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  • Morning Bell: So, How's That Pivot to Jobs Going?

    Last week President Barack Obama hosted a seven-and-a-half-hour televised health care summit. This week the President launched his “final” campaign for passage of his health care plan. Next week, President Obama will travel to Missouri and Pennsylvania to continue this “final” effort to jam his unpopular plan through Congress. With this all-health-care-all-the-time White House agenda it seems like eons ago that the Obama administration announced, following the complete rejection of its health care plan in the Massachusetts Senate special election,  that President Obama’s first State of the Union would mark a “pivot” from health care and to a “razor sharp focus on jobs”. So how is that pivot to jobs going? Well, the Labor Department’s Bureau of Labor Statistics released its monthly jobs report this morning and it showed the U.S. economy shed another 36,000 net jobs last month. Our nation’s unemployment rate is still at 9.7%.

    So why is our economy having such a tough time pulling out of recession? Here are the facts: the most recent data available show that the U.S. economy actually lost fewer jobs during this recession than were lost during the 2001 recession. Specifically, 50.8 million jobs were lost through the first six quarters of the ’01 recession while 48.2 million jobs were lost through the first six quarters of this recession.

    But if our economy is losing fewer jobs this time, then why is our unemployment rate so much higher under President Obama’s stewardship of the economy? The answer: job creation. Or actually the lack thereof. Back to the BLS data: through the first six quarters of the 2001 recession 47.6 million jobs were created, while only 40.3 million jobs have been created through the second quarter of 2009. That’s a 7.3 million jobs gap. The reason our unemployment rate is so much higher now is low job creation, not high job loss. So why aren’t businesses creating jobs? Here is what entrepreneurs have been trying to tell the Obama administration:

    • At one of President Obama’s many jobs summits, Fred Lampropoulos told The New York Times that businesses were uncertain about investment because “there’s such an aggressive legislative agenda that businesspeople don’t really know what they ought to do.” That uncertainty, he added, “is really what’s holding back the jobs.”
    • Dan DiMicco, CEO of steelmaker Nucor Corp,  told the Wall Street Journal: “Companies large and small are saying, ‘I am not going to do anything until these things — health care, climate legislation — go away or are resolved.’”
    • Porta-King CEO Steve Schulte told USA Today his company is not investing because “proposals in Congress to tackle climate change and overhaul health care would raise costs.”
    • The New York Post‘s Charles Gasparino reported on the 600 companies stock analyst Peter Sidoti covers: “‘There hasn’t been one bankruptcy,’ he tells me. How did they survive the recession? By cutting costs and hoarding cash, not expanding their business and hiring more people, even as the economy now is starting to recover. During other recoveries, Sidoti says, firms like these would be hiring workers in droves as demand picks up for goods and services. This time around, they’re not — because ‘they don’t know what their costs are going to be.’”
    • National Federation of Independent Business chief economist Bill Dunkelberg writes: “The horizon is filled with cost unknowns, from healthcare to cap and trade to yawning deficits and the need to come to grips with them, from paid family and medical leave to card check, from expiration of the Bush tax cuts to state decisions about their finances. Washington cannot expect small business owners, facing difficult economic circumstances anyway, to commit themselves to investing in new employees or equipment and vehicles without acknowledging and revealing the policy-inspired costs that will be imposed on them. It is all about uncertainty and confidence.”

    Our economy’s job creators have been trying to send a message to the Obama administration for months: stop creating so much uncertainty in the tax and regulatory environment so that we can figure out how to invest our money and start creating jobs. Stop taking over car companies. Stop shedding financing contracts. Stop taking over 1/6th of our economy. Stop raising taxes on our energy sector. Just stop.

    Our economy will eventually recover and start producing jobs again, probably very soon. But that recovery has already been delayed by an administration that saw this recession as an opportunity to fundamentally rewrite our nation’s relationship with the federal government. Unless this administration completely abandons its far reaching transformation agenda, this recovery will be a very slow one.
    Quick Hits:

    • White House aides are telling The Washington Post the Obama administration is close to reversing Attorney General Eric Holder and will try Khalid Sheik Mohammed in a military tribunal.
    • Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) lost another two votes on Obamacare yesterday when Rep. Nathan Deal (R-GA) announced he would delay his retirement till the end of the month and Rep. Kurt Schrader’s (D-OR) office moved said Schrader has moved from “yes” to undecided.
    • President Barack Obama reportedly told House progressives that the Senate health care bill was a “foundation” for the public option.
    • According to Rasmussen Reports, 66% of American voters say they prefer a government with fewer services and lower taxes.
    • The Obama administration is pushing to carve out an exemption for China from legislation pending in the Senate and the House that would tighten sanctions on Iran.
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    81 Responses to Morning Bell: So, How's That Pivot to Jobs Going?

    1. Michael Haverstick S says:

      The President has apparently forgot about the 2 wars we are fighting, nuclear threat from Iran and North Korea, terrorist, the economy/jobs, and host of other issues that the public deems to be more important.

    2. Frank Telese says:

      Haven't we reached the point where we can begin Impeachment procedings??

      Obama clearly has shredded the Constitution. This should be the first offense.

    3. Dr. Max Vogt says:

      I appreciate your informed and refreshing posts every day, thanks for all your hard work.

      The answer to economic turnaround is cut taxes on small businesses and give them incentives.

      The answer to health care is cut taxes to small businesses and give them incentives.

      We have no health care crisis in this country! We have an "income crisis" in this country.

      Answer? CUT TAXES to small businesses and give them solid incentives.

      And please stop spending money we don't have on pipe dreams.

      Mr. Obama seems like a great guy to have as your law professor, I can see having a beer with him after class.

      But as a leader he is a complete failure and demagogue. His "ideas" – which is all they are – are Orwellian to say it in the kindest way possible.

      I've lived 6 decades in this country with deep optimism despite all that has gone on, much of it not pretty. Now I am a complete pessimist unless we can get Obama, Reid and Pelosi and other extreme leftists out of office.

      Dr. Max

    4. Peter Moscatello Lin says:

      I have been out of work for two years now. I am 63 years old and quite frankly no one gets backs to me when I send out resumes. If you count the fact that I was let go from a job in the IT field in 2004 (from a very PoliticallyCorrect company), I haven't had a decent job since 2004.

      Why does the immigration factor NEVER get discussed when talking about jobs. I'm talking about legal, and illegal immigration. My field has been taken over by Asians while I see all my friends struggling to find work. Yes, America always wants the best and the brightest but here we are, cast aside like yesterday's garbage…..

      Can someone please explain this to me. Why the obsession with foreign workers and why no one in government or industry (what little we have left) will discuss it…….


    5. Katie Lou, Kansas says:

      Your Morning Bell is exactly right! I am a small business owner and that is exactly what my family and friends are all doing….waiting for this administration to just STOP with all this nonsense!!! We cannot plan for the future because we have no idea what the future will bring! What type of new taxes? Will we be forced to buy health insurance and how much will that cost? Will cap and tax pass? All of these questions and the path this administration is heading makes us all just stop in our tracks and we are not going to do anything or go forward until they are out of office.

    6. Mary.... WI says:

      I would strongly urge BO, his administration and congress to listen to the Dave Ramsey Show!! Quit spening money you don't have!! Become debt free before creating more entitlement programs, more tax burdens on folks and stupid pork projects! Repeat after Dave … NO!. NO!, NO!

    7. J.C. Hughes, Texas says:

      Economic realities are up against Obama's sought after social fantasies. Like oil and water, the two just don't mix. He reminds me of kid frustrated by his toy because the square peg won't fit through the round hole. But he'll keep trying even if it means destroying the square peg or round hole's fundamental characteristics. Insightful article Conn.

    8. Ozzy6900, CT says:

      President Obama and his Liberal followers have done in one year what the Communists tried to do from WWII to the Regan Administration and that is bring America to its knees on the verge of Socialism.

      It's time to get rid, impeach or flush President Obama and the entire Administration!

    9. Monte, Atlanta says:

      I think you need to check your decimal point on how many jobs lost!

    10. Bill says:

      Does the President really want to create jobs in the private sector or would he prefer to create them in Government? Governmental jobs go much further in assuring a preferred voter base for the Administration.

    11. Robert, California says:

      It's pretty obvious that the President and Nancy Pelosi don't really care about anything but their own agenda. The Constitution guaranteed limited govt. and all the current administration wants to do is take over. I lost by buisness this year because I can't afford to stay in business (legitimately anyways) because costs are too high. With all of this uncerainty talked about in the article everyone is overcharging for insurance or for state licensing to make up for all of the businesses that closing and puting that cost on the ones that try to stay legit. President Obama know the Constitution inside and out, he taught this stuff for crying out loud, he is just trying re-write it, he doesn't care what the American people want. Somehow we as citizens of this great nation, need to get the government back to what it is supposed to be and then companies and the people of this country will make a comeback. Americans are tough enough to do that, we are not little children that need Uncle Obama to take care of us, he needs to leave us alone and do his job. I know this rant is nothing new, but I had to get it out! Thanks.

    12. John, New Jersey says:

      This is absolutely on point. I'm the CFO of a mid-sized company in NJ. I have nixed any and all investments absent a direct, identifiable pay-back from a revenue source.

      I emphasize "revenue source", since I have not and will not approve a "energy" project that has a 24 month pay-back. I refuse to commit our capital at a time when I can't predict what our government (state and federal) will do to impact my business.

      Are there any educated adults in Washington who understand this? Get out of our way!

    13. Barbara G., Penna. says:

      I saw a great bumper sticker the other day:

      "Life, liberty, and the pursuit of ANYONE who threatens it!"

      I believe that this should mean those in power on both sides of the ocean!

    14. Billy B, New Jersey says:

      We may be lucky that the Obama administration has not focused their attention on JOBS. Look what has happened to everything else they have focused on.

      Lets be careful what we wish for.

    15. Richard Cancemi, Arl says:

      The economy is struggling on in spite of Obama's Progressive agenda which is to produce economic collapse.

      Obama is an Alysky disciple and wants to deliver a Socialized America over to a World Socialist Government. This has been the goal of the so-called Progressive movement for the past century. Read history and follow the time line of the Progressive movement. The Constitution has been, at least, 75% replaced by Progressive insertions into all aspects of our lives. Obama smells "victory" for Progressives and can only truly replace a free America with socialist rule by causing a complete collapse and take-over of our institutions.

      His "talk" is cheap; the man is a charlatan and his efforts must be resisted and defeated.

    16. MaryHolloway Love, M says:

      I was discussing current events with my 12 year old granddaughter for a current events assignment for school. We were talking about the "jobless recovery." Even she understood the reasons behind the business owners, both large and small, not wanting to hire because of the uncertainty of legislation pending in D.C. I realize she has a background not most 12 year olds do, with my having been a stockbroker, etc., for more than 25 years, and her mother dealing in wholesale Mortage Banking. If a 12 year old child can understand some of the economics behind this "jobless recovery," why can't the White House Economists or whoever the President is listening to also get the big picture?

    17. Don Webb McCormick, says:

      Excellent analysis! In addition to stating the problem and offering an analysis, a solution should always be offered that would solve the problem simply and quickly.

      In other words, if the President would lower the payroll tax, as others have done in times of crisis, the velocity of money would immediately accelerate and the economy would improve. Increased demand for goods and services would force job creation, thereby solving the problem of jobs, jobs, jobs.

    18. Ken Jarvis says:

      Here is HOW to read the HF Morning Bell for REAL info.

      Do a Word Search – But


      after the But – That is HF Negative SPIN.

      Today's Example -

      So why is our economy having such a tough time pulling out of recession?

      Here are the facts:

      the most recent data available show that the U.S. economy actually

      lost fewer jobs

      during this recession than were lost during the 2001 recession.

      Specifically, 50.8 million jobs were lost through the first six months of the '01 recession while 48.2 million jobs were lost through the first six months of this recession.



      Our economy will eventually recover

      and start producing jobs again,

      probably very soon.


      See what I mean.


    19. Todd says:

      "Pivot" I say Double Dribble!

    20. Slim Shavings says:

      Didn't Summers say this months job report was about the snow. Or should we say snow job. Anybody know of small business hiring. Thats what the pundits are pushing.

    21. KLIMAX Baltimore Md. says:

      It is more than obvious that Obama has bitten off more than he can chew and now he is choking on it !! Right now he is trying to save face by pushing the Health Care bill through but it will cost the tax payers dearly !! I would rather take my chances the way things are now than to have the Government meddling more in my life !! The problem is with the current bill is the lack of language to stop illegal aliens from getting Health Care at the tax payers expense !! If you are not a citizen you should not benefit from programs designed for the American Citizens !!!

    22. bigdave, ocala fl says:

      many people in this country are approaching the "boiling point" as they see their world collapsing around them. They see that it is ON PURPOSE, based on CONTROLLING THE POPULATION through LIES about Healthcare and Global warming and the PREPOSTEROUS DEMORAT SOLUTIONS called Obamacare and Cap and Trade. As usual, these demorat proposals are designed to raise taxes so people have LESS OF THEIR OWN MONEY TO SPEND, which has a domino effect on our entire economy, and poorer people are easier to control. They lie about the "unemploymet rate"…hey if the MILLIONS of people who lost their jobs suddenly were thrown off the rolls by time, we would be at 0%! And the idiots in the media would be so happy and proclaim Obama a genius! HUH? The REAL RATE IS OVER 20%! From someone who OWNED A SMALL BUSINESS: BUSINESSES WILL HIRE WHEN THEY "NEED" EMPLOYEES. END OF STORY. MOST DEMORATS, INCLUDING THE "PRESIDENT" HAVE "NEVER HELD A PRIVATE SECTOR JOB AND DO NOT HAVE A CLUE WHAT THEY ARE TALKING ABOUT, MUCH LESS WHAT THEY ARE DOING. WATCH THEM THROW BILLIONS OF $$$ AT THE PROBLEM WITH ZERO EFFECT AND CLAIM "THEY ARE DOING SOMETHING"…WRONG AGAIN! AND ITS NOT THEIR MONEY EITHER!!! It should be LAW that all emerging and current politicians / justices must pass a course of study provided by HERITAGE FOUNDATION!! Progressives/socialists/communists HATE FREEDOM!!!

    23. Shirley Sclafani, Ca says:

      Can someone in the know tell me what the real unemployment rate really is? Does this % include those getting unemployment benefits?

    24. Lloyd Scallan - New says:

      As Obama has already said, Obamacare will actually create jobs. So, in his devious mind, he thinks we believe that Obamacare will "pivot" us into job creation. But of course, we must pass Obamacare FIRST. Does anyone but the most ardent Obama supporters believe that?

      We all had better understand Obama is following the "Cloward and Piven" strategy from the 60's to completely collaspe of our system of government by "overloading" the entire system. Just read-up on these two socialist to see that Obama's end-game is to declare his "crises" and take over everything without interference or Congress. Obama's ideology, and his radical left wing base, will not allow him to stop until we stop him or he WINS.

    25. toledofan says:

      I think that the uncertainty is a part of the administrations agenda to allow the government to grow and for more people to have to rely on the government for help. I would have thought, that, at no time in history would we see such a brazen attempt to take over the economy, force it to fail, so, a European system can be implanted. It's hard to imagine that in the freest, weathiest, and most prosperious nation on the face of the earth, we would watch the dismantling of over 200 years of history and freedom for an ideological perspective shared by less than 30 % of the people. Talk about political correctness.

    26. Tater Salad says:

      Whether we are Democrat, Independent or Republica, we all need to pay less taxes and cut waste from our governments, city, state and federal.

      Please Sign up: http://onlinetaxrevolt.com

      Tater Salad

    27. sofiagonzelez, Texas says:


    28. Gary Nevada/Alaska says:

      "Job's," what a joke! We are trusting a man who's never had a real job in his life, too stupid to even quit smokin' dem ciggies to create American jobs? Get that fool outa here, ASAP!

    29. Giles, Winnsboro, TX says:

      President Obama has no idea how to run a business, he has lived off of community organizing which functions from donations, grants and such, there is no need to create a profit, the hand outs are free. Our country does not need community organizing, the federal government needs to shrink, deficit spending would drop, cost of implementing programs would drop drastically and private business would be assured their costs would add up to profits with the ethical work plans they have in place because they would be able to make a sound business decision since the fickle money grabbing power hungry government would be curtailed. Our number one overhead cost is the federal government, in true business it would be eliminated due to its inefficiency, lack of accomplishment, buy now pay later mentality and actions and inability to multi-task, the President again is a great example of this, pivot to jobs? He can't get off the first task, remove the Constitution so he can be a dictator, under the guise of health care reform.

    30. Pauline Grace says:

      Do you believe unemployment at 9.7% I find that laughable!

    31. Susanna, Kansas says:

      Without jobs, he's got nothing. He does have tunnel vision and tendentious hearing.

    32. paul,the villages fl says:

      this adminsitration does't want to put people back to work.the more people they con keep on government dependancy the more powerfil they become.If they really wwanted to fix the problem they would start by deporting the illegals.This would automatically open up millions of jobs and reduce the cost of supporting those that are living off of government subsidies.And don't give me this story that Americans won't do this work,because that is nothing but lies.My son-in law had a business he had to close because companies that hired illegals were able to underbid him for contracts.

    33. ogie,Lewes,DE says:

      The liar in chief not only has no ability to tell the truth to the American public who elected him;he lacks the capacity to understand the rudiments of governing. Read my lips-the answer is no new taxes, lower taxes, and QUIT spending!!!

    34. Bob Veigel, Arlingto says:

      Obama is an expert liar. No matter what he says about job creation it is a 100% lie. He and his administration are doing all in their power to destroy America. If anyone thinks otherwise they have their heads buried so deep in the denial sand there is no hope that they will ever see the light of day. Today's unemployment report should make that clear, jobs are being lost day by day and week by week. Yet the press reports these loses are less than expected and the stock market rises and many think recovery is getting better and better. As I have noted before, do not try to reason or argue with fools, you will lose everytime because they beat you with their experience.

    35. tammy parkins lawson says:

      please un-subscribe me from your list………..thank you.

    36. tammy parkins lawson says:


    37. clay ,dallas,texas says:

      I thought this Kenyan was supposed to go to trial last month to "prove" his citizenship? What ever happened to that? What's it going to take to get this Muslim/Communist impeached before he destroys our country?… So,in other words,I've got three more years of unemployment the way it sounds.

    38. Judith Griffith, 313 says:


      I feel so helpless in regard to helping to change this curent situation. I vote and will certainly vote in the next election but feel it may be too little too late. Would it be possible for you to publish an email list for every member of the Senate and the House so we could email them in regard to our feelings on issues. It would be so helpful and much appreciated.

      J. Griffith

    39. Jeff Milford, PA says:

      The numbers are a fraud. In past reports when you heard about those jobs being counted from small businesses that the DoL cannot find but knows are out there, you could believe them. Now, it is a fraud. Think about it– Do you know anyone who has started a new business? Do you know anyone who has joined a brand new business? if you are like everyone I speak with, no one fits either category. Yet the DoL says they have created jobs and that makes the cuts seem tiny.

    40. Louis Levy Dayton OH says:

      How to have this administration change its ways of trying to transform America must be seiously studied and proposed.

    41. Brian, Westfield, IN says:

      Heritage knows all of this. Business owners know all of this. The obama administrations knows all of this. Why don't more US CITIZENS know all of this??!!

    42. Blair, Franconia, NH says:

      "The road to hell is paved with good intentions." "There is no professional American

      criminal class. Congress is the American criminal class." I don't know who said the first. I think it's from the Bible. Mark Twain said the second. One more. This one from

      Adolf Hitler. "A hundred fools do not make a wise man." He said that, I think, of the

      U.S. Senate. Obama promised us "hope and change." A year later, I don't see much

      hope, especially with unemployment at 9.7%, and I certainly DON'T see much change. Except for the worse. Before you are so happy you do the dance of joy,

      remember this. Unemployment, when Obama came into office, was at 7%, now it's

      slightly under 10%. Two more quotes in passing. "If you pass my stimulus package,

      unemployment won't go over eight percent." Barack Obama. "Promises, like pie crusts, are easily broken." Vladimir Lenin.

    43. Ben C. Ann Arbor, MI says:

      The NFIB is exactly spot on. Their comments reflect my position as a business owner. What is not mentioned is the inflation cloud that will blot out any recovery sunshine. When the 107 trillion dollar unfunded liabilites bill comes due inflation will be Congresses answer. Its going to get ugly.

    44. MN J says:

      O's [and those who put him where he is] objective is control, period. Gov't unemployment is around 3% – gee, wonder why. All those who do not want to create jobs, work for gov't – it's full of risk-averse people who expect to ride on the backs of those who create product, then jobs.

      What O and company have not yet considered is this: If/When they totally wreck the American economy, who and what will fund them? Or will they simply be pushed aside by the next bully? And this bully will not be anywhere near as benevolent as the American people.

      It's control people, pure and simple.

    45. Tom, NJ says:

      Pivot? I say foul. Flagrant foul. Sort of like Jarvis foul. This is a very basic axiom to understand. Individualism vs. Collectivism and/or Constitutionalist vs. Communist. Where does the President stand. It is obviously foul to the left for Collectivism.

    46. duelles, santa fe says:

      This article describes as well as any – and better than Paul Krugman – the prdicament Obama faces. We will not be entrepreneuurs or businessmen until he relents. Obama is not the market, he is interference and instability and as long as the Obama spector looms, we will lie low.

      P.S. good ridence to Chuck Rangle.

    47. Beth, IL says:

      My husband has been at 25 hours per week since 4/09… this week he was cut to 20 hours per week. Unemployment may be 9.7%, but UNDEREMPLOYMENT is much much higher.

      And yes, his "small business" owner boss is very afraid of what BO and his clan is going to make business pay for in the future months….

    48. Joe C. in Sc says:

      I can appreciate the percentage figure applied to the population as a whole, but aren't those taken from the number of people applying for unemployment insurance? It doesn't take into account self employed people or others who might not be eligible for unemployment insurance. I am 100% unemployed so the government figures do not impress me. Get rid of those people who caused this regardless of party affiliation!

    49. Lee White Tanks AZ says:

      Reconcile this:

      Obama wants to shut down NASA, an action that will cost 25,000 jobs in Florida alone. These are high paying professional positions manned by scientists and engineers of the highest quality, Irreplaceable people. The long range effect on the economy is potentially huge beyond imagination. The value of the continued scientific advancements and engineering improvements and new products associated with space research is beyond estimating.

      Obama wants a Health Care Bill that reduces Medicare expenditures by $500Billion. There is existing legislation (already signed) to reduce Doctors Medicare pay by 20%. There are going to be huge job losses here.

      The continued No Energy Nukes (for what ever reason). No drilling on land or at sea are costing real jobs as current equipment and technology advancements are stifled due to lack of normal corporate, university and public funding for research dries up. Thousands of very high level technology related jobs are disappearing. Cap and Trade will be a death knell to a very large part of what remains of our nuclear, petroleum, coal, and natural gas research programs.

      Again, untold thousands of jobs have already evaporated and are quickly headed to an oblivion that only the Luddites could praise.

      It is one thing for the fast food restaurant business sector to take sever job hits because of a weak economy it is quite another to take huge and unrecoverable losses in our technological future by way of sheer greed and stupidity.

      Just a little icing on the cake: these are the people that bear and pay an inordinate share of all taxes. Talk about cutting off ones nose to spite ones face. Incidental I've heard not one word about the fate we are handing this extremely vital part of our workforce without which we are absolutely up the creek with no paddle.

      PC is Thought Control


    50. Dr Duncan Druhl, Ott says:

      As I noted over a year ago on another site, this president intends on stretching this recession into a depression by going the same route and surpassing FDR. Between FDR and Hoover enough uncertainty was created with programs begun and stopped that nobody was doing anything because nobody knew what was coming next. Strangely, people seem to think that FDR's "experimentalism" was a positive, but it created the same uncertainty that this president's aggressive left-leaning and potential expensive legislative plans are doing. Combine that with the strangely repeating credit vacuum in fly-over land and we have most of the elements to stretch this recession for as long as Rahm Emanuel wants to take advantage of it. As with last time, the FED is helping by doing its best to keep our credit in line, so to speak, not theirs.

      The only sticky wicket in the works this time (as opposed to 1934) is that the country is not as accepting of clear failure and apparent inexperience as it was back then; meaning that there could be a sea change in Congress due to the rapidly declining view the country has of its smooth tongued president. Can I safely note that at least he hasn't created a Smoot-Hawley avatar, yet? Probably not, it might yet appear.

    51. Lee White Tanks AZ says:

      A follow on note to my previous comment.

      The killing of the goose that lays the golden scientific eggs of advanced technology and products and jobs accompanied by the loss of this entire segment of high end wage earners (read: taxpayers) goes directly to the question of the sustainability of the Entitlement Society as envisioned by our "collectivists" of whatever stripe. It cannot happen!

      PC is Thought Control


    52. John Ottley, Jr. Atl says:

      Is OB living in a fantasy world of rhetoric or is it Rahm Emanuel? Or both? The Pres floats like a butterfly. His hypocrisy, inconsistency, arrogance, and lack of focus sting American enterprise worse than a bee.

    53. Carol, AZ says:

      If Obama -care passes, amnesty will follow.

      Just think about all those votes,

      All the possibilities for citizenship under ACORN style Federally funded Gov't programs to make more Obama supporters.

      That's where this country is heading.

      It's a run away train reck that need to be stopped!.

    54. Pingback: Just Stop

    55. cynthia jones says:

      We own and run a small business. We are in total agreement that the reason we are not expanding or hiring is because we have no idea where costs will go. We are a speciality machine works; so, we use lots of different metals, and gases, lots of energy. Every policy this government is considering will raise our costs to who knows where? If gas goes to say 7 dollars per gallon, it will raise the cost of driving our autos , our trucks, the costs of those who pour our metal, those who cut our stone those who bring us gases,all of our and our suppliers electricity costs, and they are threatening to increase many regulations in regarding health care. We have no idea where our taxes will go both personally or business-wise. There is a disincentive to make more than a certain dollar amount tax-wise. Where does that leave the business person? We use common sense and go into survival mode.We are saving like crazy, stockpiling money, cutting costs, holding tight to everything, out of fear. Never have we seen such a hostile enviornment, govt. interference and out and out takeovers where the investors are put last.

      K C and Cynthia Jones

    56. William M.Benton says:

      The 8-ton elephant in the room is that basically Mr. Obama is Muslim in his thinking. The patterns having been set by being raised in his formative years by a Muslim father and that shapes his present day attitudes. Being in Rev. Wright's congregation for 20 years only served to reinforce Obama's father's attitude as Obama was growing up. The possibility of Mr. Obama not being a citizen is far outweighed by his burning desire to turn the United States into (at least) a socialist society and rendered impotent.

    57. Jim Smith New York says:

      Redd Foxx, that eminent and authoritative critic of anything "razor sharp" would tell us that if Nobama has anything equally razor sharp to say about anything, Nobama be forget that Redd, in 32 years of be in da public life, never carry no razor.Two very sharp ice picks, yes, but no razor, no time, be da defense of Redd.

    58. Whicket Williams Kin says:

      If everybody will double down with letters, phone calls and petitions to the government at this critical time, we can squash this massive takeover gambit, and maybe stabilize our economy enough to get back on track

    59. JT says:

      Here here to everyone—we Americans are becoming aware of a great many things. (Corrections are welcome if I am incorrect on any points taken).

      There are 3 points to be made here: (1) A little known fact: Do you know that our government is actually giving tax breaks to very large corporations who send their jobs out of the country?? Of course we know that non-Americans get paid a smaller wage (since we insist on our huge wages lets be frank) and thus, all at home lose; (2) as someone has said, small businesses are struggling to stay alive, since they are the ones that are paying more; and (3) as a result, there are no jobs left here, at home, for the "home boys and girls"!

      Shall we—Lower taxes and give $$ incentives to small businesses? Yes!

      Freeze wage increases and frivolous spending by political pundits? Yes! Kick them out if they persist? Yes!

      And what about getting to the core of our problems??

      The Corrupt Lobbying System–decried by George Washington and other founding paters, which is at the root of the corruption in this country! Lets stop letting them pay eachother off! How long are we going to take this?? Do you know that many of our European and Asian neighbors will not tolerate a system like this in their country.

      With all due respect–when is our Supreme Court going to go after the affrontery of the companies who flaunt bad, poorly tested products in our faces?? Are we not insulted enough yet? We cannot afford to let our great country slip further from the standards that made it great!

      Lets get rid of the corruption–now. Not by force—but do it through the system. Get them out of office. Pass laws—then enforce them.

      God bless–judysaplis

    60. james herbert ocala, says:

      get a rope!

    61. Pingback: BizzyBlog

    62. Greg Norton, Boise, says:

      Obama got where he is by talking, not by doing. Evidently, he thinks talk is all there is to governing, or even to solving any problems that life (or politics) brings along.

      Saying he is shifting his focus to Jobs is Obama's reality. He probably doesn't know what a focus is, but he knows it is something to be mentioned in a speech.

      Words are his reality. Perhaps the entirety of his reality.

    63. Bob Angelo says:

      The man and his leftist administration obviously hate this country , its founding principles, freedom and democracy. To me he has an agenda to destroy this country. Amnesty to illegals, destroying national security, government takeovers, cap and trade, non actions to Iran's nuclear weapons production. His offenses to this country just go on and on. Its time for impeachment.

    64. robert sargent westv says:

      all of this is an prgressive agenta.the progressives are in high places and are trying to turn this country into a voice-less population of totalitarian rule.thank god the people out number them.and we win back our country and send them to the garbage leap with stalin,hilter,marx,and mao.vote them out in 2010 and 2012.

    65. William Cole, Texas says:

      The forecast of an economic recovery may be a bit overly optimistic. The goal of this administration is to stabilize, not grow the economy. The only true growth associated with their plan will be the size of the government and the dependant class; i.e. wards of the state.

    66. J. C. Wells, Somerse says:

      The answer is to abolish all personal & corporate income/payroll taxes, capital gains taxes, and death taxes, and adopt the FairTax (national retail sales tax) as the sole method of funding our government. Take-home pay would increase to 100% for all workers, tax-burden uncertainty would decrease to 0 for businesses, and productivity/job creation would be out the roof!

      Of course, the current liberal/progressive Congress and president would not go for that right now. So, we need to break the Democrat majorities in 2010, elect a conservative president in 2012, and pass the FAIR TAX as legislative agenda item #1 in January, 2013. Go, team!

    67. Cindy, Avon Lake Ohi says:

      Where are the patriots? Who is left to defend this country? No one in Washington is brave enough to step up to the plate to say No Way Obama, you are your communist minions are dstroying this country, your behavior is criminal, and this administration should be arrested immediately. Impeachment will not protect this country from this president, he needs to stopped now! Let's not wait for another Fort Hood or A Christmas Day Bomber. Obama's plan for this country is on a far more destructive path, he wants all Americans to become "slaves" and he "be" the master.

    68. CM, Colorado says:

      While I agree with all of you, on the Obama must stop his crap. Why is our country hung on the words of this man. we do not revolve around him!

      Why are business people whining, this is an opportunity, I tired of people waiting to see, make your difference now. stand up to the govt bully. We the people. if our govt is not right. we must tell it so. and if necessary remove it.Non of them in congress deserve the title . No one is passionate anymore. WHY??


    69. Drew Page, IL says:

      Every month, there are another 100,000 people entering the workforce, or what used to be the workforce. Kids do grow up and get out of school, either by graduating or quitting. No one flunks out anymore.

      We are pretty big on making sure no child gets left behind. Where do you think they get left when they start looking for a job?

      Mr. President, when are you going to wake up and learn that you don't stimulate business by taxing it to death? You don't stimulate businesses by piling more and more reulations on them. If a business makes a profit, you and your liberal friends in Congress label them as enemies of the state.

      I would have a whole lot more respect for you if you would resign and open up a community legal aid firm for the poor in some stripmall storefront. Let's see you walk the walk.

    70. Willie P. Smith;, Ar says:

      Obama is not too young, or too inexperienced. He is getting done what he was planning to do when running for President. He wants to destroy the Capitalist system of Government. His jobs program is just another plan he has to spend the country into oblivion. This should be obviious with the people he has surrounding him in the white house. I don't believe there is a true "American" among them. Lord knows what damage he will do before he is out of the White House. The thing that really scares me is the people who supported him before will probably do it again.

    71. Russ, Berkeley Sprin says:

      Why is no one talking about our manufacturing base which is growing smaller

      each day. Pick up any item in Walmart, Target, etc and read where it is made.

      CHINA!!!!!! Why is there such high unemployment? Simple. All those

      people in china are making our stuff, not we Americans. We have ourselves

      in a losing situation and unless our leaders start doing something to stop

      this we are going down the drain, slow but sure.

    72. Al Reasin, Conowingo says:

      Yep, exactly what I have written my congressional delegation and the President. I have zero confidence in the economy's future with all of this spending, now taxing and government takeovers. With increasing regulation, as with the EPA regulation of CO 2, who knows what our costs for energy will be and we see government still not pushing drilling. This also has a national security component. We appear weak, so that emboldens our enemies.

    73. James, Colden, NY says:

      Could you kindly reconfirm your employment statistics stated in the Pivot to Jobs article:

      Jobs lost: 50.8 million in the first six months of the '01 recession vs. 48.2 million in first six months of this recession…. (That's an average of 8.03 million jobs lost every month!)

      Jobs created: 47.6 million in the first six quarters of the 2001 recession while only 40.3 million jobs have been created through the second quarter of 2009.

      Is the decimal point off?


    74. Joel Lazewatsky, Aub says:

      Frankly, any business that is so spooked by government's attempts to fix a health care system that is weighing down business itself is clearly not taking care of the knitting. If you can't plan in the face of this level of uncertainty, perhaps running a business is not for you. It could easily be said that anyone feeling confident about business conditions in 2007 was living in a fool's paradise. There is always uncertainty, whether we are aware of it or not. Not hiring because you can't quite predict the precise form of the benefits environment next year seems like a weak excuse. I would be more likely to lay the blame on the limits that we still see on lending and capital availability left over from the financial gyrations of the last two years. Comparing the two, that has to have a far larger impact on hiring than uncertainty around health care.

    75. Tony, Henderson NV says:

      Horray, someone actually has put into writing what employers have been telling me for over 6-months. They can't plan for the future if they do not know what their future tax liabilities are.

      Our last four presidents Reagan, Bush Sr., Clinton, and Bush Jr. all detailed how and why they would either raise or lower taxes prior to their taking their respective oaths of office. Within the first year not only could business plan for the coming year or years, so could the common family.

      I ask fellow unemployed who complain about companies and corporations lack of faith in the furture, "Do you know what your tax rate with be once the Bush tax cut expire?"

      If I remember right the same question was asked when W.J. Clinton became President (I voted for Bush), and to his credit President William Jefferson Clinton told the American People the details well in advance.

      My advice to President Barrack Obama is "Give the American people the details of our tax liabilities NOW! The people will accept the details one way or another no matter what.

      And one other thing "PUT IT IN WRITING!"

      Your article should be on the front page of every state and local newspaper of this nation.

    76. J. Guidry, Battlefie says:

      Joel, MA. Your reasoning in your comment is exactly what is wrong with the thinking in D.C. Borrowing for expansion of a small business has nothing to do with increasing the profitability of said business. Expansion is a direct result of more demand for a product/service which a business offers the consumer. If there is a downturn in the economy, all the borrowing in the world is not going create more consumers. To add to the problem, more borrowing decreases the profitability of any business in bad economic times. Businesses are all about profitability, or they go out of business. If the economic climate is in a downturn, such as now, the wise business owner refrains from adding to the overhead costs, that is the expense of being in business, this includes buying new equipment, hiring more people, etc. Unfortunately, D.C. and the administration, either do not understand this or do not care about the fate of the small businesses in this country. My personal opinion is they don't care, because it suits what they have in mind for this country and its citizens, socialism, and, possibly, communism as a way of life for everyone in this nation. With any kind of luck, the citizens of this nation will wake en masse and throw this administration out before its plan can become complete.

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    79. Thor H. Asgardson says:

      Hail to the Thief

      The Great Imposter continues to multi-task at a furious, blitzkrieg rate, all the while hoping that the American people will be distracted from the fact that he has utterly failed to produce valid credentials of American birth, in order to qualify for the high office he holds.

      Resident Obama is nothing more than a Manchukuo puppet emperor of the secret government of elites which rule America. He came into office with a transparent display of narcissism and self-entitlement, which made him imagine that he could strike a pose as heir to the mantle of Camelot. Obama failed to stand and deliver on John F. Kennedy's Executive Order 11110, abolishing the Federal Reserve.

      He has been all style, with no substance. Deficit financing is his middle name.

      He's a flim-flam man and a la dee dah conductor, who doesn't know the territory.

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