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  • Senator Jim Bunning – “I Object”

    Liberals are up in arms because Sen. Jim Bunning (R-KY) is blocking a bill that would extend unemployment benefits, extend health insurance subsidies (COBRA), extend highway funding, increase Medicare reimbursement rates for physicians (Doc Fix), extend a temporary “flood insurance” program and continue aid for small business programs. The bill, H.R. 4691, was introduced and passed the House on February 25th by a voice vote. When the bill came up in the Senate, Sen. Bunning objected and requested a vote to offset the estimated $10 billion cost of this bill over the next month. With the two words “I object” Sen. Bunning may save taxpayers $10 billion and Sen. Bunning has provided America a stark example of how Members of Congress refuse to pay for new spending initiatives.

    Bunning said of the bill “if we can’t find $10 billion to pay for it, we’re not going to pay for anything.” A month ago, Congress passed something called pay-as-you-go (PAYGO) budgeting when they increased the the statutory limit of allowable national debt to $14.29 trillion, a $1.9 trillion increase. The current PAYGO rules are loaded with exceptions and loopholes, yet many saw the new PAYGO rules as a step in the right direction to restrain some out of control spending. The problem is that Congress seems to waive the PAYGO rule rather than offset one cent of new spending.

    Brian Riedl has written for The Heritage Foundation about the loopholes and problems with past versions of PAYGO:

    When PAYGO was a law from 1991 through 2002, it was never enforced. Over those 12 years, Congress enacted $700 billion in non-offset entitlement expansions and tax cuts, and then cancelled every single required spending cut that would have enforced the law. As a result, entitlement spending actually grew faster after PAYGO’s implementation.

    Evidently that trend continues today, because in H.R. 4691, Congress waives the new version of PAYGO. The bill explicitly declares the new spending an emergency and the relevant language is as follows:

    (b) Emergency Designation for Congressional Enforcement- This Act, with the exception of section 5, is designated as an emergency for purposes of pay-as-you-go principles. In the Senate, this Act is designated as an emergency requirement pursuant to section 403(a) of S. Con. Res. 13 (111th Congress), the concurrent resolution on the budget for fiscal year 2010.

    (c) Emergency Designation for Statutory PAYGO- This Act, with the exception of section 5, is designated as an emergency requirement pursuant to section 4(g) of the Statutory Pay-As-You-Go Act of 2010 (Public Law 111-139; 2 U.S.C. 933(g)).

    Basically, liberals in Congress love the idea of PAYGO, yet they refuse to enforce the statutory requirements that all new spending be offset. They do this by designating all new spending as an “Emergency Designation.” This is feel good politics at its worst, because the left can claim they are for PAYGO, yet PAYGO has yet to restrain any spending. Furthermore, the vote on PAYGO in the House helped pave the way for a $1.9 trillion increase in the debt limit. Therefore one can argue that PAYGO actually increased spending in the Congress.

    Senator Bunning has proposed an offset of spending to pay for the one month extension of benefits consisting of “the unobligated amounts appropriated or made available under divisions A of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (Public Law 111-5; 123 Stat. 115). $10,267,000,000 is rescinded on a pro rata basis.” Sen. Bunning is asking that the Obama Administration cut $10 billion of unspent Stimulus monies out of a $787 billion dollar proposal to continue to pay benefits to unemployed Americans.

    Liberals would have you believe that Sen.  Bunning is causing Americans to be furloughed from jobs and to have empty unemployment extension checks. Maybe they should look in the mirror and find ways to pay for this new spending. America is carrying over $12 trillion in debt and Americans should be thanking the one Senator who is educating this nation as to the out of control new spending coming from the federal government at a time when this same Congress refuses pay for it.

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    60 Responses to Senator Jim Bunning – “I Object”

    1. ACME Sacramento says:

      You do realize that Sen. Bunning didn't vote for PAYGO, so why is he sticking his guns to it? Where was all of this deficit worry when tax cuts were enacted? When war funding was enacted? Absolute hypocrite

    2. phyllis - Atlanta, G says:

      Bravo to standing for principles.

      Hypocrisy must fall!

    3. Temma Wathen, Ocala says:

      Dear Sir,

      I believe that if people do receive extended unemployment benefits that they should work in their community to earn them. They can weed public areas, serve at homeless shelters, mend fences, clean up parks and forests, help the home bound, walk animals at the pound, remove grafti. Each community could decide how best to use these people.

      Thank you for considering my thought.

      Temma Wathen

    4. GB says:

      Bunning — What a sad, deceived man you are to take from the poor and needy while you sit in comfort. To take away their means of remaining honest, to pay for their bills, and to provide for their families while they struggle to become employed again.

      Woe to you, God will hear the crys of his people who struggle under the burden of your hatefullness. God will deliver them.

      You think you can build houses for your riches…for yourself, while others struggle to eat. May the Lord say, "This night your soul is required of you." May God move you out of the way to provide justice for those that trust in him and are now relying on the unemployment…that they worked and paid for.

    5. Mark, Spokane WA says:

      It is absolutely unbelievable that you are trying to defend Bunning's conduct here. He is a bully without conscience. People are suffering because of his heartless grandstanding, and you don't seem to care about them.

    6. tjk60, Troy, MI says:

      Now, I'm thrilled that Sen. Bunning has made this stand, as well as exposed a bit of the lefts hipocracy, your 'analysis' of the paygo from 91-02 is disingenuous at best. The Republicans controlled the spending much of that time, proving that this is endemic to Congress, regardless of party.

    7. James, Royal Oak, MI says:

      Its about time we had someone with a spine, who is willing to stand alone if need be. Hopefully, one day, we'll have at least 60 Senators and at least 218 Representatives, who think along the same lines as Senator Jim Bunning.

    8. Dr. Grant says:

      Good for you Senator Bunning! Someone has to stand up for the working class citizens. Someone needs to define what an emergency is. Our deficit is more of an emergency to me than this "cash for caulking" bill, extending unemployment benefits, etc. We need JOBS, not hand-outs! Why kill small businesses by taxing the working class to subsidize those out of work for longer? Encourage (subsidize if necessary) small business to get people back to work. Hold the liberals to their word! They are out of control, saying wonderful things and doing 180 degrees opposite!

    9. John, Liberty MO says:

      Sen. Jim Bunning has the right idea and more senators should stand up and stop the madness in Washington. The federal government cannot continue the barrow and spend process. If there is no money, you cannot spend it. And if there is money, the questions should be "Should we spend it?". Just because they can does not mean they should.

    10. glenda sylvester says:

      I applaud Jim Bunning for doing the right thing. Someone has to at least make an effort to stop the reckless spending. Paygo was the right thing to do and now they all need to stand behind it. Stand up and do the right thing.

    11. Mary Lou Johnson, Sh says:

      Why aren't more conservatives standing up and objecting on the floor of both houses of Congress? Surely there must be more than one brave, principled soul among all those sent to Congress! Hooray that the people can count one! Let's see how many more we can get to do the same!

    12. Proud Kentuckian says:

      Thank you for this excellent article exposing the true facts of our out-of-control congress. I am so proud of our senator for standing up to this fallacy, I only wish there was a way to better educate the people as to what this is all about, instead of them being told, and believing, all the idiocy put out by the liberals and mainstream media. If we had more politicians like Bunning perhaps we wouldn't be in this mess. Thank you Senator Bunning … you will be sorely missed.

    13. Pierce, Fort Wayne, says:

      The Dem talking points are to call Bunning a hypocrite for not voting for Pay-Go and now trying to object to this under the auspices of demanding it be enforced. It's pretty clear that you are playing serious defense when your only tactic is, "If they call you something nasty, just call them the same thing. Doesn't matter if it makes no sense at all."

      News flash to the Democratic party: many Americans are now awake and not falling for your games any more. Maybe Senator Bunning voted against Pay-Go because he knew that it was a joke. He knew that D's had no intention of enforcing it. Irregardless, his stance on this shows the utter hypocrisy of the left. This also shows what a sad and miserable state that congress is in, when they will not even summon the willpower to pay for a mere $10 billion program when you have all of those unallocated funds lying around. Americans recognize the peril that our country is in from out of control spending. The Democrat party is so utterly unconcerned with the will of the American people that they have completely missed, yet another, huge wake up call.

      Bunning is retiring after his term. This is exactly why I am looking for candidates to vote for who have little or no ambitions for political career or, better yet, are reluctant to run at all. It allows them to easily rise above all of the games.

    14. Douglas K Roberts, T says:

      Why was this never an issue when Republicans controlled both Congress and the White House? There certainly were deficits then… Nothing but total hypocracy, as usual, for the Republican'ts.

    15. Nancy, Maryland says:

      GB on March 2nd, 2010 at 11:48am said:
      "Bunning — What a sad, deceived man you are to take from the poor and needy while you sit in comfort."

      If Mr. Obama and the leftist Congress didn't cause so many job losses in the private sector, he would have the tax money coming into the federal government to pay for this. He can't have his cake and eat it too. He wants job losses, so everyone can depend on the wonderful Obama to look to for the crumbs he wants to throw them. If there are no private sector jobs, you can't keep paying the government.

      Senator Bunning,
      You are a hero, keep up the good work.

    16. AlisonLovesSean says:

      Hooray for the Republicans? Are you crazy? These are the same Republicans who voted in favor of every expense on the Bush/Cheney wish list regardless of the affect on the deficit, none of which benefited the U.S. taxpayer. Big corporations, financial institutions, foreign governments do not pay taxes but they reap billions of taxpayer dollars.

      Bunning is standing up for the working class?! The unemployment rate is 10% in Kentucky! Bunning wants to halt reckless spending? Do you think he would vote for any bill that would increase the amount of taxes corporations, etc. will pay? Guess what? The average American is unemployed and tapped out. It's time for the corporations to pay up. We could balance the budget in a week.

    17. Karl Kauffman says:

      This is one of those damned if you do and damned if you don't issues. Yes the PayGo bill should be enforced. The Congress has no right to spend this country into oblivion. There should never be a dollar spent that has not already been collected, by legal means. However, the particular bill that is effected does have the welfare of a bunch of people at stake. Now there are a couple ways to look at that also. First, these people who will loose benefits will have to suffer. But, should they be on the dole anyway. Second, how long do we keep someone out of the working pool by giving them assistance. I think to long. There are jobs out there, probably enough for everyone. Not the "preferable", easy, high paying job that evryone requires these days.

      Bottom line, I agree with Sen Bunning and his approach. I also think we need to take a new look at how we "assist" those in need.

    18. David Pennsylvania says:

      This man is a giant to me. Bunning was my childhood hero as a baseball pitcher for the Phillies and now as a senator he is standing on principle. He might not have voted for Pay-Go (which was a Democrat sham anyway) but now he is holding these spineless progressives to the fire. The whole congress except for a few exceptions like Bunning should be thrown out on there proverbial ass. They are a bunce of spineless weasels. Pitch another perfect game……. "Perfect Game" Bunning.

    19. sui generis says:

      Senator Bunning, We the people say THANK YOU and God Bless you & yours.

    20. TONEY, IN says:


      Thank you Bunning for forcing Congress to balance it's checkbook like any responsible person has to do in the real world.

      Now if he had just chosen a better time to do it, that would have been nice…

    21. Tim Smith says:

      Wow. You'd think that Jim Bunning started World War 3 or something. Let's see if I understand this. 1. Bunning is objecting to the Democrats refusal to enforce the rules that they put in place. 2. the extension of unemployment benefits will be for up to 99 weeks (isn't that close to 2 years? and, isn't unemployment supposed to be a cushion and not a hammock?} 3. Bunning is an evil dastardly republican who only cares for the rich white man in Washington..

    22. Ricky, NY says:

      The whole reason so many are unemployed is because of lax regulatory oversight, corporate irresponsible risk taking which accumalated over many years. And now Senator Bunning is asking where to fund unemployment benefits. When you have millions counting on the new paycheck to feed their families and children, moral supercededs hard and cold politics. I would have expected more from

    23. Patricia Zoeller says:

      My husband wrote the letter that Sen. Bunning read on the Senate floor. Despite the fact that we have had to rely on unemployment, it is to be applauded that someone was willing to finally make a stand and say we need to quit spending without funds to back it up.

      We certainly would not be allowed to write a blank check to get everything we needed. Why then is the government allowed to do so. Here, here, for Senator Bunning.

    24. Mary, Cleveland says:

      I too applaud Jim Bunning's decision. Government spending is so out of control and this continuation of this madness will be a burden to our children and grandchildren. I know people who are unemployed, and they do not look for another job on a full-time basis. Yes, they do take advantage of the system.

      Critics may think he is unsympathetic to the current unemployed, however he is being sympathetic to our children and grandchildren.

    25. Shane Jenson, Janesv says:

      While I applaud this effort I am severely disappointed that more voices did not make this same objection to the insanity of spending us into bankruptcy. For those of you who have the belief that employees pay for unemployment insurance, I wish this were true but as an employer i am here to tell you that it is employers and customers who pay for this scam. I am all for letting people (employees) opt to buy their own unemployment insurance. As far as it goes it is just another tax, the redistribution of wealth and just another entitlement program.

    26. Andy, MN says:

      Nobody ever said Repubs didn't raise spending during those years. It just shows that no politician is safe from scrutiny. Congress spends, not just certain parties. If we are to trust these people without our money then we must hold them accountable, both parties.

      People need to be more like Sen. Bunning and reject this reckless spending. If you can't pay for it without incurring more debt, then it must wait. If one half of the unemployed are "discouraged workers and have stopped looking for work" don't get counted in the unemployment rate then they shouldn't receive unemployment benefits.

      I pray that Sen. Bunning and the rest of congress will have the courage and strength to withstand those who believe they are entitled. We have free will from God. We get freedom from the Constitution. It grants protection of Life, Liberty and the PURSUIT of happiness, not the guarantee of happiness. If you're not happy without your situation, pursue something different.

    27. Susanna, Kansas says:

      We need jobs – not extensions to unemployment and deeper debt – So, Thank You, Sen. Bunning. SOMEONE had to object at some point! It was the right thing to do.

      It's easy to come up with all kinds of ways to spend money. The smart ones are the ones looking to see how all those ways are to be funded.

    28. Don, Bismarck, ND says:

      Bunning is doing what obama and the rest of the libs asked for. Pay if you spend. obama touted it 20 days ago. Now he's bad for doing it? I salute him. He had the balls to do what the libs wanted. You go Bunning!

    29. FormerRepub, Columbu says:

      It goes to show that sen bunning and the conservatives in here are cold ruthless bastards and major hypocrites to boot. Where were these so called concerned budget minded citizens when they were voting to spend trillions of dollars rebuilding an oil rich country who's citizens could care less for us? Did they hold town hall meetings? Did they call the iraqi people lazy? Where were the so called budget minded hypocrites in here when bush and the repubs reconciled the biggest tax cut in history during a time of war which is unprecendented? So know they have issue with a bill that is 1/10th of 1% the amount that they had no problem spending on oil rich foreign people. Who are the unpatriotic ones? As for this formally straight ticket voting republican. After a year of being bashed for being lazy (even though I have an mba and would work circles aroung these idiots) and watching repubs play games with the unemployed, I can assure you I will be voting a straight ticket again. This time for democrats and I know many other laid off middle class repubs like myself that will be doing the same come November. Not to smart to alienate your own people but again the repubs these days have no class.

    30. FormerRepub, Columbu says:

      Weren't all the repubs against paygo? Didnt the dems say before paygo was passed that emergency spending would be exempted from paygo and unemployment extension would be considered emergency spending? So I am confused why many of you are using paygo in here as an excuse when you have no clue on what was said or who supported the bill. Can you say uninformed ignorants???

    31. Jeronima de New Mexi says:

      Bravo for Senator Jim Bunning. Here in New Mexico most people want to live and depend on govertment hand outs. Everything for free. No work, nada, more siesta everyday!

      I wish we can have a Senator like Sen. Bunning in this part of the country.

    32. Susan, Central Texas says:

      Bravo Senator Bunning! We so need representatives like you with a conscience, who see how our legislators are spending our country into bankruptcy. Shame on you Democrats for not sticking to your paygo legislation, and shame on you Republicans for not standing by Senator Bunning.

    33. Scott, Kentucky says:

      Jim Bunning is possibly the best example of why we need term limits. I say this not because I disagree with his position on this issue, quite the opposite, in fact I agree whole heatedly that we must stop spending money we don’t have. The reason that Jim Bunning should be held up as an example of term limits is because he is not running for re-election. Jim Bunning is retiring after this session and that makes him the rarest of politicians, one who does his job based on his convictions rather than having one eye on the next election cycle. I guarantee that there were many people in the senate (democrat and republican) who felt the same way he did but were too afraid to speak for fear of being crucified in the state run media (like what is happening to Mr. Bunning right now). That doesn’t make Jim Bunning a bad man rather it exposes the rest of the senate (especially the republicans) having a collective backbone with the same consistency of a wet noodle.

      To those of you who believe that Jim Bunning just wants to starve poor working class families who are unemployed, you should read all the facts of this story and not let the liberal media pluck your heart strings and play you like a fiddle. Throughout this entire process Jim Bunning has been trying to negotiate with Democrats in taking moneys away from other projects and putting those funds behind this bill thereby obeying the laws that were passed by the bill known as PAYGO. PAYGO by the way was a law that President Obama praised as responsible government and leadership.

      Term limits people, two terms in the Senate and or six terms in Congress. That’s twelve years for either position and after twelve years in the cesspool otherwise known as Washington DC, it’s only right that they should have to leave. If for no other reason but to go back home and regain their soul. And look for a real job.

    34. F. D. Smoke, Philade says:

      Until Sen. Bunning is out of work, on unemployment for a year, unable to get a job, widowed and living on Social Security, he has a hell of a nerve holding up funds for us regular people.

      The senators should be forced to live with the same healthcare that the rest of the nation enjoys (?)….. and only then will they have the right to make such a decision.


    35. Anthony Adams, Hilo, HI says:

      Bunning is simply amazing. He insists on sticking strictly to his personal convictions no matter what the result might be. He is no different from the doctor who tells the heart attack patient lying on the guerny in the hallway, “And you have the cash with you to pay for your treatment today? If not, then you will just have to wait here in the hall without any help.” What is this man thinking of? Many people in this country, let alone his own state, are being adversly affected by this one man’s actions. Does he think he can run the country? What kind of example is he presenting to the American voters about how Republicans in Congress perceive them. Not a very good one as he is doing great damage to Republican quests for gaining seats in Congress this fall. Does the leaders of the Republican party not realize that Bunning is providing great ammunition for Democrats in the coming election? Bunning thinks he will single-handedly save the bad economy and stop goverment spending – the economy he and his party created in the first place.

      Sen. Bunning is representing the entire Republican party and he is showing the heartlessness and lack of humanity predominent among members of his party. This is simply shwoing contempt for the American people AND our economy. I am sure he would be strongly behind more tax relief for the rich and more cutbacks for people in need and seniors to pay for those tax cuts.

      This is a strong example of the breakdown of Congress today. While the Republicans and the right-wing media denounce “progressivism”, they strongly embrace “obejctionism and regresivism”. And it is further example of the Republicans vow to shout “NO” to any legislation that benefits the common man, and push their agendas for further benefits for the wealthy – even at the expense of those in need. If this is an example of their “free market capitalist” policies, then I would gladly welcome the Socialist Democracy of the succdessful European countries.

      Senator Bunning, you are a very disgusting windbag glowing in your hour of celebrity. YOu are simply an a-hole of the finest order. YOu have no business being in the U.S. Senate as you refuse to support your constituents. Go away and don’t come back. It is a good thing you are not frunning the re-election as you would certainly lose to anyone.

    36. Dan; DFW Texas says:

      I applaud Sen. Bunning for his courage. If he has our childrens interest at heart and really want's to curb this crazy spending spree that Washington "Belt-Way Boy's" are wallowing in then, YES he should object. I've never personally met Senator Bunning but as a former constituent I have respected his politics while not always agreeing with him. On this point I do. Out of work people will find a way to get back to work and if that means that they will finally wise up and see that our government is strangling small business; choking the life out of real energy reform, marking a path to socialism that is inherently "class" oriented while handing out FUTURE taxpayers money (which is now being borrowed from governments like China!) then BRAVO BUNNING!; BRAVO!

    37. Don Simon says:

      Some one has to start with the first step and Bravo to Senator Bunning. How the heck can we keep spending with out paying for it.

      This congress has a bunch of Rock called Senators.

      We need to replace them with Men and Women who have the sence they were born with.

      Where oh where have the republicans gone, Oh where oh where can they be.

      I guess your going to let him Burn (Joan of Arc) I hope you all get the guts to stand for something worth while. Our country (America) Bunning need your support.


    38. Angela, Maryland says:

      What is wrong with you people supporting Bunning? Yes we need more jobs no doubt about that but what about all the people who lost their jobs such as myself and cannot find another one? Should we be punished by having our unemployment the only life line some of us have to keep our homes and not make the terrible housing market worse, yanked out from under us? I want to work, I look for work everyday but nothing. I dont want a hand out I want a decent job so I can keep my house! If all those in government like Bunning gave up some of their cushy salary and perks, they alone could provide funding for the unemployed but you dont see any of them wanting to give up there standar d of living! They want the american people to do without the basic necessities of life so they can keep their 2nd and 3rd homes ……..

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    40. tamme flemingsburg k says:

      I draw unemployment and I havefor 18 years as long I have paid in I should be able to dreaw it. I am student trying to better myself so I depend on my unemployment and try to find a job so I can live and go to school. I f you have not been in this situation before how would anyone know how you feel knowing you your unemployments could stop any moment. There people out depend on there check to pay bills, or buy food. I thought AMerica was suppose to help people not hurt them. Please keep unemployment extensions going until you lose your job don't assume everyone else is like everyone.

    41. Karen, Texas says:

      I have only to read through the comments here to see how thoroughly people have been indoctrinated with the Liberal/Progressive talking points. Same old, same old…all of the same "worn-out" old stereotypes. The senator is not being "cold-hearted" by objecting to the creation of even more debt…he is not saying that funding for these things should be cut off entirely. He is simply saying NO to any *additional* spending…..these things can be funded through the use of the unspent portions of the stimulus money. Why continue to add to a debt that has already crippled this country? I'm grateful that SOMEONE is taking a stand….and its a shame that there are too few voices out there backing him on this one!!

    42. bobby allen says:

      jim bunnuninnnnn! you forgot you voted fot the iraq war and the tax-cut for the rich without any concern of how 's going to be paid for , and just weeks ago you voted against PAY-GOOO……..what a hipocrite ass#%&@!!!! …… just go back to your rural kentucky and …… (fill the blank)

    43. SB Owner Springfield says:

      ACME you claim Bunning is a hypocrite? Because he didn't vote for a bill but when it becomes law he supports it, that's hypocritical? Great logic, when the disastrous HC plan is passed I can just ignore it, or when confiscatory taxation is passed to bail out the inexperienced statist in chief, I can just ignore those also? I am against both, wouldn't want to be a hypocrite.

    44. Dan Fridley says:

      Trying to contact Bunning is futile. You are constantly harrassed with typing in letter and number sequences before the email will be sent. What a gimmick.

    45. Ron Lundgren Louisvi says:

      I THINK Bunning was right to object to the passagef the legistration to bad others in congress don,t have the courage he does we needto stop spending money we don,t have

    46. FormerRepub, Columbu says:

      It is hilarious to here repubs tell dems they have been indoctrinated. Having been a former straight ticket voting repub it was me who was indoctrinated during my 22 years of radical right wing beleifs and listening to limbaugh with bated breath screaming dittos dittos.. Like all the repubs in here I assure you I only watched fox news where I can also assure you that every single commenater on Fox is a repub and they do not hide it. You see I, as do all the repub hypocrits in here, do not like to hear dissenting arguments so that is why we stick to our right wing indoctrination news channel Fox. They will even say. "I watch CNN" which in reality it is for about 30 seconds until they snap (as I did) and go back to Fox news. Then we even try to perpetuate the communist like propaganda that fox is fair and balanced when deep down we know that every single anchor is a repub. It is so hilarious to see the indoctrinated, brain washed repubs chime up. What is sad is these idiots have no clue they are brain washed. I didn't either until I turned off fox and saw my blood pressure drop immensely and my brain open up instead of living in a right wing hatred trance. Is it any wonder why 1st qtr college flunky limbaugh has been divorced 4 times? SO I say who are the ones indoctrinated?????????????????????

    47. Art Phillips, Pleasa says:

      TO: All U.S. Congressmen

      All U.S. Senators

      The U.S. President

      From: Art Phillips and by proxy,

      Millions of American citizens

      The reality that I am moved to write a letter with the following content reveals a truth all Americans are beginning to recognize. We are in the midst of an unraveling of the fabric that has bound us together for the past two hundred thirty three years. A fabric which supports the weight of all, we as a people, hold dear. Our Freedoms, Liberty, and Justice, just to name a few are all supported by and dependent upon the strength of this Red, White, and Blue fabric called the United States Constitution. Creating such a fabric required many different threads, each carefully selected for its ability to withstand time and stress while maintaining its strength, integrity and values. The threads had to be bound together tightly so that they could not be divided thus compromising the integrity of the fabric. Each thread of this fabric has a name, to mention a few, Honor, Duty, Loyalty, Morality, Strength, Honesty, Trust, and many more. All the threads in this fabric represent the greatest attributes of the human race, one race, with different shades of one color.

      Prior to the 2008 election, the majority of citizens of the United States of America were well on their way to creating a new race, the American race. A new race of people with only one color, the American color, and only one name, American, not Asian American, or African American, simply American. A race bound together by their hopes and dreams and care for each other. The struggle for this dream took over two hundred years and millions of lives. It is disgraceful how the actions of those running for the honor of serving in public office have set this noble achievement back many years. I ask you men and women in the congress and the senate, as well as the men who ran for president, was it worth it? Was your ambition, your pride, your need to be famous or whatever self-serving goal you were seeking worth destroying what millions of Americans gave their lives for? Do not tell me you don’t know what I am talking about. Each of you knows very well that the despicable use of race in the 2008 election was obscene and you all share the responsibility for it. The 111th legislature, as well as the 2008 presidency, will be looked upon as the blackest days in American history thus far.

      Though I have served my Country, and my family has sacrificed much for our way of life, I have failed to do my duty. I took an oath to protect the Constitution of the United States of America against all enemies, both foreign and domestic. I was not diligent in the exercise of my duty to protect our Constitution from malignant growth known as government. Congressmen, Congresswomen, Senators and President, you represent that growth. It is your blind ambition and self interest you serve rather than the American people and the Constitution you swore to protect. The actions taken by this administration and legislature amount to a direct attack on the Constitution and the rights and freedoms it guarantees. You have forgotten that it is not your place or your right to tell the people what you are going to do. It is your duty and obligation to ask the people what they want! When I say, it is your duty to ask the people, I mean the majority, not the few that simply seek to be coddled, ask those who have made and make this nation successful. This government has made too many false assumptions with regard to the reason it was elected.

      For too long I have lived under the misguided assumption that individuals elected to the highest offices in the land, individuals that took the same oath to the Constitution I did, would honor that oath. I believed that they could be trusted and things like Honor, Duty, Loyalty, and Morality were as important to them as they are to me. I made a serious error in judgment with regard to many of them. Many in the Senate and Congress do not have the capacity to possess such ideals. Just think, people who are supposed to be the guardians of our Constitution are trying to limit free speech, restrict the free exercise of religion, remove the right to own arms, just to mention a few of their attacks on the Constitution and the American people.

      What person in their right mind has the audacity, the arrogance or the ignorance to expect people to apologize for the success of their nation? The only change we need now is to remove such ingrates from office. If our country is such a horrible place to live, why do so many around the world want to come here? Why does our government want to reward criminals and provide them free medical, subsistence and free education at the expense of those who can’t afford it for their own families? People who have entered this country illegally and laugh at our laws, many of whom commit crimes in our country, are given property and rights paid for by our citizens even when these same citizens cannot afford it for themselves. If these illegal aliens want to live in a country like the United States of America then they need only to go back to their own country and pay the price Americans here have paid and build another America, the world could certainly use more.

      Americans owe the world nothing, nothing at all. This nation has always provided for the rest of the world freely and willingly. Our nation has fought and sacrificed more than any nation on earth for those in need around the world. Now some of you in Washington have the nerve to think we should apologize for our success. You are very much mistaken if you think this American feels apologetic, and don’t even think of apologizing for me!

      Our nation’s success was purchased with the hard work, sweat, tears, suffering and blood of ordinary people who possessed extraordinary will, courage and values. I am proud of this nation because of citizens who were willing to share that success along with the blood of their sons and daughters with the world. I despise any individual calling for or making an apology for the sacrifice of my brothers and sisters in arms, be they living or dead, or any citizen of our great nation. Get it clearly embedded in your conscience that the United States has nothing to apologize for! Consider this, why don’t those of you in Washington that have degraded, insulted and slandered our country, its military and many of our citizens start correcting the disastrous course you have taken by making a long overdue apology to America and her allies. Speaking of apologies, the media, those in television mainly, have betrayed their profession, their country, and themselves. What is most discouraging about the media is the fact that they know very well they have lost all credibility and trust. Some journalists even admit that they don’t report news anymore, “we make the news” one of them stated. You won’t find any honor in this profession any more. And just think, I am just a simple person, a nobody to the new Washington and the media.

      I have a great deal more to say, however, I am sure most congressmen and senators are far too superior to even acknowledge an average citizen much less read all this. To those in our government still holding to your beliefs and values, those who still honor the Constitution and believe in freedom over tyranny, I salute you, respect you, and I have your back so long as we stand. To the rest, look carefully in a mirror, you are just a person. There is nothing special about you. There are many in this country that can do your job far better than you ever will. You are only insulting the rest of us and making fools of yourselves acting as though you are any better, any smarter, or any more qualified at what you are doing than a million others are. You were born, you will age, and you will die just like every other person on this earth, why not leave behind a good memory and an unselfish legacy. No one is unaware of the mistakes they have made, each of us knows when we are doing something for the wrong reasons. I hope I can get through to at least a few of you in government before the betrayal of the American people turns to outright treason. Where is your Courage, Commitment, Honor, all those things a leader must possess?

      God Bless our great nation!


      Art Phillips and millions of other Americans

      Afterthought: What could be so valuable to a person elected to serve a nation as great as the United States that they would betray such a trust? I can't answer that, however, we are witnessing this very thing in our government. It seems that most of those we trusted to protect our beloved Constitution have betrayed every citizen in the United States. In the past six months we have seen our Constitution, our Military, and many average citizens slandered, threatened and subjected to vicious attacks which were totally unwarranted. Our present administration and legislature is by all means and definition guilty of treason. When will one of our many Law Enforcement, Judges, Dept of Justice or courts find a little courage our soldiers have and make these traitors and criminals answer. It looks as though the only ones who are going to be punished for our governments dishonor and criminal activity is US.

      Art Phillips

      Loyal American citizen.



    48. April, Colorado says:

      Hypocrisy…Why didn't Senator Bunning take a stand during the last administration when the national debt was being tripled?

      I love it when millionaire white Republicans play political "baseball" with the desperate needs of the American people.

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    50. david says:

      The programs that were funded should not even exist in the first place. Bunning is a liberal & socialist compared to the sort of people we now need in Washington.

    51. tboo - Atl says:

      Great points have been made about someone FINALLY sticking a plan to control the spending and needed efforts to create jobs instead of prolonging handouts. Those attacking Bunning have totally missed the point and twisted the facts. He is not AGAINST benefits; he simply wants to take ridiculous stimulus funds that have already sadly been approved and apply them to the crisis at hand. The twisted liberals have couched his move as cold-hearted and an even as an affront to God Himself when it is really an attempt to require the Dems to adhere to the very rules they just created. Curiouser and curiouser.


    53. Terry Ott (Wisconsin says:

      I have long considered Bunning to be one of the most ineffectual members of Congress, and that is saying something!

      But, still I applaud anyone, Bunning included, who attempts to do what any business would do — and government IS the biggest business these days — and that is: find ways to offset unanticipated spending by curtailing other, less essential spending. That kind of thinking is LONG overdue in Washington and it is not a problem with one party, but with both of them.

      Businesses from coast to coast have been squeezing down budgets in order to simply be responsible to shareholder interests (and to protect the executives from being tossed out on the street, I might add).

      Question: Does anyone seriously believe that ANY government agency, especially Defense but all the others as well, could not reduce their cost of operations by 10%? In the real world, a CEO would give his executive team a month, six weeks at the outside, to come up with their tactics for doing that.

      The fact that Bunning chose to stalement this particular bill is easily explained. It's a bill that everyone wanted to pass, as opposed to some obscure piece of legislation where no attention would be paid to the withholding of funds until a "pay-go" strategy was adopted.

      The successful candidate in 2012, from either party or from a new "populist uprise" party, will have to be rock solid and tough as nails on the principle of pay-go. We have had enough of government profligacy and waste and laziness. Enough. Period.

    54. Mary Ann M, Crofts L says:

      WE need to expand more in GREEN Tech; Wind Mills. and such. GET people back to work!

      The BANKS have money to lend ha ha If people do not have a job to get a loan HOW can they ask for MONEY ?

      NOT everyone gets a $250 stimulas sometime in May I have a daughter that can NOT find a job.

      She turned 28 in DEC, She has NO medical Insurance. Thanks ……….

      Companies in America Just close and take away insurance… DRS. just do not see the need. Republincans SAY OH WELL………..

      AMERICA needs to help EVERYONE not just the weathy………

    55. Billie says:

      What's up with people who look to government dependency!? The more you are convinced you need from government, the less free you are!

      The free market is held ACCOUNTABLE to their actions. That means they hire QUALIFIED PEOPLE. GOVERNMENT HIRES JUST TO HIRE SO THE EMPLOYMENT RATE LOOKS NICE, COVERS ANY ERRORS AND UNIONS AND INSIDERS, PROTECT GOVERNMENT FRAUD AND CORRUPTION. Changing the rules that doesn't convenience them. take full advantage of the rules that do. WEAK.

      Do for yourself and get rich by taking the steps the people of wealth have taken. My goodness, your jealousy is showing when you could make it where you choose to go all by yourself! You'd rather give up your freedom to hold the hand of government. Very disappointing. the wealthy didn't need government and either do you! But your impression is WEAK.

      Alternative energy technology is a huge waste filled with everything but freedom! EVERYTHING ABOUT GOVERNMENT IS INEFFICIENT AS THEY STEAL EVERYONE ELSES MONEY TO EMPLOY A MAN TO OPEN THE DOOR. Please open your minds. I pray for you who do not allow yourselves to see the government for what it is. UnAmerican.

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    57. Dennis Social Circle says:

      WHEN OTHERS MONEY IS BEING SPENT, THOSE THAT SPEND DO NOT HAVE THE COMMON SINCE TO SPEND IN A WISE WAY. I do not know when anyone came up with the idea that "guvment" was wise in spending. We as tax payers are the ones paying the bill. We must take action to stop this junk, tell Congress and especially obam and the dems we have had all we want AND HIRE A NEW GROUP TO CONGRESS AND THE WHITE hOUSE.

    58. Upset, NC says:

      Ok all you unemployed who are collecting benefits.

      First of all there is plenty of money already approved – from outlandish pork filled bills. That money could keep unemployment benefits going for years if congress wants to be honest.

      Second of all – if YOU are not willing to borrow money from your children's future wages to feed your family and make your house payment – then why is it ok for the goverment to do that very same thing? Does that somehow ease your conscience, because there really is no difference whatsoever.

      How many times does it need to be pointed out. The government has no money of their own, in spite of the flagrant way in which they spend.

      What you should be outraged about is NOT a refusal to extend unemployment benefits. You should be outraged at the fact that an entirely democratically run government has been unable to stimulate ANY job creation in spite of Trillions of dollars spent for creating jobs. And you want more of the same?

      How many times are you going to shoot yourself in the foot?

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    60. Mark, Fort Worth, Te says:

      What is wrong with you people. Have you no hearts. These are terribly worrisome times in our country. The second worst economy ever! Look at what this bill adds to our debt. it's a drop in the bucket but it's the drop that keeps us alive. Us is me. I'm unemployed. I can't find work because it's not there. I am competing with 15 others for every job i apply for. The lady that suggests we do some type of community services for the "free" money we're being givin should take a shovel and dig a hole for herself. But no she would probably rather pay an illegal to do her work while she sips her tea and fans herself saying .. "my oh my…this is such haaaard work"…. kisss my grits.. i've been working my tail off since i was 14… twenty three years later everything i own is in storage and i'm living with my mother to help both of us out. Her work has dried up too. This Senator should be chained to the other asses and made to slave out the rest of thier lives… unconsciounable wrecks of humans.. rich fat cats that don't care about anyone but themselves.. and to think i used to agree with the Heritage Foundation. YOU people disgust me. getting into a pissin contest over what amounts to less than a hill of beans…while Americans are going without… and don't tell me it doesn't all go back into the economy because that's the only place it can go… dipwads … who in the hell do ya'll think ya'lll are…high minded jackasses… i hope all of those that support this creep fall off thier high horses and break thier banks…Go To Hell Heritage. I'm going broke in Texas..

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