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  • Be a Man! Hugo Chavez!

    Hugo Chavez

    The buzz in Latin America was the February 22 shout-fest in Cancun, Mexico between Colombia’s pro-American leader Alvaro Uribe and Venezuela’s populist, anti-American president Hugo Chavez.  The showdown erupted during a private luncheon for Latin American and Caribbean presidents gathered to discuss [without the U.S. or Canada present] a framework for Latin American unity and an “alternative mechanism” to the ailing Organization of American States.

    According to well-placed leaks, the showdown began when President Uribe raised the topic of Venezuela’s commercial blockade of Colombia, imposed after Colombia signed a defense accord with the U.S.  Uribe compared Venezuela’s actions to U.S. trade restrictions on Cuba.

    Chavez responded with a paranoid tirade claiming Uribe was behind assassination plots against him and rose to leave.

    At this point Uribe retorted: Be a man! These issues are meant to be discussed in these forums. You’re brave speaking at a distance, but a coward when it comes to talking face to face.

    Chavez responded: Go to hell!

    The less-than-diplomatic outburst recalled the 2007 Ibero-American Summit when Spain King Juan Carlos told Chavez to “shut up”.

    The confrontation appears to have galvanized the leaders to press for a fresh attempt to mediate the dispute.

    Uribe’s readiness to resist Chavez’s terrorism, cooperate fully with the U.S. in the fight against the drug trade, and push for the U.S.-Colombia free trade agreement show why he is popular in Colombia,  widely respected abroad, and frequently maligned by his enemies..

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    6 Responses to Be a Man! Hugo Chavez!

    1. andrew ny says:

      I'm glad Uribe can stand (ally) and Chavez (self-seeking dictator) be put to flight. Actions speak loud. Hugo needs to respond or look like a coward. Latino eyes are on you Hugo. Praying for your deliverance Hugo.

    2. BillyHewitt Marion, says:

      President Uribe did not click his heels when the American General that has occupied Colombia entered the room and the American Gestapo may decide to replace Uribe. The death squads that Uribe ordered have been unable to invade Venezuela and the millions of poverty stricken Colombians that try and immigrate to Venezuela for better housing, healthcare, and jobs are a testimony to the free democratic society Venezuela has built in the past decade. The US occupation of Colombia has forced 65% of the population into economic bondage and extreme poverty and many have been forced to join the rolls of the homeless.

    3. Alfonso Fontenla Net says:

      American people have to see that we need to resolve our problems in America Latina, that are similars betwen us. And very difrerents of the US problems. But i understand why the people of USA are confused. I read 7 NWs Pappers a´day, and i know all the notices, events, from more than one side. And Nort Americans only read Nws Pappers from US. That they change the history tottaly !, even with littles arranges in the text. This one too, i read the notices from America´s and are all very manipulated. So, the people get a false perspective of what is happening over here. That is dangerous and sad.

    4. Jay Garcia says:

      I just laughed at your article, Chavez is not a terrorist and the only reason why Colombia cooperates with the USA is because they have no choice, they would risk a coup.


    5. Gustavo Trujillo, Cl says:

      I beg to differ with the posts. The comments of the some of the posters here are also halve sided. What you guys need to understand is tha colombians do not leave Colombia because Venezuela or the USA is so much better. You have a country who's (and read me well) TIRED of the the FARC. We are extremely entrepreneurial people and we only want to leave in peace within our borders. The problem is the violence generated by the illegal armed groups (including the extreme right paramilitaries). Our neighbors must understand that these groups dont follow the rules, and they go and hide a cross country lines were our military cannot attack. The Colombian goverment has asked repeatedly for cooperation from our neighbors only to get either a deaf ear or insults, but the posters here don't seem to see/remember that.

      We will go to any place where we can live in peace, and be entrepreneurial period. Things have inproved so greatly within our borders that many colombian expats are comming back. Yes, many colombians living in Venezuela and Ecuador are coming back, and so are many venezuelans coming to live in Colombia. I have seen and talked to them back in my home town. The venezuelan economy is in shambles right now and the influx has reversed. Wether the posters in this forum like ir not, lets call a spade a spade….ok? No hay peor ciego que el que no quiere ver. (The worst blind person there is, is that who does not want to see) I am just calling for a reality check, regardles of what the news papers say.

      By the way I also read venezuelan news outlets… and they all back what president Hugo Chavez says…hmmm wonder why? No, it is not because the government there controls the news, and governments (left or right leaning) are usually a source of impartial news right? Come on guys wake up!!!!

    6. Gustavo Trujillo, Cl says:

      You know what… I take what I said about the venezuelan economy back… Venezuela is doing GREAT!!! Keep up the good work guys. Now where did I leave that flash light? I need to wash my hands, but I will do that once the water rationig ends later today. Oh well, never mind. Who wants to go with me to the food line??

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