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  • A Hawaiian Punch to the Constitution

    What do you think most Americans would say if the U.S. government created a new and exclusively race-based government with the authority to exempt itself from the U.S. Constitution and state authority at its own discretion? As ridiculous as it sounds, that is exactly what the House of Representatives voted for yesterday by a vote of 245-164. White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs explained that the passage of the Native Hawaiian Government Reorganization Act of 2010 pleased President Obama, and that he, “looks forward to signing the bill into law and establishing a government-to-government relationship with Native Hawaiians.” But before celebrating the birth of a new tropical bureaucracy (it still needs to pass the Senate) our lawmakers should put some thought into whether this plan is equitable and constitutional. Brian Darling, The Heritage Foundation’s Director of Senate Relations, explains that the plan would create a racially exclusive government, “to solicit federal monies and create programs to benefit individuals who fit the definition of “Native Hawaiian.”

    Congratulations, Native Hawaiians. You are the 2010 nominee for the government-issued identity politics prize. The winnings include self-governance, with the authority to go over the head of the Hawaiian state government (without the support of the Governor) to negotiate with the federal government over territorial, resource, and tax matters.  Now, who qualifies as a Native Hawaiian? The plan indicates that a federal commission is to decide using criteria including, but not limited to, “a direct lineal descendant of the aboriginal, indigenous, native people who resided on the islands that now comprise the State of Hawaii on or before January 1, 1893”, as well as being eligible in 1921 for the programs authorized by the Hawaiian Homes Commission Act of 1920, or a direct lineal descendant of such a person.

    However, National Review’s Duncan Currie uncovered that such eligibility guidelines are “essentially meaningless”, since the Native Hawaiian governing entity would hold the trump card of, “inherent power and authority to determine its own membership criteria, to determine its own membership, and to grant, deny, revoke, or qualify membership without regard to whether any person was or was not deemed to be a qualified Native Hawaiian constituent under this Act” (emphasis added by Currie).

    Brian Darling elaborates on some of the glaring affronts to equality in the Native Hawaiian plan:

    A United States Office for Native Hawaiian Relations would be created to negotiate a special political and legal relationship between Native Hawaiians and the United States.  The supporters of this bill argue that Native Hawaiians are similar to an Indian tribe and they should be declared a sovereign entity so they can negotiate benefits from the U.S. government.  The fact of the matter is that Hawaii was a kingdom with a monarch before becoming a state, unlike American Indian Tribes.  Furthermore, the Tribes recognized by the Bureau of Indian Affairs are not racially exclusive and the Native Hawaiian government would be race based.

    It’s worth remembering that Hawaii joined the United States in 1959. Many at the time, on both sides of the political and ideological spectrum, saw it as the triumph of American values:

    Hawaii is America in a microcosm – a melting pot of many racial and national origins, from which has been produced a common nationality, a common patriotism, a common faith in freedom and the institutions of America. – Senator Herbert Lehman (D-NY), Congressional Record, April 1, 1954, at 4325.

    Hawaii is living proof that people of all races, cultures and creeds can live together in harmony and well-being, and that democracy as advocated by the United States has in fact afforded a solution to some of the problems constantly plaguing the world. – Testimony of John A. Burns, Delegate to Congress from the Territory of Hawaii, before the Senate Committee on the Interior and Insular Affairs, April 1, 1957.

    An overwhelming 94.3% of Hawaiians at the time voted for statehood, knowing full well that they would be embracing the American values of freedom and equality of all people regardless of race, class, or ethnic group. Further, nowhere in the debate for Hawaiian statehood did any U.S. Member of Congress suggest that the U.S. treat the so-called Native Hawaiians like an indigenous Indian tribe. Common decency and the U.S. Constitution prohibit the government from bestowing tailored rights or privileges upon one racial or ethnic group at the expense of others.  Former Attorney General Ed Meese and Heritage legal scholar Todd Gaziano explain that:

    The Fourteenth Amendment was adopted precisely to prevent a state from excluding certain of its residents from the privileges and immunities of citizenship, especially on the basis of race or ethnicity…All United States citizens who reside in Hawaii are equally citizens of Hawaii and are entitled to enjoy all the privilege and immunities common to other citizens, including the protection against discriminatory laws—especially racially-discriminatory laws.

    All Americans, regardless of their policy preferences, should be outraged at the prospects of  a law that promotes benefits and extra-constitutional sovereignty to a class of people simply because of their racial or ethnic background. Preserving the indigenous Hawaiian culture is a worthy end, but ignoring the governing law of the land and the U.S. Constitution by administering a racial purity test is not the way to do that.

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    25 Responses to A Hawaiian Punch to the Constitution

    1. J. C. Hughes, Texas says:

      Hey! that ain't fair. As a native Texan, I'd like some of that special recognition. All kidding aside, the creation of racial purity laws eerily reminds one of Germany's national socialists.

    2. Ron Derry NH says:

      I'm sure that is just a test to see what would work on American main land to further divide the nation with governing council that over rule states governments to destroy the state lines and give Federal authority a partnership of will accomplices to the destruction of 300 years of progress.

      It is obvious that to destroy states you must impose a competitor with over ruling federal powers and budget…such as ACORN.

      Any one not seeing the strategy that the liberals are unleashing against state authority have chosen to ignore our founding principles and are now descending us into chaos. Obama and the Dem are bent on delivering us to rule by a federal government with no states government to protect us.

    3. kamana kapu san dieg says:

      Judging by the way the white man deceitfully avoids mentioning the fact that the white man stole our land, sovereignty, independence and freedoms the white man apparently intends to rely on his prejudicial republican-orientated surpreme court to deny us our birth right. Allow me, then, to registar this observation: The white people have a long history of teaching their children the art and science of lying by prepping them with fables, fairy tales, myths, parables, fiction and lie’s. The white man’s bible, for example, is packed with lie’s from cover to cover. Today the whites have fabricated even more false and fictitious characters such as Santa Claus. Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Superman, Jesus Christ, Spiderman, etc.. etc., etc. Is it any wonder, than, that all we hawaiians ever got from the white man are lie’s, lie’s and evermore lie’s!? It’s a lie that the hawaiian people ceded our land to the white man.

      It was the white thieves who overthrew our queen

      that ceded our land to the U.S. government! Its also a lie that we hawaiians are americans. It was the white man who imposed his americanism on us. And its a lie that the white man has ever done anything for the hawaiian people. Everything the white man has done in hawaii they did for their own benefit, not ours. We hawaiians never needed you rapachiously greedy theives. GET OUTTA HAWAII!! b501e582

    4. Steven L. Edwards says:

      The sets up a return of the Kingdom of Hawaii with Quentin Kawananakoa as its King. If that is what the people of Hawaii want, so be it. Let's get them off our State list. It will be a loss for the Democrats, but perhaps this will be a good thing. If they don't want to be with us, let them go. Maybe China will be interested in them!

    5. J.C. Hughes, Texas says:

      Wow! Such hateful rhetoric from Kapu. I second Edward's suggestion. Good riddance to the racist attitudes of native Hawaiians.

    6. dave, dayton says:

      Sounds like Hawaii needs to have a referendum, either you "is a state" or "you ain't a state". If you are, and you accept all the benefits of statehood, then stop asking for seperate treatment. If you are not a state, then goodbye all the federal goodies. Pull out the Navy, Army, Air Force, any Federally funded organization. I wonder how long it would take to change their tune. Give all the people who want to go back to a monarchy a seperate island, let them govern themselves. But, don't give them any of our tax money to make their little hearts happy!! Kamana Kapu, get a life, get over it!!

    7. Tim Az says:

      I agree with Steven with one exception. We should offer Hawaii to China in return for some debt reduction. I will never visit Hawaii anyhow because they blame whitey for all of their self imposed problems. Yes they want whitey's money while they him the stink eye. I say boycott Hawaii and stay home. If I owned land there I would be selling it asap before it gets confiscated by the supreme race.

    8. Bryan, Federal Way W says:

      I know the "Birther" question is sticky, even know the President admitted to not being born here during his Senate run, (On National Television, no less.) but this seams like a pay off for something….Doesn't it???

    9. Wayne Simanovsky Sti says:

      Isn't obama supposed to be half Hawaiian? If he is let the good times roll

    10. DougH, PA says:

      Wow, I didn't know there was such anti American hatred brom native Hawaiians. It seems surprising since over 90% of their voters voted to join the United States. I wasn't alive then nor was I around when their queen was dethroned and I haven't studied their history but i can only imagine they would not have had the prosperity they do now under a monarchy. I would love to see them go if that is what they want and I will be canceling my plans for a family vacation to Hawaii. As a white American, I imagine that my family and I and our American money are not welcome there.

    11. Janice Boone - Mobil says:

      Beware what you wish for. If the U S government insists on "sneaking" this into law I say, "Hooray!" This will open the door for states to "lawfully" secede from the (no longer American) union.

    12. js says:

      i think it may be best if people took the time to view this 2 part video to get an idea of just how controversial the akaka bill is for us in hawai'i & the truth of what has transpired.

      i direct you to: http://vimeo.com/4160233

      this presentation will put a lot into perspective!!

    13. Gene Short Las Vegas says:

      How about the slave's that were taken from other islands to row the boats to Hawaii, then slaughtered to keep them from returning to their islands and report the existence of the Hawaiian Islands. Do they qualify? Anyone that checks the history of Hawaii should know slaves were captured from other south pacific islands to sail and row the boats.

    14. barb langett-tn. says:

      how stupid can stupid get. just when i think they arae kdcoming to the end of stupid they just print some more.

    15. barb langett-tn. says:

      arae kd now that is stupid but fixable oh how i wish they would fix thier stupid and print no more.

    16. Chuck In Larkspur, C says:

      I have some thoughts on a racially exclusive hawaii:

      The first is how did "kamana kapu san diego, ca" get to California and what is he doing there. I don't think he got there via a dugout and he prabably persueing a vocation that was unknown by his earlier "native hawaiians".

      The second is that I reminded of another individual that advocated a "Pure Race". You remember Hitler, don't you.

      If the native hawaiians wanted to go their separate way, I would personally help them onto their dugout. Unfortunately, they want to stay and they'll want us to fund programs for the benefit of their racially correct friends.

      I'm going to be calling my senators and telling them how to vote on this racist bill.

    17. Sam, WI says:

      I find it very strange how some groups have so much anger over past wrongs. Although a good number of those kind of claims are true, I am not only a member of but also a descendent of a particular group that had been chased not just off their land, but out of the country. Yet, there is little to no anger or hard feelings over it. I suppose some might say that they 'chose' to leave the country at the time. Technically, such a statement would be true, since they had to choose between leavimg the country or being killed by mob violence. There were even times at which the violence that they faced was backed by state governments. Yet, despite how poorly they were treated, there is harcly any anger, grudges, or hard feelings toward the country, the government, or the general populace. In case anyone would like to know what country the left for, the answer is that they didn't go to another country, they simply headed west.

    18. timothy Titus says:

      It is race based and bears little familiarity with Native American Tribe treaties with the Federal Government, or with the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act. The Governor is against it, as are the majority of others I've met. Eventually, the Supreme Court will have to straighten it out it if it gets thru the Senate. There was no local vote on this in Hawaii. The definition of 'Native Hawaiian" requires only ONE DROP of native Hawaiian blood; there is no real blood quantum requirement for tribal membership as there is for tribes in the U.S. that have applied for and met the Department of Interior standards.


    19. Spiritof76, NH says:

      Mr. Kapu, I agree that you can not be part of the United States. Get rid of Hawaii. However, we need to get compensation for all the improvements, probably about $1T which we can use to pay some of our debt. I don't care whether Hawaii stays intact or not. The way I see it, it is one less welfare state that people from other 49 states have to pay for.


    20. Dennis Hulse, Palmer says:

      Here is another angle to ponder. Obama appears to have a 'legitimacy' problem under your Constitution to address. If that birth certificate issue runs it's course against him this new law creates the 'void' that saves his butt from electoral and other fraud consequences and even treason charges. It would also legitimise every document and order he has signed or made pending his proof of legitimacy as a natural born American under your founding Constitution. … an exciting pickle to follow!

    21. John, Colorado says:

      Why stop at Hawaii? Let's expel from the union every state on the east coast north of Virginia.

      As they are expelled, let's also assign them based on their popluation, 5 times whatever the per capita national debt is. That will be their share, since their corrupt and immoral politicians are responsible for virtually all the national debt.

      The rest of the country will go on to live productive lives, with balanced budgets, a powerful military with a giant missile shield, and people kicking communists in the crotch whenever they are discovered.

    22. Bill Schnitzer, Kihe says:

      If government can select out a group for special treatment based on race then it can also set up internment camps for similar reasons. Tell that to Senator Inouye.

    23. johhnny,maui hawii says:

      For the guy who blames white people for his stupidity,ive been here for three years and was asked by a local company to come train you guys,when i got here the owners hawiian guys had 30 illegal mexicans and would not work their own people.I would love the united states to pull out of hawii,then china are japen would come tack your land,dont worry i can educate you, you talk about american fairy tails what about the hawiian who threw his net over the sun and told the sun to slow its path so that hawii whould have a longer growing season,their is many more,also what about your people being canables and eating each other.what about all the men being killed by the king of the other island,it states that the stream was red with blood.your people dump raw sewag ,the into kahalui harbor,burning all that sugar can and polluting the air on maui thats why most people live up country.I get to laughing when i see the people protesting in upper wailuku not to take the welfare and food stamps away,thats whats going to happen since the akaka bill was signed.why do you think they are closing the human resource buildind on honolulu and laying off 300 human resource people.the akaka bill are hawii being turned back over to the people states that they will take money from rich hawiians to give to the poor straight out of your paycheck not mine im not hawiian.Its so easy for you to blame america,for your failures,most hawiians will be punished because of stupid people like you.their are only 250 thousand hawiians the rest or foreiners are other races born here toataling 1 million people all together on all the islands.their are 330 million people on the main-land.what are you doinging in las angelas,california your the howly over their so watch out because people remember how they were treated in hawii..hawii has no aloha and everything is ass backwards no worrys right bro.what will hawii do when communist japan takes over thats what will happen,the united states stopped it before thats why hawii became part of the united states,what about the hawiians that serve and fight and die for the united states and hawii in iraq..Hawiians have sold their own lands for money because they wanted a better life its nice to be rich not poor.So study your history books and get out of california howly boy>I personaly think your jealous of america,and to me the mainland is a lot more buetifull than hawii.Hawiians treat foreigners bad beacause their jealous,in the old days foreigners were seen as gods,we are not but hawiians cant love god and jesus and hate every on its called being a hipocrite,your just a jealous idiot you would sell your own people out if you were offered allot of money then you would move to the mainland beacause its to expencive to live in hawii …BYBY stupid.also their are many many good hawiians that dont think like that maybe your one of the ones that think like the song says (we got to educate theis negative foreiners)thiers always racism but im not all men ,women and children no matter race are gods children so please bro get some love in your heart and stop blaminging everyone(from super howly).

    24. johhnny maui,hawii says:

      This is for janis in mobile alabama were she states she would like to see the unitd states dissolved.The akaka bill is only for hawii ,that is because its not part of the mainland,also you should no that the united states takes care of over 110 countries all over the world if the united states was to dissolve as you say,the world would go into world hunger and violense all over the world.The united states is not a bad country at all maybe you should go to japan were the girle babys are killed at birth or the middle east were women are stoned to death for leaving the house without their husbands permisson or showing their face in public.also go to china were they cut your hands of if you steal or someone says you stole. AMERICAis a great nation it just has allot of problems trying to please the world and feed and cloth its own poor people.My father and mother fought for the wrights you enjoy some much every day.You are truly blessed to have been born in america and not ethopia.any way god bless you.

    25. johhnny maui,hawii says:

      This is for kamana in california you said the white man did this and that to your people.I will inform you that not all americans are white,THEIRS black brown tan ,japanese,chinese,indians germans jews mexicans,swedish,african eurpean australian russians koreans well i think you get the point,maybe your dad was black or white or maybe you are a mute,most hawiians true hawwians are almost black.but something must have happened to you when you were young maybe the white kids beat you up or stole your bubble gum or took your lunch money or maybe you came home from work and found a white man in your house,or maybe your wife left you for a rich white man,anyway you get the messege so dont hate. and buy the way white men didnt make up jesus he was from israel not america idiot.so do your self a favor and stop being an ateist and love jesus.maybe you dont no what atheist means maybe you can find a white man from england or russia or austrailia or america to explain it to you by the way leave california your a howly over thier are maybe you can afford to live in hawii,anyway by esssstupid.

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