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  • Deja Vu All Over Again

    President Barack Obama says he will have his health care bill passed by the House before he leaves for Australia on March 18th. Nobody outside the White House believes that is going to happen. Next week’s blown deadline will join a crowded graveyard of past deadlines including July, August, and September. But blown deadlines are not the only reoccurring storyline from this health care debate. President George Bush economic adviser Keith Hennessey has paired thirteen 2009 health care headlines with thirteen 2010 headlines. See if you can tell which are from this year and which are from last year:

    Politico: President Obama takes reform on the road
    AP: Obama takes health care pitch to people—again

    Bloomberg: Obama Set to Fight ‘Uphill Battle’ on Health Bill
    Bloomberg: Obama to Appeal to Public on Health Care as Senate Struggles

    AP: Obama’s health care pitch to Democrats: Trust me
    AP: Obama makes last-minute appeal to Democrats for health care votes

    AP: Obama to appeal for public support on health care
    AP: Obama appeals for health care votes

    CSM: To pass healthcare reform, Democrats may go it alone
    CNN: Democrats May Pass Health Reform without GOP Support

    NYT: Obama Takes Health Care Deadline to Democrats
    AFP: Deadline looming, Obama urges health care action

    Boston Globe: Obama steps up health care pressure
    Politico: President Obama steps up health care push

    AFP: Obama presents make-or-break health reform plan
    NPR: For Obama, Health Care Overhaul Is Make-Or-Break

    AP: Top Dems looking to Obama for health care momentum
    Reuters: Obama tries to regain momentum in healthcare debate

    Reuters: Obama seeks momentum, funds for Senate allies
    Reuters: Obama team tries to regain momentum on healthcare

    CBS: Obama’s Health Care Push: The Race is On
    WaPo: Obama Health Care Push Resumes This Week

    AP: Obama turns up the heat for health care overhaul
    AP: Obama expands health care push

    HuffPo: White House, Dems, Plan For Make-Or-Break Summit
    Bloomberg: Obama Sets ‘Make-or-Break’ Deadline on Health Care

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    4 Responses to Deja Vu All Over Again

    1. randy, sa tx says:

      It's about time the government does something for the people and not big biz.

    2. Glenn Richardson, He says:

      One area of concern I have with Obamacare actually has nothing to do with health care but rather with the right to pray. It is unlawful to pray in schools because they receive federal funding. If hospitals become nationalized and they are considered to be receiving federal funding will the next step be to make it illigal to pray in a hospital or have chapels in them?

    3. RG Bud, Nebraska says:

      Glenn brings up a very good point, when I went in for a five hour surgery April 10th last year – my pastor made the 55 mile trip and was praying with me @ 6:00am just before I went into surgery. I was at peace and had no concerns about anything – if the prayers were not allowed many of the doctors would refuse to start the surgery. Thanks Glenn for making such a good point.

      My problem with the current Health Care Bill is that it just adds to the Health Care Cost rather than reducing it. The money required for this bill would not be reached by the methods that are suggested therefore everyone in the US would be forced to pay for additional cost for Health Care and the care would be diminished. If the health care insurance was made available nationally the competition would bring down the cost. If real tort reforms were put in place the doctor’s insurance cost reduction would result in lower costs for health care.

    4. SB Owner Springfield says:

      This health care proposal was written by big biz. Pharma has secured protection from competing with same drug cheaper import from Canada. Insurance companies will have every American mandated to purchase their product.

      This is a bad bill period. The road show is deju vu however I disagree that this won't be passed. Chicago style politicians have a way to get what they want.

      Massive damage will be done between passage and/or declared unconstitutional or repealed.

      Obama says he's not an ideologue? Why then the pressing forward against the will of the people?

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