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  • Morning Bell: A Sham of a Summit for a Sham of a Bill

    Today’s White House-sponsored health care summit is an insult to the intelligence of every honest American. President Barack Obama’s communications minions are still trying sell his plan as an “opening bid” in the health care debate. But as Washington Post columnist Ruth Marcus asks: “With whom is he bidding? The public dance is with Republicans, but this is hardly serious. The White House does not enter Thursday’s summit expecting Republicans to make a deal.” In fact, the President’s recently-unveiled plan is specifically designed to be passed without a single Republican vote. That is why the Washington Post reports this morning:

    Although Obama is billing the White House gathering as an opportunity for Republicans to air their ideas for reform, Democrats do not expect it to reveal much common ground and are showing little willingness to abandon the basic outline of legislation that the House and Senate have approved.

    The real target of today’s summit are the 38 Democrats in the House who voted against Obamacare the first time. While Obamacare passed the House 220-215, Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) told reporters yesterday she is not sure if she has the votes this time around. The passing of Rep. John Murtha (D-PA) and the retirements of Reps. Robert Wexler (D-FL) and Neil Abercrombie (D-HI) have cost her three votes, and the inclusion of taxpayer-funded abortions in the Senate and White House plans will cost the vote of the only Republican to vote for the plan the first time around, Rep. Joseph Cao (R-LA), as well as Rep. Bart Stupak (D-MI) and 15 to 20 additional pro-life Democrats.

    That means the White House must convince a sizeable chunk of conservative Democrats to switch their votes. Brown University political scientist James Monroe says that is the true purpose of today’s event: “House Democrats have told Obama, ‘Move the needle on public opinion,’ and that’s what this is about.” So how does President Obama plan to “move the needle” on the public’s view of his plan? By pushing the same old tired talking points he has been trying to sell them for over a year now. But the public’s opinion of President Obama’s plan has steadily declined as they have learned more about it. That’s for good reason: they intuitively know his claims cannot be true. Specifically, the President says his plan will “make insurance more affordable,” “set up a new competitive health insurance market,” and “put our budget and economy on a more stable path by reducing the deficit.”

    But as Heritage fellow Bob Moffit amply details, each of these claims are demonstrably false. The Senate bill actually increases health insurance premiums and raises taxes on the middle class by $629 billion over ten years. It destroys what little there is left of a real competitive health insurance marketplace by instituting new price controls and standard benefit packages that will turn health insurance companies into public utilities. And the plan is so riddled with deceptive budget gimmicks that the White House’s non-CBO scored $950 billion price tag actually comes to $2.5 trillion once an honest accounting has been applied.

    The stakes for today’s summit are high. According to a new Gallup poll, if President Obama fails to win any conservative support, Americans by a 49% to 42% margin will oppose rather than support Congress passing a health care bill. And what if President Obama decides to go it alone and pass major social welfare legislation with a bare majority? By an even larger 52% to 39% margin, Americans oppose passage of Obamacare with only 50 Senators in support (Vice President Joe Biden casting the 51st vote). And those opposed are more likely to feel strongly about their opinion than those in favor, 25% to 11%.

    Back in 2005, then- Sen. Barack Obama said: “You know, the Founders designed this system, as frustrating it is, to make sure that there’s a broad consensus before the country moves forward.” Let’s hope the President heeds his own advice, and after today’s summit fails, he starts over.

    Quick Hits:

    • A new Rasmussen Reports poll finds that 51% fear the federal government most when it comes to health care decisions, while only 39% fear private insurance companies more.
    • According to inspection data from the Office of Compliance, more than 70 percent of congressional offices violate OSHA safety standards that they force private companies to comply with.
    • Thirty-one of the House Democrats who attacked Toyota during congressional hearings this week received campaign cash from the United Auto Workers, a union that owns competing car company Chrysler.
    • Favorable views of labor unions have plummeted since 2007, with a new Pew poll now showing that more Americans (42%) view unions unfavorably compared to only 41% of Americans who have a favorable impression of big labor’s purpose and power.
    • President Obama told members of the Business Roundtable – a consortium of CEOs from the nation’s top companies – to stop equating his policy agenda with socialism.
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    50 Responses to Morning Bell: A Sham of a Summit for a Sham of a Bill

    1. Jeanne Stotler Woodb says:

      At this minute I am listening to all his BS, it's the same old same old rhetoric. full of lies. He is so arragant he has convinced himself that this is what people want, no one has listened to US. I am so disgusted as the true cost riser is being ignored, and the future of modern medicine as we know it will be in the craper without Drs.and nurses, I am one, I will continue to watch this and hope the REP. stand up for us the constituients.

    2. Richard Cancemi, Arl says:

      Can we ever expect that Washington will say what it means and mean what it says? Will they ever be straight with the American voters? Will they ever listen to American voters? Will they ever act for Americans and not themselves or the Party or some radical ideology?

    3. Mary.... WI says:

      Obama, the House and Senate will not start over. They have an agenda and it doesn't include what the majority of the American people favor. Welcome to the "new Europe"… Goodbye to our founding fathers visions for a government for the people by the people.

    4. Deane Davenport - de says:

      Why is this meeting televised when none of the Democratic meetings leading to this were not?

    5. Blair, Franconia, NH says:

      Cry me a river and drown in it.

    6. Ozzy6900, CT says:

      The reality is that the Democrats HAD the power to pass the President's wishes and could not do it! It has nothing to do with Republicans because they didn't have enough votes to vote in a roll of paper in the men's room! President Obama's real issue is that he now has no hope getting things done according to the rules. The problem is, if they go with the nuclear option, the People may rise up against the Government as they are fed up with this "dog & pony" show. There are serious issues that are 10 times more important than this health care bill and it is about time that they and the President realize this.

      Note: I just heard on the radio that Senator Dodd rushed out of a meeting about the job issue in this Country (very important) to head over to the health care summit (no importance what-so-ever).

    7. Amy, Powhatan VA says:

      It seems like, as I was watching the "summit" just now, that the conservatives put forth actual ideas, while the liberals are just trying to tell sad stories and slant their facts. It calls to mind the word "Character"..It is so elusive…., truth, beauty, courage, loyalty,honesty, honor? These people in Washington are a disgrace. The deception is so obvious. When Nancy talks about the poor characters that can't afford their insurance, or are stuck in a job, but doesn't mention insurance sales across state lines, that makes her statements a farce. When she says that the big govt. takeover will produce all of these "jobs" and nothing could be further from the truth, I almost lost my breakfast. Woe to all of us when this rival "culture" takes us down.

    8. Lola Heckman Arkansa says:

      We do not need this government take-over of our lives.

      Obama wants every person, including illegals, to be dependent on the government.

      Duh— who is going to pay for this??????

      Taxes on the few people working at a rate of 95%.


    9. J. Guidry, Battlefie says:

      watching the "summit", it is a sham thus far. the president has taken up most of the time defending "his" bill. Harry and Nancy used up their time citing bogus polls lauding the dumbocrat plans. the president took over and went to reinforce Harry and Nancy. when Lamar attempted to present further evidence refuting the claims of the demos, he was pushed off by Obama. I can see this whole thing being a one-sided meeting, on the president's side. this is not good for the citizens of this country. I already see that the president is not going to be willing to reach a bipartisan compromise. I also see the elections of 2010 being very successful for the conservatives.

    10. Normca says:

      Hurray for the Tea Party participants. As much as this sham will accomplish nothing, the show would not be happening if it weren't for the Americans who stood up and told Barry, Pelosi and Reid "No" Barry thinks he can score points with those Americans or his remaining supporters. Barry scoffed at GW during President Bush's Social Security effort and now its fun to see Barry knocking on a dark door. You seniors who need surgery – "Go take an aspirin; you cannot have surgery to extend your life as you no longer contribute" Who said that ? Barrack Hessian Obama [the one term president].

    11. Fabien Benjamin says:

      I cannot understand why he is so stubborn .. He has the idea that he can walk on water and he will continue until he drowns.

    12. Laura Hixon says:

      I don't want the government's help on anything! Leave us alone and let our money be our own, and spent in helping those whom we know and love.

      I plea with the people to STOP the suing mania that has caused us to be in the place we are with health care.

      The nine most terrifying words in the English language are, 'I'm from the government and I'm here to help.' Ronald Reagan

    13. L.C.Lawless says:

      OBAMACARE NO NO NO NO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    14. Christopher Popham S says:

      And so it remains to be seen, if at the end of this 6-hour long theatre, the President

      and Congressional leaders in favor of pasing the Senate bill, now touted as

      Obamacare 11, will finally relinquish their hubris and arrogance and listen once and

      for all ,to the will of the people. We've been on this since last August. The plurality of

      Americans would like to see this 2700 page bill scrapped, and as suggested, return

      to square one and address our most serious health care issues incrementally.

      It is just plain wrong and even unconstitutional, to force such an enormous and costly

      piece of legislation through Congress in secret and behind closed doors, while we are still in a major economic recession.

      The focus of Washington must turn to jobs, the healing of our fiscal problems and a

      goal of some modicum of prosperity for working Americans. For until we apply ourselves to those ends, there is just no point in discussing other domestic issues.

      America needs jobs, Mr. President—-tax relief, entrepreneurial business incentives

      bank loans, and foreclosure relief. Then and only then can we begin the process of

      health care reform, cap&trade and amnesty issues. If you refuse to help this nation

      recoup its fiscal health, then who are we to turn to, Mr. President? Who can we rely

      upon to get the United States of America back on track?

    15. Neil, Washington says:

      The democrats seem to be doing what politicians hate to do…..take a chance and stick your neck out with a risky vote, ie. stand on principle. Why are they doing what they normally would not do? Because they have made a "deal with the devil" , whoever that might be, and have ransomed their souls for something masked with a"Health Care label" that is far more sinister, control. The health care system of their dreams would be able to call any activity or practice that they would determine "unacceptable" as a "health issue" and they would be able to skirt the Constitution and ban handguns as an example, because they would determine that a handgun is a risk to your health. Anything could be identified as a health issue so we would be saying goodbye to our freedom.

    16. Runninbear says:

      I glad to see so many have drawn on their courage and took that peek behind the curtain and seen Barrack "Hussien"ObamaII/Barry Davis Soetoro as he really is a con man,a liar and a socialist,who has been decieving the "America people from the start and thinks we are too stupid or cowardly as the A.G. Eric Holder claims that we can't stop him.When its the job of the Ag Holder to address these issues,hes aiding and abetting Obama.Soetoro in this defrauding of our country and'WE THE PEOPLE MUST STAND UP AND FORCE THESE TO DO THEIR DUTY AND SHOW US PROOF THAT HE DID NOT USURPE THE OFFICE OF "POTUS''.

      If he has the proof and I for one am starting to doubt that he does or he would have produced it by NOW and not that C.O.L.B. that he keeps claiming is a real B.C.? or that he could even be a citizen of this country?,but when he starts using "Taxpayers moneyto pay for his hiding his records then I know we have a right to see what we as taxpayers are paying for and what hes so afraid of US.A his employer finding out.


    17. JF, Port Isabel, Tex says:

      I do not trust our President and the most DEM members to propose anything short of improving their socialistic ideas. Therefore accepting the middle ground is opening the door for future attacks. Best for all stakeholders is to totally start over and gut any bill that has socialistic ideas within it's framework.

    18. Gerry Box, Edmonton, says:

      Like everybody else has said, this is a SHAM! Obama, Reid, and Pelosi have no inention of incorporating any of the Republican ideas into their hellion of a bill. The American people can finally see what they really have known all along. This is a takeover of the best healthcare system in the world by a bunch of of Marxist Socialists. Keep your cool, Republicans. The American people are seeing Obama, Reid and Pelosi for what they are.

      Gerry Box

    19. Ben C. Ann Arbor, MI says:

      Any legislation that is this convoluted and controversial cannot be good. At what point will Congress admit that it is a bad idea and cut their losses. My guess: never. Legislators legislate – that’s what they do. I suspect most are unable to step away from bad legislation even when its in everyone’s best interest.

    20. Babs CA says:

      MESSAGE TO REPUBLICANS RE: Summit Conference

      My Hope and Prayers go out to Congressman Boehner and Senator McConnell to please, please, STAY ON COURSE. JUST SAY NO!

      This is NOT HEALTH CARE REFORM–IT IS A FEDERAL GOVERNMENT TAKEOVER. To the best of my knowledge the Constitution does not empower the Congress to provide individuals with Health Care.

      PLEASE WATCH THIS BRIEF: (Received from a friend today)


      Medicare IS a Gov’t imposed plan that is ill administered. One example – - I began working professionally at the age of 20 and purchased ample Health Insurances Plans by major carriers and paid for these and continue to do so. I did not want to be a ward of the Gov’t. Surprise, at the age of 65 “Medicare Automatically” took over as my primary carrier, paying 80% of all costs and my private insurers cover most of the other 20%. Does this make sense? There was no need for the Gov’t Medicare to pay for my Health Insurance and I had no choice. And, try to communicate with Medicare. The Medicare Website is in constant change and maybe operational. The emails are “canned” nonsense. Telephone calls are monitored for “quality & training” and produce no results. Now, I cannot obtain my paid Medicare claims to submit to another private purchased Catastrophe Insurance Plan that I pay for so I cannot get reimbursed. THIS ADMINISTRATION CANNOT MANAGE MEDICARE EFFECTIVELY, HOW COULD THEY EVER MANAGE ALL HEALTH CARE? MEDICAL EMERGENCIES CANNOT WAIT UNTIL THEY TRAIN FOR SOME IMPLEMENTATION PLAN!

      Furthermore, if you realize that in final implementation of the approximate 4,500 pages proposed, we would not only be required to buy their Health Plan and pay 40% tax to them, BUT they will withdraw our medical costs from our Bank Accounts and then we will be in a position to submit forms to be reimbursed. This puts us in the same position as the “Cash for Clunkers” whereby the car Dealers could not get reimbursed despite the time consuming forms required followed by no response.

      And, I inadvertently opened a Gov’t Website that had "Behavioral Objectives" written for evaluation of the proposed Health Care Reform in 2020. In the late 60’s or so I worked on an Education statewide NJ “Behavioral Objectives” Project and it was found ineffective to produce any results.

    21. Barbara, Louisiana says:

      Have been watching the summit meeting too. Republicans have made excellent suggestions but I was surprised that when they commented on something the bill said, Obama would interrupt to say that they were not here to bash his bill (my words) I wish I could have been one of the little people that the Republicans could bring up… I am a single senior citizen working for under 10 dollars an hour…have medical conditions including osteoporosis. I do not buy the medicine for that as often as I should because I can't afford it but NEVER in my wildest dreams would I expect the government to DO something about it or want them to do so. Also I pay taxes EVERY year for the last 9 yrs and am still paying back taxes. I just want the government OUT OF MY LIFE.. let me keep the money I make so I can take care of myself. And no, I don't have any plans to apply for either medicare or Social security when that time comes. I just fear there are too many Americans who really THINK it is the government's job to take care of all our needs.

    22. bigdave, ocala fl says:

      I can no longer waste my time watching the most ludicrous TV "show" in history! No wonder Obama broke his word about airing the proceedings on CSPAN…the man is a total DING-A-LING! He is without substance, can not think in areas in which he has no expertise and that would be ALL AREAS OF GOVERNMENT, talks down to people who have served MUCH LONGER THAN HIM, KNOW MORE THAN HIM, This is a disaster! This man is our PRESIDENT?! He calls the very bill presented at the meeting a "PROP"!!! This man has not even read his own bill!!! He is living proof, KEEP GOVERNMENT FOOLS OUT OF HEALTHCARE! Unions made up of teachers and government employees have a ridiculous BENEFITS PACKAGE that is bankrupting FEDERAL AND STATE Coffers and is UNSUSTAINABLE !! It is time to outlaw ALL UNIONS! Look what they did do GM for God's sake! This is an administration which would force LIFE INSURANCE COMPANIES TO ISSUE POLICIES ON DEAD PEOPLE, claiming see how EVIL these companies are!

    23. bigdave, ocala fl says:

      Demorats proclaim healthcare is bankrupting our country while at the same time telling AMERICANS "you will pay all the costs for ILLEGAL ALIEN"S healthcare and births of their babies and well baby care, cause we crooked demorats need their VOTES to stay in power so to heck with you taxpayers!". What a government. In 2004, that cost to California alone was estimated at a minimum of $10.4 BILLION and then they stopped publishing the numbers because they went through the roof! And that is only ONE(1 for you libs) STATE!!!! We are being sold down the river folks…Its your country, what are you going to do about it?

    24. Kenneth Goldmann, Ro says:

      While we are focusing on this sham summit and other distractions no one is talking about the fact that the senators and congressman who are going to approve this bill will not themselves be subject to it. I believe this is the message we need to get out to average Americans in order to help rally them against this sham.

    25. Clarence De Barrows says:

      If you haven't joined a "Tea Party" or "9/12" group now is the time to do it! Make your voice heard by joining and working with these groups that are doing all they can to restore our Country to the Constitutional Republic it was set up to be.

    26. Jim Smith New York says:

      Today, overheard on C-SPAN, the director, on his microphone, yelling at both camermen to "PULL BACK, PULL BACK, I can only see Obama's nose". One cameraman fell completely out of the room. Toward the conclusion of Obama's remarks, the director than yelled at the surviving camerman: "PUSH IN, GET THIS CLOSEUP, HE"S GROWING A SECOND NOSE!".

    27. P Carter, Cincinnati says:

      The President promised transparency and we have transparency alright! We see right through this! I hope the Republicans stand firm, though I would have preferred they had not accepted the invitation to this particular show! "re-run!"

    28. Judy, Mass says:

      The Republicans got the Messiah in a wedgy in this big farce today. He was mad. Guess why? Because the Republicans know what is in this bill. They read it. The King didn't really know what these guys were referring to. If that isn't a joke. The (p)resident, he doesn't deserve to be capitalized, is a piece of work. Tell me, was this Summit a waste of our taxpayers dollars or what? Oh! And then he marched down to the Blair House. Please Lord give me some strength. Read our lips (The People) we do not your Health Care Bill. Start over, but first get the economy back, people back to work and stop spending our money. It doesn't grow on trees ya know.

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    30. Ken in SB says:

      I'd galdly bet on the government run (congressional fat cat benefit package) Health Care System and let the dealer (Heritage Foundation- the really competitive health insurance marketplace pundit) raise your rates 39%.

      I can't say I enjoy the rant but hopefully we all get a piece of the elusive health care pie.

    31. Janice Hutchason Lou says:

      If there is going to be a Health Care, I pray they trash the bill they have and start a new bill that includes All The Repudlicans, not a back room deal like we have now. Please leave Harry and Nancy out of it.

      I don't want a huge bill pass on to my children and grandchildren, they didn't anve a say so in it, why should they be punished for something the people didn't want?

      I would like to see my children have the money to buy their oun home and do the things the American way,

    32. DEAN, EL DORADO KANS says:


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    34. JFBeck says:

      Most of us will get the update on the summit today on TV with detailed commentary. Looks like good theater tonight.

      2-25-10 will mark the day in history when this current occupant in the White House became a lame duck president earlier then any other occupant in this office in US history.

      What a sorry sham of a man this President is.

      I am so embarssed for this country. We will take back this country in 2010.!!

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    36. Dr. Ellen Brandt, Me says:

      Because of their role as caretakers for their elderly parents, the healthcare debate has moved many Baby Boomers, whatever their nominal political affiliation, to the Center.

      Readers might find much to chew on in "A Daughter Among Daughters Reaps Scorn," about an accountant whose life has been turned upside down by her decision to care for her aged Mom and Dad:

      "When her elderly parents became ill, she gave up her job, her security, and her comfortable middle-class existence. If something isn’t done soon, she says, Baby Boomers will become the New Poor."

      See: http://angriestgeneration.wordpress.com/2009/09/3

      (Dr. Ellen Brandt is founder of the Centrists Group at Linked In and the BoomerNetwork, IvyLeague, and Centrists Twibes at Twitter)

    37. William Downey, JD L says:

      First the President rarely heed his own words prior to his election. Second also this political theater is designed only to do two things, put pressure on Democrats whose vote he needs to ramrod this consittutional and fiscal travisty down the throats of people who don't support.

      The President should listen to the public and go back to the drawing board, let the states take the lead ( but not like MA) whohas yet to come up with cost controls.

    38. Louis L Cesar F LEVY says:

      It must be known that conservative democrats and republican are now a majority. Obamacare must be seen as is that is not welcome as it bears mandates and serious other measures, all not that good for American and America.

    39. Ken Jarvis says:

      The GOP just released THEIR HCReform Plan

      They want to put a Tip-Jar in the Doctors office.

    40. Ron Derry NH says:

      I am afraid we have some of the most stubborn, ideologues, from the Mao revolution forcing socialism confining mandate upon us so they can chain americans to the Monetary spending of Washington with no chance of ever escaping its tyrannical implications.

      There are ways to create friction and cost reduction through competition and eliminating the near Racketeering like status that insurance companies enjoy because of congressional defined laws.

      Perhaps what we are really seeing is 40 years of pent up frustration by the socialists at not crushing American sooner to there dominating will of a world controlling its people with a class system and a silenced peasantry just thankful to exist under them.

      After they wreck this business what is next; the food supply??

    41. Judith in Michigan says:

      After 7 plus hours, thankfully the show is over. The Democrats spoke for 2/3rd of the time, and the Republicans spoke for 1/3 of the time. I guess that is considered fair in Democrat circles. It was embarassing to watch the condecending and arrogance of Mr. O & Co. toward the Republicans. Much time was spent lecturing and scolding. Campaigning is over and No need for props (when referring to the actual 2000 plus page bill being read from and the main reason for the Summit), are just 2 of the notable quips of Mr. O. .

      Threats and intimidations haven't worked too well up to now, but I expect a full court press to start immediately.

      The bottom line is that this administration wants this "bill" passed now, regardless of the wishes of the American citizens. This is their first major step to universal single payer health care. The medical eutopia of all successful Socialist/Communist regimes. There are soundbites available that prove this is their goal.

      The fight has just begun and expect it to get very ugly.

    42. Randy Dutton, Washin says:

      I watched the beginning and I've never seen Obama look so disinterested, bored, and dismissive. He obviously did not like Alexander telling him what needs to be done.

    43. Rita Brown, TX says:

      I wish both sides would….

      come up with 5 things they both think needs to be changed.

      Figure our how to make one of those things right.

      Wait a year to see how much that "change" saves.

      THEN, work on the next idea and impliment it.

      Wait a year and see how much THAT "change" saves.

      If they started with the fraud in medicare/medicaide, I think THAT could pay for MANY of those who need REAL assistance.

      We have lived with this "HORRIBLE" (one of the best in the world) healthcare system for all these years so why do we have to change it ALL now?!?!

      I think people would be MUCH more in favor of this kind of change.

    44. Gold Beach, OR says:

      Obama finds the Constitution "…frustrating as it is…" I find our founding fathers document the most outstanding document, not at all frustrating. It is obvious Obama does not respect our Constitution nor want to adhere to it. He is violating his oath of office! He is without a doubt the worst president we have ever had. He and his minions are operating well outside the Constitution. He is deliberately trying to destroy our great nation to turn us into a third-world socialist mess.

    45. Bobbie Jay says:

      Whenever democrats suggest republicans want harm to come to an uninsured person with a specific medical issue, is exploiting pity for political gain.

      Republicans aren't stopping the uninsured from getting insurance.

      This is a government set up from the start, of a manufactured crisis, for government take-over.

    46. Marilyn, Indiana on says:

      I watched this rotten debacle for a couple of hours and I have never seen such arrogance, in any president, in my life and I was born the year that FDR took office! He is arrogant, he smirks, and he is full of nothing but "hot air!" He talked longer than either the Dems or Repubs, and said nothing of any import! I researched this Idiot a year ago last May and I tried to warn people and they said "oh no! thats just propaganda." I am still not convinced that he is a real citizen of this country and he certainly is not brilliant as so many people commented! Sorry! I have been really angry all day! This idiot got us in the worse debt we have ever had and blames Bush. He made some mistakes too but nothing of the magnitude that Obama has in one year! If he is not stopped we are going to be reduced to a 3d world country and he will be the head "Comrade!"

    47. Roy Callahan says:

      Start over? Why start over on something that is unconstiutitional to begin with?

    48. Jeanne Stotler Woodb says:

      I watched this morning and all I heard were distortions of the truth and supposive cases which spieled with non truths. There are ads on the computer, in magazines and on the Radio offering health care for as little as $90 a month. while I agree covering college kids on their parents Ins. I do not believe in forcing anyone to buy Ins. nor do I believe the Gov't. has any business in Health care other than Medicaid. I heard a lot of recomendations from the REP. side and BHO dismissed them all, even from MD's who know what is going on. If this goes through we will all be forced into a Gov't. run Ins.

    49. Joseph Durante, Port says:

      We American's, who love this country, must not allow Obama to serve the next three years of his Presidency. We must push for him to be thrown out of office for being born in another country and promoting an anti-american, socialist agenda. Impeach this nit wit now, because if he is allowed to push his policies on this nation for another three years, we will be bankrupt, powerless, socialized, and under the control of liberal morons in our government. Impeach Obama now!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    50. LlightSaber says:

      I particularly liked Louise Slaughter's contribution: In making the case for Obamacare, "I have a consitutent who had to wear her dead sister's teeth,"

      Republicans: Sterling performance: facts, figures, studies. They came fully armed and prepared.

      Democrats: dead people's dentures, kidney replacements, hip replacements. What? No foot amputations?

      Obama: disinterested, disingenuous and rude.

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