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  • Morning Bell: Can They Make Obamacare Worse? Yes They Can!

    Flacking for President Barack Obama’s “new” health care plan, White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs told reporters assembled for yesterday’s press briefing: “The president posted ideas of his on the White House website today. We hope Republicans will post their ideas either on their website, or we’d be happy to post them on ours, so that the American people could come to one location and find out the parameters of what will largely be discussed on Thursday.” And this might have been a small bit of successful Obama administration gamesmanship on health care and transparency in government except for one small problem: reality. Not only do House Republicans already have their own health care plan, not only is it already available online, but the White House’s own website already links to it!

    And speaking of the President’s behind-closed-doors plan, don’t believe any of those headlines showing a $950 billion price tag. That is an Obama administration-created number that should not be afforded any more credibility than Gibbs’ grasp of the contents of his own website. In fact, the independent Congressional Budget Office (CBO) published this about the President’s new plan yesterday:

    Preparing a cost estimate requires very detailed specifications of numerous provisions, and the materials that were released this morning do not provide sufficient detail on all of the provisions. Therefore, CBO cannot provide a cost estimate for the proposal without additional detail, and, even if such detail were provided, analyzing the proposal would be a time-consuming process that could not be completed this week.

    In other words, even with over a year to prepare for the moment they would finally release their own plan, the White House could only manage to obtain an “incomplete” grade from the official budget scorekeeper in Washington. So every time you hear the President say “my plan is paid for” or “my plan reduces the deficit,” just remember you are going to have to take his word for it.

    And where the President’s plan is more firm than fuzzy, it only makes the scheme worse:

    Cornhusker Kickback for All: Instead of just eliminating the Cornhusker Kickback, the White House chose to solve their Medicaid problem by extending the deal to all 50 states. Now all new Medicaid spending through 2017 and 90% after 2020 will be picked up by the feds.

    Weakens and Delays Cost Control: The White House’s proposal is silent on whether all collective bargaining agreements will be exempt from Obamacare’s new health insurance tax, but the new plan does go ahead and weaken what was the only thing in the entire bill that even liberal health care experts thought had a chance of containing health care costs. The plan delays implementation of the new tax until 2018 (when President Obama is well out of office) and raises the threshold for taxation to $27,000.

    Steals More Money from Medicare: To pay for Cornhusker Kickbacks for all, increased subsidies for health insurance, and the health insurance tax delay, the White House raises the Medicare payroll tax and extends it for the first time ever to investment income. The least they could have done is slate this new $120 billion in taxes to help plug Medicare’s existing $38 trillion unfunded liability, not fund a brand new entitlement.

    Creates New Price Control Authority: The President’s plan also creates a new Federal Health Insurance Rate Authority, which would provide federal “assistance and oversight” to the states conducting reviews of “ unreasonable rate increases” and “unfair practices” of health insurance plans. This, of course, establishes for the first time a legislative basis for the imposition of price controls on health insurance. If government can control both health benefits and health care pricing, that’s the proverbial ball game. Private health care is private in name only.

    Providing an overview for the President’s new plan, the Associated Press reports: “Starting over on health care, President Barack Obama knows his chances aren’t looking much more promising. A year after he called for a far-reaching overhaul, Obama unveiled his most detailed plan yet on Monday. Realistically, he’s just hoping to win a big enough slice to silence the talk of a failing presidency.” The problem is, the plan the President released yesterday is not a “start over” … it is just a continuation and expansion of the same Washington-centric policies that the American people have clearly rejected over the past year. There still is a chance for Obama to save his presidency, but yesterday’s plan will not do it.

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    85 Responses to Morning Bell: Can They Make Obamacare Worse? Yes They Can!

    1. Ozzy6900 says:

      Picture President Obama in a magician's outfit, waving his wand over his hat and instead of pulling out a rabbit, out comes ObamaCare 2. This whole thing is just a bunch of mumbo-jumbo that needs to be thrown in the furnace once and for all. The American People do not want this and it would be nice if President Obama would hear us!

    2. Bob says:

      Above and beyond the cost estimates and particulars existing in this version or that, the overriding effect of Obamacare will be to insert government into American life in a way never seen before, politicizing every facet of a citizen's life. Its goal is to create a constituency of dependent bums that will turn its eyes toward the God State for sustenance. Cost containment and health care for all have little to do with the Obama administration's efforts. They know that such a takeover of the healthcare economy is key to creating the progressive vision of a totalitarian [A government which considers every aspect of a citizen's life to be political and therefore within the purview of government] state in this country.

    3. Richard Cancemi,Arli says:

      How long must Obama's arrogance be tolerated before his impeachment is called for? And what about all the other Progressives in the Government? He and they violate the Constitution and our Rights with impunity. They have violated the Oath to the Constitution they have sworn to uphold, defend and protect. But then, an Oath means nothing to habitual liars.

    4. Tim, Virginia Beach says:

      Clearly, the Dems want to obfuscate the truth. It starts at the top and rolls downhill. By making the statement about making information more available, people will automatically assume that the Republicans are hiding something from the Democan'ts. Just like the "not one dime" rhetoric, where people assume the Liar in Chief is making things better.

    5. Terry, Iowa says:

      If ObamaCare succeeds, then the United States will have gone over the brink and have become a socialist nation. Oh, the demise of a once great nation.

    6. james herbert ocala, says:

      he might as well try to save his presidency,his word of honor is shot to hell. jim herbert

    7. Normca says:

      More smoke and mirrors from Gibbs and more taxes and control from Barry. Never let a crisis go by Emanuel saw another way to impose controls on State Medicare. I'd like to hear what most governors, except the California Media Hound, say about the Federal government taking and wanting more and more of their money. Thursday's meeting; another Barry jobs, health care show. I hope the Republicans can out fox the foxes, [but will not be looking for the truth out of the media].

    8. james herbert ocala, says:

      this guys plan is awaiting approval. is there anybody out there,who believes him?


    9. Ken Jarvis says:

      WHY would the HF, Murdock, GOP, Cs want to make

      Obama look bad?

      Instead of TRY TO FIX THE MESS.

      They should cancel ALL GOPs HCoverage till

      HCReform is passed.

      That is the ONLY way they will ever


    10. Lloyd Scallan - New says:

      Each and every day, Obama is proving to all of us just what his goal is for this nation. Every proposal he puts foward is more and more evidence of his socialist ideology and his dedication to the "transformation" of our country into a pit we might not be able to recover from. Now, he uses pure tickery and dishonesty to

      EXCLUDE the CBO from his latest Obamacare scheme, for the expressed purpose of hiding the "true cost" of this latest take over of our health care system.

      This Obama must be stopped before it's too late.

    11. Al Reasin, Conowingo says:

      Never any lessons learned by this WH. Yes, Rep Ryan's The Roadway for America's Future has been on the Internet for some time, but even FOX has not seen to publicize it.

    12. Gary. Nevada says:

      Total destruction of our once free nation is Obama, et al's, objective.

    13. JoAnn Allor, Alabama says:

      What part of "We Don't Want Socialized Medicine" do these people not understand. Anyone who votes for this takeover of the US Healthcare system should be voted out of office.

      Let's have real health insurance reform and not ruin the best healthcare system in the world.

    14. bigdave, ocala fl says:

      The current generation of American Families are hurting(and scared!) as never before, with costs of energy skyrocketing, which increases the cost of everything else to the point people stop BUYING which causes layoffs and businesses closing. So what does THIS ADMINISTRATION DO? Shove a miserable WEALTH RE-DISTRIBUTION, TAX INCREASING OBAMANATION OF A BILL down our throats and just call it "healthcare" cause the folks are just plain STOOPID dontchaknow. Well, they are right referring to their own constitituency, but the rest of us(called the MAJORITY!) have not succumbed to the demorats dumbing-down process and continual LIES, we still have a brain, know when we are being swindled and we know a CROOK when we see one and this administration is FULL OF THEM! Second year term?! Obama does not deserve to finish the first term! He should be IMPEACHED IMMEDIATELY! Stand up REPUBLICANS! Its only YOUR COUNTRY AT STAKE HERE! All this damage in only ONE YEAR?! We can not afford another year of this delusional SOCIALIST MADNESS! And that is EXACTLY what this is.

    15. Lloyd Welch Valdese, says:

      Socialized health care is worse, worster and worstest, it can not get any worst. Worst just dosen't begin to describe how bad this health care reform mess is. It needs to die a slow painful death and rest in a shallow grave on the White House lawn. There are things that can be done to make health care better. First, repeal NAFTA because unemployment and underemployment is what caused this crisis in the first place. Second, deal with the issues one at a time and make the insurance market competitive, Third, allow doctors to stop practicing defensive medicine. Doctors are so afarid of malpractice lawsuits many tests are ordered to cover their rears. Fourth, stop doctors and hospitals from charging different rates to people with and without coverage and force single rates for all. Fifth, put half as much energy into eliminating waste and fraud as the IRS puts into collecting taxes. Hospitals get away with charging $20.00 for an aspirin, $40.00 for a box of tissue. This kind of abuse needs to stop. Sixth, something I see happening now is opening alternative facilities on hospital grounds for people who come to emergency rooms with illnesses like colds, minor cuts and such things doctors do not need to treat.

      There are many more things short of socializing health care that can drive down costs and improve quality. In reality Obamanation doesn't care one thing about health care. This is simply a power grab. There was the time I thought democrats were doing in their own misguided way what they thought was the best thing for America. Now I believe they are intent on destroying America so they can rebuild America in the image of their socalistic utopian dream.

    16. toledofan says:

      After all is said and done, this administration will continue down the path of ruin for our country's economy trying to make us into some European model that everyone knows doesn't work. Greece, Germany, France are good examples of failed economic policies. It's amazing to me that there are no democrats willing to oppose this healthcare debacle and continue to support a loosing cause no matter the outcome. The uprising will continue until the stupidy stops.

    17. Chris Norfolk Albuqu says:

      They just don't get it. The last thing we the people want is the US gov. controlling our healthcare. To live in a free country means that we get to pick and choose the healthcare that we want for our families. I did not spend 22 years of my life in a military uniform so this administration can create a socialist gov.

    18. NeoConVet, Kentucky says:

      Well at least Barry is consistant in failing to understand the word NO! He also remains confused about the Constitution which says "… to provide for the general welfare …" NOT Provide Welfare!

    19. Neil T. Goeckerman says:

      I love my Country I fear my government. The Dems are going to pass this via reconcilliation. What can be done?

    20. Bill Herring Tulsa, says:

      It's very obvious that Obama's healthcare plan will be a failure and won't accomplish what he says it will; just like every thing he's touched since he's been in office. I find it amazing that one man can get everything he does wrong! Even a blind squirrel will find an occasional nut, but not this guy! Absolutely nothing he's done has worked and yet we're not taking steps to impeach him! Why not? Obama is doing everything in his power and somethings that are not in his power to destroy our economy, our healthcare, our military strength and our standing with the world. Obama must be removed from office before all his plans, and believe me they are plans, to destroy our country!

    21. Pat-San Antonio says:

      The Obama administration must be as dense as a rock to not understand what the cirizens are saying. We do not want socialized medicine. We do not want to live in a country where the government runs everything. We do not want the government telling us what, when and how we must do everything.

      Perhaps they will understand beginning in November and again in 2012 That is if we are still free to vote for our leaders.

    22. David F. Murray, Bel says:

      I find the proposed tax on investment income particularly troubling. As a retired person, my income is Social Securtiy, and my IRA, which is already taxable. After working my whole life and contributing to my own retirement, I am faced with my income being taxed as ordinary income, subject to AMT, and now proposed to be facing tax as investment income. Appears the government wants me to come begging. When will they ever learn?

    23. Helmetfoot says:

      Yes, I can imagine the Prez in a magician's costume. I would suggest that he wear a plaid suit, bow tiemyellow spats, shiny black brogans (ankle height boots) and a straw skimmer hat. He can change his name to Proffessor Hill. He could then sing, "We got troubles, We got troubles right here in River City."

      The first time I saw him speak I had visions of him standing on the back of a horse drawn wagon selling a magic elixer. Please God protect us.

    24. James Falls Township says:

      1. How many bureaucrats will be needed to staff the health care programs? I estimately 3,000,000. One million for every 100 million participants.

      2. The taxes raised before the health care kicks in? Is the tax money kept in escrow [not a fictional SS Lockbox], or will the money go into the general fund for immediate use to cover the debt?

      3. My guess the money will be spent and when the time comes for health care for all, the President will say, I have good news and bad news.

      The good news is, we collected trillions.

      The bad news is, there is not money for health care.

      Every man or woman or child is on his or her own.

    25. Elinor, Virginia says:

      His persistence, in the face of almost total rejection of this bill, is amazing. How can he expect to pass this now, especially since he is adding additional expenses and regulations to what is already a mess? I hope and pray that our senators and congressmen will have the gumption to just say "NO" and be done with this abomination once and for all. I want my freedom, not Obama's control and destruction of the great medical system we have known so far in this nation.

    26. Lloyd Scallan - New says:

      Ken Jarvis – No one is trying to "make Obama look bad", Obama is doing such a good job, he doesn't need help. Do you really think Obamacare will "fix the mess"? If you do, you have a serious problem with understanding what this

      country is all about. Obama does not want health care for all Americans (and illegals too). He want to have government control every aspect of our lives, thus

      "transforming" our nation into socialism.

    27. Mark Stricker, Arlin says:

      Here comes Health Care? No, we'll get the inverse! The good old USA is on the verge of being replace by USSA, the United Socialist States of America.

    28. James Cooke, Rockwal says:

      Some 45 years ago when I took my oath as a military office, I wondered over the phrase, "enemies foreign and domestic". Who were these domestic enemies.

      Alas, I have lived long enough to be governed by them.

    29. Judith Bonnesen says:

      I want to begin by thanking The Heritage Foundation for the great job you are doing to keep the American public informed in a clear, honest and responsible manner.

      I am not against health care reform, but I'm also very happy with my health insurance. I have only one question for President Obama, the Senate, Congress, all Federal and State employees and the Unions. Why are you not the first ones to step up to the plate to sign up for this wonderful Obama Health Care Plan? The leaders of our country should lead by example. If this plan is good enough for the American public there should be no special deals or exemptions. We are all in this together.. God bless this great nation now and forever.

    30. Norma Link, Lakewood says:

      When the Federal government pays for something, that money does not come from a money tree in the sky, it comes from us the taxpayers. They take it and then give it back. If you hand them $10, you might get back $5, if you are very lucky.

      Medicare already has a 'duty to die in its regulations. If Medicare refuses to pay for a treatment we are not allowed to go out an get it and pay for it ourselves. That is against the law! When they say they are going to further restrict and cut Medicare, it means the old people are being told, "just go home and die." That will solve the Social Security mess too!

    31. john Arizona says:

      As said in the article, there is not enough clarity to estimate the total cost of Obama's health care plan, so we would just have to "trust him." Does it bring to mind some of history's wisest sayings, like: "The check is in the mail"

    32. Drew Page, IL says:

      Of course the Congressional Budget Office cannot put a pricetag on the Mr. Obama's latest version of health care reform, there aren't enough details.

      The President's "new" HCR package would call for the Feds to pick up the total cost of Medicaid in all states? In this way, the states with the greatest number of Medicaid patients can be subsidized by the states with the lowest number of Medicaid patients. States like Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, Utah and New Mexico can help pay for Medicaid patients of New York, New Jersey, California, Michigan and Illinois. That sounds fair, doesn't it? What's this going to cost in terms of additional taxes to those of us who still have an income?

      Not included in the cost of the "new" HCR bill are the 500 billion dollars that are to come from cuts in Medicare payments. Unfortunately, when and if the time comes for those cuts in Medicare funding to be made, they won't be. The rest of not making those cuts in Medicare funding will then require an offsetting increase of 500 billion dollars to the cost of the HCR bill, with the excuse "well, that's the way the taxpayers wanted it".

      The feds want to control insurance company rate increases on health plans. Rate increases on health insurance plans are driven by increases in claims, not increases in administrative expenses. Claims increase for a variety of reasons including increases in the benefit levels, expanded and/or extended eligibility for coverage, doctors and hospitals raising their rates to cover their own increasing overhead expenses, cost shifting by doctors who can't get adequate compensation for their services from Medicare and Medicaid programs, cost shifting by hospitals who must cover the uninsured whoo routinely appear in their emergency rooms and who annually receive less from Medicare, due to annual deductible increases in Medicare. throw in the cost of medical malpractice insurance that doctors and hospitals must pay and the costs of ever-improving medical technology used by doctors and hospitals and you begin to see why the cost of medical care rises faster than the cost of living.

      The only real way to slow the rate of increase in health care costs is to reduce the number and the size of claims. One way to accomplish this is for people to change their lifestyle habits diet, exercise, annual physical exams and following a doctor's orders and taking necessary medications, smoking cessation and strict control of alcohol intake and avoidance of recreational drugs. These are common sense things, but too many people won't do this. Instead, they will bellyache about insurance costs being unaffordable. Another way to bring down costs is to come up with real tort reform, so that malpractice premiums come down. Another way to keep a check on health costs is to stop state and federal governments from constantly mandating expansions in health plan coverage and in eligibility for that coverage. These government mandates do help people by making coverage more available and by covering more things, but for crying out loud, THEY ALL RESULT IN MORE AND HIGHER CLAIMS, WHICH IN TURN RESULT IN HIGHER PREMIUM RATES. YOU CAN'T PROVIDE MORE FOR LESS. DUH.

      In 1980, the annual rate of Medical plan inflation was about 20%. Today it is about 12%. Between 1980 and today, Medical inflation averaged about 15% a year. The average calendar year deductible on most Medical plans was $100.00. To keep pace with annual average inflation of 15% over 30 years (1980 – 2010) that same $100 deductible would have to be $7,608.50 per person, per year. If Medical plans today had an annual $7,600.50 deductible, per person, the average monthly premium for an employer sponsored Medical plan would be closer to $100.00 per single employee, per month, instead of $600.00. and Family rates would be closer to $340.00 per month, instead of $1,700.00. You can blame anyone you want, but you can't have it both ways and anyone who says different is lying.

    33. Steve, Minnesota says:

      In reality, Freedom of the Press could be the demise of our freedom. The Socialist leaning press infatuated with "Emanuals Puppet" is being spoon fed the Lies they are "publishing" with no thought of looking under the sheets and doing responsible reporting. Lap dog after lap dog appears on the evening news from WH correspondent to Net Work Anchors doing their part to mislead America. November 2, 2010 cannot come soon enough. Take the Congressional keys away from the Child that was elected (under false pretense) to do an Adults work and neutralize him for the remainder of his One Term attempt to demolish our country. Take our country back and "Never Give Up" on freedom.

    34. Blair, Franconia, NH says:

      Obamacare isn't what we need right now. Right? WRONG! Obamacare is EXACTLY

      what we need right now. Why? Because we're slaves. And slaves, if they know what's

      good for them, should love working for the master on the plantation. To escape, would

      result in the lash. I'm being facetious. But am I that far off the mark? No, I'm not. That's the way Obama and the Democrats think of the American people. They think we're slaves and that we should be grateful for what we have because they can take

      away our privileges any time they want to. To Obama and his tovarichi and aparatchiks, we have the privilege of freedom of speech, the privilege of freedom of

      assembly, the privilege of freedom of religion, the privilege to petition government for

      redress of grievances, and the privilege of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

      We don't have rights. THEY HAVE RIGHTS. We have privileges which can be taken away from us like a parent takes the car away from a sixteen-year-old when he, or she, misbehaves. Mr. President, treat us like adults, or else, we petulant sixteen-year-olds, will throw you out of office. Your lease on the White House is up in two years. We can make the decision to extend it, or break it, and evict you.

      We still have that privilege. Or is it still a right? Last time I checked, Hugo Chavez

      wasn't elected POTUS.

    35. Dennis Social Circle says:

      This is all smoke and mirrows, the dems are after total controll and all the power. They set the republicans up when the televised meeting was announced. It does not matter what the Republicans say or do they will be made out to be the villan in this thing. We as a nation with all the debt we are in can not afford what obama and the dems want to do. The biil that has been posted is not the final bill, they left plenty of room for changes and additions to this mess, and we all know they will change and add to it. It is past time for the American people to take back our form of government, take it away from those that do not believe we have the ability to make our own decisions about health care.WE MUAT VOTE IN 2010, PUT ALL OF THEM IN THE STREET!!!!

    36. Barry N. Schmidt, D. says:

      It just goes to show how the American voters can be so easily hoodwinked. We blindly voted for this clown without looking deeply (as we should have) into his history and credentials, plus without having thoroughly checked out his political beliefs. Obama and his entire cabinet should be physically removed from office. Harry Reid, the very loony Nancy Pelosi, Timothy Geithner and several others can also be included on that list. Obama is nothing short of a liar, but this is nothing new for politicians in Washington. Oooooops….hope the FBI doesn't monitor me!

    37. Dave White, Provo, U says:

      Has anyone found one common sense proposal in the reformated mess? It reminds me of a dictionary created by a team of typing monkeys. Let the States experiment with a variety of ideas and in five years call a national conference and compare results. We need careful, thoughtful tested ideas not a mass of untried theories that will only create a bloated mix of government regulators, lawyers and accountants. Stand up and send a large NO to Obama and congress.

    38. Bob Veigel, Arlingto says:

      And with little or no effort. The current administration's motto, 'do all you can to make everything as expensive as humanly possible and harmful to the largest number of U. S. citizens'.

    39. Christopher Popham S says:

      My head is exploding in anticipation of the "Blair House Summit".

      'Obamacare' subscribes to 2700 pages of unread material, a legislative bill full of

      mandates, dictates and taxes, not to mention 111 new federal bureaucracies and the

      inherent difficulties it will cause to small business. The plurality of American citizens

      have refuted and rejected these Congressional bills since last August.

      What could be clearer to the Administration and Congress? We know they do not

      listen, but to ignore the overriding will of the people is an outrage that goes back

      to 1776. Just who do these elites in Washington think they are? What can they be

      thinking? Between 30 czars, 23 assistants for the 1st lady, private Airforce jets for

      the 3rd in line to the presidency and a pervading arrogance of power throughout……..

      what can they be thinking?

      God help us.

    40. J. Guidry, Battlefie says:

      Ken Jarvis, WAKE UP!! As so many folks on this site have indicated, there is no desire on the part of this administration to improve health care. It's all a ploy to take control of the citizen's lives, completely. Together with the "tax and crap" bill, if it can pass, will hand over to the government absolute power over our lives. As Karl Marx once said, "control the people's access to health care and you control the people". That is what this is all about. This administration does not give a rat's patooty about health care, "global warming", jobs, the economy, etc. They just want all the power they can get to control you and I. Quit drinking the koolaid before it's too late.

    41. nancy, MS says:

      What part of "No….We Don"t Want The Whitehouse Healthcare Plan" does this administration not understand? How many times and how many ways do we have to say this?

      Let's have another election, T o d a y!!!! We'll see who decides what!!!!

    42. stirling, Pennsylvan says:

      Start from scratch using real free market (private sector) solutions. Obama ultimately has said he wants a "single payer" (government run) system, which has failed miserably everywhere else. Obama should do what the people want, and "Eat some crow" for the sake of the american people. Anything less then scraping his existing plan shows he is failing to do the "will of the people." Government has never been the answer, but they have been the problem for many issues past and present.

    43. Chuck King Cumming, says:

      I find it incredible that the president and his minions in congress would even have the audacity to present more of the same. If this so called health care summit with both parties in attendence were truly bi-partisan they should start over from scratch. If a bill cannot be presented in fifty pages or less it is just bound to be a con job on the American people and a defacto "TAKEOVER" of the healthcare system of all Americans. We need to:

      1. Give serious consideration to tort reform

      2. Remove the anti-trust exemption for insurers that was originally put in place almost 100 years ago for the specific purpose of sharing actuarial data and now only allows the insurers to price fix.

      3. Allow portability of health plans from state to state and job to job.

      4. Allow individuals to deduct health insurance premiums as business already do from their taxes.

      5. Create regional, state, or some other accounting pools so that everyone is in some sort of group plan.

      6. Disallow plan cancelation for becoming sick or pre-existing conditions. The risk pools could be large enough so that these people do not poisin the over all population of insurers.

      Imagine that. Six Ideas that would do more to alleviate the problem of acceseability to insurance on the private market than 2000+-pages of BUNK from this congress and this president. Government has allways been more inefficient trying to re-invent the wheel than private industry.

    44. Dave White, Provo, U says:

      2nd comment–More research on Obama's new version of the old mess has revealed a draconian Rumplestilskin EXCISE TAX to begin in 2018. Most of the writers of the bill will be long gone from Congress leaving with us with balloon taxes. How did that work in the financing homes? Another financial monster waiting to swallow us. Please contact your congressional reps and remind them they should represent us!

    45. Sue From Detroit says:

      Who does Obama think he is fooling. This president ( who is not qualified for this job) thinks every person in this country is as stupid as the people in Chicago who he worked at organizing to demand more from government. Instead of helping and encouraging these people to be self sufficient and controll their own lives. He encouraged demanding some one else be responsible for their needs. Now that he is president, he play this game on the rest of the country and it is not working.

      He is incapaple of an original thought. Marx and Colward and Piven are the ideas Obama have and want to force on us. Health Care insurance for every one sounds nice but who is going to pay for it? This health care plan is another tax impositon on citizens who are paying too many taxes already that go to waste and the Democrats nice life style. Obama is out to destroy the middle class. This is his plan.

    46. Prevailer76AZ says:

      Putting every state's medicaid under the aegis of the Federal Government is one step closer to total Socialized Medicine. Medicare was only the beginning, and since it is fraught with corruption and doesn't pay fully for the patient's Medicare covered medical costs, can Medicaid be any different? (A growing number of Arizona Medical facilities no longer accept Medicare patients.)

      There is no free healthcare, just as there is no free lunch. The money comes from the taxpayer's 'contribution' as long as there is any income to tax.

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    48. John Roane Sarasota, says:

      Anyone expecting open, honest forthright healthcare plan form this President, his Administration and US Congress is a fool. Anyone who goes back to them time after time expecting a different result is stupid.

      Which one are you American Public?

    49. Giles, Winnsboro, TX says:

      Nothing has changed. The President and those elitists in Congress do not even give a snippet of attention to the CBO. Not surprising as their insatiable quest for power surpasses anything that could lead to their derailment. The Republican plan is posted on their website, it isn't long and has some good points, but still not enough accountability of government and government stepping out of the picture and allowing consumers and the states to take of this business. Guess they are so blinded by power and glory they fail to realize we can actually read and at this point still have the right to vote/voice our opinions. The President merely reiterated the same statements he has spoken since the beginning, the same wording included in the Senate bill, he must have that memorized, no teleprompter necessary. This president reminds me of "chuckie", he knows exactly what he is doing and he will stop at nothing to get it done, never mind there are rules he took an oath to uphold and follow.

    50. Ron Derry NH says:

      The trouble with us, is that we have been conditioned to distrust the Patriot and honor the thief . As the North Pole runs from our northern territories and heads farther away from us so does America's moral compass. The health care bill looks more and more like a pact to enslave a people.to money and not decency in any form.

      Ina symbolic gesture it would seem that nature itself repels America's inability to follow a path that has guided landlubbers and mariners alike, and is given over to a nation that perhaps has a more Orthodox faith in the human decency of free choice, trust and human value.

    51. Bob Veigel, Arlingto says:

      Some of you are replying to Ken Jarvis. I did on another site. Concluded we would never be on the same page, or maybe even that we live on the same planet. An old saying has held me in good stead, 'never argue with fools, they will bring you down to their level and beat you every time because of their experience'.

    52. Suzanne, Florida says:

      Does the WH understand that the majority of citizens do not want this health care bill? Of course they do. Do they care? Absolutely not.

      As interesting as comments are it would behoove all of us to send, emails, tweeters or old fashion letters to all our Congressmen/women and Senators informing them that their D.C. lifestyle is about to end….if they vote to enslave all of us.

    53. Howard R. Reed says:

      The nightmare of government overseer entitlements and subsidies gets more Orwellian as it evolves. The healthcare debacle is Obama's hope of beginning the Communization of what is left of 'patriots dreams' inspired by God too the founders, instituted for posterity.

      Folks. This is our year to begin affectively shut down the progressives, cutting them off at the knees at the polls in Nov. The message to the Bammer progressives is out there in glaring off year campaign results. If they want to fall on their sword by legislating against the will of the people, let the extinction of the progressive movement in this country begin. I would like nothing better than to see these traitors become extinct.

      The Turban Torpedo

    54. Murray Colorado says:

      President Obama is trying once again to turn this country into a socialist country. This plan is as corrupt as he is and the whole Washingotn DC power brokers. Any Senator that votes for this will be remembered on election day. They will be removed from office. The Republican party things they are going to win big. They are no better than who is in office today. I'm feed up with all the lies and deals these politicans make. One day soon we will see a large up rising in this country and we will get our country back and hopefully have a chance to save it.

    55. Ben Harrison, Hemet says:

      Only one way to stop eliminater Obamacare is to vote in November. However, our "new" republican from Mass. is not off to a very good start. If he thinks "bipartisism" is the answer he should read up on transcripts from Nancy, Harry, Barney, Dodd, and his predessor Teddy.

    56. peter ,hammondsport says:

      u have to hand it obama he just cant say no even when most of the country says scrap it. I just wonder who is behind this Sorois, china , russia or acorn you know there is some one other than obama cause he is not smart enough to do this. Itis time for the country to kicked this crap to the curb and get on with producing jobs and reducing the debt and lastly voting out those idiot in congress and see if we can get some folks in congress who are at least interested in the USA and not just lining thier pockets

    57. Tony Bunn, Brick, NJ says:

      Can President Obama do anything right as far as Conservatives and Republicans are concerned? It seems to me that no matter how much he tries to "reach across the isle" the response from both Republicans and Conservatives alike is always "no". And it's always "no" with no alternative program or plan of their own.

    58. Frank from Canfield, says:

      What is truly troubling with any legislation that this administration proposes, is there ultimate goal of ruling over us and have us behold'n to them for what we have. the Mutual of Obama insurance plan is but just one example. It takes from the productive and gives to the unproductive. Want to see the cost of healthcare take a nose dive? Stop all insurance.

      I'll bet within a year Physicians, surgeons, lab providers,rehab facilities , hopitals, etc will have price wars to get individuals in the door. Yeah it would be painful, but everyone could better afford it.

    59. Fen Baker, Edmonds, says:

      We, the United States, are THE bastion of liberty and freedom. If we go down and are thrown out onto the heap of fallen/defeated cultures, then the whole world will sink into a permenant abyss of dictatorship and darkness.

      Obamacare: Does it make any sense to any rational person that a stranger, non-medical, bureaucrat in D. C. will be in charge of my medical care?

    60. Judith in Michigan says:

      As a student of Marxism and Saul Alinsky, Mr. O has learned his lessons well

      On this, most Americans now agree. And most of us now agree that this country is on the road to ruin and is becoming a European-style Socialist country , Can we do anything to stop it?

      Well, we can all flood our Congress peoples' fax machines, phone lines, &

      e-mails, in both DC and local offices with protests. . And keep it up for however long it takes to get the massage across. that "We, The People", do not want the snake oil they are selling. .

      Afraid you might annoy someone? So what !! A lot is at stake here. Will they listen? Maybe not, but perhaps some will develop a conscience. We can only try.

      One mistake was already made by voting into office these fascist wanna-be's. Don'r compound the mistake by doing nothing.

    61. Pam French - Grand H says:

      Like Glenn Beck says: Go ahead and pass your illegal, made up behind closed doors healthcare, that the majority of americans do not want!!!! I geuss we will just have to elect people that actually work for the people to reverse it…. Maybe even illegally, just like democrats!!!!! We will polevault, jump over the fence etc.

    62. gail in new hampshir says:

      Man. You've got to watch this guy like a hawk. The man has more gall than all the bladders in China. Not only does he quite literally look down his nose on the American people when he makes his decrees from on high, he has no intention of ever allowing us to interfere with his master plan if he can help it. Mr. Obama's vision of what this country should look like when he leaves office is a far cry from what the majority of Americans recognize as the country they know and love. The next three years can't go by fast enough. Thanks to Heritage and the like we at least have a shot at holding him accountable before the full weight of the damage is done.

    63. Steven Fagan says:

      In order to prevent an armed rebellion dose the discussion needs to be raised as to what is tyranny can it be defined in a way that could put the fear of the people into the government? It is apparent that fear for their positions is not the motivation that is getting their attention that life and limb is a real risk may be the motivation that is needed. In order to prevent the natural consequences to dictate the automatic implementation of Thomas Jefferson's mandate to nourish the tree of Liberty with the blood of patriots and tyrants we need to keep the presser on our representatives. So they do not forget that they represent all the people and actions or inaction has consequences should this be an open discussion?

    64. Steven Fagan Phoenix says:

      In order to prevent an armed rebellion dose the discussion needs to be raised as to what is tyranny can it be defined in a way that could put the fear of the people into the government? It is apparent that fear for their positions is not the motivation that is getting their attention that life and limb is a real risk may be the motivation that is needed. In order to prevent the natural consequences to dictate the automatic implementation of Thomas Jefferson’s mandate to nourish the tree of Liberty with the blood of patriots and tyrants we need to keep the presser on our representatives. So they do not forget that they represent all the people and actions or inaction has consequences should this be an open discussion?

    65. Mary, Illinois says:

      Repackaged snake oil is still snake oil.

    66. Mary, Illinois says:

      Step right up…Get yourself some REAL GEN-U-WINE SNAKE OIL! It'll cure all your ills because it kills ya sure as day!

    67. Anne M McLaughlin, B says:

      This President goes out of his way to alienate a large proportion of the electorate each and every chance he gets. Contrary to what President Obama and his henchmen believe, the American populace is dead set

      against his monstosity of a bill. He has no intention of accepting any

      suggestions the Republican senators offer. Its just another chance for him to flip us the bird. He doesn't care what we think and the dim

      witted dems are linning up to jump off the cliff like the lemmings they are.

      If Jimmie Carter was a Uriah Heep, this laddie is Caiphas. Its gotten

      to the point that no honest oerson can stand the sight of him. God

      save America !

    68. Jim Uberti--New Have says:

      Hey, Ken Jarvis. Either you can't read, can't process what you read, or are so far in the tank for your poor excuse of a prewsident that you can't bear to question him. Instead, you make pithy little comments while your fellow-bloggers comment intelligently on HF articles. Wake up!!!

    69. G W Jefferson says:

      Congress has no constitutional authority to infringe upon individuals liberty right to enter into a contract. The Supreme Court has stated that an individual has a liberty right to contract. See Meyer v. Nebraska (1923). A relationship between a doctor and his patient is one of a contract. The doctor agrees to supply medical treatment and the patient agrees to pay for it. It is a contract protected by law. Also, an individual patient may enter into a private third-party beneficiary contract with a health insurance company that agrees to pay the doctor for his treatment of the insured patient.

      G. W Jefferson

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    71. DKID says:


    72. Ken in SB says:

      Please just let me participate in the health care system that the government runs for its employees. I'll not think any less of you for staying with what you feel is just as good.

      Would you deny the request that those of us who want to be in a large group be able to form a collective call us polarized political watchdogs and participate in the government sponsored plans that congress has???

      I am obliged to honor your desire to remain in Anthem or any wellpoint plan of your choice.

    73. ckirkland says:

      We are in our 70's have both served as officers in the military and we feel so sorry for the younger generation to have the beloved America that we grew up in be destroyed by this administration. This is nothing but a takeover of our lives and make no mistake about it.

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    75. D. L. Cromly Defianc says:

      This comment is at the end of many, May get few readers, But hopefully some one with the power or the know how will forward to the proper level to see it gets heard and we can save our country. It seems to me that we have to do more than just keep on sending so called conservatives to Washington promising changes that will never happen. We have arrived at this level of destruction after too many years of sending traitors to represent us, Traitors you say, yes traitors!! I look at every person who ever voted for anything that violated our CONSTITUTION as a traitor. We should demand that every person running for any Federal, State, County, or City office should be required to pass the litmus test of declaring before God and Country how they will adhere to, protect, honor,and support our CONSTITUTION as written. It is time for the American people to take our nation back.We need to make it an act of treason to do ANYTHING that violates the letter of our CONSTITUTION. Those that do should be arrested and if found guilty taken out and shot.We need to purge our Federal courts of any and all who have demonstrated where they stand based on past decisions. We need to go back to, say, the Cooledge term and repeal all parts of laws that do not comform. (within limits of practicality) The motto of our nation for this next election should be-"POLITICAL CORRECTNESS, NO, CONSTITUTIONAL CORRECTNESS YES, YES, YES!!!!!

      I see no reason to send any one to Wahington promising the moon on a paper platter. We will get what we deserve, more of the same.Our country was founded by Christians and used Christian principles to form this new government. We as a nation have turned our back on God. If we as a nation don't return to our heritage we are doomed. Fellow Americans, we need to get on our knees and repent, pray and ask God to help us return, He cannot help us until we do. There are two forces at work in the world today vying for the souls of men. The force of good and the force of evil. God and Satan. Truth and the liar. Light and darkness, and the list goes on. At the botom is where we stand. We are servants of God or servants of Satan.Let us choose to serve God and send God fearing men and women to Wahington and take our country back and write laws to see that our grandchildren will live free. God Bless America!!!!!

    76. Karl Kauffman says:

      Why is the president a democrate. I thought that as president he should be impartial, the leader of all. Why is he so partial and negative toward the republicans.

      I don't remember a president, except maybe Jimmy Cater, that acted like this.

    77. Pam Lawrence, Cheste says:

      I agree that this is a spiritual battle more than a political battle. And when the President of the United States says that we are no longer a Christan nation, does that not shine a light on what these people know? THEY know it's a spiritual battle! We have swallowed their lies about separation of church and state, our Christian leaders have backed off, and we have become fearful to rock any boats.

      Tell this to our founding fathers who gave their very lives to create this Christian country. Yes, Mr. President, a Christian country.

    78. Ben - Ohio says:

      When are the traitorous politicians going to get the hint? No matter how much we citizens let them know we don't want a National Healthcare – they are determined to cram it down our throats!

      How often do we have to say it? We don't want, we don't need National Healthcare!! We don't need it!! We don't want it!!

      The Washington elite don't care a whit about their constituency. All they're concerned with is turning our beloved America into a cookie cutter of past failed Socialist experiments. Why? P-O-W-E-R! They've convinced themselves they know better what we want. Piffle! Not one of those liberal lackeys knows what I want or what you want. Why? They've never asked me or you, have they?

      President Obama is a Marxist. Pure and simple. He and his goose-stepping minions (Reid, Pelosi, Rangel, Dingle, Boxer, et. al.) are determined to pull off a modern day Beer Hall Putsch and install BHO as Supreme Commander.

      Were the Founding Fathers able to voice their opinions of the present elected cadre, they'd charge them, each & every one, with High Treason! It's high time we pushed back & let them know we're not going to take it.

    79. gorio, calif. says:

      Mr. Obama has apparently done America a great service,by accident or design he has re-awakened the long dormant "outrage" that Americans show when the government steps all over them without just cause. The last time we were "outraged" was when Hilliary Clinton decided to "fix healthcare" behind closed doors. The pattern seems to be the same, the "fix" has to be done in secret because the "leaders" are convinced that we are not competent to participate in the decision and at the same time they are afraid we will "see through" their cleverly designed destruction of the health insurance companies so we will have no other option except "single payer" a real irony because each citizen who pays taxes is quickly becoming the only "payer" for an unsustainable debt load that has no end. The republicans should all go to the Blair House but should all wait outside except for one who would go inside with one issue to discuss. When the

      progressives try to spin it negatively the camera's will see a crowd of republicans carrying signs that say simply "We are the party of KNOW" standing outside. When they are asked what the signs are supposed to signify they can explain that they KNOW they won't be listened to, they KNOW workable solutions to healthcare costs, and they KNOW the majority of America does NOT want 2000 pages of taxes and political gimmickry to add to our healthcare costs!!!

    80. Merry Colin says:

      ALL of it is unconstitutional! PERIOD. End of sentence. Got that Barry, Harry, Nancy, and all of you nitwits?

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    83. Andrew P, Alexandria says:

      Obama will corral the 218 House votes he needs. The President's greatest power here is the power of appointments. He has many new Judgeships to fill, 2 really plum seats on the FRB, and lots of lesser short term Administration jobs. House members are generally not wealthy, and any member facing sure loss in November will find a powerful lifetime job that pays more than a Congressman very attractive. Do not be suprised if, after Obamacare passes and is signed into law, 25 House members resign and are appointed to the Federal Bench.

    84. kinnynobo, Ohio says:

      There is a simple solution…everybody work for the government. We will get great salaries (at least $75,000), many more holidays, the best and cheapest health insurance, job security, great unions, and can retire at 50 with the best retirement plan available. Live is good…hell with my kids future.

    85. Hawk Huntington Beac says:

      This excise tax on health insurance above a cap smells of AMT error of previous Democrat legislation. Hawk

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