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  • Morning Bell: Is Now Really the Time To Create a New $2.5 Trillion Entitlement?

    In theory, the federal government has $2.5 trillion stashed away in a nondescript office building in the sleepy little town of Parkersburg, West Virginia. That is where the Treasury Department keeps stacks of nonnegotiable Treasury bonds payable to the Social Security Administration. But as the Associated Press reported yesterday, for the first time since the 1980s, the federal government will not be adding to that stack. Thanks to an aging population and slow economy, Social Security will pay out $29 billion more this year than it takes in. And the Congressional Budget Office reports that after small surpluses in 2014 and 2015, the program is projected to be in the red from 2016 until forever.

    But what about Al Gore’s Social Security “Lock Box?” Can’t we just spend that $2.5 trillion in the Social Security Trust Fund? As Heritage experts David John and Brian Riedl explain, since 1939 federal law has required Social Security to “invest” its extra money in Treasury bonds. Those bonds are really just IOUs from the government to the government. The feds already spent that $2.5 trillion long ago on programs such as education, foreign aid and defense. Add the $2.5 trillion Social Security obligation onto our other obligations and our current national debt  stands at $12.5 trillion, or nearly $42,000 for every man, woman, and child in the country. And it will only get worse under President Barack Obama’s Budget. It would: 1) borrow 42 cents for each dollar spent in 2010; 2) leave permanent annual deficits that top $1 trillion as late as 2020;  and 3) dump an additional $74,000 per household of debt into the laps of our children and grandchildren.

    Responding to such unsustainable borrowing, Moody’s rating agency announced Monday that the United States needs to make deep spending cuts or risk losing its AAA credit rating. From the report: “growth alone will not resolve an increasingly complicated debt equation. Preserving debt affordability at levels consistent with AAA ratings will invariably require fiscal adjustments of a magnitude that, in some cases, will test social cohesion.”

    Losing our AAA rating would send interest rates higher, increase our borrowing costs, and send the percentage of GDP we spend servicing our debt sky rocketing. Bloomberg adds: “the U.S. will spend more on debt service as a percentage of revenue this year than any other top-rated country except the U.K., and will be the biggest spender from 2011 to 2013.” The message from Moody’s was clear: the U.S. federal government must change direction on spending or face economic disaster.

    The leftist majorities in Congress and the White House are not listening. Instead of reining in federal spending and tackling our existing Entitlement crisis, they are locked in an all out push to create a brand new $2.5 trillion health care entitlement. The President may say his plan is deficit neutral, but the American people do not believe him. And they are wise not to. The President tries to pay for his plan with over half a trillion dollars in Medicare cuts over the next decade. The president’s own Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services reports that these cuts would cause one-fifth of all health care providers to go bankrupt. Congress would never allow those hospitals to go out of business. Congress will never actually make those Medicare cuts. So already Obamacare is half a trillion dollars in the red, and we haven’t even tacked on the hundreds of billion of dollars the doc fix adds on.

    Reducing our entitlement obligations is the only way to prevent our nation from becoming another Greece. We need to: 1) to show these programs’ long-term obligations in the budget; target these programs to only who that need them; and strengthen personal responsibility by making it easier for people to build personal retirement savings and use health care savings accounts. But first we must avoid the fiscal insanity that is Obamacare.

    Quick Hits:

    • Finance ministers from the 16 nations that use the euro failed to produce a detailed bailout plan for the $74 billion Greek budget deficit.
    • Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) told leftist bloggers yesterday that the Senate health bill does contain a public option (18 million more Americans placed on Medicaid) and said of passing the Senate bill: “Once we kick through this door, there’ll be more legislation to follow.”
    • Speaking of those 18 million Americans Obamacare would place on Medicaid (a welfare program), The New York Times reports that: “With states squeezing payments to providers even as the economy fuels explosive growth in enrollment, [Medicaid] patients are finding it increasingly difficult to locate doctors and dentists who will accept their coverage.”
    • The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power is set to jack their consumer’s electric bills up between 8.8% and 28.4% in order to pay for a solar plan and a 20% renewable energy mandate.
    • According to Gallup, Americans are less worried about each of eight specific environmental problems than they were a year ago and are worried least about global warming.
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    66 Responses to Morning Bell: Is Now Really the Time To Create a New $2.5 Trillion Entitlement?

    1. oscar says:

      ACT now, once actions are made into LAW it is almost impossible to change a law on the books…..

    2. Mary C. Young, Washi says:

      Using "lock box' money for foreign aid disturbs me no end..we should first of all reimburse all U.S. muncipalities, schools, hospitals, social agencies etc. for the care given for nationals of foreign countries before we dispense funds to the country itself. We can then send the rest. In essence these countries are "double dipping" into our finances. Let's take care of our cities, etc who taking care of foreign nationals.. A great burden would be lifted. We can send the accounting sheet to the foreign government instead of a check.

    3. James A Canyon, TX says:

      The Democrats, Barry S and the Leadership, are economic illiterates and know nothing of history of nations. Nations or empires that have attempted great deeds without financing are doomed. I fear we are doomed. The Chinese hold the future in their hands, not ours, and it is by default we have lost.

      Sorry leadership for 30 years.

    4. Russell Leuck says:

      What have the Democrats got to lose with their unaccountable spending? It appears to me that their gamble with our money is a win, win situation. If it works for Obamacare great but if not the next Republican administration will carry the burden of cutting back medicare and lose the voters confidence thus insureing a Democratic election victory and take over as happened with the past Republican administration and the war situation that Pres. OBama would like settle in the Middle East. The devil is in the details.

    5. Mary.... WI says:

      Congress, Obama and friends DON'T CARE!!! My letters to my senators and house rep were a futile effort. If/When this bill passes more than just a foot will be in the door to overthrow this country and push it ever closer to socialism, marxism, communism…….pick one. And although Americans disgusted with what is happening seem to think they can be voted out think again. This group lies and cheats! I'm sure they have ways to override the voting system. For those that voted for this demon, you've been had. For those that saw the writing on the wall and were smart enough not to vote for tyranny keep the faith that we will eventually win back our country. In the meantime, spend your money wisely for only the things you really need because you're going to need it and for sure your kids will need it when this economy collapses.

    6. Brendan, Reston says:

      I'd so no, particularly considering the floundering economy and massive debt load already on this nation.

      But really, is there ever a time?

    7. Paul, Udall, Kansas says:

      Since from almost the time members of Congress decided that they would rob money from the S.S. programs to be spent on their re elections, conservatives have been telling the "Congressional Pinheads" that they must stop their thievery or the S.S. program would become insolvent. As usual the members of Congress think they know better than us, "the great unwashed" ——–well here we are just as we told them we would be. Even now they don't get-it as there is NO talk of stopping their theft.

      If we are successful in saving our government Congress must be dealt with at the ballot box, term limits and the Fair Tax, or what is happening now will repeat itself in the future.

      The Progressive Movement is on the brink of success.

    8. Norma Stiegler, Wimb says:

      Please God, do not allow the Obamamania ruin our beloved Country. God bless the U.S.A. To our Congress: Stay out of our schools, homes, yards, churches, and our lives. The government has become tooooooooo big and needs to get out of debt.

    9. Lloyd Scallan - New says:

      Don't we get it yet? This is more destruction of our economical system that is all part of Obama's plans to "transform" America into his socialist utopia.

    10. ron hansing, columbi says:

      The irony is that the young people overwhelmingly voted for Obama…. The reason is that the education system is bankrupt also. 40% do not even know who we fought against in WWII.

      What will the USA be like in a few years…. Like the border towns of Mexico, All the rich moved to the USA. And here all the rich will leave the United States…

      At some point, they will ask where is all the money we can tax?… It's no longer in the United States… the rich has moved on to other places.

      It's sad… I don't know what to do. My mantra is for me to focus on my family ONLY. It's "survival of the smartest".

      What amazes me is the gullibility of the young. Today, Obama spouts the solgans of hate and lies… Reminds me of the rise of Hitler…The rich have become the New Jews.

      What??? Who is this Hitler guy,,,, A rapper????

    11. Ken Jarvis says:


      Who are they and WHY?

      Murdock is #1.

      He owns The WSJ

      and Fox News

      If he can Keep the debate going HE MAKES MORE $$$.

      More people watch Fox News and read the WSJ.

      And YOU are helping HIM



      Thanks to ALL of you that email me for REAL DISCUSSION

      KEEP 'EM COMING – LVK7@Gmail.com

    12. Russell Leuck, Roche says:

      The Demacrats appear to have the next Republican administration in we win you lose situation. Should Obamacare pass and the trillions already in the docket fail the incoming Republican victory would be on a rock in a hard place.

      Tough decisions to cut back medicare for the elderly would almost be a necessity. Since most in Congress are lawyers by profession, they are quite adept at leaving loop holes to take from what first appeared good and using to their own advantage such as Pres. Johnson's Great Society when he changed Medicare from private control into the General Fund.

    13. Christopher Popham S says:

      Several news reports and websites today warn that five AAA rated countries:

      the U.S., Great Britain, France, Germany and Spain are on the cusp of losing that

      all-important rating. Of course the economic repercussions are enormous.

      The reports go on to state that these countries may have to "implement austerity

      plans that may provoke social unrest". That's right….social unrest.

      And yet the U.S. government continues its reckless spending and now intends on

      placing the huge burden of health care reform on an already beleagured people,

      who since last August have refuted and rejected this piece of legislation.

      The motivations of Congress and the WH are clear, but the jeopardy and danger it

      poses to this country and its people goes far beyond the pale. In their arrogance

      and hubris, they now place this once great nation on the precipice of revolution.

      November may not be soon enough to alter their misguided actions.

      I warned you in the fall of 2007 on my website, and now it's all coming to pass.

      Good luck, America.

    14. Mike Adams, Ramona C says:

      Bush tried to get Congress to deal with Social Security, but Dem's would not have it. Now on their watch it is going up in flames. There are 545 politicians in Washington responsible for all our financial and security woes. We would be better off with a part time government that really was "for the people." Beck has it right, progressives are a cancer.

    15. Drew Page, IL says:

      In reply to Ken Jarvis — Saying "Look at all those who don't want all families to have Hcare." That's nonsense. I don't believe that anyone wants families to do without health care. What I do believe is that most people don't want to pay for everyone else's health care.

      I also believe that everyone who needs a place to live and food to eat should have these things too, but Im not volunteering to pay for these either. If you and others want to do this there are an endless number of charities that will be happy to take your money. I contribute to certain charities and I salute others who do the same, but I decide to which ones I contribute and how much I want to give. Neither you nor the government has the right to tell me that I must pay for everyone else's support.

      And what the hell does Fox News and Rupert Murdock have to with this?

    16. Len, Alexandria,KY says:

      At this point we can only hope that Tea Party members in DC can sway a few votes, or that Oblama is as successful as he was at getting the Olympics, Climate policy in Copenhagen, help with Elections of GOP in NJ, Va, and Massachusetts.. and if all this fails to get some LOONS on the fence to vote against Pelosi, Reid and Obama DERANGEMENT … well let us plan for a repeal after 4 Nov 20101 and a hint for Obama and loons to start updating resumes for the aftermath of 4 nov, 2012….Lock and Load amigos we are in for the SECOND revolution to save the USA>

    17. bigdave, ocala fl says:

      Hey, whats the problem? I can't wait for the demorats to pass the OBAMANATION! I have maintained for YEARS that the DEMORATS are ANTI-AMERICAN! Especially the rich ones who only care about taxing the bejesus out of us and maintaining CONTROL , like "the Swampthing" Pelosi and "thank God he's ded "Ted Kennedy…never saw a tax hike, an entitlement program or a pay raise for himself that he did not vote for! Pelosi, the same! THIS 2700 PAGE MONSTOSITY WHICH STILL NO ONE HAS READ WILL BE THE DEATH OF THE DEMORAT PARTY! ITS ABOUT TIME WE SWEEP THESE SOCIALISTS INTO THE OCEAN! WE WILL DEAL WITH HOLLYWOOD AND THE LEFTWING NEWS MEDIA LATER, IN OUR OWN SPECIAL WAY. BRING YOUR SEIU STYLE BASEBALL BATS!

    18. Wayne Hatch, Murphy, says:

      No problem. We can just "deem" to have paid our debtors which unfortunately includes us Americans. Don't know what I am going to do with this "deemed" dollars. Perhaps I can use them to pay my taxes. We have been deemonixed.

    19. JJ, Colorado says:

      Yes and yet he still in office, still running amok and not one thing of any substance has been done to remove him and his cronies. My question is: At what point do the American people actually have the right to remove him from office? He has lied from the begining on numerous issues. His agenda is clearly not in the best interest of the country, which is also a violation of his office. So when does the talking stop and the action begin?

    20. JJ, Colorado says:

      Ken, Define "Help". If your idea of help is for MY money that I earn to be given to another without my consent or permission so that they may continue to further be a drain on society, then you are correct. I have no desire to help those that don't help themselves. My money is not to be used to help illegal immigrants get free health care, people who are perfectly capable of working but won't get free health care and quite frankly we already provide WAY to many options for people to sponge off the government assistance programs. Stop depending on the government and people won't need the free anything.

    21. Duncan Druhl says:

      If you think the government will continue to run willy-nilly over the will of the people, sell US dollars, buy Canadian Dollars. There are Canadian Banks in the US that will set up this kind of account for you.

      I would rather not give this advice nor do I want to think it necessary, but it appears that no matter what the people think, the person that was elected to "lead" the country seems to think that this means "dictate" to the country and as long as he and his minions aren't listening, you need to protect yourself from Carter II and the statist dwarf that controls him.

    22. Angel, Ohio says:

      Ken. Your are misinformed — This is not about Healthcare. It is about control. Control over our lives and our families.

      If it was about healthcare and what MOST Americans want Obama/Pelosi/Reed… would have sat down and worked with fellow Americans to draft a bill to address waste, tort reform, competition, pre-existing conditions, portability of plans. They would not have put together a 2300 page bill that is full of earmarks — other useless spending to get the thing passed.

      Listen to Pelosi — we have to pass the bill to find out what is in it. Isn't that insane? Since when have you ever signed your name to anything that you didn't know what was in it?

      These people representing us are a bunch of idiots and should be thrown out of office for dereliction of duty.

      Come on wake up before it is too late.

    23. Jan Harrison says:

      Isn't adding a huge item to our country's one that we currently clearly can't afford doing the same thing that we just went through with the whole TARP and stimulus mess.

      We are trying to build an addition to our home,we are borrowing all the money thinking we might be able to afford it if we get a better job and pay.

      Not very logically. Most families look at a tight budget and start cutting out the odds and ends they don't need, save money and be very concious of what they spend and only if they have the money.

      PS I'm a mom, my husband and me work full time, are raising a medically handicapped child, not on fed or state healthcare but my own health insurance. Don't tax me more or take my insurance and I can keep doing it ourselves. Clean up liability issues, preexisting condition issues and promote self pay at clinics whether they be free market like CVS Walgreens and providing state clinics funded through current state programs, paying for the huge population of non citizens and you begin to get at what is ailing the current expense in the system and pressure on emergency rooms.

      Do what the current legislation proposes and my child loses his great insurance, he goes to a government insurance that clearly will not understand or want to pay for his unique and extensive needs that are needed for his lifetime.

      This isn't a let's make a deal, you win I win subject the legislators should be playing with for votes. This is life or death that needs to be taken one problem in the system and one challenge at a time.

      You wouldn't treat your own household this way. Borrow all the money, build and buy all you want then hope you find a job or get a raise in the future to pay for it when you are retirment age. Doing all this knowing full well you are retiring in a few short years and have to live on your savings. Opps you have no savings.

      Why, because you keep making decisions like our legislators do.

    24. Bob Veigel, Arlingto says:

      Not now, not ever. That is why we are in our current financial mess. Too many entitlements, starting with Social Security. Unless and until these 'free lunch' programs are brought under control the future for all of us and the Nation is bankruptcy. Chances of this happening is a civil way, zero.

    25. Joe Ruffino, New Yor says:

      It should be obvious to all that all the negatives in your article are precisely what Obama wants to inflict upon the USA. In other times I believe this man and his close advisors wo0ld be arrested and impeached. It may happen yet.

    26. Not Impressed says:

      I still want to know what happened to putting JOBS FIRST priority?

    27. Not Impressed says:

      Hey everybody GOOGLE -GOOOH. It really looks like what we the people need!

    28. Susan Shumway Phoeni says:

      This man Obama, is not a man of principal. If he was he would not have aliened himself with extremists and spent 1.5 million on lawyers to hide his background. What kind of person does this. I really think he is hell bent on destroying this country as we know it. I cannot say President and Obama together. I feel he is a liar,cheat and a power monger. He cares not one iota that we are out of work and living on our savings because there are no jobs. He was a nobody until a group of a few decided he was the ONE. I am terrified like never before and can't sleep through the night anymore.

    29. Gary Nevada/Alaska says:

      Not about "health care!" Never was. This is classical class warfare, the have nots voting themselves a piece of the pie, or Marxism. They've captured the goose that lays the golden eggs, now, "they" in their infinite stupidity are going to cook it and eat it. I hope they enjoy their meal.

    30. KC - New Mexico says:

      I agree with Mary-WI. I have also sent many letters against the current healthcare bill to the Representatives and Senators from New Mexico – they do not listen or care. They only want to do what the democratic leaders tell them to do. The current administration and Congress is not looking out for the majority of Americans and what America needs. It is time for "change"! To bad we have to wait for November!

    31. Gary, PA says:

      I blogged about this yesterday at Goodwrites.com. This article still misses the point that the $29 billion deficit includes the "intra-governmental interest income" of $120 billion that the SSA receives from the regular federal budget for the $2.5 billion in t-bills it "owns".

      Thus, in reality, the deficit for the SSA in 2010 is $149 billion this year. Said another way, the debt that the USA will incur to pay for this entitlement this year alone is $149 billion.

      In August 2008, the CBO projected budget surpluses through 2019 for this entitlement. Nineteen short months later, the surplus is gone.

      There is much more to this story than the $29 billion statement!

      It is NOT time to add healthcare entitlements.

    32. HENRI says:


    33. Dan, Michigan says:

      These fools in Washington are going to destroy this great nation, look what happened to Arginetina, now Greece, and others to follow. Where advanced in science, how we do things, and more. But our Brains are still back in the 1800's !!!

    34. toledofan says:

      As usual, some very good recomendations on what needs to happen to get our nations deficeit check, but, the irony of this is that the Democrats, those in power, will never understand the need to curtail spending. They have spent like drunken sailors for so long, to buy votes and to create an entitlement class, they can't be trusted wirth managing our economy, the government or the military. They have no clue. In retrospect, why aren't we trying to create private sector jobs, it's hard work, but, from this administrations stand point it's easier to create government jobs, creating more people who depend on the government for their wages, benefits and livelyhood. It's sad to have to sit oin the sidelines and watch the debacle that is taking place.

    35. Jeanne Stotler,Woodb says:

      I agree with Drew and Angel, this country was founded on working for your own benefits and giving WHAT YOU WANT TO for charities. There are already free clinics,those that run on a sliding scale, medicaid,and Gov't. Ins for uninsured kids. There is also sec. 8 housing, food stamps and God knows what else, not to mention churches and local food pantries, trouble is these same people who get all this want more, moreever they don't want us to have more than they do, even though we worked for it. I am retired and I have to pay for my medicare and for my supplemental Ins. and I do so gladly as I WANT TO BE IN CHARGE of my LIFE, not have the gov't in charge.

    36. Jeff, Bellingham, WA says:

      Hey Ken Jarvis did you accidently come to the wrong web site? They have web sites for your nonsense. On those web sites you'll fine other dimwits who'll understand you.

    37. JOHN S FOX WYTHEVILL says:

      listed are about five thing if done would correct most of America's problems

      1.limit term of all U.S. representatives House and Senate three to four terms

      2 enforce old tariff laws goods brought in this country made to cost the same as

      goods made here.

      3.monopoly laws enforced business oil and electric companies the have no

      competition and receiving special consideration from our government do not

      charge unfair rates for their services all over ten percent profit is taken by the


      4.any person or company paying representatives House and Senate for special

      laws or considerations must send at least ten years in jail if convicted

      5.the only language allowed to be used to conduct business in the U.S is

      ENGLISH. ANY person working or owning property in the U.S must be a

      citizen of the U.S. and pay all taxes we pay. any one caught working anyone

      other than a citizen must spend one to ten years in jail no trial.all non citizens

      sent exported.

      if you have a backbone sent these comments to everyone

      JOHN S FOX Wytheville Virginia 24382


    38. Mike, Chicago says:

      Stop obamacare now!

    39. Kevin Habib, Glen Bu says:

      Interesting how suddently conservatives and heritage care about social security and debt. Quite a different tune then this organization was singing in 2001 when they mocked the 'debt alarmists' when the conservatives pushed through their trilliond ollar stimulus packages with reconciliation in 2001 and 2003 – the first time reconciliation was ever used to ADD to the DEBT. Conservatives and Heritage can talk about being fiscally responsible all they want – the facts simply don't back them up. Check out these pieces:

      - Cuts Won't Harm Social Security – http://www.heritage.org/Press/Commentary/ed030101

      Debt? What Debt? – http://www.heritage.org/Press/Commentary/ed032101

      To call this bill class warfare is just eating what Glenn Beck and the other far right fanatics are serving. The fact is 'Government Run Healthcare' provides over half of those currently insured with coverage through Medicare, Medicaid and SCHIP. The other large portion of those with coverage have it through their employer, which is heavily regulated and subsidies and tax credits are provided to employers who provide it, so that is 'government assisted health care'. The only ones who have no government assistance in healthcare are those with pre-existing conditions who can't get covered or get their premiums jacked up or get kicked off insurance – those are the only ones this bill will affect – besides the fact that the reform bill will slow the rate of health care cost growth.

    40. Julie, Wisconsin says:

      It is not,and never has been, the Government's job to provide for our needs. This is America and we work for what we want. All the drivel about those "poor families who are denied health care" is just that, drivel. They are not denied health care and need only get out and find a job. We need to eliminate the entitlement programs that are bringing down our country. There are families out there that are several-generation Welfare recipients. I don't mind giving a hand up, but I absolutely refuse to give a hand out or to allow the government to tell me that I HAVE to give charity. That's my decision!

      "We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America." — U.S. Constitution.

      Only God can grant inalienable rights, not the government! Obama wants to replace God with government–this is an abomination.

    41. S Rubicon, Southcent says:

      It can now be said, "if" America passes into law a new national health care plan, the nation has taken the major step to destroy itself from within, financially. Citizens do understand the process and despite the belief the people are stupid or dumb, the people do want to know what is in the bill before it passes. Many are hoping if this passes, the people will forget. Come November of 2010, that myth will be dispelled. The health care plan may not be able to be repealed. However, the new majority can create the circumstances that impede &/or block the process from happening. If there are no funds to run the program, it cannot take place, can it?

      By refusing to include measures Republicans suggested, such as tort reform that has been proven in a number of states to actually reduce premiums & improve access to physicians, Democrats proved their only goal was to establish a system that determines what health care their bureaucracy will permit citizens to have.

      Many states are acting on Tenth Amendment possibilities already. In addition, many are already working on plans to repeal the measure. Think about it… there are massive movements to act against the health care takeover. The bill has yet to pass & millions are lining up to dump it. Never before in the history of this nation have so many acted to act BEFORE legislation is passed.

      In addition, voting for the 'deem' rule, is a vote for the Senate plan. The sneak way of passage will infuriate Americans. The real irony will be those Democrats who are upset when they realize there never was any intention of making changes to the Senate bill that they were promised. In short, they will have jumped off a cliff obeying party ideology, when in fact those calling on such sacrifices, are in the "safe" districts & know their jobs are safe. Those jumping off the cliff are those in questionable districts.

      Today, based on the process being employed & even contemplated, I am truly ashamed of my nation's political system. These are truly third world banana republic tactics.

    42. david Gonzales says:


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    45. Pat says:

      It appears to me we could free ourselves of a whole lot of debt by firing every democrat and those republicans who behave like democrats. Just think, no more salaries, insurance or other grand perks made by these jokers.

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    47. Joseph Gerant, Boyne says:

      The Health Care Reform bank reform, education reform, being fought over is about control. Socials have never been able to pay for their own programs. It appeals to those who wish to eat another's meal. With the collapse of food, risk returns, This cycle repeats itself. The current administration is in a bald grab for power. The founding Fathers discussed this in "The Federalist" and "The Antifederalist Papers." We were fortunate to have such brains put the United States Constitution together. We survive the storm if we follow the Constitution.

    48. James E. Kinnu, Foun says:

      No longer do our Legistlators do what is "best" for our Nation as our "Founding Fathers" intended. Yes, our Founding Fathers had "political differences" but they believed in freedom of choice for the individual citizen and his/her's personal responsibility for pursuing their lives and raising and caring for their families without Government help and they passed legistlation that was consistent with those beliefs. They did not intend for any citizen having "entitlements" other than the "entitlements" of freedom of choice, religion and speech!!!! We have gotten so far away from what our Founders' principles were that our Nation is at the edge of the abyss from which we will not be able to recover, if Obamacare gets passed. I hope every American citizen recognizes that passage of Obamacare will give the Government permanent power over the invdividual citizen's way of life!!! We will be giving up our "freedom" to big brother!!!!

    49. Blair, Franconia, NH says:

      In a word, no.

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    51. John, Colorado says:

      "…the federal government has $2.5 trillion stashed away in a nondescript office building in the sleepy little town of Parkersburg, West Virginia."

      Will Sandy Berger show up at this building wearing extra large pants?

    52. Richard Cancemi, Arl says:

      All we've ever gotten from Reid, Pelosi and Obama , from Day One, is lie after lie after lie! Our Country is under siege by these traitorous and treacherous Progressive, One World, Socialists. They must be stopped . We must reclaim our Country and restore the Constitution and our bill Of Rights! Americans must wake up!

    53. Pete, Massachusetts says:

      Tucker Carlson had it right on the Fox Allstars on tuesday night. In the short run, this legislation is very controversial, but 4-5 years out it becomes an entitlement that won't be changed. All entitlements are like a narcotic to the public; once in place it'll never be repealed. Unless it faces a Constitutional test that can overturn it quickly, it's here forever and our nation will never recover. Our children and grandchildren will be stuck with the bill.

    54. Lloyd Welch says:

      Ken Jarvis is crazy and I told him so . We had an e-mail discussion for a week os so and he is a real nut, an admitted socialist and, wants the government to control utilities and I don't care to remenber what else. When he told me his age I was totally surprised because I thought he was twenty five or thirty but he is my age. How can someone live that long and get that stupid.

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    57. Lynn Bryant DeSpain says:

      No Statute nor Revision is Law until tested in a Higher Court, an Appealete or Supreme, State or Federal. Untill there are Test Caes. they are not Law. Americans affected by the Fed's mandated must challenge them in these courts, or better yet, the States that they reside in must become Sovereign. Once Sovereign, the State's Attorney General with the aid of Constitutional Lawyerrs interpret the boundaries set for in our Constitution and if found lacking, then they are to be ignored.

    58. bigdave, ocala fl says:

      Hey two can play this game. Why don't we just DEEM congress voted out of office then tell them all its time to leave! Or we will throw you out physically! Hey, they have MUCH WORSE in store for us. The "big pretend" , the 'big sales job" , the "chicago-style armtwisting" and the "phony tear-jerker stories half true are all designed to COVER UP THE TRUE NATURE OF THIS BILL (per Obama himself) is to "fundamentally change the United States…into a SOCIALIST STATE, per Saul Alinsky.

    59. Linda, Louisiana says:

      I am concerned for those who do not have health insurance or access to health care; however, ObamaCare is not the answer to help those people. If it is passed, it will destroy this Nation and no one will have health coverage. I can't believe we have such assinine people in Congress like Pelosi and Reed and a President who has no sense of how to run a nation. Obama does nothing but talk, and I've noticed that while he is making speeches pushing ObamaCare, he only talks to those who support him. I'm sure he is afraid of speaking to a Tea Party Group. Public Bribery is rampant in Congress, and these people need to answer to a Crime because that is what it is. (1)Social Security needs to call in its IOUs that would make ot solvent; (2) Medicare needs to be funded as need be; (3) Health Care needs to be developed and funded for those who do not have any other health insurance until they can become employed; (4) A push on job creation should be implemented that would promote employment allowing those individuals who were formerly under a special health coverage plan to come under an employer-sponsored plan; (5) Stop all or a majority of foreign aid to other countries. These countries don't love us anymore because we are helping them anyhow. When a nation has a disaster, be reasonable about what assistance we will offer rather than go overboard like Obama did for Haiti. People need to research the history of Haiti. I understand that we must provide some type of assistance to countries such as Iraq and Afganistan who is governed by a dictator and/or harboring terrorists, but we should not have to put out money rebuilding their infrstructure that we might have destroyed fighting for their freedom. Iraq has money, they have oil to export; and an abundance of cash found hidden in Sadaam's coffers. The U.S. Government needs to look at itself from the President all the way to Congress. They need to realize why they are holding the office they are and realize what they are suppose to do. The people elected them to represent them and do what is right for the people. Obama, Pelosi, and Reed have no sense of duty or morals. They are no different than Bernie Madoff who bilked people out of their money. These three people are bilking the people in this Nation out of our Money. It Must Stop.

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    61. Mary Gerecke, Waco, says:

      HOGWASH!! What a 'load' of half-facts and "Run-for-your-life" compilation of fear tactics! FOLKS, get informed. Read actual facts from political check sites that INVESTIGATE and report. Social Security and Medicare will be HELPED when health care is affordable and AVAILABLE to most citizens. Everyone who is concerned about government health care programs can TEAR-UP THEIR MEDICARE CARDS AND FEDERAL INSURANCE CARDS! Obama DID NOT begin the use of Social Security funds for other budget items, and he can't be blamed for not resolving the problem in ONE YEAR. Where were all these folks in 2000-2008? Under rocks?

    62. George, Lancaster, N says:

      You’re FIRED!

      There are approximately 545 elected officials controlling the interests of over 300 million people in this country and I say it’s time to fire them all, which is our constitutional right.

      In the Bill of Rights it states that Government ought to be instituted for the common benefit, protection and security of the people; and that whenever any Government shall be found inadequate or contrary to these purposes, a majority of the community hath an indubitable unalienable and infeasible right to reform, alter or abolish it, and to establish another, in such a manner as shall be judged most conductive to the public weal; and that doctrine of non-resistance against arbitrary power and oppression is absurd, slavish and destructive of the good and happiness of mankind.

      We can longer spend and tax our way into trillion dollar deficits. As one famous president stated “the buck stops here”. We need total reform of our system which starts at the top. We must eliminate special interests groups, lobbyists and pork barrel spending.

      We spend some 700 billion dollars a year compared to the Soviet Union’s budget of 50 million. Our military is spread too thin and it’s costing us billions of dollars trying to liberate third world countries in time of despair.

      We need taxation reform in the form of a simple flat tax which is fair to all without all the thousands of pages of IRS regulations. Corporate tax rates should be abolished for all companies that are based in the United States and are providing jobs.

      We need stronger immigration rules and need to eliminate illegal aliens who are costing the rest of us millions of dollars in lost wages, medical coverage and more. Health insurance needs immediate reform, but it has to be cost effective. We can’t add a trillion dollars of more debt just to provide coverage for all Americans. The biggest reform should be to eliminate coverage for illegal’s; allow cross state purchasing of health insurance and tort reform just to start. The state of Indiana adopted a Health Savings Account program five years ago with approximately 4% of their eligible employees signing up for the program according to an article in the Wall Street Journal written by Mitch Daniels. In the article it states that the state deposits $2750 into an account controlled by the employee, out of which they pay their health bills, with the intent that it makes the participants more cost conscious and careful about overpayment or overutilization. This year, over 70% of the state workers chose the HSA plan which is saving the state approximately $20 million in 2010. To date, some $30 million or about $2,000 per employee and growing fast-are the workers permanent property.

      We don't need another entitlement program that this country can NOT pay for plain and simple and if our elected officials can't see that they are going to destroy our country as we know it, then the citizens of this country should stand together and say…"You're Fired!"

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    64. Jane Kinney, Novato, says:

      Wrong time for the Trillion plus health care bill! A large percentage of people were happy with their health care (12 to 30 Million maybe not happy) but there were hundreds of thousands of people satisfied. We had evolved into the world's best health care system. We could have covered the uninsured for only billions, not trillions. The most effective way to reform would have been to set up a fund for uninsured and to attack the policies that most affected the cost of our health care, which are: l) tort reform; 2) fraud; 3) coverage for those rejected by insurance companies; and 4) illegal aliens. The costs would have been Billions, not trillions. It was disingenuous for our leaders to incorporate gifts to members of congress who were persuaded to vote for this bill. The gifting to different members from various states took taxpayers' money and many states were not treated equally. This bill should have been directed only to the items that affect our health.

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    66. Patsy Kachur Michiga says:

      Obama, came not with an agenda to help this country to start with. He came to break the USA down, why for what reason? For Who? He lies, he steals our futures and like lambs to the slauter we follow. God Help us. As one little person I seem to not be abe to be able to do a thing, but I will vote and stand against all he stands for.

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