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  • Video: The Four-Minute Guide to the Seven-Hour Summit

    Yesterday’s health care summit may well come to be seen as an important turning point in the health care debate. While the future of health care reform remains in doubt, the debate yesterday helped demonstrate to the American people the sharp differences in ideology and substance that form the gap between liberal and conservative solutions to our current healthcare problems.

    For those who did not watch all seven hours, we have compiled the day’s highlights into one video.

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    27 Responses to Video: The Four-Minute Guide to the Seven-Hour Summit

    1. Brad, Chicago says:

      I like how Rep. Slaughter (D-NY) gets a chance to speak and tells a story about this poor unfortunate person that was hurt by not having insurance. That's not the point of the debate. That one hardship may represent the worst case, but I don't think it's fair to claim individual cases like that as evidence of a need to turn the system on it's head for everyone. Everyone would like to make sure every person in this country has health insurance. We are the greatest country in the world, so we should be able to make that happen.

      The problem is, if the government runs a program, tax payers pay for it. It is a system of punishing people for being successful; the more you make the more you pay in taxes. In the State of the Union, the president admitted understanding that the people of this country don't trust the government. However, he still thinks we want them to run things. I'd like to see one of his policies work, before I feel comfortable with him orchestrating the kind of change proposed in these bills.

    2. Discourage says:

      Thank you,

      This is excellent and very helpful!

    3. Mike Cuggino, Sr., N says:

      It seems to me that the main argument in favor of the president's plan was:

      I'm the President…………

    4. Barbara F Delo says:

      The most dangerous thing about the Democrat's healthcare bill is that it takes medical decisions away from doctors and puts them in the hands of computers programed by government bureaucrats and statistitions…the doctors will have to say 'Big Brother…May I!'

      Thanks for the terriffic video…and thanks to all the courageous Republican representatives on the panel!

    5. Carolyn Lutes, Canyo says:

      I would like to gratefully reiterate the comment, Thanks for the terrific video . .and thanks to all the courageous Republican reps on the panel. Kudos to bravery and to Heritage.

    6. J.C. Hughes, Texas says:

      Once again, this healthcare debate does not belong at the federal level. Such reform is up to the individual states. The democrat's plan is totally unconstitutional.

    7. Pete, MN says:

      The summit confirmed for me that Republians did not intend to show up to discuss solutions but rather campaign for the next election.

    8. Stephen Koenig, Ohio says:


    9. Cathy, Winston Salem says:

      As I listened to our Republican congressmen speak, I thought 'What a great bunch of manly men!' I think our Founders were listening with approval.

    10. Cathy, Winston Salem says:

      Pete, the Republicans did show up to discuss solutions OTHER than the bad ones in the existing bill. They did not show up to give in to insanity, thank God.

    11. Mary Smith, TX says:

      Excellent information in this video. I am so proud of the Republicans for the information that they presented and the manner in which they presented. Although they are not given credit for intelligence, I believe they demonstrated that they understood this bill and the consequences of passing such a bill.

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    13. Betsy Ross says:

      So ridiculous that a site that proclaims 'freedom' censors their comments.

      You are a joke.

    14. Dale Simmons, Lakela says:

      Is a transcript of this video available?

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    16. Shirley Sclafani, Ca says:

      Thank you again, Heritage Foundation, for giving me and my family and friends a clear and important overview of the seven and a half hour "Obama show" so that we could see just how ineffective it really was for Obama and his socialistic vent. And now we are able to see just where some of the representatives of the people really stand. Not to mention that it shows just who was willing to stand up for the people and were not worried about speaking against Obama. He was so condisending to the representatives of the people of this country.

      God bless you for all you do to put forth truth.

    17. Tom. Punta Gorda, Fl says:

      The focus ofthe argument here is key. The Republicans intent was to stop a bad piece of legislation first. A better version can be worked on later but it is critical at this stage to halt any forward movement on this unilateral legislation to prevent it from becoming law.

    18. Lloyd Welch Valdese, says:

      Who has C-SPAN 3? What cable package would include C-SPAN 3? Well anyway, What was the most apparent to me is Obamas disdain of our Constitution. He not only hates us he hates our way of life. He thinks we are all stupid and need him to protect us from our own stupidity. His plan was to use this forum in an attempt to break all this down into simple enough terms so all of us could understand. http://www.opencongress.org/presidents_health_car…. This is the link, go look at it. In his mind this was to make it simple enough so all of us regular people could understand. His arrogance offends me.

    19. Milton Hendrix, Mari says:

      The American people do not want D.C. donkeys (Democrat and Republican) ruling over this great portion of the entire economy. Let tort reform and other plausible means take care of our health care reform that is needed, not piling on more regulation and mandates from the White House and the two houses of Congress. Has anybody considered how many doctors will retire or leave their practices if this atrocity is forced on us? If it the desire of the President to destroy this economy so he can build a socialist state and eventually become the leader of the One World Order, this Air Force veteran votes no. November 2010 will be a combination of the battle of Jericho, Waterloo, and Little Big Horn, with apologies to Joshua, Napoleon, and General Custer.

    20. Elizabeth Irwin, Sun says:

      We do NOT want the government involved in telling us what to do about our health. We can NOT afford the huge deficit that this health bill will generate.

      It seems that the people in New Jersey, Virginia and Massachusetts have said it best: "We do not want this health care program"

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    22. Barb, Delafield, WI says:

      After watching much of last week's so called health care summit, I am stunned at the controlled anger and incredibly visible arrogance as shown by Barack Hussein Obama. He thinks because he won the election and both houses, that he is not just president of a republic with a Constitution, but that he thinks he is now KING. He must be reminded in November that he is only in temporary service to the people which he often seems to despise. Balance must be restored to save us and hopefully before he does too much damage as he wipes his backside with our Constitution. It's going to be a VERY long 3 years. God help us.

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    25. Dave Miller, Gilbert says:

      Obama will not let this bill die, as it should, because his political future is inextricably tied to it. Hillary Clinton was nearly forced underground after her failed efforts at health care reform during her husband's nightmarish presidency. Obama knows that he will be remembered forever as a failure if he cannot get some form of this bill passed. This is all about his personal image, NOT about what is best for this country. He quadrupled the debt in his first year in office and has raised the national debt ceiling TWICE! The federal government does not possess the ability to run ANY program in a fiscally sound manner. Look at Social Security, Medicare, the US Postal Service…ALL financial failures. The US cannot afford government mandated health care. Any official who votes for this bill needs to resign or be impeached!!

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    27. Jonathan, North Plat says:

      Thank you, Heritage, for this excellent summary, and a big thank you to the Republicans who spoke clearly, calmly, and BOLDLY for conservative, Constitutional principles. Now THOSE are Republicans and ideals I can and will stand behind!

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