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  • Morning Bell: Dead Legislation Walking

    Another day, another stream of health care fantasy from the White House. A quick look at two health care events from yesterday, one in Glenside, Pennsylvania, and the other in Tawas City, Michigan, clearly exposes the yawing gap between the Obama administration’s health care rhetoric and cold hard legislative reality. First in Glenside, President Barack Obama turned up the volume on his already tired “final push” for health care reform. In addition to the usual litany of false claims about the legislation in Congress (in fact, you don’t get to keep your doctor, it isn’t paid for, it doesn’t reduce costs) President Obama also repeated his new line from his doctors-in-lab-coats address last week:

    We have now incorporated almost every single serious idea from across the political spectrum about how to contain the rising cost of health care … Our cost-cutting measures mirror most of the proposals in the current Senate bill…

    But, as we pointed out last week, there is one not-so-minor difference between the Senate bill and the President’s new proposal: the Senate bill actually exists. Now, Democrats may be telling their conservative counterparts that they will have reconciliation legislative text in front of the Budget Committee by tomorrow, but don’t hold your breath. The “fixes” that the White House is promising wavering House Democrats they will make all sound easy at first glance: 1) scaling back the tax on high-end health insurance policies; 2) closing the Medicare D loophole; 3) boosting insurance subsidies; 4) increasing Medicaid payments; and 5) fixing the Cornhusker Kickback. But when you take a second look, you see that all of these “fixes” will cost more money. Just look at the Cornhusker Kickback which the President chose to address, not by taking away Nebraska’s special Medicaid payments, but by extending those extra Medicaid payments to every state! Every single item in the President’s proposal either increases spending or reduces new revenues. And he didn’t put forward any way to pay for them. If passing health reform were as easy as giving away free candy, Obamacare would be law already. Finding a way to pay for all these fixes is going to be just as difficult as every earlier effort to pay for this bill. So don’t expect any solutions anytime soon.

    And we haven’t even mentioned “abortion” yet, which brings us to Tawas City where Rep. Bart Stupak (D-MI) hosted his own health care townhall. Now the Associated Press headline may read “Stupak: Health bill abortion fight can be resolved” but then the AP actually reports “Rep. Bart Stupak said he expects to resume talks with House leaders this week…” In other words, there is no agreement yet. And what kind of timeline is Stupak looking at for such an agreement? WJRT reports: “[Stupak]‘s confident a bill will pass sometime this year.” “Sometime this year” is a bit longer of a timeframe than the White House deadline of next Thursday. But even more importantly, look at the process Stupak suggests for final passage: “According Stupak, until the House and the Senate bills and the president’s proposals become one piece of legislation, health care will remain in limbo.” Considering that everyone agrees that abortion cannot be fixed in reconciliation, Stupak’s position is a total rejection of the White House’s current plan to have the House pass the Senate bill now on the promise that the Senate might come back and try and fix it sometime in the future. Stupak clearly wants “one piece of legislation,” and the only way to accomplish that is to scrap the current Senate bill and start over.

    In the meantime, legislative “limbo” has not been kind to the Senate bill. Every day seems to bring news of yet another yes vote switching to undecided or no vote. Just yesterday, former-yes votes Reps. Michael Arcuri (D-NY), Dan Maffei (D-NY), Bill Owens (D-NY) and Dan Lipinski (D-IL) all confirmed they were either now undecided or would vote no. And Rep. Artur Davis (D-AL), who voted no the first time, said he would suspend his campaign for Governor just so he could come back to Washington to vote against Obamacare again. The President can travel the country talking about an up-or-down vote for “our proposal” all he wants, but the reality is he simply doesn’t have the votes in the House for the only piece of health care legislation that actually exists.

    Quick Hits:

    • With recipients now allowed to collect unemployment benefits for as long as 99 weeks, one may now wonder if this “temporary” relief has turned into a permanent, expensive entitlement.
    • The New York Times details Spain’s failed experiment with massive solar power subsidies.
    • State health insurance experts see huge flaws in President Obama’s health insurance price control scheme.
    • States with large government union pension liabilities are taking big investment risks to try and cover their huge pension liabilities.
    • According to a new Democracy Corps/GQR/Third Way poll, 51% of likely voters disapprove of President Obama’s decisions on interrogation and prosecution of terrorism suspects.
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    76 Responses to Morning Bell: Dead Legislation Walking

    1. Cindy Morris says:

      Some alarming information that everyone should know about — Needs to be addressed by every media outlet out there!

      Guess Who's Coming to Your House!

      All buried in the Senate Obamacare bill being forced down out throats:


    2. Linda says:

      ….and in the end, it's not about health care at all is it. It is a power-grabbing, Constitutional-destroying political bomb!

    3. Marc ... New Braunfe says:

      It boggles my mind that this administration thinks we the American people are really stupid enough to buy into any more rhetoric on their HC bill.

      The HC summit was clearly a dog and pony show to try to claim a bi-partisan effort.

      The American people have clearly indicated they want both parties to start over and take this step by step. This administrations failure to listen will end very badly for the Dem party.

      Enjoy your time in the White House Mr. President. You will not be elected to a second term.

    4. Fredy Lowe, Ocean Co says:

      We sent the following Fax Blast to members to forward to Congressman Adler

      You know, we know this is not about healthcare; it’s about a government takeover of our healthcare system.

      We also know that you have now become a major player in the most corrupt congress and presidency our once great Nation has ever known.

      What we will never know is the threats, backroom deals, or future jobs and/or college education for your 4-sons you will accept or not for your vote.

      But, by your vote, we will know if you will ever again deserve the title – Honorable

    5. cwr Dawson, TX says:

      Healthscam is about power and control of your life! Period. This can't be that hard to understand. The problem is, this administration is so corrupt that not even an average Washington cynic can grasp the depth of it. Hint: this ain't yo grandma's democrats Fred.

      They want to destroy the country as we know it, so they can say to the idiots who still believe anything they say: "See, that's capitalism for you. It's had it's run, now we need a world government to reign in the 'abuses' of that evil capitalism".

      It's easy to see now why they have worked so hard, for so long, to dumb down the schools. Many boneheads will drink the koolaid when it's poured.

      If they pass healthscam: we lose the country! Simple as that.

      Sleep well sheep. Big Brother has your back.

    6. David,NC says:

      …Uh, tax cuts INCREASE revenue, as pepole spend more, due to a stronger dollar.

    7. Ed Zierlein Coeur d& says:

      It is wonderous to see how long Obama can continue to "fool" so many folks! He continues to lie time after time on national TV, and the press continues to support him! So much for the press. Obama has now taken the view that he will force this legislation upon the people of the US whether they want it or not. It is what will finally be the breaking point. The recent actions by the demo's show that they have thrown honesty and morals out the window, and are going to take on the whole country. They want to RULE, not represent. What has happened to our country????????????

    8. toledofan says:

      The campaign is over, Obama and his administraion are in charge, they own Congress, so, if this bill is so good for America, pass it. It's clear this bill has little to do with reforming healthcare and is really all about growing the government, so, knock off the backroom deals, be forthright and honest with everybody and do what is best for America. That would be to start over with true bipartisan support and do some of the simple things first that don't cost a bizzilion dollars.

    9. walt Bradenton Fl says:

      From your pen to God's ears.

    10. KaratKoaMom, Georgia says:

      PresBO did not really grow up in this country. He does NOT know the American people very well and therefore does not understand the repercussions for going the road he has chosen. The health care system in this country is NOT broken; the health insurance industry just has a "wrong" focus and this is the problem. Too much power is in the hands of employers making it much more difficult for the individual to get a reasonably priced policy. In addition, most people are truly unaware of how much their care is really costing because they have no clue about the pricing for services rendered. These are the areas that need to be addressed – not a complete overhaul of the health care system.

      More than anything, PresBO does NOT give the American people any credit for loving their freedom. I do not want to be forced to pay for something I do not want. I do not want to pay for others poor choices.

      I am praying that God continues to work on those in our Federal Gov't to final listen to the people. I would hate to see tyranny rear its ugly head – it is mighty close now…

    11. Giles, Winnsboro, TX says:

      We keep making the comments and pointing out specifics, however, there are still many people who think the government can pull this atrocity out of the dark hole. How can they reason just by what the President proposed that it's not going to cost anything, people think it won't cost anything because the government is paying for it? The CBO said it would cost more, how can you create new programs, add new people and establish an administration to commandeer the whole thing, plus pay for all of the programs that are already on the table and it not increase the cost? Even to someone who does little more than balance a check book it is quite obvious, when all reports even those of the White House report the 12.5 trillion dollar deficit there is no money. Didn't any one listen to Senator Bunning? Cap that with the fact that this program will require payment at least three years in advance before it is implemented, but all the while all of the administrative costs will have to be paid for, all the studies to tweak the program will have to be paid for and as we well understand there are always costs that have not been thought of that will be paid for up front prior to implementation. In the real business world this would be a huge red flag indicating unsound business plan. Does anyone else see this? The government tries to tell you it's okay to rob Peter to pay Paul, however, when Peter, that's the working citizens of the US, is broke and Paul is already broke what is the end result? Track history would prove that the government does not cut out programs, they merely move them around like the shell game, the one that comes up is the one they focus on but the others are still there and still require the money allotted to them to run. This is fiscally irresponsible legislation, it does not address and remove inefficiency, regulations that are not working or cutting back anywhere. End line Create more = Costs more.

    12. Normca says:

      Lies. lies and more of the same from the new liar in chief [supplanted Bill Clinton]. Obama told GW Bush give up on Social Security reform already and now needs to take his own medicine. The lying media goes right along with the sham because they like to pick who they cover for and who they expose. In just a few short months we can tell both entities what we think of them at the ballot box. Lets beat the Iraqi turn out here in America and start a Waterloo.

    13. Mary.... WI says:

      I'm praying this bill is voted down. The cost will, without any doubt, financially destroy the United States of America. There are entitlement programs available for those without insurance…..again I ask, where are the government agencies that are supposed to be guiding these folks?! Why are illegals being given social security benefits when they're not even citizens….again, where are the government agencies weeding these folks out of a system that is supposed to be for citizens of the USA?! Isn't THAT debacle enough evidence that the government is inept!

      This healthcare bill is nothing more than a takeover of the lives of the American people. We will all become nothing more than the human victims in the movie "Wall E" until the rest of America wakes up and starts to fully understand what this takeover of healthcare truly means. I sure don't want to become a serf of a tyrannical government. FREEDOM is what this is all about not conformity and submissiveness.

    14. Tater Salad says:

      If this socialist healthcare bill gets passed because Bart Stupak gets some kind of "special treatment" like Ben Nelson or Mary Landrieu got for their "yes" votes, he will loose his job when his term is up. Mark my words. As a Michigander, we are watching this very closely how he votes on this issue. As a matter of fact, only 50% on the UAW members, whether retired or active in this blue state state turning red are in favor of this country, budget busting bill anyhow and this would be yet, another tipping point.

    15. Barbara in Virginia says:

      Obama can no longer lead the country because all he seems to care about is passing Health Care to put a so called feather in his cap. Notice I didn't say the HC Bill. How can this President, Reid and Pelosi expect Congress to vote for passage on a Bill that does not exist? It is all bits and pieces and everything in it will be a disaster for the American people. The cost alone will cripple our country because the cost will be trillions more than they are trying to convince the public of. I say Trash this monstrocity and leave it to an administration that has more experience and in a time when the country is not already drowning in debt and millions upon millions of our people are out of work.

    16. Alex Parrish says:

      Here is a healthcare policy idea that can stand on the foundation of the Constitution, that allows for private companies to provide the coverage, that lets private individuals own their policy, and that will actually save everyone money.


    17. Jim Smith New York says:

      The newest wrinkle in the Nobama health care fiasco is the announcemet of the death of the Pinochhiometer. It can no longer distinguish truth from lies in Nobama's speeches. Unexpectedly, speech content has no true statements, so comparisons are no longer present. This will cause EDD, (Election Deficit Disorder).

    18. Jeanne Stotler,Woodb says:

      I emplore all of you to read his books(do not buy, go to library) there are passages about his mother that will send chill up your spine, second book he tells of his alliance to Muslims, after reading you will know this man hates all this country stands for, he is disallusional, he imagines himself as ruler over all, he wants to rule the whole world.

    19. Anita Metairie says:

      Obummer wake up. We're not interested in your health care bull. if you want this bill just force yourself and all of the Washington Elite to take it. Leave the rest of us alone. WE NEED JOBS, NOT SOCIALIZED MEDICINE. Like I say, if Socialized medicine is so important to you force yourself, your czars, your cabinet members, The House, and the Senate to go on your plan. 3 more years and then America can get back to being America.

    20. Thomas Norton says:

      I am wondering if the Obama administration might have told the two big insurance companies – one in California and the other in Illinois- to say they are going to raise rates by a large percent so that President Obama could go out and talk about the big bad insurance companies. Behind the scenes, the insurance companies would

      get something from the administration for doing this.

    21. Jupiter, Florida says:

      Obama, in his arrogance of power combined with incompetence, does not care what the American people wants because, as one of the chosen collectivist political elites who know best, he does not care.

      Mr. Obama, it is not what you claim you added to the health bills it is what you didn't take out.

      The only way this bill will even come close to cutting health care is by rationing care. It is blatantly substantiated that Medicare (a deferred annuity not an entitlement) and Medicaid have increased the cost of health care because the recipients have little incentive (a pejorative to the collectivist) to reign in costs.

      The bottom lie to Obama's capitulation to the Free Market Rationalists is he didn't take the destructive elements to sound health care out the bills.

    22. L.C.Lawless Eaglevil says:

      Pres.buffoon::: You are also a YARD BIRD ,gutless,no common sence.

    23. L.C.Lawless Eaglevil says:

      what i ment by yard bird means your worthless

    24. Bob Raymond, Califor says:

      One Page Health Care Bill

      No taxpayer money for abortion. Period. Never, at any time.

      Tort reform. Stop malicious lawsuits.

      Allow purchase of medical insurance across state lines. True competition.

      Give individuals same tax deductibility business has when purchasing medical


      All members of Congress and all Federal employees must use the same plan.

      Let the free market work.

    25. Kevin Habib, Glen Bu says:

      I find it interesting that all the 'conservatives' in America are beleiving the very same think tanks and pollsters that talked them into supporting the invasion of Iraq. The same people sold you the lies of Iraw and WMDs and you bought it…only to find out it was all based on lies and misinformation.

      Same goes for the anti-reform lobbyists. They scare Americans with misinformation and lies…and history will tell us that Obama and the Dems are on the right side.

      Just reading the terribly misinformed comments above about Socialized Medicine and socialism. It's sad.

      The facts are simple. When you ask people if they support Obama's health care plan – they respond that they do not. When you break it down and tell them what is in the bill – there is overwhelming support for it.

      The only rhetoric out there is coming from the right, with hypocrits like Sarah Palin – who uses tax-payer government run program for her children and has gone to Canada for health services – yet slams it up and down in public. Good enough for her and her family, but not for rest of America.

    26. JFBeck says:

      Well Folks…it is pretty much over for now. If we don't have representative government, we have socialism or worse, the beginning stages of communism.

      If they don't want to listen or stop the maddness out of Washington, we are stuck until Nov10 to correct the ship. Why bother to call or write anyone.

      Acitve get the vote out (remove every Dem that is possible) public activity and ignore them as they ignore us is the only thing left to do.

      The goal here is 2/3 majority of Rep / Independents in congress to begin the veto overrides that are awaiting the next three years.

      It will take until 2016 to totally stop the progressives and usher in a truly new republic based on our Constitutional mandates.

    27. Katie Lou, Kansas says:

      I love how Obama said yesterday how much California just raised their health insurance premiums…of course never saying that that increase had to be approved by California!!! Just more deception and lies by this adminstration. Stay strong everyone and keep on this…we can outlast them!!!! We are NOT stupid sheep that they can just lead over the cliff!

    28. Gary C. says:

      Don't cry for Bart Stupak; I'm sure something will come along to occupy his time when he's voted out of office. I doubt he's losing sleep at night; he'll fall into an even better gig when he's turned out. You think these folks don't have/make connections?

      Re. Tater Salad: "As a matter of fact, only 50% on the UAW members, whether retired or active in this blue state state turning red are in favor of this country, budget busting bill anyhow and this would be yet, another tipping point." Doubtful; I can't see any union memebers going red; it's against their DNA. And I don't want to hear about "tipping points"; we're well past that and are already lost.

      The One said in "five days we are going to fundamentally transform this country"; what did you think he meant?

    29. Perry, OK says:

      Ok we know this admin is push a dead horse around. What is he doing that isn't making HEADLINES. This admin is not as stupid as we would like to think. SO THINK ABOUT IT.

      What is going on that they don't want us to look at. This includes the GOP also! As they have a LONG WAY to GO, if they are really this blind or stupid.

    30. Tom, Houston, Texas says:

      President Obama – You Lie!

    31. sue maxwell says:

      If one would read a book written years ago called I Led Three Lives, by Herbert Philbrick, who was a double agent for the FBI in the American Communist Party, and at the time they were promoting a radical takeover he was asked to expose them at trial, one would see that we are now being taken over in a very different manner- but it is rather obvious to those who are not blind. Sue

    32. Joseph Arsenault Dre says:

      It's quite amazing to step back & look at how our presidents have evolved over the years. President Washington; so called the father of our country; a man noted in history as being unable to tell a lie. President Obama; a man who seems determined to tear the country apart & bring it to the level of a third world nation; a man who seems unable to speak anything but lies.

      We've come a long way,,, Baby

      Joe A

    33. Diane in Falls Churc says:

      Thanks so much for your great article and continued coverage of this topic. The more truth that can be made known, the better for all of the United States and the American people.

      Keep up the good work!!!! We are depending on you and others like you.

    34. Ken Jarvis says:

      What is the NAME of the economic system
      WITH THE ONLY purpose is to
      I mean – Other than the GOP.
      Here seems the PERFECT PLACE TO GET THE NAME
      SINCE HF and MOST of their reader
      have THAT as their main purpose.

    35. Sue From Detroit says:

      I keeping asking God to Bless this country. Some times a great blessing is not having something. Not having a government run health care system may be the best blessing americans could have.

      Our political leaders want more of our income. They do not care about our health. Health Care Reform is an excuse to steal of our money. We think our health plan cost too much. When the government takes over the insurance costs will sky rocket and the health care service will be in the sewer.

    36. Will S. Oxnard, CA says:

      One thing President Obama has not considered is making everyone a health care provider, starting with himself and all other politicians and lawyers. As a paramedic in California, there are two items which stick out on a daily basis. One, anyone can call 911 for any reason. Two, anyone can sue anyone for any reason, especially here in California. Those two policies are what drive up the cost of healthcare the most, along with the fact that just about every downtrodden "victim" gets signed up for Medi-Cal on a daily basis. This is a perfect opportunity to make lawyers and politicians take CPR and first aid. It's a chance for them to lead by example.

    37. Ben C. Ann Arbor, MI says:

      The good news is that even if the Health Care Bill passes it does not take effect for four years while taxes are being collected. The uprising of will demand repeal of the bill which will end the taxation. Then, perhaps, a serious look can be made at health care reform without pointing fingers and creating "bad guys" but rather identifying the causes of increased costs and determining what, if anything, can be done to slow down the rate without compromising the level of care. If the free market is allowed to work I suspect the major problems would resolve. I propose that the health care industry become a tax paying entity with removal of the tax exempt status and the associated restrictions incurred and allow insurance companies the ability to cross state lines. Tort reform is a quick fix – "loser pays". A simple one page bill will fix this problem. Drug product liablity has not been discussed but should be addressed. Nothing is risk free. Clearly knowingly releasing drugs with bad side effects is subject to legal recourse, but unforseen side effects should not be the fodder of a stimulus package for lawyers. We are not clones of each other and biological variations occur. But our wonderful legal profession feels the need to tell us that hot coffee is hot and will burn if you spill it on your lap. Thats assuming, or course, you can read what's printed on the coffee cup.

    38. J.G. Weiner says:

      Thomas Norton, I agree with you. Wish I'd thought of it.

      The desperation gets worse every day. It's starting to approach

      healthcare fatigue But mentally put yourself into a time in the past and observe the goings on here, you'd see much more clearly that the level of absolute determination on the part of the libs to pass this healthcare-bill-from-hell JUST DOESN'T MAKE ANY SENSE. They have other dems coaching them to be willing to lose their JOBS over this ?? Do you realize how completely insane this is ? So you have to ask, then what is the real reason behind all this ? Don't forget that it's pretty axiomatic that liberals are so fond of cloaking power-grab legislation with the bleeding-heart game – so they can accuse anyone who disagrees with it of being coldhearted, cruel, and selfish.

      ("…it's for the children !") This is s.o.p. for hijacking public opinion and media Does anyone really buy the idea that they want to pass this bill-from-hell because they SO very much care about the poor, uninsured and suffering Americans who are being crushed by the opressive insurance industry ?

      If they REALLY CARED they'd put aside the differences and pass the individual items that actually do something about the problem.

      This administration will keep beating its head against a brick wall, because it feels good when they stop.

    39. Wildcat from Dallast says:

      Reporting how many votes they have in the House or Senate is directly related to false statements Obama has been making all along about the pseudo-reform bills for HC. His consistent display of arrogance and condescension to the American people combined with his apathetic attitude concerning the will of the people removes any resonance he once thought he had with HC reform.

      Everyone truly concerned about the country and adverse effects of harmful legislation needs to not only call fence sitters that Dick Morris posted on his web site (with numbers) but ESPECIALLY call Bart Stupak who aggressively fought for the prohibition of federal funds to pay for abortion the first time around. He needs to know to just vote NO on any HC reform emanating from Pelosi, Hoyer, Reid as well as the WH. We must remember that Barry hasn’t written a bill yet! Not as Senator Barry and not as the POTUS. The Republican concepts to HC reform that were articulated many times over the last year and re-iterated during the recent episode of Blair House Theater are mutually exclusive with the Democrat versions Socialized HC, take over 1/6th of the American economy and taking almost complete control of your individual life while eliminating many of your remaining individual freedoms and liberties.

    40. Gayle Kindall 94553 says:

      I hope it is true and the bill can be stopped, as it surely should be. It is all about control and sneaking this in and to grab control over our lives. It's amazing how

      this administration has seized control of our lives in other areas with their

      regulations. We need to stop it and vote the far left out with Obama.

    41. Dr Duncan Druhl, Ott says:

      This tripe has gone far enough that it is about time to ask: why are we continuing to maintain the insecurities of business through dragging out this process that will obviously not end for months if within the next two years? The chill this has placed on business hiring has effectively shut off most new hires and new business plans because the costs are unpredictable. The administration could do a doggone sight worse in prolonging the recession, but increasing the uncertainty of the business environment is pretty effective. The only worse thing they could do is have tight credit conditions – whoops, the FED is already making that happen.

      Okay, so why does the administration want to prolong the business recession? Since the administration and Congress are actually in control of this "dance", one must ask why they are continuing to allow such uncertainty unless generating that uncertainty is actually the objective.

      Th effects generated are far more reliable in positioning the protagonists than their words, you know.

    42. Ann Winder says:

      Thank God…We can only pray this thing won't pass. It is a sad day when we in America can't expect the main stream press to actually cover the news correctly.

      I would like to know why the Congressmen and Senators who think this is such a good idea are not jumping to have the same plan! Please let them answer that one.

    43. Neil Goeckerman, Tay says:

      I hope this message is getting to the independents who voted for Obama. I heard a good one the other day. Someone said he saw Obama with Pamela Anderson. After contemplating the scene he said it represented three of the biggest boobs he had ever seen!

    44. Scott, Conneticut says:

      Without a job, how do you pay for Health Care for yourself and family?

      Without a job, no way to pay for it, so you get fined for not having it!!!

      How do you pay the fine if you don't have an income?

      I really don't get how these people think. With this administration, we are in a heap of you know what for the next 3 years!!!

    45. craig says:

      If this pile of incomprehensible trash known as "healthcare" passes we are really on the fast track downhill! Just think, for the next 4 years you will be getting the bill "taxes" to pay for this government healtcare, but guess what? There will be no benefits paid out during that period! This is indeed robbery in advance. Imagine if your private health insurance company did this, would you stay with them? I think not! However it is much different when you have the government shoving it down your throat. Indeed this plan is a huge step backwards into Socialism! We had better wise up in November and send the Democrats home for a very long "timeout" until they can realize that we do not want to live in a third world socialist nation!

    46. Blair, Franconia, NH says:

      Who am I to try and outsmart Oliver Cromwell? He said it best. "You've been there for

      too long. Now by the Grace of God, go!"

    47. Anne Marie, East Har says:

      This is why PUSHBACK to November 2, 2010 and onto 2012 is SO IMPORTANT!

    48. Susanna, Kansas says:

      Ah! Beware of the do-gooders. They are the ONLY ones who know how we should be living. In the meantime, they insult our intelligence, dismiss us and totally disrespect us. So, from now until the November elections, my mantra shall be, "I can't HEAR you – la, la, la!!" And, then, move to repeal all the nonsense and damage they have done. Further, if it smells unconstitutional, out it goes, too!

    49. janet Bellevue, WA says:

      FOX news said this a.m. that Obama left out 800 billion $ over next 10 years in his speech. I listened to Today Show, never heard it there!

    50. Brian H says:

      Conn, from your keyboard to God's Eyes, as a contemporary Irishman might say! :)

    51. JFBeck says:

      Hey Jarvis:

      Take your foolish class warfare comments to the Huffington Post where they belong.

      It is the TAKERS like yourself that you want the CREATORS to pay your way instead of being accountable to yourself.

      You are such a selfish person.

      Get off your butt and work for a living.

    52. B. Lowe, Utah says:

      It is clear to me, being a sober person who finds great pleasure in being out of debt, that this president of ours wants us in debt to China so they can take that debt out of our hides! More slaves for the communists. Obama needs to be impeached! We have the Constitutional power to do it. People, talk to your representatives in the House.

    53. Louis Levy Dayton OH says:

      A single sentence in your text is outstandingly edifiant and speaks more explicitly than books, conferences and other clarifications: . This is all must see and know because the single aim pursued by the Enemy master of suggestion or mind controller is to have them overspend and over Everything so that to have this finally re-covering country down if he cannot be credited this re-covery. He wanted to destroy, then construct and failed in both. Let's stay vigilent.

    54. B. Lowe, Utah says:

      The country is borrowing the money from China to back the "monopoly" money they are using now. China already controls some of our Sea Ports. This isn't Socialism. It is Communism. This is not a recession. It is a Depression. Use the right terminology folks. The media is lying to the people and so is Obama. Wake up!

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    56. Howard Reed, Durhamv says:

      When you are 'Barack Through the Looking Glass' AKA 'B. Hussein in Wonderland' the reality of this one of several agenda pieces in Boy Bam;s socialist plan for America does not compute in his noggin. He is still under the false illusion that he really is the Obamessiah and what he says goes. He will stay deluded through his one and only term of office, or if there is enough Republican Tea Party endorsees to do us all a huge favor and IMPEACH the most dangerous man in America.

      The Turban Torpedo

    57. Jackie, Abingdon, IL says:

      How can this be passed legally since it is in violation of the 28th Amendment? According to the 28th Amendment, Congress cannot pass a bill for themselves that does not include the citizen of the US nor can they pass a bill for the public that does not include Congress. Since this healthcare bill excudes Congress from having this National Healthcare Plan, seems to me the bill is Unconstitutional!

    58. Jean, Oregon says:

      I’m one of those with a ‘pre-existing’ condition. If I could purchase health insurance across state lines, I’d move out of Oregon in a flash. The bill as they have written wouldn’t do a thing to lower any of my health care costs. I pay for my own insurance and almost all of my Social Security goes to pay for it, I do not use Medicare. I’ve written, faxed, and called all of my representatives to encourage a NO vote on this HC bill. What do I get from them? The usual ‘canned’ response letter(s) explaining just how good the Obama HC plan is and what it will do for everyone. Yes, I know what it will do — put all of us in the poor house for decades to come, and reduce the quality of care we now enjoy. We need health care reform but NOT what they are offering. Let’s take it one part at a time, don’t throw out the baby with the bath water.

    59. Lee White Tanks AZ says:

      If the Obama/Pelosi/Ried Triad have not passed a Healthcare bill before recess I really don't believe there will be one before the November election. If they have I would double down on my comments below.

      These Representatives and Senators, when they get home are, going to find that last year's Town Hall meetings were just "warm up" in preparation for the main event this fall.

      We The People are ready to retake our government and these dunderheads are not going to stop it.

      PC is Thought Control


    60. mabamford augusta ma says:

      to view a partial list of crimes committed by FBI agents over 1500 pages long see

      forums.signonsandiego. com/showthread.php?t=59139

      to view a partial list of FBI agents arrested for pedophilia see

      dallasnews. com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=3574

    61. Edward Stockdale Tx. says:

      No matter what passes it won't work. Why? Because they're still going to keep all the broken parts of the present health care system.

      1. Our system now supportes a huge insurance industry. That pays dividends to stock holders. All with health care dollars. So how does that work? We pay premiums to health care providers,they skim their profits off the top, and with bookeeping and a generous tax code they make a healthy profit They also insure this profit is maintained by regulating medical procedures to the insured.

      These same insurance companies charge malpractice insurance premiums to the hospitals and doctors. Another huge income for the insurance companies.

      2.Ah! the trial lawyers.The bottom feeders and insurance companies feeding at the same health care trough.Each doing their part to keep the other guy healthy. All at the expense of the American worker.Except the unionized, who get special administration treatment.

      There is nothing wrong with our health care system. Only the way we use and abuse it. Instead of creating another out of control system. Lets see if we can't repair the one we have. Yes that would take real leadership,something I haven't seen in Washington. Oh Ronnie where are ya!

    62. Barbara G., Penna. says:

      Did the president forget he heads the Executive Branch, not the Proposal Branch?

    63. V. Berger, Marco Island, FL says:

      Why is it so complicated for these legislators to understand. They can’t fix the Postal Service. They can’t run the Postal Service. They are incapable of running or fixing anything. They need to stay OUT OF OUR LIVES. Simple as that.

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    65. T Kulcsar says:

      Hell this is not about health care,the only people that believe that are the people that set on their a**es at home and watch main stream news(so it is called) They should be called obama's propaganda stations.They don't have a clue of whats about to happen to them and their families.I was talking to a young lady the other day and she said it's not going to effect her,DAH!!!!!

    66. Don Jones says:

      I take exception to the unemployment benefits stand the republicans have taken. Sure you could argue that you dont motivate anyone to look for work while you continue to subsidize their needs however if you Mr Carrol were beating the pavement searching for work and were unable to find suitable employment ( That means a job the can actually pay you what you and your family need to modestly exist) I believe anyone would be happy to have benefits. The issue here really is we have 40 millon people with no health coverage but we have a economy that has tanked and 10+% unemployment what we need instead of a Amnesty march on washington next week' we need a " Lets kick the illegals out of our jobs march and create more work for real Americans. Lets face it the only reason we seem to be against extending unemployment benefits is because the democrats want it PERIOD.both sides are out of touch with what we truly need.

    67. Zack says:

      have any of you read hr3590 or 3962? who rammed any bill down anyone's throat? this administration has been overwhelmingly open for deabte. 12 months of open legislation for both parties, a summit. what have the republicans produced aside from a bill that only covers 3 million people. the health market is 90% non competitive and run directly on profit. if we leave it up to people like you(so called fiscal conservatives) nothing would happen. why would it? and lets not forget about the two tax cuts for the rich that were passed by reconciliation that will cose more then 2 1/2 times the amount of the healthcare bill. solutions for the right? anything other then criticism? and for sake, dont get your information off this webiste, rassmussen or fox news- your just digging yourself in a deeper spin zone. i think its extremely ammusing that people get anything regarding "facts" from this website.

      no go ahead and make fun of my spelling, personally attack me, dodge the cost of the tax cuts and whatever else makes you mad. ya know, people dont like democrats but they sure as hell are not ready to trust conservatives. people want healthcare reform. this website speaks for a minority and that's the bottom line.educate yourself and use your anger against your policies that put us where we are today.

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    69. Richard T, Californi says:

      If this HC takeover is too good, let have every senator and congressman/congresswoman who voted for it be personally liable for its final result. That is, if I or any American to lose coverage from our current employers and force over to this government option or experience any rational in healthcare, I or any American could personally sue each and every senator and congressman/congresswoman for lying, misleading, and defrauding. LET THEM PAID!!!

    70. Jan Pillsbury Bethes says:

      I have just read that Stupak said the pro-life Dems are under "enormous political pressure" to change their vote. I would like to understand, literally, what this means. What exactly happens to convince someone, anyone, to change a true conviction? What makes them cave? Threats, promises?…Is it that these senators place their jobs higher than a core belief? If that's it, then they have no honor and deserve no respect. Would someone explain to me who is talking to them and what is being said? Thanks so much.

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    73. Jen Kuznicki, Hawks says:

      I have a transcript from Stupak's Tawas Town Hall on my website–

    74. Ricky David Tripp, B says:

      All of the points above are appreciated, but have been debated and discussed many times before. What I believe that everyone needs to be considering at this junction of the Pelosi Process is this: With the votes clearly not there to pass this legislation with any strategy, and with everyone from Pelosi to Axelrod to Gibbs all stating with absolute certainty that health care WILL pass….what do these people know or think that they know that invalidates popular consensus and the known facts? Is this just political bravado? Or is the fix in? Are we all naive enough to believe that threats aren't being made in an environment where thugs like Rahm Emanuel confront members of Congress in the nude and jam their fingers into someone's bare chest?

      I've read too many stories about women leaving closed chambers with Pelosi with tears streaming down their faces to not know that threats, bribes and other forms of coersion are taking place behind closed doors. The question we have to ask ourselves as Americans is this: How long do we sit and watch this corruption? Do we wait until the damage is done, and THEN try to clean up the mess? Are we bound to simply witness the destruction of our nation, and then HOPE we can muster the votes to get the scoundrels out of office?

      I will submit to the people of Heritage and to my fellow Americans that we are rapidly reaching a point of critical mass, in which some other action is going to be required to save our Republic, In lieu of open revolution, which would cause more harm than good, I would suggest one possible scenario in which the governors of all 50 states confer on what is obviously a takeover of the Federal government by subversive and illegal elements, and consider the real possibility of mobilizing their individual state National Guard units, and approach the Joint Chiefs of Staff with these words: "Gentlemen, we have a problem. We need your leadership and assistance." The job: Take back the capital.

      These are perilous times, and this so-called health care legislation — actually an attempt to seize power for the darker elements within Federal government circles — will do more than simply put our economy under. It will destroy America as we know it. Will we simply sit and watch as they do it? Or will we find a way to act and, as the Declaration charged, "throw off" such government and restore Constitutional law? If so, how?

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