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The Aftermath of Obamacare: What America Will Look Like If The White House Gets Its Way

Posted By Mike Brownfield On March 19, 2010 @ 3:27 pm In Obamacare,Ongoing Priorities | Comments Disabled

The Future under Obamacare [1]

America stands on the precipice of sweeping liberal health care reform that will radically reshape one-sixth of the U.S. economy, and a 153-page House bill is all that stands between us and a fundamentally changed America.

What will that change look like? Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) said [2], “we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it,” and President Barack Obama said, [3] “By the time the vote has taken place, not only will I know what’s in it, you’ll know what’s in it.”

In other words, here’s a ticket to ride, get on board, we can’t tell you where it’s going, but you’ll like it once you get there. We promise.

A picture of America’s future under Obamacare can be revealed, though, after peeling away the pages and digging through the dirt. Here’s 10 things you can expect:

  1. A Massively Engorged Government, to the tune of $2.5 trillion in new entitlement spending. According to the Congressional Budget Office (CBO), new entitlement spending in the plan would cost $216 billion by 2019 [4], then increase by 8 percent every year thereafter.
  2. A Cornhusker Kickback for All. No, special deals aren’t removed from Obamacare this time around. Instead, the House bill extends new federal funding for Medicaid to all states [5]. Incidentally, you’re paying for it.
  3. A Freight train of taxes, slamming the American people in 2018. You’ve heard of the “Cadillac” tax on high-cost insurance plans? It will be pushed back to 2018 [4], and given the way “high-cost” plans will be defined, a large segment of the middle class would get hit [4] with the tax over time.
  4. Beware the shape-shifting tax monster. New taxes will take many forms [6], including taxes on prescription drugs, medical devices (like wheel chairs), and health insurance.
  5. Unconstitutional mandates, courtesy of Congress. Don’t want to buy health insurance? Congress will penalize you [6] if you don’t, regardless of income.
  6. Lock your back door. Higher health care costs will be sneaking in. The plan gives subsidies to low-to-moderate wage families [4], but the subsidies will increase at a lower rate than the rate at which premiums increase. In other words, those families will pay more every year.
  7. Lights out for small businesses? Companies that hire certain low-income Americans will have to pay $3,000 per employee [7], per year, even if the company offers insurance.Oh, and if a company employs 50 or more workers, they’ll face higher tax penalties [7] to the tune of $2,000 per full-time employee.
  8. Abortions. You will pay for them, like it or not. The House bill includes major funding for community health centers [5] with no restrictions on federal taxpayer funding of abortions.
  9. Want to play the stock market? Maybe not, after you hear this. The House bill slaps a 3.8% tax on investment income [8].
  10. It’s not a federal system, after all. States will have less power. They’ll no longer have authority to regulate health care premiums [6]. Instead, the federal government will take on the job. States and local governments won’t be able to control their own employee health plans; they’ll have to abide by new federal regulations.

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