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  • Global Warming in Wonderland and the Green PR Machine

    Global Warming in Wonderland

    These are times straight out of Alice in Wonderland, as everything becomes an “un-birthday” and definitions are turned on their head. Climate change scientists, according to The Washington Times this last weekend, are turning to PR, rather than data, to defend their work. Then there’s Secretary of Energy Steven Chu, who yesterday continued to make patently false job-creation claims to sell the administration’s radical environmental agenda. His timing was unerringly bad, as his statements came on heels of further evidence that two front-runners—California and Europe—are discovering that their “green” policies are producing more red (ink) and less green(backs).

    It is not very often that scientists need to resort to crisis communications, but we’ll take it as further confirmation that the whole world of global warming has hit a crisis point. Among the strategies being considered figure taking out a back-page ad in the New York Times. What is of more than passing interest is the defensiveness with which these scientists have met criticism. One of them groused to the Times that climate scientists were facing nothing less than “well-funded, merciless enemies who play by entirely different rules.

    The scientific method, like its close kin the Socratic dialogue, is supposed to rest, however, on the ability of posited theories to meet and survive constant challenges. And yet it is this type of gentle jousting that the climate scientists who are championing the theory of global warming appear often to try to avoid. To seek victory at all costs is more like politics, at least as it practiced in this day and age. It is paradoxical that climate scientists at the National Academy of Sciences actually complained that they were the victims of politicking, complaining to the Times they were “tired of being treated like political pawns.

    Then there’s Secretary Chu. According to the New York Times, he repeated on Tuesday the Obama administration narrative that there will not be jobs lost by enacting CO2 regulations and that by not enacting them, we prevent the U.S. from entering the global green economy.

    Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, should we see these policies implemented, we could see GDP losses in the trillions. And the money for the green job subsidies, upon which Chu depends for his plan? That would come from money taken away from hard working families and businesses in the form of taxes. It would be allocated by the government to less-efficient uses, causing even greater unemployment than the 9.7 % figure we are seeing now. A lesson Spain has learned the hard way.

    As Europe abandons its green jobs subsidies in light of daunting unemployment levels nearly double ours, just yesterday, the climate-conscientious state of California was brought face-to-face itself with the fact that its C02 emissions limiting laws would not bring the promised green jobs, but instead would shove the state further down the rabbit hole of unemployment, hitting recent-record levels.

    In a meeting in Menlo Park, CA last summer, Secretary Chu said, “At no other time in the history of science have we been able to say what the future will be 100 years from now.” This was prior to flaws in global warming science being exposed nearly daily. One might expect a more modest tone and approach now but those who would create havoc with our economy in the name of stopping global warming press onward with their radical and economically debilitating mission.

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    16 Responses to Global Warming in Wonderland and the Green PR Machine

    1. Lefty, CA says:

      Science works by adding observations on observation, building solid foundations that cant be wiped out. Changes or new data can tweak our undestanding but by enlarge the pyramid continues to rise. (This is the opposite of religion which is based on a single piece of faith – think upside down pyramid – easy to topple) Thousands and thousands of observations in disparate fields are all pointing to a common conclusion here. There are no theories that hold out under examination to explain whats happening other than man's influence. Its in everyones interest to move on this. Dont get your info from Fox News – take it from peer reviewed sources. Start with a clean sheet, be serious about it and see what conclusion you reach…

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    3. Jeanne Stotler,Woodb says:

      I do not see how you can regulate CO2, we exhale it, everyone of us, it's needed for plant life and the plants and trees in turn give off O2 which WE NEED to breath, it's been long known that plants and trees are needed to CLEAN the air we breath, This is another example of wasteful rhetoric.

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    5. Lloyd Scallan - New says:

      When are we going to understand this entire matter has nothing to do with our climate. It's all about money in the form of grants these so call scientist must have to survive, and those such as Al Gore, that are getting richer on the lie. Bisides the money, it's also about Obama's socialist plan to destroy our country by distroying our economy. Chu is just another Obama lackey that, like every other of the group that surrounds Obama, has the same ideology.

    6. Don Britt, Albany Ne says:

      Screaming the sky is falling will influence you in some minds. Ignoring the drought conditions in many parts of the world is also a "good thing"! What is shown is that the climate dramatically effects our standard of living and the future of our children. Birth control pills will limit a lot of CO2 production but no one is willing to do the math. Beyond that there is much we can do, things we can do now with a profitable return as well. I urge the pundits to leave the catastrophies at home, the deniers to enjoy their moment in the sun and then focus on what we know is real. A simple things would be to use geothermal home heating on new construction. This is profitable and environmentally sound.

    7. Ben C. Ann Arbor, MI says:

      Lefty – I am not sure what you mean by "Thousands and thousands of observations in disparate fields are all pointing to a common conclusion here." For me the argument centers on the source of influence on climate – specifically man vs nature. Too quickly the IPCC accepted the hypothesis (not a proven fact) than man has a great influence on climate as "settled science." The reality is that most of the influence on climate such as solar flairs (external) or oceanic volcanoes (internal) seem to be conveniently ignored. For me, all sides should be allowed to voice their opinions and much better data needs to be recorded to decide what is what. The problem is that our federal government is looking more to the pot of gold revenue from cap and trade and less to the consequence inflected on fellow citizens. Everyone wants a clean environment but what is real and what is fantasy? This is my question. Peter Spencer’s plight in Australia is real and this is my worry for us as a result of an over zealous EPA.

    8. George Cooper says:

      What with all hacking into private email accounts.

      Thats disturbing.

    9. Bob says:

      Lefty, maybe man made global warming is a “religion”for you instead of true scientific inquiry. Examine for example http://www.petitionproject.org, where over 31,000 real scientists, including over 9,000 Ph’D’s, nobel prize winners, Edwin Teller, Ed Seitz, former President National Academy of Sciences, all reject the theory of any significant manmade global warming, or even the theory that some warming would even be bad for us, with science date, charts, graphs, etc.. On the global warming "religion" side there are at best a few hundred IPCC guys, not all scientists – mainly conspiratorial ideologues and climate zealots, and some cynical scientists seeking govt grants and apparently discarding ethics and honest science results when it is inconvenient to their agenda.

      How can the science be "well settled" in your direction, if the weight of all those actual scientists is otherwise?

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    11. ginger sessa says:

      Hal Lindsey has a book called the New Planet Earth. Every American should read this who cares about America and can open people's eyes to the snow job we are getting. This "warming" made the biggest glut rich,Gore, and if this passes and health it's all gone. When the Russians find it amusing that "America" is going communist, says something. 58 million of us saw this before the election, and because the rest of America who voted for Osbama couldn't listen to warning, use common sense, the reat of us suffers. GS

    12. Nicolai Alatzas says:

      Jeanne Stotler,Woodbridge, Va -

      You are not creating CO2 your merely exhaling the unusable content of the air you breathe.

      It is all about trying to strike a balance with nature and not releasing all of or earth bore elements into our atmosphere. If you destroy the natural cycle of carbon sequestration for personal and economic gains somewhere at sometime in the near future someone else will pay for your “Free Market” enterprise.

      I don’t understand why this is so hard for people to understand.

    13. Nicolai Alatzas says:

      Global Climate change is “unsettled science”…… Thankfully science has a long history of proving the Nay- Sayers wrong. Otherwise you might still be arguing that the world is flat and that the earth is the center of the Universe.

      Seems to me that any time a conservative view is disputed, all truth goes out the window. These are the same people that are putting Creationism in our history books and calling Evolution “unsettled science”. When clearly their is no debate on whether or not we are a product of evolution whether that is by divine intervention or the creativity and genius of our collective intertwined existence we call life. It saddens me to think that people don’t have to be responsible for their actions in the name of “Unsettled Science”.

      I recently had a Devout Christian tell me that God put Dinosaur Bones were put on Earth to test your Faith. I believe God put these people on Earth to test my Faith.

      Fortuneatly I was blessed with deductive reasoning and after 31 years of life I can honestly say I trust God but don’t trust the Religous Right. And I would never call it Faith to trust the word of a nearly 2,000 years of doctored literatutre dubbed as Religion and the word of God.

    14. Mark Cincinnati, OH says:

      Please consider reading The Deniers by Lawrence Solomon of Energy Probe. This scientist, researched the research; up to and including interviewing key countries' top scientists whom were highly suggested to be part of the mythical "2500" scientist stated by the media and the IPCC to have "signed off" agreeing to the research …. none ….. NONE ….. signed off; in fact, guess what? NONE agreed with the methods and NONE agreed to the results! Do your research, Lefty.

    15. Nicolai Alatzas says:


      You’re missing the point and turning obscure misrepresented data into fact. And in reference to research, Let he who has not sin cast the first stone.

      If you would indulge me hear you would find reports from the IPCC since 1990 related to Climate Change a report dedicated to every view imaginable on Climate Change. It is of the vast majority of these scientists that climate change is impacted by mankind. This report goes through several drafts, panels and governmental approval and verifications before final approval. The IPCC reports on Climate Change have been generated this way every 6 years since 1992 and show significant impact of global climate change on the people’s wellbeing.

      So by your reason we are to throw out the work of decades of studies on climate change done by reputable scientists and governmental agencies to support the claims of a remarkable man whom works for an organization who supports coal and oil as the solution. You sit there and demand suffrage to supply your needs for energy. And that we need not heed the warnings of nature and assume all is well under the sun.

      Sadly my friend something is wrong when civilizations are struggling to survive and you gladly condemn the solutions that could be derived by the World's most dynamic Nation yet. As Americans we Can support the ideas and solutions of our free thinking society to create something better than what we have. If condemn us to energy options that clearly impact our environment in more ways than we could know. Why don’t you than demand it instead for an honor that is greater than yourself and a pursuit to cheap alternatives.

    16. Gramps Athens,Tx. says:

      Have all you people who think we could actually have a significant effect on world's climate forgotten your elementary science? Global climate has been going through heating and cooling cycles for eons. We humans have been around just a very short period of time. We just happen to be alive during a period of warming. So worry more about how the programs they're ramming down our throats are going to ruin us financially.

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