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  • Six Ways the Senate Health Care Bill Raises Health Care Costs, Kills Jobs, and Weakens the Economy

    On the eve of the House of Representatives push to jam through the misguided and highly unpopular Senate health care bill, , the President continues to try and convince the American people that the health care bill would reduce cost while showing his commitment to creating jobs and improving the economy. The raw facts make it clear that he cannot keep either of these promises. For example:

    • The President claims the health care proposals would reduce health care spending. The reality is health care spending would increase. According to the latest Congressional Budget Office report of the Senate bill, health care spending under the Senate bill would increase by $210 billion over the next 10 years. This is similar to the results found by the President’s Chief Actuary which estimated an increase of $222 billion. While CBO predicts spending would decrease in the second decade, history shows spending rarely, if ever, goes down on government health programs. Medicare is hurtling toward a financial crisis, and Medicaid is breaking state budgets.
    • The President claims the health care proposals would reduce premiums. The reality is premiums will go up for many under the Senate bill. The Congressional Budget Office and the Joint Committee on Taxation have estimated premiums in the non-group market would be 10 to 13 percent higher in 2016 than they would be with no bill and cost would likely fall higher on young and healthy families. In addition, this is before the government specifies and locks into place new federal benefit mandates that will no doubt further increase premiums for all Americans. There is little or no experience of government officials reversing these trends.
    • The President claims the health care proposals would cost under a trillion. But, that figure excludes major health care provisions – like filling the Medicare “donut hole”, fixing Medicare reimbursement to physicians, and creating a new long-term entitlement program – pushing the price tag to over $2 trillion. Only in Washington does spending more money equal saving money.
    • The President claims the health care proposals would reduce the deficit. Unlike CBO’s restricted scope of analysis, the independent analysis by the Lewin Group estimates that when taken in its entirety, which means accounting for the expected $200 billion plus boost in Medicare reimbursement for physicians, the proposal would actually add to the deficit, not reduce it.
    • The President claims he is committed to improving jobs and the economy. Based on his own policies, the opposite is true. The Senate bill would result in 620,000 fewer job opportunities and would increase the national debt by $755 billion through its lethal combination of mandates, taxes, and government spending. As Heritage analysts have pointed out, “Because investment is what drives productivity and economic growth, less investment–even if only slightly less–leads to lower productivity, slower economic growth, weaker wages and salaries, and lower household wealth.” Even worse, his own proposal to “fix” the bill adds a new tax on investment income that would result in 115,000 lost job opportunities and disposable income is estimated to be $17.3 billion less per year than it otherwise would be.
    • The President claims he will “fix” the bill. Although he promised to ensure no federal funding would be used for abortions and eliminate the repugnant special deals, House passage of the Senate bill would lock these into place, and they could only be undone through a highly uncertain reconciliation process to “fix” the bill in the Senate.  Not only is taxpayer funding of abortion not fixed, it is expanded under the Senate bill. Moreover, the ugly special state deals at the expense of the taxpayers still remain.
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    41 Responses to Six Ways the Senate Health Care Bill Raises Health Care Costs, Kills Jobs, and Weakens the Economy

    1. Thomas M. Hale says:

      Re: the Senate Health Care Bill plus the House fixes. Do you have a time line of the impletation of the changes that the most probable bill will produce. That is, what will change the day after the bill is passed, one year after, four years after, etc. I am interested in seeing how the new taxes, fees, requirements, and entitlements will be phased in. Thank you.

    2. Billie says:

      The man is delusional. Ignorant to facts! Refusal to think things through! Deaf to reality! Simply can't accept TRUTH! …So the man will continue manufacturing crisis after crisis. Making sure the ones he favors with bias and discrimination and no "white privilege," WILL get a free ride! He's pushing his crap for someone, it sure isn't principled AMERICANS.

    3. perry says:

      Healthcare will cost what it cost. Americans shop for better deals when they can, and right now we can't. Its called breaking a monopoly by giving other options that people can choose, and yes its will be choice.

      Will it reduce premiums, in the short term probably not. But then again, each year my insurance company has raised my premium by nearly 15%, while at the same time sending a profit loss statement to me (which they are legally obligated to do) which consistantly shows them making huge profits while they spend way over 20% on bonus' programs for ceos and advertising. I have no choice. Im locked in as I would bet most people are. So what we have now does not work. In the long run, having interstate competition, a break of collusion, a requirement to use profit on healthcare or a return on premiums sounds pretty good to me.

      Yes, it will cost a lot. So does war, roads, schools, etc ed nausium. Im not justifying cost, except to say that I cant think of anything good from any company or government that didn't cost something. I can say I would, as a moral person, rather help people than decide that its not correct for my government to make sure the roads are safe, that sewage is taken from my home, clean water delivered, schools are provided so people dont become crooks, and yes healthcare be given, that I dont need to feel ashamed when I see someone in looss and grief suffer further indignation. I'd imagine that the cost thing is a morally easy way to shun off personal shame from not helping other for my own financail benifit. According to the cost analysis, it will reduce the deficit, as apposed to nearly all was suplliments and tax breaks taken over the last 10 years.

      Will it help jobs?… maybe. in the first months of the bill (along with not being able to dump people with pre-existing conditions and children) small companies and start up of under 30 employees can have employees and they will have health care too. Many start ups are crushed under the current laws. It allows some freedom for people to walk away from thier job and start up thier own company, hire people and help the economy grow; of course someon is hired in the position left too.

      So many straw men. We can pretend it will cost too much, not do what its supposed to, not make things better. The reality things are already bad for many.

      When is it that cost trumps morality. When we take out a dictator or help the less fortunate?

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    5. Conrad Delury, Seatt says:

      I'm sorry but any article, editorial or blog that lists as a reason to reject the current health care bill any analysis by the "independent " Lewin Group, which is heavily funded and influenced by the insurance industry, is clearly a heavily biased article, editorial or blog that is not presenting "the raw facts" that it claims to present.

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    7. Annemarie, NYC says:

      Ms Owcharenko,

      The figures you have attributed to the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) are incorrect.

      This fact, along with your accusatory tone, suggests intention. Is it your intention to publish inaccurate financials, along with disparaging and defamatory statements regarding the President of the United States because, most strangely, you wish to communicate to the public that the President has made intentionally misleading claims about the costs and financial performance of the patient Protection and Affordable Care Act? Since you are clearly positioning that his claims contradict those of the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office, charged with estimating such costs.

      Is your intention to question the accuracy and integrity of the estimated direct spending and revenue effects of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, which were prepared by the staff of the Joint Committee on Taxation (JCT) and the Congressional Budget Office? Or are you accusing these authorities of knowingly misleading the President, Congress and the American people by furnishing them with false financial reports. This would be an accusation that should, I imagine, be investigated since, if accurate, there would be ramifications for the US economy. Or, are you simply implying that you are more qualified than these authorities, hence your analysis and estimates are more reliable and should be adopted?

      As for the Lewin Group, I don't believe that they would be considered independent and impartial in this matter, since they are owned by UnitedHealth Care Group and, since the budget you question includes the reform of the US health insurance industry by the government, the conflict of interest would be of issue.

      Finally, since you have published this information regarding the financial work of the Congressional Budget Office and JCT on this site, was their permission sought and were they given your and the Lewin Group's new interpretations to review and approve as accurate?

      Are you aware of the following, published in the Washington Post, because it would appear that Paul Ryan and yourself have made the same incorrect and misleading statements of numbers, furthermore on this site you have purposely written as though the President himself actually made misleading statements. Since CBO was compelled to refute Paul Ryan, it would follow that he will want to refute your work too – - which brings me to the question of whether you extended the courtesy of review to CBO, JCT and the President.


      Thursday, March 18, 2010

      Regarding Rep. Paul D. Ryan's March 15 op-ed, "Health reform's ruins":

      Mr. Ryan (R-Wis.) cited the Congressional Budget Office to argue that reform could increase family premiums by 10 to 13 percent. But he failed to mention that according to that same CBO report, the vast majority of Americans who have insurance through their employers will see unchanged or lower premiums. For those in the individual insurance market, any increase in premiums would be offset by tax credits. And overall, the growth of health-care costs for all families will decline over time.

      Also, Mr. Ryan charged that health reform will "accelerate our path to fiscal ruin." Again, the nonpartisan CBO refutes him — reform will reduce the deficit and pay for itself. The CBO reports that the Senate version of the bill will save more than $100 billion over the first decade, and more than half a trillion dollars over the second. And as Harvard economist David Cutler asserts, even those numbers leave out the impact of the more efficient, coordinated care that will result from reform, which he says could amount to $600 billion in additional savings.

      Finally, Mr. Ryan argued that covering the uninsured will kill jobs. But it's voting down the bill that would be the job-killer: Every day, businesses are facing higher costs and tougher competition from overseas, because American health care is the most expensive in the world. According to a recent Harvard/USC study, passing health insurance reform, by reducing those costs, will create as many as 4 million jobs over the next decade.


      Your title is very strong: "Six Ways the Senate Health Care Bill Raises Health Care Costs, Kills Jobs, and Weakens the Economy", and your thesis substantially misrepresents the truth. This is beyond partisan practice.

      Furthermore, today the CBO issued the scoring of the Senate bill + amendments, so your information is currently out of date.

    8. Cameron says:

      This article states the Senate bill would result in 620,000 fewer job opportunities… since when have mandates, taxes and government spending led to less jobs, let along job opportunities?

    9. Ralph, Virginia says:

      The Defenders of Statism above (aka Annemarie, NYC, Conrad Delury, Seattle WA, perry) are on the wrong website. They should be hanging out on CAP or something.

      I'm amazed at how none of them ever address the fact that under Article 1 Section 8, the Federal Government has no business doing about 98% of the things contained in ObamaCare. Do they even know where Article 1 Section 8 appears?

    10. Gimmle says:

      Caterpillar came out today and said the health care bill will cost their company 100 million. This company is struggling, effecting layoffs and trying to compete globally. How are they to do that with more demands placed on them? Then people wonder why corporations leave the country and we have no jobs. This is why!

      We all know there is a 250 Billion doctor medicare benefit that was left intentionally out of this bill because it would affect the numbers. We also know they have used 10 years of Revenue against 6 years of payouts to affect the numbers. How much more was left out or intentionally deverted?

      Medicare is 37 Trillion in debt. Social security is on the brink. We should have placed our efforts into managing these problems before trying another huge entitlement program. Up to 45% of doctors in a recent survey said they would leave the profession. How many do they employ? The quality of our care will decline. Innovation will suffer.

      Why do this when 77% are okay with their policies and only 1.5% was shown to be without healthcare due to pre-existing conditions? We should be able to write a bill to cover 1.5 percent easily and institute some simple measures to help reduce cost of policies. This is the insanity of arrogance.

    11. Sharon, Mobridge, SD says:

      Was looking over your posts. Maybe a word limit should be placed on

      them. Writing a book insures no one will read what you have to say.

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    13. Al, North Carolina says:

      We can go back and forth on whether or not Obama's Health Care Plan will raise insurance costs (probably), taxes (undoubtedly) and diminish health care (obviously).

      The bottom line is that the Federal Government will take over health care and require almost everyone to sign-up for health insurance, as in you sign-up or pay a fine. Pay a fine? Are you kidding me? I won’t even dignify that statement with a response.

      If some of you think our health care will improve, think about this. Once the bill becomes law in 2014, there will be millions more who will sign up for health care- how many millions, no one knows for sure. There is already a shortage of medical professionals, which will is placing a huge burden on our health care system already. Many doctors and other medical professionals will leave their jobs rather than have government-run health care. So, how do you think the quality of your health care will be then? I would surmise that since the number of patients will increase incredibly, the health care for Americans will diminish and we will lower our health care standards to that of other countries.

      My brother is a doctor and he said when he was doing in residency in the mid-1990’s, he saw dozens of Arabian/Middle Eastern sheiks/Princes’, etc. bringing literally suitcases of cash to pay for their health care- suitcases. Why? Because our health care, even with it’s problems, was the best in the world. Why do we have the best health care? Because we are a free country.

      Obama’s healthcare with be socialized medicine, pure and simple.

    14. nick, kaneohe hawaii says:

      you people who support this killer of a so-called health reform bill……

      may you and your household be the FIRST, to be affected by all of the criminal crap that it encompasses.

      THE FIRST!

      you folks know what make me laugh……. be you first or last, you WILL be affected!!!

    15. Jan, Texas says:

      Just wanted to point out an error in your first bullet point:

      The $210 billion from the CBO and the $222 from the President's Chief Actuary refer to two completely separate things.

      The $210 billion in the CBO report refers to FEDERAL EXPENDITURE increases NOT national expenditure on healthcare, whereas the $222 billion from the PCA refers to national expenditure, arguably the more important number to point out.

      The number in the PCA's report that refers to federal expenditure (i.e. what you should be comparing the $210 billion from the CBO to) is $279 billion.

    16. tom, Kansas says:

      The people who want Obamacare need to emigrate to Canada and leave the rest of us alone. We're tired of their statist deceptions, such as the claim that federal deficits will be reduced by Obamacare. (How do we know that a statist is lying? His lips are moving. That's a sad joke.) If we ever get five million people to march on Washington, the first time will be peaceful, under the slogan, "Next time with guns." Looks like the experiment in representative government is failing. I've been watching this phenomenon for decades.

      "When the people fear the govt., there is tyranny. When the govt. fears the people, there is liberty." –Thomas Jefferson

    17. Joe Breedlove Florid says:

      If this thing passes, we are about to lose most of the freedoms that America

      was founded on. Our childern and grandchildern will never know the joys and

      sense of pride that we have known. They have been loaded down with a back

      breaking amount of debt and a lost of freedom. We have got to vote these people

      or may I say idiots out of office. Thank You

    18. Marsha Sherry, Colorado says:

      Interesting article and comments. I have been intently following this health care debate. I am a nurse, married to a physician. I want to make several points here. 1). Annemarie’s “dissertation” and reprimand of your intent here with the article misses the most crucial element of this entire debate. As Ralph pointed out, there is the issue of respecting and abiding by the Constitution. Respect is something that must be earned. The Obama administration has proven it does not deserve RESPECT based on the bribery, behind closed door deal making, and rule bending in order to shove an entitlement program down the American people’s throat that we do not want!! 2) Correct numbers are irrelevant if the process is corrupt and unconstitutional. The CBO numbers have changed several times – they seem to evolve as the political agenda dictates to suit the need. CBO numbers are only estimates and they have been grossly wrong in the past. Look at the history of Medicare and how that budget was underestimated and the long term costs exceeded by billions in a short time period. If $500 billion will be taken out of Medicare to help fund this bill, what do you think that will do to it’s budget with a current 37-38 trillion deficit?? Right now many Doctors are refusing to accept Medicare because of the low re-imbursements. Those in private clinical practice have a business to run and employees to pay too. 3) The majority of Doctors are against this bill for a number of reasons. Medicare’s recent cuts are forcing my husband’s practice to lay off a few employees so they can continue to manage overhead costs. Where is the job creation here?? A health care bill that will grow government by creating several more government agencies, give too many powers to the HHS Secretry, create mandates and lead to rationed health care is not a bill we should embrace (YES, I have read part of this monstrosity. You cannot imagine the invasion of privacy this will create!!!). We WILL end up with a doctor shortage! Doctors who take their Hypocratic Oath seriously, will not be able to tolerate having the government dictate how they can treat their patients! Treatment WILL be based on cost and older people, those with chronic illness will be discriminated against. This is inevitable. I have studied England’s system. Countries that have adopted similar socialist systems are now having problems containing costs, inspite of rationing health care. 4). Finally, this is NOT ABOUT HEALTH CARE. It is about growing the size, power and control of the governmnent. The same psycopathic, socialistic rationale is being used to pass this bill that was used by the Democrats under Clinton that forced the lending institutions to find ways to give loans to people to buy mortgages that could not afford them (subprime). This led to our current financial system blow-up. So now, lets bankrupt the US with this bill because of 47 million uninsured. Nevermind that approx. 17% is comprised of illegals, and a lot of young healthy people that don’t want to pay for premiums. Yes we need reform. Start with disincentivising trial lawyers by instituting tort reform. (John Edward’s lawsuits are one of the reasons we now import our vaccines from pharmaceutical companies in Europe. We have one company in the US that produces vaccines). In summary, we need to be worried about the current administration walking on the Constitution and taking away our freedoms. If you and your Doctor cannot make your own health care decisions – you have lost a most fundamental freedom!!!!

    19. Heidi, Utah says:

      Wow, I appreciate the article. And wow! I really appreciate Marsha Sherry's comment. That is probably the best argument against Obamacare that I have read.

    20. James Lanham says:

      To Cameron,

      Since when have government mandates (usually forced on the states), taxes and government spending not lead to fewer jobs and job opportunities? Remember, the government doe not " make" money unless you believe that printing it is making it.

      Increased government spending requires increased taxes which leads to less money for a business to expand and create more jobs.

    21. Al, North Carolina says:

      Marsha Sherry said it better than anyone! Thanks Marsha!

    22. Lorin Bronson, California says:

      “Obama Care” is a misnomer because the proposal reduces the amount of care that people will receive. A more precise title would be “Obama Queues,” as the proposal will cause people to wait in long lines, also known a queues and familiar to those on the other side of the Atlantic.

      We lose the argument if we are against care.
      We win the argument if we oppose queues.


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    25. Kay, Texas says:

      This baby should be put to sleep before the whole country is broke with the spending of the debate alone. Of course in thre years this administration will go home, but the bill will be left for all of us to pay.

    26. Ken Stabbert says:

      To make sure crime doesn't pay, let government run it. To make sure healthcare will not work, let government run it – or should I say ruin it. Having government run healthcare reduces the market to 1 choice – Obamanation Care.

      Name any government program that came in under the budget, delivered what it promised, and was efficient.You are right, it never happened.

      Scrap this crap of a bill and start over. Set up an assigned risk pool for those who cannot be covered, limit malpractice lawsuits, and let insurance be sold across state lines. Increase the choices instead of reducing them.

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    28. Richard Haan Roundro says:

      If this bill passes where can I get my cap with the red star,on it?

    29. Michael, Missouri says:

      Marsha is my heroine!!!!!!!

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    31. PAUL, DELAWARE says:

      The saying holds true that you cannot spend more than you earn without getting into trouble. This bill is a travesty to the American people where the voice of the majority has fallen on deaf ears by this administration. Have the words of the U.S. Constitution been replaced from We the People to We the Government. Where is the analysis of the impact n the tax payer? All we hear is CBO. How do those numbers translate to our wallets? There is no doubtr we will have less money in our pocket, coverage will be less and unemployment will continue to rise. Do we need reform yes do we need an overhaul and Gov. takeover of healthcare, no! Why would any doctor stay in the practice when a Government tells the the doctor what he or she can earn? This will become the Gov and patient rather than Doctor and patient. 16,000 IRS agent jobs being created to enforce the bill. Gov. increases in size while free market shrinks. A disgraceful admin that has forgotten who they represent. If this bill passes a win for the President and a travesty to the American people called FREEDOM. With every entitlement we lose a portion of our freedom. The next push will be immigration reform. Come to American everything free in America as long as you have the working stiff / tax payer to fund it all. The goal is get more on the Gov. dole not less. We are now working for the Gov not the Gov. working for us.

    32. DanK, NJ says:

      One of the PRIMARY reasons the bill will INCREASE health care costs: a reduction in the number of doctors and other medical professionals.

      By fixing prices, the bill will limit the compensation to doctors, nurses and all others who are critical for care, Thus, many will leave the profession, and few will choose to become medical professionals in the future. This is already a significant problem in other countries that have socialized medicine.

      The reduction in doctors, nurses, and staff will lead to significant waits – and will ultimately delay treatment for ailments. Thus, diseases will progress to a point where they become significantly more expensive to treat. That will lead to a much higher cost overall… plus more deaths and sufferring for the people.

      Not a fun idea. But it's absolutely inevitable. No centralized planning/pricing system has EVER produced anything other than these kinds of results.

      The interesting thing to note: the people who will get hurt most are the 80% mass in the middle class. Here's why:

      The very rich will bypass this all by refusing to take government controlled insurance, paying the tiny fine, and then joining "wellness clubs" where they personally finance doctors and staff who operate outside the government healthcare system. Given the fact that they won't be subsidizing the high-cost patients in the government system, their costs will actually be managed better – and that doctors in the "clubs" will also be able to make a higher margin on lower cost services… thus, the costs will be maintained in these clubs, and doctors will be able to make more, too… so any who can afford it will go there, and all of the BEST doctors will choose to only treat patients from such "clubs." The bad doctors will be forced out of the system through free market economics (i.e., they won't be able to compete).

      And guess where the BAD doctors will end up? In the Government Healthcare system, of course. You know, the system that the middle class is forced to use.

      That's right… those other than the very rich will be forced to pay MORE for LESS QUALIFIED medical personnel. We'll get sicker and poorer.

      I don't think that is the intent of the bill… but it will most definitely be the outcome. History had shown this over and over again. Unfortunately, too many people refuse to remember this.

      Unless you are super-rich, you should be calling and emailing your representatives over and over and over again, begging them to vote NO on the healthcare bill.

    33. Eric, Ann Arbor, MI says:

      Obamacare is just another blood letting for productive members of society. I have worked hard all my life and contributed quite a bit, and I am now wondering why I ever bothered to work so hard when all that comes from it is more taxes to pay for others so they don'.t have to. What gives the government the right to take from me when I have my own family to consider. THEY HAVE NO RIGHT.

      The same people pay. The same people collect. If you are for this bill chances are good it is because you are the latter, in one form or the other.

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    35. Betty L. Bone says:

      Question: I would like to see a recall vote and term limits in every state. Since we know the elected would never allow it to become law, How can we the people get this in place without the elected being involved. I realize it wouldn't be easy , but could we do it by a signature petition with a certain amount of names, whatever it takes per state, to get it on the ballot and allow the people decide these issues? I hate the process we just witnessed. I hate feeling so helpless . I know, and I'd want the process to be fair to candidates so a recall vote against a candidate would have to require a 2/3 vote in a special election. I wouldn't want such a process to be used a a political football for political reasons. But the people need some sort of control over the candidates we put in office. To make them mindful that they are in office because of the good graces of the people who put them there. I would hope your organization would help put together and perhaps put a system in place or even help organize a name petition.

      Just a thought. Thanks for your time and God Bless America. Betty Bone

    36. ryan says:

      Lewin Group is OWNED by United Heatlhcare.


      stop the fear mongering!

    37. Connie, Wisconsin says:

      Ralph From Virginia:

      Why are we on te wrong website? My "right wing" friends tell me the

      Heritage Foundation is a non biased website. That's a joke.

      This organization is so right wing it might as well be called the Glenn Beck Foundation or the Fox News Foundation. This is not a site for unbiased, objective information.

    38. Jeremiah Louisiana says:

      Our president is a complete moron, the end of democracy is coming, forcing people to have social health care and fining people if they dont,REDICULUS. Socialism is here. Welcome to the land of lost causes.

    39. Jeremiah Louisiana says:


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    41. Arina Husna, Indones says:

      Wow, It is an interesting post. I like to read it. Thank you.

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