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  • A Piecrust Promise from Pelosi and Reid?

    A piecrust promise is one that is easily made and easily broken. The promise – more a rumor than anything else – that the U.S. Senate will use the reconciliation process to adopt a strong ban on abortion funding if the House passes the Senate-approved bill is flakier than most. Never before in the history of the 34-year abortion funding debate have pro-life members of Congress approved a bill containing abortion funding on the promise that a subsequent vote will fix the problem.

    The scenario being discussed in the media requires some explanation. The House-passed version of health care reform includes the blanket provision known as Stupak-Pitts. This provision applies to all the terms of the House bill, makes the traditional Hyde Amendment language on abortion (allowing funding only when the life of the mother is at stake and in instances of rape and incest) permanent, and permits individuals to buy abortion coverage only as a personally elected and paid for rider on their policy. The Senate-passed bill, H.R 3590, include numerous mechanisms whereby abortion is either directly funded, subsidized through the state and federal exchanges created under the bill, or susceptible to inclusion via interpretations by the Department of Health and Human Services and the Office of Personnel Management.

    Reports have surfaced of a deal whereby the House would approve the Senate bill on a promise that the abortion language would be fixed in reconciliation. There are at least two (related) problems with this scenario. First, it would require the U.S. Senate, with a maximum of 45 votes for strong limits on abortion funding, to approve a permanent pro-life amendment that meets the stringent standard set by Stupak-Pitts. Second, it would require Stupak and a cadre of pro-life Democrats that numbers a dozen or more to vote for a bill that the National Right to Life Committee has described as “the most pro-abortion single piece of legislation that has ever come to the House floor for a vote, since Roe v. Wade” and a “career-defining” vote on abortion policy.

    In this scenario, members in both chambers execute votes that are the polar opposite of their actual views and against the desires of their strongest supporters. Both would be doing so on the basis of promises that no one can predict will be kept. The pro-life House members are being asked to believe that once the Senate-passed bill is adopted in toto by the House and signed by President Obama, the Senate, with its pro-abortion majority, will proceed to enact a permanent abortion funding limitation and other provisions that it did not deem wise to include in its own bill, which will be the law of the land.

    The senators who opposed Stupak-Pitts will be asked to believe that they can return next year, or at some other distant date, and join with President Obama in repealing the permanent Stupak-Pitts law and install full federal funding of elective abortion. President Obama for his part says the bill he supports has no federal funding for abortion, a finesse at best. Is it credible that the President will proceed in 2011 and 2012 and support repeal of Stupak-Pitts, a measure that the latest surveys say has as much as 72 percent public support, as he seeks reelection in 2012?

    Senators opposed to Stupak-Pitts have no reason to believe this, and thus pro-life House Democrats have no reason to believe that the “reconciliation fix” on abortion is anything more than a piecrust promise. If they were to proceed anyway and vote for H.R. 3590, it would indeed be “career-defining” for these House members who have so far stood tall for their, and their constituents’, convictions.

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    13 Responses to A Piecrust Promise from Pelosi and Reid?

    1. Duane Axel, Kendallv says:

      When will someone challenge President Obama about the lies he continues to say about the health care companies. He continually says that they cancel people because they get sick. This does not happen and he needs to be called on it.

    2. Carrie, Michigan says:

      There is no way that the most pro-choice administration in U.S. history will go back and encourage an amendment to the bill striking down abortion funding after it already has been approved by the House. Once it's approved by the House, then that will be it. There will be no amendments. We need to be in continual prayer that Stupak and others will continue to stand strong against this bill if it includes funding for abortion.

    3. Susanna, Kansas says:

      So – suddenly Obama/Pelosi/Reid are going to keep their word? Make promises and keep to it? No matter which side of the abortion issue you stand – this approach is slimey. So to Congress, I say stick to your values, morals and our Constitution. You all took an oath to protect and defend the Constitution as part of accepting your job to represent your constituents. Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness are indeed our unalienable rights. Do these bills, in their all of their facets, protect our unalienable rights? Or, do they go against those rights? Abortion, freedom of choices, equality in coverage for ALL U.S. citizens (which includes all Unions, Government Workers, Congress and all the Presidents' entourage). Otherwise, the whole thing is disingenuous!!

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    5. Billie says:

      and because of the president and demos insatiable will to pass, screams they will hide whatever the concerns of the people are. This bill is DANGEROUS. This bill sounded out bribes, special favors, IT CAN NOT BE TRUSTED. Protect us please, KILL THE BILL!

    6. Steven Bellevue, Neb says:

      I spent nearly 30 years in the health care business finally leaving it in frustration due to the many government regulations, law suits, etc… These politicians most of which are millionaires are clueless concerning just how all aspects of the health care industry works. The governments mishandling and poor financing of Medicare and Medicaid should be proof enough that they should leave our private health industry alone.

    7. William Seay Clarkes says:

      I have never in my 70 years seen such lies from a president of the United States and the people he has surrounded him self with.We aren't stupid it's about power and take over of our country they really don't care about health care They think takening $500 million away from Mericare that they will let older folks die off and the cost of healthcare will be less and also Social Security.If they had never took the money ou of those departments and used it elesware things wouldn't as bad as they are.They took over the banks,car companys and now healthcare. I say stand up America fight for your rights and your freedom what ever the cost. Get on your knees and ask God to restore our Country as our forefathers had set it up. Let the World know we are a Christian Nation even though the president said we weren't. We know where he stands but where do you stand?

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    10. Allen Metairie,La. says:

      I am in complete agreement with William Seay. It is time that freedom loving Americans stand up and fight for our rights. We are allowing a group of lying socialists to take control of our nation. In regard to abortion funding they are trying to push through there is no way I will support the killing of children and they better consider how they will answer God when He asks them why they killed His children. Awaken America as to what is happening in our nation and make your voice heard on the saving of our nation as it was founded.

    11. Dave in Scottsdale says:

      We have a real trifecta in DC… three leaders of our government who are liers (perhaps only dreamers) and willing to do anything to promote their own personal and party agendas. Reid Palosi and Obama. I am so ashambed of our current government now I just don’t know what to say. I don’t mind paying my fair share of taxes, but after doing the right thing all my 63 years of life and taking care of my family, friends and charities I just don’t think I have an obligation to take care of the whole World, people who feel they are entitled, and especially LARGE government. I am retired and it offends and angers me that I will be coerced to redistribute my life savings and investments to anyone but whom I chose to leave whatever I have to, namely my wife, daughters and son. Let me ask a question.. How is it right that a government worker is now earning more than a private business worker? Can you answer that for me?

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    13. Tom Driscoll Alfred says:

      These are 2 of the 3 stooges. Guess who the third one is.

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