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  • It Will Not Stand

    Members of the House of Representatives tonight approved President Obama’s health care agenda, the biggest expansion of government power since the Great Society. The Obama health care legislation is universal in scope and will profoundly impact the personal lives of more than 300 million Americans. It will restrict our personal freedom while undercutting the independence and authority of the several states.

    This unprecedented congressional action will give Washington control over the content of health benefits packages; the kind of health insurance available to Americans and the organization and regulation of health insurance markets. This has been accompanied by one of the most shocking Congressional exhibition of arrogance and special interest deal-making in memory.

    In 1774, in response to the first Tea Party, the British Parliament issued a series of acts designed to control the colonists, stop their protests and restrict their liberty. The Americans called these “The Intolerable Acts.”

    Obamacare is today’s Intolerable Act. In poll after poll, in town hall meetings, in popular protests and in special elections, ordinary Americans have declared their firm opposition to this scheme, only to be derisively dismissed.

    This imposition of legislation is intolerable for two reasons:

    • Process: The outrageous way in which this massive restructuring of one six of the economy has been pushed through.
    • Substance: Huge obligation shifted to future generations, a huge lurch toward European-style welfare states.

    The Heritage Foundation will have a full answer to Congress’ action tomorrow and in the days and weeks and months to come. We will do all within our power to recommend, and make the intellectual case for, the repeal of these acts. We will help marshal the full resources of the conservative movement for this cause. You can join the fight to keep America the Land of the Free today

    Fortunately, there are no permanent victories or defeats in Washington.  For millions of Americans and for Heritage, Round One of this fight is over. Tomorrow morning, we are answering the bell.

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    160 Responses to It Will Not Stand

    1. Ron Stark, New Orlea says:

      We may be bankrupt, we may not be able to afford food, shelter, clothing, etc, but we will have healthcare! All we have to do is give up our freedom to excell, and we can get ORDERED to buy insurance with what little after-tax income we have left.

      We are sooooooo hosed….

    2. John R says:

      The U.S. has not seen tyranny like this since the 1700s. I will now counsel my son to change his major from medicine to sociology. Soon a doctor will be making the same salary as a high school teacher anyway. No sense in studying 12 hours a day for eight years just to live on pennies.

    3. JamesEasterly says:

      This socialist bill must be undone, and the Democrats who forced it through with bribes (the list is LONG) must be removed from office in the fall elections. This is a national disgrace, and there must be a big price to be paid by those who voted for it in total disregard for what the American voters wanted. America did not want nationized health care, as clearly demonstrated in poll after poll. And Obama shoulders major responsibility for this disaster,

    4. Kristen, Indiana says:

      The health reform law that was passed is historic for its collossal burden placed upon us. The supporters rationalize that no longer will people go bankrupt because of medical bills. I do not believe that this will be true because it still exempts low income families from the requirement to purchase insurance. Further, it will bankrupt MORE families (those barely holding onto their assets in this troubled economy) because of the additional burden placed upon them by the new taxes that will undoubtedly occur to try to pay for this expensive legislation.

      I guess they did succeed in one way — we used to worry predominantly about the collapse of social security. That is no longer my biggest worry.

    5. Patricia Ancowitz, S says:

      My husband and I are sickened not only by this outcome, but by the process. Really, for the first time I feel frightened of my own government. The complete discounting of the voice of the American people, the corrupt politicians and back room deals, and the incredible arrogance of those in positions of power have been breath-taking to behold. I am sad and deflated tonight, but I will awake tomorrow ready to resume the fight, for I believe the very survival of this country is at stake.

    6. Scott City, Kansas says:

      I love my country and would be willing to die for it but I am so ashamed of my government. May God Bless America and bless those that stand for the principles this great nation was found upon.

      Art Gomez

      1211 Kingsley

      Scott City, Kansas 67871

    7. Vaughn Treco (Woodbr says:

      Never did I imagine that I would have to defend the fundamental principles of the of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States of America against opponents who identified themselves as patriotic Americans. But, such is the times in which we live. So, today, I pledge myself to this purpose. May the God who alone is both the grantor and guarantor of the inalienable rights that ground our union help me!

    8. Steve, Alexandria VA says:

      What can we do if this isn't repealed before taking effect? It will become a government entitlement program touching everyone who requires health care. That's All of us!

      We'll have people voted out of congress in November, but that's no punishment for them. They'll retire as high-paid lobbyists or something, with the congressional pensions and premium health plans. They should be treated like Benedict Arnolds for the rest of their lives.

      I served this country for twenty years in the armed forces, sacrificed for it, and am now ashamed of it. For the first time in my life, I feel afraid of being an American, and am wondering where I can flee.

    9. RightKlik, Tennessee says:

      Now that the constitution and the will of the people are irrelevant, how do we get things done in this country?

    10. Ann Flood, Carmel Va says:

      I am stunned and saddened and frightened, just like our forefathers must have felt. That alone gives me courage to gather strength to fight the traitors we have in government. Even my father, who is 95 years old, said this was a terrible thing for our country and he fears there will be a revolution when people wake up. And he is not a political person.

    11. Mark Lamoureux Palme says:

      I'm very depressed right now. My wife and I were among the 50,000+ American Citizens in Washington yesterday to try to stop this insanity. We will rebound and join the long fight to save our republic.

    12. Myrna, Fairbanks, AK says:

      I am a naturalized citizen of the Unite States, having been an American citizen since about 1960. I'll never forget how proud I felt to take the Oath of Allegience and become an American. Today, I'm ashamed. I'm ashamed of our President and our Congress. Never have I seen such deplorable action by our government. What happened to the people in Congress who took oaths to uphold the Constitution, and who have suddenly voted sell us into slavery. Now the IRS will be controlling us. This is intolerable.

    13. Tracey, Anaheim says:

      Countries don't stand still as time passes. Those of us who still believe in individual liberty may have to face the fact that another battle for the country will have to take place, and this battle may need to be fought on more than just the Senate and House floors. There were reasons for the 2nd amendment being in the place it is – the knowledge that an armed citizenry might sometimes have to fight for its freedoms. It's easy now t be suburban and complacent, but the health care takeover is only the first step.

      Meanwhile, the Chinese and other hostile governments who buy our debt will eventually dictate to our government, and to us citizens, how we live our lives. We will have no $ available to spend on research, or conservation, or defense. This bill strips us of one set of freedoms. Don't let it stand. Tell your representatives that you will be willing to fight. Send $ to any person willing to fight against it.

    14. Michael Thompson, Ka says:

      My wife and I just joined Heritage…we will watch for your advice on how to stop this bill. My first order of business will be find a way to get our congressman recalled for voting for this thing. Then find a conservative candidate to replace the traitor. I

    15. Joanne, West Chester says:

      I am sick to my stomach over this HC legislation. I feel I now must devote all my time and resources to somehow rolling back this huge, hungry monster of our government. I am so ashamed of the process and the substance of this bill I am prepared to quit my job in order to spend a maximum amount of time to work toward getting my country back. I'm feeling like the mother of a murdered child. I am sick, angry, and feeling betrayed. I'm determined to find a focus that is positive.

    16. Stanley Newman Ander says:

      There are many things Id like to say right now but will probably be best that I wait until later. Im not surprised the democrats have passed this health bill– they went at it like they were crazed , hiding behind closed doors , making special deals, using threats and twisting arms. All the old Chicago style politics and guess what –it worked . Ill never be ashamed to be an American but Im ashamed that they are.Piece by piece and day by day we are being pushed into a corner.When are we going to say –enough?

    17. Pete St Petersburg, says:

      I believe this bill may completely survive a legal challenge and when Barrack Obama signs it, he may be violating his oath of office. This would put him in a position of being impeached.

    18. Larry Puckette, Segu says:

      Folks, do you believe yet that our country's very soul, the Constitution, is under threat? It's Thomas Paine time, read his Common Sense at:


    19. JON L ALTO SR says:


    20. D.G. Mehus says:

      Obama has backed his Presidency and the majority into an open pit, there is no way out, I agree with the Heritage foundation, it will ot hold, civil disobediance, will take hold immediatly, Apri 15th for a tax boycott is a good time to make your self heard,

    21. Don Montgomery, Hurr says:

      Like Steve, I am ashamed of the country I served I love and once served honorably! For years I have felt 'voiceless' and impotent in dealing with our government and its' institutions. And its' 'incompetant departments, now I feel helpless and hopeless as well.

    22. Lorenzo, Branford CT says:

      Nancy Pelosi, in the well of the House of Representatives, has amended the Declaration of Independence by adding the "right to affordable health care insurance" as one of the unalienable rights defined in the document.

      Why study History when we can rewrite it at will?

    23. Sri (Toronto, ON) says:

      As someone who lived in the US for almost a decade and have been in Canada for the past year, it is shocking to see how meekly submissive Canadian citizens are to their bureaucrats and politicians. They have given up control of their lives with the delusion that Big Brother will take care of them. People here pay extremely high taxes, live in mediocrity, fight for non-existent jobs and are blissfully unaware of how socialism has destroyed them as individuals and as a society. My hope for the world was America was the only beacon of true freedom and liberty. Tonight, the Democrats have extinguished that flame and are dragging the country towards a path of perpetual servitude. I pray that Heritage will continue to provide the intellectual fodder needed to fight the good fight. I have seen what lies on the other side of the rationing rainbow, and folks, let me tell you, it ain't pretty. As Rep Boehner said yesterday, it is no longer a fight to be fought by the GOP alone, it is a fight to be fought by all American people. Please do whatever you can to reverse this horrific piece of legislation, whose consequences are going to be potentially felt by your future generations. The question for people like me is very simple — now that the USA is on its way to become a socialist heaven, where do people like me aspire to escape to?!!

    24. John G. Sacramento, says:

      Wow! My wife and I are saddened and sickened by this outcome and can't even believe the speech that Pelosi gave tonight. We are a young couple with one child and wanted more to come, however, because of this, we have to rethink our life goals as we are uncertain of the times to come. Yes, this bill will help the 32 million people who need help, but just shot the other 300 million who do have insurance. We aren't saying that there needs to be some sort of Health Care Reform, I think we are all in agreement we don't want the Gov't to run our lives. If you have not already, please go to http://www.gop.com and support the "Fire Nancy Peolosi" cause. We just donated $25 and think it is well worth it. Of course we are proud members and supporters of Herritage and love the work they do. We will be life long members.

    25. WillBoe, Austin, TX says:

      It is a sad day in American history when the president and his party can run roughshod over a clear majority of the American public, not paying heed to the wish of the people.

    26. John R says:

      I will fight them until they kill me with their substandard socialist healthcare.

    27. james says:

      I'm glad to hear this, but, unfortunately, there ARE permanent victories in Washington. Social Security, Medicare, Voting Rights Act, executive orders, the 17th Amendment, the progressive income tax, and so on.

      Nothing constitutional or conservative is ever permanent because human nature seeks slavery. Americans have now sought, and the radical street thugs and communists of the Sixties have delivered, perpetual servitude.

      Lindsay Graham is a republican senator. Do you really think this gulag is not made of rebar and concrete?

      Say your prayers, folks, because 'immigration' is up next, and then your guns are going. Stop being polite, stop trying to be liked. Smash these people.

    28. Sandra M says:

      It is a sad day in America. The total disregard for the wishes of the American people are just unsconscionable. I will fight with every ounce of my being to see this repealed. I pray that this has awakened the conservative people in our country and that we demand a strong return to the Constitution. Not only disregard for our desires, but to vote on the Sabbath. What a disgrace!

    29. Lucy Repovz says:

      I did not vote for Hussein Obama, all you people who did are to blame. Leave our country and never come back; take Hussein Obama with you.

    30. A Wilson says:

      I never thought I would live in a communistist nation, guess I was wrong. Never has a republic been so betrayed as it was today.

    31. Lucy Repovz, Michiga says:

      I did not vote for Hussein Obama. For those of you who did, do you know why the media doesn't use his middle name like they did for William Jefferson Clinton? It is because he is a socialist not an American and he doesn't want you Obama supporters to know. Leave Obama, leave and never come back.

    32. Murnice Venable says:

      Israel wanted a King, when God said "He is all they need", but they were determine to become like all the pagan nations around them, so God gave them a King, which was the beginning of their downfall.

      America wanted change, they demanded Change, God gave us change, now we are paying the consequences of that change,

      Liberalism, Socialism, Marxism has inflitrated our educational system, brain washing the young citizens of this country, they control the MSM, AP Reuters, the three magor Networks, Alone with the ACLU they have destroyed our Religious hertiage. God is paying us for allowing this to happen.

      Our only hope is II Chronicle 7:14 and for the people like us who hold to the beliefs of our founder as princple, but not just princple but conviction. Conviction you will be willing lay down your life if need be.

    33. Tomovich Montana says:

      A majority of the citizenry gets in their faces and they still only listen to the socialist, Chicago arm twisters!! Please Dear God, what can we do to snuff htis out BEFORE next Novenmber??!?

    34. Dave McMullen says:

      Steve in Alexandria,

      Flee to the Cross of Christ and pray we will be delivered from this slavery. He is on the throne governing all the nations. All things are in His hands. Trust Jesus Christ and you truly will be set free. Then vote the bums out of office.

    35. linda hoshstrasser o says:

      The arrogance and odacity is beyond parrallel. I oppose this legislation in the strongest terms. I hold the entire democratic party responsible. I am an average citizen, and I am raising up and encourage my fellow citizsens to join me in taking back our county and defend our liberties. Obamacare is the last straw and my line in the sand…

    36. Matt, San Francisco says:

      Aw, crap! Now everyone gets a chance to live healthy. DAMN!! I mean, I haven't seen this kind of tyranny since the days of warrantless wiretaps and the Patriot Act. Today is truely a sad day, as we watch another boundry of exclusivity and injustice crumble. You're right? Why study for 12 hours a day for 8 years if you've already abaondoned the idea of why you wanted to be a doctor when you're a child, which was "to help people". So long limitless bank accouts and toodles Porsche 911 with the leather interior. I guess it'll be a piece of crap domestic like those cretans I take care of drive in to this office.

    37. Rob, Maricopa AZ says:

      I sat in my house tonight and felt sickened by what transpired. This massive “overhaul” of the American economy has presented a grievance with our government not seen in many years. I was terrified because I had to look my 2 month old daughter in the face and wonder if she will know the America I grew up in. This is why I am committing myself to fighting this tooth an nail. The words of Patrick Henry have never rung more true. Give me liberty or give me death. I am sickened by the actions of the fools in Washington but am confident the American people will prevail.

    38. 30something, Oregon says:

      I am disgusted. I sat and watched the votes in the house today and wanted to puke when the democrats reached 215 votes to pass and began chanting "yes we can!" My response to them is "ohh no you don't!" I have never been fearful of the future of the United States, sure, we all worry about this and that….but not like this. This is different. The Bama and his coherts seem to "deem" us irrelevant and incapable of making good decisions for ourselves. I wouldn't mind "deeming" THEM irrelevant. I love this country, I love our constitution, I have great respect for our founding fathers and what they created. I'll be damned if a bunch of birkenstock wearing, tree hugging, go-green, pro abortion, Chicago thugging, closed door dealing hippies who like to use words like social justice, progressive, diverse, unprecedented, society, and a whole host of other words and actions….NO I will be damned if they destroy this great country of ours.

    39. Not-a-RINO says:

      To say I am thoroughly disgusted is the understatement of the century. Tonight our country is no longer a representative republic, but an oligarchy run by Leftist elites who know so much better than 75% of Americans who do not support socialized medicine. Get ready for the same oligarchy to try the same tactics to cram "immigration reform" down our throats. The carnage at the ballot box in November will be well-deserved for all those Leftists in Congress who have violated their oath of office to preserve and protect the Constitution of the United States.

      Note to those who voted for Leftists like Obama, Pelosi and Reid (et al, ad nauseum) in 2008 and are feeling a strong sense of shame and buyer's remorse: The Conservative Movement needs your support to help correct what you have done to our country. If you love this country, you love your children and grand children, and believe in the Constitution, your efforts will be needed to send every one of those Leftists who voted for this shameful piece of crap packing in November 2010 and in 2012.

    40. Patrick,Mesa AZ says:

      "Affordable Health Care For Everyone"… the consequences of this bill creates a system in which insurance companies cannot compete with. In turn leads to a one provider system….socialized medicine. As a result the only way to reduce cost is to limit/restrict care while increase taxes. Their will be more people in the system along with Doctors that are going to be fleeing the industry or future aspiring Doctors will most certainly rethink their career choice. This will lead to long wait for treatments and inevitable denial of services for basic care. The one big question that should be at the forefront of this debate, can this Country afford this monstrosity…with Medicare/Social Security and other government run programs going bankrupt ….How can we possibly afford more debt to our already unstable economy! This is a direction that we cannot Afford to go in…it will be the demise of a Nation that was founded in principles that broke loose the shackles of tyranny and provided rights and freedom to the individual, we must be resolute in defending our freedoms/liberties/rights as Americans. Those in Washington have their heads in the sand but they will most certainly hear our voices of discontent….Oh and let's take over all the student loan while we are at it. GOD BLESS AND GOD DEFEND AMERICA!!!!!

    41. Mike, Iowa says:

      I don't consider myself to be anything other than a common man. I go to work everyday, in whatever the weather brings. My back aches after a hard days work. I don't remember what the Constitution says off hand but I know its the only thing worth much in this republic. I remember the famous words …life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness…from the Declaration of Independence. Politicians always seem to forget the liberty part. Today I am reminded of Jefferson's words, " the cost of freedom is eternal vigilance".. something like that. I think that a house divided will not stand and out of the rubble a stronger foundation will rise. Liberalism will fall under the weight of its own making. God bless our heritage and this great nation. May peace be with us and Truth on our side always.

    42. Don Frank, Idaho says:

      It is time to take up arms and fight for freedom and not lay down and do nothing

    43. Deb, Minnesota says:

      Tonight I am deeply saddened by the outrageous, unconstitutional behavior on display in Congress. Like wolves in sheep's clothing, our leaders cloak their tyranny in phony compassion. Isn't it ironic that the same people who have taken an oath to support and defend the U.S. Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic, are the ones bulldozing the Constitution and governing against the will of the people? Most of them should be in prison, not Congress.

      They have truly become domestic enemies.

      I read this Bible verse yesterday and I think it applies to our country today:

      2 Chronicles 7:14

      If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land.

      Even though I am discouraged now, tomorrow I will continue the fight, as I'm sure many of you will.

    44. George, Georgia says:

      I am saddened by this turn of events. The American people have been marginalized by this extraordinary vote. The only bright point about this is the eventual outcome reminescint of Carter/Reagan in 1980! Obama will be ravaged by this for the next two years as well as his eventual crushing defeat in 2012. Any Republican could win by running on two promises: Defunding the public option and Dill here; Drill now! A nice shot of Fair Tax will only ensure over 2/3 of the House/Senate and Presidency will move back to Conservative Prominence!

      I will move my company overseas until this happens! Good luck to over 20,000 jobs I have to move overseas as a result of this event! There are some good people that will lose their jobs as a result of this. Sorry, I can't afford this CHANGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    45. Jerome, Texas says:

      So, does this passage of legislation really mean that Rusty Limbaugh will stay true to his word and leave the Country? Doubt it, he needs the Dems and Obama Care to keep his ratings in a positive trajectory. Don't you get it people, this is what most people call political theater. Tomorrow and presumably the rest of the week, any Topic related to Health Care will be just like printing money. This type of fodder sells!!

    46. Gail Gravina Littlet says:

      Tonight, I have resolve. Resolve to do my part when tyranny stares me in the face. Tyranny I witnessed. Tonight, this administration has proven yet again, that the will of the people is meaningless. But they are wrong. It is the people that government should fear, not the other way around. I have resolve tonight, to leave a legacy of freedom NOT oppression, to my children and grandchildren, as was intended by our Founders. I have the resolve to do whatever I have to help right this wrong. God bless America.

    47. Judy,Springfield,TN says:

      The benefits don't start right away. This will show the people who wanted this why they were wrong.Maybe than they will join our fight.

    48. Mark H. Corona, CA says:

      A tragedy of immense proportions, and not only for America. Once this is implemented, where will Canadians go to access top-notch health care? Where will we go? So sad, and so unnecessary …

    49. Julie says:

      This Obamacare Baill is not the answer! Nancy and the rest of her Croanies need to wake up!! We don't need your help in this aspect of our lives. You need to take care of yourselves and stop worrying about what you think "We The People" need. "We" are not your problem. You are your own worst enemy. Come down off your "high horses" and take the same health plan you are proposing that we take! Oh, Gee that's a thought? As soon as you revise the plan and incorporate you "Washington Employees" into it, We The People will start to listen. Right now, you are history in your minds and come November you'll be history for in the books!! Yes We Can

    50. Michael, Arizona says:

      I can only weep for the great loss our country has suffered at the hands of the corrupt, power-hungry elite. We have been attacked, and the attackers are our own countrymen. We are now involved in a full blown civil war, and, as others have pointed out, our country's survival as a free nation is at stake.

      Who will take up arms and fight? First with words and lawsuits and then?????

    51. The Vaughan's says:

      This is the first step in obama's plan to socialize this great country and bring equal results to irresponsible Americans. Today's legislation requires irresponsible Americans to purchase health care with money earned by responsible American's. This is not about health care, but rather about income redistribution. It's about payback to the sleazy unions who rape and pillage employers. The same unions that have NEVER created a job. Well, the sleeping giant has had enough. See you in November.

    52. jerry,s.pasadena,ca. says:

      this and all the bills,laws passed by this party will not be repealed its to late.we've become to politically correct,they have control of our education system and future generations.our last stand is another revolution or civil war,period

    53. mike, dubuque, IA says:

      This was a slap in the face to the American people. What happened to a Government for and by the people? Our liberties and freedoms are slowly eroding away at the hands of corrupt politicians. Rationing will become the rule. Physicians will retire early and potentially exceptional MD's may decide not to pursue a career in medicine. And the best part, an enormous, additional tax burden years before we see the "benefits". God help us.

    54. Dusty says:

      Congrats, America. We've done this to ourselves. We've elected saps and dopes like the kind we saw in front of tv cameras today telling us how we're all too dumb to know how good this bill will be for us.

      This writer gets it, and explains my frustration better than I can: http://rjmoeller.com/2010/03/battered-citizen-syn

    55. The big man, vacavil says:

      Revolution anybody?

    56. David, Santa Clarita says:

      Today we witnessed an arrogance that left unchecked will change our country for generations. 55% of the american people wanted no part of this Health care bill, so what does Congress do but pass it. This shows irrefutable evidence that Lawmakers are not in touch with the American people which are their employers!

      Congress should always do what they are elected to do which is to represent!!

      This is not representation only elitism run amok! Us little people ( The taxpayers )will not tolerate this! Give them all pink slips in November to any one associated with this bill!

    57. Carolyn Oppenheimer, says:

      You are exactly right. This battle that was won by the corrupt, power hungry liberal Democrats and Obama will be extremely costly. It will result in greater resolve and greater numbers of sensible citizens getting in the fight and working to unseat the Democrats that have turned their backs on their districts. I hope even more seats will be lost by the Democrats because of the audacious arrogance and circomventing of Congressional rules to get this terrible dangerous bill passed. It is becoming more obvious by the week that there are more bad eggs in Congress than we thought. I am glad we see the truth. But it is very sad.

    58. Nick, Tahoe says:

      I felt sick as soon as I heard the news; we're not gaining health care, we're loosing our freedoms.

      We stand to loose a lot more, now that the beast has gotten a taste of blood….

    59. Thomas, Jefferson Ci says:

      Well, since the government doesn't listen to us now, I guess we should return the favor. They can't arrest us all. How about a national strike?

    60. J.L., Wisconsin says:

      This is a sad day in America. Ronald Reagan warned about this type of government takeover back in 1961, and it has actually come into being nearly 50 years later. Trust me, this is only the beginning for this administration. I hate to think of what's next. Mr. Reagan must be rolling over in his grave at what just happened this evening. My hope and prayer that much of this can be repealed and/or deemed unconstitutional before it actually takes effect. Keep up the fight everyone. This is not over by any means.

    61. Peter, New York City says:

      You folks do realize that Obama won the election and the Democrats picked up majorities in the house and senate with health care reform in mind, right? Furthermore you do realize most people in poll after poll want hcr and are in favor of a public option right?

      Look, yelling and carrying on and making racist remarks as the tea baggers do, does not signify "the will of the American people." All is signifies is a bunch of ignorant backwards people (and a small percentage I might add) that can yell and make a scene.

      The American people have spoken. HCR is now a reality, and will be improved upon in the coming years, meanwhile, there are now hundreds of thousands of people with pre-existing conditions who could not get health care in chronic pain and looking at pre-mature death who've been given the gift of life. Please keep that in mind.

      And keep the hyperbole and faux indignant "true America" nonsense in check. No one believes it except aforementioned loudmouths.

    62. Peter, New York City says:

      PS: Ronald Reagan once opposed Medicare and called it Communism. That sorta didn't work out the way he thought, right?

    63. Chuck, Arizona says:

      I will not comply.

    64. Jon, Clemson SC says:

      Like Vaughn Treco stated above, I now stand firm in my resolve to fight the good fight and defend the principles of the of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States of America. I had the very real sense that there were only 2 viable options for me tonight as I watched our Constitution trampled under foot. One was to cut and run and the other was to stand and fight. I choose to fight!

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    66. Gary Hill, Atlanta, says:

      This is a teachable moment. When have so many sought to understand the roots of their liberty? Will the nation be run by community organizers for whom the ends justify the means or a constitutional republic? That gut churning feeling is fear for the loss of a nation you love. Do not dispair. Others have fought greater battles and faced greater peril. Commmit to waking this morning and beating back this assault on liberty and the last best hope of mankind. Smile and throw yourself into the most meaningful struggle of this generation.

    67. R A Walsh monongahel says:

      Lets just all stand on our heads and it will all look right side up !!!!

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    70. Kevin, North Carolin says:

      When Pelosi actually cited the Declaration of Independence, I had to mute the TV. I literally felt as though I would become physically ill. What brazen cynicism.

    71. Rburke Houston, TX says:

      Tyranny cannot stand, If this bill was the will of the people thena simple vote would have proved it.

    72. Richard Bienvenu, Ne says:

      How is it that I, a little peon, can see that the Obama executive order that supposedly would prevent federal funding of abortion is not worth the paper it is written on? And yet Stupak and the rest of the so-called pro-lifers who are there working in the belly of the beast and should know better swallowed it hook, line and sinker.

      Obama lies. Everything out of his mouth is either a lie or spin. He sells snake oil. Everyone around him is pro-abortion. Was Stupak really that gullible and trusting and stupid enough to think Obama would simply go against his ideological principles and those around him?

      The passage of the bill rested on the Stupak votes. What is he going to do when he realizes that Obama's executive order is meaningless? How will he and his cronies feel when they realize they been sold down the river and the snuffing of the lives of millions of unborn children rest squarely on their shoulders?

      Wake up!

    73. RealConservative says:

      I am also wondering where to flee to. I have loved and been proud of this country all my life. It is hard to watch is destroy itself. We always knew that the greatest danger to America would not come from outside its borders but from within.

      I have not given up. I am commiserating with like-minded folks for now but will start the next day ready to fight for my country.

      May God continue to bless America.

    74. Pau Dickey, Ocala Fl says:

      What used to seem foreign to us civil thinking Americans, A true revolution, is becoming more palatable.If defending the foundation of this once great society,the U.S. constitution,is not justijustification for true revolution, my question to my fellow patroits is…What is?

    75. John Heisley says:

      I have lived through Pearl harbor and feared for my beloved America, since then we've had terrifying events that also made me fear for my country: N.Korea, Vietnam, Russian missels in Cuba, Watergate, Iraq, Iran, Russia, China & 9/11/01, but none of these have reached the magnatude of the single act of electing Barack Hussein obama. This man along with his three (3) stooges (Pelosi,Reid, Kennedy) and their little elves, Barney Frank, Chris Dodd, Henry waxman, John Murtha, Maxine Waters, Charlie Rangle, Chuck Shumer et al ! have caused more damage than any enemy that we have ever faced ! From within the halls of congress and the Whitehouse the destruction they have done is breathtaking. They must be stopped at the peril of the very existance of the soverign nation called, the United states of America. May God Bless Her! We will Unite and stand up for our republic,our constitution and our freedoms.

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    77. Space, Bisbee, Az says:

      Can you say Treason? knew you could.

    78. Wilhelm, OR says:

      If, in fact, we know this legislation to have been enacted by unconstitutional means, who will take the lead in challenging it in the Federal Courts?

    79. Tim Beach - Indianap says:

      We as a nation have allowed ourselves to slowly drift far away from our founding fathers original intent such that this debacle is sadly the next logical step for those that oppose God and all He intended America to stand for. As a Christian, husband, father, veteran, American, I stand firm in my resolve to continue the good fight started by our forefathers and all that they stood for. In keeping with that, I am honored to press on with the good fight, in lock step with all our (unsung) national heroes at the Heritage Foundation! May God keep you all in the safety of his loving arms as we forge ahead during these challenging times.

      In Jesus name we pray.


    80. KARY, OHIO says:

      I am devastated that my children have to grow up in such a corupt country that this has become. I cannot believe what we have become. This is all because people are brainwashed and uneducated about who to vote for. We let the media choose our candidate, and now we must pay for it. What the Dems. have done is manage to take over our country by voter fraud, and lies. They have shoved this massive spending bill down out throats, and it will forever bankrupt this nation. We are broke! How can we have more taxes, and higher health care when so many of us are hurting. My husband is out of work and I work 2 jobs to support my family. If our taxes go up I don't know if we can survive and keep our home. Why are they so set on destroying America, and what can we do to take this country back?

    81. Bill, Bunswick, GA says:

      I have been fighting against this "health care debacle" since it was first proposed. I have been in contact with my congressman and senators expressing my objections to this gross fiscal act of irresponsibility. I now feel for this country like I did when my son was diagnosed with leukemia. Will I now have to witness the death of this country like I had to witness the death of my son?

      The government has mishandled Social Security, Medicare, The Post Office, most everything it has touched. Now it will kill the best health care system this planet has ever witnessed in it's history. Let's fight to repeal this vote against the will of the majority of Americans who hold to personal liberty and freedom.

      Obama and the Democrats have done this country wrong.

    82. barry, Columbia Mo says:

      I hope the states will stand up against this bill. And challenge it with their own constitution.

    83. Pinkster says:

      Thank-you for the fight. We, the American people, are paying the price for a one party (Democrat) government.

    84. James, New York says:

      I want to address the dishonest analogy made between mandatory automobile insurance and mandatory human insurance: the automobile is not a bodily appendage – anyone not wishing to pay auto insurance can surrender his license plates and stop driving (I did this for two years and didn't pay a penny for car insurance). Whereas, how exactly does one surrender his body? I believe the slogan, 'my body, my choice' has more than one meaning.

      Also, I am surprised that your posting does not address taking action in the courts. Between now and 2014, surely this matter can be addressed in the Supreme Court. Considering the high court's current makeup, they would likely declare sections of this 'law' unconstitutional.

    85. Cindy, NC says:

      This was done to save obama's failed presidency, not for the people. The pro-life democrats who voted for this were duped by the snake oil salesman-in-chief. Do they really think pelosi & obama will not turn around and put federal funding for abortions right back in there? Amnesty is next, obama needs new voters to survive 2012.

    86. Edna Eagle NC says:

      Fear, You're darn right I'm afraid! as I never have been before for the future of this country and our Liberty.

      Yet, call me optamistic (to a point) I have faith in the American PEOPLE.

      Yesterday as this UnConstitutional takeover of America was going on, I received many phone calls from people who were never political and now are asking how to get involved (ok,they're slow on the draw, but ok now). That is what gave me the faith I now have.

      The language of Article 2 section 4 of the Constitution is little regarded but, can very much apply to Obama's actions.."High crimes and misdemeanors" In the Founders day this was basically for actions and words disrespecting the Office and not conducting themselves to the top most standard. Bowing to foreign royality and Mayors, time and time again, etc… There are a zillion things this turkey has done where this clause might come into play.

      Just a thought…

    87. John, Indiana says:

      Steve in VA is right. Being voted out is no punishment for them. However, I doubt a single one of them voted out will be returning home. They'll be cast out, to be sure. Indeed, they may have to go into hiding. I would if I had done this.

    88. Gary, PA says:

      I keep saying to myself…Fear Not Liberty Soldiers! This Abdication Nation Will Not Stand. We can only be thankful that the Founding Forefathers created a third branch of government for this very reason.

      We must question every one of them as to how they are abiding by their oaths to defend the Constitution in every word and deed. How does this bill support "to secure the blessings of liberty for ourselves and our posterity" found in the Preamble? It does not.

      There is so much to read and so much work to be done. I am also writing about strategies at http://www.goodwrites.com. I am prayerful that we can all work together and convince the Supreme Court to rip up this bill.

    89. ellen,ohio says:

      Obama and all that voted for " Obama health care no plan"should be held on treason after kicked out of their job.His personal attacks on our nation can no longer be tolerated .

    90. CY,VENICE FLORIDA says:






    91. Wade Wall Payette, I says:

      We fight back by remembering what we did to ourselves. These people didn't just walk in and take a chair. Now we throw them out and start the rollback. Everybody will have their ox gored if we start to dismantle the whole sick thing back to and includung the "Great Society." There are no easy fixes if we want our freedom and security back. If we don't dig in and do the hard work now we may have to do what the founders did, if we have the guts.

    92. Bill says:

      Outraged! America, this is tyranny don't call it anything else. I can not even look upon Obama or Pelosi anymore I just can't do it. I mean it I can't look upon them without disgust.

      Always look what is next. The National ID card is looming what out for that. You will need to carry "your papers" pretty soon if this continues. The legislation always comes in with smiles and promises like a lamb but it will tear like a lion soon enough. Be vigilant and fight peacefully.

    93. Greg Swallow, Apache says:

      If the Health Care bill doesn't get killed in Nov'10, how about Civil Disobedience by signing all forced purchase health insurance forms "UNDER DURESS." It may not be much, but I am not yet ready to take up arms.

    94. bargal says:

      As a former Marine I always wore my uniform with dignity and pride and gave my country 14 years defending the freedom our forefathers gave us and defending against all enemies outside the United States of America. Now I find that I may have to answer the call to defend the country against the very government that I served. What a disgrace to we the people to have this ENEMY FORCE WITHIN that have taken the oath to defend us against tyranny and the enemy within only to find that they are the enemy.


    95. David Eichmann, Bois says:

      It is done, but it is only the latest step in the march toward destruction of this country. For 100 years, leaders have thought they could do better than the people and the American system, by using that system to build a different type of country. Those of us who served in wars took an oath to defend against all enemies, foreign and domestic. I took it seriously then, and I take it seriously now. All generations are called upon to sacrifice and to struggle. Stand firm, do not be cowed, do what is right, and most importantly teach the young of the goodness and the necessity of fighting for that which is right. Our society is tolerant to a fault. From the trash on our world's entertainment media, to the celebrated debauchery of our momentary idols, to the campaign of lies in the news media, we must turn away from the easy and face the light of truth. So act now! Citizens unite! To the battle!

    96. Debra Bosak says:

      Democrats passed a TRILLION dollar healthcare reform and all grandma got was this lousy PAIN PILL!! They should all be tarred and feathered!! Treasonous!!

    97. Kraig Broecker says:

      The Thirteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution makes involuntary servitude illegal under any U.S. jurisdiction whether at the hands of the U.S. government or in the private sphere, except as punishment for a crime: "Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, …, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction."

      Requiring mandatory health insurance and or fees if you wish not to have it violates the 13th amendment of involuntary servitude.

    98. Gary A. Smith says:

      We all search for answers and culprits after yesterdays vote and ask ourselves how can this happen. We need not look any further than our own mirror. As a nation we have been lulled to sleep by poloticians who tell us what we want to hear, and forget that our responsibility does not end when these ploiticians go to Washington. We are not concerned as a nation how our representatives vote as long as it does not hurt us to much. We found out yesterday the result of complacency and not demanding the recall of our our representatives that vote against the will of the people. This has been going on for years but just have not taken notice until yesterday. We can not demand more of our politicians until we as a nation demand just as much from ourselves.

    99. Scott Thompson Tucso says:

      Even if the Health Care Reform Bill wasn't passed, all the democrats who voted for the bill should be marked with a target saying "out of work politician". Pelosi, Reid, and any others who had a hand orchestrating this putrid bill should be impeached for the extremely corrupt way it was pushed on the country. The majority of Americans did not want this bill…and they didn't listen. So much for representative government.

    100. George Mortensen Can says:

      Welcome all to our first day of slavery. I weep that it was my generation, the Boomers, who selfishly decided to take freedom and the American dream away from this world for about twenty pieces of safety. But then again, selfishness and greed have been Boomer hallmarks since our inception.

      That said voting out this scum is our only solution but I fear is will be a pyrrhic victory. Absent another revolution or Supreme Court intervention what we lost yesterday in terms of our freedoms may never be replaced. May God have mercy on our souls. We have destroyed the American dream.

    101. Raisa Salibrici says:

      I awoke with a heavy heart this morning. This is the first time since Obama has been elected that fear gripped me in a way that a new era has begun and there is really nothing (other than vote) I can do about it. If I'm not the only one that feels this way,there will be alot of depressed people in America. Where are our Conservative party?? Why have they failed us?? Oh, for Christ to return and take us away from this madness!!

    102. Pau Dickey, Ocala Fl says:

      Cutting through all the crap….it is time for an armed march on Washington!

    103. Richard, New York says:

      The revolutionaries had Paul Revere & Thomas Paine; thank God we have the Heritage Foundation.

    104. barbara s mueller, s says:

      I heard Bill Bennett this morning interviewing a spokesman for Conservative Policy Research. He stated that 68 billion dollars is estimated to be taken from Social Security in order to pay for the Health Reform Bill. It is a breach, states Conservative Policy Research and will not hold up in court.

      Also, I learned from hearing the radio program this morning, for those who think the President's Executive Order prohibiting government funding of abortion (except for rape, incest and the life of mother), think again. Passing of the Health Reform Bill will trump a Presidential Executive Order.

      This should definitely be written on your website, if it is true that is.


      A huge fan

    105. Joe Kucinski COlorad says:

      This is the first time in 48 years that I am truly disappointed by my government.

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    107. Mike, Maryland says:

      Hey now that the American public will be responsible for paying for others HC I think we should have everything to say about how people live their lives.

      Let's see, if you continue to smoke no HC for you. If you continue to do drugs no HC for you. If you are obese no HC for you (Michele would like this one). If you participate in any risky behavior (hey that could include sexually risky behaviors) no HC for you. After all, all these things are self-controllable behaviors.

      We need to make sure everyone practices only those healthy behaviors.

    108. Travis, Detroit says:

      "The American people will not stand for this!" What does that mean? I think the American people will stand for this because the American people have no other choice. Whatever else was "accomplished" last night, one thing was made clear, the American people are powerless. Congress can and will do what it wants and is not held to account. I for one feel disheartened and deflated. I will certainly vote in opposition to democratic leadership in November but that still won't lift my spirits. I feel as one who has discovered some terrible truth and so has become changed. The bill is passed, the opposing momentum is broken, and my sense of my independence seems more distant than ever.

    109. John Karpiscak, Fred says:

      The unconstitutional nature of this (so called) health care legislation is both obvious and outrageous. I will do what I can to repeal and defeat it at all levels.

    110. Don, Ponchatoula, LA says:

      I say to ARMS!

    111. Brian, Round Rock says:

      In response to what do we do about it?

      It only takes 10% of the population to cause a revolution.

    112. RM Austin, 4705 Sali says:

      May the souls of our deceased founders forgive us for losing our way. Party politics has broken the back of the proudest country on earth by allowing our elected officials to vote against the will of their constituents.

      While my wife and I have been working towards retirement benefits that include lifetime health benefits, this removes the incentive to work. Maybe we'll move onto a boat, claim homelessness and get the benefits for free.

      Shame on you congress for achieving your progressive goals.

      The Chattering Class

    113. Joe in Philadelphia says:

      This may be the time, with so many state attorneys general opposed to this legislation, to start the drum beat for a constitutional convention. Thus "We The People" can impose term limits and ethics rules that conscience tells us are appropriate, as well as the re-establishment of the principles of liberty and freedom bequeathed to us by the Founders.

    114. Michele, PA says:

      I find it ironic that the first President from the race that spent years trying to escape slavery would be so intentional in his efforts to enslave the American people to our own government.

      If it was evil then, it's evil now. We must fight for our freedom or we will lose it.

    115. BobPDX says:

      In the next few months, the contents of this bill and it's financial implications upon us needs to become public.

      This is the worst thing our representatives in government have every done to us and they must go in November…

    116. Nancy, Utah says:

      Our government just lowered themselves to the childish game of "if I can't win by following the rules, I'll just change them so I can". What will be next? This is a slippery slope as they have so blatanly marched right over and trampled the very fabric of our liberty. I, like all of you, stand in shock this morning, but I see that nothing could have stopped this determined group of power mongers from twisting, lying, begging, dealing, threatening, inventing, and changing the rules until they got their way.

      They, however, underestimate the groundswell of angry Americans who are ready to take back their country. I respectfully invoke the phrase that has come to symbolize the courage and strength of the peoople of our great nation……LET'S ROLL!!!!

    117. Win Wallace says:

      Bob Moffit is right about the passage of the "Health Care" Bill being akin to the "Intolerable Acts"(Imposed upon the colonists, which further ignited our revolution against Great Britain in the 1700's).

      It was also intolerable to watch the three votes unfold on C-Span last night, but I made myself witness it until the time came for the Democrats' celebratory victory speeches. However, I could not stomach that, and went to bed after needing to hug my youngest, with the "heavy heart" that most of us felt, who watched, I'm sure.

      There were some moments of the events that particularly struck me ( a novice at House protocol) as especially nauseating though. I'd like to share them here.

      One was when Bart Stupack made his (did I see a red face there?) most disappointingly and unseemly appeal to vote down the Republicans' request to recommit regarding the" Stupack ammendment".

      "As the author of this bill", he began…and went on to say, in effect, that we should all believe, as he does, that the executive order from the President, which he received earlier that day, was all that was needed to assure that taxpayer funding of abortions will not be part of the final bill. I don't think anyone believed him. I didn't. It was the most pathetic cover for his betrayal, though. " A kiss of Judas" is how I've come to think of it.

      Everyone knows that another executive order can, and most certainly will be written to rescind the first one. I think that the only thing that would be binding in this bill on the subject would be an ammendment within the bill, which was the "Stupack Ammendment". Am I right?

      Not only did he not support the motion to recommit, which would deal with that, but he viciously and openly criticized those, who had only hours before, been "with him" in his own loud protests to the bill. Yes, I believe his face was red, and for good reason. I could only wonder…"How much silver did he get for his vote?

      Another moment was earlier, before the vote on the bill itself was taken, when John Boehner was made to repeat his request several times to the Speaker for (was the term, "roll call"?) in effect, (my words) more individual accountability of the votes which were soon to take place.

      However, instead of any dignified response that one might expect, he received only a faltering denial of sorts by the Speaker. In the exchange, it seemed to me, that the Speaker wanted more to be left alone…perhaps to crawl "Under his Chair" than stand up from it and give any voice to his response.

      Although he did manage to eventually, and with obvious unease reject John Boehner's request. In doing so, his manner seemed more in keeping with how you might remember "Johnny reluctantly standing up to tell the teacher that "The dog ate the homework" than that of a House Speaker! In fact, it actually seemed more reminiscent of a "Spanky and our gang" episode ! How pitiful it all was!

      So, as the Speaker wished, the votes were recorded electronically, and our Representatives were spared that one moment of facing us directly with their most unseemly vote in… "Our name".

      And to think, that this is only a small portion of the shame of it all! How much have I (we) not seen in all of these "Transparent" doings?

      It was all in all, a very disgusting event last night which capped off the last touches of a long campaign, chiefly run by our own President, for what can only be called, at best… a disingenuous health care reform bill.

      I applaud those few last night who did stand up with bold contempt for what they were witnessing, on our behalf. In particular, again, John Boehner, who told all present that they were "Arrogantly dismissing the wishes of their constituents by voting for this bill".

      He cautioned them of carrying through with their "Yea" vote, as the American people will respond in kind with their votes this November and going forward. He said so much more too. I hope to read again today of the' total recap of his comments and of the others who shared his view on the floor last night.

      This morning, I am left with the knowledge that the people who voted "Yea" last night all need to be ashamed of themselves today! But, I can only wonder at what they might have thought was so important for themselves in order to vote for such a scam.

      I need to mention one other event that happened yesterday as well… though not on the House floor. I will because, I think it would have much to do with the implementation of the "Health Care"bill, if it were to come to pass.

      President Obama spoke on large screens to the crowd of "Immigration Reform" supporters who were also demonstrating outside. He promised "Immigration Reform" within the year!

      Like health care, immigration reform also certainly needs to be addressed, but not in the way that our President has in mind, unfortunately. I fear that his "Reform" on this issue would be the final "Nail in the coffin" for any hope of reversing the damage that was done to our country last night.

      Most of us know, but the smaller percentage of those who still believe that this bill will be a good thing for them, don't seem to understand what is really meant for all of us, (including them), by its' passage. I fear that in their haste to support those Representatives who would, (and now did) take liberties from us all in exchange for promises of "Free health care for all", could instead find certain disaster awaiting us all…and yes, including them too.

      Instead of their "Hope and Change", we all may instead find our precious liberties forfeited for nothing but empty promises and worse.

      I say "may", because, I still have my own "Hope and Change" in mind. I hope for a better outcome in a battle that has perhaps, in the wake of last night, just begun!

      As P. J. O'Rourke has said, "If you think health care is expensive now…just wait until it's free". I still hope that we won't need to learn the meaning of those words firsthand. Instead, I will hope that Bob Moffit's prophecy is correct and that "The Health Care Bill" won't stand. I hope for more than that too. I hope that we can garner support for real health care reform and frame the entire debate more to the liking of better informed and freedom loving Americans.

      As a relatively new member of Heritage.org, I look forward to hearing in the days ahead of what promise we still have to recoup our freedoms and our hope in the America that we know and love.



    118. JoeS says:

      Everyone's job is to brainstorm on the the 1,000 we can undo and/or frustrate this legislation. Defunding any of the government workers involved in it is good for starters.

    119. Diane Chapman Ramona says:

      Obama has now made me a FULL TIME activist.

      Until my dying breath, I will fight this man and his socialist agenda.

      Idea. I have a commercial building on a busy street. There are many vacant buildings across America. Lets start a sign campaign and "teach" the public about what was voted on. Let's bring on the truth and wake them up.

      I am calling my broker this am and my local tea party. They can have my building wall for free.

      They can shoot me but they can't eat me.


    120. Rosemarie S. Piekarc says:

      Yesterday, Sunday, March 21 – the second day that my heart was broken.

      Our country has been torn apart by a man who claims to be our president and the US Congress and Senate. These people did not listen to the people, who by the way elected them to represent them, instead they voted (not to mention that this vote took place on a Sunday – a day of rest) to ignore the people and vote for with the minority of the people.

      We as American need to keep this up front – because November will come and then we can speak loud and clear.

    121. Penny Krause, Ankeny says:

      with so many states opposed to this health care package, why can't a CONSTITUTIONAL CONVENTION be called to stop it and while we are at it we should put in TERM LIMITS and clearly DEFINE FEDERAL POWER. Do the states have no power? Do the people have no voice? I am sickened by the use of OUR MOMEY to buy votes for something the people DO NOT WANT!!!!!

    122. matt says:

      Hit them where it hurts, if everyone who owes income taxes does not pay them this year what are they going to do JAIL all of us either why we get free health care

    123. Phil Keppel - Greenf says:

      Note, I forgot to include my location to the previous comment.

    124. Susan, OR says:

      The idea that everyone will now have healthcare is a fiction! Fewer people will receive care. Oh, sure, everyone will have “coverage.” But fewer will actually get care. Good luck finding a doctor or nurse practitioner. Many of the ones I work with are planning to get out, especially since there will be no torte reform. Obamacare will be great as long as you don’t actually need it. Waiting until November to get rid of Congress may be America’s biggest mistake yet.

    125. Mark, Bethany Ct says:

      What price would you pay for your healthcare? The dems have demanded our freedom and liberty to perpetuate the myth of “affordable, quality healthcare” under the government domain. Meanwhile, we look across the wasteland of federal programs: social security, medicare, etc… Sunday, Pilosi paraded to the capitol building (lower case intended) framing the healthcare bill as a civil rights issue – on this point the dems are correct – if this bill is not repealed they have won their long battle to trump all of our civil rights.

    126. ldot says:

      Win Wallace,

      You asked how much silver did Stupak get to change his vote. I heard this morning that Michigan was awarded $760,000.00 some odd thousand for airports in northern Michigan. Awww, the price of unborn babies.

      You can take the Democrat out of the corruption but you can't take the corruption out of the democrat.

      Heritage Foundation, can you please provide the bribes that were accepted and by whom?

    127. Frank Staten Island, NY says:

      Has anyone read Animal Farm lately? The similarities are frightening!

    128. Carl Davis Bishop, C says:

      HB3200— pages 58 & 59 is the explicit rule that sez—"In real time, the Gov't will have full and complete 'electronic transfer access' to every American's bank account(s)

      Think about the mischief Obama and his tsars can do with that one edict?

      This ruling was in the original HB 2200 and is still in HB3200 that was voted on Sunday

      Kind'a makes you think the Founding Fathers were lookin' ahead when they composed the 2nd amendment—maybe figured the ppl in future generations would screw up and try to form a Nation not founded on the Constitution?

    129. Sanford Olnhausen - says:

      I thank God the Heritage Foundation is on our side!

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    132. Jessie Lawhorn, Dearborn MI says:

      My flag is flying at half-mast today, but I am still in the fight to save our country. I am proud to stand with all of those defending Truth and Liberty.

    133. Donna,Ga. says:

      Let's not mourn for too long. There is work to be done! We are Americans and we know what we stand for. Don't give up! We can and will defeat those who are abusing their power. Let's educate ourselves and begin with our kids….let them know what is going on. November will be here soon…….indeed, LET'S ROLL!

    134. Lesli Murphy, ID says:

      Please don't give up everyone. This is our wake up call to do everything that we can to get these people out of office. The worst thing that we could do at this time is to roll over and say, "well it's done". It's time to stand up for what we believe in and to take back our country. I was one of those who just let everyone else make the stands. Well no more. I am now affiliated with the Tea Party movement here in Idaho and am learning new ways to contact those people we elected into office. If enough of us do this, then eventually they will have to listen.

    135. Sally Baynton in San Antonio, TX says:

      Thank you so much!

      I felt like flying my flag at half mast this morning. Yesterday was the day America, died.

      The fight has just begun!

    136. Douglas Dedelow says:

      16000 new IRS employees to make sure everyone in america has HC every month no doubt, the cost of this alone could have payed for the supposed 33 million americans without HC. Big brother is watching.

    137. Steve, Alexandria VA says:

      Mike in Maryland is right. The kind of people running DC now will be salivating at the thought of deciding what we are allowed to do for our own good, and treating us like their children. But their real joy in life will be deciding who lives or dies. Aren’t they God’s partners after all?

    138. Susan, Herndon says:

      I am tired of fighting my government!!!! I am now going to fight tooth and nail to get out of everything they can touch. My government is now my biggest enemy!! Saddest day in American History!!!

    139. J.C. Brown Kansas says:

      What a disgrace! This is an assault on the American “way of life” and as Americans, we need to stand up, stay strong, and make our voices heard. The progressives are counting on us to lose interest and eventually accept this “new” way of life. I also wonder why people did not DEMAND that our policy makers,ie. lords, subscribe to the same glorius health care that they have ever so carefully crafted for us. That may have stopped it toot sweet!

    140. Jerry P, Austin says:

      Reagan just rolled over in his grave. It is approaching the time when all patriots will be called upon to rise up and exercise our second amendment rights before they strip us of those constitutional guaranties!

    141. Brian - Glendora, Ca says:

      “If people let government decide what foods they eat and what medicines they take, their bodies will soon be in as sorry a state as are the souls of those who live under tyranny.” Thomas Jefferson

    142. Tenn Slim Tennessee Western says:

      The Tactical Battle now joined is akin to the old Nam days. The VC had “Fronts”, National Liberation Front, etc. We have a battle of “Fronts”, also.
      EPA, DEA, FCC, Education K-12, USDA, Health Care, and the list is long.
      If, we as Conservatives,are indeed dedicated to saving the Union, We will address each, rationally, and without prejudice, we can prevail.
      The old Nam tactics of the NVA were to divide and infiltrate, akin to our Afghan surge strategy. There is no reason we cannot use the same SunTzu tactics here in our own battlefied.
      So. Parse each letter of each word of each phrase, analyze the meaning direct and indirect of each subject, within the Passed HC bills. The signed Bill will impact us first. The Nebraska option is an easy analysis effort. The Lousiana Purchase is another. Cut your typing teeth on these, then expand. Summarize the results, pass to others, post on Sites, get the word out. Do the Congressional E mail. drip, drip drip…
      It is well worth the AM and PM efforts. Anyway, I have watched the Simpsons reruns till my eyes water.
      We Will Prevail
      Semper Fi

    143. Victoria, PA says:

      I too am fearful for what this government has in store for me and my family. I feel so down-hearted and dejected. I can't believe there weren't enough honorable men and women in Congress to defeat this power-grab; this push toward totalitarianism. If our Founding Fathers are looking down at us, you can bet they weep for our nation, our liberty and perhaps, our very lives. If this massive overhaul can be passed, who's to stop this dictator-in-waiting from doing whatever else he feels is 'common sense?'

    144. Toni, Cleveland, OH says:

      As some people have posted here inaccurately – there are not 32 million people in this country who do not have health insurance. The correct number is 12 million. The democrats hiked the number up to 32 million because they are counting in the 20 million ILLEGAL ALIENS in this country. Amnesty will be next. obama will give them all amnesty and they will then be allowed free health care. The corrupt process used to ram this bill through is UN-CONSTITUTIONAL and the bill should be repealed based solely on that fact…. We need to FIGHT this and as I understand, some 37 States will file lawsuits against it…. It will be a difficult process but we need to get this done for our sake, the sake of our children, grandchildren and for our country. This is the fight of our lives!

    145. Phil Keppel says:

      Fellow patriots, this monstrosity of a bill came about because of one person and that is Barack Obama. For those who were listening to what he stated during his campaign for president should not be surprised. He stated that he would introduce change and he has. I believe the only reason waivering Democrats voted yes was to save this president’s leftist agenda and was brought about by intense pressure from the White House. I only hope that people will stay engaged and vote out ALL Democrats this coming November. Lets see how interested Obama is in saving these vulnerable lawmakers.

    146. A Responsible American says:

      While we must fight to repeal this disgusting and disdainful usurpation of the Constitution, it is of primary importance that “immigration reform” not be allowed to take place until after November. Likely this week legislation will be introduced to give amnesty to millions of illegals in this country, in the Democratic hopes they will gain grateful votes for the November midterm elections when millions more than already planned in the Senate and “reconciliation” bills are added to the Medicaid rolls on the backs of tax-paying Americans.

    147. Obamas big govement says:

      Welcome to socialism!!! Thanks for the last two hundred thirty four years.Now this country is really going to fly. They just dont get it.More then half of the country did not want this bill and they pass it any way.Now we will give amnesty to all the illegals.Thanks liberals for looking out for Americas best interest.Obama should have his own demolition company and Pelosi can be the forman.Because the two of them just wrecked this country and they are not done yet!!! America love it or leave it!!!

    148. Virginia, Mesa Arizo says:

      You can sign the petition to repeal the bill. Here's the link: http://www.teapartypatriots.org/repealthebill/Def

      My heart is lifted by reading all your comments. We must not give up.

    149. mike smith huntsvill says:

      never give in, never give in, never never never give in.

      w. churchill

      fight tyranny. resist with all you have, for your children, for your grandchildren, for the future of this country. pray for it.

    150. Lori, New Jersey says:

      The awful truth of the matter is that Republicans are just as much to blame, if not more, than anyone else. This is what happens when Republicans (or anyone for that matter) waters down their principles and values for the sake of 'getting along.' There can NEVER be a compromise on values, integrity, morality and love of country. If the Democratic party has morphed into the liberal / leftist / American-hating socialists/marxists, well, let's give credit to the Republicans for morphing into the new conservative Democrats. GONE must be John McCain. GONE must be Lindsay Graham … and all like them. There is NO SUCH THING as bi-partisanship when it comes to moral fiber, content of character, and quality of leadership. Let the Republicans remember that otherwise next time they're in power, they'll blow it big time … just like George Bush did. This is one Conservative Republican who will absolutely stay home in November and not vote for the first time in my life if anyone other than a true conservative is the nominee.

    151. Mike, Illinois says:

      It has come down to ballots or bullets. The choice is theirs!

    152. Sheryl, Hammond, LA says:

      obama and his "legion" have but one goal…the destruction of America. They will not stop until our great country falls. Only then can he live up (he thinks) to his title of "messiah". mr. obama there was only one Messiah and his name was Jesus Christ! Recognize obama for what he is, a wolf in sheeps clothing! Wake up America please I beg you. Its TIME to fight the good fight.

    153. tressa says:

      The reason this bill was allowed to pass is because this President has the MSM in his pocket except for possible some conservative pundits and FOX and Drudge. So, whatever he does, they follow the administration's talking points and they do not do their job and continue to malign anyone, any individual, any organization who opposes this government takeover…so now that the bill is passed, there will be organizations, individiuals who will fight this and bring suit in the courts of law. This bill I believe is unconstitutional and will be overturned in the Supreme Court eventually. So, we have hope.

    154. Dale Cord says:

      Remember this all of you State Attorney Generals as if you already don't know, LOL. Filing appeals on an unconstitutional Health Bill or any other charges against a corrupt government like this one, is like the Germans or Italians during the 2nd World War filing charges against Hitler and Musellni. When you have a stacked deck for the house in card games, you lose. What were the people thinking when they allowed each president to appoint a justice to the Supreme Court. We now have 9 Liberal minded people sitting in the highest court in our land making unconstitutional laws and undermining our individual freedoms. These people in your state that are acting like they are out raged by this violation and act of treason, are doing so,to appease their constiuance,so they can be re-elected after their term has elapsed.

    155. Lili, Kanab, UT says:

      The terrifying part of this is, if the One passes the Amnesty Bill, he will have millions of illegals, now legal, praising him and the Demonrats, and they will vote him and the rest back in forever!! Then what can we do? They'll pass all kinds of unconstitutional bills that will absolutely leave us slaves to their rule! Communism here we come….!!

    156. Willam says:

      Join in support of recall efforts underway, and to determine if your state allows for recall of Senators or Representatives visit: http://recallcongressnow.org/news.php The Tea Party in various areas are also gathering for recalls. Contact your local Tea Party and inquire if they have such an effort going, and join in.

    157. Willam says:

      If you'd like to see and online petition regarding the Recall Of Federal Elected Officials visit http://recall.avoiceofthepeople.com

    158. Ed Wilson Newburg, MO. says:

      With anything in life, there has to be consequences for bad actions. First the perps responsible for this illegal and unconstitutional bill has to be voted out of office. Secondly, every single one of them need to be put on trial and jailed, according to their depth of envolvement. These carrear politicians have to understand they still work for the people. They are not allowed to change rules so the minoritys of this country can get their way. The 10th amendment was so grossly misused it isn`t funny.

    159. Vlad, Sydney, Austra says:

      Wow you guys wrote all this at exactly the same moment, 10.45pm


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