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  • President Obama’s Refusal to Back Britain on the Falklands is a Disgrace

    The Obama administration’s decision to remain neutral in the dispute between Great Britain and Argentina over the Falkland Islands is a shameful decision that will go down very badly across the Atlantic. As The Times has just reported, Washington has point blank refused to support British sovereignty over the Falklands, and is adopting a strictly neutral approach.

    In the words of a State Department spokesman:

    We are aware not only of the current situation but also of the history, but our position remains one of neutrality. The US recognises de facto UK administration of the islands but takes no position on the sovereignty claims of either party.

    The remarks had echoes of an earlier statement by a senior State Department protocol official who, when asked about the shoddy treatment of the British Prime Minister in March last year, responded:

    There’s nothing special about Britain. You’re just the same as the other 190 countries in the world. You shouldn’t expect special treatment.

    Even by the relentlessly poor standards of the Obama administration, whose doctrine unfailingly appears to be “kiss your enemies and kick your allies”, this is a new low. The White House’s neutrality in a major dispute between America’s closest friend and the likes of Venezuelan tyrant Hugo Chavez, Argentina’s biggest backer, represents the appalling appeasement of an alliance of anti-Western Latin American regimes, stretching from Caracas to Havana – combined with a callous indifference towards the Anglo-American alliance.

    Over the course of the last year, we’ve seen a staggering array of foreign policy follies by this administration, from the throwing under the bus of the Poles and the Czechs over missile defence to siding with Marxists in Honduras. But this latest pronouncement surely takes the biscuit as the most brazen betrayal so far of a US ally.

    As the Obama government is amply aware, the tensions between London and Buenos Aires are escalating dramatically, with British military contingency planning already under way. In effect, Washington declared today that it would remain neutral in the event of another war in the South Atlantic, a stunning declaration to make.

    Thousands of British soldiers are laying their lives on the line alongside their American allies on the battlefields of Afghanistan. Yet the president of the United States is either unwilling or too timid to offer a single word of support for the British people, who face a mounting confrontation with a corrupt, populist Argentine government that is threatening a blockade of British territory.

    To put it bluntly, the Obama administration is killing the Special Relationship, and the prospects of a recovery look extremely bleak as long as Barack Obama remains in the White House.

    I am in no doubt though that messages of support for Britain will begin to flow in the coming days from Senators and Congressmen who actually understand the importance of Anglo-American friendship and loyalty, and who recognize the tremendous value of the ancestral, linguistic, economic, cultural, military and intelligence ties that bind the two greatest nations in the world. And I am very sure that the vast majority of Americans will reject the spineless neutrality of the White House and State Department, and wholeheartedly support the British people in the event of another conflict.

    Cross-posted at The Telegraph.

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    29 Responses to President Obama’s Refusal to Back Britain on the Falklands is a Disgrace

    1. John B. San Diego says:

      America should not abandon our greatest ally or deny our commitments to allies.

      The Pres. is saying thank you Brits for showing up for our war, but we Yanks have no interests in showing up for your war.

      I'd like to hear what the Brits think about this departure from well established WWII vintage history and commitments.

      Or better yet; I want to hear what the Brits are saying behind closed doors.

      I thought I read that if one member was attacked all of N.A.T.O. was under attack.

      What happened to that pledge?

      What about N.A.T.O. and our ironclad treaties? I was thinking if N.A.T.O. was to become loosely knit we should form a Democratic Organization of Equal States. But Obama is stomping on U.K and Israel in my mind the core of a new group.

      Our current Administration they are believers in a U.N. one world government; they are running over or dodging anything and everything that gets in the way of this new world order.

      Look what he is doing to Israel; it is undermining our relationship with Israel also.

      The more I study implications and consequences of current domestic and foriegn policies the more I am convinced Obama and his congress are willing to walk away for every thing here and abroad that has made us great and our alliances steadfast.

      All of this for what? One world socialism it is the only explanation.

    2. ozzy6900, CT says:

      Wait, are you kidding me? Great Britain has been by our side since WWII and the Administration says "No" when they ask us? These clowns have to go!

    3. bill says:

      I live in Buenos Aires, one American among thousands of expatriats receiving their retirement here. Also there are many many Scots, Irish, and Brits living and visiting. I sure hope that if the Brits use a Nuke on us, that they give us warning, so we can move to Chile during this year.

      The Argies won't back down on this issue. They really believe that the Falklands belong to Argentina, and likely would fight the British one more time. However, all the Euro countries are just teetering on the edge of extinction. A war would finish off Britain as a going economic concern. However, Argentina is still suffering under the post war collapse that followed their loss in 1982 of the war. They don't have so much farther to fall.

    4. Paul, London says:

      If there is a war it will be short and see any deployed Argentine forces resting peacefully at the bottom of the Atlantic. It won't be a drawn out guerilla war like Afghanistan. They have nothing to match our attack subs and Typhoons (which are already there).

      As for the US's standpoint, it was more or less the same last time round but we received plenty of covert support in the form of intelligence and supplies (sidewinders and stingers etc).

    5. Warren, Derby, UK. says:

      Hawaii is nowhere near North America, geographically. Yet it is as much a part of the USA as is Texas or Florida. President Obama is from Hawaii, I wonder how he might react to a foreign claim on it?

      The Falkland Islands are geographically nowhere near Europe, but they are just as much a part of Great Britain as are the Shetlands or the Scilly isles, the entire population is British, and proud of it. They are, to a man, Land Rover and Fish & Chips rather than Tango and Gaucho.

      And its not as if the islands were once Argentinian, and they were maybe tricked out of it by colonialist double dealings at the height of Empire sometime in the past. The islands have never belonged to, or been a part of Argentina. Just because they happen to be in the same hemisphere isn't really the basis of a claim.

      I would just like to say, Thank you America for your support of legitimate sovereignty and democracy. Not!

      • the reiver says:

        a point ignored by the Americans is how they took control of Hawaii. following a dispute on the Island they landed troops to protect their people and property. this was followed very quickly by a joint resolution between the senate and the House to annexe the islands. President McKinley signed the order. a new government was set up and the Royal Family deposed.
        many people on the island are still trying to obtain their freedom. they want independence, and freedom to elect their own government. they have stated they will stay linked to the USA but not part of it.
        many states in America were seized in a similar manner.

    6. Lee, England says:

      It is highly disappointing the US administration would turn their backs on us when we need their support.

      We have always stepped up to the plate when the US have sought assistance or support either politically or militarily even though we knew full well it would damage other relationships or cause international outrage, because that's what good countries do, they stand by their friends.

      Most people here consider it highly disappointing and offensive the US is turning their backs on us, although we realise Obama has kicked a lot of countries that would normally be positive towards America since he has come into power so I guess we shouldn't be so surprised.

      I get the feeling we are not ready to give up on our greatest friend yet given he is just one man and some reports speculated this wouldn't of have happened if McCain had of been elected since he understands war and what allies do for each other.

      Anyway the damage is done now so we will have to see where the 'special relationship' goes from here (I suspect into the oblivion).

    7. Sam, Chichester, UK says:

      It does seem as if Obama is happy to ignore historical ties. Indeed, he seems particularly against us in the UK, is this revenge for bringing half his ancestors to America as cotton slaves?

      Or is it more a case of 'hmm, 60 billion barrels of oil, let's see what happens and see if we can get a slice of that pie.'?

      Would strongly hope that the American public, who in my experience are highly pro-British, inform Mr Obama of the magnitude of his mistake.

      With this and his problems with his health care bills, could he be the most ineffectual and useless President since WW2?

    8. John B. San Diego says:

      For all replying from the U.K. I am personally embarrassed for the actions of my U.S. Gov. on the subject of the Falklands. And lack of appreciation for you Brits, well I have only one thing to add we true patriots here in America are working on that issue in the next election. Accept my humble apology for now.

    9. Nik, Oregon says:

      Many of us continue to be outraged, disgusted, and embarrassed by how our administration conducts itself in all policies, foreign and domestic. As for Hawaii, Obama has bowed and scraped and apologized to everyone he can think of that if a foreign power did in fact want Hawaii I believe he would give it to them.

      The Falklands are and should remain yours.

    10. Al, Hastings, UK says:

      Up to now I have not been particularly sceptical of Obama or his administration, but his stance on the Falklands issue is changing my opinion. To stab a close ally in the back – especially at a time when both our countries are fighting and suffering together in Afghanistan – is truly appalling, and it is absolutely right to refer to his stance as a 'betrayal'.

      Whatever the historical issues (and are there not complex historical issues with many territorial claims around the world?) the Falkland Islands are sovereign British territory inhabited by our own people, who are fiercely patriotic. Our territory is being threatened by a foreign power, and one would have thought that America, being a close ally in a time of war and mutual sacrifice, would support us in our hour of need.

      Who knows, but maybe we will need to redeploy forces from Afghanistan to the Falklands if the situation requires it. Is that what the Obama administration wants? How would the American people feel about that, since it would mean greater pressure – and therefore possibly casualties – on US forces?

      If I were an American voter, Obama would certainly not be getting my vote, that's for sure (and I speak as someone who probably would have voted for him a year ago).

    11. Ed, UK says:

      Well looks like the Yanks want to bail on our relationship…all a bit one sided but should we be suprised ? A while ago they said they would go anywhere there were terrorists… well the closest they got to helping out in Northen Ireland was funding the terrorist groups which were killing the British public and the leagle force of law.

      History shows they are two faced and unreliable at the best of times.

      the Falklands are ours, we will keep them

    12. Pete, Newcastle, UK says:

      I wanted to say thanks to the Americans on here expressing their support for my country. As soon as I heard this I was disgusted that we send so many men to fight alongside American troops and yet when we want a simple word to say that we're supported it doesn't come. It seems the nastiest of betrayals because we haven't asked for anything more than verbal support. The Argentine military can't handle Britain, though they may try, all you want sometimes is to know that your buddies have got your back.

      I thank the American people who I've always found very pro-Britain. It's really good to know that the betrayal is just one man's and not a nation's. Do us a favour and hammer him in in the midterms.

    13. Nathan, UK says:

      We dont need USA support to punish Venezuela. But since we have given 100's our our troops lives to help fight your war I would have thought it only fair we had some support. Never mind once Iran declares nuclear grade material in the coming months lets see the big O man sort that out on his own because if our gov agrees to help out now they will for sure not get elected again. in the next falklands war Buenos Aires will for once feel the punishment as we will bomb the sh1t out of them.

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    16. John B. San Diego says:

      Pete, with your permission may I transform this discussion from political and rhetorical to; personal and personal service?

      I am a Former U.S. Marine and can say with no reservations myself and the Marine Corps Units I served with would have been dedicated, motivated and honored to serve proudly along side Royal Marine Units!

      The Royal Marine "Proudly Displays the Eastern Hemisphere" on their INSIGNIA!

      The U.S. Marine “Proudly Displays the Western Hemisphere" on our INSIGNIA!

      That is true and that being said;

      If Royal Marines are deployed to serve with U.S. Marines in the eastern hemisphere why couldn't United States Marines be deployed in the western hemisphere to serve with Royal Marines?

      Maybe that sounds too simple British friend; maybe our governments are too complicated to see the obvious; you and I are allies, count on it!


    17. Jack Manning, San Fr says:

      America doesn't care about Britain. Lets get real here. America only cares about its own selfish national interest, if that interest can be best served by using its friends, then so be it. But don't count on America to repay the favour when its friends need any help and we don't stand to gain. We use you when we need you and cut you loose when we don't. We have to remember that in the 1980s, at the height of the cold war, the UK stood shoulder to shoulder with us, allowing our army and air-force to build huge bases on UK soil, extending the hand of friendship in every way possible. And what did we do? We did nothing to help as the terrorists of the IRA were killing British civilians in Northern Ireland and the UK mainland, bombing British cities from Belfast to London and back again. In fact we were guilty of a terrible crime of the utmost betrayal – we turned a blind eye when our OWN citizens fund raised for the brutal IRA terrorist machine on US soil! We refused to extradite known IRA terrorists so they could face justice in the UK. Can you imagine how the US Government would react if an ally turned a blind eye to Al-Qaeda fund raising on its soil or refused to hand over terrorist suspects? Yet another day when I am embarrassed to be an American abroad, and there have been way too many of those days over the last few years! Whatever happened to loyalty and friendship?

    18. Guy Roberts, London says:

      It's clear that President Obama and Hilary Clinton care very little for their allies. They assume that British soldiers will fight and die in Afghanistan because of the so-called 'special relationship' but as soon as Britain needs something in return he abandons us in favour of Argentina who are currently best buddies with Hugo Chavez.

      It's not even as if we were asking Obama to risk the life of one single solitary US Marine. All we wanted was a few words of support for continued British rule in the Falkland Islands, which have been under continuous British administration since 1833. Everyone that lives there is proudly British and wants to stay that way but Obama clearly doesn't believe that is of any importance..

      A lot of British people feel betrayed and angered by Obama and Clinton and are beginning to ask why we should continue to support America when the American government clearly doesn't care about us.

    19. John B. says:

      Thank-You all from the United Kingdom for your replies!

      I want to re-state our embarrassment on behave of many here in America; in abandonment of our U.K. friends.

      I can do very little to change this and am disheartened that British citizens are fighting and dying along side Americans, and we can not even give diplomatic verbal support for our friends the BRITS!

      Falklands do belong to The Royal Crown of Britain!

    20. Georgina, England says:

      I, like most of my fellow Brits. feel absolutely astounded at America's 'neutral' stance over the Falkland Islands issue. To suggest we are just some other insignificant little country deserving no better treatment than anyone else is just astounding. Perhaps America ought to look closely at the relationship between our two countries, and how we have stood side by side with America, supporting her when no one else wanted to know, when our Prime Minister has put our reputation and standing in the world on the line to support who we thought were our great allies. Obviously, this is just tosh and we should stop sending our young men to fight and often die in wars of your making. No-one wanted to support you in Afghanistan or Iraq, world opinion was against you, but we were there, once again, to lend support. I think it is absolutely disgraceful. And we certainly don't need Hilary Clinton of all people trying to act as a negotiator – how insulting. We are called Great Britain for a reason and we have the best and bravest soldiers in the world who will defend our great nation without your help thank you very much! One day, America will wake up and realise she has lost her true friends forever, as America seems very good at alienating people all over the world. All I can say, is next time America wants to use our country, yet again, as an airbase for the American airforce to bomb some country or other, and every other country has stuck two fingers up at you, we should stay 'neutral' on the issue as well.

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    22. oberon,perth austral says:

      Obama's is playing a game aimed against the old colonial powers which he falsely believes are responsible for the world evils.As he leans further towards the left,he will be left alone in the gulf,and in many world theatres.Can he seek solice with his new south american buddies,maybe but his own people are in revolt as having a communist in "the white house"

    23. Ryan, England says:

      Obama, like Roosevelt thinks that Britain is responsible for being "Evil" just because we once had an empire. If it wasn't for our old "Evil" ways America would not exist in the fashion it does today.

      This 'special relationship' is only special to America because they reap all the benefits. We have supported every war America has started, with the exception of Vietnam (for reasons I am ignorant to), but twice we have been abandoned by America over the Falklands.

      If Argentina does attack British soil and America still refuses to back us then our government should pull our troops from Afghanistan to defend the British people of the Falkland Isles. We do not need nor want two faced friends.

    24. Tony says:

      Well, I have to say I am very suprised. Most people from the US I have met seem to hold the UK with some disregard along with the US's stance in the past towards the IRA (as in allowing entry and refusing to extradite IRA terrorists), it is quite refreshing to see comments from people supporting the UK.

    25. Hirtle Zane, Falklan says:

      I'm a Kelper, first nations I beleive, and I do wonder:….

      Britain, Argentina, USA etc etc.

      What about us and our failing way of life because we are a convienent pawn.

      In 1982 there was ONE country that supported the Falkland Islands, NOT UK, NOT Argentina. That was Kenya, thankyou Kenya.

      Close to my heart so sorry about th CAPS but would have to have used them at the sentence start.

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    28. TEDBUNDY40 says:

      Do you still like obama british?? lol

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