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  • Morning Bell: The Edifice Falls

    Having failed to convince the country that we should reorder one-sixth of our economy (health care) in one fell swoop, liberals in the Administration and Congress are now doubling down and moving on to the next big thing. This time it’s the transformation of everything, through climate legislation. One could almost stand agape, admiring the boldness of the overreach, were not so much prosperity at stake.

    The latest attempt to force the U.S. economy to turn away from readily available, affordable fuels and leaving it to the tender mercies of untried, experimental and expensive technologies is a bipartisan effort by Sens. John Kerry (D-MA), Lindsey Graham (R-SC) and Joseph Lieberman (I-CT). A legislative package from them, according to The Washington Post on Saturday, would individually cap how much traditional energy the main pillars of the American economy would be able to use. This would of course cripple our economy and threaten our prosperity. Any doubts about how broad and deep this effort is are dispelled by reading the following paragraph in the Post:

    According to several sources familiar with the process, the lawmakers are looking at cutting the nation’s greenhouse gas output by targeting, in separate ways, three major sources of emissions: electric utilities, transportation and industry.

    The reason the Senators could not act through their preferred vehicle, a “cap-and-trade” scheme that would put an across-the-economy ceiling on the use of traditional sources of fuel such as coal, oil and natural gas—above which companies using these fuels would have to pay for extra rights—is that the whole edifice of global warming is now falling apart.

    It is collapsing with such rapidity that it is worth pausing from time to time to take stock.

    The foundations of such edifice rest on a single assumption. This hypothesis—one that drove many people, even some reasonable ones, to contemplate upending the world as we know it — is that that traditional fuels will have cataclysmic consequences on the environment because they emit gases that make the world too hot.

    The authority to turn this assumption into fact rested largely on a U.N. document - the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s 2007 report - which declared climate change “unequivocal” and its man-made origin “very likely.” The purpose of the IPCC report was to turn hypothesis into fact.

    The reason Sens. Kerry, Graham and Lieberman had to turn away from cap-and-trade, and target industries individually, is that the idea of an iron-clad scientific consensus is now being revealed to be a bit, shall we say, exaggerated. The IPCC’s turning of hypothesis into fact now looks less like the scientific process and more like the magician you paid $50 an hour to pull flowers out of hats at your daughter’s birthday.

    The first scales began to come off the global warming edifice in November, when emails from the University of East Anglia in the UK revealed how scientists at that key global research center had tried to suppress the opinion of peers who dissented from their view and hid evidence that countered the theory of man-made global warming.

    Then the U.N.’s Copenhagen summit that was supposed to produce a global agreement to replace the expiring Kyoto Protocol fell apart in December, with the key countries refusing to hobble their own economies for the sake of science that was less and less there.

    Then, last month it started to become clear that the 2007 IPCC report was more hollow than hallowed. Its claims that half the Netherlands is below sea level was off by a factor of two. Ditto for the outlandish fear-mongering that the glaciers of the Himalayas would melt by 2035. The IPCC was forced to admit that, actually, its projections were that that would happen by 2350. Oops!

    Then last Friday, the news pages of The Wall Street Journal published yet one more devastating story on the IPCC and its hapless chairman, Rajendra Pachauri. The front page story detailed how inconclusive science, political pressure and shoddy administration all led to the Cassandra-like pronouncements of the IPCC report. Imagine that: politicians putting pressure on scientists to come up with theories that would vastly add to their regulatory and taxing powers.

    Things have gotten so desperate that Al Gore himself had to come out of seclusion and pen a piece for The New York Times. On Saturday he implored readers that all these cascading events didn’t amount to a hill of beans. The article was vintage Gore. Let’s say it was not restrained. Here’s Gore on what will happen if we fail to act now:

    Our grandchildren would one day look back on us as a criminal generation that had selfishly and blithely ignored clear warnings that their fate was in our hands.

    The former Vice President and failed presidential candidate was so exercised he even took a jab at FOX, apparently blaming it for the troubles global warming is experiencing: “Some news media organizations now present showmen masquerading as political thinkers who package hatred and divisiveness as entertainment.”

    Alas for Gore, Pachauri, et al., the climate alarums are working less and less not because of FOX, but because the alarmists overreached. Even an embarrassed U.N. was forced to announce Saturday that an independent board of scientists will be appointed to review the workings of the IPCC.

    Unfortunately, climategate and IPCCgate have not put a dent on the Obama Administration’s plan to (mis)use the Environmental Protection Agency to regulate CO2, and thereby the companies that power our nation. Its Administrator Lisa Jackson was out in front of Congress last week again repeating the same shibboleths on a scientific consensus on global warming. This should make us all wonder if stopping global warming really was ever the end game.

    As for Sens. Kerry, Graham and Lieberman, their reaction is to slap carbon controls on individual sectors of the economy separately, instead of setting a national target through cap-and-trade. The foundations for doing cap-and-trade have been torn asunder. Our research shows that cap-and-trade would be a $1.9 trillion tax on businesses over eight years, more expensive than the Vietnam War, Hurricane Katrina or the New Deal. But taxing the different pillars of our economy individually would be just as economically suicidal.

    Sen. Kerry told the Post last week about his legislative effort, “What people need to understand about this bill is this really is a jobs bill, an economic transformation for America, an energy independence bill and a health/pollution-reduction bill that has enormous benefits for the country,” Kerry said. Notice he said nothing about global warming or climate change, the reason we were supposed to take this long walk off a short pier. Notice also he didn’t say it was about handing the political class the reins of the private economy. Kerry, Graham and Lieberman want electric power to be first on the economic chopping block. Previous analysis of similarly severe carbon cuts project electricity prices will rise over 70 percent, even after adjusting for inflation. Not only is this a nightmare for household utility bills, the higher cost will hit consumers over and over since businesses must pass on their higher costs as well.

    You can follow Mike Gonzalez on Twitter @Gundisalvus

    Quick Hits:

    • The latest CNN poll shows that 56% of Americans say they think the federal government has become so large and powerful that it poses an immediate threat to the rights and freedoms of ordinary citizens.
    • If you missed the seven-and-a-half-hour health summit Thursday, Heritage has compiled a four minute highlight reel here.
    • Because his ethical lapses have not “jeopardized our country in any way,” Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) will let Ways and Means Chairman Charles Rangel (D-NY) keep his leadership post.
    • Senior aides are telling The New York Times that President Obama will permanently reduce America’s nuclear arsenal by thousands of weapons.
    • Gov. Mitch Daniels (R-IN) shows how Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) have increased satisfaction while bringing down health care costs in his state.
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    116 Responses to Morning Bell: The Edifice Falls

    1. Ken Jarvis says:

      The past few days have BEEN TERRIFIC.

      I have heard from several HF readers.

      We have discussed their – well thought out – concerns.

      We have done it -


      and in good humor.

      The discussions we have had


      Hopefully, YOU will join in.

      My Email address is – LVKen7@Gmail.com

      I invite YOU to join in.

      Hopefully, we will BOTH learn.

      I LIKE HF for their facts,

      but DON'T LIKE THE SPIN they put on them.

      There is Seldom a connection

      between their SCARE HEADLINES

      and the body of their stuff.

      More later


    2. NeoConVet says:

      Well the Village Idiots in Congress continue to demonstrate how disconnected they are from reality and the economic ills of the nation. Seems that this is more hope than change. More EPA and Enviro-nut-conomics at a time we can ill afford it.

      The discontent of the people with those in Washington only grows and the voices will get louder as we draw nearer to November.

    3. Dan, Illinois says:

      November simply can not come soon enough! Every major piece of legislation proposed by this administration, if enacted, would have far-reaching, long-lasting, negative effects on our already struggling economy.

      Global warming is a hoax, designed to increase taxes, "re-distribute" wealth and increase the government's control over our lives.. This legislation (like Obama Care) needs to be stopped and rejected.

      The EPA needs to be stopped. Obama, Pelosi and Reid need to be stopped. They won't listen to the American people. Call your congressman, call your senators…voice your concerns. It's time to take our country back!

      P.S. The problem with Liberalism: Eventually, you run out of other people's money.

    4. Millie, Texas says:

      For those conservative media figures who love Lindsay Graham (Hello, Michael Medved!), just get a load of what he's supporting here. Graham is too often a RINO and just must be voted out of the Senate. He's got to go. We can no longer afford RINOs like Graham, McCain, Snowe, Collins and others. Bye, bye, RINOs. Off into retirement for you.

    5. William G. Dwyer, Be says:

      Shame on Senators Grahm and Lieberman! Why they would stoop to Kerry's level of sophistry and love of Big Government is disappointing in the extreme! I didn't think that they were Progressives until this revelation.

    6. Pat-San Antonio says:

      What they are doing is simply beyond comprehension. I cannot believe that supposed intelligent people would try and push this outrageous plan. Especially based on the knowledge, or lack of, that is available to form this consensus.

      There is going to be many people on the inside who will get very wealthy while the rest of us get poorer. What a farce this whole thing is!

    7. J.C. Hughes, Texas says:

      What kind of national debt and oppressive society will Gore and his leftist cronies leave to our grandchildren? Congress' interference goes far beyond carbon caps and healthcare reform.

      In Thomas Jefferson's first inaugural address of 1801, he said:

      " … the essential principles of our government, and consequently those which ought to shape its administration … the support of the state governments in all their rights, as the most competent administrations for our domestic concerns and the surest bulwarks against anti-republican tendencies; the preservation of the general government in its whole constitutional vigor, as the sheet anchor of our peace at home and safety abroad …" and

      "These principles form the bright constellation which has gone before us and guided our steps through an age of revolution and reformation. The wisdom of our sages and blood of our heroes have been devoted to their attainment. They should be the creed of our political faith … and should we wander from them … let us hasten to retrace our steps and to regain the road which alone leads to peace, liberty, and safety …"

      Although his wording may be that of an earlier period, Jefferson's stated principles about government are just applicable today. My message to Congress, reform thyself!

    8. John Pummell, Alexan says:

      Al Gore is at it again. He couldn't win the White House, so he's venting in the New York TImes. "Vintage Al Gore:" Like a really bad wine, he doesn't get better with age.

    9. apberusdisvet, FL says:

      The end game is corporate fascism; we're halfway there.

    10. Roger / Clarence, NY says:

      Take a moment to consider this: Maybe there is some element of truth in this matter of Global Warming. And if it is true, then all we have to do is get rid of all the liberal left, and those moderates who have signed on with them, in the nation's capital (and throw Gore in with them); for I submit that it is all their ceaseless ranting and raving that is contributing the excess amounts of carbon dioxide emmisions into the atmosphere.

    11. Ray Davenport Portla says:

      Our grandchildren will indeed look back on Kerry, Lieberman and Grahams Cap and Trade policies but not in awe. It will be disgust.

    12. Ozzy6900, CT says:

      What Sens. Kerry, Graham and Lieberman do not realize is once the "carbon tax" is slapped on businesses, the bill is paid by the consumers aka the American Taxpayer! These Government idiots can't see the forest for the trees because if they could, they would see in a minute that they cannot create jobs by slapping more taxes on the business world. They would see that forcing businesses to pay more will just result in the products COSTING more. they would realize this if they would disconnect themselves from the political "follow the leader" but we all know that's not going to happen. So here in CT, I guess that we will have to make Sen. Lieberman see what it is like to be unemployed like Sen. Dodd.

    13. Gary/AZ says:

      Slime dogs! Today medicare takes a 21% cut in Dr payments and specialists will be paid the same as GP's. Might find they do not want to see us…Patriot act parts are enacted by Bummer to now have the FBI wiretap just about anyone without permission at all. You do not even have to be questionable terrorists……and the crats crabbed about Bush…

    14. Daversity says:

      Does the Congressional medical plan not pay for psychiatric services? What is wrong with these Marxists that they feel the need to control the day to day workings of people who just want to be able to lead happy and productive lives?

      Can we get Dr Phil to the Capital for a quick diagnosis?

      For the first time in my adult life I am no longer proud to be a citizen of this government!

    15. Lee-Wisconsin says:

      The "Ruling Class" [that we put into office] has gone mad and we "serfs" and our children and grand children will pay the price. Nov. can't come soon enough. It's time to take our country [and lives] back!

    16. Frank Seymour, Marre says:

      This is just another way/path, for the government to try and take TOTAL control of OUR Country; just as the "USURPER" Obama'scare crap! Obamacare was 1/6th of our GDP, adding energy to their control would be even worse! When are the American people going to wake up and smell the roses? "USURPER" Obama is illegally in office, due to his Constitutional "INELIGIBILITY" since he is not a "natural" Born US Citizen! Let's throw this moron "USURPER" out and then continue trying to help ourselves! It is a SURE FACT,by their statements and actions, that OUR Senators and Congressman don't give a damn about the American people! We need to repair the entire Congress, FIRST!

    17. Mary.... WI says:

      If the rest of the world refuses to participate in reducing their emissions this makes no sense. THE WHOLE WORLD IS GOING MAD!!!

      In the meantime "Stuff" is being passed right under our noses that we don't know about because of the chaos and smokescreens being produced by this administration…typical Saul Alinsky. We aren't stupid! We are the majority of the American people and we don't like what's going on. STOP ALREADY!!!

      BHO and his administration won't know what hit THEM come November!

    18. Dennis says:

      Astonishingly dumb leadership and blatantly aristocratic.

    19. bill984 says:

      “Some news media organizations now present showmen masquerading as political thinkers who package hatred and divisiveness as entertainment.”

      political thinkers

      that is an oxymoron.

    20. bill984 says:

      when will gore tell us how much this voodoo science has earned for him?

    21. bob, texas says:

      Wake up South Carolina. Lindsey Barney Franks Graham is

      as bad as it gets. Conservative on election day then back to Washington

      to vote for climate change or gang of eight, or amnesty. Please have

      a memory. Graham is only elected because of his large war chest donated

      by corporations. If Massachusetts can do it so can South Carolina.

      These is no excuse for him to be a senator from a state like South Carolina.

    22. bill984 says:

      climate change coming to baltimore.

      3 weeks ago a blizzard, next weekend it will be in the 50''s.

    23. Bob S says:

      I wish the Morning Bell would do some research, and write an article to viewers on Mr. Al Gores' involvement with Carbon Credits, and how much he has invested, what he stands to make if such legislation is passed.

      It seem to me that Mr. Gore has a self serving stake in this area, and that his campaign for green house emissions is just a smoke screen for personal financial gain.

      If such legislation were passed, how many jobs would be lost, and what would the ultimate cost to consumers be ?

      Bob S

      Goose Creek, SC

    24. LucidThought, Folsom says:

      Republicans like Lindsey Graham are why Democrats currently control both houses of Congress. Which, if y'all hadn't noticed, is working out really well so far…

    25. Joseph Arsenault Dre says:

      For those of us who beleive the Bible is a work inspired by a power greater than we can possibly imagine, this does not come as a shock. One can only wonder how so-called illiterate writers 2000 years ago could have such insights on what was to come.

    26. charlie says:

      When a leader says he is going to change the entire fabric of our lives,

      if we let him take charge ,be wary. If he does not tellyou how or what he is going to change but just wants a blank check to redo everything do not let him take control…now he has taken control we can see what he was talking about..as if those of us that won;t sign blank checks are surprised.

    27. Ken Rochester New Ha says:

      The Vermont legislature just voted down a 20 year extention on the Vermont Yankee Nuclear power plant. So within two years they plan to shut down the power plant with no concrete plan in place to replace this power.Over here in New Hampshire we are still paying around 16.5 cents per kwh due to the failure of the power company after protesters caused the shut down of 2/3 of the Sea Brook Nuclear power plant causing huge increases in power costs. This action caused the cessation of future nuclear power plants over the past 30 years….This kind of action has to stop..We are sending our country right done a financial rat hole…God help us all….

    28. Richard Cancemi, Arl says:

      Kerry's ignorance of facts is understandable; he is not a bright bulb. But Lieberman and Graham are now proving their own dimness (or treachery?).

      This attack on our economic engine needs to be stopped at the congressional level as also does the EPA who are the henchmen for the Progressives. This agency has usurped too much power and control over industry and our lives and needs to be reigned in.

      As for Gore, he is merely an embarrassment.

      Let's hope there are members in Congress who will stand and protect our Country from these stooges of Progressivism.

    29. paul new york says:

      I saw Harry Reid from Nevada, on tv the other day and he referred to Nancy P as "Misstress Nancy" : whats that all about?!!!

    30. Sylvia Healy, Lewes says:

      former Vice President should be arrested for fraud. He made millions knowing his information was false.

    31. Lloyd Welch Valdese, says:

      These people are intelligent, they just think you are stupid.

    32. James A, Canyon,TX says:

      Lindsey Graham is presumably a rather unintelligent fellow. In South Carolina, who gets gored and who benefits?

      If here is a Republican and conservative, why jump with Al Gore and others into the pit?

      How many shocks does industry and the economy withstand until the Nation falters and collapses?

    33. Larry K, Florida says:

      First, I would like to recommend "The Politically Correct Guide to Global Warming" by Chris Horner. As I recollect, he states that the IPCC report was actually summarized by non-scientists, i.e., UN bureaucrats. In view of the continuing refutation of the "settled science" by the tainted scientists, I'm not sure that appointing a group of independent scientists to review the IPCC report will yield credible evidence of manmade global warming; ergo, the senators are standing naked in front of the world. Second, Gore is a snot-nosed brat who barely passed natural science courses in college, but he has managed to bamboozle far too many people and ended up with hundreds of millions of dollars for his phony efforts. Third, there is no logic to the argument for global warming. The planet is in a constant state of cooling or warming and has been for at least 4.5 billion years, according to credible scientists. The sun determines what happens on earth, and I find it very presumptuous to blame people and animals for our climate changes. Finally, I agree with reasonable people everwhere that these progressive senators — and all of their contemporaries — need to get out of our faces.

    34. gerrit, Your Face says:

      that's the first ever photo in a morning bell. not sure how i feel about it

    35. Bob Hickey says:

      Al Gore msut have been refering to our National Debt and what effect that will have on future generations. Or maybe he was refering to the Health Care boondoggle that is working its way through the governmnet and what those costs will have on future generations. Al should have been here in Southwestern Ohio last month as we had a record amount of snow and cold weather. I'm all for taking care of our planet. But there is a balance between that and our economy that must be kept in order for all of us to prosper as a country. The problem is that most of the lawmakers are not business people and have no real clue what it takes to run a profitable business.

    36. Prevailer76AZ says:

      Excellent overview of the deception perpetrated by world leaders in regard to global warming and all its implications. Pseudo science became a truth under their constant drumming. Their solutions, when added to an already intolerable financial circumstance, created an impossible conclusion. The real question remains: what did these indivisuals have to gain from pursuing an agenda based on deceit?

    37. Don Harper, Lubbock, says:

      It is all about control. Their control of us. Vote 'em out!

    38. Moose - Spring, TX says:

      It is a good thing Lindsey Graham is doing. He is helping to remind people how stupid our Congress is and how quickly we need to rid the Congress of RINOs. Every month we need another moron politician to do or say something stupid so that we remember in November why we must get rid of these people.

    39. Barb in New York says:

      Joe Leiberman pushing this? I am truly saddened by this. You can't trust even a Democrat turned Independent. I so hate all of these people and that doesn't make me feel any better. These people aren't the real power though. They are like puppets sitting on someone's knee. One can only guess what they think they'll get out of all this. I would worry that once I wasn't needed anymore what will become of me? I guess they think they are safe. The truth always wins out and justice is served. What could possibly be worth destroying such a country and so many millions of people? I wish someone could tell me.

    40. Mark, Houston, TX says:

      Al Gore says: "Our grandchildren would one day look back on us as a criminal generation that had selfishly and blithely ignored clear warnings that their fate was in our hands." In a sense, he is right, but not about the environment. The Progressives and radicals in Congress and all branches of the Federal Government are a clear and present danger to the future of our country. If we do not defeat the radicals in Congress this November, we are giving tacit approval to their policies, and our grandchildren WILL consider us a criminal generation – their opportunities and liberties will be destroyed, and they will be doomed to a crushing tax burden and a completely bankrupt nation, because we "selfishly and blithely ignored clear warnings that their fate was in our hands."

    41. Lloyd Scallan - New says:

      It's very simple! Man made global warming or man made climate changed is a LIE. It's part of the socialist movement that has been at work for generations and has now culminated with the major key piece in place, Obama's fraudulent election. There can be NO "iron-clad scientific concensus" on something that does not exist. It's all about MONEY! Al Gore now has a net worth of around 100 millions dollars he obtained through this lie. We all know the UN (IPCC) is controled by socialist and Marxist members that are getting rich on the related equipment and companies that push climate change for profit. They all know, when this entire hoax is fully exposed, they stand to loose billions. The "edifice" may appear to be falling but don't be fooled. These people will never stop until

      they reach their ultimate goal of world wide socialism.

    42. Judith in Michigan says:

      The powers that be, the Algores of the world, would finally restore their credibility if they came out and said:

      "OK, our REAL goal has nothing to do with global warming, but all to do with taking total control of the entire global economy, degrading the United States to a third world status (that will teach you to be superior !!), and making ourselves, the Elites, extremely wealthy in the process.

      To heck with you poor slubs. You don't count. "

      I think I would finally believe them.

      And I still think we need to find out who is really behind this whole campaign. One person (George Soros?) or a cartel of assorted madmen.

      The only way we can stop this madness is at the ballot box next November…. while we still can.

    43. Blair, Franconia, NH says:

      Is this the same Al Gore who "invented" the Internet and claimed that sea levels would rise two to four hundred feet due to the discredited "theory of global warming"?

    44. bigdave, ocala fl says:

      Do we really need MORE PROOF that the current ADMINISTRATION, INCLUDING CONGRESS AND THE SENATE ARE ANTI-AMERICAN?! From this ridiculous excuse for a "president", his czars and idiots like Pelosi, Reid and morons in the republican party too like Graham on down, they are as FAKE as a $3.00 bill and they could not care LESS about you and me…its always about THEM and their ability to CALL THEIR OWN PAYCHECKS AND PENSIONS and slam us with taxes, soon beyond our ability or "care" to pay them! If the people in this country had any cajones they would IMMEDIATELY MARCH ON WASHINGTON AND THROW THESE CROOKS INTO THE STREETS! WE CAN DO BETTER WITHOUT EVERY ONE OF THEM! Hordes of illegals, INCLUDING ARABS are being escorted across our borders daily with the OK from this COMMUNIST administration. We will all soon be SLAVES OF THE STATE…IF WE ARN"T ALREADY! Go ahead, continue to just sit there and do nothing, waiting for the next guy to save your butt. Guess what? YOU are the next guy!

    45. Jim M. Grapevine, Te says:

      Great article. This clearly shows that Lindsay Graham MUST resign. This politico maniac is constantly trying to act like he's conservative but always changes his clothes when it comes to this climate crap! As for Al Gore, John Kerry and Joe Lieberman they are peas from the same pod. Nut jobs!!! Apparently, accusing our Armed Forces of murder and torture, etc, is normal for Kerry so accusing the US as world destroyers is like icing on the cake. Can we censure these nut jobs???

    46. Ross Castle says:

      This is a joke, Right? Grahm and Liberman are not that stupid, or are they?? If the answer is yes then they should be voted out to never never land with Pelosi and her senate counterpart……

    47. Len, Alexandria,KY says:

      Apparently the THree Stooges are back in action in Congress once more.. Kabucky theter was not enough on 25 Feb over Health care now we see Commedy Theater coming by Rino Graham, Dufus Kerry, and Vacillator Joe along with the Internal hand granades throwing contest between Rahm Emmanuel on one side and Gibbs, Axelrod and Jarred on the other which can be called WAR THEATER.in the OUTHOUSE.. meanwhile the MORONS AKA Elected Public Servants are just DOING NOTHING but ACT playing…VOTE EM ALL OUT!!!!

    48. Willie P. Smith says:

      What ever happened to impeachmen? Do we have to go all the way under before we act? Every step this Administration has taken or want to take is a detriment to the U.S. Call me what you will but I believe all that has happened is a well thought out plan to destroy this country. How can so many destructive plans be anything else? If America doesn't wake up, one morning there will be no need to get up. Everyone is aftaid to say it but Obama is trying to sink the ship USS America.

    49. Len, Alexandria,KY says:

      and BTW… Why is Daffu Durbin so upset over PAY GO for paying Unemployment benefits???

      I seem to recall that Kent Conrad when not busy taking LOW interest loans fron County Wide with Dudd, was lawys squaking " pay go pay go" like a constipated Ceow in heat… until that is 2006 when the Democrats too ober Congress, went on a Binge to spend and good ole Conrad went SILENT!!!

      So why not actually Enact the recently passed PAY GO and pay by Stymulus or eliminations of HUGE Government Waste and actually employ PAY GO????

    50. ann kitay fulton tex says:

      It is beyond my ken that supposedly educated people ever bought into the global warming hoax in the first place. I was always taught never to accept anything on face value and to always consider the source. After years of floundering as v-p did we really expect Al Gore to be an accredited atmospheric/geographic scientist. When and where did he find to study all this since he spent so much time in restrooms while funds came to him from nuns who had taken an oath of poverty. I say – drill for our own oil – use it. Build better refineries and put bunches of people of various trades back to work. But then, I'm uneducated and what do I know.

    51. James M. Chessman, G says:

      The article uses the word "overreach" to describe this latest attempt to grab power. It is apprpriate. If I had to characterize this administration and Congress using only one word, that would the the word I would choose.

    52. Rich V says:

      What the hell is Graham doing? Well it should be known he did support the amnesty bill a few years back. He's a RINO, along with many others in the Republican Part and needs to GO! Go Green, Recycle Congress!!!

    53. Victor says:

      Here we go again with the climate deniers coming out of the woodwork. Even the Pentagon’s just-released Quadrennial Defense Review for the first time ever recognizes climate change for the destabilizing force that it is. Do you think they are in the Al Gore conspiracy as well?

    54. Pablo, Palm Coast, F says:

      Obama and minions are dedicated to turning our nation

      into the next 3rd world country – can't stand prosperity.

      The liar in Chief has made this country the laughing

      stock of world. Our representatives in Washington, too

      many, are living on another planet. Time to throw the rascals


    55. Bob Wescott, Andover says:

      There is no job worth doing in Congress other than CUTTING the size of the federal budget and closing down the top 5 most useless departments – never mind agencies. Our debt and deficit numbers overshadow all tinkering like this abomination. How can one administration have so many abominable items in its agenda?

    56. Don Harper, Lubbock, says:

      Drudgereport links to a 3-page screed by Al Gore in which he hysterically tries to defend the anthropomorphic global warming threat in light of all the scientific scandals. This pitiful opportunist is trying to salvage his millions of dollars in carbon credit income by fear mongering our childrens' environmental future while stealing their political freedom and economic liberty with government control. The man is a shameless charlatan or a delusional fool.

    57. Scott, Madison WI says:

      Gore would be right about future generations calling us criminal if only he were talking about the Democrats' tax and deficit-spend fiscal policies. He might even have a point if he were talking about the effects of passing global cooling … err … global warming … err … climate change … err … environmental-health-green jobs legislation and the damage it will do to our economy and our grandchildren's economy. What a clown!

    58. Dave White, Provo, U says:

      We all need to change our life styles to conserve energy and to protect the environment. But you don't do it by government controls, you do it through education, incentives and the free market. Government controls stifle innovation and tries to shove many sizes into a single size.

    59. Brother Dave Annapol says:

      Even if you accept the earth is experiencing "climate change," it is not rational to sacrifice our wealth and sovereignity on an altar of false science and hope. Graham, Snowe, Collins and McCain have drunk the Kool-Aid.

    60. Ian Bennett, Katy TX says:

      The end-game strategies of all Progressive true believers (whether Republican or Democrat) involves the creation of more government controls. It is time to call them on it loudly and clearly. They are not tone deaf — they do have an agenda and their ideas are dangerous and unconstitutional. We the people need to assert our sovereignty; vote against anyone who supports this ideology, and commit our efforts and our treasure to returning this country to a true constitutional republic. This is our moment in history — we either step up to the plate or we will lose our rights and our freedom because of indifference and ignorance.

    61. J. Ewing says:

      Oh, yes, this is a "jobs bill" alright. For CHINA! Where do you think manufacturing jobs will go when their energy costs double here? How are you going to reduce the CO2 output of a coal-fired electric plant (75% of our energy) unless you reduce the amount of carbon you combine with oxygen? When we're all freezing in the dark, will that be good enough for these whackos?

    62. Travis Michael, Mt. says:

      Maximum 2 terms served. We need fresh minds and ideas.

      We keep making the same mistakes and wonder why we get the same results.

      Politics aside were all Americans…make decisions for the people…not your party.

    63. Lee White Tanks AZ says:

      What is it with the Democrats and Sen Edwards these days. In the last three months I have heard more from and about him in the MSM than I did when he ran for president.

      This man is mental midget. The only thing that props him up is his wife's money and the reainder of the Kennedy Machine in MA. He is a spineless fraud with very questionable military credentials. Unfortunately he is only one of several. I am disturbed by Joe Lieberman's role here. I guess I really have to reevaluate where he is coming from.

      BTW, keep a close eye on how Sen McCain swings on this energy related legislation. I received a letter from him last summer that indicated 100% buy in to the entire AGW aka Climate Change aka ALGORIAN Scam. He really needs to be challenged on this incredibly vital part of our economy and future.

      As for Lindsey Graham, just sadness. I can not believe this wishy-washy excuse for a senator truly represents the will of the people of SC.

      PC is Thought Control


      fyi Vietnam Vet 1967/68

    64. Fred Thompson says:

      To say that cap-and-trade is really a jobs bill is a smokescreen. The intention is to increase taxes and control the energy producing and energy consumption sectors of the economy. Every "green" job that would be necessary to produce benign energy costs money. Because benign energy takes more labor per unit of output than current technologies, the cost of producing energy rises. We all pay for this misallocation of resources through higher prices of nearly everything we buy. We end up with a lower standard of living.

      Even if anthropogenic CO2 causes planetary warming, we would be better off coping with a small amount of warming by 2100 than wrecking our economy now. The planet has been warming for 12000 years since the last ice age. The sea level has been rising, and glaciers have been retreating. Weather patterns have been changing. Life goes on and adapts naturally to new conditions. What is past is prologue.

    65. ckirkland says:

      These Democrats are out of their minds therefore they should be removed to an assisted living facility. How many more scams are they going to try and get through and succeed? Govt. control is out of control. Please everyone talk to your friends and neighbors about what these clowns are trying to do to our country. Look how many are sorry that they voted for obama, people will be more sorry when they see what they are trying to do now with "cap & trade"!! God bless America. CK

    66. Anita says:

      Graham you are the next Rhino bast–rd to bite the dust. We tea party members are going to put all of our efforts to put your a– in the unemployment line.

    67. Mark "Monkey Po says:

      Lawrence Solomon of the organization, Energy Probe, in Toronto, Canada has published the book, "The Deniers"; a scientist's; scientific approach to researching the research with regard to all the organizations and the personnel responsible for creating this hoax.

      Great resource which identifies the world's most highly acclaimed climatologist, scientist and experts in this field with thorough interviews; documented and "signed-off" by these Professionals, proving the misuse and conivving deception utilized by the UN and all of their co-conspirators. Objective, stated and documented proof. Done, fini, game-over, shut-out and shut down. It is absolutely alarming, the "in your face"; BIG LIE that this Administration is attempting to pull off – I say good luck, Chuck; you boyz are COOKED!!! Literally and figuratively.

    68. Barb, Arizona says:

      People never cease to amaze me. It is one thing worrying about the dumps, litter and cleaning up our waterways as well as worrying about the chemicals purposely sprayed into the air or on our foods. But it is completely different worrying about climate change. Who do these politicians think they are…GOD? I have news for them. I believe the Lord can take care of the things HE is in control of, like the climate and adjusting for the populations because it was HIM that told us to go forth and multiply. There are things only GOD can control and the politicians need to stop playing God. There is no way they can ever compete. Put faith where it needs to be. Not on man, but God.

      God and constitution first, small government of HONEST people, give us our rights back. END THE FED!!!!

    69. Earl_E says:

      I found the opening few sentences so filled with anger that I had to stop reading. If your angry about something it usually is because you're new to the fight.

      After you've been getting kicked in the balls for 30 years you stop really caring. There is no political side to science. There is a political side to everything, but I couldn't care less since all politics yield the same results. Kicking me in the balls.

      If you're still whining, I feel sorry for you. And if you are attacking a political party, well, then you're guaranteed to fail in any endeavor if it means opposing the multi-national corporate body… you know, Skynet on laxitives.

    70. Earl_E says:

      J Ewing wrote:

      "When we’re all freezing in the dark, will that be good enough for these whackos?"

      If my memory serves me correctly, the science says that a slowing Gulf Stream will lead to a frozen Europe, possibly North America, and another decade without summer? So by the science, heating up will lead to exactly a cold and dark future for many.

      So are you suggesting we continue to burn to bring this about in haste? I'm confused. You can cut CO2 output 50% and not sacrifice one unit of heat by generating the power at the source like mentioned in these fuel-cell natural gas units flooding the market.

      Solutions are already coming online. It's a race for efficiency, finally. It just took about 40 years longer than it should due to a little profiteering..no worries.

    71. rusty v. - phx., az. says:

      I have an easy solution to this whole mess on global warming (climate change), or by whatever other name they want to call it. It is this… have all those in favor of the global warming scam, just stop breathing… because as you know, whenever we exhale, we give off CO2. Just think of all the 'hot air' (CO2), that will save our environment! And especially Al Gore…have you noticed how 'fat' he's gotten in the last few years? Maybe he could be the 'poster boy' for Mrs. Obama's campaign on 'obesity' instead. Just a thought…

    72. Gail, Delaware says:

      Are elected officials are ignoring everything that is said to them unless said by a person with a vested interest.

      We need to vote them all out of office. Hopefully we can find some persons who will listen to what the American people are saying. They tried 'cap & trade' and now they are going about it in other sneakier ways. Do they really think we are all that stupid?

    73. Spiritof76, NH says:

      We need to file a class action law suit of $2+Trillion against, Al Gore and IPCC causing economic damage and hardship. Why is this any different than the alledged crimes of the tobacco compnaies?

    74. josey Maryland says:

      Lindsey Graham. . .needs to move to the other side. . .he gets on FOX and stress's his conservative values. . and woe to the dems. . .well I am a conservative and certainly don't believe in what he is trying to do with this cap and trade. . .He has been sanctioned by the Repl Party awhile back and he needs to be smacked for his standing now..He wants to flow with the big guy Kerry who is nothing but a Jr. Gore and a wolf who also needs to be caged. . .People in S.C. need to look closely at Graham and see the real person. . I pray the Tea Party whom I belong to does not endorse this man for anything. ..He cries on FOX. . but doesn't have the spine to stand for OUR VALUES. boo who TO HIM>

    75. josey Maryland says:

      aND bROTHER DAVES comment. . .you are so so right. .I also believe Lieberman has been drinking from the same trolf. . .He kept saying I am not going to vote for this health care bill. . went on FOX. . on television everywhere. . well once Reid got his hands on him. .that was it. .and you notice. . it is Lieberman. . Graham. . .McCain. . .Kerry. . the 3 turncoats with a NUTCASE Kerry. . Gore Jr. .is Kerry. .

      FOX should just ban these crybabies from any type of interviews. . haven't they got it yet. . they think because they've been their for 100 yrs. their ideas and comments are etched in stone with JJObama. and all Republicans . .. well they need to move over .. we want true conservatives. . family values. . small government. .no govt. controlled health care.. and lower taxes. . credits for small business's. . and NO MORE BAILOUTS. AND WHY HASN'T Frank and Dodds been investigated with their involvement with FannieMae/Mac. .we all know they covered up what they knew. .where they investigated.. where they prosecuted. . NO BUT OUR TAXES KEEP BAILING THEM OUT. ..THEIR SOCIALIST/MAXIST AGENDA .

    76. Ed Zierlein Coeur d& says:

      Listen to Larry K, folks, read Horner's book , it is factual , references the souces of his facts, and says it all. Title:The Politically Incorrect Book on Global Warming. To all, IT'S THE MONEY! The politicians know they will be giving billions to industries to develope "green' power sources, and they will give this money to the industry and get back many, many dollars to keep them in office and retire on. No Global Warming! Only Al Gore selling Snake Oil and getting rich. In Europe, where they have tried the Cap and Trade game, they now estimate that companies there have stolen over 5 Billion from the program.

    77. ron Derry NH says:

      I don't think it really matters what these guys tie us up to. The simple fact that America is rudderless and is being attacked from the inside with debt, confusion and government economic destruction proves but one thing….there is mischief afoot.

      We are in a battle for our nations identity and all these pip squeaks in Congress can come up with is more ways to shackle us to debt and bad science.

      It is almost too funny to think that Osama Bin Laden had suggested the method of destroying America was through its monetary system and lack of morality…….and that is what our Congress is doing.

    78. Dan says:

      This is a continuation of payoffs to Exelon as reported in Forbes. Exelon owns nuclear energy and it will make billions of the increased cost to residential and commercial energy.

      It's more than a need for control, it's als about the money. Just like healthcare reform is about refinancing the failed government programs of Medicare and Medicaid. Follow the money.

    79. wallyblu Zion IL says:

      The only thing that will increase the cost of energy is cap and trade and the subsidies for solar, wind and geo-thermal. If these energy sources were vialble they wouldn't need susidies.

      We didn't need subsidies to go from burning straw to wood to peat to coal to oil, when the fuel becomes to costly we will change.

    80. Joan, Florham park, says:

      what really scars me is if they evan go farther and decide to invade our homes and set out thermasts. What's to stop them from doing that?

    81. Joan, Florham park, says:

      what scars me is, are they going to come into our homes and set our thermasts?

      I reaaly think, they think they are God.

    82. bigdave, ocala fl says:

      So what if there really is global warming? Artic goes from 60 below 0 to 58 below? What a travesty! Maine gets a longer summer by a few days? Guess they would hate that. Grow crops in areas not able to prior? Horrors! Sea rises a couple inches and the rich actors in Malibu have to move back a few feet? I thought lunatic liberals hated rich people. Oh Yeah. They hate rich people who actually WORK for a living. They love actors. What a hypocriticle bunch they(libs..oh, Hollywood too!) they are. By the way, I am in Florida now, pretty darn cold here too. Got snowed in in Georgia a couple weeks ago, first time in 30 or 40 years since. Al Gore, along with Kerry, Lieberman and Graham should be arrested.

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    85. Susanna, Kansas says:

      The only thing criminal going on these days is what is going on in Washington. Mr. Gore is very much a part of that. They should all be brought up on charges of treason because, while they took an oath of office to protect and defend the Constitution, they are doing absolutely everything they can to defy the Constitution and putting the American people in danger. We need to keep close tabs on each one of them – and the White House administration, as well. Let's see how many of them actually file tax returns this year and last year. Let's keep a tally on how many times BO is disrespectful of the American people – his employer. Let's ask Mr. Gore to pick up the difference in the costs to heat our homes when electricity costs go up. He's got the money. ( And, has he retrofitted his own home to use less energy? He had not last year.) These guys need consequences. Ending their political career seems to be not enough of a consequence. We need to hit them in their wallets! Or, send them to jail. Let's demand term limits, too! Working a real job might do many of them some good!

    86. Mikezu812 says:

      If this is a job's bill, let's just hope within the next few years, these three clowns are at the front of the line looking for one of those "jobs".

    87. E. Worth says:

      I just have one video of Al Gore talking to a bunch of children here in the USA telling them if their parents do not believe in global warming they are wrong. I could have screamed. Where does he get the right to turn our children against us? Where does Obama get the right to indoctrinate our children in schools & have them singing songs to him, about him & impressing them with thoughts about him that he is right even if your parents do not think so? Our children are not suppose to be indoctrinated by socialist who are trying to destroy our Constitution & our way of life & the American Dream. I know Kerry is a crook & turned his back on the soldiers when he came back from Vietnam. He thinks he is superior to all American people. I never thought I would see Graham & Lieberman try to force this down the American peoples throat, especially since we are all against it. It will create jobs after it kills 3 to 4 times as many jobs we have now that are working. So creating jobs does not make a good reason when you are killing so many jobs.

    88. Pam French - Grand H says:

      The claims made by our extreme lefties about our environment are most of the time looney and not documented… (credibly) Soon, I hope all will wake up to see this and show our extreme lefty loonies OUT of office, and out of our face!!!!!!!!

    89. E. Worth says:

      "I see in the near future a crisis approaching that unnerves me and causes me to tremble for the safety of my country….corporations have been enthroned and an era of corruption in high places will follow, and the money power of the country will endeavor to prolong its reign by working upon the prejudices of the people until all wealth is aggregated in a few hands and the Republic is destroyed." President Abraham Lincoln, Nov. 21, 1864 in a letter to Col. William F. Elkins

    90. Jackie- BelAir,MD says:

      America's problems are mostly what results when people stop cummuning with their creator and relying on theirselves alone to handle life's difficulties. At best count, we have killed off 50 million of our offspring just for convenience alone. We have highly insulted our God and his divine work of making men and women for each other; instead condoning homosexuality and that totally unhealthy lifestyle. Our spiritual leaders won't even take a stand and call sin sin. Our children are sent to schools and then colleges that literally brainwash them against things of God. We can't take the time to meditate on God and pray, and read His word because all of our minutes are filled up with cell phones, blackberries,video games, TV, and anything else that keeps us from thinking on Him. The Bible has all the answers for life's problems. It warns against the corruption of power, and look at Washington D.C.( which a good start would be term limits ). It warns against the corruption of pride, and look at Hollywood. It warns against the love of money, which doesn't even need to be elaborated on. As far as global warming. or are they calling it climate change now since warming is such a farce; that's mostly all about money, but the rest is unbelief in our supreme God, man keeps trying to find something concrete that disproves creation, and they keep getting further and further away from God and His intentions for us. Even school textbooks have information in them that has been proven to be false by the evolutionists themselves, but still are being fed to our children, and nothing is being done to counter that kind of brainwashing. I read a sign on a business door that said "How can God bless America when America has stopped blessing God?" Christians need to get involved, and take a stand for what is right, and most importantly, PRAY for our country like we never have before!!

    91. Bill Lyles South Car says:

      In our state we have one senator Jim Demint and he is doing a great job. Little Lindsey Graham is progressive and does not serve S.C., he stinks . I hope we can throw the little liberal out, maybe Barney Frank would take him in since his old friend John McCAIN will be busy trying to look conservative and fool the people of Arizona.

    92. Louis L Cesar F LEVY says:

      What do you want? the same fixed idea of overtaxing the American People is what lies behind all these disguises. The objective science and people will always show how all these fantastic ideas of destruction and generally terrorising decrees, declarations, or as you cleverly noticed, hypothesis that slightly slip into demonstrated thesis, of course you'll never see such rational demonstrations walk their circonvoluted ways to bring about ripping of the Country and its citizens.

      The good thing about this is that this so called Science starts to be seen as being easily subject to manipulations as any other part when there is no vigilence.

    93. Bernadine m Johnson says:

      You talk about Globle warming could this heating in the world be in part by

      the rockets america and russia sending into Orbit. They have to put holes into the




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    95. gene minnesota says:

      Well I would like too get rid of all the (RINO'S), but the liberals are who they are, they just vote for the saame old crazys.

    96. Scott Scarborough, C says:

      It is time for the states to stand up and say enough! We will not tolerate your policies any longer. Get back to the Constitution, for we will no longer support the misuse of power by by the Federal Government. If in court, fight! The states must stand up to this usrptation of power delegated to the states themselves.

    97. David Bess, Carson C says:

      Control, taxes or clean air? Which of these do you really beleive is the agenda for America's climate control push. It certianly isn't cleaner air. If it was the government would be boasting how we, the United States of America, was the only country to reduce it;s green house gasses by a whopping three(3) percent after the Kyoto accord. We didn't sign onto the Kyoto accord and of the countries that did not one reduced it's green house gas out put. Most increased and some up to as much as seventeen (17) percent.

      As a small business owner in the manufacturing sector I have seen what stupid regulation have done to our manufacturing jobs. Business are leaving the U.S. to find manufacturing in foriegn countries. Lower cost are inportant but are not the only reason for deserting America. Off shore manufacturing also offers freedom from a mass of unjustified regulations, taxes, fees and litigation worries. As a small business we work with numerous different government agencies, each with their own agendas and power struggles.

      Competing with offshore is difficult and if they (congress) pass an energy bill that punishes industry it will become almost impossible. It will also increase the green house gas out put around the world. Our business does injection molding of plastic parts for O.E.M.. We are tied closely to the fossil fuel industry as most of our raw stock is made from by products of the oil industry. Congress is talking about raising oil products by 56% and electricty by 70%. Thes two items make up 45% of our cost with labor adding 30%. Today China has a 20-25 percent price advantage over onshore manufacturing. With these increases that advantage will be closer 45-55 percent. That would force our coustomer to have to go offshore or die.

      Now remember we have reduced our green house gas emissions whereas China, India and other "developing" countries have increased theirs and have stated that they will not sign any accord or treaty that forces them to control the GHG emissions. So by forcing what little manufacturing left in this country to go offshore we not only eliminate more good jobs but actually increase the GHG emissions tied to making these products. Let's say that China' out put is four times that of America and America's out put is 1%. Then every product produced off shore adds 3% more green house gas to the world.

      So let's see, More taxes, greater government controls and more air polution. I rest my case

    98. Jeffro says:

      These people need to be kicked out of office and Washington.Career politicians are not doing us any favors and why should they?……they live off of the work of our hands and backs.If they had to put in a honest days work and lived without the perks and comforts of Washington and tax payer dollars I bet they would see things with a different perspective!

    99. Walt Tennessee says:

      Gore should be made to refund the Money from the Nobel prize. The earth has been going through tropic phases and ice ages for a long long time. Geology bears that out. Strafoam and carbon discharges weren't the cause of these cycles way back then.

      The Cap and Trade is just another socialist way of stealing the money from the hard working and giving it to the lazy.

    100. Tom/Georgia says:

      There is virtual certainty that future generations really will see the current generation and the three or four most recent past generations as "criminal generations". We will not be seen as criminal generations because of our failure to go out tiptoeing through the tulips in Never-Never Land along with the Goracle and crowd chasing a synthetic chimera.

      It will be because we are currently perpetrating larceny that is on the grandest scale that larceny has ever been perpetrated and that grandest of all larcenies is being perpetrated against our children, grandchildren and all future generations of American citizens.

      We are stealing, using and dissipating purchasing power that they will have to produce and create if they are to ever get their country out of the hock that we are and have been putting it into. I guess just to add insult to injury, we seem determined that the economy that they will need to produce and create the purchasing power to be able to get their country out of hock will be made a shambles and an emaciated mere shadow of the economy that was built and passed to us by our forebears.

      Shame on all of us!!!!! May God be forgiving because our descendants will never forgive us for what has already been done to them–even to those who are as yet unborn. Our legacy will become their birthright.

    101. Publius Huldah, Cook says:

      We need to rediscover the basic principle of Our Constitution: That it is a document of enumerated powers only. Nothing in the Constitution gives the federal government jurisdiction over "climate", "water vapor", etc. See, e.g., para 6 of the paper at the link:

      P.S.: The First Amendment merely prohibits Congress from restricting speech, etc. Private organizations such as Heritage Foundation may impose whatever restrictions they wish on speech in their forums!

    102. Tom/Georgia says:

      A century and a half ago, 9,997 of every 10,000 atmospheric gas molecules were not CO2.

      Today, 9,996 of every 10,000 atmospheric gas molecules are not CO2.

      So…..Just how much of a change is that?

      To me it looks like 1 part in 10,000 or about .01 %. The insolation energy arriving at our planet varies about .1% with the changes brought about by the 11 or 22 year sunspot cycle.

      Could there be a helpful clue in those numbers that may point the way to a rather conclusion? One of my conclusions is that perhaps it would be appropriate to play the Looney Tunes theme song in Washington at the start of each work day.

    103. Malcolm Novar, Missi says:

      You have to be kidding !!!!!! This is unbelievable what the Spendocrats are doing to America and ultimately the Free World. Totally irresponsible and uncaring.The Liberals in Canada have the same viewpoints and outlooks. We Conservatives, in Canada, hope the Democrats are soundly defeated in future elections !!!

    104. J. White//Quinton, N says:

      Speaking as an expert in the environmental field- since 1967- BEFORE it was de rigeur—of all of the so-called "environmentalists" with whom I have come into contact a conservative estimate of 98% do not have a clue.

      Theirs is ersatz "science", childish Disneyesque nonsense better suited for orlando.

      It is most curious to note that the news media mrons have "decided" to ignore the facts: The deep ocean temperatures have declined..by several degrees, the ghlaicers in Scandainavia- my ancestral homeland-are not shrinking, but growing, the polar bear population grew from 5,000 or so to over 25,000…the Earth's temperature has declined several degrees since 1985…….yo, Al- where is you?

      Sadly, it is all OUR fault for electing the arrogant egotistical fools into office [Congress] who just want to listen to the noisiest groups…like the inept and incompetent teachers unions, the green-earth weenie types, etc. We have not made it abundantly clear to them that it is WE who count- the majority and not the minority interests read as "lobbyists"

      The only way this can be resolved is to "throw the bums out", elect new people who, if THEY do not do as we the people say, then they, too, need to be removed from office forthwith. They get only ONE chance to screw up- and failure to do what we dictate is NOT an option.

      In deference to Arhennius' Law of Energy input versus energy putput- the ONLY forms of energy that comply with this reality are: the fossil fules- coal, oil, and natural gas.[methane].

      As one of the authors of a major paper for the DOE and Congress- the reality IS: there are 25 TRILLION tons of recoverable COALreserves in the USA, the latest oil strike in the Dakotas is estimated at 503 BILLION barrels [ a "barrel" is 42 gallons} do the math. But, WE must make the oil companies who do not care about this nation other than how much money they can suck out of our wallets must be made to sell that oil only in tyhe USA and not at $120/barrel…and no sales to foreign nations just like the two-faced deal in the North Slope where the oil companies sold the bulk to the Japanese……..OUR oil is used by US..this is an important concept- "take care of your own, first".

      Now, making the oil companies do what WE want and still allow them to make a profit- that IS scary- but, We must take charge of what is a critical component of our society and its continuation…as a vital entity, a literal manifestation of the dreams of centuries- PERSONAL FREEDOM.

      Taxing energy use is another asinine childish notion of the environmental children- not deserving of the appellation "idea"…of the left/socialists/those bent upon the destruction of this nation's decent and honest non-avaricious capitalist basis and its basis…what better way than to destroy its economy…..and most importantly the noble concept- personal freedom.

      Please keep in mind that the Sierra Club is a part of the Apollo Group which IS a socialist organization….Carol Ann Browner????? So, every time you hear or read the words of the "Sierra Club" keep in mind that it is a part of the overall effort to bring down this nation and its standard of living…so WE can live in mud huts like the Empty Suit's brother…

    105. Roseann, Marathon NY says:

      It does not surprise me that "global warming" is a fraud. Transposing numbers? Again I take offense that "the powers that be" consider me stupid. How dare they assume that the majority of Americans are too stupid to understand what they say. The problem comes from me reading between the lines for the true meaning of what they want to do. My only question is: Who benefited financially from this boondoggle? It always comes out to the bottom line.

    106. Sue From Detroit says:

      Every person on the planet releases CO2 from their lungs every 2 or 3 seconds. Maybe the nut cakes in Washington ought to get off the planet to save some CO2 from entering the atmosphere.

      These guys want to stop the middle class from prospering.

    107. Edward W Peterson 90 says:

      Nancy Pelosi a Mistress? I always thought she was a democratic whore.

    108. Rich,Phila.Pa. says:

      Hitler,Tojo,Stalin,Mussolini,Osama Bin Laden tried to take the USA down,but have no fear our very own Greedy Congress is going to take down America with its trumped up money making scheme climate & energy Bills.They will destroy this country from within for there own greed.

    109. PhilSC says:

      Al Gore said:

      Our grandchildren would one day look back on us as a criminal generation that had selfishly and blithely ignored clear warnings that their fate was in our hands.

      I hate to say it but Al Gore is right- but for the wrong reasons. It was not our inattention to climate change that will reduce America to a Third World Country for our grandchildren but our failing to deal with government spending.

      The problems are Social Security, Medicare, budget deficits, out of control federal spending….etc. that our Grandchildren will hate us for.


    110. PhilSC says:

      I live on a little island south of Charleston, SC. A couple weeks ago I couldn't get off the island because of road blockage due trees down due to snow and ice. This is a very raw, almost NEVER occurrence.

      I know this was punishment from GOD because I voted for Lindsay Graham. I keep sack cloth and ashes in my truck to express my sins against my fellow man.

      In the South you know you have really screwed up when your senator is praised by a NYT columnist- Friedman (March 3 Post & Courier) .

      Thank you Lord- because I can be stupid and you still love me.


    111. ella quinn kinaton n says:

      Not true global warming, we have had snow 3 times this year already in kinston this year.

    112. TedVA says:

      The global warming theory is a socialist conspiracy promoted to further their agenda. Just like the theory of evolution.

    113. DUnoh says:

      It snowed here last month too and its been cold. All these socalled scintists are crims for even saying that CO2 is poison. How can it be poison. It grows plants and dry ice. Their is a conspiracy the world is full of conspiracies trying to make me stop driving so they can get all the gas for cheap. Its criminal. You are doing a terific job with showing up these criminals and conspiracies. All the scintists in the whole world are criminals. They try to give us shots for flu that don't even exist so they control our minds. It is a giant conspiracy. I no its a conspiracy because you say so and I trust you not them. They are all criminals all the scintists and schools try to tell you its evolution and deny GOD. Thats criminal

    114. Peter B. Lundell, Fl says:

      Neither your whining nor your limited ability to comprehend that your little corner of the world does not constitute the whole earth will not change the fact of global warming, or the fact that its primary cause is emission of CO2 by humans. By cherry-picking mistakes that are of very little consequence to the mountain of scientific evidence in order to sow doubt and manufacturing the existence of some inchoate "conspiracy," you demonstrate you either do not understand science at all or are seriously in need of psychiatric help. The science is in: We need to stabilize CO2 at 450ppm or less to avoid climate change that may occur too rapidly for our civilization to adapt to, and we need to do it soon. If you have ideas, great, let's hear them; as it is, you sound like little children holding your hands over your ears and shouting "la-la-la-la-la." Lead, follow, or get out of the way.

    115. K. Davis in OR says:

      Thank you so much for this!! this is the best news of the year so far that global warmig is proof that it is a "hoax"… I"m grateful for you, to tell it as it is about this "hoax" which I personaly never heard of before the "Omabessiah" was swore in.

      Hes swore in and all of a sudden theres a prolbem because "Science" said so? Ya right. How "covenient",,,especially when your a Socialist!

      I have hope from this that we stop the CRIME of germ vaccine and teaching Darwiniasm in "schools" to the innocent minds. Pray with me to help us in this please before we are to late.


    116. denver- oklahoma says:

      We now know three Senators who did'nt pay attention in fifth grade science. Anyone who paid attention knows that animals expell CO2 and various other hydro-carbons which are absorbed by plants that by photosynthesis produce growth and oxygen…YES!: OXYGEN. Compared tosixty years ago the great plains are an absolute jungle. That is true all over the globe. As for in-place hydro-carbons: if they aren't responsibly utilized, even to manufacture the equipment for the "green technologies" when a vent comes up through one of them from the core… man's use of hydro-carbons will be dwarfed by the result. As Geo-historians say occured in Russia a couple million years ago.For example; The Bakken reservoir is in close proximity to Jackson's Hole one of the biggest caldera on earth and it's also very close to billions of tons of coal reserves. So, just like leaving the crude to leak up through the Santa Barbara channel floor …Please tell me how smart this all is. And,by the way,when is the GOP going get rid of Sen. Grammnesty? He exhibits all the ear-marks of a Lib-freak.

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