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  • Video: The True Nature of the SEIU

    There is no entity with closer ties to the Obama administration than the Service Employees International Union (SEIU). According to the White House visitor logs SEIU President Andy Stern and Secretary-Treasurer Anna Burger visited the White House 58 times in 2009 alone, including 11 meetings with Obama and another with Vice President Biden.

    The SEIU is popular in the White House because no other union is as politically active as the SEIU. Stern told the Las Vegas Sun, “We spent a fortune to elect Barack Obama — $60.7 million to be exact — and we’re proud of it.” Indeed, right after the SEIU spent a fortune of their members’ money to elect Obama; they promptly fired 75 of their national field staff and organizers and redirected that money to “lobbying and communications in Washington to take advantage of Democrats’ ascendance.”

    But as the video above shows, while Stern and his lobbyists meet with Obama and other Washington leftists, they are losing ground in the rest of the country. In California, National Union of Healthcare Workers has been successfully beating the SEIU in elections and the SEIU is not happy about.

    So the next time you hear some leftist rhetoric about how the Employee Free Choice Act is necessary to protect workers’ rights, ask yourself if you’d want this woman standing over you demanding you sign a card in support of joining a union, or whether you’d  prefer  express your opinion with the safety of a secret ballot.

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    10 Responses to Video: The True Nature of the SEIU

    1. Billie says:

      The video wouldn't work? It stated to be a private video. I did watch another one. The problem IS UNIONS. The people have a voice of their own. Why would people need someone else to speak for them? Especially educated in corruption and destruction only, union representatives? American unions are violent and ignorant and insist people inferior to their own mentality to do for themselves. Get this corruption out of America. Get rid of their indoctrinated mind set. Union reps can't think for themselves. And in the education system, they're teaching students to think the same way…

    2. usactionnews.com says:

      Your video won't play. It says its private. Why would you post a video that people can't link to and be viewed?

    3. Lloyd Scallan - New says:

      Conn Carroll – By writing "fixed" do you contend SEIU does not attack, intimidate, lie, distort or otherwise, force their Communist view points on anyone

      that disagrees with them? If you answer yes, I suggest you should get you head

      out of your butt and smell what you are shoveling. Most union leaderships, in particular SEIU, has degenerated into nothing but a gang of thugs. Andy Stern (Obama's buddy), said it all with, if we can't use the power of persuasion, we'll use the persuasion of power", among other statements directly out of the Communist Party hand book. Unions has long since outlived any benefit they may have provided in the past.

    4. Sam, WI says:

      I think one of the big reasons that unions have gotten to be the way the are is that once you join a union, you can't leave unless you also leave the job you have.

    5. Norma in Nebraska says:

      You may have noticed that SEIU is now considered a "worldwide" organization, expanding to areas where the workers do not or cannot stand up to company management. The union comes in, promises better wages, better work conditions, and a powerful "voice" when interacting with the boss . . . . for a small fee. And the next thing these people know, their job is CONDITIONAL upon remaining a union member, but now they have to pay higher monthly dues and abide by the rules or hit the road. At some point the reason for the union being there diminishes to zero but until the company closes, declares bankruptcy or moves to another location, the union is like a cancer – once it starts it never goes away.

      While the original reason unions were created may sound like a noble cause, the end result is that they, like the government, are NOT there to help you . . . they are there for the power and YOUR money until you are no longer useful!!!

    6. Brad, Detroit, MI says:

      SEIU,UAW, – pick the acronym. The unions are unnecessary in the modern workforce in the US. There are SO many rules and regulations for employers to follow, there is little chance of unions actually securing anything but contracts that are so ungainly to jeopardize the financial solvency of the company.

      I worked for a company that had a unionized plant and a non-unionized plant in the same town. There was actually very little difference in the two plants. The non-unionized plant was a bit more efficient and made a better profit margin than the unionized plant. The funny thing ? The unionized workers made only slightly more money than the workers in the non-unionized plant. But . . .after you deducted the union worker's dues – they made LESS. Sign me up !

      Simple fact : GOOD workers do not need a UNION. Only bad ones do – So, why does the stereotype of lazy union workers exist ?

    7. Drew Page, IL says:

      Unions were once a necessary thing, just like buggy whips. And just like buggy whips, they have outlived their usefulness.

      Unfortunately, thugs come in all shapes, sizes, colors and sexes. I am sure the union organizer we saw in the film clip gets paid for each person she intimidates into signing up, just like ACORN recruiters got paid for every fradulent voter they registered. If the secret ballot were eliminated for joining a union, think how much easier it would be for the union thugs to intimidate people. they would know exactly who to attack. Once that's done, maybe we could eliminate the secret ballot for electing the President. Then think how much fun it would be when the Black Panthers, armed with nightsticks, start patrolling the polling places again.

    8. Billie says:

      My what professionalism. Yell, scream and swear. I did appreciate the woman at the table when she said "oh my goodness." The most respectful words in their conflict.

      How much do these intimidating, verbally abusive, worthless seiu get an hour? Their integrity shows! NOT.

    9. Ben C. Ann Arbor, MI says:

      Brad – you are absolutley correct. I have a good friend who is CEO of a business with plants in Windsor and Michigan. He bitterly complains of the demands placed on him by the Canadian unions with the support of the Canadian government. Either the union accepts reductions in their contract or he will move all of the business to the US. Good news for us, bad news for Windsor. His Canadian union workers are far less productive that the US workers. For his business to survive concessions are mandatory. We will know their decision in another week. My guess is Granholm will take credit for the move but its really the result of a stubborn union with an entitlement mindset.

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