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  • Morning Bell: No Votes Until the People Speak

    On March 5th of last year, firefighter Travis Ulerick, of Dublin, Indiana, introduced President Barack Obama at a White House summit on health care. Upon hearing the first rumblings of dissent about the President’s plan, Ulerick tells USA Today he thought at the time: “I definitely think it’s going to have to be a huge consensus.” It’s now 12 months later, and the only consensus that exists among the American people is strong opposition to the President’s health care plan.The White House, however, is now completely uninterested in establishing a consensus for their health care plan before they jam it through Congress. Today, in a speech from the White House, President Barack Obama will urge Congress to move swiftly to pass his health care plan by implementing a legislative tactic that can be used to pass legislation that has failed to gain broad support among the American people. It’s known as reconciliation.

    Reconciliation has been used in the past, but only for procedural reasons, not because the underlying policy change was unable to muster 60-vote support. So, for example, the 1996 welfare reform law signed by President Bill Clinton was passed through reconciliation, but it also ended up getting 78 votes in the Senate (28 of them from Democrats). President Ronald Reagan also passed seven bills through reconciliation, but every single one of those bills passed through a Democratically-controlled House and won Senate votes from both parties. Never has reconciliation been used to pass any bill on purely partisan lines.

    In an attempt to provide some political cover for his nakedly-partisan health care push, President Obama released a letter yesterday identifying “four policy priorities” that “I am exploring.” Specifically he is “open” to: 1) random undercover investigations of health care providers that receive reimbursements from Medicare and Medicaid; 2) $50 million in cash for states that reform medical malpractice laws in ways the White House approves of; 3) increased spending on Medicaid; and 4) language that clearly allows Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) to qualify as health insurance.

    The White House has not yet released any legislative language for any of these “policy priorities.” In fact, his letter does not even promise that whatever legislation the White House does eventually offer will contain language on each of these issues. He only says he is “exploring” the issues. This is beyond a sham of bipartisanship. Details matter. The American people must be allowed to see real legislative language and they must be allowed the time to read and comment on it before any votes are taken.

    Most importantly, simply adding so-called conservative ideas to the bill does not change the fundamental direction of the proposal. The bills before Congress, including the President’s new additions, would still result in a massive shift of power over health care financing and delivery of care to Washington politicians and bureaucrats. The public has spoken, and it does not want a federal take over of health care.

    Julia Denton of Yorktown, Virginia, another of the Obama administration’s hand-picked March 5 health summit attendees, tells USA Today: “The legislation as proposed is so long and tough to read that people are afraid of it. Health care is such a highly personal issue. I cannot see how anyone will win if unpopular reforms are forced through over vigorous opposition.” Denton is 100% correct. The American people should not have unpopular health care reform forced down their throats in the face of strong bipartisan opposition. At a bare minimum they should have the opportunity to see actual legislation from the White House and be allowed to speak to their members about it while they are home in their districts over Easter break.

    Conservatives should continue to press the Administration and leaders in Congress for bipartisan solutions that are based on elements of common ground, including letting states take the lead on health reform, tackling the tax treatment of health insurance, sensible insurance market reforms, and an honest commitment to fixing existing health care programs that the government already controls.

    For real bipartisanship to work, the President must set aside the current proposals that are based on consolidating power over health care in Washington and instead embrace solutions that would give individuals and families more control over health care dollars and decisions. Simply adjusting the magnitude of the existing proposals or adding so-called conservative provisions does not change this fundamental direction.

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    74 Responses to Morning Bell: No Votes Until the People Speak

    1. Jim Smith New York says:

      Here, on the personal integrity front, Nobama scores additional negative polling numbers. He's fast becoming the first president to represent practically no one.

      Soon, voting, the Constitution and exhaling will be repealed and Algore will win another Nobel Piece (yes, piece) prize. A piece of your money, my money, but not Nobama's.

    2. Al Reasin, Conowingo says:

      The Reconciliation Rule was passed to prevent a small minority from stopping budgetary items from being held up and shutting down the government. Generally it has been used for tax cuts and other such items; once for policy issues that passed anyway with bipartisan support. Even Senator Byrd has protested the use of his tactic for passing ObamaCare. If done this will be an outrage for the American people to see. ObamaCare will have to be cut up into budget type items separate from policy items by the Senate Parliamentarian. However, the President of the Senate, Mr. Biden, can overrule the Parliamentarian and have the policy portions passed as well. That might more than just outrage Americans. Then it will be time to really march on Washington

    3. Jim, New Yoek says:

      I do not understand why The Heritage Foundation does not hold members of Congress feet to the fire and insist that any healthcare bill include all government workers and elected officials. They would not be so insistant on passing this extremely flawed legislation if they themselves were bound to it.

      We might be able to fix Social security if the same held true for Washington. They should not be able to exempt themselves from any legislation they pass for the general public.

    4. Ron Derry NH says:

      Pig Headed Idealism.

      There is no sense of a Republic here anymore just an IDEOLOGUE trying to manipulate the procedures so he appears clever as he stomps around like an infant trying to get his way at all costs….literally at all costs.

      No doubt congress needs to correct a system that they have tampered with until it broke but their repairs are nothing short of a complete socialists take over of our economy by a backdoor slight of hand through the Health care industry.

      Once this cornerstone of economic leveraging is written into our economy we will no longer be able to leverage worth by personal means and the government will have successfully embraced the foundation of an economy based on a dictatorship, one where human worth will be decided by bureaucrats and political favoritism, not merit.

      This bill will forever change Americans ability to negotiate there economic standing through the free choice of education, merit and choice and make us a country victimized by political coercion and dependency. This is the cornerstone of socialism, to take away personal voice and overthrow individual self purpose with politically extorted value by doctrine.

      The false promise of equality will be traded for reduced care and extorted value through mandated payment that no one will be able to challenge or alter through anything but political coercion, thus breaking American free will, free enterprise and the liberty gained by self responsibility through the e Market place.

      This is the plan of Engle and Marx and of Hitler and Lenin. It always increases government controlled oppression and in the end doesn't achieve its promise of more for less.

    5. John Roane Sarasota, says:

      A common ground on this issue is that it does not have the majority support of the US citizens. The only other common ground is the US Congress lead by the Democratic Majority couldn’t not garner enough Democrat votes to pass their own legislation. The fact they did not need even one Republican vote to pass in both bodies tells the entire story.

      Let’s get on with real business of the USA

    6. Gail, Texas says:

      There is nothing that will help Mr. Obama change his arrogant push for his agenda. Even the malpractice provision that he offers "must be approved by the White House", not the individual states, not "We the People." He sounds like a total dictator. Texas and Indiana have some good solutions in place that would never meet the White House standard.

      Mr. Obama has the majorities of both the House and Senate, so he can pass his bill. I pray that no Republican falls for the trickery of the President and his Party.

      From the beginning, the premise is wrong. It has been the government, not the free market must run health care. Because the premise is wrong, all of the bill and the conclusion are wrong. KILL the BILL!!

    7. okiejim says:

      The definition of insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. or,

      Such a mental condition, as, either from the existence of delusions, or from incapacity to distinguish between right and wrong, with regard to any matter under action, does away with individual responsibility.

      It seems to me that Obama, Reid and Pelosi pretty well fall in to both definitions.

    8. SB Owner Springfield says:

      Isn't this the same president that said in Baltimore; "I am not an Ideologue."? The same man that said at the business round table; I am a supporter of free markets, that I understand that business creates jobs."?

      The only explanation then follows; by ignoring the will of the people he is an Ideologue, and he doesn't supports business to create jobs by jamming through a jobs killing bill.

      In simple terms our president cannot be trusted for anything he says.

      A true progressive statist knowing government controlled health care is a huge step to a socialized America. Nothing will stop him. That he believes being a good one term president, says he is willing to sacrifice our liberty for his ideology.

    9. zavs says:

      Democrats are a pack of liars and cheats. To read the letters writtenby Dem Leaders to Bush in May 2005, concerning the use of the "Simple Majority Rule" ( the nuclear option), you would think Bush was disbanding the Senate instead of appointing a Supreme Court Judge. The same leaders now want to alter the Constitution and the future landscape of how future decisions are made. This is not leadership, it's communism!

      Republican Leaders- fight it, fight it, fight it…..we are behind you!! Can we begin impeechment proceedings of the 3 stooges?

    10. Dr Duncan Druhl, Ott says:

      There seems to be an increasing separation of intent between the two positions on government: those who believe that government's job is to control us (thereby behaving as 'the more government there is the better off we'll be', generally defined as statists)and those who believe that the last thing a free people need to live, work, and enjoy life is a burdensome government; this latter group are generally more indicative of the prevailing spirit and philosophy of the Founding Fathers. Despite all the PR spin added by the (apparently government owned) media and vociferous and vacuous protests to the contrary by the statists, the people of the country appear to be more closely aligned to the Founding Fathers' philosophy, strangely enough. This is also despite the decades of propaganda education known as "progressive" that has been added to further decrease literacy and educational levels in the general public school system. The "progressive" elements have been curiously successful in delivering an increasingly ill-educated populace by any testing criteria we wish to use. However, the will to Liberty and less government lives on amongst the majority of the populace, curiously enough despite the militant statism education delivered.

      There is nothing bipartisan in my view about anything that is going on in Congress. Perhaps the larger question is whether the representatives are fighting over positions that they think will serve them well in the upcoming election OR are sufficiently close to the preference of their funding masters to continue their campaign financing while appealing sufficiently to the people "back home". It is a tricky balance, serving two masters. Historic documents say that you can't do it. Leave it to Congress to try to prove history wrong; again and again, they try. If and when they succeed, "progressive" education will have done its part and we, the people, will be the losers in that pact with spirits best left unmentioned.

      The curious point is that the people are being more and more estranged from the growing behemoth bureaucracy, while it continues to expand unabated. Is there any support in "our representatives" toward stopping this government's hegemony? No, unless you count Jim Bunning as the sole voice of reason, it seems. We only need 544 more like him for the country to return to reason, perhaps.

    11. MN says:

      This is the real "Nuclear Option:" – a total destruction of the world's best health providing system.

      It must be stopped but what a travesty. And, the so-called "party of the people" continues to throw so many of their own under the bus, then run over them. Yet so many of their members are like lemmings – following their "leaders" right over a cliff to destruction.

      Pathetic and then we'll have to clean it up IF we get the chance.

    12. Ken Jarvis says:

      How and WHERE do the people speak?

      Polls? No Way – they fudge the numbers.

      I VOTE YES FOR HCReform

      HOW do YOU vote?


    13. SPO101, MS says:

      The US Government is broke because of a serious misallocation of resources. We all know about the wars, corporate welfare, Medicare Part Idiot and tax cuts for the rich, right? But what about all those 1000’s tits on a bull agencies that waste the taxpayer dollars on a DAILY basis. Want an example? Look at the DEA…

      I watched a DEA operation on cable TV… IT was one of the most ridicules WASTE of tax revenue I’ve ever saw. A whole room full of highly paid agents working OVERTIME on a suspected meth case. 36 hours into the bust the agents had yet to find any drugs in the truck in question. After 42 hours the agents had to let the driver go on with his job of delivering Washington apples to New Jersey…

      A WHOLE WORK WEEK FOR THAT? What the #*~?

      The USA got money for THAT but not for health care for all? Americans have to listen to these MULTI-MILLIONAIRE politicians like Evan Bayh whine/cry about the deficit and how government has to stop spending. Where were these fools while Bush/Cheney were spending our national wealth like a crack Ho with a credit card?

      These elected hard heads won’t consider maybe they’ve been WASTING OUR TAX DOLLARS for the last few decades

      I notice the public sector has the kind of job/pension/healthcare security those of us in the private sector could only dream about. Civil servants my @$$… just who is serving WHO?

      I once spent 15 hours in a County hospital emergency room trying to get treated for a broken hand. In that time I saw 16 Deputy Sheriff’s going in/out, flirting with cute nurses or transporting inmates. The County had revenue for THAT but in all that time County government allocated revenue for ONLY ONE DOCTOR ON DUTY! Does that sound right to ANYONE? Or does that tell you what a vicious police state the USA has become?

      If I was a Narc I’d be ashamed to admit it. When was the first drug law enacted, 1914? Productivity like THAT in the private sector and we’d still hauling ice and shoveling coal.

      Who cares if there’s degenerates among us STUPID enough to get hooked on meth or crack? The idiots would be smoking banana peels if there was nothing else so quit wasting our national wealth on trying to save these losers… It’s time to thin the herd, both hard drug addicts and right-wing wackos…

      It’s the Blue Dog Democrats (and Joe Lieberman) that screwed up BIGTIME! You middle-of-the-road @$$0’s gave power BACK to a damned Republican minority… You C@*/$ m*~/^#!’s ruined any hopes I still had in me for CHANGE. THANKS FOR NOTHING!

      I CURSE you traitors to the worst part of hell. I hope all that talk about revolution, chopping the aristocrats up and feeding them to the homeless, IS TRUE! Cause you Blue Dogs would be the FIRST ON MY LIST!

      How’s that for being the wacky LEFT? Thank GOD there’s cutting edge, bold Progressives on the American scene with the COURAGE to make DEMANDS for ETHICS, RESPONSIBILITY, ACCOUNTABILITY…


    14. Mark, Spokane WA says:

      It may be true that reconciliation has never been used to "pass a bill on purely partisan lines," but there has never been a minority in Congress as blindly obstructionist and obstinately dogmatic as the Republicans in the current Congress, either. In their own words, Congressional Republicans have been out to "destroy" President Obama, right from the moment he took office.

    15. Ken Jarvis says:

      It is NOT what they say,

      but HOW they say it – HF

      "Privately-owned Ford Motor Co. surpassed Obama administration-owned General Motors Co. in sales last month for the first time in at least 50 years"



    16. Jeanne Stotler Woodb says:

      Let's see, Insurance comp. are part of free enterptise, they seel Ins, turn a profit as they have investors and stock holders, the guide lines they have is to assure this for the stock holders.. The gov't wants them to lose so they can take them over and then they will say who gets care, how much, and when, stock holders lose money, more people are out of jobs (former Ins. Co. workers.) Now there is more money going out as Ins. gov't is covering anyone who applies, no limits. OH NO there is no money to pay the doctors and nurses who now are under gov't payroll, they quit and go on welfare. Guess what no one is paying taxes, gov't owes trillions and the USA is no longer we come under control of those who hold the notes. This is BHO's plan, then he'll try and become ruler of this new world, he wants to be a dictator.

    17. Kevin Habib, Glen Bu says:

      Yet more examples of how the far right lies to scare people.

      Conn – it is a complete lie when you state 'Reconciliation has been used in the past, but only for procedural reasons, not because the underlying policy change was unable to muster 60-vote support.'

      Then why did the 2001 stimulus bill only get 58 votes in final passage? How can you say it was 'not because it was unable to garner 60' – it did nto garner 60. You can't change facts in history, as much as you try. It was the first time reconciliation was EVER used to increase the deficit in history of the Senate. It only garnerd 58 votes.

      Even worse – the 2003 stimulus bill only recevied 50 votes and required Cheney to cast the 51st. How on earth can you say that the underlying bill would have garnered 60. And both of these 'stimulus' bills coudl have paid for health reform three times over.

      Conn – it has been so disappointing to read your posts. All rhetoric, no fact and substance.

    18. Blair, Franconia, NH says:

      If this was a Republican President, who had a tin ear to what the American people wanted concerning health care, you damn betcha that the Democrats would be screaming bloody murder right about now, The New York Times would have editorials

      saying that the President should change course, even if ever so slightly, and the media would have its chance to pile on. Chris Matthews of PMSNBC would be decrying the backroom deals made to Buddy Tauzin of Louisiana, or Chuck Hagel,

      formerly of Nebraska, you can damn betcha that Chris Matthews would be saying that

      the Democrats could do better. But where's the outrage? Where's moral indignation

      with Obama? No feakin' where. Obamacare'a either on life support, or is about to go into the Witness Protection Program, and Obama's going to make token changes to it. Is this really change we can believe in?

    19. bigdave, ocala fl says:

      Uh, Dear Mr Jarvis, you are in this site daily, just to give people a glimpse of the STUPIDITY of the LIBERALS! Lets say this for the LAST TIME…the current bill IS NOT ABOUT HEALTHCARE! We can take care of that situation with about 100 pages or LESS. Obama's goal is increasing UNION MEMBERS, MORE GOVERNMENT/BRAINDEAD BUREAUCRATS, MORE TAXES ON THE AMERICAN PEOPLE, MORE DESTRUCTION OF AMERICAN CORPORATIONS(LIKE BIG OIL, BIG COMPUTER, BIG PHARMACEUTICAL AND NOW BIG INSURANCE…not to forget about the mom and pops put out of business through government taxation and regulation), control of ANOTHER CHUNK OF AMERICAN MONEY FOR RE-DISTRIBUTION, ILLEGAL HEALTHCARE MORE IMPORTANT, DEATH PANELS(YES THEY ARE THERE!) AND MORE! I guess Mr Jarvis is unaware of the sorry state of SOCIAL SECURITY, THE POST OFFICE, what exactly does it take for MORONS to learn GOVERNMENT ONLY SCREWS THINGS UP! THEN WE PAY FOR IT while they just leave office with all our money..RANGEL? CONYERS? COLD CASH JEFFERSON? LIAR EXTRORDINAIRE GORE?

    20. Conn Carroll Conn Carroll says:


      Here are the facts: reconciliation has never been used to pass any bill on a strictly party line vote. Not once. Never.

      Now Obama wants to restructure 1/6th of our economy with only Democrat votes and with a bipartisan coalition of Senators voting AGAINST him.

      That is unprecedented. Those are the facts.

    21. Art Phillips, Pleasa says:

      Barack H Obama

      1600 Pennsylvania, Avenue

      Washington DC

      United States of America

      Art Phillips

      225 Brian Drive

      Pleasanton, Texas

      United States of America


      Mr. Obama,

      This is the third letter I have written to you. I am under no illusion that you will ever read any of them and I am positive I will never receive a response. Even if I did receive a response I would likely not be compelled to respond myself, so there you go, we have something in common. However a few of those who support you will read this and respond exactly the way they imagine you would want them to. I will start receiving hate mail, death threats and the like. Be that as it may, I continue to write just so I will not look back in regret at having done nothing, although writing to you may be equal to doing nothing. No disrespect intended, though you disrespect and insult me and all Americans on a regular basis. You have belittled my country, its people, its Constitution and its military, while expressing your overwhelming admiration for every cheap little dictator on earth. This is probably what makes me sure that you are not an American. No, sane, man could be a citizen of the most free, compassionate, and giving nation on earth and betray the very Constitution he took an oath to protect. You haven't simply betrayed this nation's Constitution, its citizens and military you have set out to destroy them. I have to admit you did not do this by yourself, no one man could do this alone, Reid, Pelosi, Biden, Emanuel among others supported your misdeeds. I am honestly reminded of a pack of dogs in heat running around with their noses stuck in each other's rear ends when I think of the Obama administration. And, yes, I know that statement was not very polite, and I do apologize, it just makes my point very well. Throughout the past two years I have paid close attention to what you have said. I have watched your body language and demeanor as you campaigned and after you, I just cannot say president here, it would feel like I am betraying all I believe in. I cannot say your name in conjunction with the word president because you have not come close to filling those shoes. I have never heard another man say so much and mean so very little. I have never heard anyone give speeches, I mean read speeches, and contradict himself as many times as you have. No president in my memory has lied as often, as openly or without fear of responsibility as you. I should give the definition for the word "responsibility" here because you do not understand the concept, however you can look it up. Most Americans can recite the definition for you, it is the way real Americans live their lives. Another concept that you have let escape you is Honor, you know it is that thing all American soldiers hold dear. If you can find an American soldier or an FBI agent or any Police Officer they will explain it for you. I have to warn you though, it isn't easy to understand by definition, you have to live it. Maybe you better leave that one alone. Let's move on to one you might comprehend, Loyalty. Who knows you might get this one, though, you have shown none of it to our Country our Constitution our Military or our Citizens. I just thought the concern you have for terrorists and dictators might be along the line of loyalty. I'll just leave this one for you to figure out. How about the concept of Duty? No, I guess not, the only sense of duty you know is to Barry Sotoro or is it Barack H. Obama. Well, that leaves morality and I know those you work with, Reid, Pelosi, Bidden and especially Emanuel and Frank don't want you to mention this one.

      Thank you, I have gotten a little of it out of my system, Heads up man, this is your life Obama, or the way most Patriotic Americans see it.

      One of those who has paid your way most of your life,

      Art Phillips

    22. JD, real world says:

      It's time to sharpen your pitchforks, Americans

    23. Opa - Columbia, SC says:

      This health bill is nothing more than an attempt by the White House to gain control of the health system in the USA. They will do whatever it takes to gain control, because they believe that they can make adjustments to it whenever and however they want. The key, though, is that they must first get control of the system. If they ever do, God help us!

    24. Duane Phinney Pensac says:

      Anyone that supports a bill that can throw American citizens in prison for not purchasing a product or service, is not an American.

    25. Richard Cancemi Arli says:

      It was either Arisotle or Plato who said: "Republics degenerate into Democracies and Democracies degenerate into Despotisms.

      We are now witnessing despotism in the Executive branch and in the "Democratic" Legisature. These miscreant Progressives are abusing their positions and trashing all that is good about America.

      They lie, cheat, bully, bribe, and propagandize to achieve their goal of replacing our Republic with Alysky-Socialism aka Progressivism. The sad part is that they are, and have been, getting away with their evil for almost a century, gradually (progressively).

      Let us make sure we do not forget their wickedness when November election time is upon us.

      We don't need these so-called Americans in office.

    26. mutant buzzard, 9021 says:

      The premis that there is anything wrong with a system that treats all in need regardless of an indivuals ablity to pay, is fundmentaly flawed. HSA deducted from an indivuals taxes ceed liberty to the rightfull owner. Given what is known of Obama, how cany one think that an Alinsky accloite will consider any thing other than goverment controll?

    27. Genie Coats, Meridia says:

      The main reason that this "health care" bill should not even be being presented to our representatives to vote on, is that it violates the United States Constitution. In this successful country, which has been successful because we have stood on the ROCK which is our foundation. The Constitution is our ROCK, and it has protected our freedom.

      When representatives do NOT stand as real MEN, and do what is RIGHT, and they start to bend the foundation, the nation will fall! This is what we are beginning to see as the inheritance of our children, our future!!

      We have always stood for the LAW, which is based on RIGHT principles, values, honor, justice, and integrity. When laws based on these, begin to be bent, there will be a destruction of the REAL. There is RIGHT and there is WRONG! This nation was founded on RIGHT, and our Constitution is also.

      Those who are allowed to slowly make it bend to the WRONG, will destroy what has worked in all of good history. If anyone thinks they can have true freedom by doing this, they are blind, they cannot see the truth!

      Can we have safe highways by allowing anyone to do the wrong thing, and drive on whichever side of the highway that they WANT to??? Can we have prosperity by allowing anyone to take whatever they want of someone else's hard earned salary??? Can we have freedom, if there are NO limits as to whatever someone wants to do, that will hurt someone else??? Can we have good health, if someone is allowed to do whatever to their bodies, not eat right, drink and smoke, which are both harmful, and then expect someone else to pay the price???

      Our schools should be teaching our children the way to take good care of their health, and letting them know they will suffer the consequences, if they don't! Suffering is never fun, and they should be being taught that! That is why spanking is very good for kids, no matter what the psychos say! It teaches children responsibility, and how to have good relations with others, and to do what is RIGHT!!!.

      The more that the United States of America destroys its foundation of RIGHT, the less future we will have, and our children will be slaves! You can call it Democratic or whatever, but WRONG, is NEVER…… RIGHT. The way this president is trying to change this nation is WRONG,….and he can't get around this FACT!!! America, we need to get back to what WORKS!! INDIVIDUAL RESPONSIBILITY!!!!

    28. Patricia Ventimiglio says:

      Ok, what if this bill passes? What can the CONSERVATIVE Republicans do to reverse it? I'm possitive that most Americans would go along with whatever we can do to enact a possitive bill that will reform our health care in a way that will save us cost and bring to Americans a health care that we all will want. Please encourage the Conservative Republicans to speak out for the people of our great nation. We cannot let this happen.

    29. Patricia Ventimiglio says:

      Ok, if this healthcare bill passes, what can conservative republicans in congress do about it? Is there any way to reverse it? I'm possitive that all Americans who really want a good reform will be willing to do all that is necessary to reverse it. we must stand up for our rights and not let this take away from what we stand for and thats freedom.

    30. Kathleen says:

      Obama is a LIAR on so many levels. Can you say ARROGANT & MANIPULATIVE? He makes me so sick that I need to keep the great health care that I already have! He loves to hear himself talk, but I don't. He does NOT know what's best for me (or) my family. If this healthcare crap goes through, my husband & brother's jobs will be in jeopardy, and my son will be forced to buy the GOVERNMENT'S PLAN instead of the policy he currently pays for. Is this American? Is this Constitutional? I think not. Obama needs to read AND LOVE the Constitution. He's pathetic and has GOT TO GO!

    31. toledofan says:

      It is crystal clear to me that the only change we need is for the government to stop spending more money than it has. So, concurrently, we should cut taxes and stop spending. The government is like a big blob sucking up every penny it can and then reguritating always twice as much. We should be putting all of our energy towards creating jobs not government buearacracy.

    32. Kevin Habib, Glen Bu says:

      That argument does not make sense to me. It is majority rules – that is it.

      Dems and Independents (including Leiberman who supported McCain in 2008) support the health bill – that soudns bipartisan to me, but not tripartisan.

      However, by your view, if the GOP had 92 seats in Senate, the Dems had 6 and the Indis had 2 – all bills should be passed with a Member from each party?

      The 2003 stimulus package was passed 51-50, with Cheney breaking the tie.

      The health bill will pass by a greater margin than 51-50 – with a larger gap of support – that is what matters. Not what party votes for it – it's how many elected members voted for it.

      It's not the fault of Congress that there are many more Dems than Repubs in Congress – no where in constitution does it talk about needing 'aye' votes from a member of each party – it's majority rules.

      You can't pick and choose.

    33. Andrea Shea King, Co says:

      You forgot the most important thing that renders all of this moot:


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    35. Ed Zierlein Coeur d& says:

      !. Anytime our congress puts out a bill of over 2000 pages we should say STOP!

      2. This is about power, trillions of dollars and who will have total control over it.

      3.President Obama has made promises, statements and commitiments and then never done anything to bring them to fruitation. He lies frequently and without any hesitation.

      4. Do not listen to Obama; instead write down his promises, etc and watch what he does not do. It's simple to do and revealing.

      5.As an Independent, I care little about party, I care about what is done and how and by whom. We need to get ready for Nov!!!!

    36. C. Sutton, Washingto says:

      The White House canNOT propose legistlation, anyway. Only the House can do that, with the Senate approving or disapproving their legislation. The President can only sign it into law, or veto it. Why are we acting as though what the President is doing is perfectly normal? It is not. He is acting as a king – not as the elected official holding the highest office in the country, with the chief responsibility being to uphold the U.S. Constitution. I hear no one discussing this, not even on Fox News. Have we all forgotten so much and are so ignorant of our founding documents? This is truly frightening-that this could become law only because of a flagrant disregard of the Constitution, which was written to constrict governmental abuse of power. We must educate ourselves and those we know.

    37. Freddie L Barnett,Tu says:

      Fixed income hit home with me about 2 years ago. I won't go into detail but I was not ready to retire. Now i get $1720.00 a month. That is a lot but near as much as i was used to. So I had to cut back and I did. The one thing I make sure of each mounth, is that my BC&BS is paid before I do anything else. That is the way I want it. As far ass I'm concerned if Obama was to pass his health care plan and all I have to do is bown down to uncle sam and get it free, then they can keep it.

      My mother and Father,through there love and strong sence of independence, have given me guidence for almost 60 years. Part of that guidence was to take nothing and owe nothing. Now this pup, who could not tie my Dad's boots because my Dad would not let him, wants me to be thankful to him for given me Health Care. One that he controls and forces our childrens children to pay for. Where are all the proud people, who don't want uncle sam in there daily lives, at anyway.

      I see more and more people who want me to pay for them and that is wrong. While poundering that, I heard on the news that "people out of work and on unenployment staid there and did not look for a job untill the last 4 weeks of eligablity before looking for work in earniest". So I'm proud of a man like my father, who would kick your butt and moviate you work, who likewise may be gave some Proud people the back bone to find work by withholding there safty net up untill Obama found the cash to pay for it. That man is Jim Bunting. He is a great American. Thank you Jim.


    38. Dennis Social Circle says:

      "Hope and change" is waht he said, well we all "hope" that the "change" will not break the back of this country,but I am afraid it will.


      May God have mercey on America, for we are the dumb lead by the ignorant. The IGNORANT voted this idiot in. May we the willing lead by the example of the ignorant stop this mess.

    39. Dr..Louis A.Fanning says:

      Wait until they set up the Gulags in which they will imprison all the people who do not want to nor will pay for Health Insurance.The military began recruiting for the Internment / Resettlement Specialist (31E) guard force for the gulags in August 2009. The project will be run by The Northern Military Command .The first unit of the command was established in FT .Stewart Ga. and became available October 1,2009.

      There is all the data any reasonable person could want to support this threat to our freedom if you know where to look. Please do not quote the Posse Comitatus Act to me. You can tell how much that means to determined federal forces by remembering the children of WACO.

    40. Tom Doyle Ft. Myers says:

      I do not understand why The Heritage Foundation does not hold members of Congress feet to the fire and insist that any healthcare bill include all government workers and elected officials. They would not be so insistant on passing this extremely flawed legislation if they themselves were bound to it.

      We might be able to fix Social security if the same held true for Washington. They should not be able to exempt themselves from any legislation they pass for the general public. This should include all of the government employees, Congress, Senate, the President et al.

    41. Tri, Dayton, OH says:

      This guy is clearly is not a leader but an inexperienced, empty-suit man-child. Socialized medicine doesn't work. Hey Obama, get out of bed with the trial lawyers and pass some REAL health care reform. We need tort reform you marxist, arrogant man-child!!! May God spare this great republic of ours before it is past the point of no return.

    42. Lynn Bryant DeSpain says:

      The,"Common Ground", spoken by so many of the politicians does not lie with them, it lies with the People. The Three Houses in DC are to represent the will of the States, and therefore the People. this is what makes this Nation a Republic, and nothing else will do.

    43. E. Worth says:

      What is the point for paying for so called health care that we will not be receiving for years, at the same time keeping the health care that we already & by the time that this Obama care is suppose to take effect he will be out of office & the money we have been paying in has been used for other projects of Obama. Because he is addictive to borrowing & spending money he & his administration should step down, along with Pelosi, Reid & the Czars. Just think how much money we could save if we did not have the czars to pay who only answer to Obama. This Feinberg guy that is over seeing AIG & other banks admitted he has not talked to anyone at the White House for a year. What is going on? We got CZARS out their running things of this importance with no guidelines? Another thing is Holder who should be stopped now. Here he has 9 lawyers for terrorists who we are paying a fortune to that are able to use the Constitution for their defense. What is wrong with this man? Is he a sympathizer for these terrorists? Yet he is trying to get the CIA guys that were following orders 15 years in prison. This man has no common sense & is spending the American peoples money like it is his. We need to start a petition to get him fired. That would probably do no good, but that cocky jerk needs to be let go.

    44. Peyton, a Libertaria says:

      We, The People, control Congress! We, The People, decide what laws we want to be governed by!

      We, The People, need to burn up the phones, calling our Senators, and telling them to uphold their oath of office – TO PROTECT AND DEFEND THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES, AGAINST ALL ENEMIES, FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC.

    45. ella quinn kinaton n says:

      No we donot want this health care bill.

    46. G. B. Pilkington, At says:

      Hussein, are you listening? I think your aggrogancy and Socialist Ideology "Seal your ears, as big as they are!"

      Ken Jarvis – How can you claim that GM isn't owned by Hussein, in view of the fact he's fired the previous two CEOs? Even though Hussein gave the first CEO a Consulting Contract, paying him $3000/hour

    47. Barb, Delafield, WI says:

      We all must all remember that proposed Obamacare is UNCONSTITUTIONAL.

      The government cannot force an American citizen to buy any product or face fines and jail. I have never before in my life seen such an adversarial president and democrat party. And that being adversarial to the good Amercian people!

      Such arrogance! The Constitution protects us from a tyrannical goverrnment. Obama is the most power hungry self proclaimed king of a president that we have ever suffered as a country. He is a progressive idealogue that despises this country and its Constitution. He is dangerous to our liberties and freedoms as established by our Founding Fathers. It is clearly evident that he foams at the mouth at the hope of becoming a redisitributive world king. I would call him a despot. He hates this country and our Constitution, self reliance and liberties.

      We must re-take our country back in November or fall under tyranny.

    48. William, Malta, Ohio says:

      obama SAYS he is "open" to changes in these onerous bills, but he lies. He is anything but open. He somehow, in his deluded state, thinks that we believe his unadulterated lies. It is only those who have been duped into thinking by his propaganda minister that he can do no wrong, and that he is so intelligent that he has no equal in finding the right way for us all. That group of people can only be described as those who WILL NOT SEE – those blinded by the mere fact that because he is black he can therefore do not wrong, make no mistake, be forgiven for each error, and will lead this country to glory. Well, those ignorant people are obviously and arguably the dumbest, most ignorant, uneducated, stupid, people on the face of the universe. They are certifiably insane!

    49. Hope North Carolina says:

      Didn't our congress recently pass legislation called pay-go, and wouldn't that apply to passing this bill as well.

    50. Judith Griffith, Mil says:

      I would find it very helpful if you would supply us with a list of the email address of every member of the house and the senate so we could email them our opinion individually. If this is possible for you to do so, please do. I feel so helpless and would genuinely like to let them know what I think. Perhaps you could post the list on your site.

      Thank you,

      Judith Griffith

    51. Judith Griffith, 313 says:

      My comment is posted above saying it is waiting moderation?? Don't know what you need.

    52. Louis L Cesar F LEVY, Houston TX says:

      And this direction have to change in one way or another. Let us stay vigilent.

    53. Pingback: Obama Interjects Again – Blog Watch

    54. Sue From Detroit says:

      Government employees, including Congress,President, Supreme Court should be on the same health system they want to put the taxs payers on. Many people invested in Obama's presidency and the pay off is health care reform. This reform is another tax that is stealing more and more from individuals. Our liberaty will be gone if this bill is passed. Damn the American citizen the special interests is all that matter to the political class. 10th century here we come.

    55. Tater Salad says:

      Obama and his band of idiots by Jim O'Neil:


    56. Tater Salad says:

      Obama is at bat and he strikes out again:


    57. Gail GR MI says:

      What part of no do they not understand? Every other day its "The President's new Healthcare Bill", which is the same old garbage with a different bow on it! Stop already and get on with getting our economy back on track, we need people working to pay for anything…even old healthcare ! I am sick of the entire mess…..but I will continue to fight for what is right and vote accordingly.

    58. Helmetfoot says:

      I see that obama's promise to let you keep your own doctors etc is being bandied about. Of course you can keep your doctors, hospitals, plan etc. If you pay for it. of course most of us are a part of a businesses medical plan.

      If your compaany can save alot of bucks by dumping your current plan then they will do it.

      that means that the coward obama can claim it isn't his fault. You can keep it but your boss won't pay for it.

      Watch his words. It isn't so much what he says, it is the words that he uses.

      If this were the turn of the century he'd be standing on the back of a horse drawn wagon selling some foul elixer as the cure for cancer. Maybe we should call him proffesor Hill and he can sing "We got trouble in River City" and 76 Trombones.

      This is like aa bad movie.

    59. Reta Richardson, Nin says:

      I subscribed to The Heritage Foundation's website to get truth from intelligent, honest conservatives in the US. Sadly I haven't found it here. Hate, racism, lies rule instead of rational discourse to further the cause of democracy.

    60. Robert Phillips, Cle says:

      I'm amazed at how you and other "Think Tanks" believe anything you say, write, or do is going to sway Obama and the socialist congress from ramming health care reform down our throats. Hasn't it become apparent that if they're willing to sacrifice their political careers to get this so-called health care reform approved that something even more sinister is going on? Do you not realize that we're neck-deep in a situation where being nice, reasonable and gracious is about as effective at turning the tide of Abamacare as is using a butterly net to nab a bear! When are you going to have the guts to "call a spade a spade?" Any president who says he wil decide issues in my personal life, such as health care, has overstepped his authority. He needs to be reined in!

    61. sherry, avon, ma says:

      Not one person in this country has read the bill. How many are there? But he spent over a year fixated on this health issue. Who told him to? I dont want anyone coming up to me and telling me when to purchase a new car or I have to buy a new dryer. That is not what America is about. And the people who think that is great and wonderful does not have a brain in their head. They are the ones who rely on the gov. for their welfare checks, and whatever handouts they get. But us poor slobs who work he is taxing us to death. The only thing I know it will surely backfire on them. Because the people of this country, the majority, said no we don't want it. And he doesn't care or else he doesn't know what he is doing. He sais one thing one time and sais just the opposite the next time. God help us all. I am glad he wasn't the leader during WWII. General Patton would have had a field day with him.

    62. David, Solvang CA says:

      How can a President lose touch with the American people so quickly? Very shortly into his first year of office, nearly everyone I've talked to has asked, "Where did this guy come from?" Huge government solutions from the fellow who was going to inspire hope and change driven home with pure political thuggery. Forcing homosexuals upon the honorable members of our armed forces in the middle of a war. Throwing money at every problem and trumped up problem, but using most of it to buy political favor?

      This man had a hidden agenda, carefully concealed by a willing media accomplice.

      Please God, let America learn from this terrible mistake.

    63. Willie P. Smith says:

      As I have said before (it was not printed) this health care mess

      is just another way to slide America down a bankruptcy slope.

      When is everyone going to wake up to what this Administration is

      trying to do?

    64. J Earl Jones,Monroe, says:

      Obama and his Soviets have no interest in health care, but there is interest in total control over every area of our lives. This so called health reform ( death reform)must be rejected. If rammed down our necks ,it is the beginning of tyranny and slavery of AMERICA. When your own government is the enemy of the people it is the beginning of the end of the greatest country on earth. FREEDOM FREEDOM FREEDOM!!!

    65. Barbara G., Penna. says:

      If you stand back a little from what is going on to see the whole picture… I suspect Obama took advantage of EVERY free handout growing up, including going to Harvard, and doesn't know any other way of life! I suspect he thinks if he can level the playing field, ie., bring down America to the same level as the rest of the world, ie., socialist state, everybody the same, all countries equal, he will then, in his narcissistic mind, be able to readily climb the short ladder to Global President (alias, World King, World Dictator, King of Kings…) Food for thought, and still another reason why Obama and his cronies NEED to be removed from office ASAP, and ALL legislation that has his fingerprints on it needs to be abolished!

    66. Mike Wolfe Spokane, says:

      I hope the Dems try reconciliation, although I suspect they'll back down. If they do, it's just one more slap to the face of an increasingly irritated electorate on the eve of the mid term elections.

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    68. Kate Zemke / Madras, says:

      I don't have a comment,rather a question.

      I know a Pres. can be impeached by Congress, but

      can a President lose his job via the public option;

      a petition?

    69. Willie P. Smith;, Ar says:

      The people have been screaming and he has not heard us yet. He will never hear us until we agree with him, which will be never. As for me, I say a prayer every night to our good Lord above to bring us out of this. As has been said, " Without a strong america, what is going to happen to the rest of the world"? We cannot afford to go down any further. We cannot be anything but number one in the world.

      The vultures from the countries that hate us are already circleing.

    70. paul,the villages fl says:

      People ask doesn't obama realize people don't want this. THE ANSWER IS HE DOESN'T CARE! HE WANTS TO BECOME A DICTATOR AND THIS IS A BIG STEP.

    71. Howard Reed, Durhamv says:

      Rep. Rubio, the very popular latino Conservative from Florida running against Gov. Charlie Crist for the vacant senate seat pretty much summed it up on I belive the O'Reilley Factor the other night.

      The American people will start filling both houses with qualified, that is Tea Party endorse GOP and Independent candidates in order to start undoing all the harm that the Bam Gang is doing to the country.

      Let this bunch of political thugs do their damnable work in obeisance to Satan, that is why they are called 'devils disciples'. We will come along with red white and blue God and Country candidates to start taking their dirty work apart. The fun will be the wires shorting in their heads as they scream incoherent words at us and our representatives.

      Then we can turn around in 2012 and finish them off. I just like the idea of Tea Party types taking over both chambers of congress, giving Boy Bam ulcers during his period of lame duck status. That head will be whipping back and forth and around and around similar to the scenes in 'The Exorcist' as he spits his teleprompter bile at us for two years. Bring it on Mr. Poor Excuse For A President Bammer.

      The Turban Torpedo

    72. Howard Reed, Durhamv says:

      Don't worry Mr. Jones of Monroe, Ohio,

      I have complete trust in the God who inspired the greatest nation in the history of mankind, and I have complete trust in the American people, the majority of which haven't been brainwashed by the progressives as they have been doing to the the last and currrent generation.

      I also have complete trust in the majority of parents and grandparent that will, like happened in Hungary during the early years of the Russian conquest burned the midnight oil to undo the brainwashing their children were undergoing by the Soviet education system.

      And, best of all, I have trust in Ameican youth who polls are showing are not buying in ObamaEducation regardless of his toadies taking to the street in protest of losing funding in California. Those protestors were Obama Red to the person. Their signs gave them away.

      God is scourging the people of America, who like his chosen children Israel are like yoyo's in our worship of Him. He has not turned his back on us, in which case the 'devils disciples' in the progressive movement currently led by the sorry excuse for a president and his Marxist henchmen and women. We will prevail Mr. Jones and prevail mightily.

      The Turban Torpedo

    73. Linda, Louisiana says:

      I do not understand how the President's Health Care Bill can be voted on without an actual Plan is put on paper. He has stated that he has some ideas, but can't seem to write it down. Furthernore, I doubt there is anyone in Congress that knows what is in the House and the Senate bills. This has reached the ridiculous point. I continually pray for all the people in Washington to act in a sensible and a representative manner. This President is slowing, but surely, destroying this Great Nation. Never thought that one person could do it

    74. Matthew Holden, Jr., says:

      In the interest of full disclosure and honest discussion, I am a regular reader of Morning Bell, but have a track record as a Democrat who is more often likely to disagree with the Morning Bell themes.

      I disagree here. The idea of not making a final legislative decision until "the people have spoken" presumably means not until after the election. This is a bad principle to incorporate into representative government. Conservatives should beware.

      If the electorate is as angry as Morning Bell commentators seem to feel, then the results will show themselves in the election. If that happens, the new Congress will find means to prevent the next steps in implementation. (Whether the expectation about big changes in the election is valid or not is not clear. Yesterday on CNN, Rep. John Boehner was very cautious and unwilling to predict that there will be a Republican majority.)

      Moreover, any legislation that is so important and so controversial will be tested constitutional grounds. If it is as bad as most Morning Bell comment indicates, we may forecast that the present Supreme Court majority (which sees the world in Morning Bell terms) may well impose its own limits.

      This legislation may be good or bad, depending upon one's point of view and one's command of the facts, but there is no reason to advocate so major a change in the basic process.

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