doctor bills as well. This doesn't include the savings from only performing necessary tests and prescribing necessary medications.

      We don't need the government in charge of anything else in our lives. We need to get the government out of our lives and start taking care of ourselves again.

      Does this sound like common sense?

    266. Rick, Texas says:

      I urge all to write your governors, state senators, and state representatives. It takes 34 states to call for a new Constitutional Convention. In one swat, we can start over. Term limits, fair tax, no lobbyists, and eliminate or redesign the social programs. Voting by popular vote, and do away with the electoral college.

    267. Pingback: Privacy Policy

    268. john fleming says:

      They attached the student loan takeover so that when our independent M.D.s leave their practice, the statists will offer physician training to those they give the loans to. The hook will be that each and every loan granted will be that the payback will be indentured servitude for 10 years of medical treatment.

    269. Jim, Orange City, FL says:

      As a life long Republican I can honestly say that I am ashamed and embarassed that my party fails to recognize the underlying problem that allows many Americans, myself included, to see Obamacare as offering at least some respite from a medical insurance morass that hopelessly stacks the deck against anyone with health issues. Millions in this country have lost their employment through no fault of their own. While losing their homes is surely a very real threat as a result of this is a threat a year down the road. What most will lose immediately is health care with the loss of their health insurance tied to their work place. Not all who lose it then qualify for Cobra conversions and cannot afford coverage on their own. Those who do qualify many times cannot afford the coverage on a $300 a week unemployment benefit. And, if you have any kind of a health issue, and have any break in coverage, you become an immediate pariah in the insurance system with 'pre existing conditions'. Thanks for deciding to throw me and millions like me under the bus because it's far more important for you to paint Obama as a socialist than to design solutions to the underlying problems. Use your efforts to craft those solutions, not to paint the town with anti-Obama slogans.

    270. Ledeen , Pittsboro N says:

      We need organizations like Heritage now more than ever. The Obama and the progressives have now assailed a full assault on our country and our constition!

      If anyone doubted Obamas intentions before now they have a year of takeovers to reaffirm who and what this administration is really about.

      I beleive its attempting to "transform" our country into another European socialist nation where those who work hard and have succeeded are taxed and taken from to support an ever growing group who rely so heavily on government subsidies.

      Next will be Cap and Trade and a VAT tax to pay for all this.

      We must STOP them, we MUST repeal the bill. The majority is against this bill! How dare the democrats go against the will of the people, and go around saying, we simply dont understand the bill.

      They are so wrong, more now than ever people are paying attention, they are reading , they are talking to their neighbors and co workers, and we SEE the gimmicks they used to make this bill appear not to impact the budget when in fact it will cost the budget anywhere from 600 billion to 1 trillion. We are already broke, already our country has borrowed more than we can probably ever pay back. Moody's is warning we will loose our triple A rating, and when that happens I believe its a complete sprial down.

      The Federal government is on a war path to take over more and more, to take away more and more of our rights, all in a cloak of we have to protect the people.

      They must be stopped! We must ban together and stop this administration from changing us any further into more and more of a socialist country!

      They took over the car companies for the unions, they bailed out wall street, picked winners and loosers. They want Cap and Trade, and now theyve completed the first step in taking over our Health Care, if they havent already.

      They say how great Medicare is and how evil those terrible insurance companies are. Yet Medicare is bankrupt, over 37 Trillion in unfunded liabilities, and MEDICARE IS TWICE AS LICKELY TO DENY A CLAIM THAN ANY PRIVATE INSURANCE COMPANY!!!

      They steal 500 BILLION from Medicare for this new entitlement… killing Medicare Advantage, and if they use the Doc Fix, as proposed in a separate bill, THIS HEALTH CARE BILL NOW COSTS US OVER 600 BILLION, NO SAVINGS THAT THEY CLAIM!

      I am so furious that even though the majority in EVERY single poll is against this bill, yet they bend every rule to pass this horrible bill.

      We want reform, we want certain things fixed in our health care system without ruining the best health care system in the world! But we dont want the government making all these decisions and taking our decisions away from us!

      I pray we can band togther, and keep up the feelings we all have right now about this, and win our freedom back.

    271. Ledeen , Pittsboro N says:

      1. We need organizations like Heritage now more than ever. The Obama and the progressives have now assailed a full assault on our country and our constitution!

      If anyone doubted Obama’s intentions before now they have a year of takeovers to reaffirm who and what this administration is really about.

      I believe its attempting to “transform” our country into another European socialist nation where those who work hard and have succeeded are taxed and taken from to support an ever growing group who rely so heavily on government subsidies.

      Next will be Cap and Trade and a VAT tax to pay for all this.

      We must STOP them, we MUST repeal the bill. The majority is against this bill! How dare the democrats go against the will of the people, and go around saying, we simply don’t understand the bill.

      They are so wrong, more now than ever people are paying attention, they are reading , they are talking to their neighbors and co workers, and we SEE the gimmicks they used to make this bill appear not to impact the budget when in fact it will cost the budget anywhere from 600 billion to 1 trillion. We are already broke; already our country has borrowed more than we can probably ever pay back. Moody’s is warning we will lose our triple A rating, and when that happens I believe it’s a complete spiral down.

      The Federal government is on a war path to take over more and more, to take away more and more of our rights, all in a cloak of we have to protect the people.

      They must be stopped! We must ban together and stop this administration from changing us any further into more and more of a socialist country!

      They took over the car companies for the unions; they bailed out wall street, picked winners and losers. They want Cap and Trade, and now they’ve completed the first step in taking over our Health Care, if they haven’t already.

      They say how great Medicare is and how evil those terrible insurance companies are. Yet Medicare is bankrupt, over 37 Trillion in unfunded liabilities, and MEDICARE IS TWICE AS LICKELY TO DENY A CLAIM THAN ANY PRIVATE INSURANCE COMPANY!!!

      They steal 500 BILLION from Medicare for this new entitlement… killing Medicare Advantage, and if they use the Doc Fix, as proposed in a separate bill, THIS HEALTH CARE BILL NOW COSTS US OVER 600 BILLION, NO SAVINGS THAT THEY CLAIM!

      I am so furious that even though the majority in EVERY single poll is against this bill, yet they bend every rule to pass this horrible bill.

      We want reform; we want certain things fixed in our health care system without ruining the best health care system in the world! But we don’t want the government making all these decisions and taking our decisions away from us!

      I pray we can band together, and keep up the feelings we all have right now about this, and win our freedom back.

    272. Scott Cape Cod Massa says:

      Where is the historical precedent for the repeal of any socialist legislation put forth by the progressive statist since the New Deal? When have the Republicans ever repealed anything implemented since the New Deal and the Great Society? The Republicans have done nothing but talk, vacillate and compromise their principals over the past 70 years. I am disgusted with the Central Government and forever disappointed in the Republican Party. This will not be repealed because the Republican Party will have no intestinal fortitude once they are elected back into national power. The Republicans abdicated their responsibility to protect the American citizens from the progressive statist in both parties. They turned their backs on their conservative roots, the Constitution and failed to teach conservative values. The blame for this is largely at the feet of Republicans like Mitt Romney, John McCain, and Lindsey Graham, both George Bush presidents and many others who I don’t care to name.

    273. Jon, California says:

      The fact is that our Congress voted for a bill which they knew did not have the majority support of the American people. Did they think that they knew better than we did on this – and they would help us along.? I think not. They voted for political reasons and will and desire of the American people was ignored.

      This was not Democracy, but rather a bunch of power drunk politicians ignoring the wishes of their constituents. At the top of the heap is Barack Obama, the biggest self-enamored orator I have seen in years. He is all talk and no substance, and is all for Barack Obama. This country will pay a serious price for his role in this.

      We need to fight back with every ounce of strength that we have. We also need to make sure that the politicians that so willingly ignored the popular opinion of the American public be thrown out of office at the next possible election. That includes Obama's re-election bid in 2012. I think it would be only fitting if the Democrats (after all the losses expecting in their party over the next months and years, should be the ones that ensure that Obama will not be re-elected – mostly by failing to renominate him as their next presidential candidate.

      Now that would be justice!

    274. Lisa, Georgia says:

      I agree with the statement on Morning Bell's comments on passage of the Health Care Bill. This is only the beginning of our fight to take back our country. We have to be sure we do this in the right way because our future depends on it. We will be faced with many more challenges in the weeks ahead, changes to the immigration laws, then Cap and Trade or whatever they decide to call it, and many more changes that the liberal left has wanted to claim as victories for years. We have to learn their language and be ready to respond in a way that will stop them in their tracks. I know that most of these people love this country too, but they are following their own agenda's and not the ones of the American people. It is time to get up, be willing to take a stand, not cave in, support those leaders who are willing to stand for us and replace those who are misguided. We cannot afford to wait until November to let our voices be heard. We cannot loose our momentum. Then the stage in November will be set for real change in Washington and you can believe in that!!!

    275. Pingback: Solar DIY -Solar For Homes | thegreenpowerreview.net

    276. Daniel, Joyce OEGON says:

      How soon will you be giving us the names of those that( did not) vote for OBAMA CARE? I want to go to work for those in my State, Oregon, those that stood firm.

      Or against those that betrayed the people of this country.

    277. Henry McDonald says:

      It's ironic that President Obama will sign this disgusting example of government corruption on this day – March 23rd. While speaking out against corruption in government on March 23rd, 1775 Patrick Henry uttered his words – "give me liberty or give me death".

    278. Andrew, San Juan PR says:

      "Those who supported this bill are our fellow Americans, and we do not question their good will or patriotism."

      Sorry, Mr. Feulner, but I DO question their good will and their patriotism (Pelosi, Frank, Shea-Porter, etc.). I question their intelligence (Stupak). I question their understanding of history, of American history, and of America's unique role in the world and how we got there and why we got there (all 219 Democrats).

      These people, most of them, are unpatriotic or ignoramuses. They are bad Americans. IMHO.

    279. Andrew, San Juan PR says:

      Jim of Orange City, have you not been paying attention lately? The GOP has a plethora of ideas, free-market ideas, that would directly address your complaints and the issues you raised. One of them in fact was proposed by a Republican AND a Democrat last summer, and it was summarily shot down by Obama and the Democrats. It was a proposal to sever the tie between employment and health insurance. You lament those who lose their jobs and thus their health insurance. Well, ask yourself – did they also lose their homeowner's insurance? Their auto insurance? Their life insurance? NO, of course not. Because THOSE insurances aren't tied to their employment. It is madness to tie health insurance to employment, and it was the GOP that tried to stop that and it is the GOP that continues to push that point…and it is Obama and his fellow ideologues who continue to thwart that effort.

      So I will continue to paint my "town" with anti-Obama slogans, because he's earned EVERY ONE OF THEM.

    280. Rick - PA says:

      Since the attorneys are filing lawsuits to stop this fiasco, I have another idea that would be great! Set up a lawsuit with all the citizens who didn't want this abomination signing on as plaintiffs.

      Millions of Americans suing the government in one massive case and naming Obama. Pelosi and Harry Reid and anyone known to be complicit with them as defendants. For good measure we could indict the main stream media as well for their lack of journalistic integrity and lying to the American people. There are enough news articles to choke a horse that would convict them of their duplicity.

      It could be done by an attorney who is well known and not in Obama's camp and signed on his or her web site. Not Orly Taiz because she has plenty to do with getting Obama's records out in the open. Surely there must be another lawyer who would love to have a case of this kind of prominence – not to mention the historic first of a nation's citizens suing its government en masse.

    281. Paco Rankin, Hutchin says:

      "Large majorities of Americans oppose this legislation" A majority is 50% plus 1; what exactly is a large majority."Make the intellectual case for the repeal of this act." While you are at it how about making a case to repeal all the pork packed on by the Republican Congress under out supposedly conservative President George H. Bush.

    282. Frank Rankin, Fly Ov says:

      I will be glad after November elections when we can return to those unencumbered Republican bills that are direct and to the point with no unrelated spending or other porcine amendments! Where were you people in 2002-2006?

    283. Lori, Boston, MA says:

      I agree we should keep fighting to save our country from these socialists. We are not required to support freeloaders and couch potatoes. History has shown us that people who do not help themselves will remain at the bottom of the food chain. I am sick of everyone having an excuse for not helping themselves. Our country was built on this premise. Passing this bill just prior to tax time was not a good thing. Why should we pay taxes when our government does not represent us? The money is the most important thing here. You cannot get blood from a stone and that will be the case when even more americans lose their jobs due to Obamacare. Thus the government cannot keep these entitlement programs when there is no money to fund them or their salaries for that matter.

      They know the Democraps have lost our votes so they will pass Amnesty to get them from the freeloading illegal aliens, who will also become eligible for this Obamacare when it passes. Fortunately for us there are more of us than there are of them we must stay united in voting these traitors out of office in November. We must keep the pressure on until them to try to stop them from passing other more detrimental bills to our sovereignty. History has shown that we will be triumphant. Keep the faith as we are americans and we will not go silently into the night as the democraps would believe.

    284. Joy Elaine, Ohio says:

      I am very disappointed in the Obama administration. The arrogance of the Democrats to think they can walk all over the American citizens and thrust upon them a health care reform bill that most citizens do not want.

      We now know for sure that Obama is a Socialist (thanks to the Rev. Al Sharpton). I always has my suspicion with all the Communist admirers (e.g., MAO, etc.) who

      are advisors to Obama.

      We may wake up one morning and find ourselves stripped of all our assets that we have worked so long and hard for!

      God Bless America! It's time to take our country back! R-E-P-E-A-L!!

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    286. Dale Cord says:

      You people just don't get it. This is a violation of your "CONSTITUTION" it's not about health care.It's about destroying your freedoms and the documents that have kept you and your families alive and out of concentration camps.Because you have not studied your history and Germany's history and world events which would have warned you of your impending fate,without your "Constitution","Bill of Rights","Declaration of Independence".You and your families will now suffer great atrocities as those in 3rd world countries have for hundreds of years, Deceived once again, like the sheep and cattle you are waiting in the fields for slaughter. "HOW PATHETIC".

    287. Dale Cord says:

      Remember this all of you State Attorney Generals as if you already don't know, LOL. Filing appeals on an unconstitutional Health Bill or any other charges against a corrupt government like this one, is like the Germans or Italians during the 2nd World War filing charges against Hitler and Musellni. When you have a stacked deck for the house in card games, you lose. What were the people thinking when they allowed each president to appoint a justice to the Supreme Court. We now have 9 Liberal minded people sitting in the highest court in our land making unconstitutional laws and undermining our individual freedoms. These people in your state that are acting like they are out raged by this violation and act of treason, are doing so,to appease their constiuance,so they can be re-elected after their term has elapsed.

    288. Larry, Oklahoma says:

      Great post:

      The thing that frustrates me about the whole health care debate is the fact that everyone seems to agree that somethings do need to be reformed, but no one actually offers any constructive suggestions (especially not the conservatives who have done everything to block health care reform and nothing to channel it in a constructive path). There is little argument that issues like pre-existing conditions, portability, and affordability need to be addressed.

      I am not at all sure that the government can do any better than the private sector has (probably not), BUT, we obviously can’t leave it exclusively to the marketplace (read that as the insurance companies). If they were going to fix health care they’ve had decades to do it. It is very clear that the marketplace is NOT working in the healthcare industry.

      The Heritage Foundation and conservatives generally cannot win this or any other significant social battle unless you convince significant numbers of moderates such as myself. I can tell you that you will not succeed in that regard unless you start replacing some of your nasty rhetoric with plausible, common sense alternatives to those issues mentioned above that do, indeed, need fixing.

      Tone down the rhetoric and come up with viable, substantial and constructive alternatives and the elections this next fall will be yours for the taking. Staying totally negative impressing each other with your group-think rhetoric may making you feel better (kind of like venting), but it will not fix health care nor win elections.

      Oh, and by the way, while you’re getting real and constructive, the Heritage Foundation and its conservative followers should address the issue as to how the Congress and the President, under six years of total Republican control (supposedly the party of the conservative), could allow the deficit to soar so much while under their stewardship. For moderates as myself, it makes Republicans look hypocritical . . . they spent like sailors on leave after six months at sea while they had total control, and now that they no longer have control, are trying to blame the democrats for doing the same thing they did.

      I love my country and know each of you do too. Let’s work together in the spirit of constructive compromise and find a way forward that respects the essential and bottom line concerns of most Americans (which would be conservatives and moderates because no one element can, by itself, succeed — we are simply too diverse for that to be practical).

    289. Mike, Chicago says:

      You may not question their "goodwill" or "patriotism", but I do.

    290. Larry Green, Miami, says:

      I do not believe working towards repeal is the correct approach.

      I believe that right now there is an opportunity to pass the 28th Amendment to the constitution.

      I believe the amendment should only re-define the commerce clause as we believe was the original intent.

      It should also specify that any law previously enacted that would violate the re-affirmed original intent should be considered "temporarily vested" in the Federal government by the States until such time as each state shall rescind their permission, so that chaos doesn't reign immediately following passage of this amendment.

    291. Barry Gates Jr. Gain says:

      After this vote, Our founding fathers need to be dug up, wrapped in copper and encased in magnets. That way we can fix the energy crisis by using electricity generated from them spinning in their graves!

    292. Duffy Bryce, Texas says:

      Just like the Health Care bill is not about health care, it is a trojan horse for Socialism. Just like Cap & Trade is a fraudulent vehicle that enables TOTAL GOV'T CONTROL. Your agenda is to force everybody into welfare, so as to make them dependent on the Gov't, in which you can control every aspect of their life. Empowering the EPA will be another corrupt control scheme. This Progressive Appetite for Power and Control will never be satisfied.This TYRANNY is unacceptable. While this administration is ignoring the Will of the People, Trashing the Constitution, displacing God and Christianity from our Civil Society, working behind closed doors without any Transparency or Accountability, LIBERTY/CONSERVATISM is on the march.

    293. Milton I McKenzie Sr says:

      Thanks for all the good work, I'm 83 years old. If my Grandfather or Father were

      living to day they wood feel as I do, the worst of it we were all democrats. Both of

      them were educated the old fashion way reading, writing, arithmetic. Most of all the

      history of our founding fathers that created this wonderful country, United States of America. I pray to god that one day this country will go back to the same.

    294. Milton I McKenzie Sr says:

      Thanks for all the good work, I’m 83 years old. If my Grandfather or Father were

      living to day they woud feel as I do, the worst of it we were all democrats. Both of

      them were educated the old fashion way reading, writing, arithmetic. Most of all the

      history of our founding fathers that created this wonderful country, United States of America. I pray to god that one day this country will go back to the same.

    295. Betty Kelly says:



    296. Evan Zamir says:

      I'm American and I supported the Bill.

    297. Minneapolis, MN says:

      Lets repeal the bill, but lets not forget that the insurance company's still are dogs and we still need to fix the problem.

    298. Cheri Meulendyk, Ale says:

      Thank you Ed, I have learned to be immensely grateful for Heritage's clear voice, correct thought and patriotic American determination. Many are eager and open for an adult education in First Principles-I am so happy to refer people to Heritage's website. Glad to here you instantly have the above response!! Glad to be a member and have access. Sincerely, Cheri Meulendyk

    299. Ralph Smith, New Ham says:

      Let's see…….I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the Nanny States of America, and to the Oligarchy for which it stands, one Godless Nation, divided, with taxation and indebtedness for the haves ……….Does that about sum it up?

    300. Joe foley, massachus says:

      I want to start by saying I am a bedside ICU nurse. I work at two different regional centers in Boston, and I am very fortunate to say I am proud of what I do. I really enjoy reading the foundation's ideas, and beliefs. So, if this new healthcare law is repealed, who is going to get a handle on the costs? Who do we trust to stop the fraud, the waste and the absolute out of control costs to receive adequate healthcare. The GOP, the insurance companies? Who, please tell me who we can trust. As a nation of free people we need to VOTE once and for all on whether we want our healthcare system to be a right of citizenship or a privilege for those who can afford it. Then and only then can we move forward on how to pay for it. Too many Americans forget that our healthcare system is a for profit industry that will continue to drive up costs to suit its needs. The problem is we pay 70% more then any other nation on earth, yet in life expectance we rank 29th and in new born mortality we rank 39th. Can someone please explain to me how this is possible. The American people are driving a incredibly expense lemon, and we have a broken government full of self serving individuals unwilling to sit down like adults to try to fix it. So I ask you, If the industry won't fix itself, correct its ways, who will? The right will do NOTHING, and the left, well they're just too intrusive according to many Americans who do not have a clue as to the enormity of the problem. Do you think I can I get the same healthcare that Sen McCain or Sen Kerry get? I bet my paycheck they never have to wait for an appointment or ever pay any deductibles. The American people are being mislead by the very people who claim to care so much about them and way too many are drinking the Koolaid. We are the cattle to the slaughter, just standing in line waiting to be next and not even knowing it. My government "for corporate America by corporate America. Thank you .

    301. Tam Eden, Georgia says:

      Well said, Patriot Feulner!

      These Liberal Interlopers’ souls are bereft of any spark of Liberty and self-reliance!

      Their thoughts and minds are strangers to the philosophies and beliefs which breathed life into this great Nation we proudly hail, “AMERICA!”

      Know this all Conservatives, the wound of Progressiveness, that had been covered and kept from view, all the while festering and sickening the health of our being, The Constitution of the United States America, now the bandage has been removed!

      Move quickly and with unanimity, strike at this putrid disgusting lesion and cut it out! Remove any vestige that it was ever present, save the scar of memory lest we forget to safeguard against future contagion!

      Our resolve must be strong and unremitting! Our Representatives, those who ridicule such protestations and move, either by thought or by action, in half-steps, must become superfluous and be discarded as chaff.

      The purity of Conservatism must run fully through the veins of our Brothers and Sisters and our intent must be to shackle the monster of Tyranny and set free the redeemer of Liberty!

      “The people cannot be all, and always, well informed. The part which is wrong will be discontented, in proportion to the importance of the facts they misconceive. If they remain quiet under such misconceptions, it is lethargy, the forerunner of death to the public liberty. …And what country can preserve its liberties, if its rulers are not warned from time to time, that this people preserve the spirit of resistance?”

      Thank you Mr. Jefferson

      By: Thomas Jefferson

      (1743-1826), United States Founding Father, drafted the Declaration of Independence, 3rd President of the United States.

      Source: November 13, 1787, letter to William S. Smith, quoted in Padover’s Jefferson on Democracy, ed., 1939

    302. Larry Brickey, Arlin says:

      I have been against passage but am not willing to be as virulent as some others over it. I'll wait and see how it does/does not work. I'm in favor of reform but am not sure this is it.

    303. Jeff McLeod Corona C says:

      I hope we can overturn this injustice in the courts. We need to get back to the constitution to really compete in this new world. Any more socialism dooms us to mediocrity.

    304. paul, richmond says:

      republicans need to work together and provide something such as the contract with america in 1994 which is committed to fighting for less intrusive government, repeal of this health care bill, and actually following the constitution!

    305. Ron Puyallup Wa says:

      While I agree with most of this article less look at the reality of our population.

      Approximately 30 percent of the population is hard core Marxist.

      Large amounts of uneducated immigrants legal and otherwise now populate our country with no concern for being on one side for Freedom or being serfs. They just want to live.

      Look at the people on Medicad large amounts are first time immigrants a lot of them elderly brought here by the children and now they are working the system.

      Lots of minorities who are good citizen don't even understand what the problem is with Freedom. I have talked to them and they don't get it.

      I hate to make it racial but everything is racial to the so called minorities

      They will buy into the Marxist theory in a minute to suggest otherwise and foolish with the education we have now.

    306. Cottonwood, CA says:

      Actually, I am disappointed in both Rep. & Dem. Representatives… Instead of finding solutions that will work for our Families… Both sides wasted time saying what wouldn't work…. How many times did the President ask "What would you Do???" And now to repeal, this is even a worse choice, since over a year of supposed discussion, we, the people, taxpayers, still don't have a 100% solution…. If indeed there is one…. Here is just one minute example of the costs of health care… My wife recently went to the hospital, and we have insurance… Note: the hospital asked for $137,000, but since they were a provider, they accepted $34,000… I ask, what is wrong with this picture??? Over $100,000 dollars difference???? Not to mention, as a retired person, it would take me a long time to pay even $34,000…

    307. Paul Allen, Saint Pa says:

      After reading these comments I am saddened that my party has been taken over by paranoid, illogical, government hating, black helicopter—nut jobs.

      Bill Buckley we need your leadership! We miss you!

      Roosevelt Republicans Unite!

    308. Dave, Michigan says:

      Wow. The cacophony of pseudointellectualism and phony constitutional scholarship in these comments is really embarrassing. But the personal attacks are quite funny! "Traitors! All of them!" You folks need to grow up and learn some health policy.

    309. David John Marotta, says:

      I've changed my facebook status in protest. Get your image at http://www.cvilleonline.com/healthcare/

    310. Joe L., Minnesota says:

      I am sickened by the passage of this health care bill and wonder how we got to this point where 219 progressive representatives and 51 progressive senators can so drastically change life in America for over 300 million citizens. We defeated our enemy with the fall of the soviet union and now our government has become our worst enemy as progressives have taken over our lawmaking and government worker unions have become the ruling class that have been stealing the wealth of this nation for decades. Our media have become biased and closely aligned with the progressive agenda so we no longer receive the truth or fair reporting.

      The passage of this healthcare bill is a big deal but the progressives still have much more dirty work to do this year. Immigration reform will make millions of ILLEGAL aliens American citizens, progressives are pushing a bill through which will allow felons to vote in our elections and those voters typically vote democrat, the stimulus money will be released in strategic ways near election time to buy democrat votes, etc. etc. etc. By the time November 2010 arrives I think it may be difficult to unseat these progressive lawmakers if Obama and his facist agenda are not stopped. He has proven by his actions and his deeds that he is anti-American and he has no regard for our Constitution. He has not proven that he is actually an American born citizen that is qualified to be president of the USA and, in fact, has spent over $2 million to seal his records. Pelosi signed the documents certifying Obama as being a qualified candidate…. Does anybody believe Pelosi to be an honest politician that is concerned for our Constitution?? Why are Obama's records sealed if he has nothing to hide? Why are we not allowed to question his credentials and why do the courts refuse to hear any case related to Obama's qualifications?

      I pray almost constantly these days that we will be able to overcome this evil administration and America will once again be restored to its prior greatness. I am afraid that our governement has become so corrupt and the progressive party is so engrained that it may be too late. I sense that removing some of the lawmakers from office will be very difficult by November and even if we are successful it might not be enough. Please God, give us the strength and the guidance to repair the damage that we have allowed to happen to this great country of America. Let us never allow such evil intentions to threaten our liberty ever again.

    311. janice dyer - kansas says:

      I was saddened and angry at the passage of the health care reform bill. It seems Obama wins out no matter the opposition he faces. The possibility that he will get his way no matter what or who opposes him is scary and I wonder what you think about the real possibility of Obama's defeat and the possibility of stopping this bill.

    312. william bennett says:

      I am sending my $25 today! We need to throw the bill out,and the bums who passed it.!!!!!!!!

    313. william bennett says:

      I am sending my $25 in today. We need to throw the bill out,,,and the bums who passed it!!!

    314. Rich says:

      This Socialist-Marxist-Thugist group given power by we the people must be removed from power with extreme speed. They are on a path that is destroying the very fibers of this contry that has made us great.

    315. Michael Malicoat, wi says:

      Will there come a time when when a nation wide tax revolt would become an option to consider? After all, many people have been doing it for years in paying cash payroll, undeclared income and exploitation of tax loopholes. If obama wants to redistribute capital, let he and other members of government lead by example and redistribute their own considerable capitol ffirst.

    316. Aida Blanco, Florida says:

      Yesterday, Obama with that arrogant face that characterizes Him, and behind Him, Nancy Pelosi, showing her hypocritical smile, just signed the Health Care Reform, that makes the Health Care Reform bill a LAW OF THE LAND. The law that is forcing to the American people a "health care reform" that the majority do not want, a law that is nothing but a government take over of our Health.. in other words Socialized medicine, a law that is taking away our liberty by forcing us to have a government ruled health coverage, that the government will tell the doctors the type of treatment they are to provide to their patients, plus a lot of other hiden mandates.. AT THE SAME TIME THE ELITE of the Federal Government will continue to be covered under the same Cadillac health plan, that they do have now, they will not have to abide by this law.

      This politicians do not care about the well being of the American people, their agenda is to destroy this country, having a democratic majority in Congress was the perfect time to accomplish thier agenda..

      We need to take the country back.

      Today is a very sad day for this country.


    317. Barbara French Cresc says:

      Bravo Zulu Ed. The congressmen and women who voted for this bill are not working in the spirit of the will of the people. The outrage of the pay offs and the backroom deals is an outrage. The accounting lies of this bill is egregious. PBHO ran his campaign as a moderate, promised that things were going to be different.Every word out of his mouth is disengenuous and not credible. He needed this HCB for his legacy and this will be his Waterloo. The elitism that permeates the congress is our fault. We elected them and it is our responsibility to get rid of the career politicians. These elected officials are out of touch and pampered, 43% of congress are millionaires conpared to 1% of our population. The self promoting atmosphere in congress is nauseating. The vote for PBHO was actually a vote against GWB and it was a huge mistake. The path of deficit spending and borrowing must desist. Law of the Land my Eye. REPEAL!

    318. denver- oklahoma says:

      I regret your naivity Mr. Fuelner,These people are what they are. they despise us, with our silly faith, our stupid obsession with the Constitution and moral/ethical values. The only way to deal with a predator is eliminate it. The "Regressives" need to be history, like the Grizzly, Wolf and Cougar on the Great Plains. Their cynical, deceptive, negative unprincipled philosophy must be exposed along with their true iintentions. they have no place here.The whole sick Progessive community needs to be exposed and de-funded.

    319. Carla Bartee, Union says:

      From what I remember about history the purpose of our constitution is to keep our government from having complete control of the citizens of this country. One of the things that makes this country so great is that we all have a say, a choice, a vote. We do not work for the government, but the government works for us. Our forefathers gave us these freedoms. My grandfather and my father, a disabled veteran, fought to help keep these freedoms. This bill makes their sacrifice in vain. I'm not really sure I even understand the entire bill, but I do know and understand enough to know that this is not right, this is not what we have been fighting for and defending for over 200 years. Yes, we need a change in health care, but not like this. I feel as though this bill is the start, the beginning of the death of our constitution. We must fight this and make a stand no matter what the outcome. I have all the faith in the world in this country, but very little in our government at this time.

    320. J.Edwin Johnson Ohio says:

      Non sense. One should more forthright with your supporters. There is in fact very little chance of this bill ever being repealed. In an age of Globalization, Supply Side nor Keynesian Economics will help us be more competitive. Under Supply Side Economics, under Reagan, H Bush & W Bush we amassed the largest deficit in the history of the US at the conclusion of each presidency. Under all three presidencies we never executed the fiscal discipline to control spending. As you are well aware the 1.7-2 Trillion dollar debt is not our problem, it is our long term debt that we have amassed the last 30 years that can and will impact us if we do not act before we reach our tipping point. It;s time to move on to a more pragmatic approach to solve our current financial crisis.

    321. J.Edwin Johnson Ohio says:

      non sense. one should more forthright with your supporters. there is in fact very little chance of this bill ever being repealed. in an age of globalization, supply side nor keynesian economics will help us be more competitive. under Supply Side Economics, reagan, h bush & w bush we amassed the largest deficit in the history of the u.s. at the conclusion of each presidency. under all three presidencies we never executed the fiscal discipline to control spending. as you are well aware the 1.7-2 trillion dollar debt is not our problem, it is our long term debt that we have amassed the last 30 years that can and will impact us if we do not act before we reach our tipping point. it;s time to move on to a more pragmatic approach to solve our current financial crisis.

    322. gma teabagger, cleve says:

      hey jack, last time i checked, insurance companies are in business to make money, not serve as a public charity. i'm thinking we docs can grab this opportunity to get rid of both the gov and insurance companies, and go back to charging cash. prices would go down!

    323. tom, Kansas says:

      How about providing an actual plan that will accomplish repeal and replace? First, it has to deal with the bill's timeframe for implementation and take note that once the provisions begin to take effect, their repeal becomes very difficult.

      Also, assuming that repubs win a majority in both the House and Senate, which seems doable, the plan needs to solve the two problems of an expected Senate filibuster and presidential veto. I'm waiting. Without a workable plan, I'm staying home in Nov. I'm a conservative independent and am not interested in helping repubs any more than necessary. If repubs win a majority, it looks like gridlock, which is about the best I hope for. You'll have to do more to convince me than what you've got so far if you want my energy in the campaign. You need to provide an actual, workable plan to repeal Obamacare.

    324. William Speidel, Chi says:

      Repeal "Obama-Care". Pelosi says she is a leader. We hired her to represent us not to lead us. I believe she has failed on both counts.

    325. Tom Lewellen, Scotts says:

      This may be too long, but I hope it is worth a close read by staff.

      It’s a new morning in America!

      Ronald Reagan stirred our hearts and souls with his ‘Morning in America’ message during the 1984 election. President Reagan’s vision, inspiration and good governance produced millions of jobs and millions of great Americans building a greater America.

      With the passage of the 2010 Healthcare Expansion legislation, Barack Obama has also stirred our hearts and souls as well – into action. The result of Obama’s statist leadership has created a groundswell of support to repeal this onerous legislation. His administration has floated so far to the left that his greatest gift to America may be the awakening of the conservative conscience in all of us. With a swing of his pen, he has dared us to accept left-leaning governance.

      With great challenge comes great opportunity.

      This legislation represents the Democrats largest government power grab since FDR’s litany of social welfare programs during the depression. The Pelosi, Reed, Obama triumvirate has overstepped their Constitutional authority. The result is a growing pool of Americans that will not stand for such government intrusion. Now is Conservatism’s chance to take back for the people the liberty that is rightfully theirs.

      Our morning in America is bright with possibilities.

      The surge to defeat Obama’s health expansion agenda should be viewed in a broader perspective – as part of a greater plan, a plan to transform our expensive and ineffective social welfare policy. The legislation enactment should be viewed as the peak of the left’s invasion of America’s more traditional social welfare solutions that centered on personal responsibility.

      For seven decades America’s glide path to ‘social justice’ to ‘economic justice’ has been financed by the federal government’s ‘write a check’ social welfare solutions. These programs have two results: they are economically unsustainable and socially debilitating. Too often ‘spreading the wealth’ via federal checks results government sponsored lives of quiet desperation – and an increasingly crushing national debt.

      Obama has waved with relish the red flag of the left. He has roused the spirit of the Tea Party. He has alienated Republicans and Democrats alike. He has published his intellectually obtuse intentions to ‘spend so we don’t go bankrupt.’ Our challenge, now, is to annul this legislation by any means and then lay out a plan that will transform federal programs to solutions that create wealth, jobs, and personal responsibility; solutions that will create great Americans one at a time and a Greater America.

      So when the sun rose after Obama’s signing of the Healthcare Expansion legislation, the movement to change America had already begun. Eleven states attorneys’ generals (soon to be 14) have engaged to challenge the constitutionality of this legislation as a ‘compulsory, top-down’ mandate that is coercive and unaffordable.

      In Arizona, Proposition 101, a measure that would prohibit enactment of any law in Arizona that requires people to obtain health coverage has qualified for the November ballot.

      Repeal petitions are peppering the Internet.

      I challenge you to endorse candidates that favor repeal of this legislation. Find and support leaders like Minnesota’s Paul Ryan who have a plan to change our social welfare system. Without a plan we will not succeed. Send contributions to the Heritage Foundation or Arizona’s Goldwater Institute, the leading educators and enforcers of conservative policy.

      Get involved. This is America’s opportunity to define government as a smaller, simpler solution to the administration of our country.

      Tom Lewellen

    326. Frank, washington, D says:

      It is difficult to take Heritage seriously on this issue, as Heritage once promoted health care reform that looks an awful lot like the bill that was just signed into law:


      I think there is a lot of misinformation going on over this bill, and Heritage would be well advised to explain itself.

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    328. Val.E., Texas says:

      Thank you for this excellent article and the comfort and reassurance it offers.

      Our thanks also go out to all those patriotic Americans who made the trip, difficult for many, to Washington this past week. These wonderful Americans represented not only each other, but also the many thousands of us who were unable to attend, but who were there with them in hearts, and minds, and spirit.

      To those Republican Americans who are "tired" of their representation, I say this. Yes, I do believe that Republicans lost their way over the last several years. I think they forgot their values and tried to fit in with the Dems. But I also see that this Health Care Socialism outrage by the Dems has been a wake up call for them, too. And, although they may not be perfect, never in our history have Republicans so mus-used and abused the process. So, if you think you will just sit by this November, remember that you will be sitting out your citizenship. Voting is not only your Constituional Right, it is you Constitutional Duty. So, everyone, please Vote.

      I have a two-part question for Heritage:

      In addition to the Sovereignty each state, is it not true that EVERY American citizen is also a Sovereign individual? If this is so, what would stop us all from individually filing a legal Complaint against the violation of our Individual Rights?

      That would get their attention.

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    330. Unk.E says:

      I like the idea of charging cash prices. Probably not realistic, but no better way for market forces to take hold a re-calibrate the marketplace.

      If you haven't seen it, check out who was in the HC bill signing photo op. Freaking hilarious: http://bit.ly/dmZgQD

    331. Tim Jeser says:

      Heritage Foundation, 2003:

      "This implicit "social contract" is both inefficient and unfair. It is inefficient because the method of providing services often means they are delivered in the most expensive setting. And because the services are not part of a comprehensive plan they are inefficient from a medical point of view. The contract is unfair because it discourages many families with the means to obtain adequate coverage from doing so.

      The current social contract should be replaced with a more rational one. In a civilized and rich country like the United States, it is reasonable for society to accept an obligation to ensure that all residents have affordable access to at least basic health care – much as we accept the same obligation to assure a reasonable level of housing, education and nutrition.

      But as part of that contract, it is also reasonable to expect residents of the society who can do so to contribute an appropriate amount to their own health care. This translates into a requirement on individuals to enroll themselves and their dependents in at least a basic health plan – one that at the minimum should protect the rest of society from large and unexpected medical costs incurred by the family. And as any social contract, there would also be an obligation on society. To the extent that the family cannot reasonably afford reasonable basic coverage, the rest of society, via government, should take responsibility for financing that minimum coverage."

      March 10, 2003 by Stuart Butler, Ph.D. – Heritage Foundation

      My my. HF was FOR Universal Health Care before they were against it.

    332. Doug, Wisconsin says:

      Heritage Foundation supported and proposed individual mandates on Health Insurance with tax penalties for non compliance in 2003.

      Why the outrage now that it is Law?

    333. andrew manley 29 wes says:

      does this remind anyone of the words,"Taxation without representation is Tyrrany"? IThe Executive, the Legislative, the Judicial branches, as well as all Federal employees are exempt from compliance with this Act; does anyonenot think theat thbill would have passed if the legislators themselves,and the Federal employees would themselves have to participate, that this abomination would have seen the light of day?

      I wonder also if anyone else ahs seen a parallel between this of the words found in the Gospelof Luke, verses 42-43 and 45-46about those who impose burdebns upon others that they themselves never have to lift?Hypocrisy, thy name is Congress! President! November cannot come oo soon. Then comes the Great Reckoning!t all galls me.ither

    334. Sandra, California says:

      My husband and I, now in our sixties, are very much against the Obamacare legislation recently passed into law. We actively protested against its passage, and still feel that the long-range side effects of this “prescription” America’s health care woes will undermine our liberty, indeed our sovereignty as a nation.

      That said, I must also acknowledge that we will now most likely be recipients of health care services as a result of Obamacare, as we have not had sufficient health insurance to take care of major illnesses. He was laid off almost two years ago and has not been able to find employment since that terrible day. The wheelchair and his age are against him as he diligently looks for another job. I am 100% disabled and have not been able to work for the past five years. We are still living off of our savings and still have a mortgage to pay on our modest home.

      We are trying to obtain a loan modification regarding our home while, at the same time, we are also paying extremely high out-of-pocket medical expenses for my husband’s increasingly poor health. We just might lose our home. Our situation is not unique. Many, many Americans have lost their homes during this Depression, and through no fault of their own.

      I’ve heard it said that a recession is when my neighbor is out of work, and that a depression is when I’m out of work. Whatever, we are all struggling with the ugly economic scenery surrounding us.

      I just want to say that our bad luck is not your burden. We feel downright saddened at the reality that Congress has decided to make our troubles your Gethsemane. You do not have the moral responsibility to pay for our medical needs.

      What can we two do to show our fellow Americans that we still oppose this legislation while, at the same time, become beneficiaries of its passage? We feel guilty. Is there anybody out there in cyberspace who can help us cope with this terrible reality?

    335. Linda Bradshaw says:

      I recently became a member of your great organization. Thank you for all you do to keep us informed! One comment, and question, now that this healthcare bill is passed will you be providing in, laymen terms, the key points that we need to know so we can educate others who choose only to believe what they are being feed by the main stream media. I've had discussions recently with people who have been brainwashed into believing conservatives want no part of any healthcare reform. After some debate, these people are surprised when I explain to them what true reform means, reduced cost, improved access to those who do not have healthcare, Tort reform, etc. They just blindly believe that whatever is in the bill is good for our country! Need your help to be able to state truths about what it actually in the bill that will drive up taxes, hc costs, and especially the fact that this truly is not about hc, but government takeover of a huge part of our lives! Thanks~

    336. Peter Kinnebrew, MD says:

      Ronald Reagan would remind us that "Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn't pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same." This Intolerable Act brought to us by the most corrupt and opaque Congress in memory is nothing less than an abrogation of freedom. It is a stepping stone to a single-payer, universal, Federally-controlled rationing body of medical goods and services. By focusing on the alleged but false 'unsustainability' of our present medical system expenditures, our Statist democratically-elected leaders either intentionally or ignorantly ignore the real and present danger of the unsustainabilty of Social Security/Medicare/Medicaid/Welfare entitlements/National Debt. Nothing like creating a crisis, slowly, over 4 to 5 generations, and then posing as the only entity capable of repairing the same crisis! Talk about an ultimate conflict of interests! The Statists have created a Rube Goldberg system of government to enrich themselves and consolidate their power. Nothing short of a revolutionary overhaul of the people in power and a return to constitutional principles/ideas will return this republic to Lincoln's "last best hope on earth". SUPPORT THE TEA PARTY OF YOUR CHOICE, VOTE FOR ONLY CONSTITUTION LOVING CANDIDATES AND IN THE WORDS OF THE ONE LEADER MOST INDISPENSIBLE TO SURVIVING THE 20TH CENTURY, "Never give in–never, never, never, never, in nothing great or small, large or petty, never give in except to convictions of honour and good sense. Never yield to force; never yield to the apparently overwhelming might of the enemy."

    337. James Bonacci Scottsdale,Az.85253 says:

      if all members of congress are lawyers, why can’t every American sue them for malpratice?-signing Bills without reading them

    338. Pingback: A Guide to the Senate Vote-O-Rama: Part Two | Fix Health Care Policy

    339. Dennis Chase, Prince says:

      Not more than 60 yrs. ago, in the US, we hung or incarcerated known Communists. Now we have a White House, and Congress full of Communists, Felons, and cheats. It`s been Mortgage lenders, auto industry, student loans, health care, next it`s energy, immigration, National ID card. With Obama as Hitler, and the IRS, as the Gestapo, we will have changed America into Nazi Germany.Our cards and papers will be checked, at city limits, bus terminals, even govt. grocery syores. If you didn`t vote right you will be taken to the gas chambers.

    340. Pingback: » Side Effects: Obamacare Raises Your Premiums

    341. Long time reader / 1st time poster. Really enjoying reading the blog, keep up the good work. Will most definitely start posting more oftenin the future.

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