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  • Morning Bell: President Obama's "Pro-Business" Policies Are Killing the Free Market

    Last night President Barack Obama held a behind-closed-door dinner with 17 chief executive officers from major U.S. corporations including Jamie Dimon of JP Morgan Chase, Verizon Communications’ Ivan Seidenberg, and General Electric’s Jeffrey Immelt. According to Bloomberg, the President made the case to his select guests that his administration is “fundamentally business-friendly.” This comes almost two weeks after the President told BusinessWeek: “[T]he irony is, is that on the left we are perceived as being in the pockets of Big Business. And then on the business side, we are perceived as being anti-business.”

    What the President fails to understand is that there is no irony here. It is entirely consistent for big government policies that favor select and politically connected big corporations to hurt the economy as a whole. In fact, almost all well-intentioned government interventions in the market place do exactly that.  In a July 2009 interview with BusinessWeek, President Obama spoke of an earlier behind-closed-door meeting he had with top corporate executives:

    The last lunch that I had, I guess we had the CEOs of Xerox (XRX), AT&T (T), Honeywell (HON), and Coke (KO). We talked about the fact that, in the 1980s, when everybody was afraid Japan was going to eat our lunch, a lot of companies did a 180 in terms of quality improvement, efficiency, increasing productivity. There was a change in corporate culture that significantly boosted corporate productivity for a long time and helped create the boom of the ’90s. What they pointed out was, there were a couple of sectors that were resistant to that: health care, education, energy, and government.

    [What we're saying] matches up almost perfectly with what those CEOs were saying: Can we introduce the same sort of productivity in the health-care industry, which we know is going to be a growing sector because of the aging population? Can we use the need to transition our energy economy in such a way that it ends up being a huge engine for economic growth? Can we revamp our education system so that it’s producing the kind of workers we need? … we need to get beyond this notion that somehow government is always just the problem.

    But as others have pointed out, the reason the health care, education, and energy sectors all failed to improve quality, efficiency, and productivity in the 80s is because those sectors were, and continue to be, the sectors most dominated by government intervention: our education system is a near total government monopoly; the federal government controls the majority of health care spending in this country, and our environmental laws make new energy development in this country virtually impossible. But President Obama seems completely oblivious to these facts. He is supremely confident that his government “pro-business” interventions will be ahistorically successful. And so he confidently tells BusinessWeek: “You would be hard-pressed to identify a piece of legislation that we have proposed out there that, net, is not good for businesses.”

    Never mind that President Obama’s cap and trade proposal would be worth billions to select power companies but cost the U.S. economy as a whole trillions of dollars. Never mind that his health care plan would turn health insurance companies into public-utility like monopolies at tremendous cost to small businesses. Never mind that the President’s big labor-friendly tax hikes would cripple American competitiveness. President Obama’s “pro-business” TARP related actions helped lower the United States rank in the 2010 Index of Economic Freedom, from “free” to “mostly free.”  The President must stop having behind-closed-door meetings with his favorite CEOs and start pursuing an economic agenda that helps everyone.

    Quick Hits:

    • According to the Associated Press there is one point on which Democrats and Republicans agree on health care: “President Barack Obama’s much-touted televised summit has virtually no chance of breaking the political logjam.”
    • In a sign that Democratic congressional leaders are beginning to face the reality that they may not be able to pass the comprehensive health care overhaul sought by President Barack Obama, Majority Leader Steny Hoyer told the AP: “We may not be able to do all. … But having said that, if we can’t, then you know me — if you can’t do a whole, doing part is also good.”
    • A new Rasmussen Reports poll shows that 56% of U.S. voters oppose Obamacare while only 41% support it.
    • Despite his push to rein in special interests, President Obama’s aggressive domestic policy agenda sparked a boom on K Street with with the average payout for health care, energy and financial interests lobbyists reaching as high as $177,000.
    • Led by Greece’s two biggest unions, tens of thousands of Greeks walked off the job Wednesday as part of a 24-hour nationwide general strike protesting the Socialist government’s deficit reduction efforts.
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    58 Responses to Morning Bell: President Obama's "Pro-Business" Policies Are Killing the Free Market

    1. Ken Jarvis says:

      @Bob Veigel, Arlington, TX.

      @Lloyd Scallan – New Orleans area

      @J. Guidry, Battlefield, MO.


      My Email address is -


      I would appreciate it if you sent

      me an email, instead of TALKING ABOUT ME BEHIND MY BACK.

      That doesn't seem fair.

      I understand HF readers, Cs and GOP'ers don't like the Truth.

    2. Keith says:

      As a retired teacher, I can tell you many of the problems with education is the Federal Government. That is, unless you think added nonsensical paperwork and centralized control are good things.

      Social Studies textbooks are terrible. I'm just glad I'm out of it.

      Keith Reese

    3. BobPDX says:

      Obama is absolutely pro big business, it's those pesky medium and small businesses who he can't stand and wants to shut down.

      He couldn't care less about jobs lost as a result.

      Imagine America with most small businesses gone, and government control over the large ones.

      I think they call that communism.

    4. TJS, FL says:

      The six largest parts of the household budget are housing, energy, food, education, health, and retirement savings. Government actions have devastated costs in all of them.

      Housing – first a bubble, then collapse and a world financial heart attack

      Energy – the US has the most restrictive exploration and exploitation policies in the world. Nuclear power is crippled. Wasted efforts on high-cost green energy is all the rage. Stupidity rules.

      Food – ethanol added 10% to food costs, with a tripling scheduled; a biofuels mania worldwide has doubled prices in poor nations

      Education – government schools are 3rd rate and highest cost in the world

      Health – a plethora of government interference and bungles have increased the cost by about 40%. All Democrat proposals increase costs.

      Retirement savings – social security and Medicare are Ponzi schemes. The 15% of payrolls they take ought to be invested in order to grow and fuel the economy.

      Big government is the biggest problem the US has. The US ought to reduce the size of government (federal, state and local) to about half of the current 45% of the economy. We need a Constitutional amendment to do so. We must remove the dead hand of government from housing, food, energy, education, health care and retirement savings. Then we can restore high growth and genuine wealth creation, like Asia has, and double the economy every 15 years.

    5. Jim Smith New York says:

      Can you name at least one successful, Islamo-Fascist, U.S. based business?

      Immelt, for example, runs GE to be on all 117 sides of the environmental controversy and remain temperature neutral. He and other career opportunists are getting a free indoctrination into Hitlerism, but without the uniforms, jackboots and riding crops. Nobama is attempting to make government, government friendly, as most real Americans know he is perfectly capable of screwing up the order of march for a one car funeral and….do it with only 26 focus groups, a reconditioned teleprompter and, in under four months, give or take six months.

    6. Mulvaney, Foster Cit says:

      Having Obama who has NEVER run any business telling the crooks whose great intelligence created the financial meltdown how to run their business looks to me like a little league batting coach telling Jeter how to grip his bat. FACE THE FACTS–you do not consult with someone who has no experience in business!

    7. Giles, Winnsboro, TX says:

      President Obama has not varied one iota on his quest to shut down the productivity and credibility of this country. His audacity in his comments saying the federal government is perceived as being the problem, the proof is in the outcomes. I am sure there must be some entity within the government programs that run efficiently and as they should, however, one would wonder as the evidence of the ones we see and many work with, i.e., education, energy control, health care, spending and accounting practices, the list goes favors the "fact", the federal government is the problem. Now with a person whose agenda is not in line with free market, freedom of choice, the right to fail (for "chosen" big business anyway) but in line with the federal "nanny" we are becoming free to be told to take a handout whether on the state level or personal level, free to be told we are entitled to a home paid for by everyone else, free to be taxed into oblivion and finally free to be told what to eat, when to eat, where to buy, where to live, where and how to use the bathroom. When the conquerors feel we are free enough they will sweep over this nation and the freedom givers will be swept away with the rest of us, I suspect they are blind to the fact that they are expendable.

    8. Mary Loumena, Vancou says:

      Obama does not know his ass from a hole in the ground, he is a theif, liar, phoney and whatever else is not good for America. I am well aware of his tactics because my son is just like him.

    9. Richard Cancemi, Arl says:

      Obama is a huckster for an ideology that is totally alien to the America and our Constitution. He is like the con man who swindled the little old lady out of her livelihood. When asked about him afterwards, she said: "He seemed like such a nice man," Too many are 'fooled' by the Obama 'charm'.

      Scripture warns us to,"beware of false prophets," Obama followers need to wake up and heed this warning!

    10. Gary Nevada/Alaska says:

      Obama is proving himself to be a completely inflexible idealogue which, hopefully, will lead this nation to snap out of our Liberal lethargy, and regain the Conservative values which built this the greatest nation of free people seen this far in human existence. For Obamas policies to prevail, will bring this world into a Dark Age of terror, the likes of that never seen.

    11. walter watson, modes says:

      i constantly hear things about how bad the government is, how bad government is for the economy, i get it the polticians no longer have our best interests at heart. what i would really like to hear is what we need to do to fix it, i personally don't think we can with our current established governmental policies, to much corruption, lobbyist, to much government. everyone i speak with and i mean everyone is fustrated and not optimistic that we will be able to change the direction we are headed, our federal, state and local governments are broke and they just can't seem to do the right things to correct their financial situations, it is business as usual. the fix may just well be when no other country is willing to support us by buying our government bonds, then maybe with no other chioce washington will wake up.

    12. tdg54 says:

      Yup. I am surely hard-pressed to find one iota of anti-business sentiment coming from this President and his minions. Why shucks, he's as pro-business as Ronald Reagan could have ever hoped to be.

      I'm so happy to see him cuddling with the big dogs, too. It just goes to show how rabid the right wingers really are when you hear what this President has to say. Why heck, he's just trying to make it a better World for all of us.

    13. Mary.... WI says:

      I wish we could Flash Forward to 2012 and vote BHO out of office!

      I know that most of HF members probably feel the same way…..Mr Jarvis is entitled to his opinions too….that's what USA is all about….freedom. But listening to what BHO comes up with everday is so hard to swallow….it's almost depressing to watch as this "blanket of darkness" seems to hover over our country. The majority of Americans hate what's happening to their country.

      I know if cap n trade, national healthcare and higher taxes do become a reality my husband will have no choice but to close down his business as small as it is but 5 more people will be added to the unemployment list. As a dentist (close to retirement) he has insisted on not raising fees and, as a matter of fact, current fees remain what they were 3 years ago well below todays current fees. So many folks have lost their jobs that many times treatment is postponed. For those that do pursue treatment payment plans (without interest) and credit cards are the norm.

      Employee hours have been cut and raises are just not possible. In the meantime rent goes up, utilities go up, supply cost increase and taxes increase. Bonuses (isn't that a dirty word today) are the only way to compensate our employees when possible.

      Obama and his cohorts just still don't get it. But I pray they will FINALLY understand come 2012. Vote them out!

    14. David Grimsled, La C says:

      Government-intervention and pro-business is perhaps the biggest oxymoron of all time.

    15. C Hyatt, Albuquerque says:

      "Pro Business", right. I have some great land in Louisiana that with just a small amount of financial input would result in a high value return. Interested? I suspect that if this meeting were open and transparent many would be horrified by the slant. Americans are getting tired of having to interpret the meaning of "is". We will see you guys(politicians) at the polls in November. BobPDX, your right on. It's harder to control small business with big money bribes.

    16. Blair, Franconia, NH says:

      If Obama's pro-business, does that make Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush, and George W. Bush, anti-business? If Obama's pro-business, then somebody buy me a licorice fedora.

    17. D. L. Cromly Defianc says:

      sorry, I guess there are weed sowes all over the place..

    18. Jack Lohman says:

      Guys, big companies give campaign cash and small companies do not. Until we get the private cash out of funding of campaigns … whether health care or banking or climate change, the private campaign dollars are driving public policy.

      For a frightening look at the future see http://ampedstatus.com/the-critical-unraveling-of

      Jack Lohman


    19. Bill says:

      Goverment is not the answer to any of our problems. They are the problem. We need to all work to lower debt and quit trying to spend ourselves out of this mess. Bush started it, now Obama is digging the hole deeper. No more Goverment.

    20. Conservatives United says:

      We (my wife and I) are former teachers, with 31 years and 15 years respectively. From the late 1960's foreward we both saw the ever tighter Federal Gov't control of education. The largest hit on education took place in the late 1970's when Jimmy Carter started his Dept of Education, of which alligns directly with the NEA (both are really anti-education). The real agenda of both is central POWER AND CONTROL. They do not care what happens to our young people, except to endoctrinate them into all the extreme left wing socialst, marxist, communist agenda. Education will not be real education and learning until these 2 groups are gone, and education is placed back in the contstitution hands of the peolple inthe local school districts, and removed from BIG FEDERAL GOV'T HANDS.

    21. Anthony P. says:

      "And then on the business side, we are perceived as being anti-business.”

      He's not anti-business, he's anti-free market. Major difference.

      “You would be hard-pressed to identify a piece of legislation that we have proposed out there that, net, is not good for businesses.”

      Whose businesses? Only the largest corporations? He should have said that there isn't a piece of legislation out there that's not good for crony capitalists.

    22. bigdave, ocala fl says:

      OK Mr Jarvis, the truth: 300 million people are relying on the JOB MARKET PROBLEM to be solved by a man WHO NEVER HELD A PRIVATE SECTOR JOB IN HIS LIFE!!! A man who thinks the US TREASURY is his own BANK ACCOUNT and its funds are NEVER ENDING, and NO BAD CHECK CHARGES EITHER(SADLY). If you eliminate all the "cause he is black" votes for this man he would not be president. McCain is a moronic moderate, not the disaster Obama is. You can put a crown on a pig, that won't make him a KING! All Obama has to do to correct the EVILS of his thinking is subscribe to HERITAGE FOUNDATION, heed their writings and instead of handing checks to people who have no intention of working(can't possibly go on forever!) he would be making the American DREAM possible again for EVERYONE! Stay IN school and OUT of gangs, work hard and apply yourself and anything is possible…except in a UNION or SOCIALIST world.

    23. John Roane Sarasota, says:

      This is what the majority of people in the country wanted when they elected President Obama. Next will be the move to remove duplication of effort and remove all state governments to make life easier for those who are looking out for us in DC.

      Guess you guys just don't get it.

    24. Ron Derry NH says:

      Obama is stead fast in bringing more government to government created problems as he sees his mission is to break America's idea of ever getting back economic leverage or control to the citizenship that has been semi perverted and constrained over the years. He is doing nothing more than completing the mission that lobbyists and corporations have been extorting from America and wrapping it in a smooth package laced with false hope.

      There is and always will be other ways to achieve the same goals, but Obama insures that America will never be a free-market bu corralling health care under the auspice of better government control. We all know that to sacrifice freedom is not our mission as Americans it is to insure opportunity for all.

      The government failure here is that government itself has allowed insurance companies and heath care industries to take advantage of their position in the market place and to extort worth over the value that people can afford. The leverage point of how they achieved that should be dismantled not the industry.

      The desire by the unknowing. naive and sometimes selfish people who want to take down our founding principles, that have achieved so much success as compared to Socialism or Marxism is quite un-nerving, considering the loss of liberty brings tyrannical confinement to any people who have trusted the ism's over liberty's choice.

      Th government should be fixated on preserving our freedoms and liberties and reducing the coerced position that Insurance companies and Health care have assembled at a loss to our societies leverage to cause them to compete for our needs.

      Anything less than this is surrendering to the willful destruction of our basic ideals of human worth decided by the very humans that desire it.

    25. Tater Salad says:

      That my friends is what socialism is supposed to do….kill the Free Market System and Obama, with his "Change" agenda and all his socialist and Marxist friends are doing just that. Little by little. He has already given more "executive orders" than any other President in the past promoting socialism in America.

    26. Carol, British Colum says:

      BobPDX – agreed! I just moved to BC, Canada. The Government run auto insurance company here – the only provider available, is shocking. My rusty, 300,000 + ml, 1982 Nissan Sentra – cost: $500, costs $1800. a year to insure. Basic liability. Meaning no replacement value. I am a 53 yr. old woman with an impeccable driving record. No accidents – no tickets. Late model vehicles are routinely written off rather than having minor damage repaired. Owners are forced to buy cheap, used older vehicles with their small ICBC claims checks. These cars are getting scarce due to the trade in your clunker campaingn. So we are moving to public transit and bicycles like the rest of the socialized world.There is of course, a whole new spin-off business for legal firms specializing in fighting the unfair, confiscatory practices of ICBC. It is "no fault" insurance. Horrible, socialist and typically Canadian.

    27. Chuck King Cumming, says:

      It's real simple people. Any dollar the Federal economy borrows, steals and (or) spends is a dollar not in use in the private sector. Get a grip. Business is not going to hire, expand, commit to research money that is being soaked up by government in the form of taxes, fees, and unfunded mandates. Economics 101.

    28. Anthony Santucci says:

      I have no doubt that Obama's gold is to bankrup America. This is why he has no concern for Americian lost jobs, the out of control immigration problem (legalize the illegals so he can create an additional 50 million voter base for himself) and all his socialize programs. He took an oath when he became president to uphold the constitution and yet he is pursuing every way to tear down, disregard, and moving things forward that the constitution says the governement has no authority to do so. The present administration are blinded by the power they think they have and they are putting America on a destructive course. The liberal media has covered over his background of the many radical associations that he was connected too before he ran for the office of President. I just pray that most Americians will wake up to the hard facts that Obama will destroy America as we know it before it is too late. I know you may think these words are too harsh, but this is the problem everyone is trying to sweet talk to Obama and not wanting to lay it on the line with this man. And the sad truth is Obama is not listening or considering anything you or I have to say.

    29. Lee White Tanks AZ says:

      This can not be said often enough:

      BHO has absolutely zero understanding of how businesses operate in a free market.

      I read recently that only 8% of his expanded staff have ever been"in" or run/managed or even worked in a business.

      Last but not least, consider the environment that was BHO's workplace when he went to Chicago. It is a real stretch to imagine someone bring untainted by the Daley political machine and the Rezko tenement operations and then teaching Alinsky to ACORN operatives.

      What a resume for POTUS.

      Folks "we got had" by some of the slickest image builders aided by a morally corrupt Mass Media and really "slicked" by our own insincere politicos. I'll put down at the top of the list, John McCain. You take it from there.

      PC is Thought Control


    30. Bryan Atl says:

      This president has no clue what makes this country tick. I want one person to tell me how me having less of the money I work for is good. This president and his wife are a joke to the world and anyone with half a brain knows it. The are both ashamed to be Americans they have both said so. They are both racist just g back and look at their history. Also why did the news media demand president Bush's service records but no one can see of the current president is even legal? Seems to me the double standard is in place again.

    31. Ken Allison, Tyler says:

      Excellent article this morning. Still, it fails to point out that the president's agenda requires him to do exactly what you so eloquently discuss: destroy the economy. If he is to fulfill his promise to, "fundamentally transform America", the existing system must be weakened to the point it cannot resist. We must stop trying to compromise with this nonsense and begin again to return to the Constitutional limits of government. So long as we remain stuck in the arguments of good/bad, helpful/harmful, or we can/can't afford a program, we will lose.Refer to Article 1, Section 8. Argue principle, not politics.

    32. Bob Veigel says:

      All of Obama's agenda is geared toward the destruction of America, and that includes the private sector. Anyone that does not believe that is living on some other planet.

    33. J. Mann Westfield, M says:

      Why is it that every time Obama has a meeting, it's behind closed doors? What is he afraid of? Every meeting should be open not closed. Something must be wrong if he has to do all his business behind closed doors. He should let the sunshine in.

    34. Dennis Social Circle says:

      Call it what you like, obama is not for anything that does not expand government or unions. The stimilus bill that the dems say was a huge sucess only expanded government and membership in the unions. The teachers have experience a huge increase in memberships. Chevrolet is now a member of the government and so is other so called companies that were to big to fail. All the closed door meetings are just another example of a transparant form of obama government, the dems have no plan to be transparant, it is all smoke and mirrows for them. If you tell someone long enough that white is black and black is white they will believe it. This is what the dems are doing with their form of goovernment.If we as cotizens sit on our butts long enough and do not take action at the polls we will no longer have free enterprise or freedom do do anything, we will be either socialist, marxist, or communist. Take your choice. VOTE IN 2010.

    35. sofiagonzelez, Texas says:


    36. Doc Bell, Pennsylvan says:

      As a physician for 20 years I can attest to the benefits of big government. Thanks to the attempts of the government to "improve" quality, which is determined by documentation (paper) rather than true outcomes, I spend 2-3 minutes doing paperwork for every one minute with a patient. This is driven by the need to generate the appropriate amount of documentation to justify getting paid for the visit. Private insurers follow the government's lead on this.

      If you allowed me to keep the amount of records that were needed for my use, rather than what is required to show the government that "quality service" was provided, I could increase productivity 50%, as well as customer satisfaction, and probably real quality at the same time.

    37. toledofan says:

      I think that when you put everything into perspective, it's all about leadership and without it, we become just like evrybody else. I think that is what is making us vunerable; we are starting to look and act like everybody else. Because we are the most prosperious, strongest and freest nation on earth, everybody, no matter who, always looks to see what we are doing and they, other countries, expect us to act a certain way. With this administration there isn't any American savy or a swagger, we're just trying to be friends with everyone and hope that nobody wants to bloody our nose. Large governments create big problems; it's about re-election rather than principles, so, until the current administration either gets it or gets voted out, we're stuck being mediocre at best.

    38. Ben C. Ann Arbor, MI says:

      Ron Derry – well said. I always enjoy your posts.

      As you have written, it is the constraints placed on business by government that results in unintended consequences. By creating (not dissolving) monopolies through well intentioned but naive legislation (the evolution of Medicare/Medicaid for example) heavy burdens are placed on society. We now have 107 plus trillion dollars on unfunded Social Security liabilities. This burden will be felt by generations to come. Its the long term consequences of short sighted thinking that I fear.

    39. Pingback: Morning Bell: President Obama's “Pro-Business” Policies Are … : PlanetTalk.net - Learn the truth , no more lies

    40. SAMUEL says:

      Obambba Roma, does not have a clue. A total jerk! He is in office for the BLACKS, HE TOOK CARE OF THE INDIANS, NEXT HE WILL CONTINUE TO TAKE CARE OF BLACKS. As if the BLACKS have not been given free education, homes, food, health care, free jobs. WHAT IS LEFT?




    41. Lloyd Welch Valdese, says:

      I can tell what we need to do.

      Keep on talking. Tell anyone and everyone who will listen for five minuets. Go to CNN, ABC, MSNBC, read the articles, read the comments, comment yourself. Even if you get slambashed maybe someone will listen. Get the word out.

      Go to the polls and vote. I will not tell who to vote for but I will vote against every incumbent. As far as I am concerned we need to clean house. The House of Rep. is the big ticket. Go to their meeting and campaign rallys and ask them where they stand. Ask them if they will fight to repeal NAFTA.

      I will vote for people who say they will fight to repeal NAFTA The cause of most of Americas problem

      I personally will vote for Ron Paul even if I have to write him in. To me he is the only politician in Washington who gets it. He knows what the problems are.

      You know I hear many people talk about the effect but not the cause. We can bash Obama all day and get absolutely nowhere. I can't tell you how many times I have read that the government is taking our tax money and doing this or that with it. The truth is our government doesn't get one penny of tax money. It goes to the Federal Reserve and they loan worthless fiat money to the government in its place, then they charge interest. The truth is the Dept of Edu has not educated one child. The Dept of Health has not made one person healther. The Dept of Agriculture has not planted one crop. Figure out what has caused our problems because the effects are all around us. Find a candidate who will address them and vote for him. Find out who contributes to candidate, all this information is right here on the internet. Find it, Become an informed voter. http://www.govtrack.us/ This is the URL for a site that you can track the votes for anyone in congress, any bill before congress. You can read the actual bill or read a summary. As I said BECOME A INFORMED VOTER.

      Last but surely not least pray for Gods help.

    42. L.C.Lawless says:

      That whenever any form of gov.becomes destructive of these ends,it is the rightof the people to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new gov. That is in the Declaration of Independence. So here is our chance to change , and take back the Gov. of the people and by the people in Nov.

    43. Mike Sheahen, Hickor says:

      Speaking of how "President Obama's 'Pro-Business' Policies Are Killing the Free Market", to quote the title of the article in Heritage's "The Foundry/The Morning Bell", well, excluding what comes at the end of it, that article is good at presenting, describing, and necessarily opposing Obama's attitudes and actions to do exactly that, kill the free market, through his efforts and those of his Comrades and big labor union/big business cronies to deceptively, covertly, and even forcibly and otherwise author, orchestrate, and impose government take-overs of our health care, energy, finances, transportation, and more, in any way he and they can get away with, with a "spoon full of (big business crony capitalism) to help the (poison) go down" of course.

      However, to end such an article with (quote) "The President must stop having behind-closed-door meetings with his favorite CEO's and start pursuing an economic agenda that helps everyone" is to indulge in a self-deceiving dose of calling for an individual freedom and free market-based change of heart and effort from such a power and money-grabbing statist as Obama, even after describing how determined he is to promote and have the statist way which is so destructive of the people, our freedoms, and free market.

      Such a description and call is indeed rather like describing how destructive a rabid zebra is, but then calling for him to change his stripes and destructive rabid ways, or in this case like describing a most venomous freedom and free market destroying serpent but then calling for him to change into an American freedom and free market patriot for the best in and for everyone, which is of course not to be expected from such a megalomaniacal, devious, duplicitous, overtly and covertly power and money-grabbing statist elitist as Obama.

    44. Louis L Cesar F LEVY says:

      Once more the behind-close-doors thing is terribly against US as it might have been suggested like many more.

      Most of the Bigs must be downsized, especially the spendings and the government.

    45. Red pa says:

      To change America is wrong. It is the only free country in the world and Obama wants to change America – there is something wrong with that kind of thinking. Why change America? if it ain't broke don't fix it! Does Obama have a desire to rule America after all rights are taken for good away from Americans

      Can't people wake up and see what is going on in our goverment. Members of the congress are exempt from things they are doing that they know are wrong for America. Do they care? It doesn't seem like it, or there would be changes made for the good of America.

      People need to look to that God who gave them a generous gift of freedom to choose for them selves and not to drag other people down to hell. Some day those in congress who are responsible for making bad chooses of laws will have to answere to their maker.

    46. Ron Derry NH says:

      thank you Ben of Ann Arbor, it is good to be appreciated.

      You don't get to see the ones they reject…sometimes my eloquence eludes me.

      Although I am never told of why, I assume it is my scorching of someone that seems all too poignant.

    47. Ron Derry NH says:

      I suggest that everyone start connecting on web sites across America and prepare her for some good old fashioned "refounding" .

      Work in your churches, your schools and every place you frequent and start pointing out the 'Facts" about the dangers of this trend to destroy our founding principles. You wouldn't believe how many people are prepared to talk about the facts and what can they do to get informed and how to really fight back for Lady Liberty.

      People feel overwhelmed with TV oppressing their free will and thinking for themselves. Once you get talking about the subject at hand; boy do things change. No-one I have spoken to is for crippling America….Just Obama and his Ideologues; his message isn't being received as anything more as ramblings of a lunatic at this piont.

      The grace period is over…the agenda is exposed.

    48. duane, Steilacoom, W says:

      It is impossible for someone like Obama to develop a business friendly economic plan when the guy couldn't pass a basic economics class at the fifth grade level. Anyone who thinks that you "borrow money from the bank so you can INCREASE your payroll"…doesn't have a clue how to run a business. These Progressive Socialists (Obama being their leader) only understand one thing: TAX and SPEND! Their Godfather, Frankin Roosevelt's Motto was: Tax and Tax and Spend and Spend.

    49. Judith in Michigan says:

      I was directed by Laura Ingraham show, to CNSNews.com today, 2-24-2010, to an article written by Terence P. Jeffrey. Title of column is " Obama Begins His Assault on Your Life Savings". Article is disturbing to say the least. But what stopped my dead in my tracks was near the end with a list of the new taxes Mr. Obama wants to impose, on interest, dividends, annuities, rents……401(k)'s, savings accounts, PAID-OFF MORTGAGES (emphasis mine), and life insurance policies. Whooa!! Did I read that right?? Talk about killing incentives to prosper!!

      Didn't the great Senator John Kerry (who served in Viet Nam), once accuse the Marines of going into Iraqi homes in the dead of night and terrorizing women & children? Soon, the tax man will be doing this to every citizen in this country until nothing is left. We will not have the right to anything we have earned during our lifetime. Even liberals will not be spared. Isn't Socialism wonderful?

    50. Sue From Detroit says:

      Obama sees what he wants to see. Government has been The U.S. problem for the last 40 years.

    51. bigdave, ocala fl says:

      Another comment if you allow: let the GOVERNMENT get INVOLVED in ANYTHING and that ANYTHING will be completely MESSED UP!!! Why? Because the GOVERNMENT is FULL of MESSED UP PEOPLE!!! Now WHAT, with the help of GOD, is going to CHANGE this situation? Maybe 12/2012 is the real deal. Maybe GOD is a little weary of some people running around the world killing other people in HIS NAME. Maybe HE gave the US everything needed to show the rest of the world "THE WAY", and we threw HIM out of our schools and public places, denied HIS existence, and Christians are made fun of and ridiculled on a daily basis. Pornograpghy, a trully private matter, is paraded in front of our children daily, and surely do not wish anyone in public a MERRY CHRISTMAS!, And the final nail, the PRESIDENT of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA has the GAUL t,o proclaim to the world AMERICA "IS NOT(?!) A CHRISTIAN NATION"!?

    52. Pingback: Morning Bell: President Obama's “Pro-Business” Policies Are …

    53. Roger / Clarence, NY says:

      He knows this and the Dems know this. It is all part of the Obama overthrow strategy! So what else is new?

    54. John New Jersey says:

      The three big execs you have mentioned would and will sell this country down the drain with obama by their side.Under Imelt general electric deals with this countries enemies (iran etc) loses honest working people trillions of dollars in stock declines and then ahs the gaul to tout the 12000 vets he has in employ.In the next contract with america i would like to see these people and many of our politicians criminally investigated and prosecuted for their unamerican activities.

    55. Giang L Huynh, says:

      I'd to vote yes on no more meeting behide close doors, inorder to reboot US economy there are more way to look at not just health care reform.

      could US goverment look at the other thing that cause US economy went down hill like this? we don't need to fix health care at this time ! but we need to bring all those big companies back in to our country so every US citizen will have a job. so please stop debating on health care for now because that will not fix nor bring in more jobs to provide and filling in the big missing gap that US citizen had lost in many years ago, the American peoples do not need to buy or use import products, we can make and produce our own need and use products.

      so please no more import and outsource let American peoples have their own jobs back, it had been long enough for United State of America land and air have their brake. thanks and please for give me I tried my best, but my English is so limited. good luck America !

    56. Tom, Pennsylvania says:

      Progressives by their nature don't know how to be business friendly unless of course they mean taking their money for a reelection campaign and then giving them the tax breaks and earmarks their lobbyists come begging for. Our government is no longer of the people but of the influential and rich. Over reaching government laws and policies have cost this country millions of jobs over the past several decades, many of them good paying union jobs. Yet, the average union worker and inner city citizen looking for good paying jobs continues to listen to the lies of the Democrates in Congress who are masters of deception. Companies are in business to make money, not lose it. When their government makes it so hard to do this, they either close up shop or go to a foreign country. Which is what they have been doing for decades. Unfriendly environmental laws, numerous taxes, and the myriad of abusive laws passed by Congress are destroying the economic viability of this nation.

    57. Don, Raleigh NC says:

      "The President must stop having behind-closed-door meetings with his favorite CEOs and start pursuing an economic agenda that helps everyone."

      We need to forget the notion that Obama will change his ways or that his intentions will ever be to help everyone. Obama has no intention of changing what he believes in his own narcissistic view is the only way to transform America to what he has perhaps been taught to believe is best for America or perhaps best for himself and his royal ambitions.

      His cronies probably know better but put their own best interests far above the needs of the people who they believe are worthless fools meant to be cajoled, manipulated and eventually forced, kicking and screaming, to submit and become pathetic, "honey producing" drones; "Utopian equals." The real irony is that, lead by this bunch, they will eventually self destruct and America will end up as yet another failed nation state. We're dangerously well on the way towards that ignominious fate.

      Nobody is saying we've been perfect and without problems but big, bigger, and massively intrusive Governing by elected officials who are demonstrably ignorant and incapable of understanding the problems they're expected to solve need to be expunged from the political scene and replaced by apolitical American patriots with a lot less emphasis on intellectual achievements and a lot more on fiscal responsibility, the Capitalist, free market system, free enterprise, the ability to solve the daunting problems created by their predecessors and a strong commitment to the principles of the Founders as established by their Constitutionally imposed limits on Government.

      What is needed is a massive, national uprising specifically directed at emasculating this Congress, denigrating same and dragging the American electorate by their collective ears to an understanding of what made America the greatest nation on earth in the unbelievably brief 234 years of it's existence. They must also be made to understand that the solutions we now face will not be painless but necessary if we intend to survive, re-acquire the respect we once inspired and leave succeeding generations of Americans, our children, grand children, etc., in a better place.

    58. Ken in SB says:

      Ken Jarvis

      Do not be intimidated by what is said in front of or behind your back here!

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