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  • Morning Bell: Obamacare's Kabuki End Game

    The doctors in lab coats surrounding President Barack Obama as he gave his latest health care speech yesterday were not there to give the President a physical; that happened Sunday. No, these doctors were props, dressed to impress for what the White House claims is their “final push” for the President’s government take-over of the health care industry. The President again repeated the same old tired claims he has been making for months: “The proposal I’ve put forward gives Americans more control over their health care,” “our proposal is paid for,” and “my proposal would bring down the cost of health care for millions.” We, and plenty of others, have refuted all these claims before, but this time they are particularly easy to expose as patently false. President Obama gave away the game when he said:

    Our cost-cutting measures mirror most of the proposals in the current Senate bill, which reduces most people’s premiums and brings down our deficit by up to $1 trillion over the next two decades. And those aren’t my numbers – they are the savings determined by the CBO, which is the Washington acronym for the nonpartisan, independent referee of Congress.

    But there is one huge difference between the Senate bill and what the President kept referring to as my/our proposal: the Senate bill actually exists. For all the talk in Washington about Democrats in the Senate using reconciliation to pass a final version of Obamacare, one key fact has been overlooked: no reconciliation bill exists. Not in the House. Not in the Senate. Nowhere. It simply has not yet been written, and there are plenty of reasons to believe it never will.

    The White House is telling the public they expect the House to pass the Senate bill, and then both the House and Senate would pass the yet-to-be-drafted reconciliation, all before Easter recess. But Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) simply does not have the votes to pass the Senate bill. If she did, it would already be law. To convince her fellow wayward Democrats to vote for the Senate bill, the yet-to-be-drafted reconciliation bill is expected to: 1) scale back the tax on high-end health insurance policies (decreases revenue); 2) close the Medicare D loophole (costs money); 3) boost insurance subsidies (costs money); and 4) increase Medicaid payments (costs a ton of money). Where exactly do House and Senate aides writing this new bill expect to come up with the money to pay for all these new goodies? And they have to find that cash because all reconciliation bills must be certified by the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) to reduce the deficit by $1 billion over five years. And that CBO score will take at least a week, or possibly two to complete.

    So when will the public get to see this reconciliation bill? The Wall Street Journal reports that “Democrats have started writing the formal reconciliation bill” and “intend to send it to the Congressional Budget Office for evaluation by the end of the week.” But The Los Angeles Times reports that: “Senior Democrats on Capitol Hill will not finish writing the reconciliation package until next week at the earliest.” Our advice: don’t hold your breath.

    In the meantime Speaker Pelosi is bleeding the votes she needs to first pass the Senate bill, by an up or down vote, in the House. Just 220 members of the House voted for their version of Obamacare in November. Since that time, Reps. Robert Wexler (D-FL) and Neil Abercrombie (D-HI) have left the House; Rep. John Murtha (D-PA) has passed away; and Joseph Cao (R-LA) has said he will vote against the bill. That leaves Pelosi 216 votes, which would be exactly enough to pass the Senate bill. But then there is Rep. Bart Stupak (D-MI) who will not vote for the Senate bill since it uses taxpayer money to fund abortion. And Stupak says he has a dozen other members that will switch from yes to no with him. And Rep. Michael Acuri (D-NY) now says he is likely to switch his vote from yes to no. And Rep. Shelly Berkley (D-NV), who voted yes the first time, says she is “not inclined to support the Senate” bill. And Rep. Gerry Connolly says he could “absolutely” switch his vote from yes to no. And now Congressional Progressive Caucus Rep. Raúl Grijalva, (D-AZ) says he’s less likely to vote for the final health care reform bill if the reconciliation bill contains the ideas President Obama outlined yesterday.

    One House Democrat tells the LA Times why the White House is facing such a tough sell: “It’s a no-win situation for those of us in moderate districts. If you vote no, your base is upset. If you vote yes, everyone else is upset. You almost couldn’t design a legislative vise more damaging to moderate Democrats — or that puts our majority more at risk.” But don’t worry House Democrats, the Senate is going to do everything it can to convince you that you aren’t going to walk the plank alone again. Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL) tells Politico that Senate Democrats are planning a gesture some time next week that will guarantee to House Democrats the Senate will act: “I don’t know what the gesture will be but it will be a convincing gesture.” Kabuki theater indeed.

    Quick Hits:

    • According to Rasmussen Reports, (42%) of American adults now expect the U.S. economy to be weaker in one year’s time, the highest number at any time since President Obama took office.
    • A group of four Democrats (Sens. Chuck Schumer (NY), Sherrod Brown (OH), Jon Tester (MT) and Robert Casey (PA)) called Wednesday for the Obama administration to halt a federal stimulus program aimed at building wind farms and other clean-energy projects.
    • A FOIA request from the Competitive Enterprise Institute has revealed that the Department of Energy – specifically the office headed by Al Gore’s company’s former CEO, Cathy Zoi – recruited wind industry lobbyists to help push Obama’s wind energy proposals.
    • Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator Lisa Jackson told a Senate Appropriations panel yesterday that any effort to restrict EPA’s authority to regulate carbon emissions pursuant to the Clean Air Act would be an “enormous step backward for science”.
    • Guest Blogger: Rep. Henry Cuellar (D-TX) on Free Trade
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    75 Responses to Morning Bell: Obamacare's Kabuki End Game

    1. ED SCHAEFFER says:

      I, and everyone I have talked to, want congress and government employees to have the same health care insurance the American people have. Why are they "special"? They work for the American People.

    2. NeoConVet says:

      There is a hidden blessing to go with the Democratic Mass Confusion on what to do about H/C…. namely Gridlock! It seems when our Congress can do nothing it is a good thing!

      -Cannot increase the debt with more spending

      -Cannot encroach on Constitutional Rights if they are dead in the water

      -Cannot create new taxes

      -Cannot create more combersome regulations

      -Cannot burden the States with more unfunded mandates!

      Gridlock also exposes the hypocracy of many of the career politicians or inebt (Barry) performance of others.

    3. bigdave, ocala fl says:

      I realize Heritage does not accept most of my comments, probably because I am considerably MORE AGGRESSIVE than the MEEK HERITAGE. While you proclaim your importance, especially with regard to our greatest president in 100 years, RONALD REAGAN who is hated only by COMMUNISTS and the brainwashed fools so prevalent in our society, Reagan was not so MEEK. He was PRO-ACTIVE which is what is necessary to TAKE BACK OUR COUNTRY WHILE WE STILL HAVE ONE TO TAKE BACK! An IDIOT REPORTER asks McCain, challengingly, if he thinks Obama is a SOCIALIST and receives a MEEK reply about governing from the left. OBAMA HAS STATED MANY TIMES HE IS A PROGRESSIVE…JUST ANOTHER NEW TERM FOR SOCIALIST! DUH!!! THERE IS NO DIFFERENCE! And why is it NO ONE is SCREAMING from the rooftops, we are being led over the financial cliff by a man WHO HAS ZERO EXPERIENCE WITH ANYTHING!!! CLUE: if he was not black he would have been laughed off the scene!!

    4. Paul Terry Stone, Su says:

      Informative analysis of President Obama's Health Care speech and the problems that Democrats face to pass this bill if and when it's written.

    5. Ken, Cottage Grove, says:

      Everyone keeps referring to the doctors in lab coats surrounding President Obama at his health care speech. No one, though, mentions that just last week at the phone health care summit he criticized Republicans for bringing props to the meeting. I guess only the president is allowed to use props. It is just another example of his blatant hypocrisy by which he is trying to mislead the American people.


      Who in their righ mind would sign a Bill that hasn't been written?After it is passed they can add anything that they want,and SCREW THE AMERICAN PEOPLE.

    7. okiejim says:

      "If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it" is right out of the Goebbels play book, and our President is playing it for all it is worth.

      You Progressives who think the administration will be there for you come November are living in never-never land. The American people do not want this healthcare bill! All agree that reforms are needed, but nationalism of our health care system is not the solution. If you vote for this bill, pack your bags.

    8. R. Thomas Trimble At says:

      President Obama's previous statement about reconciliation, where he called it "unconstitutional," was a principled statement of his belief system. We shall soon determine if principle is indeed a valid characteristic of Obama's or if principles are "words, just words'" If it is the latter, then Obama's political postion is just as tainted and traditional as any typical politician, ergo, his "bringing toether" personna is totally bogus..

    9. Dan Turner, Fairview says:

      As of 10:30 a.m. EST, Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) is ALSO in opposition to the Bill, and is not going to vote for it.

    10. Waterboarder 4 Life, says:

      …and when Perpetrator Obama finished his speech, the "doctors" returned to their global warming labs to discover yet more false findings. In the midst of their research, they discovered Al Gore, the washed-up ex VP who went missing sometime before Snowmageddon hit Washington, DC.

    11. BobPDX says:

      I wonder sometimes if Obama grew up with a televison.

      The reason I ask this is because his countless methods of selling us on his agenda's are so transparent they are almost laughable.

      We all know what he is trying to do and it has nothing to do with better health care for all.

      I am amazed that believes we Americans are so gullible

    12. Frank25 Colorado says:

      I served 26 years 18 days, Honorable Retirement in 1976. 80 years old, Independent Voter since mid-2006 when both major parties became more interested in re-election, than listening to constituents, or checking unintended consequences of legislation passed. For serving 20 plus years, my spouse and i was to receive "free" healthcare at military facilities for life after retirement. BRAC dropped all military onto civilian healthcare marked in 1990s, UNDER INSURANCE PLANS. (Senate bills so far have no protection for Tricare, which would make Standard and Prime more costly to under age 65 military/families, and Tricare for Life of Retirees over age 65.


      Too many seniors, civilians and military, are barely existing now and contemplated plans would be death sentence for us. I have advised both Colorado Democratic Senators of this, and get the "PABLUM" replies from their staff aides of just how wonderful the improved plan will be for me and all Americans. Give me a break.

      Take all the papers back, burn them and start with blank paper and write new BI-PARTISAN plan for those of us outside the beltway.

    13. Richard Cancemi, Arl says:

      This Administration has produced chaos in Washington as well as the Nation.

      When Obama thinks he has the right to impose his ideology on the people, regardless of their opposition, we no longer have a President; we have a Dictator!

      When the Legislature follows the Dictator, we no longer have a Congress; we have a politburo!

      When the people are disregarded, we are no longer free citizens; we are "subjects"!

      We must reclaim our Constitutional Country and our Rights as Citizens as our wiser Founding Fathers intended us to live and which made us great!

      Progressives seek to destroy all that is American!

    14. Lloyd Scallan - New says:

      It's all "slight of hand" by Obama. In other words, "it's all a lie". Obama, Pelosi, and Reid are "lying" though their collective teeth to again attempt to fool the

      American people into believing their lies. While Obama destracts us with his

      "kabuki dance" and white coated props in one hand, he is moving forward with his other plans, such as grabing 10 millions acres of Western lands, thus putting yet another dagger into the heart of our "hopes" for energy independence. We all had better realize these people will not stop.

    15. Roger Barth, Washing says:

      Can someone check the "medical personnel" at the event to see if any were on the Govt payroll? If so, this should be publicized. White House should be asked for a list of attendees.

    16. Bob Veigel, Arlingto says:

      Obama is good at dancing around. Just remember who he is, a liar, and what he is, an America hater, and you will have no problem understanding his deception and deviousness..

    17. Floridacracker from says:

      The American people do not want this health care reform bill as it stands….. Washington is not listening….need to START OVER.

    18. toledofan says:

      I think that this healthcare bill, either the written or imaginary one, are and will be just bad pieces of legislation; too costly, too intrusive and too government bloated.Heritage continues to do a great job in pointing out all the false and inaccurate conclusions, especially on the part of Congress and the administration, but, I fear, come hell or high water, this bill will get forced through one way or another. It is crystal clear to me that the democrats can't be trusted with managing the government, the economy, the military or our general security. This is the hope and change nobody wants.

    19. Wayne Clark Owasso, says:

      As a health care consultant for many years AND having identified and been involved in pursuing health care fraud, I find it absolutely ludicrous to believe there will be any real savings generated. Most cases take years to get to the courts and more often than not, more is spent to prosecute the fraud than is ever recovered. If we want real health care reform we really need to concentrate on curtailing much of the malpractice litigation.

    20. Concerned, Texas says:

      I agree that there are many who say they can not vote for this, we've heard that comment before. My concern is that they say this and then Ms. Pelosi comes around with her basket full of goodies, and buys the votes. Whoever holds out the longest, gets the best package.

    21. Concerned, Texas says:

      When they say they can't vote for something, that really means "What can I get for my vote". Just watch, they'll come around and have a tidy package in hand when it's all over.

    22. John Barnes, Elk Gro says:

      Dear Sirs, I read Heritage daily and share it with many other Americans. I work here in the US, as a US citizen, working for a Canadian Company.We have had many discussions about Obama and Healthcare as you can imagine, and at first like many in Canada were for him and his policies. I just found out yesterday that on February 18th, 2010, the Obama administration has passed new regulations on foriegn companies that requires a great deal of extra verification and validation of manufactured products. This, forour medical company, results in a cost prohibative process they they are viewing as a "legal" embargo on foriegn products. What do you know about it?

    23. Babs CA says:

      This is not Health Care Reform but Federal Government Takeover. To the best of my knowledge the Constitution does not empower the Congress to provide individuals with Health Care.

      Medicare is a Gov’t imposed plan that is ill administered. One example – - I began working professionally at the age of 20 and purchased ample Health Insurances Plans by major carriers and paid for these and continue to do so. I did not want to be a ward of the Gov’t. Surprise, at the age of 65 “Medicare Automatically” took over as my primary carrier, paying 80% of all costs and my private insurers cover most of the other 20%. Does this make sense? There was no need for the Gov’t Medicare to pay for my Health Insurance and I had no choice. And, try to communicate with Medicare. The Website is in constant change and telephoning produces no results. In summary they can’t mange Medicare and now they want us to pay for five years for them to put in place 131 “Committees, Agencies or Whatever.

      Furthermore, if you realize that in final implementation of the approximate 4,500 pages proposed, we would not only be required to buy their Health Plan and pay 40% tax to them, but they will withdraw our medical costs from our Bank Accounts and then we will be in a position to submit forms to be reimbursed. This puts us in the same position as the “Cash for Clunkers” whereby the car Dealers could not get reimbursed despite the time consuming forms required followed by no response

    24. pat sharp says:

      Obama is a liar,Pelosi lies and Reid lies. None of them care about the American people or our constitution.

    25. pat sharp says:

      Obama lies Pelosi lies and Reid lies none of them care about the American public or the Constitution.

    26. norman, stockbridge, says:

      I wish somebody would go on a shooting spree and get rid of lots of the crooked Democrats in Washington who voted against giving the Senior Citizen a cost of living raise for 2 years and not giving them a $250.00 check but can vote their on damn Lilly white and black asses in a big raise which all of them should be made to pay every penny of the money back with interest and the voters start voting against all of the Democrats in Washington as well as state level.Take Back America and get the crooks out of office and send Pharaoh Obama back to his Muslim homeland since he really isn't and American by birth any way.We don't need another Adolf Hitler in the White House like him since Hitler, Kennedy,MLK are all dead and where he should be as well.

    27. LJ, Plainfield, WI says:

      WHY did Obama and the loony left start with health care FIRST? He most certainly DOES have an agenda for taking over the USA with socialist-communist control. WHY didn't Obama and Reid and Pelosi begin with the economy AND the hemorrhaging of jobs FIRST? The basically told the American people that THEY are the masters and THEY decide what is going to be on the agenda and be passed–to hell with the voters. I don;t care of you are a Democrat or Republican or Independent, Obama ET AL want to pick our pockets clean, and then when we have no more, throw us on the scrapheap of humanity! If you honestly think this president gives a damn after being in office over 1 year and having NOTHING he's had his lapdogs in Congress pass succeed, then you had better wake up because they DO NOT GIVE A DAMN FOR THE "little people", you know, the VOTERS. I believe that's because Obama is bypassing the Congress and making it irrelevant as well as the Constitution. He's already spoken out that the Constitution is an outmoded document for past times and not relevant for today.

      Last of all, WE the People, should have input into what our legislators put into bills, NOT THE DAMNED SPECIAL INTERESTS who often WRITE the laws. Time to wake up America and get active and take back our Republic before it is too late; or maybe it is.

      Complacency gets us nowhere, action does however extreme it may be. Remember, we are fighting communists/socialists just as we were in all the world wars, Korea, Vietnam, and the Middle East, why should our fight now be any different?

    28. Tom, Neenah, WI says:

      So who are the Dems in the Moderate districts that believe their base will be upset if they vote "NO". We need to mobilize the "no" supporters (Tea Partiers)to flood those offices now, consistantly and through to Easter to convince them that their base does in fact support a switch to "NO". Help Heritage—where do we focus our grass roots action.

    29. Madeline Kadas says:

      To Obama Reconciliation means: I'll give you one last chance to agree with me (Summit), or I'll have to do it my way.

    30. Madeline Kadas, Albu says:

      For Obama, Reconciliation means: I'll give you one last chance to agree with me (Summit), or I'll have to do it my way!

    31. James in Central Flo says:

      Obama is too mentally isolated to be President…he has lost 90% of his basic awareness of his constituency. This pathetically dysfunctional politician has got to be removed in 2012! He is just too disadvantaged to effectively fill the position.

    32. Ed Zierlein Coeur d& says:

      I understand that Obama uses some of his 34+ Czars dressed in white coats at these news conferences. My comment on his comments demanding a vote on his bill: Liar, Liar, pants on Fire!

    33. Jerry LaMonica says:

      Obama kept referring to "My bill". Does he think we, the people, are stupid??

      He has not submitted any health care bill. It is the same bills that the House and Senate have been fighting over for the last several month. There is nothing different! The health care in our nation can definitely use some "tweeking", but it doensn't take over two thousand (2000) pages to do it. And that is only one of the problems I have with it!!

    34. Patricia Potts says:

      Obama keeps saying that we must pass this health care bill because we owe it to the American people. Most Americans don't want it. This is a subliminal message. The bill isn't for us it's for him.

      Pelosi keeps saying that this bill will create 400,000 new jobs. This is like burning down a perfectly good building with people inside so that firemen can have something to practice on.

      And I keep saying… Stop peeing on our shoes and telling us it's raining!!!

    35. Eddie MacIsaaac says:

      What the Acting President said is true, Americans will have more control over their health care. He neglects to point out that the Americans who receive health care and the ones who have control over it are two separate groups of people.

      the game will be called Patients vs Bureaucrats.

      The Hippocratic oath becomes the hipocritic oath.

    36. Patricia Potts, Fair says:

      Obama keeps saying that we must pass this health care bill because we owe it to the American people.Most Americans don't want it. This is a subliminal message. The bill isn't for us it's for him.

      Pelosi keeps saying that the bill will create 400,000 additional jobs. This is like burning down a perfectly good building with people inside so that firemen can have something to practice on.

      And I keep saying stop peeing on our shoes and telling us it's raining.

    37. Skip in Phoenix says:

      I am mostly concerned about two things: One, anyone who believes this thing is deficit reducing is either insane or lying and has no business in a leadership position in this country. Two, since when did we vote for a revision of the bill of rights that permits government to mandate we purchase anything. I am all for health care reform, right after we solve economic problems, job problems and a host of others including the right kind of trials for terrorists. Can the arrogance of the Obama-rama show be any more distasteful?

    38. SoCalDoc says:

      Notice that none of the "Doc props" had a stethoscope, neither in the pocket of the coat or around the neck. only one seemed to have the usual ID card hanging off the coat, and the coats were amazingly all alike. Also no obvious smart phones showing, papers and documents in the pockets.

    39. MSC SoCalDoc, San Di says:

      Note none of the "Doc props" had a stethoscope in the coat pocket or around the neck, very unusual ! Also only one had a ID badge hanging off the coat and the coats were all alike. Also no obvious smart phones or papers/documents in the pockets like most real dos.

    40. Ben Harrison, Hemet says:

      Vote for health care and then we will retire you. Hopefully we will vote for some one who will then represent our interests, not the interests of government control and spending our monies, nor vote to get yourself re-elected. Represent the wishes of the people, NOT WHAT "YOU" THINK THEY NEED.

    41. Giles, Winnsboro, TX says:

      After reading the posts it is apparent we all get it, those legislators get it to, but they are hell bent on their cause and their personal egotistical quest to make history. The history to fundamentally change the United States, as they loose their quest, the history will read: Attempt by government leaders to destroy and place the United States in subservience to global governance fails, legislators, the president and their staffs hang their heads in shame as they pack their bags and leave Washington, DC in defeat. Their attempt to control 17% of the economy, deplete the financial resources of its citizens resulted in a backlash of constituents reminding those public servants where their paychecks come from, they were given pink slips and ordered out of town due to record votes cast in the 2010 elections. Prior to the election, phone lines were shut down w/calls from all over the country demanding a stop to these agendas, many groups carried thousands of faxes directly to those legislators, housekeeping could not keep up with all the paper in huge piles propping doors open and making it a paper trail of monstrous heights throughout the office buildings. We get it, there are solutions to the problem and that is smaller government with complete accountability for every penny it collects, term limits, no more living in DC, live in your area, attend 2 meetings a year to vote, finish your term, go home, make your own living, no more pay for life, allow the free market system to correct itself by limiting regulations to common sense protection, citizens will also be accountable, pay their own way, the people of this nation are charitable, when they know someone is need they arise to the occasion, but it is only to help not to support for generations, everyone will work for their own, they will own their lives, not the government owning them. The ripple affect works, we can either ripple for what is right or ripple and be destroyed for choosing what is wrong. We don't need the government to determine right and wrong, we know, we understand and we will do what is right.

    42. Jim Smith New York says:

      This federal government, with all its "policy wonk czars" brings to mind the word disgrace. These clowns are failed eggheads looking for gigs of one-two year duration, and then call Lloyd at Goldman for a banker gig and live happily ever after in the Vineyard, Aspen and/or New Canaan. Little Timmy, limp and all, is the

      current model, but they have way too many jerks playing or just being Scrooge, say like Ebenezer Emanuel, but with a lot more retarded cursing. And all along I thouht it was Chuck Schumer's or Henry Waxman's job to keep anti-semitism alive. Hoo Noo?

    43. Barbara F Delo says:

      Let them have the courage to do the right thing and vote with the American people rather than Prez Obama and Speaker Pelosi!!!

    44. Judith in Michigan says:

      Convincing gestures of past and present regimes, such as those of Lenin, Hitler, Castro, Chavez, etc, etc were, and are, presented through the barrel of a gun. I'm sure that particular gesture will not be used here, but whatever it will be, the results are expected to be the same. Go along with this regime, or you are toast.

    45. bigdave, ocala fl says:

      The president, his mouthpiece Gibbs and any number of additional lunatic democrats/progressives continue to trot out letters from people who can no longer afford their insurance. Do YOU PEOPLE really think healthcare costs/premiums will be LOWER(!) under this criminal administration(all democrat administrations are CRIMINAL,they all trash the CONSTITUTION)? Do you recall what your social security DEDUCTION was 30 years ago, 20, 10? From $40 per month to $400/$600 or more, matched by your employer, and NO GARUNTEES TO GET ANY BACK?! ALL DEMOCRAT LEGISLATION/LIES/BACKSTABBING, then money into their own pockets…heard of any politicians going BROKE lately? They just continue to STEAL FROM THE PEOPLE HUH MR RANGEL, MR CONYERS, MR FRANK, MR Geitner, et al??? As for your insurance premiums, when the government gets their greasy little hands on you, DOUBLE WHAT YOU PAY NOW! AND< you can't just DROP your insurance coverage…with the demorat plan…GO TO JAIL OR PAY A FINE FOOL!!!

    46. Norma Link, Lakewood says:

      The President talks about his proposal as if he is making up this healthcare legislation. That is unconstitutional! Look at Article 1, section 1 it says only the house and the senate can write legislation. I wish we could impeach him for this as his oath of office does pledge to uphold the constitution.

    47. Dave H, Culver City, says:

      It's over. Moderate House Dems have figured out that they have to vote to pass the Senate bill and then trust Obama and the Senate to pass the "fix" through reconciliation. But that vote makes the Senate bill law. No need for reconciliation after that. Obama's got his bill and his place in the liberal pantheon.

      Pelosi can't buy off these votes, because the Senate bill is done and that's what they have to vote on. Anything she offers has to make it through the Senate later. She can only say, I promise you what's behind door #3 that I don't control. You have to trust the Senate to change its own bill.

      Moderate Dems in the House just aren't that stupid. This thing is unraveling fast. There's a lot more desire for former "yes" Dems to go "no" than vice versa. Pelosi will never let the Senate bill be voted on because it won't pass the House. The last helicopter has already left Saigon, piloted by Scott Brown.

    48. wallyblu Zion IL says:

      How many of those Doctors in Lab coats were members of the SEIU?

    49. Conservative Muller says:

      Hey Obama, tax America to death…for science!

    50. Tom, NJ says:

      Snake oil for your health. Health Care Reform for sale. The President acts like the traveling salesman, props and all. Please wake up America.

    51. John B. SanDiego says:

      On a very serious note, all who believe in your hearts America as we know and love her will persevere, I want you to pray, for the wisdom of a few in congress that still have a conscience will vote the right way. For the people they represent.

      Not some party line, pie in the sky, career politician’s dream, sold by Pelosi.

      Practically speaking; commit yourselves to do some research find out what states Obama carried in 2008 that were previously republican.

      In those states with newly elected democrats, that replaced republicans will you find your vulnerable moderate democrat likely to not vote for Obamacare.

      Call them, write them, fax them; when the phones in D.C. jam look-up their district offices on the internet in the states, go after those offices next.

      Then Call 1(202) 456-1111 Whitehouse comment line and keep it jammed.

      These steps will scare the bajeeebers out of the democrats.

      Don’t forget Chairman Rangel’s ordeal has angered C.B.C. go after them too.

      Now can I have some fun? those doctors standiing behind Obama making him feel so brave in White Clinical Garb they really were doctors; Yeah I Mean It!

      They were "SPIN DOCTORS" and they all hold accredited PHD's in Spinology.

      Obama, he's not letting on,”This Obamacare Thing" is actually his Master Thesis!

      It gets better BO will do something never before accomplished he will recieve his B.S. Degree and Masters Degree all in four years and it won't cost him a dime.

      Not one thin dime, the Spin Doctors volunteered; NOW is this B.S. or what.

      OK patriots here is where you all come in We can deny BO his BS and Masters! Just Call Them!

    52. William, Malta, Ohio says:

      Look! Obama is a pathological liar! That says it all! Why would any intelligent human being believe anything he says, unless they are just plain ignorant. I guess that's it!

    53. Blair, Franconia, NH says:

      What's the rush? What's the hurry? Why does Obama want to turn us into a European social democracy or Canada South? If we become Canada South, we'll be

      more like Canada—–including the waiting lines for everything.

    54. Pingback: Irreconcilable Differences – Blog Watch

    55. Barb, Delafield, WI says:

      It amazes me that Obama stands in front of the American people with his doctor props and blatantly LIES to us at yet another staged event to try to convince us that his socialized health care will be better than our current best in the free world health care. It is lie after lie after lie with a straight face. I have to really start to wonder if he is delusional or has some other mental disorder. Does he really believe himself? Obama just got his presidential physical but should we not be concerned about his mental capacities as well? This really concerns me.

    56. Billie says:

      Too bad those guys in white jackets aren't coming to take Obama away haha hoho heehee, to the funny farm, where life is beautiful all the time….

      Your intelligence is in basket weaving.

    57. MN J says:

      The Democrats care not about their people – if this health fiasco passes, they will have achieved the goal they've been after since the 1930's – control of us. Result: decline across the board; no more risk taking; government will expand beyond the ability to pay for it; but the socialists will be happy.

      If we go, the planet may very well go chaotic. It is the American soldier that is keeping peace around the world.

      The Dems will throw anyone under the bus. Democrats who vote no will be abandoned; "yes" will work only in a safe district; O and his cronies do not care.

      The bottom line, "control."

      Sad. As for the doctors, how many were medical practitioners versus Phds. in given areas that will be depending on the government for grant money?

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    62. Willie P. Smith;, Ar says:

      I agree with Big Daddy from Ocala, Fl. We have pussyfooted around so long, we

      are afraid to say it like it is. I to wrote a comment a few days ago and Heritage did

      not print it. What is the use of all this is we can't express our fears. As I said in my

      unprinted comment "I believe this Administration is trying to sink the ship USS America. Obama doesn't care what the American people want. He and his nut bags are going to push Government Health Care until we hurt. What is wrong with the idea of going to other states to purchase health care? The Democrats won't even consider it. I am a 40 year veteran of Law Enforcement, I have been advised my health carrier will not carry us after July of this year. It is in California and I live in Arkansas. In all, I spent 46 years in uniform for this country, 6 military and 40

      Law Enforcement. I didn't do it so Obama could destroy my Country. Spending is out of control and will not be stopped by this administration.

    63. gorio, calif. says:

      If there are any star struck liberals still out there clinging to the belief that government is competent to run something as large and complex as the US "healthcare" just look at the sorry state of medicare'/medicaid and how they are "manageing" GM, gosh look at the cost of subsidizing the post office or the "skill" they have at "regulating" Freddy and Fanny. The PAINFULLY obvious is that the GOVERMENT just is NOT competent to run any of these and should work really hard at getting them back into the free enterprise market so it can either force efficienccies on them or proceed to an orderly disolution so the rest of the economy can proceed without a whole basket of anchors around their necks!!! The ONLY reason that the government has so many toys to break is the private sector profits. PS lets pass some laws that force our big banks to carry

      most of the real estate loans, lets come down hard on "dirivatives" that are just phony leveraging schemes, lets clean up the trash on wall street!!!!

    64. Neil Goeckerman, Tay says:

      Comments should not be necessary. Everyone should be able to see right through this masquerade. Athens Ga. said "we will see if he's principled" are you kidding me? This guy is lying even when he's lying!

    65. Charlyn Hille, Broke says:

      Isn't it true that if the House passes the orginal bill that it can go directly to Obama to be signed since it will have passed both the House and the Senate?

      Is the White House using the Reconcilliation factor as a ruse and they will have their healthcare dispite what the American people want??????

    66. Dave says:

      That the lab coated doctors was theater is obvious. Many people aren't even old enough to remember white lab coats on doctors. My childhood physician wore green scrubs in the 60s.

    67. Dave Reno NV says:

      I have to agree with Willie P. I know why these people want to destroy the United Sates as a capitalist endeavor. I used to be one of the unwashed hippies. I spent three years in Europe in the early seventies and liked their laid back life style. It then occurred to me that we were subsidizing their economies. I also learned that our technology and people were protecting them from the bear that they were indifferent to. My father served in the European theater. Our universities are full of unrealistic albeit brilliant theoreticians. They are very clever at formulating scenarios based on false premises. None of us like evil but it exists. Ignoring it won't make it go away. Now we have these nits that want to nationalize our medicine in order to take further control of the U.S. economy as a conduit to totalitarian authority over our people. I am appalled and distressed to say the least. It is really difficult to argue to a society with a sense of entitlement that they are giving away their souls for apparent security("free" health care). Demagogues like Obama are custom made for a functionally illiterate society that has been created by a Marxist school system. God help us.

    68. Jerry Waurika,Oklaho says:

      As I see it we are letting a few progressives in government DICTATE to the majority of what they are going to do. Their health care plan amounts to no more than socialized medicine. The President himself has said that he was a progressive and praised his progressive friends on the left. Looking back in history as seen in many publications that Glenn Beck has brought to light, that a progressive is no less than a communist in disguise. Hell bent on destroying this country that our founding fathers have established. Why are we passing over these truths & facts that expose the individuals for what they are? All we seem to do is simply call these people progressives without giving a true meaning to what they seem to be doing, …. trying to socialize this country. Taking the constitutional rights away from Americans, indoctrinating our children, rewriting history, to cover up their true agenda. Which in my opinion is tyranny taking hold over liberty.

      We as Americans, "We the people" are the ones to stop this. We pray to God in the name of our lord Jesus Christ that organizations like yours should be standing up shouting the names of the individuals who are betraying our constitution. Who take the Declaration of Independence and purposely misinterpret it to suit their despotic desires.

    69. Jeanne Stotler,Woodb says:

      The coats the DRs had on are like those that Residents wear, maybe he imported them from GWU hosp. Interns wear white jackets, Res. 3/4 l coats, most Md's only wear white full L coats if they work in the ER or inside their offices. As a Nurse I've never seen a MD come into make rounds in a white coat and in the days when they made house calls they did NOT wear their white coats. As for this bill he is trying to pass, read his books, patricular the 1st one, his comments about his own mother are a show of this man's hatred for the white race, now I know why he didn't go to Oahu when his white grandmother died, 2nd book he states if it comes to a rel. war christians and Muslims he'll support the Muslims. You can borrow these from library, DO NOT BUY, he doesn't need the money.

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    71. Redhawk77111, San Jo says:

      The Obama administration and the rest of the liberal left must be nuts! No one wants government run health care, especially this nightmare of a plan! If will raise the cost of healthcare, reduce care, especially to seniors and the seriously ill, and financially contribute to the bankruptcy of the nation. We need to cut taxes across the board by -25% and reduce the cost and size of government by -50%. Also we need to stop all immigration and deport all illegals. This will help create jobs for our citizens. If there is any attempt to pass a "cap and trade" bill it needs to be stopped as it too would financially ruin the nation! Wake up americans, the liberal left (democrats) are destroying our country, our government, and our way of life!

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    73. QZ,salem, oregon says:

      Our President is performing exactly as he promised. He is transforming this nation to a progressive/communist state. Explore 'the Hegelian Dialectical' website. I've read Rules for Radicals. He did TELL us what he was about. We were not tricked. Many were caught up in the moment, and wanted to believe (not me!). Me? I'm starting a new small business. Keep on keepin' on, people.

    74. Bob Gren, Jr. , Pueb says:

      It may take a while, but I do believe that our great Dictator will force us into slavery. Healthy workers will become servants to the poor, who already get a $trillion a year in welfare benefits from our paychecks. Want to know what really happens in our nation's hospitals. Want to understand healthcare—why costs are skyrocketing? Read "The Hospital Nurse," real stories, real successes, real failures, real fraud. Free download at mensunion.org For a good laugh, go to youtube and search Obamanator 360, a cartoon satire of Obama telling New Yorkers why they deserve to be nuked by Iran.

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