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  • Morning Bell: Someone Needs to Tell the President His Health Care Plan is Dead

    The day before yesterday’s White House health care summit, Sen. Kent Conrad (D-ND) told reporters: “The only way this works is for the House to pass the Senate bill and then, depending on what the package is, the reconciliation provision that moves first through the House and then comes here.” When Conrad was reminded that Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has repeatedly insisted that the House will not pass the Senate bill until the Senate passes a second bill that fixes the first, Conrad replied: “Fine, then it’s dead.”

    This was the dynamic that President Barack Obama was trying to alter with his eventually-seven-hour meeting. And judging by pretty much every major news outlet, he completely failed. Rep. Jason Altmire (D-PA), who is one of the 39 House Democrats that the White House needs to switch from a “no” the first time around to a “yes” this time, told The New York Times: “I don’t see very many at all who voted no who are going to switch their votes unless there are substantial changes in the bill.”

    And that reality is already spreading throughout Capitol Hill. Politico reports that while Democrats were hoping to pass Obamacare by Easter, “there were signs Thursday night that the schedule was slipping. One Democratic lawmaker involved in the negotiations, who asked not to be identified to speak candidly of the process, said the party would not, in fact, start down the path of reconciliation next week.”

    That is some rare great news for the American people. As Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) ably explained yesterday, Americans do not want Washington dictating their health care decisions to them, and that is exactly what Obamacare would do:

    The difference is this: We don’t think all the answers lie in Washington regulating all of this. … if the National Restaurant Association or the National Federation of Independent Business, on behalf of their members, wants to set up an association health plan, we think they’ll probably do a good job on behalf of their members. Let them decide to do that instead of restricting insurance competition by federalizing the regulation of insurance, and by mandating exactly how it will work, you make it more expensive and you reduce the competition among insurers for people’s business. We want to decentralize the system, give more power to small businesses, more power to individuals, and make insurers compete more. But if you federalize it and standardize it and mandate it, you do not achieve that. And that’s the big difference we have.

    President Obama bristled at this analysis, responding: “Can I just say that, at this point, any time that a question is phrased as, “Does Washington know better,” I think we’re kind of tipping the scales a little bit there since we all know that everybody is angry at Washington right now.”

    The President seems to understand that the American people do not want bureaucrats in Washington controlling their health care decisions, but then he seems completely oblivious to the fact that increasing bureaucratic control at the expense of every American’s ability to make their own choices is exactly what his plan does.

    The American people know this. That is why support for the President’s health care plan has been steadily declining. That is why the most recent CBS News/New York Times Poll shows 53% of Americans say the United States cannot afford to fix health care at this time. It is why 52% of Americans tell Gallup they do not want to see Obamacare pass with only 50 Senators in support (Vice President Joe Biden casting the 51st vote). That is why 59% of registered voters tell Fox News they want the President to start over.

    And he should. If the President truly wants to enact historic bipartisan and lasting health care reform, he needs to admit this version of Obamacare is dead. In 2011, when there is likely to be a more centrist Congress in place, then Obama should come back and start again.

    Quick Hits:

    • Stocks dipped yesterday after government data showed that jobless claims reached their highest levels since November, renewing concerns about the weak state of the labor market.
    • North Dakota, whose unemployment rate is only 4.3%, compared to the nationwide 9.7%, is reaping huge economic gains from developing its oil reserves in the Bakken Shale Deposit.
    • The Obama administration is planning to use the federal government’s enormous buying power to institute wage controls.
    • The European Union is telling Greece they most double their deficit reductions efforts if they want more help.
    • Secretary of State Hillary Clinton told Congress yesterday, “We have to address this deficit and the debt of the U.S. as a matter of national security, not only as a matter of economics.”
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    120 Responses to Morning Bell: Someone Needs to Tell the President His Health Care Plan is Dead

    1. Ken Jarvis says:

      It was Obvious

      at the Summit yesterday,

      that the Prez KNEW what was in the Bills

      and the GOP had NO idea

      what was in them.

      HCReform WILL PASS.


      Write me, so we can discuss issues,

      instead of ONLY HF Negative Spin.

    2. Ron Thompson says:

      You could tell the President it is Dead, but he won't listen! He is bound and determined to get us into relying solely on the government, that he is blind and deaf to any outside interferance. Even if it doesn't pass it will not be dead until he is out of office! He will push until he gets it. Another fact is; there is no one with the guts to tell him, Republican or Democart! The retribution would be huge!

    3. GrammiSami, Reno, Ne says:

      I was only able to watch some cuts of what went on at the Summit yesterday, however I was very disappointed that one of the Republicans did not read the ideas for healthcare that they have posted on the web and they let Obama get away with saying that the only thing they are doing is criticizing without offering anything in return. Obama has a real knack for twisting what he hears that he doesn't like into a deficiency on the part of the speaker. Ie: McCain's comments. I am praying that the people will understand how horrific this Government run health care is and how even more terrible it will be with a public option.

    4. Gary Hench Morris Pl says:

      President Obama is incapable of admitting the death of ObamaCare. Any thinking person with a cintilla of living brain matter could sense this at the HealthCare fiasco held at Blair House on Thursday. We are really dealing with a person who rational brain processing faculty is faulty. This man-child occult personality disorder is showing Barry!

    5. Mike, McKinney,TX says:

      Frank Lunz had a focus group of 13 Republicans, 11 Democrats, and 2 Independents from Philadelphia…..two responses were overwhelming of how the summit was viewed…..23 of the 26 said they should scrap the current bill and start over, and 23 of the 26 said Washington is not listening to the American people…..any question Washington….

    6. Marie, Belleair Beac says:

      I watched most of the summit yesterday and feel there was nothing accomplished. I have read almost all of the 2,000 plus pages of this Healthcare Bill and there is so much government bureaucrary and oversight/control in it that if the average american knew what is in store for us, they would be in total shock. There are so many committees, organizations and agencies to oversee every phase of this bill, that it will cost billions to form them. There is language to restrict pay for medical specialists; there are plan managers for Wellness and Prevention Programs; there are ombudsmen to oversee the filing of complaints; there are grants for certain states; there are provisions for paying for abortions with public money; there are provisions for exempting Collective Bargaining Unions, there are rules and regulations to be imposed on Senior Housing Facilities and there's money to set up day care centers for under-privilaged. among other ridiculous items. We cannot afford this bill and our representatives should be working on creating jobs instead that will not cost $431,000 per job according to the CBO's figures. This administration is correct on one thing, the american public is mad at Washington and we certainly have the right to be. I hope it will not be too late when we go to the polls in November.

    7. Cindy New Jersey says:

      WHY does everybody not get it-this is about paying back the Unions who got him elected and have reassured him of NO RE-Election if it does not get passed-as well as the very left wing of the Party-that is why he does not care and not interested in the true desires of The American People! However we the American People will pay for it all!

    8. Rich says:

      Obama should start all over from step 1 if he really wants to push through a Healthcare bill that the majority of the American people will support.

      Let insurers sell Healthcare policies out of state. Put a lid on malpractice claims. Let the individual decide if he wants health insurance. America does not need a tax hike nor an additional cost of 2.5 trillion dollars. Particularly in today's economy!

    9. Mary.... WI says:

      As belligerent as Obama and the dems are right now, well they're all that way most of the time, they will pass this horrific bill. The way I see it, they haven't used the rest of the money from "stimulus I" which was intended to help the economy and get folks back to work, and then recently pass a "jobs bill" or "stimulus II" to help create jobs to get folks back to work…..it's all phony! BHO, his administration, and dem party have the American people almost to where they want them….and when Americans start crying "uncle" that black hovering cloud called socialism is going to sweep down and take the USA down a tunnel we'll never be able to climb out.

      That meeting yesterday was painful to watch in many ways. BO is definitely a boring, winded speaker. Pelosi is out of touch with the majority of Americans and Reid was/is just plain nasty.

      There are so many healthcare and dental programs available to Americans without any money or insurance….Where are the government hired social workers that are supposed to be guiding these folks?!

      I'm afraid Nov. 2010 will come too late.

    10. Brian, Westfield, IN says:

      I knew it was over when obama accused a Republican of grandstanding and using props when he presented the actual 2000 page bill to the group. I will guarantee you every Republican in that room knew EXACTLY what is in that bill, and that is what scares them to death!

    11. KB Hahn, PA says:

      I had the opportunity to watch nearly all seven hours of yesterday's 233 minutes of liberal Democrat yatter, and 110 minutes of coherent, poised, informed, and intelligent Republican conversation, and came away from it all more confident of the competence, direction, courage, and determination of my party than I have been since Ronald Reagan. The "Right" is finally righting itself! And not a moment too soon! Godspeed!

    12. Jim Delaney says:

      I watched the entire charade and was deeply impressed by the courteous and studious GOP commentary. Kudos to the GOP participants for their awesome restraint and decorum in the face of Obama's insufferable air of pedagogic superiority and condescension. I would not have been so kind had I been a participant. Like most pompous windbags, Obama came across as profoundly boorish, bullinging and dictatorial. Not at all presidential or even-handed. Worse still, he didn't come across as someone either remotely likeable or deserving of our respect. To me anyway, the guy is little better than pond scum. 2012 can't come soon enough. A dyed-in-the-wool Socialist and elitist, he's an unmitigated disgrace and disaster for our country.

    13. Normca says:

      Ah; we can afford a reform of deficient areas of health insurance. Mandate the prohibition on the part of insurers, for pre-existing conditions at time of enrollment, however the premium should reflect the risk or exposure as any insurance does. Mandate caps on personal injury when the patient is harmed by proven errors of physicians. [I am one of those who incurred an infection during a hospital stay.] Allow us to buy insurance across state lines. Encourage people without coverage, to buy it; allow tax breaks, based on premium and income, as is the current 7% of gross income/. The law of numbers would bring the premiums down. [I pay $800 each month as an independent contractor and would welcome a reduction.] Cost to tax payers? Not a trillion dollars for the reduction in taxes and zero for the other improvements. What we cannot afford as a country is Obamacare, which increases costs for many of us, raises taxes to pay for those who have not even thought about purchasing health insurance and the big one; cuts Medicare for the seniors who worked for it all of their lives. And oh yea – no board to decide live or death. Can anyone say Waterloo; thank you Senator Demint.

    14. SB Owner Springfield says:

      This is the progressives only chance to takeover the health care industry, they will be out of power when they lose congress in November. Chicago style politics will be used to strong arm this bill through.

      The comment from Ken Jarvis that this is only negative HF spin proves the liberals refuse to face reality. They may have the majorities in congress for now, but they don't have the support of the American people.

      Democrats who vote for this economically destructive new entitlement are endangered species. Thank God.

    15. NeoConVet says:

      I tried to watch this touchy feely meeting that seemed to drift under the normal leadership of a rudderless President….and failed to get much beyond the 2nd hour. I was in that time struck by the defensiveness of the self annoited Wise Ones on the left who insist apprently that they know better and had a littney of sob stories VS explaining why they wanted to centralize and increase the cost of health care.

      I can only assume that this collection of Village Idiots on the left have moved deep into self hubris and delusional arrogance of self appointed spend thrift masters and refuse to recognize the futility of the insane legislation.

    16. Ruth, Pueblo West, C says:

      We desperately need good health care coverage in this country. We do not need a several thousand page result of backdoor secret dealings. Presiden Obama promised us transparency. He needs to throw out his deeply flawed attempt and start over with open discusions.And, something he doesn't seem able to do, he needs to listen to the American people.

    17. Medina,Fl says:

      It was sad to watch how this administration is wasting our tax dollars, while our people are really struggling. The summit was the same over and over again. Obama an his crew, just want to shoved down our throats this horrible, extra expensible Health plan, which will even cut the benefits we enjoy right now. this man wants to ruin the best health care in the world, together with our great country as he had done so far! Seems soon we will be a 3rd. wold country slum; no jobs, a bankrupt system, all kind of restrictions and threatening to sent to jail everyone who will not agree with whatever the agenda they have. Wake Up Americans before it's too late!

    18. bigdave, ocala fl says:

      Nice try but COMMUNISTS/SOCIALISTS hear NOTHING! To them "the end justifies the means"…maybe we should learn from them and use their own tactics, like DESTROYING PEOPLE, not principles, THROUGH LIES SPREAD BY THEIR COHORTS IN THE NEWS MEDIA AND HOLLYWIERD. DEAD would be people like Reid and Pelosi! What a disgrace they are to the AMERICAN PEOPLE. There is ONE WORD you can NEVER associate with a liberal…"HERO". Its time for some DEMOCRATS to STEP UP and be a HERO to the PEOPLE by divesting themselves of the SOCIALIST POLICIES of this DESTRUCTIVE president and the communists in his un-voted on administration and PUT THEIR COUNTRY BEFORE THIER COMMUNIST PARTY!! CIA AGENTS NOW BEING PROSECUTED BY THIS ROGUE ADMINISTRATION AND THE MEDIA WILL NOT TELL YOU! 2700 SO-CALLED "healthcare" bill is a ROPE AROUND OUR COLLECTIVE NECKS!

    19. Richard Cancemi, Arl says:

      The Government has no right to be as intrusive as it has been in all our lives, and it particularly has no right trying to take over Health Care. The Democratic plan is a draconian nightmare devoid of any sense of "service." It would be another cornerstone in the building of a Socialist America. The Progressives have been destroying America piece by piece for the last century. We are almost there, and will be unless we vote "Right" in November and again in 2012!

    20. Blair, Franconia, NH says:

      It took a little boy to tell the emperor, in the Hans Christian Anderson fairytale THE

      EMPEROR'S NEW CLOTHES, that he was actually naked. Where's the little boy to

      tell the Emperor, (Obama), that he's naked, (his health care plan is dead)? Nowhere.

      The Republicans, and some Democrats, have tried, but Obama has a tin ear.

    21. Jeanne Stotler,Woodb says:

      " A picture is worth a thousand words" well look at pictures from yesterdays meeting BHO's jaw is set, it's his way or the highway. One thing sure it'll be the highway for those who DO NOT listen to US, "WE THE PEOPLE". His arragance was plainly evident and his remarks to the Rep. reps and Sens, especially to John McCain were those of a child throwing a temper tantrum because they won't agree with him. I heard a lot of good suggestions coming from the GOP side, all I heard were horror stories, most untrue coming from DEM. First about the new born with cleft pallit, no policy I have seen covers a new born from first minute, there is a waiting period of a week or so, second all children not covered can be under SChiff. I have had BC/BS for years and have never been asked a pre-health question, if ones are asked by other Co.s then that is their policy, life Ins Co's ask them and if you have high B/P or History of heart problems, diabetis, you pay a higher premium, it's reasonable, if you are going to cost the company more, you pay more, with Life Ins, it means there is a high chance they will pay out the face amt. before they collect full premium to cover this. Auto Ins. charges more in premiums for bad drivers and for teens as they will most likely be involved in accidents, those with long clean records and either no or few traffic citations get a lower rate. It's a matter of math and common sense combined. Ins. Co's are private businesses, they invest the premiums in order to keep cost down, lately everyone wants every phase of health care covered. Back in the '50's our insurance did not cover well baby and routine visits to the DR. it did cover x-ray's, ER visits(for emergencies) we paid for prenatal vists, Ins covered delivery,a portion of Hosp. room and we paid for nursery. Responsibility is what is lacking, not depending on the gov't. to take care of things we should be doing ourselves. I do not think Medicare and SS are intitlements when you pay this money in just as you do when you pay premiums to an Ins. Co. only thing is the Gov't. spent these monies for something else and now are trying to figure where they can go to scam someone to cover SS and Medicare it OWES to us seniors.

    22. Francis Godici Osweg says:

      I watched the summit and think that an immediate analysis of Tom Coburn's proposal and follow up with specific legislation to fix fraud and abuse now. What sane person would object to that. The dems opposition to Tort reform is absurd, only a verification that they are in the pocket of the trial lawyers. Two items easy to pass that would cut health care costs.

    23. Jim Smith New York says:

      Would you appoint an Islamo Fascist idealogue to create,"author" or just lie outright about government run health care for all Americans and their union goon illegals? That, in a long sentence, is what the"summit" was all about, nothing else. Let's all get ready for the November beatdown now. His next good idea will be his first.

    24. Anoka, MN. says:

      Obama's goal to get the country on Socialist government is centered around implementation of complete government control of nationalized healthcare. Why do you think he is pushing hard to get his nationalized healthcare passed by both houses….this is his center piece of complete takeover of the federal government.

    25. John Roane Sarasota, says:

      Not so. He will push it though even if the people don't want it. Because he knows best and the US Congress agrees, its socialism or bust!

    26. Barbara F. Campbell, says:

      Why is Obama deaf and hell bent on expanding government. Socialism does not work. The only thing that really works is Capitalism.

      My questions to the POTUS:

      1. ) Why doesn't Obama, Congress and his other gov't employees give away all their money and acoutrements and get paid the income of the average American?

      2.) Why is the government exempt from budgeting money?

      2.) What makes them better than us?

      3.) Why won't Congress sign on to this healthcare right along with the American People?

      And my questions for the Republicans

      4.) Why is the GOP afraid of Obama? They acted like a bunch of scared mice in that meeting.

      5.) Why can't they take a conservative stand the way Reagan did?

    27. David Estrovitz, St. says:

      I would be more than happy to heartedly endorse your Free Market approach to Healthcare with one stipulation. That is that you include a guarantee to eliminate the Greed of those who profit from providing healthcare services where enough is never enough.

    28. Tater Salad says:

      Go ahead Prince Harry, Pelosi and Obama and use reconciliation. Big deal! This will mark the end of the Progressive movement in America and bring the U.S. back to center right for many, many years. Your move Obama.

    29. Ted Stein, President says:

      Politics aside, employers have been shifting premiums to employees for the past dozen years. That trend will continue in earnest. Premiums correlate directly to yields on investments made by the insurance companies. When yields drop, premiums go up. That doesn't happen as quickly when yields rise. Why would it? The two historical reasons employers provided insurance to their emplyees were, competing for scarce employees after WWII, and the employer's negotiating power with insurance companies. In the current market, employees are plentiful, and employers will continue to use rising premium costs and the recession to keep labor costs low. As the premium shift continues, employers will have less of an incentive. I'm not in favor of the government negotiating in lieu of employers, but there is a real need for regulation to control rate increases. The auto insurance model is the best available. It gives states the appropriate regulatory role, and has the ability to encourage competition. Eliminating pre-existing conditions as a reson for denial of coverage, which will increase costs, must be off-set by increasing the pool by mandating health insurance. Let's put politics aside and work for real reform.

    30. Timothy L. Pennell, says:

      Somebody needs to explain, that this thing is gonna get RAMMED DOWN OUR THROATS. This is the HOLY GRAIL, for these people. We're talking about THE MESSIAH, here. He actually thinks that HIS COMING, has been PRE-ORDAINED. He really thinks that "HE is the ONE we've been waiting for". He's from the STREETS. He IS ACORN. He IS SEIU, and BILL AYERS, and JEREMIAH WRIGHT. All he's ever known, has been: BY ANY MEANS NECCESSARY. And anyone who thinks otherwise, does so at their own risk.

      He is who he is.


    31. john Arizona says:

      Poor Ken Jarvis!! Apparently he has the same disease as the Democrats and BHO – they can't hear. If they can hear, they certainly refuse to listen.

      BHO is so intent on either establishing his legacy as the president who got healthcare reform passed, or in making this country a European style socialist country, doomed to failure, that he will do anything to force through some mind boggling piece of legislation that will cripple the entire country.

    32. A Go California says:

      America, stand up for your rights. Let us not change America to a socialist dictatorship. We don't need to wait until November.

      The Obamacare must be scrapped to zero, then we need to start again, step by step.

    33. KatieJo MN says:

      Obama does not like America or the American people, his mission is to destroy our economy and way of life as well as our form of government. The only way to understand his attitude and stubbornness on this issue is to realize that he is delivering to supporters, such as Soros, what they have bought and paid for. They want America along with her capitalism and free enterprise brought to her knees. The quickest way to to accomplish this is through this "health care plan". It will deliver economic destruction and a huge amount of government control over our lives.

    34. Richard H. Irish, Ed says:

      Why does it surprise you that Obama wants to do EXACTLY THE OPPOSITE of what is good for the Country? He has often shown how he despises this country and all it stands for and he wants to "change" it into is socialistic (probably shariah) country BEFORE he gets thrown out!

    35. Gail GR MI says:

      Wasn't there another President who we spoke of as "If his lips are moving, he's lying!"? Same problem here, just a different President!

      We need reform, but reform we ALL can agree to. Not shoved down my throat and costing ME my liberty!

      How about a Mulligan? Do over? Begin again, from the center! Not from the left of America

    36. Dorothy, Colorado says:

      Obama's arrrogance is as ugly as the socialistic heath care he wants to put on this country.

    37. Lori Cramer Swanton, says:

      What else can we, as Americans, do to let Obama, Reid, Pelosi and all the others in favor of ANY health care plan created, managed and overseen by the government that WE DO NOT WANT IT? What can we do to let them all know that all we want is for them to go back and READ the Constitution of these Great United States created by the wisest men to have ever gathered? Are they all so narcissistic that they truly believe they are infallible? They are EMPLOYEES of the American people and as such required to serve us, not themselves. We are not ignorant and do not need government to tell us what we want and need. NO GOVERNMENT OWNED, OPERATED, RUN, SUPERVISED, MANDATED, OVERSEEN HEALTH CARE.

    38. Jerry - Norman, OK says:

      I disagree- the President should not start over, or continue with this plan. The Federal gov't has no standing to mess with insurance, health care, etc. They have no Constitutional authority to even be talking about it. Leave it alone, leave us alone. No new plans, no old plans. Forget it. I can't believe one senator hasn't seen this.

    39. Bob Veigel says:

      Obama should also be told he is a complete 'flop' and should think seriously about resigning. Joe Biden is not too bright, but would be better than Obama.

    40. Peter Rollins, Oklah says:

      Dear Heritage Foundation,

      I enjoy the Morning Bell and thank you for it.

      It would be nice if the Heritage Foundation would take a stand for good grammar as well as good taste.

      Pronouns should agree with their antecedents.

      Therefore, it is wrong to write that "Greece will receive their punishmenst for fiscal irresponsibility." Or it is wrong to say that "The team got on their bus." In both cases, the noun is singular.

      Everybody makes this error, today, but the Heritage Foundation is above such solecisms–or should be.

      I would be happy to help.

      Peter Rollins

    41. Tom Waterloo Iowa says:

      For a panel discussion that was suppose to get ideas , it sure seemed funny that Obama spoke more than anyone else there and shot down any ideas that anyone other than his party wanted. Hot air. Farse. Double talk. LIES.
      Totally Blind and cant reason with other people. My way or no way. Have I made my point. OBAMA is a CONTROL FREAK> Has never had a real job and in the process of messing up the nation with the one he is doing now….

    42. Roger Walker, of Eas says:

      Fellow Americans,

      We are suppose to own ourselves–a Hall Mark and a distinction, that separates the self-governing from the non-self governing of other nations.

      If Nationalized Health Care passes, in one fell swoop, this (among other things) the Federal Government will own us, (own our bodies!) cradel to the grave.

      We The People, did not get us in this debt–the State and Federal Goverment did,—and now, they want to own our bodies? Future generations, yet unborn, will be debt-enslaved–and now, we want to betray them–more so, by, not only stealing future fruits of their labors, we want to give away their bodies–too?!!!

      God help us.


    43. Nellie Rhode Island says:

      I went to my local Dept of Motor Vehicles last night to get a duplicate car registration (it cannot be done online). I took a number. It was 396. I stood there for a couple of minutes waiting to hear where I was in line–"259" said an automated voice…"now serving number 259." They closed in 2 1/2 hours, my God, I thought even if I stay they won't get to me so I walked out. I called the next morning around 9 am to make sure all my paperwork was in order before going back. I was on hold 1 hour and thought insanity was near if I heard, "your call is being answered in the order in which you called, please hang on," one more time. The government running your healthcare??? What could possibly go wrong?

    44. Rakkasan1 says:

      I think the prez would be wise to invite some business leaders who have employees who are happy with what they have…IE the CEO of Whole Foods.

    45. Ken in SB says:

      John Arizona – Which European style health care socialism are you addressing?

      Ted Stein – Worth more consideration than it is being given.

    46. Sunjoy Kellogg says:

      YOu are right it should be dead and start over. We want a president to watch the wars and control them Reduce missile sites in the United states. Reduce government buildings like the Pentagon and United Nations ,.. And reduce the money spending for research programs as fish and animals. thank you.

    47. Normaann.MA says:

      I have given up on Obama. He has no love for this country or its people; he views the Constitution as flawed and thus – since he is the one we have been waiting for – he will change it by hook or by mainly crook. He will do his best to bring Marxism to this country. I pray there are enough Democrats in the Senate and the House to stand up to this demigod and his threats and listen to the people who elected them. Obama will never.

    48. Warriorgal says:

      How much MORE do the American people have to do to WAKE UP those in Washington, DC. WE DON'T WANT NOR NEED socialized healthcare. If the

      President really cares what WE THE PEOPLE believe he needs to get over his


      To President Obama, TORT REFORM is what our healthcare system MUST HAVE. We just had one of Canada's leaders come to America for the BEST SURGERY. Pray tell, why did this man come to America if socialized healthcare is so great?

      The GREAT AWAKENING HAS BEGUN and there is nothing politicians can do to stop the All Consuming Fire who IS OUR GOD! HIS TRUTH IS MARCHING ON!

    49. Terri, Atlanta Georg says:

      The Republicans did an outstanding job, they studied, researched and had their facts and evidence in line iwth the truth. This bill is a disaster for the country, it has nothing to do with our healthcare as the Democrats and Progressive Caucus members want us to think. It is past time that someone cared about and stood up for the American people and our unalienable rights and freedoms. The Republicans got that message and presented their case excellently. I hope they keep reading, studying and researching facts and information and then standing up for our country. It's a shame there are still those who believe that socialism (only a step to communism), government control of the country is the way to go. Take the veil off your eyes and face the truth. The tired, old socialist policies of the past do not work. Liberalism and socialism hinder, diminish and squelches the innovation, creativity and morale of the people. Our founding fathers discovered the success: freedom motivates and inspires the best of the people.

    50. Geoffrey, Irmo, SC says:

      The reason the President "bristled at this analysis" is that the message is more important than the substance of the bill or the end result.

    51. Christopher Popham S says:

      The "axis of evil" (obama, pelosi & reid) need to face the music.

      After wasting one whole year on health care reform, rather than the fiscal health of

      America, surely they must realize that these Congressional bills are dead.

      If we do anything in this regard, it should indeed be 'to start over' and approach

      health care on an incremental basis, so that the American people can grasp the

      agenda. 2700 pages of dictates, mandates, taxes and 111 new federal bureaucracies is just plain absurd and places too much of a burden on small business, not to mention the exhorbitant cost.

      If the "axis" persists, then we shall be no longer be ignored once we reach the

      polls in November.

      Good luck America.

    52. WestWright says:

      Who said that this Gov't takeover of HC would be a Waterloo for the party was correct? I don't think the Ds can get the votes for it, the 2010 elections are coming too fast and the polls have continued to move against them. These Ds are cowards and will not risk their cushy jobs by voting for this terrible bill!

    53. Chris Mitchell Reno, says:

      Why dosen't this President leave us alone. It seems to me he is a wanna be primeier than a president, like Chavez or Castro. That country was built upon a republic not authoriantarianism

    54. charles fisenne bald says:


      Would any Congressman be willing to sign a 2700 page mortgage on their house?

      Congress blind-side on long term health care? Bankruptcy and super inflation is ignored

      Tort reform could be better than stated .If a $50 Doctor visit was required from . Seniors [me too] they would ask: Is your referral to another specialist necessary? Doctors do COVER THEIR ASS and costs plenty

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    56. Chris Mitchell Reno, says:

      I wish Obama would just leave us alone and let the people govern and not him. This present administration is nothing but a collectivism telling us what we need while ignoring us. They need to reread the Consitution as originally interpreted

    57. John S., So Cal who says:

      The imagination of Pres. O. while Republicans were sharing the fiscal facts and polling data: "If they would only let me control all this stuff I would have things fixed in no time! After all, the American people don't really care about, and probably can't comprehend Congressional process. Whoops, did I say that out loud, Joe?"

    58. John Koss,Tennessee says:

      Got ya beat! Somebody got something acomplished yesterday..ME I was painting my living room and listening, (mostly laughing my head off at these Democrats ),telling their Sob Stories about People THEY knew that are Sick or had an Operation or are struggling with their bills. I am so impressed that they care. Here's a novel idea for you, WE ALL, know somebody that has these issues and concerns so get in line and join the club. More importantly, I would have given my …. … to hear one of these yokels say: "Mr. President would you consider giving up your Cadillac Health Benefit for you and yours and I do the same, and so does everyone in this room until we get a Health Reform Bill for all Americans?" It is not about Health Care in this Country but the COST!!

    59. Wayne Simanovsky Sti says:

      It should be clear by now that nobody can tell obama anything. His arrogance is something we will have to live with for the next three years.

    60. Ben C. Ann Arbor, MI says:

      I heard Michael Reagan rant and rave about the Republican wish for Obama and the government to fail. Sadly, what eludes him and others is that government IS failing as we speak. Our national debt and unfunded liabilities are unsustainable. We are on the brink of bankruptcy and for this I want Congress to get a grip on reality and back off on the spending. The credit card is maxed out and the check book is empty regardless of the number of checks in the book.

      I fear that either the POTUS is clueless or he has a sinister hidden agenda. I pray its the first but fear its the second.

    61. Jack Kyle says:

      It's time to recogonize and admit that President Obama does not care one bit what the American People want,He is not interested in advancing the Capitalist system. Just the opposite, he abhores the Capitalist system and intends to do everything he can to destroy it.He would have to be "brain dead" not to recognize that the average American citizen does not want his health care plan. There- I guess I answered my own question.

    62. Norseman, Pueblo Wes says:

      Na na na, na na na na, hey hey hey, good bye! NOT!! The Dims will not quit until they ram this down our throats. Killing their version of health care reform is like trying to kill the terminator. It just keeps coming at you!

    63. Ted Moore Grand Prai says:

      Eight and a half months is a very important length of time to keep in mind, we need to keep obama, reid and pelosi, on thier heels, like has happened in the first year of his presidency, if WE THE PEOPLE, keep thier socialist agenda at bay and become great American Obstructionists we can make obama a LAME DUCK who will only be able to spend his last two years in office whinning and complaining but unable to pass any of his radical leftist crap, lets keep up the hard work neccessary to insure this happens.

    64. Gayle Kindall 94553 says:

      I absolutely agree with point of view of the article. The Democrats didn't say

      anything new either and they did nothing more than express the same talking

      points. Nobody at all expressed a willingness to proceed and so it is impossible

      to do so, unless the Dems commit reprehensible reconciliation. I watched

      almost the entire summit. It could only have accomplished something if it

      had been done in the beginning. In this case, it is a political stunt which we

      just paid millions for. The Dems should have sent a few non-hostile bleeding

      heart liberals who might not have been so outrageously stubborn.

    65. Parella, Aventura, F says:

      What about starting with just two things which would immediately impact healthcare: (1) TORT reform; and (2) tearing down the state barriers to insurance company competition so that citizens can choose what insurer they want to do business with. TORT reform, of course, is almost out of the question due to the strong lobbyists…but the American people have a voice in this and that's what most taxpayers would want methinks.

    66. Louis Levy Houston T says:

      Alea jacta es

    67. Elaine Johnsn, Alaba says:

      He knows it's dead, he's got too much pride to admit it. He needs to get his head out of ground, clear his ears out and drop this horrible bill. IT'S DEAD, WE DO NOT WANT IT!!!!! He is so arrogant and condescending—"because I'm the president", slamming Cantor for bringing the healthcare bill (don't know if he brought it), etc. The truth is, he really is an empty suit–don't really think he's got that much brain power–and it shows everytime he opens his mouth. Personally, I would love to see him impeached–he certainly hasn't upheld the Constitution, he definitely loves terrorists more than Americans.

    68. Ben C. Ann Arbor, MI says:

      On another matter, Ted Sein makes an excellent obeservation about the habits of employers. Deeper into the issue is the effect of tax codes on spending behavior. Employers look at the bottom lines costs and react accordingly. Tax code changes can have unintended consequences such as the elimination of the consumer interest deduction in the '80s and the rush to leverage homes to gain the deduction. In a similar manner, employee health insurance is a deductable business expenses – but not the owner's premium if it is an LLC. What should happen is for some very smart third party people look at tax codes and "cost of doing business" for business owners and modify the codes to gain the desired effects. I am not smart enough to understand the IRS but I am sure there are those who do.

    69. Oh Grover, San Jose says:

      3 words: WATERLOO!

    70. Jim Uberti--New Have says:

      Ken Jarvis—Tried to e-mail you, but your address seems to be invalid. james.uberti@sbcglobal.net

    71. joseph f tegze, 9 cl says:

      medicare should be left to the free market. let it stand as is. we should however

      remove all the free loaders, like the elegals and allow to purchase medical insurance and perscriptions across state lines. the government should stay completly out of healthcare. they havn't been able to run med-care social security or secure our boarders to name a few.

    72. Gary Eaker, Charlest says:

      When President Obama recognizes that “everybody is mad at Washington” does he really not understand the He is Washington, now? He represents everything wrong with Washington and I’m proud of the Republicans for siding with the American people. This seemed to only irritate the One. The Republicans gave him Hell, by telling him the truth, and he didn’t like it one little bit. I enjoyed it immensely.

    73. valwayne says:

      Obama, Pelosi, and Reid are going to keep right on trying to pass the massive corrupt monstrosity regardless of how many Americans oppose it. We've never seen such arrogance in our national Government. We desperately need to restore balance in Nov!!!!

    74. George F Somsel, Pho says:

      Let the pretender continue to beat the dead horse. If he's concentrating on that then he can't do evil elsewhere.

    75. Henry N. Franklin TN says:

      The root of the problem is that, unlike virtually every other human need, including food and shelter, the public has been indoctinated over the past few decades to believe that total access to any and all health care services, medicines, devices, therapies, and related is a God given right that government is obligated to provide. Since the United States is the source of most of the innovations in medicines, devices, treatments etc., people are aware of what is available, and demand that it be provided to them either free or at a trivial [i.e. affordable for whatever economic group one might be in] cost. This is, of course, impossible. Health care insurance sits in between the demanders — the public — and the providers — the health care system. If the try to operate using traditional and reasonable risk analysis and cost share techniques, as do home insurance, life insurance, and car insurance companies, they get evicerated when high risk individuals are charged more than low risk individuals. Most people would not argue, I don't think, that a healthy 25 year old should pay less for term life insurance than a 75 year old. Most people would not argue, I don't think, that a person who has had 3 DWI related accidents should pay more for car insurance than someone without any such incidents. Most people would not argure, I don't think, that a person with home on a floodplain of the Mississippi River in huricane country should pay for flood insurance while a person with a home on a hillside in North Dakota should not have too. These are example of risk pool identification. Yet with health care, such discrimination seems to be out of bounds. Certainly, in my opinion, most Democrat arguments for what they want seem to be designed to ignore evaluation of risk to cost. Maybe we should just outlaw health insurance, and expose everyone to the true costs of obtaining and using health care. At the very least, it might wake people up to the true realities of where the expenses are. Health insurance companies are in the bullseye because they have inserted themselves, or have been inserted by others, in between the demanders of health care and the providers, both of whom don't like how the insurance companies operate.

      Neither side has a solution set that is going to make this all good. However, I would much rather keep tinkering with private sector based mechanisms than have the government screw up yet another big chunk of my life, while at the same time accumulating more and more control over what I can or can't do — think mandated health insurance that the Dems want to impose. No thanks

    76. Regina, Phoenix says:

      Personally, I thought Obama was fantastic. He knew the facts and exposed the lies and misinformation Republicans have been spewing for months. Republicans have no ideas. Let's move on and get it done. Democrats need to start governing like the facist Republican Party and use reconcilation. Republicans used it to enact massive tax cuts for the rich and enact the Trillion dollar Medicare prescription drug plan. Gosh, get a grip on reality Republicans – your inept party has nearly destroyed America and you have certainly bankrupted it, monetarily and Spiritually.

    77. edinGA says:

      Now the dems are hoping to get this done by Easter. Seems I recall something about a focus on jobs. What happened? All thrown away for Obama's "legacy" issue. Obama can't stand the idea of his "legacy" going down the tubes. Well, I have a hint for him; his whole administration and Presidency is going down the tubes. As far as his legacy goes, he can forget that now. It's too late for this Marxist to fool us any longer.

    78. thefedupamerican, US says:

      We MUST stop this health care bill from passing….it will destroy what is left of our beloved country. We MUST take back the government in 2010 and make Obama a lame duck. We MUST find some fiscal conservatives to elect and we MUST put forth a strong conservative leader to beat the O in 2012. We MUST…or America is done. http://www.thefedupamerican.com

    79. John says:

      This monstosity of a bill is just for HEALTH INSURANCE. So what! We can all say now I have health insurance, but none of us will have quality healthcare! There is a big difference between the two. Especially when you are an old, retired person who is not worth the cost of the heart transplant or whatever costly procedure you need. And GOd forbid if you get Cancer…god luck dying at home. As Obama said: "just take a pain pill! What he really meant was, just go away and die!

    80. Truly says:

      I'm confused about all the Republican outrage and comments that if Obama, Pelosi, Reid get the bill passed (actually the bill already passed both houses of Congress by traditional means in December) that they are toast and will pay for their arrogance by being tossed out. Isn't that what you want anyway, is for them to suffer an electoral loss for their decision? Why aren't you rooting for them instead and then run on a Republican platform to toss them out and repeal the bill?? Is it possible you are afraid the bill will be so popular that it will never be undone and Obama will be re-elected because he showed leadership? Is it possible that like all the warnings that same sex marriage would cause divorce in Massachusetts, and then didn't, that your crazy shrill predictions about the end of life as we know if healthcare is overhauled will be just that, crazy talk from the minority party?

    81. Drifter, Utah says:

      Any federal control of healthcare is not constitutional to begin with, yet it is always just different degrees of same, , which are being discussed…

    82. ChuckL, NV says:

      The comments on this story and the fact that it even exists is a major condemnation of the education system in this country. This is not one of the items that the Congress is allowed to even consider.

      Thiis subject is reserved to the States nd/or the people.

    83. BILL ROBERTS EL CAJO says:


    84. Greg Starke, Peterbo says:

      In this administration's zeal to pass the most flawed and transparently corrupt piece of legislation in modern history, the Democratic leadership has failed to recognize the anger that the American electorate is manifesting at their arrogance and blatant disregard for the ‘will of the people’. The Democratic leadership has crossed a threshold and now they own the resentment of a disenfranchised electorate. It is a watershed that was demonstrated at the polls in Virginia, New Jersey and Massachusetts and it will become the legacy of the Democratic party for years to come.

    85. fbradshaw. north car says:


    86. fbradshaw. north car says:


    87. Norma McCraw says:

      After that fiasco health care summit yesterday, it is very clear to me that President Obama does not care what the American people want. He is just bent on shoving HIS health care plans down our throats.

      I want the Republicans, and other Conservatives, to stand firm and not whimp out in representing the majority of the people of the United States.

      It was blatantly obvious that Barack Obama is not representing the people of the United States, he is only representing himself and his cronies.

    88. Normca says:

      Greedy health insurers – 2 to 3% profit ? Microsoft would close their cards at that profit, as would many others. Get real; life is not a free ride. Greedy corporations ? What does greed mean ? Businesses are in the market to make a profit. Before we bandy an Obama, democrat or media term, why don't we research who makes a profit and just who is it that creates jobs.

    89. Ron..... Winnipeg Ca says:

      How about an amendment that all members of congress and the senate must go on the same plan that all Americans will be forced on if this bill passes through reconcilitation. If the only way is for a lib to introduce the amendment why don't the GOP take the high road and propose that they do so in the media. This will flush out enough of the libs to take down reconciliation. Of that I am certain. Why not?

    90. William Alford ( civ says:

      I can't get over how everybody is beating around the bush about anything happening on capitol hill.

      We have reached a point in our country where the masses are damned near completely subservient to the politicians. All laws are passed to protect the Big money theives and politicians.

      The fabric of our constitution is on the brink of annialation and all we want to do is debate a Pork bill for the unions and the other fat cats. The banks are stealing us blind by devaluing our real property, the SEC is letting them do it, Our Auto industry is now owned by the these people, our right to keep and bear arms is in jeopardy, right and wrong no longer count as a measurment its all a grey area.

      I am a patriot and I say down with every one of them. Lets put some real States men in office with the moral fiber to stick to hight standards of good conduct with mercy in their hearts.

      William Alford

    91. robert sargent westv says:

      i honestly believe we could fix the health care if we start over,and get the parties at the table.a year or two down the road.how about fixing the economy and unemployment first.thank god for the heritage foundation,fox news.and the net.for all the imformation.

    92. Sean Flynn says:

      Someone needs to tell you to not jump to conclusions so fast because his health care plan is not dead yet. Obama may have a ways to go to get it over the finish line but he still has a shot and it's an absurd notion that he just give up because "it's going to be hard" to get this thing done. He's got one last shot and you know this. You can talk about how Obama should do it but you never done it. Remember that.

    93. Steve Los Angeles says:

      For the information of those posting here is a link that shows what we'll all be paying for in this HC bill:
      The boilerplate policy which every one of us (excepting Congress) would be required to purchase would include things like rehab, counseling, child services, chiropractic services, etc.

      Left to our own devices most of us would decline these coverages to keep down costs, especially if we don't have children.

      This mandatory minimum policy is Harry Reid's gift to the insurance industry, vastly inflating the cost of every policy.

    94. frank z says:

      Why re-invent the wheel. We need to fix the existing system, which by the way works. The insurance companies have been given a license to steal for the past 10 years; while we debate the issue they keep raising prices. Let's spend our time and money on fixing the system which all Americans have a vested interest in. Who is looking at the overcharges to medicare/medicaid, the illegals using the system for free and insurance companies being given a 'head's up' to raise rates by threatening govt. takeover of the system. Let's get back to basics.

    95. Kenneth Texas says:

      Obama only hears what HE wants to hear…He's DEAF to the American People…PERIOD!!!

    96. Kenneth Texas says:

      Do you know who Reid, Obama and Pelosi remind me of? The Three Stooges!!

    97. mel,McCandless, PA says:

      There are so many issues to be discussed concerning this administration. Our freedoms are being taken away very quickly. The Marxism agenda has been brewing for many years and it has finally reared it's ugly head. The take over of the banks and auto companies was swift and frightening. The officers of these industries are pathetic to let this happen. If they would have banded together they could have stopped the take over. Now this health care fiasco is even more dangerous, the government should stay out of the issue all thgther. Let capitalism work by lifting the ban on across the state insurance competition. Let this work for a year or so then perhaps start with another issue, one at a time.

      I am always so confused why the PEOPLE have to take this obamacare when the reid, nancy, etc. have their own. This is called dictatorship, heading for more dangerous titles.

    98. Harry, Illinois says:

      Fraud and Waste should not be a talking point. We've had this issue for so long in Medicare and Medicad and they all sat around nodding their heads like, yah, we know, but there is nothing we can do about it. I suppose a new and bigger version of socialized medicine is going to make this all go away.

    99. Runninbear says:

      They said Bush was pig headed and unable to change his policies and Now heres Obama as blind to the American people was they claimed bush was?Even more so! Obama isn't wanting to reform health care he wants to bankrupt our economy,and our country

      and that is far worst than anything Ive heard Bush do?

      How much louder can the American people state that we do not want government take over of our health care and we can't afford his anal attempts to con the american people into being forced fed a bill of Goods that is clearly ,even to the "blind man ". Its a bad plan and his back door deals that he has offered ,threaten,and brow beaten any and everyone that has come out against this outrageous attempt at this so called health care proves that this is a snare for the american people to fall into and Obama and his minions are pulling all the stops.

    100. TheEnforcer says:


      The saddest thing about all this is that MOST (IF NOT ALL) OF YOU, VOTED FOR THIS EMPTY SUIT ALONG WITH THE MEAN SPIRITED DEMOCrats.


      The problem with this is that WE ARE ALL SUFFERING because of it.



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    103. G. B. Pilkington, At says:

      Hussein hasn't shown he compromise on any of his Socialist Goals, and Healthcare seems to be Number One!

      I disagree with Ken, the GOP "ate his lunch!"

    104. Cathryne Stone/Texas says:

      It is my fervent opinion that this administration and all connected to it do not care one whit about the individual American citizen. Considering the fact that most Americans who know what's going on are appalled and outraged at the arrogance of these people. In fact, in the face of fierce opposition, it is becoming quite clear to many that the 'enemy' of the American way of life and its Creator-endowed Constitution are in both Parties and have been for quite a while. The perplexity of the situation has actually stimulated a discussion among Americans who know what is going on. This discussion among most of them has become a central part of recognizing how far to the left our representatives are. When this realization becomes apparent, most of us would rather have the whole mess shut down, re-elections for everything, firing of all czars and czarinas, including a ticket home for this administration. Being a conservative: believing in the Constitution and rule of law as it stood prior to September 2008, I would rather start from scratch than see this country become subject to people who believe that they know what's best for me. No, they don't. I have also noted that not even this post nor any of the others ever mention the fact that the onerous health care bill requires the person who refuses to pay a penalty if they can't afford insurance to be placed in prison. Let me tell you and everyone out there: I WOULD RATHER BE IN PRISON THAN PAY ONE DIME TO THIS ADMINISTRATION.

    105. Wayne, La says:

      There are several common elements that should be addressed in a health care reform bill. People should be covered for all illnesses throughout the United States. Citizens should not be rejected for a specific illness. The premiums should be affordable. It is with these major assumptions in mind that I consider the following points beneficial to health care reform. We do not need another layer of bureaucracy. If a citizen is unemployed for a period of time, they can sign up for medicaid. The government could provide catastrophic insurance coverage similar to flood insurance through the medicare system. Each citizen would pay a very minimal premium so that if they exceeded their lifetime coverage the government plan under medicare would take effect. This would reduce health care premiums. The individual would receive a tax credit for buying his own coverage or the company could take a tax credit if it purchased insurance for the employee.

      These suggestions with tort reform and tuition reduction incentives for Doctors

      would provide multiple avenues for the reduction of health care costs.

    106. Ken in SB says:

      Steve In L.A.- HF represents your POV in this debate or you wouldn't use them as reference? Insurance companies determine what is preventative. That is not the role of an Insurance Co. Wouldn't you agree that might be better determined by a panel of Drs or more than just the corporation whose motivation is to pay millions to a board who can best serve the stock holders by keeping outlay to it's minimum. That's not care…. that's business. That is the unregulated non competitive business to which one is expected to pay money to maintain their profit and increase their size yearly. Nominal Charges are determined by the Insurance Cartel. Regulation left to their devices. They establish usual and customary. HF and you say????

      So health care should be separated from the health business. I believe that HF believes in capitalism as much as anyone and distorts the transparent fact that health insurance is a business while health care is a health concern for everyone especially those of us born before the 60's -70's and to the nation as an entity.

      I believe in your right and anyone else on this site to play a game with their money that is stacked in the house's favor. It should be treated similarly to the rules set forth for gambling and casinos. HF and no one here seems to mention that government intervention as intrusive government regulation. The HF may side with the casinos here after all it is business citing the "fool and his money" defense.

      Sorry but HF is siding with the insurance business so the debate is not how to improve health care but how to maintain status quo for the insurance corporations who will pay lobbyists, legislators, boards and we include hospitals and pharmaceutical companies dearly to determine what or if, delay indefinitely, refuse or you choose the words, to pay health claims. This a topic to restrict Insurance to pure business or economics and keep health care reform off topic.

      We here and the HF don't choose to discuss companies and executives who have absconded with funds or bankruptcies for whatever reason that have left older and or any Americans without pensions or health care. There must be a good reason for that. Do we not care or do we just choose to ignore their plight? Is it convenient obvious or "best serves" implementation to play the illegal immigrant card? I will discuss assistance later and leave altruism for another day.

      I know of a regular person who was mauled by a bear in California. She has a very good accounting for what she has experienced as an "insured" since she drove herself to the hospital with her face hanging from her skull. She is easily found in a google search. She now speaks as a means to educate people on working towards the reform that is near to us today.

      I know of a person who has worked for the government whose children due to health issues must live at home. At over 25 years of age they are mostly uninsurable due to preexisting conditions. He is into his pension and will be destitute in 5-7 years. He's been as conservative as any I've read on this page. He is not found easily on a google search nor are the 30 – 60 million people who need some type of assistance. Assistance is not defined as a handout. http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/assistance

      America can pledge $350 million to the Tsunami victims and give equipment and money, our tax dollars, to other countries but will kick. fight and spit teeth to keep from donating to it's own citizens. Katrina is a beautiful example of our lack of trained concentration on and towards our own.

      Insurance isn't going to co-operate with any one who wants to lower their profit margin any more than Oil companies will help you find an alternative energy source. At least Oil have stated it whereas insurance has or will not. Should Insurance Corporations really have to state they don't want to help lower your costs???

      It may be time to stop the internal infernal bickering and name calling and realize that we cannot afford "not" to help each other. Help and assistance are interchangeable words and imply our allegiance to a common cause of being one nation and indivisible. It has nothing to do with fools and their monies. It has to do with the control that one industry can exert and who supports that control and what the collective can do for the good of its own.

    107. kathy bergevin, Oreg says:

      56% and 59% sounds OK when it comes to the number of people not wanting the Obama care, however, it still worries me that the percentage is not higher. It is scarey that 44% are still either for the bill or undecided.

    108. Diane, NC says:

      Anyone who voted for BO on the promise of "change" is getting what they wanted. Change! He didn't say it would be good change, just change. Oh, and hope. I'm hoping the changes don't last long.

    109. Diane, NC says:

      To those of you who are of the opinion that the insurance companies have been given the license to steal – each and every state has an insurance commission which approves or disapproves the cost. Not every state is controlled by the evil Republicans either. Has anyone in DC considered this fact? There already is consideral government control of the insurance industry, just not at the federal level.

    110. Bill Michigan says:

      The President is hell bent to pass this bill regardless of the opinions of the citizens. He beats the drum for health care for 30 million but fails to address the fundamental problems with health care which is rising cost. Most of the thoughts and opinions from the Republican side were brushed aside quickly. I would have liked to have heard why health insurance is a given right but that is moot at this point. I purchase my own insurance, it isn't great but I have it. According to Obama I would benefit from this plan. Well I don't trust the government to run health care any more than any other government program. We may have care for everyone whether the quality is decent for them or the rest of us doesn't seem to matter.

    111. Linda, Louisiana says:

      I am not surprised at the content of "President Obama's Health Care Summitt." His plan was to make the American People believe that he was giving the Republicans a voice in the Health Care Plan. I cannot believe that a man of his supposedly educational background thinks the American People are so stupid as to not see through him. His lack of courtesy to many of the Republican comments is typical and absolutely nauseating. President Obama thinks that, even though some of the American population is so naive and blind to vote for him, many of those people have seen through his political antics and lies, as well as those who did not vote for him. I think he firmly and honestly believes that he CANNOT FAIL. He needs to wake up and realize that he can fail, and is failing every day. This President is destroying this Great Country day by day, and he thinks the American People are dumb and stupid. How long can we tolerate this?

    112. Lavina Burgess Flori says:

      President Barack Hussein Obama… your Health Care Plan is Dead! We don't need you or your cronies to tell us what Health Care is right for us, you can't fix it, because… its not broken!

    113. Judy, MA says:

      If the Three Stooges do get this horrendous bill rammed through with reconciliation. Guess what? The Democratic party will be extinct. You know why? Because the American people will never forget. The Constitution will be disregarded and stepped on by this POTUS. He has no respect for it or for who he serves. "US"

    114. zichaluna1, florida says:

      This is not about what is best for we the American citizen!

      This is about, what will give full control over we the people to the government!

      This is about the feds now in power (democrats) getting absolute power forever!

      With the American citizen becoming nothing more than a pawn, and a peasant to the government, a means to the so called greater (not) socialist cause, with the ability reach into our pockets, unfettered and with no controls to stop them, against all our wills and to take our money!!!

      With dictatorial socialist control to take all power from the people and giving themselves ownership over what is the only free society in the world!!!!

      Thi is the democrat sneak attack from within to seize absolute power over the greatest nation on earth!!

      This is the most important moment in America;s life to decide to stay free and boot those in power who want to fundementally destroy us all and what our forefathers bequethed to us to preserve and protect, to the curb along with the trash to be taken to the dump where socialism, progressivism, dictatorships, and communism all belong!!

      This is an outrage that Americans do not want, need, or should be FORCED to take!!!

    115. Libertyandvirtue.com says:

      I get the distinct feeling that President Obama thinks if he continues to push this program down our throats and repeat his mantra we will finally throw up our hands and say ok, is this a Saul Alinsky approach?

    116. Susanna, Kansas says:

      I was, frankly, quite disgusted with the way BO acted in his summit: disrespectful, stubborn, arrogant. This man is no President. A bully, maybe – but not a President. As far as the so-called health reform bill is concerned, it runs so counter to the American peoples' unalienable rights, they should all be brought up on charges of treason for even considering what they have put together. Any change in health care reform of this magnitude should be passed unanimously and any attempt to pass it under the "reconciliation" process is a total affront to the American people. I say, we march on Washington. There are so many of us out of work right now, we certainly have the time!!!

    117. Matthew C Campbell says:

      The health care bill and the climate bill are fabricated problems subject to interpretation . What this country needs is EMPLOYMENT !!! And by private sector businesses not government 'jobs'. OIbviously the Obama Administration has it completely backwards deliberately .

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    119. Rolland, Oregon says:

      "One of the traditional methods of imposing statism or socialism on a people has been by way of medicine. It's very easy to disguise a medical program as a humanitarian project; From here, it's a short step to all the rest of socialism," Ronald Reagan.

      Obama, and the Progressives, have only one main agenda…Socialism. They will make any deal, or make any changes to the Bill, just to get the votes to pass it. Health Care Reform means nothing to them, but it is the means they must use to achieve an oppressive Authoritarian government.

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