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  • White House Delays Asia Trip: Another Sign Obamacare on Code Blue

    In the face of declining polling numbers, daily Democratic defections, and unfavorable rulings from the Senate Parliamentarian, the White House has devolved into all out panic mode. Politico reports:

    President Barack Obama is delaying his trip to Indonesia and Australia by three days in hopes of finalizing a health care deal — and will scrap plans to bring along First Lady Michelle Obama and his two daughters, according to senior administration officials.

    By postponing his trip, Obama effectively gives the House some breathing room, preserving the hope that members will be able to depart the Capitol for their Easter break two weeks from today with a deal in their pockets.

    Two things to remember about this latest development:

    1) This just proves, again, how desperate the White House is for the House of Representatives to pass the Senate health care bill before the Easter recess. The Obama administration knows the American people hate Obamacare and that after a week listening to their constituents back home, there is no way the House will take up the Senate bill again.

    2) President Obama has made many other attempts at influencing outcomes with his presence. He went to Copenhagen in November to lobby for the 2016 Olympics to come to Chicago, returning there again a month later to obtain a global climate treaty. The President also campaigned for Creigh Deeds to be governor of Virginia, Jon Corzine in New Jersey and for Martha Coakley’s campaign to become junior senator from Massachusetts. We fail to see why he believes his presence at the health care negotiations might have a different impact.

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    20 Responses to White House Delays Asia Trip: Another Sign Obamacare on Code Blue

    1. Pat Roberts, Webster says:

      We will all need a vacation when this is over because of the daily tension to fight the healtcare bills. I have watched everything I can hoping for any glimmer of hope that it will be defeated. Please don't let down the pressure against it.

    2. Clovis Gentilihomme, says:

      I've listened to all the debate this past year over Govt. provided health care. Most especially, these last 6-8 mos or so. During this time, it has been impressed upon me that the debate shifted gears from being one of SHOULD the Govt. be involved in health care to HOW MUCH and WHAT BENEFITS should Govt health care provide, as now. So the matter is settled; the US Govt WILL provide health care for the American people, providing all waring political factions, Senate, Legislature and Executive can come to some consensus of what that health care should be, etc. So very wrong, and so very Unconstitutional!

      Did I miss something along the way? The Govt. has NO business being involved in health care, any more than the Govt. has ANY business being involved in the private business of its' citizens and corporations – NO MATTER THE RATIONAL!!!

      When will some responsible leader/group stand up and speak out about this illegal interference, citing book, chapter and verse from the US Constitution as their basis of support?

      Will we, the American people ever stop electing such self serving, Constitution ignoring, belligerently arrogant ignoramuses? Those who have NO intent to address our collective concerns? Who ultimately disregard our collective concerns only to pursue what best serves their self fulfilling desires as to their political careers?

    3. mac says:

      Obama is so filled with "himself", the deal might have a better chance if he went away for an extended period.

      For my part I can't think of any reason to support his amateur ideas.

    4. Donna K Michigan says:

      I am feeling sick about this and have been in prayer several times today, that the Lord will intervene and have mercy on us.

    5. FreedomsWings, FL says:

      Great post Conn! Another sign of desperation: in the reconciliation bill they are planning to throw in measures for student loans. What in the heck do student loans have to do with healthcare? Just another example proving that this is a tax and spend bill and nothing more.

      Also, the examples you used proved to be failures for Obama, so hopefully this goes the same route.

    6. Jolean Hitchen Gentr says:

      I lived in Canada for 13 years. I have experienced socialised health care first hand. I can not begin to list the dreadful system that they have to live under. Most people do not realise that the population of Canada is less than the population of California yet their health care system is failing because of over use and fraud. No Government can "do all" for it's people, they must get out of the way and let Americans take care of themselves. If this was ONLY about health care it would not be able to work, that it is about regulating and controling aspects of your life that you have not dreamed of is never to be tolerated. Please keep the word out there of anyone that could possibly be undecided in this matter. Thankyou.

    7. Kathy - honeybee57 says:

      Why can't Obama be impeached? He wants to be in a Communist country where he's comfortable so let's give him what he wants. I'm sure somebody will need an Office Manager some where outside of America.


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    9. timothy montgomery t says:

      Just try to slam this on the American people and this authoritarian dictatorship

      must fall. It's about time the American wake up to the duping this administration is about to unleash on us. "We The People " doesn't mean a damn thing to Washington. Why doesn't anyone just call Obama a communist and get to the process to impeaching him. And shame on all Americans who voted for him. I didn't vote for him and encouraged every one I know to see through this sham President and his administration. Is Rom Emmanuel a self-

      hating, Jew.? I wonder?

    10. Ernie Chaput, Aiken, says:

      Medicare is bankrupting the federal government, medicaid is bankrupting the state governments and they now want to add a third entitlement? The cost of everything will increase and the U. S. will loose international market share. And government will get even bigger. When the country is penniless who will pay for all this madness?

      Medical costs do not need to be out of control. Just use common sense: (1) limit government coverage to medical necessity; no "quality of life" benefits, (2) tie insurance premiums to lifestyle choises – higher premiums for smokers, obesity, people with history of substance abuse and (3) no subsidity for non-citizens.

    11. Billie says:

      3?) The administration majority of the American government, knows not their duties to the people. Nor do they know priorities. They are undisciplined, indignant and dangerous. Please do not let this force on America.

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    13. Charlie says:

      Does anyone expect this goverment to listen – I asked my representative if his car was broke would he buy a new one, he replied no I would find out why it is broke. DUH!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why don't they find out what is broke in the system now and fix that. The biggest thing that is broke is Congress and November is closing in –

    14. Barbara Frances Delo says:

      REmember a CRUCIAL fact…not only providehealthcare…but REGULATE and DIRECT it!!!

    15. Joel A Crossman says:

      Stop this Obsession of the Obamacare! Bill We the People do not!! Want It!!

      Three quotes from Abe Lincoln

      Sir, my concern is not whether God is on our side; my greatest concern is to be on God's side, for God is always right.

      Abraham Lincoln

      I Stand with anybody that stands right,! I stand with him while he is right! and I part with him when he goes wrong.

      Abraham Lincoln

      The ballot is stronger than the bullet.

      Abraham Lincoln

      The people will save their government, if the government itself will allow them.

    16. Mary in Wisconsin says:

      if not the government, then who will make it possible for ALL citizens in this country to have health care? Do you see the large insurance companies making this happen? Lowering rates, covering existing conditions, etc..on their own? .Whether or not we choose to see it, the fact is that there are many in our country who are not able to get even basic health care needs met. This is impacting the overall health of our nation, the burden on our emergency departments and without some sort of reform going forward the picture is not pretty. We need primary care available for all. We need medical tort reform so that those practicing can stop defensive ordering of unneeded procedures and tests. We need at least incremental changes toward heath care reform in this country and if not through the government…then what are your suggestions?

    17. Andy - Tennessee says:

      We are PRAYING that a passing vote cannot be attained.

    18. J.G. Weiner says:

      Donna K Michigan has taken the words out of my mouth.

      There is nobody listening to us but God. Considering that the passage of this thing could be the beginning of a whole new and very frightening age, I think if ever there was a time to pray, this is IT.

    19. Dale Long says:

      This is the first time in my 61 years I feel compelled to voice my concern. I don't understand the proposed health care bill and I don't trust anyone to that says pass this bill. It's good for america. Dale

    20. John Hilbrich, Michi says:

      Congressman Donnelly promised all of us that he was pro-life and would support that position on Health Care, and we expect no less. Failure to do this on the upcoming vote will cause huge numbers of his constituents, my wife and I included, to actively oppose his reelection.

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