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  • Climate Science Exposed: New Report on the CRU Controversy

    Climate Science Exposed

    “The science behind climate change is settled, and human activity is responsible for global warming. That conclusion is not a partisan one.”Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Lisa Jackson.

    Forget being partisan or not. That conclusion of settled science isn’t existent. It hasn’t been for a long time, but they are especially bold words in light of the climate scandal involving the University of East Anglia’s Climatic Research Unit (CRU) and the flaws uncovered in the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report. Yesterday, the Senate Minority Committee on Environment and Public Works (EPW) released a new report that scrutinizes the climate scandal and CRU and its connection with the IPCC and U.S. government policy.

    The report delves into the email trail, the IPCC consensus of “unequivocal warming”, the legal and policy issues of Climategate and the EPA’s reliance on the IPCC to make regulatory decisions in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The EPA’s endangerment finding, which took effect January 14, gives the EPA authority under section 202(a) of the Clean Air Act (CAA) to regulate greenhouse gases (GHGs). Sen. James Inhofe (R-Okla.), Ranking Member of the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works, said:

    “So this administration has said, “All right. We couldn’t go it legislatively so we’re going to do it on our own. We’re going to do the damage, inflict the economic damage to this country that would have come under cap and trade the same as if we had been able to pass it.” Now, I think that’s interesting. I would like to say this one thing. The chairman made the statement that the Supreme Court’s mandating this stuff. They’re not mandating a thing. The Supreme Court said you have three choices. You can either, well, either find an endangerment finding or do not find it, or you can say that the science is uncertain.

    And I think what we’re going to be asking you to do, during the question and answer time is to find that it’s not certain. You can have an endangerment finding. That can change because you didn’t know at the time that you were basing this on the IPCC flawed science, that the science was flawed. You didn’t believe that, but nonetheless that’s where we are today. We’re going to be making the request, Madam Chairman, that we go back, relook at this and also that — that — and the EPA have their I.G. (Inspector General)looking into this just the same as all the other nations are doing at this time all throughout Europe.”

    You can find the full report here. What’s most interesting is that it’s the politicians arguing that the science is settled while the climatologists suggest otherwise. Even Phil Jones, former director of the East Anglia’s CRU admitted, “I don’t believe the vast majority of climate scientists think this. This is not my view. There is still much that needs to be undertaken to reduce uncertainties, not just for the future, but for the instrumental (and especially the palaeoclimatic) past as well.”

    The EPA needs to reevaluate the science before it moves forward on a long road of expensive and expansive environmental regulations.

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    16 Responses to Climate Science Exposed: New Report on the CRU Controversy

    1. Woody Pfister, St. L says:

      The EPA will not back down on this. The Obama administration is too beholded to the evironmental special interests. They agreed to delay this until after the mid-twrm elections, but that's it. After that, it's full speed ahead to further economic disaster.

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    3. SB Owner Springfield says:

      If there is one thing that proves the big government (centralized authoritarian federal government) mindset of the Obama administration it is Climate Change. This is simply regulating control over every American. Rich, poor, young, or old. Health Care reform the same.

      This gang of progressivie elitists running our country could care less about small business, the unemployed, or the cost increases upon the poor and elderly of these EPA mandated (by Obama) actions.

      These elitists truly believe the American people are too stupid to see this power grab, that will have no benefit other than cementing control for progressives, and leading us into tryanny.

      Perhaps Obama is right, we are too stupid to make decisions on our own, after all we elected him.

    4. J.C. Hughes, Texas says:

      Nick brings up a good point about global warming being more a politicians argument. Here's a suggestion. Totally disband the EPA and have a scientific coalition of the 50 states (don't need Obama's other six) oversee environmental issues. Sort of a scientists' congress sharing their data and recommendations. Implementing such protective measures would be up to each state. The federal court system can handle any interstate disputes.

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    6. http://www.top5onlin says:

      End all government funding for 'climate science' research!

    7. Don Harper, Lubbock, says:

      The politicians have latched onto it because they can spin it as another crisis that only they can solve, but like healthcare reform, it is merely another attempt by the progressives to control all aspects of our lives. If heathcare is one sixth of our economy, energy is the other five sixths. Their Cap & Trade legislation will control the type, amount, and cost of the energy we use to produce and transport goods, heat and cool our homes, operate our appliances and vehicles, and every other thing we do that involves turning on a switch. They are fatal to our way of life. Vote them out!

    8. Spiritof76, NH says:

      Republicans must introduce a bill that will prevent EPA from doing anything on CO2 and restrict its budget to 1975 level. Let us get rid of the EPA and save this country.

    9. Bobbie Jay says:

      Remove the insane and disillusioned and bring truth in reality back!

    10. John Burdick, Glendo says:

      First we need to quit calling them "Progressives". They invented this name to escape their true label "Liberals". This is the same as calling "Global Warming", "Climate Change". Playing with words to mask their true meanings is another liberal game and we don't need to play.

    11. Spearshaker, Glendal says:

      Here's a thought– Get rid of the E. P. A. and OSHA that supposedly are protecting the people from "all sorts of things" that are harmful to the people of our country.Those agencies have outlived their usefullness as most, if not all businesses currently comply with the rules and regulations put forth by them. That will free up untold billions of federal government costs, allow small businesses to operate without the shackles of the Feds dictating and restricting their every move and allow for growth of those small businesses so they can hire the people that lost their goverment jobs in the process and make them honest hard working citizens in the private tax paying segment.

      That way instead of limiting success of small businesses they could become private business owners/employees like every one else and might even experience a little self-esteem in the process.We need a smaller Government so as to become more productive.

    12. time2wakeup says:

      Al Gore, the Weather Whore.

    13. Richard Fletcher, Sa says:

      This is from my brother-in-law: in Victoria

      , BC CN

      Global warming is one aspect of Climate Change, and a very deceptive one at that. Currently, what is known about climate change, for the future, is known through modelling and probability. Its understandable that politicians and weathermen would be enlisted to get the word out about such issues, as these issues are quite complex. However, since its such an important issue, its worth it to try and get more info on the subject. I’m lucky that I get to work with a group of world renown researchers (at least renown in their respective fields) in the Forest Science Program, and get to learn through osmosis by publishing their scientific and technical documents. I’m including the link to two such documents, on climate change. The Extension note is written in plain English, while the Technical Report is, well, more technical.


    14. hro001, Vancouver, B says:

      Richard, like your brother-in-law, I, too, live in BC. I took a look at the pdf you linked to, and I see that it contains the following:

      "A greenhouse gas (GHG) is any gas that absorbs infrared radiation in the atmosphere. Carbon dioxide (CO2) is the most important human-created ghg. Its

      annual emission into the atmosphere grew by about 80% between 1970 and

      2004 and now far exceeds the natural range over the last 650 000 years.3

      The source for this claim [3], is cited as: "IPCC (2007a), p. 5." which is noted in the "Literature Cited" section as:

      "Summary for policy makers of the climate change 2007: Synthesis report. In:

      Contribution of Working Groups I, II and III to the 4th Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change."

      Perhaps your brother-in-law is unaware that there are a number of problems with this report that have come to light in recent months. Not the least of which is that nowhere in the IPCC report is there any empirical evidence in support of the claim that human-generated C02 is the "most important" GHG.

    15. C Dodson says:

      I say we hold a constitutional convention and reform our corrupt government. Then put it to a vote to the masses. If 50% even vote, then it warrants discussion and counts… then whatever solution wins the vote is implemented.. game over.. end discussion, next topic.. health care? national debt? we can solve these problems better than any cancerous politician.

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