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  • Morning Bell: The Up or Down Vote Our Country Really Deserves

    President Barack Obama is touring the country asking for an up-or-down vote on his health care plan. Forget for a second that Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) can schedule an up-or-down vote on the Senate health care bill any time she wants, and keep in mind that while Democrats are trying to create the legislative text for President Obama’s “new” health care proposal, Senate Democrats are also pushing to include student lending provisions in the reconciliation bill. What does student lending have to do with health care you might ask? Nothing. But the Senate routinely attaches seemingly unrelated matters to must-pass legislation.

    That is what makes Majority Leader Harry Reid’s (D-NV) refusal to honor Sen. Joe Lieberman’s (I-CT) request to offer an amendment funding the D.C. Opportunity Scholarship Program (DCOSP) to the American Workers, State and Business Relief Act so transparently hypocritical. Lieberman has been fighting for months to get an up-or-down vote on the DCOSP and saw a good opportunity with the Business Relief Act. But Reid prevented an up-or-down vote by ruling Lieberman’s amendment “not germane” to the underlying legislation. When has that ever stopped the Senate before?

    The reality is that the Obama administration and Senate Democrats want to avoid an up-or-down vote on the DCOSP at all costs. Such a vote would force them to choose between their lofty post-partisan education rhetoric and the cold hard reality of the fact that liberal Democrats are beholden to the interests of the teachers unions. Articulating the official position of the Obama administration, Secretary of Education Arne Duncan wrote in The Wall Street Journal last year: “We must close the achievement gap by pursuing what works best for kids, regardless of ideology. In the path to a better education system, that’s the only test that really matters.” What works. Regardless of ideology. That’s the only test.

    Well the tests are in and the evidence is that the DCOSP works. Specifically, the Obama administration’s own Department of Education released a report showing “those offered a scholarship were performing at statistically higher levels in reading—equivalent to 3.1 months of additional learning.” Like previous evaluations, it also found that “the [Opportunity Scholarship Program] had a positive impact overall on parents’ reports of school satisfaction and safety…”

    But the DCOSP works by giving parents education vouchers so that they are then empowered to make their own decisions about which schools are best for their children instead of being subject to the government-union-controlled education monopoly. That is why the Democrats and their like-minded teachers unions want to kill the program despite the fact that it helps poor kids. The Washington Post editorializes today:

    Unless Congress acts soon or the D.C. government decides to assume responsibility, the voucher program, which has benefited so many students since its inception in 2004, is in grave danger. The Obama administration closed the program to new students; children currently enrolled, while supposedly assured of getting vouchers until they graduate from high school, face uncertainty as the program’s administrator pulls out. This is exactly what the program’s chief antagonists, the teachers unions, want; the National Education Association lobbied fiercely against Mr. Lieberman’s amendment. Given that a rigorous, federally mandated study confirmed the program’s effectiveness and that local leaders such as D.C. Schools Chancellor Michelle A. Rhee have supported it, we understand why Mr. Reid sits on his hands. What possible explanation could Democrats devise for killing something that has been so crucial in the lives of thousands of poor D.C. children? How would it look? No, better to do nothing and hope the issue goes away.

    President Obama and his administration are very familiar with the empowering benefits school choice brings to families struggling to educate their children. Growing up in Chicago, Obama’s Secretary of Education Arne Duncan attended a private school. Growing up in Hawaii, President Obama attended a private school. Growing up first in Chicago, and now in Washington, Obama’s two daughters attended and still attend private schools. In fact, two of Obama’s daughter’s classmates are able to attend Sidwell Friends thanks to the D.C. Opportunity Scholarship Program. And the annual Heritage Foundation survey of Congress and school choice shows that 38% of Members of the 111th Congress sent a child to private school at one time. Congress owes D.C. school children an up-or-down vote on their future.

    Quick Hits:

    • According to the latest Rasmussen Reports poll, 66% of voters believe Obamacare is likely to increase the federal deficit and 81% believe it is at least somewhat likely that Obamacare will cost more than official estimates.
    • Not a single Democrat has switched from “no” to “yes” since President Obama began his “final” campaign for health reform.
    • White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs yesterday refused to answer whether President Obama would sign the Senate health bill if no reconciliation bill is produced by the Senate.
    • According to the state’s independent Legislative Analyst’s Office, California will lose jobs due to higher energy costs from its aggressive climate change policy.
    • According to documents uncovered by a former U.N. weapons inspector, Iraqi President Saddam Hussein weighed the purchase of a $150 million nuclear “package” deal in 1990.
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    49 Responses to Morning Bell: The Up or Down Vote Our Country Really Deserves

    1. Susan, DallasTX says:

      The hypocrisy, arrogance and hubris of this administration will again remind us all of what happens when we elect Democrats to office. Not that the Republicans haven't had their share of stupidity. But overall, this president will relieve Jimmy Carter of the title of the 'country's worst president' in its history. Jimmy Carter is grateful, as he had no 'out' until now.

    2. Mike, Columbus says:

      The Obama Administration: promoting hypocrisy over democracy. Our once great country is in grave danger as they transform the USA into something unwanted by a vast majority of Americans. God, yes God, help us all!

    3. Dr Duncan Druhl, Ott says:

      The education matter ranks as high on the Democrat Hypocrisy Meter as Carter II's statements in Cairo when he said: "I consider it part of my responsibility as President of the United States to fight against negative stereotypes of Islam wherever they appear." That is all nice and friendly, but wholly inconsistent with the statist's battle to insert the phrase "separation of church and state" into the Constitution of the US, a phrase that does not currently appear in the original document.

      Perhaps it is my error, where denying poor children proper educational opportunities while availing those of they-who-would-be-King the opportunities to continue the separation of classes that dominates the thinking of the US Congress and administration is the real objective.

      Therefore, should we officially recognise the Estate System, again?

    4. Ken Jarvis says:

      From time to time

      I get Emails from LOYAL HF readers

      complaining about ME not commenting on the HF headline.

      The Reason I don't is because they do their


      then switch gears to something entirely different.

      For example –

      a person would think that today's column would be about

      HCReform Vote.


      It is about – WHY THE HF HATE UNIONS,



    5. Mary.... WI says:

      More of the same commands….do as I say not as I do. Obama and all democrats MUST be voted out of office. Our country is turning into something very, very UGLY! The majority of Americans are being "sent to slaughter" so to speak. Sad thing is there is nowhere else to move to. We're becoming the typical run of the mill european nation…..the New World Order. Hope all that love the idea, what is it 17% of Americans, enjoy being told what to do and when to do it…..lazy, uninspired people that want the government to do everything and provide everything for them. I feel sorry for you all….nothing more than serfs/slaves of the government.

    6. paul,the villages fl says:

      Before education or anything else can be done properly, all public officials and their staffs have to be included in any laws they pass.If that happens, then good laws will be enacted. If you are going to work for the people then you should be under the same rules It would be amasing how fast thing would improve if this happened.

    7. william childress Co says:

      What is wrong with the Latinos and the Black American poor that they failed to understand the the liberl democrats are not for them. They keep voting these LD's in and yet, there are getting srewed everytime. when will they wake up and see the truth. Awake latinos, wake Balck Americans and take your place in history as a people that lived the American dream.

    8. Lindainwast says:

      Just when I think this gov. majority can't get any worse….it does!!

    9. Bob Veigel, Arlingto says:

      Obama is corrupt. Congress is corrupt. Politicians are corrupt. Why would anyone expect decency and honesty from such? Our citizen's have been brainwashed and are dumbdowned after years and years of being exposed to a failed educational system. In my opinion, many do not even know what is happening to them or our Nation. About 50% of the people are on the direct government payroll or are receiving funds from one of the many so called.'entitlement' programs. They may know but could care less about the disaster road our Country is on. May somehow, someway we wake up in time to change that path to nowhere.

    10. Drew Page, IL says:

      Oh please, please try to find some more worthy causes to spend our tax dollars on. How about a couple of trillion to study the mating habits of crickets? If we really intend to bankrupt the country let's get it over with

    11. James Canyon, TX says:

      With each passing day, at age 75, I grow cynical when it comes to Barry S and the despicable Democrats.

      Their desire is to ruin the economy, cripple the republican form of government by subverting it at all times, and bring a dictator of The One, Barry S.

    12. WM, La says:

      You commented that student lending has nothing to do with health care. This is how the democrats auction off your future and the future of your children.

    13. BOB DEBIASE , MARINA says:

      Why don't we just do things to HEALTHCARE NOW that does not cost any

      MONEY ! Like printing the average cost of procedures on the internet so people will not get ripped off . We can comparison shop on real estate all day long and can comparison shop ourselves to death on many products , like our autos , etc.

      Why not take the veil away from healthcare costs and let the people shop for a good physician and a good price. WHAT A CONCEPT

      BOB DEBIASE 3-10-2010

    14. Bill Sr. Jacksonvill says:

      There is and always will be some who are blind to evil in some of it's many forms but with the years of overwhelming liberal media and academic culture of death being spewed across the land the number of "thinking Americans" of voting age has diminished. You can't deny that BHO received hundreds of thousand of votes just due to the color of his skin and the misguided notion of being racist if you didn't favor him.

      May I point out one "small" but monumental decision which shouts out to those voters! It's the one which made me sicker to my stomach than any of the other deceitful action by a progressive agenda which has vowed to “fundamentally change America”.

      The Washington D.C. public schools spend more money to give a poorer education to its students than any other district in the country. It’s been this way for some time. That mean old George Bush embraced the Voucher Program there to allow scholarships to students of these failing schools to enter private school programs which had room for them if they so desired. These were of course predominately BLACK students. The plan was having great success. Many if not most of the recipients voted for BHO. Did this program or the students and their voting parents mean a damn to him?

      NO! Almost immediately after taking office, right after reversing the Mexico City Policy to send taxpayer money abroad (as in Africa) for abortions to be exact, BHO said he wants to shut down the D.C, Voucher Program. Tell me, who is the racist here and does the color of your skin say anything about how you should think??

      That single decision speaks volumes on the character of this president.

    15. gerald skey says:

      There is a basic poblem with education to which we pay lip service but little else. Acheving students come from concerned and invested parents. For those who are concened and invested, te voucher program is a god send. It enables those parents to make a considered choice and if that choice results in a child moving from a school where the majority of the students and their families are not participating in the process to a school where the students and their families are involved, that child will dofar better. But the problem is that the schools fro which these students depart are left with a diminished student body and that school's poential for success diminishes.

      The teachers at these failing schools will then take the brunt of the criticism. So, in a sense, the voucher system is creating a divide between students who want to achieve and those who, for whatever reason, do not or cannot. The eventual question will become how do we staff the underachieving schools and what do we do with those underachieving students who become an ever larger percentage or majority in those schools.

      The net result will be that failing schools will fail at higher levels of failure. Ultimately, we as a country, will learn that while education belongs in the schools, the commitment to education is the province of the home.

    16. chris Naples Florida says:

      The Presidents ever evolving hypocracy knows no bounds.

    17. Judith in Michigan says:

      I wonder what the reaction would be if, during the upcoming elections, union organizations were put on the ballots next to each candidate showing which candidate they have bought & control? It should also note how much money they have paid for this control. That way, there would be no speculation. Then, when each Congressperson sets up shop in DC, said union would be able to have a desk right next to that elected official to stipulate which way to vote on any issue.

      What a time saver!

      Next stop…..Union logos on the Presidental Seal. What a great idea !!!

    18. Mike New York says:

      let's face it..This is the most corrupt, dishonest, creepy white house and congress in the history of the United States.This makes south american dictators, east european commies look like boy scouts. We may not be able to retrieve our country once these guys are finished. Ask why does not Obama takes questions from the Press?…Because he cannot be honest when answering….

    19. Mark Ruehle says:

      This appears to be one of those rare opportunities to show the nation just what conservative philosophy is all about. Lets adopt these kids (figuratively) and humbly encourage their acedemic and lifelong success and joy.

      How about a national fund raiser, a one to five day pledge drive, broadcast in part on Glen Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and of course the Heritage Foundation. I believe the private response will be overwhelming in light of Congress turning their backs on this most important human investment.

    20. Kathleen says:

      Obama, his wife, Pelosi, Reid and the like are CREEPY, indeed. Also, they are arrogant, hypocritical, and evil to want to destroy our country – at a rapid pace. They MUST be stopped! Get involved and most importantly vote them out!

    21. Al Duhan New Milford says:

      I would never believe that I would see a president and congress, so hated by so many Americans. This administration is not for the true American people but for the New World Establishment. Their rhetoric and promises are false, such as the health care. This is just to get these millions of low income, to pay more taxes to this new world order. I am very surprised that the below average families, Black, Latinos & the poor whites actually believe in these promises. If they would just open their minds they would see through these lies. 2009 made the most millionaires in the history of America. Where do you believe that this bailout money went. Is it not true to believe or know from history that the deeper we are in debt, the more the poor will suffer. The poor may never survive this horrific SCAM. In the great depression 1929- 1933 it was just the wealthy that benefited, and a disaster to the low income. This will be just a repeat but much worst, because these congressional people don't know what they are doing, and don't care. They have their funds to survive anything. Wake up America Al

    22. Roger / Clarence, NY says:

      Congressional Bills, for the most part, have never been crafted with a "what is good for the American people and the Country?" mindset, but rather "What is good for 'us' – the Legislators?"

    23. Becky says:

      Par for the political course. What citizens have to live with is government diktat. The spoils go to Congress, who are now not just influenced by special interests, but are special interests themselves.

    24. Pingback: ADF Alliance Alert » DC Opportunity Scholarships: The Up or Down Vote Our Country Really Deserves

    25. Giles, Winnsboro, TX says:

      Once again government proves that if it works stop it and another demonstration of the lack of integrity for actually improving our nation, what a better way than the education of our children for not too far in the future they will be the ones standing in our places making crucial decisions for their children and future posterity. The practice of attaching meaningful legislation to less than desirable legislation is an ongoing practice. This is a practice that needs to stop, each piece should be voted on separately, it would take less time than trying to read a huge bill such as the current health bill to ferret out any attached legislation that is not part of that bill, of course that would mean acting responsibly and with common sense, neither of which this government has displayed for many years. It is not about dems or repubs, it is about men and women who desired to serve their country in one of the branches of service to ensure by an oath this nation would prosper by the freedoms of its people and their accountability to themselves, their God, their families, and their country. Instead we have multi-groups who desire to split, disenfranchise and castigate the people so they may be overpowered from within, for united we stand divided we fall. Joe Lieberman’s legislation should be introduced, discussed with all the evidence and then voted on as a separate piece of legislation not coupled with the stimulus bill, health bill, sky bridge bill, etc. “nuff said.

    26. Sue From Detroit says:

      My children went to private schools and I am glad and grateful my husband and I made that decision before our children were conceived. However, many parents do not have the choices or the opportunities I have had. We put a pro voucher sign on our front lawn when an election came up in our area to have vouchers put on the ballad. We had to replace our sign 4 times because the public school teachers kept removing the signs from our lawn. I know there are many dedicated and excellent teachers out there but the teachers' unions are harming our public school system. The brightest and the best do not go into the educational fields.

    27. Francis Godici Oswego, NY says:

      I wonder if anyone has tried to analyze the rapid rise in college tuition to try to determine if one of the causes might be the ease of getting loans and Pell grants and the like. It seems logical that costs should rise at the same rate as inflation and not at the rate that we’ve experienced.

    28. Laura Rosko-Holden/East Hampton,N.Y. says:

      It is not surprising the hypocracy keeps piling up in Washington. Obama reminds me of the “Emperor’s New Clothes”. No sense of realty, no grasp of TRUE history of our GREAT country, and absolutely blinded by a totally warped idea of the truth and where our future lies. The best example of a powerful teacher union forcing less than mediocre educational standards on poor children is in NYC. Sure, I can validate the complaints of class size and building conditions, however, they ALWAYS focus on THEIR MONEY!!! When offered the solution of moving some classes to other buildings and the creation of more charter schools (more Teaching jobs) what an uproar!. Then, present facts to Congress that vouchers for school choice work, really, where’s the surprise ? More importantly, where’s the outrage !? This program Joe Lieberman wants should be totally embraced by the “HOPE & CHANGE” guy in the White House. Let’s not forget, the voucher program was first seen as an “elitist” option for the upper class to keep their kids OUT of public schools. I look forward to the bumper stickers w/ Obama’s day count for leaving the W.H. like the left had for “W”

    29. Louis Levy Dayton OH says:

      What all need to understand is that most of us are susceptible to run and fight for ideas which are far from being ours. The best clue which could allow us to stop is to look at the Us interests, understanding that we are at war and that suggestion is one of the weapons the Enemy uses.

      The more this is understood, by democrats and most of us, the more the Enemy will loose his power to destroy wether Healthcare or kids future or anything else.

    30. bigdave, ocala fl says:

      We really need an up/down vote on whether to impeach Obama immediately! If we were all on Obama Airlines(which we are!) with him as pilot and he's doing loopdeeloops and all sorts of dangerous manuevers, and he has never flown the plane before, are we going to keep him in the pilot seat?! I don't think so! This man is a DANGER to 300,000,000 people! Paas a 2700 page bill which no one has read then fix it later?! Is the entire demorat party on crack or what?!

    31. Blair, Franconia, NH says:

      Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, vote, or no vote?

    32. Dave White, Provo, U says:

      Just retired after 43 years as a HS and college teacher. Deeply resent the Federal governments growing intrusion and take over of education. The Feds not the parents or state now control at least 50 % of the curriculum. The latest take over try will increase the control. WAKE UP AMERICANS, when the public schools are controlled by the Feds, what will your children really learn? This end run must be defeated!

    33. Bill Lee, ArkLaTex a says:

      These are important facts about the Obama administration. But the only news media to release this information will be Fox.

      I hope this information is repeated during Nov' 2010 Congressional Election Campaigns and Democrats are asked to respond! But I guess this too much to ask of our media in America.

      This whole mess we are in has been caused by our "sloppy media" who are so bias toward liberalism that they hid and ignore the facts about Obama and the Democrats.

      I am so glad the media sector is having economic problems, since they share a major blame in our situation.

    34. Richard Cancemi, Arl says:

      Progressives do not want an educated citizenry. They want to foster ignorance and indoctrination of our youngsters. An intelligent and knowledgeable populace can see through their chicanery. They would get nowhere with a truly educated and logically-reasoning public. Schools are being used as indoctrination centers, not educational centers. They seek to teach "what" to think, not "how" to think!

    35. ella quinn kinaton n says:

      We donot want the obama health care at all.

    36. Gib De Lisle; Lafaye says:

      Our problems began when L.B.J. took removed states rights,and moved the education system to the Federal Goverment.THANK YOU L.B.J. for another failed federal beuracratic failure.

    37. Lioness, Wisconsin says:

      Hypocrisy and self serving untruthfulness mean nothing to this administration and it's lackeys; they serve no one but themselves and that is a definition for wickedness. Don't throw your pearls before swine ; "overcome evil with good — :-} Old adages but good advice!

    38. Billie says:

      This most important investment is a personal investment, not government. Why would anybody trust someone else's choices, to anyone's personal health care? doctor and patient. Government, doctor and patient. hmm…With the corruption of people by government and government corruption, how can this bill be considered?

    39. Billie says:

      The people don't deserve any of this government majority.

    40. bigdave, ocala fl says:

      You know Heritage, there is a story which must be told about the extreme wealth residing in Hollywood, as showcased for all to see on the Academy Awards presentation. We are talking about IMENSE Wealth garnered by these actors as a result of CAPITALISM and the fact they were BORN IN THIS COUNTRY! So WHY are they such SOCIALIST AMERICA HATERS?! And LISTEN UP HOLLYWOOD…you CAN NOT be and AMERICAN and a SOCIALIST at the same time! You are ONE OR THE OTHER! To be American is to be FREE! A Socialist is a SLAVE of the STATE! End of story! They are Socialists IN America! Better take a stand NOW folks cause you are on the verge of LOSING IT ALL!!! See any other Acadamey Awards in any other country? Noooo! Any show of wealth amassed by "actors"? Nooooo! Once "you people" get socialized…you will just be one of us.

    41. Lee White Tanks AZ says:

      We have traveled a very long path of trying to run our Education System, K-1-University Graduate Schools out of Washington District of Corruption. This started with the creation of the Department of Education as a response to the national teachers unions. Our schools have gone downhill in terms of quality of education ever since.

      Actually almost since the turn of the 20th century our learning institutions have been the target of Liberal/Progressive/Collectivist thinkers and activists. The result has been the almost total loss of the concept of our learning centers as a place for scholarship and the unrestricted presentation and discussion of new ideas and philosophical diversity.

      Instead we have gotten Political Correctness (PC) which is rapidly destroying all semblance of our Colleges and Universities as seats of learning and replacing them and our early education K-12 centers into PC indoctrination centers.

      Three things have to happen if this deterioration is to be halted.

      1. The national Teachers Unions must be disbanded into state and local entities

      2. The Federal Department of Education must be dismantled

      3. Tenure in the entire education field must go.

      These actions followed by a thorough house cleaning are absolute necessities if We The People are once more to gain control of our schools at all levels. Education must be restored to local control.

      PC is Thought Control


    42. Peter Heide says:

      I used to trust government because, in the big picture, it did reflect the will of the People. Maybe it still does, but my faith is wavering. How can the Republican George W. Bush double the national debt? How could the current pack of Democrats be so dishonest? The philosophy of the end justifies the means has taken over and at least in these two examples I don’t think the end is sufficient or even plausible justification for the means.

    43. sueback,bedford,TX says:

      this health care bill is a scam–why are they in such a hurry, because they have other things on their adgenda to take over the US–I do not want to pay for all the 'new' foreigners flooding into the US to get us to pay for their free health care. The gov. needs to go after the doctors and hospitals for overcharging–I am a senior and have been paying in for decades and now this Obama wants to steal more of our money and put us under the death panels which also .includes 'special needs' people and kids. How deplorable. How about deporting criminal illegals sucking us dry–deport the ones in prison first and then start catching the ones on the street and deporting them-get them the heck out of the US. Texas is now at 40% Mexican, the ones we know about. what about next year and the next. What about all the Muslims flooding us with their afflicted? I do not want to pay a dime for this bunch and this admin. leaves the seniors out who have fought for this country and we have to put up with likes of Nancy P., Harry R. and Barack Hussein O. Get these horrible, dense people out of the US ;and at least out of the WH. Americans first and the hell ;with the Obama bunch. they send their kids to private schools and the rest have to go to school with a culture mixture, which will not work and I do want my grandkids going to school ;with the thiefs, (Mexican) and the smelly Muslims. I do not want our teachers having to ruin our education by having to wait for the others to understand. I want segretation back–when I went to school, we graduated Walter Conkite, Denton Cooley, Gale Storm (older than me, but same school) many military generals, jounalists, owers of stores, and guess what in my age group we are still getting together–but their way of in-racial will not work–the other day I saw a black/asian baby, a black with slant eyes and when this black man leaves his asian wife, then whe will have to endure raising this child, I see black/Mexican, white/black, white/Muslim, white/asian–see where I am going, the foreigners are here to lighten their race. I see fat, ugly white women marrying more blacks and Muslims–I see a pattern. a disgraceful a pattern.Bring back secregation–I do not want my grand kids in a school with gangs and thugs and thiefs. AND my grand kids go to a suburban nice school, but the Mexicans move into apartments in ;the school district so they can get into the school. We need a school for blacks, a school for Mexicans with black teachers, with Mexcian teachers. We do not owe them anything. Anglo=Saxon made America, invented things, sought out cures for diseases, started raidroads–blacks have done nothing except breed and make us pay for them, Muslims have done nothing but blow us us, Mexcians have done nothing for America, but steal from us and kill us We need to put our foot down and take charge once again.,

    44. Jeanne Stotler,Woodb says:

      One thing never mentioned when talking about the National Debt increase under Bush, 9/11 happened and there was a great increase in security at airports etc, plus we were in Iraq, I am not going to debate WMD as no one really knows the truth, hope it comes out someday. BHO has since tripled that and except for Afaghastan (spel?) all he has done is spend on banks, car cos. and such who should have filed Chap.11 and gotten out of their own messes. Giving money to people who do not work (refering to able bodied) does not increase the tax revenue, small businesses and local businesses bring in jobs, if you tax them and increase charges such as mandating HC they shut down or go to part- time employees. This Pres. has no knowledge of how the private sector works, his only non political job was in HS at a Dairy Queen. I am putting a bumper sticker on my car as soon as I can find it, "Clean the House and the Senate too, 2010.

    45. denver- oklahoma says:

      The post-modern drug-enhanced intellectuals, such as Countess Pelosi are having their ten minutes of fame. Sadly, their ilk are spread throughout the power professions and they are colluding to cripple and eventually crush the most noble, creative and productive society in the history of man. Adalai Stephenson, a real Democrat, defended this great country nobly before the UN in November of '63 during the Cuban missile crisis. He had a clear grasp of the virtue and value of this great country a knowledge and ability grossly absent in the present crop in DC.the presentPOTUSwould do well to read that speech andclarify his view of his "native" land. Barring corruption, their ten minutes of fame will be over come Nov. and we'll correct the damage and get on with being the greatest nation ever founded by divine providence. That's all I have to say.

    46. denver- oklahoma says:

      A comforting natural law that applies here: Whatsoever you sow, so shall you reap. I think I'd rather be reaping what the people have been sowing than what the secular regressives have been up to. I just refuse to think so highly of myself and so very lowly of my fellowman, let alone despise them…as they do.

    47. Richard Beaudoin Esp says:

      How much $ could we raise if every member gave 50 dollars, could we fund the program privately? We would send a very strong message about government and about private importance. I would be the first contributor.

    48. CT Angelamarie says:

      Each and every member who sign this healthcare bill will leave their family, and children's families with the legacy that their mom/dad ruined the best country ever. It will be their "Scarlet Letter" ("C" for corruption) to wear for the rest of their lives. They will be looked upon as a modern day Benedict Arnold.

      The Democratic Congress should be ashamed of themselves for accepting the job to represent their constituents, and then just do whatever they are told, or bribed to do. They are a disgrace to not only their families, but to America

    49. Richard , in Nevada says:

      It shames me a bit to admit that Harry Reid comes from Nevada, Alas he came with

      the property…… like a toxic oil spill, he gets cleaned out in November, the problem is

      the damage he can do till then.

      During the election we shouted from the rooftops that they were corrupt, dirty, dishonest, subversive and evil. America was too enamored with being PC and electing a man of color to the white house, They would not understand that the color

      was red. This presidents communist/Marxist beliefs where well documented and exposed. But Americans were tricked and Shamed into electing him. Like any good Marxist he and his conspirators like Reid and pelosi think that their ends justify the

      means to accomplish the goal of a socialist/communist state, constitution be damned

      So here we are and the question is what will as Americans decide in November,

      more con games and run away government or good sense and the Republic .

      Two years of evil leaders harming the USA or a return to good limited Government

      Get busy citizens November is a turn around on a narrow road do your part.

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    Your tax dollars are being spent on programs that we really don't need.

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