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  • Government Picks Wind as Winner, Oil and Natural Gas as Losers

    Chris Horner from the Competitive Enterprise Institute is at it again, doing his best Sherlock Holmes imitation. After a Spanish study warned that renewable energy policies destroy more jobs than they aim to create, the Department of Energy released a strong rebuttal, claiming the report lacked rigor. A CEI-submitted Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request shows how the DOE’s critique of the foreign study came to fruition.

    What transpired is difficult to discern with precision, as DOE continues to withhold numerous responsive documents. But it is clear that senior staff in Ms. Zoi’s office, and another under her authority, were told by the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) of its concern over the foreign economic analysis because of the media and policymaker attention it was receiving.

    The questions raised about green jobs also threatened the vast increase in Department of Energy spending to pursue green jobs. The Obama administration has poured cash into renewable-energy efficiency and renewable energy with abandon. One such program at the department has grown from a budget of $1.7 billion in 2008 to $18 billion in 2009.

    What is clear is that the Department of Energy then worked with Center for American Progress and the industry lobby AWEA to produce an attack that would serve all their interests.”

    More on the timeline of these events can be found on Horner’s blog post at PajamasMedia. One would be foolish to think that President Obama could do away with special interest politicking in Congress. Founding Father Ben Franklin said, “When the people find that they can vote themselves money, that will herald the end of the republic.” As lobbyists work with government to maker America’s energy decisions, more money will be available for handouts and preferential treatment. It is clear this government is committed to transitioning to a “clean energy economy” whether the economics stands behind it or not.

    Meanwhile the administration is dragging its feet on something the public and the economics support: offshore drilling for oil and natural gas. Despite the fact that nearly 70 percent of Americans are in favor of offshore drilling, “Interior Secretary Ken Salazar dropped some hints Wednesday about his long-awaited policy on offshore oil-and-gas drilling in federal waters, which he hopes to announce later this month. Salazar said Interior’s next five-year offshore leasing plan will run from 2012-2017, rather than upending the current 2007-2012 program.”

    President Obama said in his State of the Union address that the government needs to make “ tough decisions about opening new offshore areas for oil and gas development.” Offshore exploration and drilling increases energy supply, creates jobs and bring in federal and state revenue. The tough part must be convincing the American people why we’re delaying these activities.

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    7 Responses to Government Picks Wind as Winner, Oil and Natural Gas as Losers

    1. Wildcat from Dallast says:

      This makes total sense only when you consider one or more aspects including the source, the Department of Energy, another subversive part of the Obama administration and the other being. “A willful suspension of all disbelief.” There are two methods I have determined to vet information that seems to merely be passing by as absolute fact. One is if anyone in the Federal government said it (because their lips had to move) and the other is anything printed by that same group identified above, with or without their name and/or signature.

      We need to give the country of Spain our thanks as they have proved that so-called green energy jobs, especially wind and solar, do not keep pace with the needs of the people and, equally important, the artificial imposition of changing energy sources and platforms from what works (and is readily available) costs the people of that country in jobs lost and all the horrendous side effects associated with abnormally high unemployment. Since they courageously took the lead (and the hit) from this Socialist styled approach to centralized (or planned) government run economy, we have the ammunition to prevent us from being so arrogantly ignorant.

      If I remember correctly it was former President Jimmy Carter who created the Department of Energy and issued its mission of making America energy independent. They have failed long enough and actually need to have their charter revoked.

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    4. Billie says:

      the most inefficient, ineffective, inconsistent pick. What a joke and a half. man-made global warming does not exist and either should these idiots.

      These ignoramuses and the like minded, certainly are in the wrong place. AMERICA!

    5. Jane Van Ryan, API, says:

      Thanks for posting about this, Nick. Like you, we also are curious to see how administration officials will respond to all of the American citizens who submitted public comments on offshore drilling last summer. So far the administration hasn't released the official tally, but a report based on a Freedom of Information Act request (which you blogged about last month) says the comments supported offshore development by a 2-to-I margin with more than 530,000 comments submitted.

      Some other outstanding questions — will this delay the planned 2011 lease sale off Virginia's coast or prevent offshore drilling during the summer season in Alaska? Sen. Murkowski already warned Sec. Salazar at last week’s hearing, "We will miss out this season if decisions aren't made within this very short window."

      Jane Van Ryan | American Petroleum Institute


    6. Nicolai Alatzas says:

      Are you trying to say that we should subsidize oil drilling in lieu of tapping into the resources that created all that oil to begin with? What happens when the oil is gone forever? Or is the fact that oil is a finite resource "Unsettled Science" as well.

      You people are sorely mistaken and unwittingly doing the bidding of the oil mongers and war profiteers. Fortunately history will remember me on the side of the people and helping. Instead of ignorance and greed as so many of you have eagerly sided with. You are most likely not even remotely selfish as I feel most Americans have a great sense of pride and family unity even though we are by no means “Normal”. Undoubtedly however, there are some of you that like the idea of war mongering and profiteering. But to be able to establish energy independence and freedom and to make my our own choices of where we want to invest, whether that be in myself and my own home or in the pockets of the energy companies that attached us the Energy Tit at the cost of my Environment, is true freedom.

      The Energy Infrastructure failed us as a Capitalist Infrastructure. We gave them a chance to run the show with great help from the Government. They leveled our mountains, poisoned our oceans and filled our lungs with smog while telling us third hand cigarette smoke will kill you. Now instead of giving them blank checks we are simply demanding clean efficient approaches to our energy infrastructure.

    7. Loyd Reddig in Weath says:

      The US politicians need to be educated about CNG. It’s green enough to cook a burger on, we have lots of it, it is less expensive than gasoline and we don’t need any from the Middle East. Isn’t that enough to get anybody’s attention? The automakers could be back at work in 3-6 months if they would build CNG powered light trucks and cars and the US natural gas supplies will get us through the transition stage to solar, wind, or whatever. You also get hydrogen from natural gas. Wake up America. We have more natural gas than most countries in the world. You could put a put the US Energy workers back to work. What is going on? Does this make too much sense for this government? You can not cook a burger on coal. Stop importing foreign natural gas.

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