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  • Obamacare’s Procedural Fraud on the American People

    The Health Care Nuclear Option is still the stated plan to get Obamacare to the President’s desk. The latest wrinkle is designed to allow pro-life Democrats to vote for the Senate’s taxpayer funded abortion language while still claiming they never voted for taxpayer funded abortions.  Don’t be fooled.

    First, let’s be clear that the Senate bill allows tax dollars to be used for abortions.  According to Chuck Donovan of The Heritage Foundation, the Senate passed Obamacare bill funds abortion in several ways, even creating an appropriation for Community Health Centers that contains no restriction on abortion subsidies.  If the Senate version of Obamacare is passed by the House and sent to the President, then the House has consented to the federal funding of abortion.

    House members have come up with a unique way to structure a vote that attempts to avoid the House voting on legislation before it goes to the president.  First, the House Budget Committee will report out a reconciliation bill.  It is unclear as to whether the Stupak Amendment will be added.  This reconciliation measure would be reported for consideration by the House of Representatives as a whole.

    Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) would then package the Senate passed Obamacare bill and the House reconciliation measure into one measure.  The House rules committee will report out a rule that will allow the Senate passed Obamacare bill to pass the House without a vote.  The rule will be self-executing in the sense that the House will have been deemed to pass the Senate Obamacare bill if the House can muster the votes to pass the reconciliation measure.  The House has used this  procedure in the past during a debate on funding the Global War on Terror and in passing debt limit increases under the “Gephardt Rule.”

    There is a constitutional issue raised by this procedure.  Article 1, Section 7, of the Constitution states in part “Every Bill which shall have passed the House of Representatives and the Senate, shall, before it becomes a law, be presented to the President of the United States.”  If the House does not vote on a bill, is it considered to “have passed the House of Representatives?”  Don’t expect the Supreme Court to take up this case, because this is in the realm of a political issue that the Courts tend to want resolved by the House and Senate through the democratic process.  It is a Constitutional concern and should be discussed by all Americans.  If any member of Congress claims to have not voted for the pro-abortion Senate passed bill, one can point to this provision in the Constitution to argue the opposite.

    Procedurally, this would happen in the following order.  The House Rules Committee would approve this self-executing rule.  The House would vote on the rule that allows this scenario.  Then the House will vote on the reconciliation measure.  Upon passage of the reconciliation measure the Senate Obamacare bill will be deemed to have passed the House and the reconciliation measure will be sent to the Senate.  This so called “Deeming Resolution” is a trick that allows the House to pass a bill they never voted upon.  Therefore, the real vote on the pro-abortion Senate passed bill will be the vote on the rule to allow this scenario to roll out on the House floor.

    One provision that may make the rule is a provision that does not allow the House to report the Senate passed Obamacare bill to the President until the Senate passes a reconciliation bill.  Bills are enrolled before being sent to the President for his signature and the House can prevent the enrollment and delivery of Obamacare to the President until the Senate completes work on the reconciliation measure.  Sound complicated?  Yes and it is supposed to so the American people can’t understand that the House is on the verge of passing an unpopular Obamacare bill, yet they are reserving the right to claim that they did not vote for the Senate passed bill.

    If the liberals in the House can pull off this trick, this would have allowed Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) to have secretly written the version of Obamacare going to the President’s desk.  Do you remember Harry Reid and the Chamber of Secrets?  Reid merged, without any official proceedings, the Senate HELP and Senate Finance Committee versions of Obamacare, with his personal additions to the bill including a Public Option with an opt out for states, in closed door meetings with political elites.  Basically, White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel, HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, OMB Director Peter Orszag, Senators Harry Reid (D-NV), Max Baucus (D-MT), Chris Dodd (D-CT) and a few other liberal Senators have rewritten health care law in secret closed door meetings.

    After those meeting the Senate moved to proceed to this bill, without any hearings or opportunity for public review.  During debate in the Senate, Senator Harry Reid crafted a manager’s package of amendments and added the Cornhusker Kickback for Nebraska, a Louisiana Purchase and a Gator-Aid earmark.  Now the House is preparing to pass this bill without a vote.  The American people should demand that Congress start over.  This secretive and non-transparent procedure is not way to force through Obamacare.

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    63 Responses to Obamacare’s Procedural Fraud on the American People

    1. Ozzy6900, CT says:

      I have been saying for a long time that we should be paying attention to the lessons learned in the 1930's. Brian Darling's article is almost word for word procedure as to how the Nazi's did business in the years before WWII. They took over the government of Germany right under the noses of the People and allowed a foreigner (Austrian born) to run the show.

      Here we have an established government, refusing to listen to the People, doing "back door deals in the night" and shoving mandates down out throats in order to push their agenda "at any or all costs". Note also that the Liberal Leader refuses to confirm his place of birth (just like Uncle Adolf) to those who inquire.

      People, this entire operation took only a few years to complete and Germany became a socialist nation overnight. The same path is being followed by the Liberals in Washington DC, right now, right under our noses!

    2. Ken St Louis says:

      I have never heard of such chicanery in all my life! All this is proof enough for me that we need term limits at t he very least! Preferably, half a dozen states need to start the secession process, threated to leave the union, ( WHAT UNION, WE HAVE A DITATORSHIP ) and if necessary secede from the union. All federal properties would immediately become state properties, ( after all we paid for all of it ) including property, money, but no federal debt or other obligations. The states would have to pick up social security, medicare, etc., but would receive the ongoing contributions from the citizens. Ken in St Louis

    3. Carson Hilburn Parks says:

      This whole process is an attack on America, freedom, and our rights. Granted, things aren't perfect, but we aren't the great nation that we are by giving up, laying down, and dying.

    4. George Payne, Havre says:

      Let's get the Secession started, Nevada, Florida get it going people.

    5. Susanna, Kansas says:

      This goes to their character. I wouldn't allow them in my home! Deception and outright lies only earns them my contempt. It certainly shows what they think of the American people – which isn't much. Term limits – yes. But, I think we need to go further when we begin any election process. We need to know everything about them and document it – not take their word for it. We need them to memorize the Constitution; Not only take an oath to protect and defend the Constitution, but sign the oath with their blood and accept they will be removed IMMEDIATELY from office if they support anything which is counter to the Constitution – and the Bills of Rights. If they can not conduct themselves in a manner which is moral and represents their constituents, they also need to be removed from office. All this closed door stuff – is outright criminal. Treason come to mind every day, lately. Tar and feather might be possible, too. I'm fed up with their shenanigans and their obvious disrespect for the us.

    6. Joseph DeSantis, Was says:

      We've moved from passing bills without reading them to passing bills without voting on them.

    7. Mark Pollett, Idaho says:

      There is corruption in Washington in both parties. The Government has been over spending for a long long time and they always point fingers at the other guy. We need real leader ship that will take ownership of this mess no matter who made it and fix it all ready. Obama and the dems adding new things like health care will only make people more dependent on the Government. We live in a country where everyone seems to want a free ride and in turn the budgets of the federal Government, the states, the cities and more than likely your neighbors are broke. The president is only a puppet to the real corruption in this country and everyone in every state needs to wake up stand together and take back this great country of ours. We are Americans and this is the greatest country on earth.

    8. Oscar Diessner, Whea says:

      There is obviously more than one area where the Constitution is being violated. The Supreme Court needs to get involved and declare as unconstitutional those actions which do violate the Constitution.

      It is almost laughable to think that an independant council would be appinted to investigate constitutional fraud. Pelosi and Reid would probablly have to go to jail.

    9. Peyton, a Libertaria says:

      For every PROCEDURE, there is an equal, and opposite PROCEDURE!

      Call your Representative! Let them know you won't stand for this smoke and mirror BS! Then, implore them to find the procedure to keep this from happening, or reverse it later!

    10. Ava, Bethesda says:

      Since reconciliation is supposed to align appropriations with authorization bills, how can the Senate act to reconcile a bill that hasn't yet passed the House? I wonder if a point of order can be brought against the Senate reconciliation legislation on the grounds that that unless the House first passes the Senate authorization bill, there is no bill for the Senate to attempt to reconcile.

    11. Chip Bennett says:

      So, can you clarify something?

      ObamaCare was attached to an already-passed House Resolution, by means of a Manager's Amendment that replaced the original wording with the ObamaCare bill wording.

      Then this bill goes back to the House.

      The House originates a *new* bill – the "Reconciliation" bill, to which Pelosi will then attach the Senate' s ObamaCare bill (the erstwhile, unrelated House Resolution).

      So then, we have a two-part bill that goes to the President:

      Part 1 (ObamaCare) has not been voted on by the House, and

      Part 2 (Reconciliation) has not been voted on by the Senate

      How can this possibly be made Constitutional, by means of a simple House procedural rule? Doesn't the bill have to go back to the Senate, due to the bill's attachment to a new bill (Reconciliation)?

    12. Richard Cobler, Milt says:

      I pledge that if congress will not require term limits I will do my utmost to convince my family and everyone I know on a personal level to never vote for anyone with more than two terms in the Senate and Three terms in the house.

      Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutly.

    13. Devon says:

      You idiots do realize that you voted for the Senators, right? God, the patheticness of the right is truly incredible. You act like health care passing is akin to rounding up all the Jews and killing them. It's remarkable that nobody gave a crap when George W. was taking away our civil liberties, but I guess that proves that Republicans, in addition to being uneducated, are whiny little bitches.

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    15. Rod Dakan, Ruidoso, says:

      It is all about the money why don't we pass in each and every state a law stating that no candidate is allowed to accept campaign contributions from other than registered voters in the political subdivision in which they are running.

      Simple and clear and the corps and pacs, and all the other hangers on are out of the running of our country.

    16. Kevin Remillard, Des says:

      What we have done here is to look to State and National politicians, for 70 years, to make local decisions.

    17. David Hines, Palm Sp says:

      A good read. Keep this article handy go pull out fast! corruption in Washington The president is only a puppet to the real corruption in this country and everyone in every state needs to wake up stand together and take back this great country of ours. We are Americans and this is the greatest country on earth.I have never heard of such chicanery in all my life! etc (including help from various comments).

    18. Billie says:

      Nothing they say will amount to truth. They twist and turn. Spin and spew. The only thing I will believe, is when government is removed from the privacy of individual health care.

      Whatever obama learned about the constitution, he uses to destroy.

      He has no strength or decency that the constitution holds. He and his millions of followers, doesn't respect any strengths of America, it is their will to destroy.

    19. Ronnie Daugherty SEB says:

      this is the worse recession we have ever had. And oboma and nancy and harry wants to lead us into loosing our freedoms of everything.when oboma said change he ment change our country.and look now over 1000,000 people here in America are homeless and he could care less or congress the democrats.if you pass the health care reform each and evryone of you that vote yes will loose your seats and we must take our country and our constatution back .it is illegal what congress and what oboma is doing.take back america now before its to late


    20. James Delker, Tucson says:

      I agree with Richard C from FL and also our Founding Fathers (FF). Our FF made that very suggestion explicitly to stop what we have going on now. The FF felt that there should be no such thing as a "career" politician. They felt you should serve a term or two and then go back into the "work force" so as not to lose touch with the people and what they think. Gee, imagine that.

      Folks, we have a long hard road ahead of us. We are going to have to bust butt to get back to where we used to be. Chins up! As Americans we have done this before and we can do it again. God bless America.

      PS: hey ACLU, I say that a lot.

    21. Michael, Missouri says:

      @ Chip! Yes, this is the way it is supposed to be, but we are talking about a "bill" that is unconstitutional to begin with! *sigh* what can we do?!!

    22. Lioness, Wisconsin says:

      Are there any lawsuits at any level coming out on the abuse of power in this administration. They need to be held accountable not in word only, but by drastic opposition in the courts on every count. Stop the messing around pretending these are reasonable people; they are crooks and are cheating us all out of our votes and ultimately our freedoms.

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    24. Paul Terry Stone, Su says:

      Very informative. It's interesting to see how legislators can get what they want passed without representing the people who elected them and pay their salaries.

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    27. Debbi, Louisiana says:

      beyond sad…unbelievable…what's left of our country is being setup to be hijacked!

    28. Sue, Ohio says:

      Not only is funding of abortions an issue, but knocking off us old folks, I would say is an issue also. If this bill passes in its current form, I want all obituaries of American citizens who died as a result of denied procedures to be sent to the federal government. List the names, build a memorial to those citizens who gave their life for their country in the name of a dollar bill.

    29. Andrew Cole Burlingt says:

      So when is the impeachment of Obama?

    30. Allen Metairie,La. says:

      These sneaky representative are trying to pass this abortion laden bill without a vote. What a mockery of our governing system. I hope that all the representatives who support this will be voted out of office. I can't wait until the November vote!

    31. Mike, NY says:

      House of Representatives and Senators please vote no on this horrendous 3000 page misnamed health reform bill. I've written and phoned my representative urging him to vote no. Also, I've informed his staff that I will volunteer as a campaign worker for his opponent if he votes yes. There are many less costly, less intrusive, less coercive, less bureaucratic solutions to lower health care costs, premiums, and increase access.

    32. Bob Whited Fullerton says:

      The foolishness that is taking place in Washington ,will not stand we the people need to double our efforts to reclaim our republic.

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    34. David Davies Hemet C says:

      these people are our representatives. what grounds are there for impeachment proceedings? what other methods are in place when a congress and administration spend us into massive debt, and pass legislation that is unpopular in every state?

    35. Concerned, Mequon WI says:

      This is just sickening. Our government is corrupt and those that go along with them are equally as corrupt. If they get this passed the next thing will be immigration reform and we will add millions more to this – wait and see

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    37. Vinnie, Pittsburg, P says:

      God help us!

    38. Mappy Sassenfrass, R says:

      Talk of secession is unpatriotic and an act of treason.

    39. Mappy Sassenfrass, R says:

      "There are many less costly, less intrusive, less coercive, less bureaucratic solutions to lower health care costs, premiums, and increase access."

      Aside from tort reform, what are your ideas Mike? Curious to know, I've heard nothing from the right regarding ways to curb the pending medicare meltdown and massive insurance hikes. (Medicare is bankrupt in 2017, insurance premiums have gone up 40% this year in some markets).

    40. Sharon, Delphos, Ohi says:

      My Dad died in 2008. At that time, he called what was going on in the US Hitlerism. He said they were intruding on our rights and freedoms. He fought at Normandy and The Battle of the Bulge. His unit is listed at the Holocaust Museum as one of the liberators. If he could see what is happening since he has passed, he would be devastated. We must all stick together and take this country back.

    41. J.G. Weiner says:

      This is beyond comprehension. A SELF-PASSING BILL ! What a perfect device ! Is this not akin to when the geenie gives you three wishes, using one of the wishes to wish for MORE WISHES ? This is the most corrupt and evil government we have ever seen. They are treating the United States of America and its citizens like a bunch of third-world con artists and thugs. We did not come through all we have just to be made the pawns of the likes of these criminals. When they are all given the HEAVE in November, I can only hope that the rest of these traitor's lives are hell on earth. (I already know what will happen to them after that.)

    42. Bob says:

      where is Mr. Kucinich when impeachment is so proveable now? He was quick to bring charges against Bush II but haven't heard anything about this latest White House resident. Treason, malfeasance, certainly "misdemeanors". Several of the "old rats in the (Congressional) barn" should be hauled over the coals for their violation of contract- Oath of Office. Come on, ethics dudes, get busy!

    43. Mish Baker says:

      What you are witnessing is the creep into facism.

    44. Ryan Kopp says:

      Heritage paraphrase: "…the essense of progressivism sublimates the democratic process…"

      Chemists reverse sublimation with condensers. One has to both contain and cool a gas to liquid, through fluted tubed and bowled glass architecture. As condensation occurs the gas swirls and forms droplets.The baser state of the mixture then takes hold, and fractionation of liquids as to density occurs. During the process there is a release of heat. Also consequent to the phase change is the creation of a vacuum of space that the gas had contained. This vacuum is either filled by displacement with another gas with a lower boiling point –or relieved by contraction of the container.

    45. Mike, Alabama says:

      "I predict future happiness for Americans if they can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them." -Thomas Jefferson

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    47. David W. Dole says:

      Perhaps Harry Reid was never a Boy Scout!

      Certainly Nancy Pelosi was not!

      There surely is no "Scout's Honor" in these proceedings!

    48. Ed Blanco, Miami, Fl says:

      What is worse the montorus bill or the coniving way it is being pushed through?

      In the famous words of Winston Churchill speaking to the American Congress about the Nazis, "Who do these people think we are?"

      If they do this, and even if they don't, merely for thinking about it, remember these people and their associates in November, America, remember always!

    49. Gary, Vancouver, WA says:

      I agree with Ken (above). States should start secession procedings. The Supreme Court, as a matter of Checks-and-Balances, should step in and rule on the Constitutionality of the proceedings being attempted by the House, the Senate, AND, and the Executive Branch (White House) in this health care debacle.

    50. Wildcat from Dallast says:

      To Mappy Sassenfrass’s inquiry to Mike about healthcare cost reduction methods other than tort reform and how to deal with the Medicare going broke issue etc. I’m not sure what Mike’s ideas are but they have to be exponentially better than what the low wattage dolts in the House and Senate have come up with.

      Tort reform will definitely reduce the cost of healthcare providers which will then be reflected in lower rates for we healthcare consumers, insured or not and Medicare recipients. I would like to provide you with a few ideas to actually reduce our costs first, and then I’ll render a dramatic concept to put more money in your pocket while bolstering the financial status of Medicare.

      We need to encourage competition by health insurance companies across state lines. Having been both a consumer and purveyor of individual health insurance policies I have one positive story and a truckload of bad ones. The good one was that I was able to purchase an incredibly powerful individual policy even though I have one usually pesky pre-existing condition that most would either rider out or rate up so much making it unaffordable or both. This company rated it up a minor amount but covered everything. The bad story involves the same company that had to leave the state due to changes in state insurance regulations! The HHS Secretary was the Governor of that state when that occurred. What do you think she will do to the health insurance market for America if she does the same thing she did in Kansas? Another horrendous story is when Cigna pulled out of the Kansas market leaving its Medicare Supplement Insurance clients without coverage and now, not in the open enrollment period! Anyway, remove the individual state insurance commissioners and the individual state regulations so that I the earlier case, even though I was a Kansas resident at the time, I could have purchased (or transferred) my policy to a state where that insurance company was still operating. Eventually the prices of those insurance companies remaining in Kansas would have come down or lost business to the company I was an insured with in order to get more coverage for less premium money.

      In order to reduce future financial liabilities by the government for both Medicare and for Medicaid, why don’t we incentivize taking personal responsibility for our individual healthcare (to include long term care insurance [LTC]) during the preponderance of our lifetime? We already know that the greatest costs associated with these programs routinely occur in the last few years of the person’s life. Let’s start a program where citizens who purchase and maintain Medicare Supplement Insurance plans above the federally mandated Plan C and who purchase and maintain a LTC insurance policy that would cover the current cost plus and an additional $100 per day benefit of the most expensive type of skilled nursing home care which is a dementia or Alzheimer’s unit, with the following mandated features: inflation rider, return of premium rider, lifetime benefit and a 90 day elimination period. Four additional important facets include that the individual pays no tax on the premium dollars to cover these insurance policies, that benefits paid above and beyond the cost of the nursing facility will not be taxed (by the federal and the state government period) and the government will pay the first 90 days of their nursing home (assisted living and/or skilled nursing) stay and the patient does not have to change “beds” from a Medicare or Medicaid bed to a self paying bed. Paying for the first 90 days of which ever happens (assisted or skilled) is dramatically cheaper than paying for the entire stay much less the last six months to a year. The government’s liability is reduced and patient gets to choose and control his or her destiny. Also, since most insurance policies include Hospice care, that cost too is removed from the government’s liability. Also, I would repeal the social security and Medicare/Medicaid law enacted during the Carter administration that had the government take on the financial responsibility for giving those aforementioned benefits to illegal aliens! That will go a long way to making those programs solvent longer. Next is to make the uncovered illegal alien pay before any medical services are rendered like they do in Germany today. No free care for illegals.

      The one aspect that I would change from the current system, even though it will have a cost associated with it is to mandate no pre-existing conditions exclusions just like group policies have always been. I would think there would have to be a maximum allowable rate up to make it reasonably affordable for the general public.”

      Now, to get to the bottom line of reform that helps every citizen in the country. First off I would change how businesses (small, medium and large) account for their employees health insurance premiums. Return to the practice used for a year or two during WWII (but make it permanent) that businesses will write off all health insurance premiums as a cost of doing business! Now, those who have to contribute pre-tax dollars for their health insurance now have more usable money in their paycheck. Next is to allow those working citizens (no non-citizens) to obtain a waiver to not pay tax on their individual health insurance policies provided their employer does not provide that type of health insurance. That is until the following January 1st when we eliminate the state and federal income tax as we know it entirely and proceed to the FAIR TAX (read Neal Bortz’ book for details) but implement a 4% added value tax with half of those proceeds going directly to pay for principal of the national debt and the other half to pay back the handwritten IOU’s Congress has been putting in the social security trust fund until that has a surplus equal to 50% of the current total of combined IOU’s and until Congress stops printing fiat money to pay for things they cannot afford.

      I would also offer a federal program incentivizing young medical students to accept Medicare and Medicaid payments for life and we (the government) will pay for their medical education upon passing the Board of Healing Arts Exam for multi-state licensing and signing the agreement.

      I would add to that package to have a skilled team of non-partisan program analysts review each one of the federally created entitlements (excluding Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid) for fraud, waste and abuse of the Constitution as it is not within the scope of that document to create and sustain such programs with our tax dollars. Then I would change their focus to other federal agencies and programs beginning with the Executive Branch, then the Legislative Branch and finally with the Judicial Branch. Their targets would include any program that was to be temporary in nature but appears to have evolved into a life form “all its own” and then for any agency that continuously fails its chartered mission, such as the Department of Energy. They would also investigate, for the purpose of recouping monies expended in the various bailouts and TARP funds and so-called stimulus funds. For example, in capitalism one of the primary tenants is risk versus reward. Goldman Sachs knowingly took on the exceptionally high risk derivatives filled with subprime mortgages. I say knowingly because they immediately insured them against default with an insurance carrier by the name of AIG. When the subprime mortgages (and the associated derivatives) went south, Goldman Sachs went to collect from AIG, who apparently failed to do due diligence on what they were insuring. Since former Goldman Sachs executive, Hank Colsen (then Secretary of the Treasury), got involved to save AIG which in turn paid his buddies remaining at Goldman Sachs. We the taxpaying citizens took it in the shorts (or Obama, shortly after taking office) began printing fiat money to pay for all his programs including this one. Now, Goldman Sachs made out like fat rats and AIG is merely surviving. Why should Goldman Sachs benefit from their high risk venture that in actuality failed? What would have happened if we had not bailed out AIG? AIG would have paid out as much as they could have then either been liquidated to pay as much else as they could or file for bankruptcy, reorganize and Goldman Sachs would have been paid within the bounds of bankruptcy laws. Oh, and we would not have spent one dollar that we didn’t have to in the first place. We should get money back from both AIG and Goldman Sachs with interest. Same with GM and Chrysler in terms of should have let them file for bankruptcy, fix their unsustainable bloated union contracts, reorganize and begin again producing cars, trucks and SUV’s.

      Anyway, you get the idea. Remove unnecessary government programs and laws via repeal, recoup monies where possible, let the market work as those laws in conjunction with bankruptcy laws would have benefitted America and the dollar much better than what Obama did, and incentivize personal responsibility to dramatically reduce the federal (and state) governments’ financial liability in a way that preserves our personal liberties and individual freedoms.

      Hope that helps.

    51. Linda W., Kemah, TX says:

      "The Utopian schemes of leveling (re-distribution of the wealth) and a community of goods (central ownership of the means of production and distribution), are as visionary and impractical as those which vest all property in the Crown. (These ideas) are arbitrary, despotic, and, in our government, unconstitutional." (William V. Wells, The Life and Public Services of Samuel Adams, 1865) Excerpt taken from "The Five Thousand Year Leap" by W. Cleon Skousen. Forward by Glenn Beck.

    52. JD, real world says:

      Hard to imagine the day would come in this country where the rules are ignored by our leaders and a small minority is imposing draconian changes and hated laws on a public straining to also play by the rules.

      But in banana republics, where leaders give the Constitution and the public the middle finger, the public eventually gets really very angry, and starts doing more than breaking windows.

      Is it time to sharpen our pitchforks?

    53. Dan, GJ, Colorado says:

      I' ve heard enough. This is complete insanity that we should have to sit here listening while the fox gaurds the hen house! All I want to hear is a call to arms. If our own representatives ignore the people and impose tyrannical laws against our will, then my friends they have already broken our laws. How much more proof do we need to understand that our government is indeed out of control? It is still our right to abolish the current regime…the way I see it, all we need is a George Washington to lead.

      I am ready to defend this country again!

    54. Mappy Sassenfrass, R says:

      Wildcat, excellent post. It's refreshing to read an articulate, well-thought out argument that doesn't just use cheap buzzwords and rhetoric.

      All you red-staters talking about secession might want to bear in mind you draw more from the federal teat then you pay in. Top 10 states getting more back from feds then they pay in-all red. Ten states paying the most in and getting the least back out are blue states (with the exception of Nevada, probably has something to do with gambling). So go ahead and break away from America…I'd rather live in a country of patriots anyway.

    55. Paul says:

      If they do this, the is literally Martial Law! This is the most corrupt President and Congress in the history of this country!!!

    56. Paula,Lufkin, TX says:

      I am all for voting these crooks out of office, but just wonder what they have up their sleeves regarding giving the illegals amnesty. You can be sure that they only want them (illegals ) here for their vote. Obama, Pelosi, and company could care less whether they have health care or not. These liberal idealogs are destroying our country. It is hard to believe that there isn't a handful of democrats in congress who will stand up to these criminals. Just look out, they will pull something before the next election so OB can serve another term. OB should be impeached and his crew run out of Washington! And to think, they ALL swore to uphold the Constitution of the United States!

    57. Bob Hagaman Homosass says:

      Our Democrat congress consistently breaks rules and violates laws, even ones they create. It appears that they have no respect fot the American people.

      When they admit they will pass a bill then find out what is in it that shows stupidity and laziness to an extreme degree.

      Sure wish there was a great lineup of replacements for them.

    58. Peter - IL says:

      I am absolutely amazed what this President is doing to our Country. Doesn’t anybody remember the Constitution? This is our Nation, the people’s Nation, One Nation Under God. Or, are there too many apathetic citizens who refuse to be embroiled in confrontation and let this administration finish us off.

      At this moment, we still have the “Rights” as they are written in the Constitution, “ . . . that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness. It must be clear, these “Rights”, are not the same as entitlements. Yet today, politicians use these two words synonymously.

      They began long ago at succeeding to defame the very essence of what was once, the greatest Nation this country ever was. While at the same time, they’re also methodically, and relentlessly going to relegate the American citizens, to a sub-class from themselves. Before too long, we become wards, subjects or even property of the government. It will no longer be our government, it will become the government of politician’s.

      Why in God's name hasn't anyone mentioned the word "IMPEACH"?

      This simply has to stop, this administration has no idea how to use the logical side of their brains. They have either lost any form of objectivity, or the academic elitist professors have inoculated their students into believing that Secular Humanism is the answer to a “Better” society.

      I challenge everyone to visit newspaper’s web sites of other countries. Not just one or two; look to media outlets that have no agenda other than to report the news. The fair, honest and factual news that is beyond reproach. New that is not impressed or influenced by outside intrusion. Perhaps then, you will see what the world REALLY thinks of the American government, and its citizens. And by the way, if you don’t think it matters what other countries think of the American government and its citizens you are sadly mistaken.

      I for one, am a proud citizen of these United States of America. I believe the Founders of this Nation crafted the Declaration of Independence to be an honest, simple a complete statement without any ambiguity at all. The Politicians must stop making it more complicating that it is.

      The men who wrote the Constitution proved that an advanced educational degree does mean your smarter.

    59. Ronnie Daugherty SEB says:

      it seems to me when i want to express my opipion something or 1 takes it off doesnt that sound fishy

    60. Patricia A Kelley says:

      I feel strongly that obama's has had one agenda (He and those behind the scenes who put him in office ) and that is to bring America to it's knees financilly. Why ? So we have to become part of the One World Government. As Kissinger has said .."we have GROOMED him for this".Obama ,it is very clear to me, is not a Patriot .All he has done, has been to the detriment of the United States in ALL facits.Do you really feel safe anymore?? Do you feel someone is looking out for you and your future ?? No, hardly, how could you..because they are not. His passing the health care bill has nothing to do with helping the uninsured ,it has to do with bankrupting US. There is No excuse for what he is or has done to date he is progressing according to plan except that he has had some opposition, more than he and his thought….Right has might and will triumpt in the end….Right now for the first time in my life ,I can say I know what evil is.

    61. bette Overk, bridgew says:

      How far are they going to be allowed to go before we can start talking about impeachment ?

      It seems pretty clear to me that this president and his cohorts are purposely destroying our country.

      Dear God please help us….

    62. John Clancy, Wyandot says:

      The Northwest Ordinance of 1787 states: "Religion and morality, being necessary for good government and the happiness of mankind, schools and the means of education, shall forever be encouraged." This is the kind of thinking (vision) that prevailed in the founding of our nation and for another 170 years.

      Great thinkers like Burke and Tocqueville and Brownson see religion and morality as essential for a free people, as our founders do. We are losing this vision because our government schools and universities are staffed by many professors and teachers who hold that, in order to be free, we need to ignore religion and morality, even destroy it (ACLU)

      In fact, we are now looking at a government in Washington that pays little heed to religion and morality. Almost every day we learn of some attack on one of our basic freedoms like religion and speech. We are, indeed, witnessing the destruction of an exceptional nation that was built by great people and protected by the lives and deaths of millions..

    63. Pingback: Only in Washington can you go both ways and never suffer the consequences! « Lance Sigmon's Thoughts

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