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  • Monthly Archives: February 2010

    The President's Health Proposal: Further Jacking Up the Cost of Care

    In anticipation of the February 25th health care summit with members of Congress, the President released his proposal for pricey, government-run health care.  The White House estimates the cost of the proposal to be $950 billion over a decade, decreasing the federal deficit.  However, health policy expert James Capretta, a … More

    A Hawaiian Punch to the Constitution

    What do you think most Americans would say if the U.S. government created a new and exclusively race-based government with the authority to exempt itself from the U.S. Constitution and state authority at its own discretion? As ridiculous as it sounds, that is exactly what the House of Representatives voted … More

    CBO Report Was Pre-Ordained to Show the Stimulus Succeeded

    The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) has produced a new report estimating that the $862 billion stimulus has thus far saved or created 1.5 million jobs. Yet the CBO’s calculations are not based on actually observing the economy’s recent performance. Rather, they used an economic model that was programmed to assume … More

    Obama's Elimination of CIA Detainee Program Puts Americans in Danger

    Between the 9/11 terrorist attack and the inauguration of Barack Obama, the CIA’s detention and interrogation program yielded intelligence that foiled several terrorist attacks, according to author Mark Thiessen. That program, according to Thiessen, uncovered plots for attacks on high-rise apartment buildings; the U.S. Marine Camp in Djibouti, the U.S. … More

    The Health Care Summit: Getting Reform Done Right

    Thursday, Democrats and Republicans will convene at the President’s request to discuss the way forward on achieving bipartisan health care reform.  In a recent paper, Heritage’s Nina Owcharenko discusses how congressional Democrats and the President can use this meeting to start over on health care reform by enlisting Republicans to … More

    Consumer Financial Protection: Thinking Outside the Boxes

    Is a congressional compromise on financial services regulation in the works? Steven Pearlstein of the Washington Post today reports the answer is “yes,” citing progress in negotiations between Democratic Sen. Chris Dodd of Connecticut and GOP Sen. Bob Corker of Tennessee. Specifically, Pearlstein points to a breakthrough on one of … More

    What the HIRE Act Giveth, the Rest of Obama Agenda Taketh Away

    The latest attempt by Congress to wrestle the high unemployment rate is the HIRE Act, which is little more than a tax holiday for companies who hire additional workers. Even if this Act works as intended and encourages businesses to hire more workers, which in and of itself is not … More

    The President's Health Summit Proposal: Rhetoric vs Reality

    The President’s health care proposal contains little that is new.  The well tested rhetoric used by the White House to sugarcoat the health policy outline should not fool ordinary Americans. This proposal is even more expensive than the Senate bill upon which it is apparently based: $950 billion over ten … More

    Obamacare and Health Care Nuclear Option Violate First Principles

    The President’s new version of Obamacare, and his method of passing it, are not popular with the American people. Dubbed the Health Care Nuclear Option, this tactic will only further anger the American by  sidetracking the filibuster in the Senate and creating an even more highly charged partisan atmosphere in … More

    In Their Own Words: Blue Dogs Leader Says White House Should Focus on Jobs, Not Healthcare

    Yesterday, the Daily Caller posted a story on its website about the confusion on Capitol Hill on both sides of the aisle about the future of Obamacare. It featured a quote from Congressman Heath Shuler (D-NC) on the White House’s healthcare strategy: “I was actually surprised that they’re pushing it … More