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  • The Heritage Foundation Responds to the Health Care Vote

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    166 Responses to The Heritage Foundation Responds to the Health Care Vote

    1. William Massie says:

      Repeal the health care bill just passed and vote all who voted for this trapestry out of office as soon as possible.

    2. J.C. Hughes, Texas says:

      All I've got to say to these so called progressives is, strike three you're out! Best start packing your bags.

      • Bev of Boston, MA says:

        You're not even intelligent enough to know that by voting the extreme right wing/Republican/Tea Party faction into office, that you are voting against your own self interests; that, of course, is if you are a 1%! Just remember: "Life can turn on a dime" and at some point it usually does. Many of you show such disdain for so-called "big govt." and how you hate it until you need it! Think about the one J.C. Oh, TX? I might have known!

    3. Sherryl, Prescott Va says:

      Amen! However, Al Sharpton finally got one thing right! President Obama was very clear that his version of "health care" was his top priority and that he had every intention to "transform" America while still on the campaign trail. So none of this is a surprise and the majority of Americans (who voted for Obama) got what they voted for.

    4. Carie, Texas says:

      Horror. Americans have elected a dictator who will do as he wishes, regardless of what we want. Let's get these power-hungry dictators out of the House of Reps, the Senate, and the White House.

    5. John Lane says:

      The states need to stand up and challenge the constitutionality of this bill! As of now, it is the only way to repeal this bill unless the republicans win enough to overturn a veto. I am confident that this bill when it reaches the courts will be ruled unconstitutional.

    6. Steve says:

      God Bless Our Children and God Bless America!!! We all must stand up against this. We cannot allow this to stand! We need to Stand Taller and Stronger than ever. We must STOP this takeover!

    7. Winston says:

      Tyranny knows no borders. In Cuba, it is Castro and in Venezuela it is Chavez. In USA, it is the Obama administration and his socialist democrats

    8. Marilyn Taylor, Cody says:

      We have been fighting this all year! We will not give up so easily! We will stand against this no matter how difficult the fight! Thank you Heritage for the insight, help & research! I'm proud to be a member!!

      • Bev of Boston, MA says:

        You're not even intelligent enough to know that by voting the extreme right wing/Republican/Tea Party faction into office, that you are voting against your own self interests; that, of course, is if you are a 1%! Just remember: "Life can turn on a dime" and at some point it usually does. Many of you show such disdain for so-called "big govt." and how you hate it until you need it! Think about the one J.C. Oh, TX? I might have known!


    9. Suzanne Callihan, Ok says:

      This action is intolerable. I do not appreciate the government telling what to buy. This is not freedom. "I predict future happiness for Americans if they can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them." – -Thomas Jefferson

    10. guest says:

      I am a citizen and I will not obey! I have rights and I will sue! It's unconstitutional.

    11. Michelle, Michigan says:

      You're a liar and a sore loser…

    12. Rob, Chicago says:

      Well….they were voted in, and can be voted out……and SHOULD be. If they can cram this down our throats, they'll do it with whatever else Father 'O' says is in our best interest. Next, we'll be goose stepping to HIS band. Let's see…can't fly our flag in countries where we are defending others….better not close our boarders to illegals, and we had better not try to be profitable in our business, fore we shall be punished…..Thank you Father 'O' for trouncing on our American freedoms that our forefathers faught and died for, killing the American spirit. Socialism is bad in other countries…I guess we had better have it to….Otherwise, he'll have to go on tour again, and apologize.

    13. Sunny, California says:

      We The People…You Vote Obamacare, We'll Vote You Otta There! We WILL have the final word.


    14. Rocco Puzzo says:

      If this bill is permitted to go unchallenged the USA will no longer be able to maintain the largest and most powerful armed forces in the world. We will be to busy paying for the health-care of every lazy fool who is to lazy to work.

    15. Anita Metairie says:

      What are we going to do? We can't even force obummer to produce a legitimate birth certificate. He continues to lie to us and no one makes him accountable for it. What will it take for a recall on obummer and this communist marxist House and Senate? If the Repubs ever come in complete control again, we need to force term limits, repeal all these perks these bast–ds have given themselves the last 100 years. That health plan they have should be voided or they should be forced to go on this socialist program they wrote for us. All of the funds that they have in that very lucritive retirement system, that we pay for, should be put in the S/S funds and they should live under the same rules and regulations that we have to live under S/S rules. They should not be grandfathered in either. When it's passed it goes into effect within 10 days of passing. If these idiots would have been forced into S/S like the rest of us, I guarantee you there would have been no funds stolen out of S/S. You know we have to pay for years into this health care bull before the bulk starts working. Does any American really believe that they are going to leave this money alone and it will be there when it's needed? They will steal this blind just like S/S and any other liberal program that they have produced. One thing obummer said is true. He is just like Progressive Roosevelt. Many think Roosevelt was so wonderful. Well, here are a few facts about Roosevelt. His progressive programs kept America in a depression 10 years after Europe was out of it. Do you know America was still in a depression the day Japan bombed Pearl Harbor and just about wiped out our PACIFIC FLEET? Truman stated that Roosevelt never liked the little man. He looked down on us. He didn't mind riding our backs, but he looked down on us. His WPA programs worked the little man to death for pennies while Roosevelt, the powerful elite in Washington, the Mafia, and Unions made a fortune. Inferior products were used to make bridges and repair roads, but we the little man, was charged for the top of the line products. If you really look into Roosevelt's programs and socilist programs, they didn't work either. So, yes, obummer you are like Roosevelt, Wilson, Jimmy Carter and the rest of your Progressive buddies. Obummer just remember this, when the white elite finish with you, you'll be riding under the bus too. They probably won't even let you be a porch monkey when they finish with you. You see, they knew that they couldn't put a white man in office to do what they trained you for. He would have been out by now. By putting you in this position if anyone disagreed with you he would be called a racist. So you see a white man couldn't get away with what you're getting away with. Guess what? The racist bull doesn't bother us anymore. If the new meaning of racist is some one who doesn't agree with your policies, then I AM THE NUMBER 1 RACIST. I wear this title with honor and pride.

    16. S Mack, Virginia says:

      These people have PURPOSELY defied the Constitution. Is this not cause alone for recall, impeachment and try them for treason. How do We The People get more involved in the process of any repeal and how can we go about calling for Recall and or Impeachment?

      What we need is KNOWLEDGE of what the people can do–there must be more than sitting back and waiting for Nov or lawyers to do work. We The People are after all THE BOSS of those who SERVE us. What can we do????

    17. Nancy Cahalan, Highl says:

      I am a Heritage member. I agree with most of what you said, Mr. Feulner. I disagree with just one thing. I do not want to see this abomination relegated to the dust bin of history, I want it obliterated completely so that not one shred of it is left to be resurrected in any way, shape, or form.

    18. CC says:

      I had just said a prayer asking God to tell us where to turn to for help in fighting this. I sat back down at my computer and next thing I know I am watching this video. Thank you so much for being there for us.

    19. Chad T. Everson says:

      How can we work together to accomplish this?

      Chad Everson


      Theodore Media LLC


    20. Derrick Johnson, Ren says:

      Excellent commentary… we must defeat this!

    21. Mary Pettit, Oregon says:

      Thank you for this message. It is the hope of my family that a challenge to this intolerable act can be overturned. Mary

    22. Steve K - MD says:

      I think you and others on right need to step back and see how this waterloo approach has not worked and the rhetoric did not work – and now the American people will see there are no death panels, grandman doesn't get the plug pulled on them…and they'll see the long list benefits they will receive in 6 months (conventinetly before the next elections).

      Ram it through in last moment? Please! They went through one fo the most transparent and open processes over 18 months. Please poitn to another piece of legislation that passed that had as many committee meetings, hearings, markups, negotaiations, etc… Name one piece that had more hours spent on it in last 50 years than health reform? Please – just one piece? Your rhetoric does not match reality.

      Repeal? Good luck with that – you know what a presidential veto is? People will have 3 years to experience the benefits and you are going to run on repeal. That's laughable, but I woudl love to see it. Like some dems have said, I dare you.

      4 of Obama's major pieces of legislation will haev been passed:

      1 – health reform that has been attempted for a century and took Obama and Dems to accomplish

      2 – student aid reform

      3 – combast troops out of iraq by next election

      4 – recovery package that stopped the crisis

    23. Rick Winkler, Mandev says:

      Every Senator and Member of Congress swears an oath whereby he/she swears to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States of America at which time he/she voluntarily calls upon the Creator and Master of all things to witness and to help them keep this oath while his/her hand rests upon a book that clearly declares that those who swear an oath or vow a vow binds their soul to fulfill it (Num. 30:2). Would that He hold those who willingly violated their oath to account for their duplicity.

    24. James Jones says:

      Well, the Democrats, led by a communist named Obama, leave me with no choice.

      I will be sending a blank 1040 form with a note attached stating that they can deem my taxes paid.

      I'd love to see tens of millions do the same. They can come and try to find me if they like.

      I've paid into the system for over 32 years. I'm done subsidizing the free-loaders…and this is the last straw.

      Dems…you can all start packing your bags, because George Soros doesn't have enough money to save your sorry behinds. And Obama, Pelosi and Reid, get ready for some major push-back from We, THE people.

    25. Gun Geek - Tennessee says:

      Completely agree, these "Representatives" are supposed to be the voice of the people. Yet they knowingly and willfully went against the common opinion and desire of the people that they "represent". This no matter how you look at it is intolerable, unconstitutional and by all means should be considered treason by all definitions of the word.

      And just to clarify, the definition of Treason.

      1. the offense of acting to overthrow one's government or to harm or kill its sovereign.

      2. a violation of allegiance to one's sovereign or to one's state.

      3. the betrayal of a trust or confidence; breach of faith; treachery

    26. JC Phoenix, Az says:

      Thank you Heritage for your support in opposing this monstrosity. I agree with your commentary and will act appropriately in voting for the repeal of this government takeover. Remember in November People! As for you NOBAMA your days are numbered- IMPEACHMENT!

    27. clarlyn, CO says:

      Christians and Conservatives, Stand and fight! Don't sit on your laurels and do nothing, but pray and repent for what we've allowed in this nation.

    28. Guillermo Saucedo Po says:

      Thank you for your continued effort in exposing and trying to defeat this Health-SCARE bill! Looking forward to working with all patriots in fighting this with all the resources available!

    29. Waco, Texas says:

      Where are the substantive arguments in these posts? All ranting. There are no constitutionality issues with the bill. So, how will it be found to be unconstitutional in the courts? On process? Maybe. But not on substance. It is beyond question that something had to be done about health care in the US. The current system is far too restrictive and driven by the wrong value judgments (profit margin over personal care). Interestingly, it seems true that most against this bill have good health care because they are employed and happy with what they have. It is my understanding these people are not affected, with respect to their health coverage, as a result of this bill. This may not be "the" solution, but it is something more than anything I've heard from the other side. Status quo was not an option and the health care industry's politics have no incentives to change. Now, they do.

    30. Anna, Conneticut says:

      I am repulsed by Congress' lack of concern for American citizens and their rights. I am going to take a stand against this unconstitutional atrocity.

    31. Sherry McPeak St. Ch says:

      When two or more gather together in My Name, It Shall Be Done!! In the name of Jesus, We Have the VICTORY! May the LORD bless us all and give us strength for more fighting ahead. Please, no one give up now. The Devil will have his due.

    32. Nancy Smith, Virgini says:

      Those who believe that evil does not exist are unwilling to acknowledge what is happening to us and our country. Never in my lifetime have I felt such desperation and hopelessness because of the events that are unfolding in front of us with no power to stop them despite our best efforts over the past year. We are truly at a turning point in America–it will either be progressives and their ongoing attack on this country or those of us who believe in this land that God bestowed upon us. We must continue to fight!

    33. John R says:

      I will fight them until they kill me with their substandard socialist healthcare.

    34. Marie Kelley, Spring says:

      I'm saddened by this vote.. Our Country will never be the

      same. Thank you Mr Fuelner for the Hope you bring.


    35. edna n. cramer, Band says:

      How can our congress go so far from what the people believe and have expressed. Get every one of those idiots out of office "now" Do not let any of them get re-elected. edna

    36. Sunny says:

      You're right…..we voted for Obama and got what we wanted. Happy day! Don't be afraid. Do the research yourself rather than blindly believing the fear mongers.

    37. edna n. cramer, 959 says:

      What a shame that those idiots do not know what the people think about this. Let's get them out of office soon. edna

    38. Sunny says:

      Big surprise….only post the comments that agree with your crazy ideas. GET A BRAIN!

    39. Tony Escobar, MD says:

      THANK YOU!! We must fight this!

    40. Dee Houston, Texas says:

      A win is a win. 7 Votes does not a mandate make!

      Agree with all the above.

      If peaceful protests are necessary, as well as D.C. lets go to our state captials at the same time. Sheer numbers in 50 states should get attention.

    41. Frank Keen says:

      Please people be very very careful what you blog here, I heard they are going to stat monitoring all the internet blogs and postings, the dirty S.S. Nazi's of Obama's are going after anyone that posts anything threating or Violent, I Pray to God Tonight For All Of You, These People We trusted in Washinton Betrayed Our Trust, I now have to worry about my mother, her perscription pill's will now sky rocket in cost, and her health will be put at great risk, we almost lost her three times in the past, if she dosen't get all the pills she needs she will DIE, Right now I wish the worst luck on Nacy Pelosi, and all her dirty democrats and republican's that betrayed us tonight I only hope and pray that this health care bill can be appealed in the Surpreme Count as uncounstitual,,,, tommrow the liberal's will celebrate again, like they did on the night of November 4 2008,…..heres what I think should happen, because of this being so horrible of a thing to pass this health care bill,…..I really feel that we should all declare an emgerencyTo All our senators and move the mid term elections up to May instead of November, I am afraid November will be way to late, I don't trust Obama at all, he is with out a doubt a Marxist Dictactor, and could use his exective powers to cancel the elections in November. for his own political reasons….This man must be stopped by any means necessary with in law. He is the worst example of a sitting president, Remember This Night Forever……..May God Help Us All…..And God Bless You All

    42. mark says:

      Thank you so much!

      This is a window into the feelings of disenfranchisement that our founders must have felt!

      God bless you, and thank you!

      We must all work to repeal this abridgment of our freedom!

    43. Rob, Anderson, IN says:

      Sherryl, it doesn't matter, the Constitution is still law. Even if this trick they pulled stands, the law doesn't. You can't make a law that forces people to buy a product they don't want. You can't force an industry to do business that risks their financial viability – oh wait, yes you can, it's been done, and the result was the housing crisis / mortgage meltdown. Get ready for the medical care crisis of 2020, because it will happen if this stands, and the bottom line is that the taxpayer gets the bill. Our gov't thinks their purpose in life is to swindle us out of trillions, it's time they found a new job.

    44. Jacqui, Colorado says:

      I want to know from every candidate…

      What will you UNDO for the American People.

      We have too much represive rules in all areas. I want our leaders to begin to turn back the clock. Not just on this sham of Health Care reform but other things also, ie., environmental 'protections', dept of education , etc. etc etc////

    45. Sandra, California says:

      "Fighting tyranny is obedience to God." — Thomas Jefferson

      We have traitors in high places. King George III is no more, but we now face enemies from within. God help us fight this abomination with a firm and resounding response that will result in the annihilation of this legislation. God help us to recover our freedom. It just might require bullets as well as ballots.

    46. Marjie Bouley says:


    47. Dustin Weiland says:

      I believe that this is a great leap towards ending democracy. Obama, Pelosi, Reid, Congress and the Senate, all need to be removed without discrimination. New members should be elected and new laws should be enacted to protect our constitution, such as term limits of eight years in Congress or Senate, no more no less. Once the term is up, they go away with whatever they have put in their retirement accounts and that is it. After what we, the American people were subjected to tonite, we seriuosly need to get rid of all of the politicians who are like drug addicts waiting for their next crack fix or who are looking to steal money, to attain that fix they need to have to make them feel more powerful.

      I only hope that we can repeal this so our children and their children can survive!

    48. Rolland, Oregon says:

      Very good message and thank you for being here with us shoulder to shoulder. Gather your strength everyone because Obama is hot on the heels of this abomination with: amnesty, cap & trade, national/international IDs, international treaty for gun control and the takeover of U.S. Internet networks. Remember his statement a couple of days ago about using 'demon-pass' for "future legislation"? Are you up for it? As for me…I have not yet begun to fight.

    49. Roger Sands, Los Ang says:

      It's time to legally remove our domestic terrorists (Obama, Pelosi, & Reed) from office! How can we accomplish this? Thru the courts? With 60,000,000 votor signitures? Other suggestion?

    50. christine, new york says:

      This is a disgrace, We Need to vote these people out and Take Our Country Back!

    51. Allison says:

      The OT Prophet, Daniel's vision of end time:

      Dan 8:19-25

      19 (The angel) said: "I am going to tell you what will happen later in the time of wrath, because the vision concerns the appointed time of the end. 20 The two-horned ram that you saw represents the kings of Media and Persia. 21 The shaggy goat is the king of Greece (Alex the Great), and the large horn between his eyes is the first king. 22 The four horns (Alex' 4 generals) that replaced the one that was broken off represent four kingdoms that will emerge from his nation but will not have the same power.

      23 "In the latter part of their reign (the latter days), when rebels have become completely wicked, a stern-faced king, a master of intrigue, will arise. 24 He will become very strong, but not by his own power. He will cause astounding devastation and will succeed in whatever he does. He will destroy the mighty men and the holy people. 25 He will cause deceit to prosper, and he will consider himself superior. When they feel secure, he will destroy many and take his stand against the Prince of princes. Yet he will be destroyed, but not by human power..


    52. Rachel Rodriguez, Ca says:

      That's funny CC. I said a prayer and then opened the Bible and and it opened to Isaiah 10:1-3. ANd then I turned to another page and it was Psalm 72. And then there was Proverbs 31, And I noticed that in allt hese passages that the underlying them was that the bible teaches us that the government does have a responsibility and certain obligations to the people in that community. Believe it or not, I couldn't find a single passage in the Bible that says the government cannot provide health care for the people. And I thanked God for that wisdom.

    53. Janet Brunner, Eules says:

      Thank you for the beacon of light you provide in these dark days for America. I continue to support The Heritage Foundation and turn to your leadership, direction and expertise as we prepare for the next battle against tyranny.

      I pledge to continue my personal commitment to freedom and liberty. As my friends, family and acquaintances begin asking me what just happened, I will control my anger and frustration. Rather than lash out at their apathy when conservatives had a foothold to stop this, I will continue to encourage and recruit action and diligence.

      With The Heritage Foundation as our foundation, literally, we shall remain above the fray and face the battles before us with the courage and tenacity of our forefathers. In the words of John Paul Jones, "I have not yet begun to fight!

    54. Patrick, Illinois says:

      You people are all small minded fools. Just because you lost you cry unconstitutional….Losing means you have to sit down for 4 years. The best thing this bill showed you all that the tea party participants are toothless morons. Remember those of you who have one day you may not. Chickens do come home to roost. We showed you that today…Enjoy your health care

    55. Danny belkofer, New says:

      Thanks you for being their, without the Heritage foundation, Americans would not have a prayer. Our representatives forgotton what America stands for."Freedom" Part of that is making decisions for your own life.

    56. Jon, Clemson SC says:

      Thank you for standing up for the principles of this nation and for taking on the fight of conservative values.

    57. Ed Lewis says:

      This is a major obstruction to my hope of seeing my children inherit an America that resists domineering, insatiable government. No doubt, the liberals have won the day to the great loss of all of us. How? The usual deceit. But I look back to the time when conservatives led Congress and held the presidency. We should have reformed health care then, but left it to Hillary, then Obama, to propose the fix. If we allow major dysfunctions to go unaddressed, the liberals will bring solutions to the table that continue to erode freedom. It's time for a change in strategy. The worst thing about this event is what it does to worsen our greatest danger – the crushing national debt. Heritage, we need you to be at your best.

    58. Jon, Springboro OH says:

      First a bailout of corruption. No arrests, (by the way, where are the arrests?) just a bailout by printing more money on the hopes / conviction that they would pay for it by taking over yet another privately held institution, Health Care. While the American people's heads are still spinning and reeling from the expeditious consumption of the private sector within' the first three months of his Presidency, Health Care is used like a hostage taker; first as fuel for the bailout (if we don't get it we can't pay for all the money we just printed) and secondly to the Democrats and Republicans who voted for its passage, as a means to get re-elected "if you have any hope" of doing so. These arrogant men and women have placed themselves on radar as people to whom we can not depend upon to do the will of their constituency, instead have said they know better than their constituency. In their arrogance they have said "you voted for my judgement" not my ability to represent your will. It's disgusting that they speak of the success of Medicare when it's failing. Success of Medicare is touted while yet it continues to financially fail and still again its "success" is derived from a lack of willingness to eliminate it, because those who are dependent upon it are exactly that – dependent upon it. That's how our Government defines success now? Our inability to let go of the "entitlement" that they make others dependent upon, like an elected drug dealer regardless how much it continues to put America in the financial hole and put future generations in a horrible state. The future for our grand children is not hard to predict as we've just pushed all our hard decisions on to them only 10 fold. When I voted no for Obama, this is why.

    59. Joanne, Idaho says:

      The time has come to share this wisdom from the first page of my PATRIOTIC ROSARY Devotional book: "When the eagle's mighty wing feathers become heavy with oil and dirt and his beak and talons become calcified and brittle, he retires to a hiding place in a cave or rock out of reach of predators and experiences a period of renewal. With his great beak he pulls out his mighty wing feathers one by one, then he extracts each claw. Finally, he begins to smash his beak against the rocks, until it too is gone. Left defenseless, this peerless, unique bird waits patiently until beak, talons, and feathers have regrown, emerging in his renewed condition stronger than before." Millions of Americans can certainly relate with the mighty eagle this night. I remember the night of 9/11 being so bitterly brokenhearted for the devastating loss life. Tonight comes very close to those same emotions, however, this attack is coming from those within our very own government as they are no longer hiding their motivations and are openly waging war against its own citizens. I fervently pray that these few words will be comfort to others and that we too will 'regrow' and renew stronger. We must never give up or give in. Free Americans are pretty unique 'birds' themselves, we will be stronger than before – the masks are off – America sees her 'predators' for who they are. Evil despises the truth, it prefers confusion and darkness. We will fight them with the truth, we will reveal their lies and the real nature of their ideology. This is just the beginning. The mighty eagle will fly again.

    60. Toni, Cleveland, OH says:

      Please repeal this TRAVESTY and eliminate everyone who participated in this!

    61. scott,new jersey says:

      Here is my comment…We are not the generation of FDR or LBJ, WE WON'T JUST FOLLOW LIKE THE GREAT GENERATION , WE WON'T STAND BACK AND AGREE WITH RHETOTIC OF THE 60'S. We have for the last 25 yrs something they did not…..a better education of the Constitution through other broadcasting means that they did not. They ate what the "Progressives" fed them. We have talk radio,conservative news, blogs, and news information presenting the American veiw. We can beat progressives on a Constitutional format because there is nothing in their camp that is constitutional. We can not accept and assimalate to the same LBJ/FDR doctrines. It is time. Be Patriots don't be ashamed. TO ARMS, TO ARMS. THEY ARE NOT ABOUT DEBATE. THEYARE ABOUT…"THE FUNDAMENTAL CHANGING OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA" (oct 30 2008;Barack Hussein Obama)

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    64. Tom Tyler says:

      Get over it. Obama care is a fait au complet. With the Mainstream press pouring out "Pravda" , no one will dare the rebuke of "Not caring about the poor". With ownership of both houses AND the Presidency, the Courts cannot long stand ( and indeed have almost gone ,"Progressive" , already )

    65. Calvin P,, Oregon says:

      How so many lies & misrepresentations can be crammed into a 2:12 minute partisan fund raising appeal is utterly amazing!! Hopefully thinking Americans will shake just their heads at such hateful extremism.

    66. KaratKoaMom, Georgia says:

      Excellent video response. We The People must come beside and behind this organization and others like it and be prepared for battle. It is this type of govt control that led to the first American Revolution; it may just be what leads to a second American Revolution. The total lack of regard for our Constitution and the Rule of Law could possibly lead this country down a slope to anarchy and bloodshed. We have turned our backs on God for too long; I hope He hears the pleas of His people. May God bless all that the Heritage Foundation touches as it goes to battle for all that we hold dear.

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    68. Norman W Moeller .Wa says:

      I urge everyone to send back the census form blank as a form of civil disobedience.

    69. R. Bishop says:

      If our founders and all of those patriots who have served since day one of our quest to be free of and in defense against tyrannical oppression could see what we have allowed to happen, they would weep… and ask "why?".

    70. John Bakelaar says:

      I wish I could share your optimism in regard to challenging this bill. I do not. The Obama administration and Pelosi/Reid have shown to what depths they will stoop to get their way. What little honor was left in government is gone. I wish I knew what to do. President Obama promised hope and change. Well, he certainly delivered. If your hope was for a bankrupt, repressive, statist government, then you got your change.

    71. Craig Tomchik - Indi says:

      I went to the voting location but the doors were closed…

      Who sent the message to our legislators that we "the people" wanted this bill?

      Don't lie down on this.

      If the party affiliation was removed – 70% of those in "power" would have no clue how to vote.

    72. Feather Payne Limest says:

      I support the Heritage Foundation and the rights of American's in fighting the Health Care Bill.

    73. John Bakelaar, Frank says:

      I wish I could share some of the optimism regarding opposition to this bill. I'm afraid I do not. They can all be voted out, but this bill is now the law of the land and there really is no turning back. The Democratic party has proven what little honor was left in government is now gone. President Obama and Reid/Pelosi have shown us that no depth is too low to attain their goals. The President promised us hope and change. If you were hoping for a repressive, bankrupt, corrupt, statist form of government, then you got your change.

    74. Kraig Broecker says:

      I turned my flag upside down today in distress. I will turn it back straight tomorrow and begin the fight to repeal this tyranny. We must never give up the fight for freedom and liberty. Today, new patriots will be born and the fight will go on the defeat these Statist.

    75. Suzanne, Houston says:

      "Horror. Americans have elected a dictator who will do as he wishes, regardless of what we want. Let’s get these power-hungry dictators out of the House of Reps, the Senate, and the White House."

      And what on earth did we do for the 8 years before THAT? Dick Cheney and George Bush had us on a war that achieved nothing except the needless death of many of our military. You guys are unbelievable. Instead of embracing change that will be good, you jump on the Republican scare tactic bandwagon.

      Try growing up in a country which has Nationalized Healthcare as I did. It's a darned sight better than not being insured at all.

      Shame on you all! You all want something for nothing. May I remind you that when President Clinton left office, there was no federal deficit? The deficit we have now is a direct result of Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeldt policy in Iraq.

      Thank you for listening.

    76. Sherrywantsanisland, says:

      We must see to it obama becomes a lame duck president!

      (Failure to capitalize the name, obama, was not an error.)

    77. Joel A Crossman says:

      lawsuits against the government is not the answer because who's money is it anyways!.The money means nothing to Obama he's already shown us that . we need to charge them with Treason for all there bribery and corruption.

    78. James Crowell Columb says:

      I agree with Joel above. TREASON seems to be the rule of the days for the dems.

    79. Andrea says:

      I just joined Heritage and sent it to everyone in my contact list. I pray to God there is something we can do. What I would like to know is why we can not impeach him? I am not a "birther" but I am so upset and fought so hard against this takeover I want to see ALL HIS RECORDS! EVERY SINGLE PIECE OF PAPER! We need to uncover everything! How can a man be president and we accept that he has his papers sealed? We need to defend this country for our children and our grandchildren! But most important we must defend this country for all the millions of men and women who gave their lives so we can live in a FREE country! There lives lost should NOT BE IN VAIN! We will defend their honor now!

      May God bless America…

    80. BDATE says:

      God Bless the Heritage Foundation, we are supporters and walk with you every step of the way to regain our freedom.

    81. C. Taylor Tomball TX says:

      Maybe with the will and strength of God none of the ink pens will work.

    82. Jim Peterson (Vetera says:

      Correction: VAWA has been gutted by the Supreme Court – but only slowly and not because any conservatives tried to directly challenge it. What happened was that some tried to take the law too far. For instance, a woman in PA lost a state case accusing a man of rape so she tried to get a new federal case started and the 5 conservative members of the Supreme Court basically said "No, read your Constitution. Violence not caused by an act of war is not a federal issue if it occurs inside Pennsylvania." The impetus to gut the law came not from concerned patriots out to see the Constitution adhered to, but from a man whom the 4 liberal members of the Supreme Court wanted to see face double jeopardy and charges equal to that of terrorism.

    83. Jeanne Stotler, wood says:

      First to Sunny and Patrick, I have a Brain and I am a Health care Professional, I do not like to see Our health care headed in this direction. Now for all of you who want this bill repealed, Virginia and 33 other states/commonwealths have prepared to file suit WHEN this bill is signed, some will be individual and then there is a group. Contact your state/commonwealth Atty. General and ask them to join in filing suit to question the constitutionality of this bill. There are 2 grounds, one is that Congress cannot pass a bill that EXCLUDES them, neither can they do the opposite. second no bill can force an individual be made to BUY anything, this is a flagrant abuse of power. there are probably several other amendments this violates. Call and write to your state/commonwealth atty gen NOW and PRAY for this country, then VOTE 11/2010

    84. Jill, California says:

      Impeach Obama.

    85. hermlet says:

      To those who criticize this current health care reform. If it bothers everyone so much

      then why wasn't anything done about the health care problem when the republicans had control. Is it because they don't care or is it because they didn't see that there was a problem.

      We also need to leave Jesus out of this conversation, because he is not Republican or Democrat, and he sure as heck didn't charge a lot for the health care he provided.

      If both sides of the aisle can't have a conversation about whats good for the USA, then I would argue that both sides are more interested in whats good for their party. That is unAmerican.

    86. Paul Terry Stone, Su says:

      Since I might forget about what just happened, which is not likely, I listed in my Daytimer a reminder as to how to vote on the second Tuesday of November and the and the campaigns to contribute to through October 2010.

    87. moonraven,ar says:

      Now that Obama has wooed and bought off the Dems to get this passed through and feeling he is "King of the Hill", he will now be going after our 401 k"s and our guns, not to mention they want to keep us from growing our own food and herbs.

      Also they want to ban fishing…give me a break..they want us totally dependent on them….

      Obama has set out to enslave us and to rewrite or totally abolish our precious Constitution, Lord knows he has tread all over it this time around.

      This can be fought in the courts I cite this 1925 case : "Linder vs US:

      Linder v. United States

      Supreme Court of the United States

      Argued March 9, 1925

      Decided April 13, 1925

      Full case name Charles O. Linder v. United States

      Citations 268 U.S. 5 (more)

      Prior history From District Court, Eastern District of Washington


      The Harrison Act cannot be used to prosecute doctors who proscribe narcotics to addicts.

      Court membership

      Chief Justice

      William H. Taft

      Associate Justices

      Oliver W. Holmes, Jr. · Willis Van Devanter

      James C. McReynolds · Louis Brandeis

      George Sutherland · Pierce Butler

      Edward T. Sanford · Harlan F. Stone

      Case opinions

      Majority McReynolds, joined by unanimous

      Laws applied

      Harrison Narcotics Tax Act

      Superseded by

      Controlled Substance Act

      Linder v. United States, 268 U.S. 5 (1925), is a Supreme Court case involving the applicability of the Harrison Act. The Harrison Act was originally a taxing measure on drugs such as morphine and cocaine, but it later effectively became a prohibition on such drugs. However, the Act had a provision exempting doctors prescribing the drugs. Dr. Charles Linder prescribed the drugs to addicts, which the federal government said was not a legitimate medical practice. He was prosecuted and convicted. Linder appealed, and the Supreme Court unanimously overturned his conviction, holding that the federal government overstepped its power to regulate medicine. The opinion of the court was written by Justice James Clark McReynolds and states, "Obviously, direct control of medical practice in the states is beyond the power of the federal government."

      re-read the last line:"Obviously, direct control of medical practice in the states is beyond the power of the federal government."

      and this line:the federal government overstepped its power to regulate medicine.

      It is time to challenge the control of government again not just with our votes in November. We need to flood the court system immediately with lawsuits. I'll be damned if they will FORCE me to buy insurance and I'll be damned if they put me in JAIL for refusal to buy it…that is infringing on MY RIGHTS under the Bill of Rights. I'm mad as hell…not gonna take no more this s**t.

    88. Drew Page, IL says:

      What do you mean I'm posting comments too fast? I tried to send one e-mail message with two sentences. I'm not posting anything too fast. You are too slow.

    89. Brian in NY says:

      To all those on this board who're *for* this monstrosity, a couple questions:

      Q) If this healthcare bill is so great, how come the congress-critters (Dems, Repubs, representatives & Senators) are exempt? Why do they have their own separate health, retirement & pension plans? Why is it acceptable for them to foist this garbage on the rest of us, while exempting themselves?

      A) If you believed in your precious equality to the extent you *say* you do, this would be totally UNacceptable. Why is a separate and above-all-others class system tolerated?

      Q) What is the unfunded deficit for the Social (in)Security and Medicare entitlement programs – *before* the knuckleheads in Congress passed this piece of S–T?

      A) 107 Trillion.

      Q) What was the 2007 Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of the entire World?

      A) 60.6 Trillion.

      So, this is a good thing? Passing another trillion-dollar entitlement where there is no wealth available to pay for it? What are you going to do when it can't be paid for? Are you going to accept gunvernment taking *all* of your earnings and then returning to you only that which *they* think you need? And all that based on purely political considerations? Or maybe you think the US gunvernment should confiscate all the World's GDP to pay for *your* entitlements?

      Hate to burst your little bubble-world that you live in, but 107Trillion dollar deficits is what you get from gunvernment. New Orleans after hurricane Katrina is what you get from gunvernment. Long lines and poor service (ala: DMV) is what you get from gunvernment. The objective, solid, substantiated evidence is all around you, yet you continue to believe that only gunvernment can fix things. All that gunvernment can do is point its gun at your head and rob you – either through direct taxation or inflation (same thing done different ways). And no … it can never be better if only we get the "right people" in charge. There are no right people, there are only tyrants of varying degrees. It's amazing that this was well understood 230+ years ago – - – and due to delusional people, the entire society needs to relearn it all over again.

      Thanks (for nothing).

    90. Regina Groves Van Bu says:

      This is just the beginning anf people need to look ay George Soros he is the mastermind .

      and if I am not mistaken there is a propvision to end sovenientry for the states

      and didn't Obama send the Governors a letter stating that the federal Government is in charge of our National Guards better look into that.

      And if he signs this bill and breaks the Constituion doesn't that release their Oath in the Military.

      Because everyone that signed that bill broke their oath of Office andare committing treason

    91. Drew Page, IL says:

      This morning's coffee was especially bitter. That, along with the slap in the face just delivered by Congress and the gloating posted here by our socialist friends, have only strengthened my resolve to see this travesty overturned. I have renewed by membership with Heritage and will continue to support the call for repeal.

    92. Keith Jackson,Jackso says:

      I would like to see the republican now go to the congress and demand that they the congress or at least the federal employees have to use the same insurance as the American people will have too and if not explain to the American people why they should be exempt.

    93. chAos, Founder, c4co says:

      It's now time to identify the supporters as Tories; enemies of the Constitution, and thus enemies of Freedom and Liberty. Identify, Confront, Sequester, and Vanquish. Plain and simple folks. We must destroy tyranny. Stand with me.

    94. matt says:

      sonny and suzanneare the reason this country is in the state it is, blame bush and follow blindly. my i remind you that in 2007 is when this demise started and that is the same year the dems took over the house and senate, now it is time WE THE PEOPLE take back our government and i mean by ANY means because this will not stop here!

    95. Boyce Robbins, Easle says:

      One of the many amazing things about this piece of legislation is that the liberals actually expect us to believe they can add millions to our health care system and cut the expenses of healthcare at the same time. As has been said, the CBO can only score what they are given. The legislation submitted to them was incomplete and included short term "savings" from the student loan program, among others. The final cost of this will be staggering and we are already broke and this will be another bill we cannot afford.

    96. Drew Page, IL says:

      I thought Bart Stupak said he was was going to vote against the Senate bill because it would allow federal funding for abortions. I guess that all depended on what the definition of "was" was.

    97. Michael, orange coun says:

      Unconstitutional? How? What strict interpretation of the Constitution makes this wrong? Harms people? How? Where I can see that certain corporations will be harmed, the majority of the American people will benefit. As a business owner who provides health care to his employees the directive for businesses to provide healthcare levels the playing field and reduces the burden on local hospitals that subsidize corporations who increase profits at the expense employee health. Do you mind backing your hyperbole with a concrete fact or two?

    98. Sam, WI says:

      One of the major beliefs in my religion is that in order for man to be able to obtain salvation, they must also have the ability to make their own choices. If God himself allows people to make their own choices, no matter how bad they may be, how can a person justly take away a persons right to choose? I will never support any sort of legislation that would do just that. I am sure people who are "pro-choice" would argue that I'm a hypocrit for not supporting abartion. However an abortion takes away the ability of the unborn child to make any decision since they will not even live to do so, not to mention the choice was already made even before conception.

      I will also not support legislation that grant power to the federal government that is not granted by the constitution. "We have learned by sad experiance that it is the nature and disposition of almost all men, as soon as they get a little authority, as they suppose, they will immediately begin to exercise unrighteous dominion."

    99. BRIAN says:


    100. Tim AZ says:

      Our next battle is amnesty. If we do not stop amnesty our vote will be nullified by a massive flood of illegal aliens who will show their appreciation by voting to keep liberals in office.

    101. John Lee (Benton, AR says:

      219 Statists voted to shred our Constitution last night. Everyone on this list with a "Y" next to their name needs to go.


    102. Douglas - PA says:

      I agree with another comment, the American people got what they voted for. Most that voted for misinformed thanks to our great leftest Media. Regardless, they did not read between the lines "Transforming America". My first question was, transforming into what??? This is what everyone should have questioned. My worried now is what will they do next. I am sure at some point, they will try the same thing with our second amendments rights. Same thing that the Socialists did in the UK. Don't stand for it America – fight hard! Kick every last Socialist out of the House and the Senate. Take back America!!! Life-Liberty-Happiness.

    103. Greg Bock, MI says:

      Just remember the campaign promise of NO NEW TAXES made by Obama. So how will he pay for it?

    104. Bob, Atlanta, GA says:

      If the Conservative radio talkers had spent even half the time holding the Republicans' feet to the fire while they were in control and spending money like drunken sailors as they spent worrying about Hilliary Clinton, we wouldn't be in this mess.

    105. Shirley Andricks, Bryan, Ohio says:

      Socialism and dictatorship will not be tolerated! My prayers are bountiful as well as my trust and faith in the Lord Jesus. God help America!

    106. Susan Luther New Orl says:

      I am so upset. Now I know how the Pilgrims felt when they got on that boat to leave their home for religious freedom.

      What can we do?

    107. Michelle Richardson, says:


      From the time of my birth, I have not had freedom in America. Freedoms were destroyed long ago. Freedom ended at a time when the progressives entered our country touting the communist rhetoric that citizens were spoon fed like a baby, with little choice but to chew and swallow. We were even convinced it was good for us. Our leaders both great and corrupt have convinced us that our freedoms were not worth the security they offered. For just pence of our freedom we could have security in knowing that a big brother’s hand was there to lift us up. This hand was lifted and is now going to drop and impose the last coup by squashing Americans, robbing us from any dignity and liberties we have left. Serfdom under the guise of rights is not Freedom. It is human despotism.

      Progressives starting with Teddy Roosevelt touted women’s rights, children’s rights, educational rights, healthcare rights, rights of the minorities, and rights for the poor. Never once have progressives touted or even expressed the importance for the rights of the individual to live free. Freedom is not a progressive ideology. Collectivism, despotism, nationalism, and communism are under the many “isms” they express. The ruling class is now the new progressive elitists. They will tell you we are a democracy and we are free. And use the majority rules to destroy America’s rule of law. But I ask you what freedoms do you have when we become the law of men and not the rule of law? The progressive movement is an insidious underhanded movement toward tyranny, slavery, and bondage. And they use the plight of humanity to exploit and polarize our country until we are no longer unified. We are a nation polarized and plagued with anger, disenfranchisement, and discontent. And if America and its rule of law are not restored by those who believe in this country, then our bright and shining city on the hill will fade into disparity. This despotism we are facing will not go unpunished. It will have its reckoning. Americans have faced evil many times before and our lady liberty always wins. The “spirit of 76” is encoded into our genes. We will not waver. We will not falter. We will not give up. We will win!

      This is a time in American history where you must make history as one individual. You must stand up for the individual right to live free. It is up to you to end the 80 year plunge toward tyranny under the guise of rights. Not one progressive has uttered the words our founding fathers fought and died for in their new land we call America. Our founding fathers gathered in the dead of night risking their lives to declare independence from their King. If we allow progressivism to reign in America, we will lose most of the fabric that makes us unique in the world. Instead we will take the place of many countries of tyrants. Germany, Russia, Poland, China, and Italy are countries that have held tyranny in their grasps at the expense of human rights given by God. Is this our destiny? I think not. I want Freedom. I choose freedom. I choose the new America our founding father’s inherited to us. I want to wake up and look to God and pray and thank our founders that I am Free. I want to live a life knowing that my children will have the freedoms I have enjoyed. In order for us to move back to freedom (freedom to earn and keep all of my earnings, freedom to praise my maker in public, freedom to earn my own way, freedom to say what I want without retribution, freedom to give to charity, freedom to develop my God given talents without arbitrary rules from government, freedom to live, and freedom to die) we must sacrifice, fight, and even die for it. We must uproot and rid our country of this “evil tree” called Communist Progressivism and sow the seeds of freedom in America once again.

    108. Michelle Richardson, says:

      Micheal of Orange county. It is unconstitutional because it acts in a more parliamentary manner rather that our Republic. It imposes on states rights and mandates American citizens must buy something or face retribution through fines and levies. that is unconstitutional.

    109. Jeff Watts, Arkansas says:

      Congressman Stupak,

      Shame on you and your household for allowing the most avowed abortionist the the history of the presidency to make you look like a fool. You, sir, are a fraud.

      Update your resume, you WILL need it.

      Jeff Watts

    110. Terri Smith says:

      Thank you for the glimmer of hope you have offered me today. I look forward to partnering together with other patriots in fighting against this unlawful legislation.

    111. Edd Jones says:

      Don't be bitter that someone is trying to help out you fat overweight, uneducated racist idiots…This is the best thing that has happened in your lifetime be proud be patriotic. This is our democracy at work…60% of America voted for Obama intern voting for health-care…..Unlike our last warmongering president he is doing what his platform was run on…Free preventive care and health-care for your obese children….Stop Voting Against your interest….

    112. JAK Virginia says:

      The Health Care Reform Bill as drafted by the Senate was modified by the President Obama and the result was approved by the House. If President Obama signs the Bill as presented to him by the Senate it will become the governing Health Care Law of the United States.

      The Reconciliation Act will amend this law to remove offensive benefits incorporated by vote of the Senate and the House, as well as restrictions incorporated by Executive Order prohibiting the use of Federal Tax dollars to pay for abortions.

      When these significant amendments are completed and signed into law by President Obama it will be time to access the validity of their decisions and the direction that Health Care is to proceed as chosen by our Representatives and our President.

      Little purpose is served to prematurely demand the repeal of the HC legislation yet to be enacted before we know exactly what has been signed into law, including all changes incorporated by the Reconciliation Act, and which now comprise the final HC requirement to be implemented by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

      If the amended legislation is fiscally viable and the services are represent an agreeable alternative then we might consider accepting the HC Bill as reconciled, or if not, perhaps we can the suggest further change to remove the shortcomings, and if that should also fail, then we can then work to achieve the more difficult repeal of the legislation entirely and start over.

      In any case it is important that sound judgment and not emotions be employed, based on the actual legislative document as Reconciled, in order to achieve a workable resolution that will provide both good Health Care and at a cost that supported by all Americans

    113. Joy in Tennessee says:

      We must all band together to fight these Intolerable Acts. We owe it to our children and grandchildren and those descendants yet we know of.

    114. Janice Slinger India says:

      We will, with the help of God, repeal this evil bill. It will take every conservative American to suceed, so if you have been a bystander, now is the time to get involved. We need to work for conservative candidates, with our time and our money. we need to be on the streets wirh signs in such great numbers, that no one can doubt where the majority stands. I have attended a tea party and spent countless hours contacting members of both parties, but I plan on doing much, much more,please join me!!

    115. Dennis M Jones HM1/U says:

      As a duly sworn member of the United States Navy, I am bound to protect my country "…against all enemies foriegn and domestic…" If this isn't a call to arms for those true Patriots among us, I don't know what is. A domestic enemy has arisen in the person now claiming the title of President of the United Sates. Tyranny and loss of Liberty are not things of the future, but realities of the present. Forewarned is Forearmed.

    116. Steve G says:

      The time has come for Americans to put down the remote or Xbox controller and get involved. If the Left will go to these lengths to ignore the will of those Americans who are informed and engaged, then they need to removed from office.

      I haven't found a better commentary on this entire health care debate than right here: http://rjmoeller.com/2010/03/battered-citizen-syn

    117. Spiritof76, NH says:


      Pinning our hopes on 2010 elections and perhaps on 2012 is futile. It is an entitlement. We have not been able to amend any of those entitlement programs- social security, Medicare, Medicaid.

      We are at about the same point as the patriots found themselves in 1775 when they decided to take patriot loyalty oaths. It directly made the loyalists incompatible in free America.

      We must take loyalty oath to our Constitution. We must thus acknowledge that collectivists (socialists and communists) are incompatible with the adherence to our Constitution that enshrines individual liberty.

      Second, we must engage in civil disobedience. Small business owners, self-employed, doctors and nurses and other businesses must shut down for a day or a week and demand that all federal intrusion in businesses must stop by repealing all the latest legislations. We have to bring the federal government down its knees.

      Short of non-violent civil disobedience to force the hands of those in power, the country is well on its way to becoming a USSR of west.

    118. Richard Teasdale, Ut says:

      This is what happens when you elect and seat an unknown foreign national as president. The birth certificate issue DOES matter, as you can plainly see. Barry isn't a supporter of a free America. He supports European style socialism and is willing to do whatever backroom dealing necessary to force it on this nation.

    119. Sam, WI says:

      In regards to the posters who seem to think that this health care reform is good, and that there isn’t any evidence to the contrary (of which there is plenty, they only have to look), I have the following to say: “For those that believe, no proof is neccesary. For those that don’t believe, no proof is enough.” I would also like to add that I have not seen any evidence that this health care reform will be good, and I have looked.

    120. Kevin in CT says:

      Good video and comments.

      Check out the good summary of what we should have done at:


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    123. Ann Krueger, Willmar says:

      Where did you get the figures stating that clearly the majority did not want health care reform? I and many like me can't wait for health care reform.. The current system is only the best coverage for the rich who, of course, believe they can control the country. Anyone who makes more that $200,000 as an individual or $250,000 as a couple should be more than willing to help out their fellow man. Doesn't charity begin at home. I pay an exorbitant amount of money for my health care $2600 deductible VEBA policy. I can't afford to go to the doctor. Maybe the fat cats would like the same coverage as a major percentage of Americans. My son has been without coverage for 5 years because he can't afford the premiums. It's about time someone stands up for the little people in this country.

    124. Kristi, Phoenix, AZ says:

      I am sickened and disgusted at the treachery and deception of this bill. It's the classic bait-and-switch sales routine, and will be our final undoing.

      I work in the health insurance industry as a private broker, and this will not only hurt those with health plans, but it will not truly benefit those in need of a plan. I'm fully aware that we need a solution, and so are the insurance carriers, but this is no solution. This will prove to widen the gap between the "Haves" and the "Have Nots," and will drive middle class America and small business owners into the financial dumpster. This bill's effect is like throwing gas on a grease fire.

      Personal gains and political aspirations have gotten out of control in the White House. Forcing policy onto the people and taking away our rights smacks of communism. The current administration wanted a revolution – well, now they've got it.

      God bless America, and the tenacity of our people!

    125. Sapient, TX says:

      At least the American People are starting to use the right words to describe what we are facing: tyranny, despotism, ambition.

      And, now that we are finding the courage to use the right terms, we also find that our Founders had plenty to say about precisely what we are dealing with.

      We are to be jealous for our liberties. We are to recognize tyranny in the principle without waiting for the entangling consequences. And, we are to ever manifest a spirit of resistance.

      This can be the beginning of an American renewal…the “spirit of resistance” is certainly beginning to manifest individually, and in the States.

      God speed

      “Texas has yet to learn submission to any oppression, come from what source it may.” Sam Houston, General, and 2nd President of Texas.

    126. Toonces007 says:

      Ann Krueger – $250,000 is not a lot of money when you take out all the taxes we have to pay. I'm so tired of the "little people", as you like to call your self, complaining about how hard it is. You seem to think everyone was born with a silver spoon in their mouth. There are some of us that worked very hard to become successful by working overtime and attending night school. I don't feel compelled to help complete strangers using by having the government redistribute my wealth. I donate plenty to the charities of MY choice. This entire health care expansion debate focuses on 10% of the population that is unhappy, so why make the rest of miserable? I'm happy with Blue Cross Blue Shield. Leave us out of it. Ya'll need to sort it out amongst yourselves.

    127. Michele Warneck Winn says:

      Thank you all for sending us emails and keeping us inform with on what the White House is doing. I am so angry I called Brad Sherman's Office and said I was angry that the bill past and thank you for us to become communist. . I will turn my anger into victory in June 8,2010 and Nov. 8,2010 We will have a Republican conservative house and Senate . I am also a member of the Heritage Foundation.

    128. Damon Laycox says:

      The days of Big Government, 1900-to present, have shown all Americans and the World how well they–Washington–handle our taxpayer's dollars. The Social Security System, Medicare System, Postal Service and Education Departments are all prime examples of waste, mismanagement and entitlement programs gone wrong. President Washington and President Abraham Lincoln would be so disappointed in President Obama and this Democratic lead Congress and their mantra, "The Needs of the Few, outweigh the needs of the many."

    129. Toonces007 says:

      JAK Virginia said, "Little purpose is served to prematurely demand the repeal of the HC legislation yet to be enacted before we know exactly what has been signed into law"

      And it is that kind of blind acceptance and trust of the government's control that is wrong with the other half of America. There should be NO voting until a final and complete piece of legislation is presented to the reps.

    130. Actongue says:

      universal health care is Constitutional ………………. This was the beginning of my letter to Speaker Pelosi

      It is unconstitutional to deny people medical care and yes health insurance companies deny medical care all the time for the sake of profit. the Constitution was written with the Declaration of Independence as its guidelines and in the Declaration of Independence it States. The right to Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. Health is the underlying need to have all three of those and it makes Health care the right of every taxpaying American. To ignore the Declaration of Independence, is to ignore the Constitution and any patriotic American recognizes the importance of both.

      Additionally the Supreme court has on multiple instances



    131. Beth, Acton Californ says:

      Bravo, Brian in NY. Well said in your "Question/Answer" format. Michael, Orange County, Ca – Where in the Constitution does it say you have a right to health insurance/care? It DOESN'T and that is why this bill is unconstitutional (along with many other bills/regulations, etc. passed by the Congress). Living in California you should know darn well that anyone here can get health care. Just go to the emergency room. And yes there are long waiting times to see a care giver in the emergency room- but what makes you think that is going to change under this new bill?

      The American people need a lesson in Economics – Try reading Henry Hazlitt's "Economics in One Lesson".

    132. Freethinking America says:

      You are all just a bunch of bitter old christian white guys whose time has passed. A demographic shift HAS taken place in America and will continue. President OBAMA ran on the platform of Healthcare change and the majority of Americans voted for him… Get over it! Praying to your sky fairy will change nothing. The biggest beneficiaries of this health plan will be the ones now whining about it the most. Our Republic works quite whining. It is really killing you that an African American is now YOUR President

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    135. Ben Hammock, Kansas says:

      Intolerable acts? I believe that insurance companies allowing people to DIE because paying for their treatment and medicines is too costly is a travesty, Why would America permit private enterprise to decide these things?

      Why can they decide to not insure someone when there is no other option available/affordable care option other than the "employee based" system that has failed us for decades?.

    136. Nell, Ms says:

      I am a Heritage member and thankful that we have good, moral, and decent people who are willing to stand up for our country. We should all be behind them with our prayers and support.

    137. John Lindemulder, NJ says:

      When I was self employed: I have been un-insured and never denied care, I have paid my own health insurance as a matter of responsibility to my wife and kids. I now enjoy a job that covers the larger portion of my health care expense. I willing give up my portion to be able to select my doctors who hold to the same commitment to life as I!

      For the fools that have commented here praising this as a victory, I forgive you for your ignorance to the truth and understanding of freedom.

      Those who love socialism are afraid to be free, those who love freedom willingly embrace responsibility! This congress has broken its oath of office,every deplorable and self serving method of trickery has been used, deceit, bribery, lies and blackmail. To call them whores would only insult those who practice the oldest profession! What a terrible legacy they leave, may God have mercy on their souls!

    138. Dallas dee says:

      Well…now there are fewer differences between the USA and Canada, except their currency is worth more now, they too, have socialized medicine, why do you think the Prime Minister of Canada hot-footed it to the USA to get his heart surgery done so quickly? But take heart, no pun intended…this will not stand. Only those who want to mooch off of the honest work and efforts of hard workers are really FOR this "healthcare" Those who mooch off of hard workers view health care as a trip to the emergency room, sit and wait, for hours sometimes, just to see an over-worked, under-staffed, probably under-paid doctor or patient advocate, so, they are already used to and accept this form of healthcare. Nothing will change for them. They see a doctor after it becomes an issue instead of being proactive about their health, which is more expensive in the long run. We are surrounded by idiots that are very intelligent when it comes to getting something for nothing. Vote out all the bums this November!!

    139. Dallas dee says:

      Everyone on this list with a “Y” next to their name needs to go.


      Everyone with a Y next to their name will have a brand new, shiny office!

      Care of Obamacare…..

    140. Tari Bergquist Barab says:

      Why is it all the uninsured hear is "free healthcare"? Don't they see it is the foot in the door to take away the freedoms this fine country was founded on? No unfair taxation without representation. I hope they are still loving this healthcare plan when their parents are being denied treatment or surgery…..because at their age it isn't worth the investment.

    141. Tari Baraboo WI says:

      "Three years of benefits" really Steve? Obviously you do not realize the only part you get now, is paying for this monster Hope you're not waiting for anything major because benefits don't kick in until 2014.

    142. Melissa Fioramonti ( says:

      Thank you for being there for all of us. I am a proud American, who loves American history, and this country. I am very concerned for this country, and saddened that people voted this man and these congress/senate leaders into office. I am prepared to do everything in my power to make this country strong, free and a true democracy again.

    143. Billie says:

      It is greatly disappointing that any human wouldn't want to be in control of their own existence.

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    145. A Member of "We says:

      The New Royalty: King Obama and Queen Pelosi

      Let's face it: Obama and Pelosi are audacious, serial, pathological liars

      who are driven by an obsessive need to control–all in the twisted name

      of "doing social and moral good"–helping us citizen peasants help ourselves.

      They think of themselves and daily act as if they are King and Queen–they are

      our new royalty–their wishes are supreme. Whatever they think is important,

      that becomes, by definition–"important". The new American has become,

      unwittingly, just another Old European Kingdom. King George III of England

      and Queen Marie Antoinette of France are no longer "there"–they are now here.

      Royalty rules.

      Congress of course is the bunch of "useful court idiots" who dutifully

      please/obey the King and Queen. Some in Congress pride themselves as

      being court "advisors", some are court jesters, but most are simply

      court prostitutes–having compromised and numbed their body,

      conscience, and soul long ago–again in the name of "doing good".

      As for the rest of us in the kingdom, we are the peasants, who silently

      and dutifully "work the fields", and fork over as much (20%, 30%, 40%, 50%, …)

      of our daily grain as the King and Queen decides. The King and Queen are

      never ambiguous–listen daily to their own words–their Proclamations have

      clearly declared to all that they will do "whatever it takes"–the

      Constitution be damned–to mold the kingdon in their image and likeness.

      Bribary, pay-offs, gifts of power, prestige, and greed

      have all become the Chicago-style "coins of the kingdom". We peasants are

      "out of the loop"–we have no role except to "be good serfs" and daily

      finance the whims,wishes and "latest do good project" of the King and


      In the King Obama and Queen Pelosi's mind, all of the above is a "done deal";

      as the saying goes, "so it is written; and so it shall be done".

    146. Dale Cord says:

      Remember this all of you State Attorney Generals as if you already don't know, LOL. Filing appeals on an unconstitutional Health Bill or any other charges against a corrupt government like this one, is like the Germans or Italians during the 2nd World War filing charges against Hitler and Musellni. When you have a stacked deck for the house in card games, you lose. What were the people thinking when they allowed each president to appoint a justice to the Supreme Court. We now have 9 Liberal minded people sitting in the highest court in our land making unconstitutional laws and undermining our individual freedoms. These people in your state that are acting like they are out raged by this violation and act of treason, are doing so,to appease their constiuance,so they can be re-elected after their term has elapsed.

    147. JG, Naples, FL says:

      Every liberty loving American alive

      Should remember the Slaughter-House Dive

      and vow to direct everything we have at 'em

      to remove house democrats and their Madam.

    148. Debbie H., Crete, Il says:

      A little late but here goes..

      First, let me state I am not an extremist, a liberal, teapartier, conservatist, rightwinger,leftwinger. I am an American. I am a Red, White and Blue loving patriot. What ever does not trample on my freedom but benefits society I'm for. While some form of health reform is needed, this is not it.

      True heath care reform starts from the bottom. First remove all the Physicians and other health care providers that are inept. This, in and by itself, would greatly reduce the statistics of disabled individuals due to malpractice and the burden on society. Second, lower costs for visiting the doctor. No one is going to convince me a GP needs $200 a visit to cover his overhead. (Considering they can abate their student loans then earn $200,000/yr) Now that office visits are affordable, make the insurance companies charge a reasonable amount for their services and forced to cover all at the same rate. Since they will now only be covering major medical, it shouldnt be hard to be reasonable. Lets not forget the pharmacuticals. Allow them a small profit margin. This is understandable, but we should not, as a nation, be forced to supply medicines to all these other countries that already have this supposed great "universal health care". This is a main point. If universal health care works, why does America have to subsidize them?

      Goverment should not have control of the last thing I can call my own, my body.

      With unemployment historically high, we should want to help our neighbors. But these neighbors do not include those from other countries here illegally, or those refusing to work.

      With the passing of this Bill we all lose, as individuals and a nation.

      This brings to mind a movie I saw called Demolition Man. "Salt is not good for you hence illegal".The Goverment now has full control of us.

      Lets look back on the last 17 years of Presidency. First 8 years, we watched our jobs leave the country and a coward of a President destroy our Armed Forces. Next 8 years, we tried to recover from the economic fallout of the previous and defend this once Great Nation with a handful of soldiers. Now we watch our Government take the last freedom we have through treason.

      Congress is afraid of Amendment #28. They will be held to the same standard they force apon us.

      America is no longer free, but I will still fight for your right for freedom.

      I've stated my peace and hope I gave others insite and things to ponder.

    149. ken boyce 290 cave r says:

      We as Americans need to stand together, as we will. They may have won a battle, but not the war. Those of us who agree should start a petition of our own to bring suit against this administration and let our voices and true wishes be known and heard. It is written that together we stand, divided we fall. I'll be honest, you may say to yourself that this is a good idea and that I should start said petition, but I would have no idea where to begin, let alone as to how to do it. And may God Bless America. Viet Nam era vet.

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    151. br549er says:

      Steve K – MD:

      Please learn to type (or spell), and please watch these campaign promises from your beloved leader: http://www.realclearpolitics.com/video/2010/03/23

    152. toni brunkey RN 5655 says:

      I support your protest of the health care bill. Am interested in joining in support of our constitution and as a fan of Glenn


    153. Sara Tucker says:

      I am crying for my nation. Obama/Pelosi/Reid must go "/OUT!"

      They took our health care bill and the democrats and turned it into a CORRUPT – rotten, dishonest, immoral, putrid lie, violating everything, swindling, fraudulent, fool, ruthlessness, mislead, and cheat, trickery,deciving everything, and all are unlawful crude people….OUR NATION DESERVES BETTER THAN THESE KIND OF PEOPLE. OBAMA/PELOSI/REID ARE THE MOST ARROGRANT PEOPLE IN THE WORLD. tHEY CANNOT SEE BEYOND THEIR CHINS THAT THEY HOLD UP SO HIGH.


    154. Robert says:

      Look, I was out with the Tea Party in DC on Saturday and Sunday. I heard plenty of motivated conservatives talking about people they know who disagree with the insurance takeover but were not galvanized enough to do anything about it. I have experienced it in my own work place, and I live in Maryland. These people know that something is wrong, they just do not understand the scope. They need to be inspired. They need to be scared. It is my opinion the vast majority of American people are too many generations removed from the the fear of a hard tyranny. Most Americans are spoiled by freedom. This would be a good thing if it weren't specter of statism on the move wearing the American flag as a cloak.

      Tyranny made a great move this past week. The surge has happened and now there will be a period of calm where they have until November to make this palatable or at least forgivable. We at the Capitol building this past weekend made so much noise that the rules comity had to adjourn. The majority of doors in the house office building were locked for the fence sitting "moderate" democrats. They did not want to hear from the people. They were told not to go on drudge. They were not allowed to go home. The people should not forget that they were ignored. They were not represented.

      Fear of the government needs to be presented. The actual numbers from the CBO without accounting tricks needs to be highlighted. The absolute IOU stuffed coffers of the social security and medicare need to be presented in a manner that the 15 second sound bite crowd can understand. There is so much bad in this bill you can throw a dead chicken at and find something to point out.

      And on a final note, GOP return to conservative values. Progressive republicans have another name blue dog democrats. If I buy a hamburger, I don't want a turkey burger, tofu burger, boca burger. I want the chard carcass of a bovine on a bun. Progressive republicans and watered down republicans will not motive the electorate. Listen very carefully to the Tea Party folks. These people are inspired. They want their party back Reagan and/or Goldwater small government conservative constitutionalists.

    155. nowhearthisRepublia says:

      Yikes..all the same comments, all the same mindsets..All the same ideology.

      Glen Beck fans..

      Pretty harsh ,BUT explicit commentary on getting rid of the Bill , so no shreds will re-surface anywhere at anytime..

      This is some pretty scary stuff..

      Now I know what "entity" is feeding the republican's drone of talking points.

    156. Glenn, Georgia says:

      I'm sorry for all of you. I will pray for you. I will ask God to forgive you

      for the hate you feel toward those without health care. What would

      Jesus do? Hmmm……..

    157. Monique, connecticut says:

      I had to stop reading the people responses, I was crying, at what is happening, yes Christine, we need to vote these people out,from the congress, senate, impeach OBAMA.

      I am glad to be a member of the Heritage foundation, also I have joined the Tea Party Patriots, to keep my spirit, can't wait for November 2010

      I have send email to a number of Attorneys General asking them to join

      filling suit against OBAMA health care.

      God help us all.


    158. Kim, Illinois says:

      Why can't the people of the US band together to file a lawsuit against the US Government for denying us our Liberty! I don't want the government telling me what kind of health insurance I have to purchase. I will just opt for the fine!

    159. Diane, NC says:

      These people in congress will not be included in anything the HC bill has set out for the rest of us. They, and their top staffers are exempt. If this thing is so wonderful, why aren’t they partaking????

    160. Diane, NC says:

      BTW, no one in the United States of America is without health care. It’s a specious argument by the left. If it were true, we’d be stepping over the dead and dying on streets and sidewalks everyday. Every hospital that is subsidized by taxes, city, county, state hospitals, is required to treat anyone who shows up. Every doctor I’ve ever dealt with has been willing to work out a payment plan if someone was not able to pay or didn’t have insurance to help. Get a new argument, this one does not hold up.

    161. Annie Simmons says:

      I suggest we form a new union of the states who don't want this kind of treatment.

    162. Annie Simmons says:

      I paid medicare taxes to loose it now

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