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  • The Aftermath of Obamacare: What America Will Look Like If The White House Gets Its Way

    The Future under Obamacare

    America stands on the precipice of sweeping liberal health care reform that will radically reshape one-sixth of the U.S. economy, and a 153-page House bill is all that stands between us and a fundamentally changed America.

    What will that change look like? Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) said, “we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it,” and President Barack Obama said, “By the time the vote has taken place, not only will I know what’s in it, you’ll know what’s in it.”

    In other words, here’s a ticket to ride, get on board, we can’t tell you where it’s going, but you’ll like it once you get there. We promise.

    A picture of America’s future under Obamacare can be revealed, though, after peeling away the pages and digging through the dirt. Here’s 10 things you can expect:

    1. A Massively Engorged Government, to the tune of $2.5 trillion in new entitlement spending. According to the Congressional Budget Office (CBO), new entitlement spending in the plan would cost $216 billion by 2019, then increase by 8 percent every year thereafter.
    2. A Cornhusker Kickback for All. No, special deals aren’t removed from Obamacare this time around. Instead, the House bill extends new federal funding for Medicaid to all states. Incidentally, you’re paying for it.
    3. A Freight train of taxes, slamming the American people in 2018. You’ve heard of the “Cadillac” tax on high-cost insurance plans? It will be pushed back to 2018, and given the way “high-cost” plans will be defined, a large segment of the middle class would get hit with the tax over time.
    4. Beware the shape-shifting tax monster. New taxes will take many forms, including taxes on prescription drugs, medical devices (like wheel chairs), and health insurance.
    5. Unconstitutional mandates, courtesy of Congress. Don’t want to buy health insurance? Congress will penalize you if you don’t, regardless of income.
    6. Lock your back door. Higher health care costs will be sneaking in. The plan gives subsidies to low-to-moderate wage families, but the subsidies will increase at a lower rate than the rate at which premiums increase. In other words, those families will pay more every year.
    7. Lights out for small businesses? Companies that hire certain low-income Americans will have to pay $3,000 per employee, per year, even if the company offers insurance.Oh, and if a company employs 50 or more workers, they’ll face higher tax penalties to the tune of $2,000 per full-time employee.
    8. Abortions. You will pay for them, like it or not. The House bill includes major funding for community health centers with no restrictions on federal taxpayer funding of abortions.
    9. Want to play the stock market? Maybe not, after you hear this. The House bill slaps a 3.8% tax on investment income.
    10. It’s not a federal system, after all. States will have less power. They’ll no longer have authority to regulate health care premiums. Instead, the federal government will take on the job. States and local governments won’t be able to control their own employee health plans; they’ll have to abide by new federal regulations.
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    100 Responses to The Aftermath of Obamacare: What America Will Look Like If The White House Gets Its Way

    1. ellen, colorado says:

      We as a society are SCREWED!!! If the conservatives can & will NOT stand up to this socialized maneuvering, the country will NOT last. This is the world best nation!

      With the likes of our current make up do we as a free country stand a chance ???

      We need to call all the elected officials & remind them WE THE PEOPLE DO NOT WANT THIS OR ANY OTHER BILL/TAX SLAMMED DOWN OUR THROATS !!!

      WAKE UP AMERICA … TIME IS RUNNING OUT !!!!! MAKE THEM LISTEN TO OUR WANTS & VOICES … REMEMBER … THEY WORK FOR US(??) NOT US FOR THEM !! If the elected officials have their way we will do nothing BUT work for everyone else's entitlements… I am just SOOOO sick & tired of BO doing this kind of questionable bill passing mumbo-jumbo on the american people! All they want to do is tax & spend!!! NOW if this were Republican controled & the Republicans pulled this …. there would be Liberals stroking out (eh.not a bed idea..) NBC/ABC/MSN/CNN would be calling for public hangings! BUT if they do this it's OK ??? NO IT IS NOT !! DOES ANYONE ELSE CARE??? Help ! make phone calls,most of Washington's phone lines are jammed up & all voice mail is full! Maybe, just maybe ….. some of them will catch on ?!!?!?!?!?!? Thanks for reading this I hope you are also stirred into phone/email action ! Join up w/tea party folks or 912 … Let them know !!

      • kufufinmufin says:

        I completely agree with you! Obamacare is the first step to slowly taking our rights away. What is after this? It amazes me that people do not see that he is turning our country into a socialized unit that we will NOT be able to recover from it is astonishing! All the supporters of this see "free healthcare" but it is NOT GOING TO BE FREE! We will pay for it in our taxes, we are already in major national debt and they want to spend more? It makes no sense, our nation will fall if Obamacare is passed and kept, and if Obama gets another term. It actually scares me where our country is headed!

    2. Keith says:

      Watch a sudden international conflict to erupt that the administration will use to try to distract from health reform legislation and the manipulation of our Constitution.

    3. Henry Bowman, Phoeni says:

      "In other words, here’s a ticket to ride, get on board, we can’t tell you where it’s going, but you’ll like it once you get there. We promise."

      And by the way, just for extra fun, put on these handcuffs and this hood.

    4. Darwin, Clintonville says:

      The politics that we have now is so corrupt, so ridiculous on both sides of the same coin, completely and utterly obvious that it's flawed beyond simple tweaking and altering, that we need to completely start over. I think everyone knows what that means. Empires don't last forever, and this one is crumbling down like ancient Rome. Maximize utility, generate the largest profits as possible so we can just get rid of our debt record.

      In my opinion, this can be solved in about a dozen steps, which will no doubt be extremely difficult:

      Step 1: Axe the government, completely– or get them to actually conform to our demands. The latter is very unlikely to happen, and the former will be extremely difficult. Our current government would label us as terrorists, even though we'd be fighting for our freedoms. If we elect Ron Paul in 2012, watch what happens. He'll be told what to do. He won't act on his own ideals, however amazing they may be right now. This has happened to nearly every single president in the 20th and 21st century. Let's take a lesson from history…. See More

      Step 2: Back to the drawing board. Connect with the ideals of the first drafters of the constitution. Still keep women's and civil rights in there and no slaves, obviously.

      Step 3: Draft a new, sensible constitution based off the old one. Take out any corrupt connections between oil companies, lumber and tobacco companies, and health insurance companies. These giant corporations are tied together like a square knot, taking advantage of the American people. I'm not saying get rid of them….I'm just saying that we need to fix them.

      Step 4: Rebuild Wall Street and prohibit people from cheating the system via complex computer models, which essentially, is like downloading money, which makes companies weaker by lowering the values of their stocks, and spreads the wealth to a very small, manipulative minority. I can't tell you how many companies have gone bankrupt because of this cheating system.

      Step 5: Bring back the gold standard. Gold is extremely valuable right now (about $1200/oz), this would help pay back the national deficit immensely. It would skyrocket the value of the dollar. The second part of this step is VERY radical, but it may need to be done — halt the sale of gold for a couple years, convert it into actual paper money with value, and pay back our debt to China and Japan. Combined, they have a military that is currently 5x as large as ours. Or, we could just give them some of our gold — whatever they want. It wouldn't take that many tons of gold to pay back our debt to them — about 208 tonnes. We shouldn't keep borrowing from them. This is a major problem. No wonder lead finds its way into China's exports to our country. They aren't too happy with their missing money.

      Step 6: Axe the drug war. The DEA was implemented in the 1960's, and if you look at their OWN statistics, they have curbed drug use by only 1-3%. At their strongest, they only seized 1/5th of the amount of drugs shipped into our country illegally, measured in metric TONS. 600 metric tonnes of cocaine still made it into the U.S. in 2004, despite $77 billion in funding per year for the DEA. Everyone who is a drug addict will tell you that they can still get their "fix", no problem…the problem with this is, is that these addicts won't stop their habits. We might as well capitalize on their addiction, perhaps try and build more rehabilitation centers in hopes of rescuing some of them from the throes of drug addiction, so that they too can contribute to the economy, besides just buying and using drugs. There are still about 25 million regular drug users in our country. Let's just give them what they want and make it a part of our economy. Billions of dollars in profits will follow (keep in mind that the dollar's value will skyrocket with the implementation of the gold standard). Despite how terrible it may sound, it will also weaken the influence of terrorist organizations, which thrive on the high prices from the black market drug trade, and it will keep drugs out of the hands of children, because said drugs will be regulated, age-restricted, and taxed.

      Step 7: Bring all of our troops back to our homeland. Set up a missile defense system in the form of a laser grid atmosphere. The way this would work, is if we detected an incoming nuclear missile launched from another country (we would have about 7-10 minutes to act), we would be able to emergency ground all airplanes within 5 minutes, and turn on the laser grid immediately after. The missile comes within range of the lasers, and is immediately destroyed/disarmed. Everyone on the planes are safe, assuming all emergency landings went smoothly. There may be some nuclear fallout, but it wouldn't be nearly as bad as a direct hit.

      Step 8: Rebuild America. This would in turn, increase tourism immensely. The profits would outweigh the costs.

      Step 9: Alter or eliminate GM foods. These fruits and vegetables may be larger in size and thus, nutrition, but they are all seedless, meaning that farmers in foreign countries would have to continue buying seeds from us, every year. This weakens the international economy and makes trade with dozens of countries completely pointless, thus lowering our GDP, because many countries would not be able to afford our products.

      Step 10: Eliminate outsourcing of jobs. Outsourcing weakens our own economy and keeps more of our people out of business.

      Step 11: Downsize the CIA and eliminate clandestine operations. This makes other countries hate us, when they figure out our spies are in their country. Look at Iran, because of what we did with the CIA and the Shah. We can monitor potential threats perfectly fine from our satellites (see: Cuban missile crisis. We detected the situation via satellite, and that was over 40 years ago. Our satellites are much better now). No need for spies to set up coups or assassinations. Also, merge the NSA and Homeland Security with the CIA. Rename it. This saves hundreds of billions of dollars per year: we would have ONE security organization instead of three.

      Step 12: Harvest methane from cow farms and pump it into gas pipelines, maximize hydroelectric and nuclear power, and explore geothermal power. Eliminate coal — why? A few reasons: One: coal mining is extremely dangerous and the energy that results from such mining is minimal, while the smoke produced by it's refinement is immense. It may not be changing our climate much, but it's something we don't need in our air. I've already calculated the amount of BTUs (British Thermal Units), that are used up worldwide per day. It is the equivalent of setting off 5,000 thermonuclear bombs, per day. I am not joking on that. If anything, that is what might change our climate, if only slightly. Secondly, coal mine runoff needs to be controlled. When coal is mined, sulfur is also present, which gets into nearby rivers. This kills thousands of fish every year, and weakens the fishing industry, not to mention that it ends up in our own water. Drinking sulfur isn't good for you.

      Step 13: Also, oil will be gone in 30-50 years. We'll need a renewable energy source to replace it. I'm guessing it will be hydrogen power or some sort of fusion — Area 51 has already built a flying machine that runs off of uranium (I'm not calling it a plane because it does NOT behave like one at all). It can go from 0 to Mach 3 in a few seconds. It is an unmanned craft. We could use the same sort of energy for our cars and homes, just not as powerful.

      And lastly, the final and most important step, Step 14: Enjoy our newly found liberty and prosperity.

      My ideas might not agree with some of you, but all I ask is that they be reviewed further and more background research conducted on them, to see how much money it would all cost, and how much money we could save.

      7 hours ago

    5. Joanna Robbins, Linc says:

      I pray this bill does not pass. After months of faxing and calling my Senators and my Congressman, all that's left to do is pray for the unpersuaded members of Congress to do what is right and obey the peoples' will. They KNOW America does not want this. If they go ahead and pass it against our will, the next day we should all be on the phone with our governors and our State Legislature INSISTING that they protect us from these tyrants by declaring our 10th Amendment right to not have this shoved down our throats. More than 35 States are considering this option so we must stick together and FIGHT this tyranny. Live FREE or DIE.

    6. Billie says:

      I hope there are lawyers on our side, period? Obama probably bribed most of em.

      When Obama said "not only will I know what's in it…" is cover for protection if it does go through, commence illusion that the concerns of the people will be taken care of.

      How incompetent of a president to push his "plan" on the free people he leads and then state he doesn't know what's in it.. He's said many times "my plan." taking ownership, ignores to admit any concerns. doesn't Just vote on it. Up or down. yes or no. right or wrong. Just vote. So in other words it's a vote for "his plan." (Is this some kind of initiation?) not the will of the people. Free Markets and personal responsibility work. Each person's health is each person's own, not government or taxpayers..

      This GOVERNMENT health-care "reform" REFLECTS TRUE COURAGE to be a VOTE NO. Please show your true courage.

    7. Marc says:

      Obama is the new Jim Jones, and we are all being forced to drink the Kool-Aid, not just his walking dead zombie followers.

    8. Susanna, Kansas says:

      The IRS in charge of deciding if your health insurance measures up – That's like the fox tending the chicken coop. We, the people, need to immediately file our lawsuits against each and every person who votes yes on this "bill" (in quotes because is it really a bill?) Keep Gitmo open so we can send these criminals there. They should be comfortable because they think like the Castros and their ilk. These criminals are not listening to the 300,000 million who are fine with their health plans. They also won't address the real problems facing this country, but that is because they want to turn us into bland, mediocre serfs and strip us of anything they "deem" as valuable. Read your Constitution,; Support States Rights and stand firm against these criminals. It's "Live Free or Die" time again!

    9. guest says:

      look at Massachusetts the pilot program of this healthcare. Premiums still are high and we can’t afford more entitlements without someone else paying for it. It will bankrupt the USA. The IRS is the enforcer. They will come after your wallet. Stop OBAMACARE!!!!!!!

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    11. Derrick Johnson, Reno NV says:

      I sure hope lawyers “on our side” are ready to challenge all of this…

    12. A Real American says:

      As much as I don’t want it to be so, the bill will pass.

      Take heart. There are organizations prepared to challenge the constitutionality of both the substance (mandates, special deals, etc) and process (deem and pass, etc) surrounding this law. Will such challenges win? I sure hope so, but who can really say at this point? Moreover, expect MANY challenges on an individual level.

      Already, several states have passed laws that essentially nullify any such legislation or mandate (see Virginia and Idaho). Other states have such legislation waiting in the wings. I can imagine a game of chicken as the Feds say accept or we won’t send you any federal $$$. I hope these states don’t back down.

      And it’s entirely possible, that passed legislation could get repealed either entirely or piecemeal. Just vote the right guy in next time. Many provisions (taxes, cuts, etc) will probably get pushed back again and again.

      If it comes to the point, where the IRS has rounded up people for not carrying the “right” kind of insurance, where the Feds have emasculated the states, then we have a duty to stand against such tyranny (see Dec. of Independence).

      I know Americans CAN stand against such tyranny. We have so before. The real question is WILL we?

    13. C.M.S., Washington State says:

      I’m exhausted after months of faxing, calling, emailing … and I am terrified. Is this what congressmen and senators wanted when they ran for office? Over half the country terrified, exhausted, angry — they should be ashamed.

    14. DINO says:

      What kind of awful people don't want others to receive health care?

      Conservatives. They're animals.

    15. PetethePirate says:

      Note the absence of the ACLU. The silence is deafening. Freakin hypocrits. If GW was pushing this bill there would be screaming from the entire country.

    16. Barbara, Tampa Flori says:

      I am so scared that this will be remmed through with all of the chicago style tactics. This is not what the american people want and the demon-crats are spitting in our faces. reform yes, nit this. start over. TORT REFORM is free. I am tired of the lies and the state run media. Do these idiots not think this will affect thier families as well. And to save a presidency? sorry it is already lost and this will make it even worse.

    17. Patricia says:

      Just Look At Detroit!!!

    18. Vague, Tucson AZ (bu says:

      OK what you guys are saying with calling up your senators is (technically) called grassroots lobbying. This does not work, as the vote is not given to the senator, he just does what he feels like. even if the call up votes are 300 to 1, he still won't care. That said, calling up our senators won't work.

      Next, hoping that it doesn't pass. this is irrelevent, as the president has said that he will use executive orders to get it across if need be (meaning, it won't pass in the house). next, it probably will pass in the house. They only need to bribe the votes that they don't have (which is 6, I think) ith a large sum of money. so it will pass.

      I am a very hardcore conservative myself, and am willing to debate anyone on whether or not we should do this, so long as I get the side of no healthcare reform.

      There's really nothing we can do.

    19. MystWlker, Ohio says:


      Don't be a schmuck.

      Opposing this bill does not equate to taking anyone's health care away.

      Conservatives want EVERYONE to have the FINAL SAY on what health care they receive, when, and how.

      Cutting 500 billion from medicare while adding millions of patients to it, effectiveness boards to decide whether seniors are still young enough to receive cancer treatment, or must spend their remaining, artificially shortened lives on pain meds instead – these are the Progressives' ideas, not conservatives.

      Pull your head out of that propaganda hole where you've been getting your news, and rejoin reality.

      We are ALL animals – but conservatives are social animals, while progressives are socialist animals……

    20. Kristen, UT says:

      @ Dino and anyone else who thinks "conservatives are monsters" because we don't want to provide for their health care.

      Health care is not a right, it is a product. And insurance is not intended, WAS NEVER intended, to be a guarantee of your good health. Your health & your famly's health is YOUR responsibility to create, maintain, and protect!

      BUT… Even IF YOUR healthcare was OUR responsibility to provide, this "bill" does not do it, and it certainly doesn't do it fairly across all states or even across all lower income brackets. And it's so incredibly expensive & punitive eventually people would receive less & less care while paying more & more for it, and each year many more would be denied the care they needed because they wouldn't be deemed "worth" the expense (tell me, are you so certain of your value to the govt that you're willing to give your life over to their whims?). And eventually there'd be so few doctors who'd become doctors voluntarily that there would be people assigned to perform as doctors, significantly reducing the quality of care ('cause you know everyone loves being told what to do!).

      Personally I love America and our precious constitution. I value personal responsibilty and hard work. I treasure our freedoms and rights. If you want to live like that, stay here and grow tge hell up. If you want free healthcare and government control, move to Cuba. 

      Margaret Thatcher said it best — "The trouble with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people's money." 

    21. Shirley Whiteford Fa says:

      We had to know to this was coming from all the comments BO made while he was campaigning….(Joe the Plumbe)r, we need to spread the wealth around, the lady in Florida who asked him to buy a house for her and got it, the young woman who said, when BO is president, I won't have to work, won't have to make car payments, or any payments. The comment to John McCain at the "health care summit" where he said "John, the campaign is over" meaning,, we can say anything while campaigning. we don't have to stand by it..

      We need health care reform, not more big government…it's a loss for all Americans. SAW

    22. JRB, Georgia says:

      No one ever said they don't want others to receive healthcare….. We have emergency rooms and walk-in clinics. FYI- there is healthcare there! I think we all agree that there is reform that needs to be done, but handing our healthcare over to the Govt, is just wrong…..

    23. Victor says:

      Dino……you miss the whole point of this bill….it's about destroying America…..but thats ok because even though I will suffer due to the destruction of our nation….I will take heart that people like you will suffer likewise. No one will win with this bill….this is a lose/lose proposition.

    24. Dave, Ozark MO says:

      Unconstitutional mandates. This amounts to a clear violation of the oath of office. We have the right to remove them. Everyone who votes swear to protect and defend the Constitution, from all enemies, foreign and domestic. These elected officials, including the man child, should now be considered domestic enemies of our Constitution and need to be addressed as such.

      One man does NOT have the right to do this to America!

    25. Sheri says:

      This is a very sad situation. I'm a pharmacist, and my husband and I have a disabled child. I have no doubt that the elderly and disabled will be the first people that the evil Dr. Ezekiel Emmanuel will deny health care to. Our family has Tricare (military insurance), and we have already been losing benefits even though no law has been passed yet. It looks to me like we will end up spending what little retirement savings we have at some cash only clinic so our child can get the health care that she needs.

    26. Todd, Texas says:

      Conservatives still believe in values like life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. In fact, some people on both sides of the aisle in Washington believe that such values hold even for the unborn. No surprise then that many Americans including conservatives and liberals provide healthcare to others — by choice.

      Some people can only resort to name-calling because their arguments are vacant. They call people like me animals because I am not willing advocate looting and trampling the rights of some in order to ensure my family has healthcare. They claim healthcare is a "right" and dismiss personal responsibity except for the responsibility of others who were put on this earth to ensure that they have their healthcare.

    27. A Member of "We says:

      Great job! I love your list. Here's mine …

      Obamacare Yes/No Checklist:

      Drinkin' the Obamacare Coolaid–What is there “not to like” …

      First the good news …

      1. Coverage: Will more people be covered?


      2. Uninsured Coverage: Will more people with pre-existing conditions be covered? Yes

      Then some bad news …

      1. Doctor Deficit: As the New England Journal of Medicine recently reported, have 45%+ of U.S. primary care doctors threatened to quit or want to quit if Obamacare passes?

      2. COCs (Citizens of Other Countries) : Will we U.S. citizens get to eventually pay for the health care of current illegal immigrants (and their extended families)?

      3. Rationing: Does More People Covered + Fewer Doctors = Rationing (duh!)?

      4. 16,000 New IRS workers: Will 16,000 new IRS workers be hired to enforce

      Obamacare? Will citizen taxpayers finance their 1$ billion+ salaries?

      5. Government Growth: will the government become larger?

      6. Massachusetts: Learn from past or repeat it: Is the Massachusetts healthcare system already in debt? Are U.S. taxpayers from other states now paying for Massachusetts?

      7. Freedom: Will the 75% of citizens satisfied with their current healthcare be affected at all? Will we have less freedom to make choices?

      8. Abortion: Will we citizen taxpayers get to pay for other people’s abortions? Was a previously-submitted bill to permanently exclude abortions ever passed?

      9. Medicare Advisory Board: Is it the job of the M.A.B. to cut Medicare costs/benefits?

      10. Taxing Citizens: Will there be a 40% excise tax on current taxpayers with comprehensive insurance plans?

      11. Middle-class Wealth: Will middle-class citizens have to pay more $ to the government starting next year?

      12. Middle-class Choices: Will middle-class citizens have more healthcare choices in 4 years?

      13. Doctors: Will your doctor have more healthcare treatment choices/freedom 4 years from now?

      14. Union Exemption: Since Obamacare exempts unions from certain key provisions, will we non-union U.S. taxpayers be forced to subsidize (= pay) for union citizens?

      15. Union-exemption #2: Were the unions made exempt to buy their voting power? Since the government has no $ of its own, is this taxpaper-financed bribary?

      16. Government Bloating: Since Obamacare will hire tens (if not hundreds) of thousands of additional government bureaucrats to run, regulate, and enforce it, will that cost taxpayers more? Where will their salaries come from?

      17. New Government Spending: Will there be $2 1/2 trillion (=$2 1/2 million million) in new spending by a government already in debt by 35% of its GDP? Somebody will pay for that. Will taxpayers have to pay for that?

      18. Putting Our Children in Debt: The government adding to your children’s debt:: Will Obamacare add $7000 debt to every person, child and grandchild in the U.S.?

      19. Government Power: Will Obamacare give the government more power?

      20. 4 years of Double Premiums: With a 4-year delay in benefits but with premiums/taxes starting next year, do U.S. citizens with health care coverage in effect get to pay 2 premiums for the next 4 years?

      21. Lockbox: Will the new healthcare taxes on us be stored in a protected lockbox ? (or will it be like the Medicare and Social Security Ponzi pay-as-you-go systems)

      22. Penalizing Doctors: Will those primary-care doctors who are in the top 10% of recommending you to a specialist be identified and penalized?

      23. 2700 pages of Rules: Relative to our current freedom which the Constitution did a good job of spelling out and guaranteeing, will these 2700 pages of new rules and restrictions subtract from that freedom?

      24. Slip-and-slide Lawyers: Are their any pages out of the 2700 that deal with the $100 billion of waste that we healthcare consumers get to pay for in the slip-and-slide lawsuit industry?

      25. Employer Droppage: Will Obamacare give fiscal-incentives to employers to drop my insurance coverage?

      26. Salary vs. Insurance: Will Obamacare pressure small-businesses to choose between coverage and salary for its employees?

      27. Forced Change: Will the 75% of U.S. taxpayers who like their current healthcare be fiscally-encouraged (via the IRS) to eventually change their current acceptable insurance?

      28. Mandated State Medicaid Physician Hikes: Since Obamacare covers the uninsured mainly by adding them to state/federal Medicaid programs, and since Obamacare mandates physician fee hikes (sometimes substantial) for all Medicaid patients, will those states with already-large Medicaid enrollment (e.g., NY: 5 million and CA: 10 million) incur a large state debt in 2015 (and yearly beyond) when the Federal government is scheduled to reduce its compensating share for the Medicaid fee hike? If NY & CA themselves don’t increase citizen taxes to cover these mandated physician fee increases, will the remaining 48 states (or the federal government) increase citizen taxes to pay these additional NY/CA Medicaid doctor fees?

      29. Public Will: Is Obamacare opposed by nearly 2/3 of the public?

      30. Public-Servant Job: In a democracy, is it the job of the Congress and the President to carry out the will of its citizens?

      31. Constitutionally Limited Governement: Our constitution–starting with the words “We the people”– is best in the world in that it limits government–does Obamacare violate that?

      32. Constitutional #1: Are the Obamacare rules, powers, and government staffing constitutional?

      33. Constitutional #2: Does the no-vote Reconciliation end-run process to “pass” Obamacare at any costs, violate the specific procedural rules that James Madison built into the Constitution?

      34. Public-servant Oath: Under Reconciliation, are the members of Congress and the President in violation of their sworn oath to obey the Constitution–including Article 1, Section 7?

      35. Congress: If Obamacare is so great, will Congress and the President be under it also?

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    29. Reba,Cincinnati says:

      Well, I hope everyone who was dumb enough to believe Obama and voted for him,will suffer. I only wish the rest of us who were conservative enough to see his socialist ways will not suffer. I suggest WE NEVER FOGET HOW WE WERE SNOWBALLED AND IGNORED. This is something the Democratic party OWNS. Don't forget we will not see any benefit until we pay out the blood.

    30. Anita Metairie says:

      How did we allow our beloved America to become this. There must be something we could do. My thought is this, all of us who have did the right thing all our lives, working, raising our familes, supporting ourselves, supporting the bloodsuckers in our mist should all just have our bosses fire us. Then all of us go on unemployment and suck the rest of the blood out of the system. I think that we are entitled to this. I've been working since I was 13 years old. I started baby-sitting, even cutting grass when I was young. I have been in the S/S system since I was 18 yrs old. I am now 64 yrs old so after putting all of these years in the system and letting others suck the blood out of the system, I think I have earned the right to be a blood sucker. Society owes me this. I am entitled to this. This according to obummer's philosphy. I want mine now.

    31. Krand says:

      Want to know what the country will look like in 5 years if ObamaCare passes?

      Find some old movies and newsreels from the 1930s. Note the chasm between the life style of the elites [not defined as the progressives and government bureaucrats] and the rest of the people. Note the high unemployment, the closed factories, the government 'make work' "Stimulus" projects, the lower life expectancy, the higher infant mortality rate…

      We have already seen what Obama wants for our future!

    32. SOL says:


      This isn't about "healthcare." No one is denied "healthcare" in this country. This is about "health insurance." You are too dumb to realize this. This "healthcare" bill is a trojan horse to socialize America. You are a useful idiot.

    33. Marti, WI says:

      Dino, what kind of able-bodied, average-intelligenced people want other people to pay for their health care?

      Liberals, more often than not, they're lazy and feel entitled to pursue "callings" as "artistes, poets, and musicians" or lay around on mom and dad's sofa.

    34. RAJA NOVELLA says:

      Richest country on earth. You are fighting against a bill that is covering to include 32 million uninsured. Shame ON YOU!!!!

    35. phil says:


    36. JAB says:


      It's not that conservatives don't want others to receive health care. It's just that we don't want a socialized health care system.

    37. Paul, Charlotte, NC says:

      We all believe people should have access to healthcare. We also believe you should take responsibility for taking care of yourself and your family. Access to healthcare should not necessarily mean FREE healthcare to be paid by someone else.

    38. Jeff, Rehoboth says:


      Please take your sanctimonious progressive doublespeak somewhere else.

      You and beloved liar-in-chief are both dishonest.

      Here are a couple of facts you need to hear because you are clearly a little dim.

      1. Every one of these people has access to insurance right now. It's not perfect. I'm sure I'll be flooded with flames about the horror stories, and perhaps unlike most of the stories that the liar-in-chief has hauled out, some may even be true. But even the liar-in-chief said the current bill is not perfect. The new plan however will tear down what we currently have. It will run out of money. Just like the Massachusetts plan that David Axlerod holds up as being just like the senate bill is going deeper and deeper in the hole. This will lead to one of two things happening quality of care goes down, or premiums in the form of taxes go up. We are not better off. the MA plan is bankrupt in under 10 years. Similar stories can be found in Maine and Tennessee. In the end it's going to hurt a great deal more than it helps.

      2. The liar in chief first promised that he had a plan that would cut everyone's premiums by $2500. Because after all, wasn't this all about the unsustainability of the cost of health care? Didn't our favorite liar go on to promise that he would not sign a bill that didn't lower premiums? I'm calling him on that LIE. Look what Louise Slaughter said of the Senate bill in an article titled "The Senate Bill isn't Health Reform", (http://edition.cnn.com/2009/OPINION/12/23/slaughter.oppose.senate.bill/). The current charade is about saving a failed presidency that couldn't sustain the hit of scrapping the crappy Senate legislation and doing something moderate to move forward.

      Now Dino, I'm sure you're overjoyed by the fact that you'll now get free healthcare on top of your 99 weeks of unemployment. But this massive new entitlement is simply going to break the bank.

      But beware this massive power grab is going to backfire on you. As you set up all this federal power you better make sure that you're really ok with the power apparatus that you leave for the "animals" when they get power.


    39. Billie says:

      DINO, what kind of awful people have the audacity to suggest people don't have the mind to care of themselves? What kind of awful people would use the weakness of others to take from ALL? What kind of awful people would keep the weak, weak and weaken the strong? People like you, DINO. We don't want government to steal from you or others so our medical costs along with our choices, will be removed, as government also becomes authority over our medical needs and government authority over our personal health decisions. They'll mandate processes and procedures of a lesser kind. The plan is extremely flawed on behalf of it's claimed intent.

      We are not a wealthy family. What comes our way we've dealt with, without you or the government. Our income is half the income the government insists needs help. WE WILL BE FORCED!

      We give up what is necessary to maintain the privilege of having health care insurance. Costs are high when there is a chronic illness to take care of along with deathly effects. We learn to adjust. This president and government are making it impossible to adjust as they are the cause of all costs rising.

      We have no animosity over the rich. Their lives were given the opportunity ours did not, or the opportunity just didn't fit in with situation. We don't blame or demand an opportunity be put in our hands' We make the best of what we can. Our lives are our lives, we do not want handouts.

      We want freedom and independence from the government to live our lives the way WE SEE FIT WITHIN OUR OWN INDIVIDUAL ABILITIES! PRETTY MUCH WHAT THE CONSTITUTION AND DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE READS!

      Nobody but government influence and the presidents plan, is stopping anyone from getting health care on their own.


      If you're a true American and decent person, you'll apologize for your misinformation.

    40. Billie says:

      I mean, false allegation.

    41. Ellen K says:


      What kind of person wants to take from earners and give to the indigent?

      What kind of person wants to take from retirees to fund urban community centers?

      What kind of person lies about the contents of the bill, the nature of side deals and the final CBO score?


    42. Eirwen says:

      Dino, you can't be serious. Did you even read the article? Why is it my obligation to pay for your healthcare? Why do I have to pay for your children's school? Why should I have to pay for others' abortions?

      Like it or not (and judging by your comment, probably not), a President is supposed to UPHOLD the Constitution, which is the "supreme law of the land," and not decide by himself that he knows what's best for all the people.

      These changes that he is making are all socialist changes. Corporate bailouts, federal money (and then the states and counties have to do the govt's bidding), every single decision he has made and bills that he is forcing, are all SOCIALIST. If citizens want to live in a socialist country, then move there. Please take all the illegal immigrants with you.

      This country was founded by strongwilled, independent thinkers who valued freedom and smaller government. Obama and his thugs are passing unconstitutional laws, and this is grounds for impeachment. He is commiting crimes against his country, and it's time for him to leave office.

      I'm seeing lots of civil disobedience in the future under his "reign," and look forward to standing with my true patriots, defending the Constitution of the United States of America.

    43. Darren Wu says:

      Just hysteria!! All bogus assertions!

    44. TBinSTL says:

      "Y'all got on this boat for different reasons, but y'all are come to the same place. So now I'm asking more of you than I have before. Maybe all. 'Cause as sure as I know anything I know this: they will try again. Maybe on another world, maybe on this very ground, swept clean. A year from now, ten, they'll swing back to the belief that they can make people… better. And I do not hold to that. So no more running. I aim to misbehave."

      - Malcolm Reynolds

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    46. JamesJ says:

      All Hail Obama!

      All Hail the State!

    47. Rick, Vancouver WA says:

      Raja, those 32 million can go buy their own insurance just like I do. We are not the richest country on earth either asshat. Have you seen the national debt?

    48. Nina,Fort Lauderdale says:

      This unconstitutional bill will put our country over the edge not only in the quality of medical care,freedom but in the financial sense. We already have debt which we cannot pay. The only response to this massive debt is higher inflation and default which will devaluate our currency. This current administration is not only interested in control of our lives but is invested in the collapse of the American system to secure their socialistic/communistic framework. Wake up America!!!!

    49. Patchy, WV says:

      Dino – I love ya.

      A triumvirate of power-mad leftists are attempting to increase and consolidate their stranglehold on government, expand the welfare state to cover those who don't need it and want no part of it, and to raise taxes on activities that have nothing to do with the delivery of medicine.

      Despite this, you think they are taking this action out of the goodness of their hearts. You think it's about health care and not political power and cold hard cash. And, bless your little heart, you think that conservatives want to withhold medical care from certain people.

      Do you think there are more than a few conservative people at drug companies, medical technology companies (CAT scan, MRI, etc.), surgical technology companies, etc.? What about the people who sell, service and use their products? Are they inventing and utilizing this life-saving gear with the intention of restricting its use? Exactly how delusional and petty does one have to be to believe such nonsense? And how vindictive must one be to wreck fully 1/6 of the national economy all in the name of scoring cheap political points? Do the words Pyrrhic victory mean anything?

    50. Michael says:

      Everyone in this country has ACCESS to health care. Anyone can walk into a hospital emergency room and most hospital clinics and by law, never be denied treatment.

      The problem is who pays and how much. Medicaid (tax dollars) help the poor and most hard working Americans have health insurance from employers or pay for their own policy. Some simply elect to not have coverage and that should be their personal right.

      Insurance reforms are surely needed, but having the Government intrude into the health care SYSTEM is insane.

    51. James Bishop, southe says:

      You people need to get out more! Medical services are more than twice as expensive in our country as they are in the rest of the world, and certainly are not as good. You have been hoodwinked by our insurance mobsters.

      Here's a laugh for those of you with a sense of humor.


    52. tgoggin says:

      To Raja above,,

      All Obamacare is doing is adding 30 million more deck chairs to the Titanic. I am a physician, a major boycott begins next fall when the Medicare cuts begin. One year from now, good luck finding a competent doctor, pharmacy or hospital willing to take a loss with your new free care card. Taking Medicare/Medicaid means going out of business. Taking "good" insurance means treading water.

    53. Black Saint says:

      Next on the agenda rewarding the invading horde of 20 to 30 Criminals and Uneducated Prolific breeding peons with Amnesty & American Citizenship so Obama and the Democrats can turn the Undocumented Welfare Democrats into documented Democrat voters and complete their conquest of this Nation and change to a Third Nation controlled Lock, Stock, and Barrel by the Socialist Democrat party of the USA of Mexico!

    54. Chris - North Texas says:

      All of you in favor of this health bill need to read it. First, the bill does not give free health care to anyone – it mandates that everyone BUYS govt managed health insurance. Secondly, it removes funding from existing health care, i.e., Medicare and Medicaid. As more and more people reach the age of Medicare eligibility, with less funding, then fewer people will get medical care. It will be rationed by the govt to the younger set, who does not need it. In other words, Mr. Democrat, your grandparents will not get the care they need, i.e., knee replacements, cancer treatment, etc. – they will be too old for any expensive procedure.

    55. Susan M. says:

      Read the history of Germany from 1928 to 1939 – after that everyone knows what happens. History repeats itself unless we learn from it.

    56. Nancy Hall, Lakeview says:

      Since Congress has exempted themselves from Obamacare (and all government workers, I suspect), are they also exempt from paying all these fees and taxes on their unearned income? I daresay the IRS won't be coming after their bank accounts for non-payment.

    57. ANN, OREGON says:

      Hold on! You left out an important change that affects EVERY career military and retired military person. This bill transforms Tricare for Life from the promised military healthcare policy benefitting those who devoted their entire adult lives to serving in the defense of this nation into nothing more than a catastrophic insurance policy.

      Beginning in 2011, military retirees will lose the Medicare for life benefit and will have to pay, thousands of dollars per year. We would lose TRICARE as a total care package. We would not be allowed to keep TRICARE so when Obama stands and says if you like what you have you can keep it, he lies. This is a "Heads Up" on a battle we are facing now and down the road with the new Administration. It is on pages 77, 172, 218, and 434.

      The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) has already drafted proposed legislation that would basically reduce our TRICARE for Life benefits to a system whereby we pay deductibles and co-pays up to $6,301 the first year for you and your spouse, with future years being indexed to increase with inflation.

      What can we do? The article below, obtained from an Air Force Association and written by BG Bob Clements, best describes what we can do.

      Please read it and check the links for CBO language and do what Bob

      says-Send this email to every Military Retiree you know and write and email

      your Congressman often. TRICARE FOR LIFE'S FUTURE….

      TRICARE For Life was instituted to correct the broken promise that military retirees would receive free healthcare coverage for life and it covers the Medicare

      co-pay. Now a heavy assault has begun on Veterans'/Retirees' benefits to pay

      for OTHER programs our President promised during the campaign. And it is a

      HIGH priority of his administration.

      The one item of most interest to Retired Military is in Article 189. If

      approved by Congress the first assault wave would hit in 2011 and would hit

      hard. It would initiate cost sharing to require retirees to pay the first

      $525 of medical cost and 50% of the next $4,725 for a first year cost of

      $2,888 PER PERSON. It would be indexed to increase with inflation. For those of

      you who are covered by TFL you will want to pay attention (Below) to what BG

      Bob Clements has surfaced about the future of TFL.

      In any case, on page 189 of the Congressional Budget Office report, see the note below on how to get to that spot, there is a strong recommendation to eventually eliminate the program as it is too expensive. Just another move to slight those of us who dedicated much of our adult lives to the defense of our country. Strongly

      recommend that you contact your elected officials and register your strong

      opposition to the elimination of the TFL program. Heads-up from BG Bob

      Clements,USAF Ret (P38 Bob).

      The following has been added to the Congressional Budget Office Web Site:

      *www.cbo.gov/ * *


    58. Oakley, Colorado says:

      We now live in a country of the democrats, by the democrats and for the democrats.

      Next up: Immigration "reform", Cap and Trade and Lord only knows what else! And don't think that they won't use the same strong arm tactics to pass future legislation; lying, cheating, payoffs, and the Alinsky-type of tactics again. They are just getting warmed up.

      If the liberal left thinks that We the People are going to forget about this debacle, they are badly mistaken. This is going down in history alright, as the political destruction of the Democratic Party and anyone associated with it.

      November and 2010, here we come!

    59. Alan says:

      What should we call this place later today/ "People's Rebublic of…" no, it's not representative of the people. America is not really a geographic location, but a et of principles, & we (they) are running those through the shredder. Healthcare a right? no. Most small intellectually normally developed children could define this. Healthcare=Healthcare SERVICES/GOODS. No one has any right to anyone elses time, labor, or products. Get real. I continue to believe liberalism or what ever you want to call it next is a genetic defect.

    60. victor gonzales says:

      sign your name and join the ranks of those who will refuse to buy whatever healthplan the government decides is best for us and refuse to pay a fine to the tyrants.


    61. Mike S, Maryland says:

      Now that HC Reform has passed, it will be interesting to see if Republicans run on a "Repeal Health Care Reform" platform. It will be hard to convince Americans to go back to 30 million uninsured, denials of coverage for pre-existing conditions, dropped coverage when people get sick, annual premium increases of 20%-40%. I don't see repeal in the cards.

    62. Doug Piranha, GA says:

      March 21, 2010. The day the great experiment in self-government that is the USA failed.

    63. Doug Piranha, GA says:

      If you accept the premise that health care is a right, therefore the government must provide it for you, then you must accept that since freedom of the press it a right, the government must provide you with a printing press and since there is a right to keep and bear arms, the government must provide you with a gun all at the expense of your fellow citizens.

      Anything wrong with my logic?

    64. Lily says:

      What is there to say? we are all screwed by this stupid bill. I am actually scared. it's too bad. Obama is looking for power for himself,not fairness for the people.

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    66. Doris, Florida says:

      Dino – I am one of the awful people that doesn't want others to have health care – at least not at the expense of me paying for my own health care plus all the others that can't or won't work to pay for theirs plus looking forward to my 15 year old son having to pay higher and higher taxes for the rest of his life so people (including proposed illegal immigrants) can go on the public dole forever. Sorry Dino I am not that kind of American.

    67. mike mobile alabama says:

      I am disgusted right now. I work in an oilfield that these liberals hate and would shut down in a second if they could. Yet they gladly accept the taxes that i pay. And now im told that i have to pay more taxes for a bill that i dont want. Not only do i blame obama and pelosi for this but i also hold those who voted them in responsible. And by the way did yall see that lieing SOB Obama stuttering on fox news.

    68. Black Saint says:

      The Democrats have an plan to be the controlling Majority party and a lock on power far into the future & Turn this Nation into a socialist Third World welfare state, a socialist paradise. Obama has already said next on the agenda is Immigration reform, which are simple code words for Amnesty & citizenship for the 20 to 30 millions invading Criminals & Uneducated Prolific breeding Third World rejects as a reward for invading this Nation and breaking numerous laws alone with all their Mother,s, Dad,s, Sisters and Brothers in a never ending chain. This will add millions of educating hating, gang joining Hispanics breeding at a prodigious rate & producing more dependent welfare Democrats & assuring enough Democrat Welfare voters to control this Nation forever!

      If the Democrats are successful in grating Amnesty for the millions of illegal Aliens alone with chain immigration we will have lost this Nation. Our future will be a one party Socialist Dictatorship & in a few years a Third World cesspool of Corruption, Crime,Poverty & Misery modeled on Mexico & nothing short of a civil war will be able to break the yoke and servitude of citizens to Obama & the Democrats!

    69. Reggy says:

      They (Congress, the "president" and the Senate) can all go to hell for what they have just done to our Country and People. It is unforgivable and I hope that every Democrat will vote these despicable people out of office for their complete and utter disregard of the American people. They work for us…They are NOT our "leaders" ….they are supposed to represent US. They must go, come November and we must do this to teach our future representatives that this is their true role and not any other. Unprecedented hubris.

    70. Cuffs says:

      This is not about healthcare, people!!!!

      This is about dictatorship, Marxism–

      ultimate control over the people. Just look

      at how this legislation was passed.

      Obama gave Emmanuel a high-five!

      These guys really care about the

      health access for Americans.

      Why should Emmanuel care, he's

      got an Israeli passport and Obama

      by the time he leaves office will

      be a billionaire.

      Power & control, that's the name of the


    71. James Poole, Atlanta says:

      It also includes a federal government takeover of student loans; thus the feds determine who gets college loan money.

    72. Howard Dixon, Illino says:

      This has never been about healthcare, its about power over the people. That is the (slave owners the government) and those enslaved (working class americans I believe this muslim president will destroy the freedom of this country.

      Watch for the non citizens be given amnisty, and become,25million new registared democrat voters.

      Cap and trade

      Weather related tax increases.

      On and on.

      Thanks to the stupidity of the American voters

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    74. Alan - San Francisco says:

      Buy guns now, while you still can.

    75. DR says:

      Some freedom of speech, nothing I said was any worse than what gets spewed by your precious Rush Limbaugh on a daily basis, and compared to what some of your tea party people have done and said in the last months I was a total saint. You have only proved my point that you and all of the far right are nothing but whining facists. I know you won't post this I just wanted to let you know you little nazi as you read this and get ticked off. The only problem with health care reform is that it didn't go far enough. Some of your people leaving comments are advocating for blood shed and civil war. Oh and by the way freedom of speech is not money like the Bush supreme court seems to think. Speech is speech. have a nice day and I hope you eventually get a little less self centered and realize that the biggest wastes of money in this country are all tied to military spending. yes we need a strong defense, no we don't have to pay a thousand dollars for a toilet seat for the military.

    76. Another Patriot, Virginia says:

      The Legislative branch has failed us many times over the last several years by passing unconstitutional bills. The Judicial branch is supposed to correct these wrongs but they too have failed us. Look at the mess they made of the Kelo case. The Executive branch is a disaster. Don’t expect the likes of Obama, Rahm, Axlerod, or his other friends like the proud communist Jones to get back on track.

      It is now up to the people to stand up against this corruption. It took the founding fathers years to convince and educate the public to ratify the Constitution – everyone has read the Federalist Papers right? – and it will take us no less efforts to save America. Pray that this can be done because the last option is civil war and I for one will not lay down my freedom without bloodshed.

    77. Tim G, Seattle, WA says:


      Your 'holier-then-thou' statement about the U.S. being the richest nation on earth is plainly false. (Well, yes, America is rich in creativity and good people, but…) The truth is that our Federal Government is the biggest debter on the planet. And China would be far, far more rich then us, except they were foolish enough to store a bunch of their 'wealth' in worthless U.S. debt and Dollars. If, or when, China [and Japan] has the economic strength to 'write-off' all it's U.S. debt and Dollars as a failed investment, well, then the plain truth will be obvious to the world.

      If the U.S. continues to follow the example of Greece… well we know where that ends.

    78. Scott G., Michigan says:

      The Obamanation is remaking this country just like he said he would. I hope all you people who voted for the Obamanation are happy. Why would anybody invest in expanding their business or hiring more people now? Your hard work is just going to go to the government. See you in the unemployment line. No, sorry. I'm a business owner. Guess I'm SCREWED. F#^%@ Obama and the Democrats. It's time for regime change.

    79. Lindy- Corvallis, OR says:

      I think it is time to find out where our Military stands, with us I hope, we all need to start emailing, faxing our military. They take an oath to protect our Constitution from enemes, foreign or domestic. They need to surround DC and say come out with your hands UP. These are crimes against our Republic!!!!

      We can beat this we just need to PRAY and stand together!!!!! God Bless thhe USA

    80. James Luzzi, Eugene, says:

      Finally, a first step toward joining the rest of the civilized democracies. Bravo!

    81. Megan Douglasville,G says:

      In thinking about the passage of this horrible health care bill I think of other atrocities like the holocost where eveil governments preyed on its people. Abortion is paramount in this bill and I think euthanasia will follow. I have been reading about the White Rose Resistance of WW2. A small number of University of Munich Students said it all about standing up to a corrupt government. Let us remeber these young people and take their advise. Know their story. Read leaflet 3 and 4 and learn from history. .

      Leaflet 4 I ask you, you as a Christian wrestling for the preservation of your greatest treasure, whether you hesitate, whether you incline toward intrigue, calculation, or procrastination in the hope that someone else will raise his arm in your defence? Has God not given you the strength, the will to fight? We must attack evil where it is strongest, and it is strongest in the power of Hitler.

      This is just an example of history teaching us to speak up and act in this late hour for our country. We must speak up. Let us be brave and do it.

    82. John, Colorado says:

      The one group to thank the most for this Demoncratic health care law is the liberal Republicans like John McCain. In the next election liberal Republicans deserve to be kicked out as much as any liberal.

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    84. Lynda Martinez says:

      We must take our Country back! we can start by voting all Dems out, in Nov. then we must vote in, a Republican President in 2012! that will be our first step in trying to repeal this government take over of health care reform!!! we must band together, for this to become a reality! Lets send a clear message by starting the removal, of Reid, Pelosi, then we will set our sights on Obama, of course, and let him know, that we, the American people, will not stand for him or congress, to trample, or dare to rewrite our Constitution!!

    85. Aron, Germany says:

      Wow, conservatives…what a bunch of whiny losers. I especially like the "Agree with me or move to Cuba" comments. Keeping Gitmo open to send your political opponents there? Yup, that's our brave defenders of freedom now. While I generally like many conservative ideas, it seems to me, that most grassroot conservatives posting on web sites like this one are a hysterical, mean spirited bunch who really should go out more. No matter which issue is being discussed, I can always count on you people to chose the side of viciousness. There really is no point discussing anything here, because I will only be told to "move to Cuba" anyway.

      One more thing…will you drop the stupid "HEALTH CARE IS NOT A RIGHT! (!!!)" thing already? It is one if you as a nation via your elected representatives decide to make it one. Which has happened, so get over it, will ya?

    86. Diego says:

      @Aron in Germany: "One more thing…will you drop the stupid “HEALTH CARE IS NOT A RIGHT! (!!!)” thing already? It is one if you as a nation via your elected representatives decide to make it one. Which has happened, so get over it, will ya?"

      Clearly you have no idea how it works in America, For Health Care to become a right requires an Amendment to our Constitution, and that requires the People to pass the Amendment, not our government. America was founded by people who did not want government making decision for the people. I would appreciate it if you educate yourself instead of just posting your stupidity. Now run along to your 2nd-world nation and sub-par life. I have a 1st-world nation to fight for.

    87. sarah, maryland says:

      it should be our choice I don't have health insurance and its not because I can't afford it its because I do not want it. I do not need it, I am young and in good condition and take care of my body, I don't need to go to the doctor for anything special and rarely get sick, if I do then that's my problem I guess I should have gotten health insurance then and can blame noone for it except myself, it should be my option and mine alone to decide if I want health insurance. As many of my friends have discussed a majority of us that don't have it don't want it. When I get older sure I will most likely want it but then I can purchase it on my own free will the way it should be. My option

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    89. Jason, Illinois says:

      I find the government decisions despicable AGAINST the American people. Look at just the percentage of people on here who disagree. Imagine the nation as a whole. Put all the people who disagree all together and what do you have? The government is NOT listening to us. We have gone too long not being involved with our government standing back and letting congress and the president run the show. We as a nation have allowed this. Look at when Bush was in office, the gas prices rose and rose, did ANY of us as Americans take a stand? No, I don't see that. We could have ALL negotiated via the internet and gotten together to take a stand. Even if half the United States would have not gone to work over a period of a few weeks taking vacation at different times and not traveled perhaps we could have done something. But WE allow it. What will happen it will continue on because WE the people allow it. We all have to take a stand.

      I work in healthcare, I fear for my job and my families security at this point in time. No matter that, what about all these "clauses" of this healthcare bill? What hospital is going to keep insurance coverage for the lower income people that work in hospitals who provide a great service? Not any in my eyes. What I see is that the lower income staff in hospitals will be let go because hospitals will not want to pay coverage for their employees. The healthcare system is already overworked, underpaid, and not given a second thought to when it comes to saving a life.

      Perhaps the reform should be to prevent so many lawsuits that are hardly worth the time that has caused doctors to practice defensive medicine, eg. CT Scans, etc, all the excessive tests that are done nowadays. Why do you think the government is making it a law that all healthcare systems have to go electronic because they want to know all about the american people's health problems. What I see for the future is no one to work in healthcare because it won't be worth their time anymore. This is not the government caring, it's just another way for the government to take over something that is not broken entirely. They need to change certain parts of healthcare but not the way they are going about it. Screw the old I guess, who cares what happens to them. They are the largest percentage of people in hospitals. OH WAIT, let's pay for the druggies and alcoholics who don't work? OR the obese? My tax money, nor my medical experience will stay here if it continues…..This is deplorable behavior. Obama should be impeached. As well as, the whole house of Congress swept through and remodeled!

    90. Dom, New Jersey says:

      Conservatives, Libertarians and Independents are relying on the November elections to change things for the better. Don't count on it. Obama will be looking for a reason to enact martial law, through a real or an orchestrated national emergency. That would freeze elections. Then he will confiscate guns, property and assets from citizens, force citizens toward a national ID/RFID and put those who do not comply into FEMA interrment camps. We may be on the road to a financial and social implosion.

    91. Matt, Salt Lake City says:

      Aron in Germany,

      I was just wondering…who's gonna bail you guys out next time your fine eastern friends come calling? It ain't gonna be the US of A. We won't be able to afford it because all our cash will be going to health care.

    92. Kitty/new jersey says:

      The next push is to give amnesity to 12-25 million illegals and with chain migration they could bring in another 100million family members. This will give the Goverment two things one a large new votes and it would give them millions of low income people which will force Americans to take low paying job forcing them down from middle class to poor. They want a two party system the poor & the rich which most of our goverment leaders are.

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    94. Virginia M. Colonel. says:



    95. joe, maryland says:

      Aron. Deigo turned your rear into tetonic ground chuck my friend. "run along now"-paraphrased, was particularly grand. naturlich you will see we ain't backin down from a few wimpy, draft dodging "progressive"s or any other s es. There's only one number one-circa 1787. weder sein. oh if you believe yourself amer. well, stay put.

    96. Lori, Idaho says:

      Just look what Obama has accomplished since he became president, what's even more scarey is what he is going to do with the rest of his time as president. We are all in for a long hard bumpy road. :-(

    97. cha says:

      okay all I want to know now is why libral dems think that non of these actions by the White house,congress,senate the destruction of America will be exempt everyday libral working(not goverment elite)class people are All democrates tax cheats like this admisitration how do democrates think that they will escape taxes and insurace crap? obama only wants who ever he can get to vote for him once he has your vote he throws you all away no matter if you kiss his black/white muslim christian alinski ass or not he used blacks and now he's onto illigals.watch and see this is NOT about party anymore people grow up and realize that washington only cares and covers for washington power elites the rest of us regardless of party are doomed.did you here obama's cazr say they need to get rid of 12% of the population to stay in power forever I wonder who that 12% will be made up of as he said as senetor undesirables just are worthless to me so who are the undesirable whites,blacks,jews,christians,asians,russians,pols,hispanics ,fat people,skinny people will they spare a black fat muslim over hispanic fat christian I wonder how they will make their 12% work.when we are all poor out of work who will pay taxes to support the massive goverment debt what will happen when say china owns all of America or Sudia Arabia they won't care you or why you are a libral dem or why you fell in love with the black/white massiah no they will own you us all and do as they will and you we will have to ALL equally shut up and take it will you all like that just to get your massiah's agenda pushed and rammed down the involentary sane peoples throuts.I am courious how the everyday libral dems think they will all be spared by the obama agenda but the rest of Americans will be punished.in my book the elite survive the poor and middle class and upper middle class will be done away with either by illiness that they won't treat or created letting the elderly die out faster killing babies through abortion as well as premature births not worth saving see they need less population to maintain their agenda but they need to control the zombies that are left to keep drinking the koolaid .GOD BLESS AMERICAN MY GOD HELP THIS ONCE GREAT CONTRY wake up American patriots save America.

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    99. Kini says:

      When they discover they cannot pay for Obamacare through taxes, they'll make a grab for private savings, pensions, IRA's and 401(k)'s

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