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  • House and Senate Cloakroom: March 15– 21, 2010

    House Cloakroom: March 15 – 21, 2010


    It’s crunch time on health care. The Budget Committee will meet Monday to start marking up a shell of a Reconciliation Bill. The Rules Committee will then meet as early as Wednesday to  hollow out whatever the Budget Committee passed and then insert a new bill from Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA) office. The Majority is still planning to use the “Slaughter Rule” that would allow the House to pass the Senate health care bill without voting on it. Final votes are expected to stretch into the weekend.

    Senate Cloakroom: March 15 – 21, 2010


    A new dynamic has been thrown into the health care mix: the impact of reconciliation on the remaining components of President Obama’s legislative agenda.  Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) raised the stakes last week when he suggests the controversial procedure could undermine his efforts to strike a bipartisan deal on comprehensive immigration reform.  Graham is also the only Senate Republican thought to be negotiating an agreement on global warming legislation.  Will President Obama and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) move forward on health care reconciliation at the expense of these other priorities?  Those conversations are no doubt taking place behind closed doors and could determine the outcome of Obamacare itself.

    Major Floor Action:

    The Senate will continue work on H.R. 1586, the FAA reauthorization bill.  Potential amendments include earmark reform, discretionary spending limits and the continuation of the DC school choice program.

    Major Committee Action:

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    12 Responses to House and Senate Cloakroom: March 15– 21, 2010

    1. April, Colorado says:

      Republicans should be very concerned that the mistakes that they made in the mid-90's during the Clinton administration are not repeated. Otherwise, the Democrats might be able to pass such terrible legislation as SCHIP which has been instrumental in providing health care for millions of children. Health care for children…what a horrible idea. Those lousy Socialists!

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    4. SB Owner Springfield says:

      By not voting directly on the Senate Bill, would that not be unlawful? The constitution seems clear on the steps to pass legislation.

      Lindsay Graham needs to switch parties. Any Republican that supports amnesty for illegals, and believes the hoax of climate change, needs to be banished.

      It's a shame Graham was recently re-elected or the people of S.C. would toss the progressive out of office. I seriously doubt Graham's constituents supports such folly.

    5. LEL says:

      Yes, thank goodness for SCHIP. No longer are dead & sick children stacking up like cord wood. It takes a village to provide for unwed teenage mothers and their children.

    6. Jeanne Stotler,Woodb says:

      First I am a nurse, there are laws in place not alone the oath taken by M.D.'s "First do no harm" to give medical care to those in need and cannot pay, it's called Medicaid. We have uninsured BECAUSE they would rather spend on other things then Ins., they can afford the premiums just don't want to pay them. Most doctors will adjust their fees for someone in need and hospitals HAve to give care unless they are a private run hospital, even then they must stabalize a verysick or injured person before they transfer. Now we come to the illegals who also use our ER's, they under no circumstances should be givenfree health INS. tthey should have to pay the same as everyone else. Most illegals coming from the south are illeterate, we need to close our borders, uphold our laws and take care of our own first. We already have SCHIF and medicaid, keep the gov't. out of health care and let those of us who went to school, nurses doctors etc decide HOW TO TREAT the individual patient. In closing, no two humans are the same, what is good for patient A might not be right for patient B.

    7. Jane Smith, Californ says:

      "Conservations"?? You probably meant "conversations"…

    8. Cyndi, North Carolin says:

      April (in CO), first of all SCHIP was a bipartisan bill introduced in 1997 by Orrin Hatch and Ted Kennedy. Despite SCHIP, the number of uninsured children continues to rise. Almost 70% of those newly unisured children are from families that make 200% or more above the Federal poverty level. SCHIP was put in over and above Medicaid. Many states continue to face shortfalls trying to finance the program as once again the Federal Governement thinks up these brilliant ideas and turns them over to the States to fund! Just another un-funded mandate.

      Going forward, the real political debate is not "Left" versus "Right", but rather between being governed by a bureaucracy and self-governance.

      We are getting exteremely close to looking like Greece. People need to stand up and take Responsibility for themselves.

    9. Ben C. Ann Arbor, MI says:

      My opinion of Congress is unchanged. Their agenda will/has bankrupted our country and for this I hold them in contempt. The very notion that they can manage health care is absurd.
      November can't get here soon enough.

    10. JD, real world says:

      The slaughter rule is blatantly un-Constitutional, far beyond reconciliation. It clearly violates precise wording in the Constitution. It is, by definition, treasonous.

      This administration is giving the finger to both the American people, who do not want this legislation, and to the Constitution. This is a coup. Plain and simple. Marshall law, defined as suspension of the Constitution, is happening right here and now. Why do they even bother to go thru the motions of democracy?

      If this stands, it will be immediately challenged and put before the Supreme Court who will tear it down. And those responsible for the attempt will have commited treason by the strict definition. Cries for Impeachment will follow.

      We've become a banana republic.

    11. Jay says:

      I am very concerned as to why the people

      are not aware of the contents of the bill?

      This is way too much money being spent.

      We need a referendum at minimum.

    12. Roger, Huntsville, A says:

      Question: Can the American people impeach or recall their elected officials for NOT representing their stated desires. i.e. Vote NO on THIS Health Care bill?

    13. April, Colorado says:

      SCHIP was introduced because there were many who did not qualify for Medicaid but yet could not afford health insurance. Ah, there's the rub. Talk about a donut hole. Senator Kennedy introduced the bill and brought Senator Hatch on board. This is why Senator Kennedy's death is so detrimental to the Senate. He understood the importance of respecting the "other side" and making compromises to bring about progress. I wonder how Senator Hatch will fair in Congress without his friend and colleague, Senator Kennedy, who helped him understand the hard but necessary work of bipartisanship.

      We are already paying for the uninsured. My insurance goes up every year. I've had to increase my deductible. For most healthy Americans, the cost outweighs the value and it feels like we are just sending checks into big corporations so that they can make huge profits. Meanwhile, there is still the problem of the uninsured.

      An American who has insurance and cannot change carriers for fear that they will lose coverage is not working within a "free market".

      I am all for responsible citizenship. So, let's create a system that requires others to take on the same responsibilities that we have chosen for ourselves. They should have to pay in what they can afford and get the rest subsidised. We cannot afford to do nothing. Let's increase the pool to drive down costs. And, let's increase competition.

      I think that it is amazing that there is always plenty of money for Republicans to offer tax cuts to the wealthy with the idea that trickle-down economics ever works. Republicans can triple the national debt and there is no "Tea Party". Corporate welfare can run amok during the Bush administration and there was nobody on the right screaming about the Constitution.

      You think that the world is ending? That's how I felt during the Bush administration.

    14. Corky, Howey in the says:

      Obama, reid, pelosi and the rest do not care one single bit about the CONSTITUTION. They are showing us what direction they wish to push this Country. They are looking for power OVER US!. obama wants (is) only to be a DICTATOR and run this Country his way. The crooked deals, the back room conniving, the out right lies from the very start. Those of you who think obama is doing the right thing, you will not be treated any differant than the rest when it's over. That goes for pelosi as well, once obama is in (IF WE DON'T STOP HIM) complete power over us he'll throw pelosi by the curb! (she's just to stupid to see it) Better wake up AMERICANS, get out and let them know we do not, WILL NOT, give up our FREEDOM!!

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