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  • In the Green Room: Former Bush Speechwriter Marc Thiessen Defends "Enhanced Interrogation"

    Marc Thiessen, former Bush White House official and author of the new book “Courting Disaster: How the CIA Kept America Safe and how Barack Obama is Inviting the Next Attack“, gave a public lecture at The Heritage Foundation today. In his speech, he highlighted portions of his book and provided a spirited defense of President Bush’s prosecution of the War on Terror. He also explained why he thinks President Obama’s decisions have made America less safe.

    Before his speech, Thiessen sat down with us for a short interview. He spoke about his concerns with our current national security effort and why he views the “enhanced interrogation techniques” that were used under the Bush Administration as not only effective, but also moral.  Describing the CIA interrogation program as “most effective tool that we had in the War on Terror,” Thiessen went on to argue:

    We stopped attacks on our consulate in Karachi, they were planning to blow up our Marine camp in Djibouti, they were planning on repeating 9/11 in Europe by flying airplanes into Heathrow airport in downtown London they were planning on flying a plane into Library Tower in Los Angeles and other planned attacks that were foiled as a result of this program. If you think about it … under the Bush Administration we went 2,688 days without another terrorist attack. So there’s only two possibilties as to why that’s the case: either the terrorists lost interest in attacking our country or we found out what their plans were and stopped them. Now clearly the latter is the case.

    Visit our event archives to watch the speech in its entirety or browse the Foundry archives for more “In the Green Room” interviews.

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    2 Responses to In the Green Room: Former Bush Speechwriter Marc Thiessen Defends "Enhanced Interrogation"

    1. Drew Page, IL says:

      I agree with Mr. Thiessen. I believe the waterboarding tactics used to obtain the information that kept America safe were justified. Waterboarding is frightening and very uncomfortable, but it hasn't killed anyone; it hasn't left anyone with physical or mental disabilities; it hasn't left anyone scarred or broken, but it is effective.

      Three thousand innocent civilians were killed by Arab muslim terrorists on September 11, 2001. Through waterboarding interogation our CIA learned of more such planned attacks and were able to prevent other such massacres.

      There are those who will say waterboarding is torture. I disagree. I know what real torture is and this ain't it. I support its use in order to prevent further terrorist attacks.

      For those who disagree, I would ask that you try and put yourself in the position of the President of the U.S. You have in custody the admitted mastermind of an atrocity, an act of terrorism, committed by his followers on Americans, here on our own home soil. You have reason to suspect more immediate terrorist attacks on Americans. What is your responsibility to the American people? do you read the guy his "rights" and find him a lawyer, or do you waterboard the guy to find out where and when the next attack will occur?

    2. Genie Coats, Meridian, Mississippi says:

      Mr. Page, you are correct!! Even Oliver North said that waterboarding is NOT torture! We have never had the wimps that we are seeing right now in this country’s leadership. Our MEN in the past have most been REAL MEN and leaders with backbone, and not putting up with bad at all!
      Wimps usually get just what they ask for………. Capture, and destruction. You cannot be nice to BAD!! We are seeing it happen!
      That is what is wrong with our prison system even now also!! If we would castrate rapists, execute murderers instantly, etc., in other words give instant punishment to fit the crime, we would see it drop, because it would DETER others from crime and our Nation would be better off.
      Toughness wins!! Thank you.

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