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  • Morning Bell: The White House Learned Nothing from Massachusetts

    In July of last year, the American people were mostly undecided about Obamacare: equal numbers opposed and supported the health care bills that the White House was shepherding through Congress. But then August happened and informed Americans turned out at townhalls across the country to express their strong disapproval of Obamacare. The larger American public noticed and pluralities of the American people began to oppose Obamacare. The White House concluded they had a “communications problem” so they scheduled a prime time speech in front of a rare Joint Session of Congress. But the President’s speech arrogantly dismissed the concerns of the American people and after a brief uptick in support (from the low 40s to the mid 40s), opposition to the President’s plan grew.

    Then in November, liberals lost governor’s races in New Jersey and Virginia as opposition to President Obama’s signature policy priority inched towards 50%. Again the White House concluded that nothing was wrong with their policy agenda and they dismissed their setbacks in two states that had voted for President Barack Obama as local elections with weak candidates. Instead of rethinking their policies and procedures the White House doubled down and pushed for a speedy passage of Obamacare with as little debate as possible. Over the next two months the White House bought support for their health care plan with the Louisiana Purchase, the Cornhusker Kickback, and big labor tax breaks. And their behind-closed-doors, backroom-deal tactics almost worked … until Massachusetts happened.

    Just like in August and November, Sen. Scott Brown’s (R) upset win over Attorney General Martha Coakley (D) took the Obama administration completely by surprise. Again, the White House concluded they had a “communications problem” so this time they scheduled a six-hour health care summit that is supposed to take place at The Blair House, across the street from the White House, this Thursday. But like everything else that has come out of the Obama administration during this health care debate, the President’s effort to “seek common ground” at the summit is completely disingenuous. The New York Times reported this past Friday that the White House is drafting, and will release this morning, a final health care bill they expect Congress to pass quickly. And this bill is specifically designed to pass without any conservative support:

    Democratic officials said the president’s proposal was being written so that it could be attached to a budget bill as a way of averting a Republican filibuster in the Senate. The procedure, known as budget reconciliation, would let Democrats advance the bill with a simple majority rather than a 60-vote supermajority.

    And a “simple majority” does not mean they need 51 Senators. The nuclear option the White House is now pushing, reconciliation,  only requires the Obama administration to muster 50 votes before Vice President Joe Biden can cast a tie breaking vote in favor of a government takeover of health care.

    And make no mistake, a government takeover of health care is exactly what Obamacare is. Just last night the White House revealed that one new feature of their legislation will be to give the federal government sweeping new authority to set prices for health insurance. This is on top of the sweeping new authority that Obamacare already grants the federal governemnt to micromanage the coverage details of every single health insurance policy in the country. And since the nuclear option only requires 50 Democratic Senators for passage, Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) has signaled that an outright government run health insurance company, the public option, will also be included in the final bill.

    There is a reason that the longer this health care debate has dragged on, more and more Americans have become solidly against Obamacare: the plan has been exposed as a welfare state takeover of our health care sector that can only be passed by the most partisan and venal tactics. If the President was capable of listening to the American people, and learning from August, November, and Massachusetts, then he would abandon the legislative disasters still pending in the House and Senate and start over. That is what the American people want.

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    91 Responses to Morning Bell: The White House Learned Nothing from Massachusetts

    1. The Watcher, http:// says:

      We are going to kick these bums out of office in 2010 and 2012 and take back this country from the Obama administration's policies that are rooted in soft tyranny. I can't wait. Hopefully by then it won't be too late.

    2. Carol Westbrook, TX says:

      What would health care look like if we only purchased hospitalization insurance? How much of the cost we pay at the doctor's office, the testing facilities and the pharmacies is based on the cost of health insurance? How many people do any of these entities have to employ to manage the health insurance?

    3. David Greenop, 2013 says:

      The Republicans are fools to attend the White House meeting. The President has

      already got his "New & Revised" program. The barn door is already open and the

      donkey is out and about. The American people DO NOT WANT health care reform. They want jobs.

    4. Craig Britton; Jacks says:

      If this dastardly deed is actually pulled off, we should immediately begin impeachment proceedings against this wiley "new" type of dictator.

    5. C Hyatt, Albuquerque says:

      Just let them keep ignoring us. That is perfectly OK. However, we are coming in 2010 and will finish the job in 2012. We may be stupid, God fearing, Bible thumping idiots but we know how to pull the lever or punch the ballot at the polls. America will learn that "party affiliation" is not the problem, "politician" is.

    6. Rick74 says:

      This is a brilliant strategy. Since the health care "endeavor' will now only require 50 votes to pass, several Senate Democrats from the most embattled states in the 2010 elections can "opt-out" of the vote. Hence, they will not be "a party" to the final push to make this law.

      This will not be noticed by the American public and Democratic control of the next Senate will be assured …

      … and heatlh coverage will improve …

      … and health costs will go down …

      … and the Earth will start to heal itself anew …

      … and 2012 and the "second coming" will get ever closer.

    7. Lloyd Scallan - New says:

      The White House (Obama) has "learned"! The White House is learning every day how to continue deceiving the American public. What I'm very much afraid of is that people think Obama and his ilk are "stupid" or "incompetent". That is a foolish position to take. They just don't care and will not stop. What we must understand is that Obama is leading a group of Socialist, Marxist, and Communist that know exactly what they are doing. Massachusetts is just another slight bump in the road to their final goal of "transforming" American into a socialist pit. Please don't ever think Obama, or the rest ot his bunch, is not "learning" each and every day how to destroy this nation.

    8. Ken Jarvis says:

      The lesson from Mass is

      24/7 of Anti-Obama pays off

      for the GOP.

      NOT for America,

      but the GOP.

    9. Nancy Brentwood TN says:

      It is just frightening and I wonder when it will ever end!

    10. Paul Terry Stone, Su says:

      Do we have a Democracy or a Dictatorship? Apparently it"s closer to the latter because we don't want this Health Care bill.

    11. Kevin Habib, Glen Bu says:

      Thank goodness the White House is being proactive and no overly reactive and base every decision on what is easy political decisions. Legislation this large and complex is never easy or popular. Sen. DeMint and Gregg have been saying since before the first bill was introduced, if you can slow it down, you can kill it. The longer is goes through the process, the less popular it will be.

      It's sad that so many politicians will look at what is popular day to day instead of doing what is right.

      You know all too well how often the GOP abused the reconciliation process, and for them to now turn around and renounce it is just another piece of hypocrisy they are laying out for voters to see in November.

      Thankfully there are some GOP polticians that push past the BS, like the Gov. of CA who has called out the hypocrisy in his partymates on the stimulus bill.

    12. Dr Duncan Druhl, Ott says:

      Excuse me. Nice question, but what on earth would make anyone think that this president and his coterie of socialist statists will or even want to listen to the people?

      It is all well and good to assume, particularly on what used to be Washington's Birthday, that the US is still going along as a representative democracy. However, observing the behaviour – never the words for they deceive – of this administration, I cannot see how they listen to anyone but their statist agenda and their cohorts in the complete elimination of citizen choice in as many opportunities as they can dredge up. Oops, sorry, I actually meant "subject choice" as when the US continues along its corporatist pathway, we are no longer citizens but mere subjects of this regime.

      Please show us the data that contradicts this idea. While the people are speaking clearly in election after election, the administration appears to perceive its task as getting through as much of its Liberty-limiting agenda as it can before the Congress is turned around. The administration and Congressional "leadership" look and sound like they are in desperation time to we mere observers. "So much to do, so little time to get around the voice of the people," is what it sounds like from out here.

      In fact, the administration is almost as desperate sounding as the used-to-be-major-media carping on and on about Sarah Palin; acting as though they are already her press agents as nothing will turn the US people in her favour as much as the failed supporters of a failed administration saying she is not worthy.

    13. Ozzy6900 says:

      The Obama Administration is not in the market for "learning", they just do not care what we think or want. President Obama has his "plan" to redistribute all the wealth not into the pockets of the poor or welfare class, but into the coffers of the Government. President Obama is determined to make this a socialist Country and he is not going to let anything get in his way.

    14. bigdave, ocala fl says:

      Since when has this government cared about "the people"? It has ALWAYS been about THEM, hence the assinine "healthcare" bill which has more to do with power and control than health, a bill "they" have not read but want to SHOVE IT DOWN OUR THROATS, typical LIBERAL style! And IDIOTS like JON Stewart, who is really dumb for a Jew, condemns and pokes fun at REPUBLICANS for not supporting this bill, while he tries to portray the bill as a panacea of healthcare and FREE to all, and he does this along with the leftist media which literally carries the water for a gang of democrats who lie and spin about jobs and the economy and Bush on a daily basis. Democrats have learned to CONTROL by CONTRIVED CALAMITIES, then make LAWS to STEAL our hard earned MONEY and our FREEDOM! The fact we just sit by and WATCH them do it to us, then just TALK about their CRIMES is RIDICULOUS! The HERITAGE FOUNDATION is the FIRST BASTION OF THE TRUTH followed by Talk Radio and FOX NEWS. Those not exposed to these resources are unfortunately at the mercy of liars, cheats and brainwashers. ABC(all bull crap), NBC(no black commentators), CBS(canned Bu.. S..t), MSNBC(more s..t no black commentators), listen to ONE hear them ALL, no difference. The time for talking is at an end. We need to ACT, BAND TOGETHER AS AMERICANS, STAND UP AND DEMAND THEY LISTEN AND HEED OUR WORDS! THEN VOTE THEM OUT, EVEN MODERATE REPS NEED TO GO! Liberals are like a CANCER in this country, look what they have done to the rest of the world. Time for an OPERATION?

    15. Ron Derry NH says:

      What Obama has learned is that the techniques to get it through have changed, not the consensus because it was never about what America wants.

      We have been just handed a debt we didn't create, a financial dead end in the government take over of auto industry, the corrupting of congress who can't make moral decisions without first consulting with foreign power brokers at how this would apply to WORLD government ideas, and now we have a president all to willing to sell us out and claim that final destruction of independent health care and insurances have to be embrace by Marxist economic theory.

      They can not stop or consider the American people as the day they chose to bail out international money concerns was the day their hand was forced to turn inward and coerce money from every avenue of profit that America can generate. The sentiments of the people be damned as they have the likes of Hollywood to settle that down with subterfuge and phony messages of hope.

      We are dangerously close to a total detachment from the will of the people with an Ideologue who will use all means necessary to confound the laws, ignore the constitution and force compliance to economic ideas proved to enslave nations for over 100 years. Don't expect him to care what happens to congress in votes as by November the damage will be done with the binding America to a document that takes away choose by Federal decree, and seizes all Financial records across the country.

      Personally I am terrified what we have loosed upon the next generation.

    16. BARB, MN says:

      This WH and Congress does not pay any attention to the American public. They seem intent of ramming this ObamaCare bill down our throats, no matter what we say. I, like the majority of the people in this country, like the healthcare insurance that I have now. I don't know how they are planning to pay for ObamaCare. Do they plan on borrowing more billions from China?

    17. txharleyman, Austin, says:

      The folks at the Heritage Foundation are some of the smartest, best informed and most savvy people on the planet. But, lately I've noticed that some of your articles get published with the simplest of mistakes included. Bad editing hampers your ability to make a cogent point.

      For example in today's article titled, "White House Learned Nothing from Massachusetts" the opening sentence says in part "… in July of this year .." and then continues to make a point. Well, duh? It's only February of "this year" so July can't yet have happened.

      Picky? Undoubtedly! But, with our friends on the left having VERY LITTLE else to complain about when considering your thoughtful analysis, they will seize upon such trivial mistakes and run with them. These mistakes can, and should, be eliminated with proper editing.

      Thanks for all the good work that you do.

    18. Jeanne Stotler,Woodb says:

      This President, Reid and Pelosi are all arrogant, just watch him as he swivels his head from telepromter to telepromter, he is smug. There is a communication problem, it is simply that NO ONE is listening to the people. This bunch has set themselves above us, they ignore the Constitution and want to RULE not govern, he is now trying to get a radical Muslim, Rashad Hussain, appointed as deputy assoc. counsel, Be careful, very careful, there is a move underway to destroy this countryand they will do it from within if we are not ddeligent.

    19. Forrest Smith... Ala says:

      As a conservative literally and physically sickened by this president, I sincerely hope the democrats ram healthcare through with reconciliation. This will be the end of the democrat party for generations. In a center-right country, the independents determine the direction of the country and they are SPRINTING away from Obama. Ram it through, dems! You're toast.

    20. Giles, Winnsboro, TX says:

      This "new" plan as the President puts it is not a "new" plan but a reiteration of the plans we have seen from both the House and the Senate. Does the President think we are that ignorant or won't read what is on the White House website? After reading the "summaries" of "his plan" it is evident that the mentality of this administration is this: Keep repeating over and over and over and over and over and finally they will agree with the plan. Not so Mr President and Congress, we will not agree to the plan, it is invasive, places citizens in bondage to the government and forces those same citizens to pay for their health care through the government and allow the government to regulate the prices, the type of care and who we can see. It's still there plan and simple. I will repeat one more time: No government run health care, no more government spending and no more government panels to see if it can be done, stop these irresponsible actions now, review, repair and remove as necessary all programs administered by the federal government, let the states take care of their own and stop diluting the Constitution w/amendments.

    21. Bernard P. Giroux, D says:

      In November, 2010, this Congress is going to find out what Americans want. And then, the health care bill will be repealed.

    22. Pat Hartis says:

      I can only pray that the politicians that are deaf to the people in this country will all be looking for new employment after the next election.

    23. Giles, Winnsboro, TX says:

      Using the reconciliation or nuclear option to pass this horrendous bill is nothing short of treason to the oaths of office each of these elected public officials have taken. This is not a health insurance crisis, people are not being refused medical care, the federal government is desperate to fill the coffers because the fact is the government is broke and this is only one of many "options" on the table to take in more funds to continue the fiscal irresponsibility already in place. The federal government is not concerned with anything but their bank account, we get it, it is time to cancel the endless credit card and take responsibility for every penny you have been entrusted with.

    24. John, Michigan says:

      How about that sharp pivot to JOBS. Will it happen when congressmen start filing for unemployment? Americans reject government run health care. We don't trust government to do anything right, even those things they HAVE to be entrusted with. If we aren't being listened to now, what will it take to be heard?

    25. sandbun, MN says:

      I notice you talk about polling number, right up until you start mentioning the public option. Wonder why that is? Could it be that you only care about polling numbers if they agree with your point of view?

      Also, the idea that an election in one state is a referendum that shows the mood of the entire country is just ridiculous.

    26. J.C. Hughes, Texas says:

      This is what happens when self-serving boneheads are elected into public office. Take a bad situation and make it far worse. This is Obama's so called "CHANGE"? Congress and the administration need to drop this whole "healthcare reform" mess. Return all social entitlement and welfare programs back to the sovereign individual states as prescribed by our founders' true federalist principles. ENOUGH is ENOUGH! It's time to send these bums a well deserved pink slip.

    27. Blair, Franconia, NH says:

      That's not true. The White House, and Democrats in general, got a bunker mentality

      and are now in their own Fuhrer Bunker. Obama should remember what happened to

      Adolf Hitler in his own Fuhrer Bunker.

    28. Daversity says:

      This would be shocking if it was originating from any other white house. To utterly disregard the will of the American people to pass a wealth redistribution plan is unprecedented in it's arrogance and scope of ignorance.

      How in the world does any "capitalist society," "give the federal government sweeping new authority to set prices for health insurance?" Marxists do.

      2 years, 9 months and 6 days…

      Have I mentioned lately that for the first time in my adult life, I am ashamed to be a citizen of this government?

    29. Jim Smith New York says:

      On this new bill, Rahm will be wielding a minimum of three Louisville Sluggers, especially for the recalcitrent, the retarded and the recalcitrent retarded. He will also display his full, unabridged collection of four letter words, death threats and the witholding of campaign funds, some of which comes from non-union supporters.

    30. David Evans, St. Cha says:

      The (R) party should not attend the meeting and make clear why!

    31. Gary Cheyenne Wyomin says:

      This whole thing about the Obama health Care Plan is noting more then take the pride away for the people that want to handle they own life, with out the government running every thing in our life. I was all ways worried the this would end up in the 51 vote because they think we are not smart enough to take care of our self. My question is how and when will the american people wake up? How and can we trun this around after they do the 51 vote or can we? GAry

    32. Lloyd Welch Valdese, says:

      This makes it clear that Obama, Polosi and Reid could care less what the people care or think about this issue. How can decent people stand in light of such obivious hatred of our values and principals? Only with God.

    33. Cindy, California says:

      If this new Obamacare scam gets passed by reconciliation, the Democrats in Congress are doomed—but so is all of America! These progressives know that, but believe a government takeover is worth the cost. What a sad day it will be if they get away with it. How can this country survive 3 more years of tyrany from this President?

    34. Christopher Popham S says:

      The remarks here regarding the illicit meanderings of "Obamacare" are causing

      my head to explode. The Feb. 25th meeting at Blair House is nothing short of a

      sham. The Administration, after all this time is coming up with its own proposals?

      And apparently leaving out Pelosi and Reid. We just don't get it.

      The American people and even some of the MSM see right through this scam.

      Yes, the widespread plurality of citizens does not wish to have this inane and costly

      legislation forced through Congress.

      Mr. President: with all due respect, your focus should be on jobs and getting America

      economically back on track. We shall address these domestic issues after we have

      achieved 'fiscal good health'. Kindly start over, before it's too late for America.

      Indeed, if Massachusetts is a barometer of Nov. 2nd, then you and Congress should

      be concerned.

      The 21st Century American Revolution has begun, and it starts now and with our votes in Nov.

    35. Lee, Alabama says:

      The White House HAS learned a lesson from Massachusetts.

      In it's arrogance, it is CHOOSING to IGNORE the "lesson."

      Those in Washington are not STUPID, they are arrogant and self-serving.

      THAT is what we are fighting.

    36. William Darlington says:

      It's been clear from the outset that this administration is beholden to a shadow government's agenda and not to the wishes of the majority of the American people.

      The shadow government that put them in office pulls the strings and Obama and his minions dance.

      Why else would these liberal politicos seek self-destruction in the face of overwhelming disapproval ? Might the rewards (or lack of punishment) from their puppet masters outweigh their popular disapproval and certain loss of re-election.

      It's all about power, money and influence and it's clear that the American people lack all three at this point in history. The seeds that were sown in the early years of the 20th century have yielded the desired crop.

    37. tdg54 says:

      Where is the outrage? It's coming to a polling booth near you.

    38. Jack Geary says:

      Send this article to Sen. Scott!

    39. Silvia New Jersey says:

      This government is the government of


      "NO TRUTHS"




    40. J.C. Hughes, Texas says:

      A short 2006 commentary by David Gelernter titled Back to Federalism: the proper remedy for polarization. The Weekly Standard, Vol. 11, No. 28, is available at http://www.weeklystandard.com/Content/Public/Arti…. A necessary and beneficial handout for summit attendees.

    41. Bob Veigel, Arlingto says:

      The White House is a closed house. It and the people who occupy the house have closed minds. And closed minds are not only empty minds they are very dangerous and destructive minds.

    42. ann kitay, fulton, t says:

      Perhaps, if we survive this attack on our liberty, the next time some politician says he/she will vote their "Conscience" we'll delve deeper to ascertain exactly what said conscience is telling them. We are seeing change; seems hope is out the window; that leaves us with a 'wing and a prayer'.

    43. Judith in Michigan says:

      Arguments can be made for both sides of the upcoming health-care summit this Thursday. Republicans don't show up and be seen as not willing to work with Democrats. Come to the summit, walk into a trap, but let the country see just how Democrats will not let Republicans, nor the American people for that matter, have any input.

      The issue, to me, is that if this bill of the Dems is shoved through and becomes law, The United States of America, as it was founded, will cease to exist.

      Think this is being overly dramatic? Check out the history of such Socialist nations like Cuba, and Venezuela. Check out the Socialist- leaning countries in Europe and around the globe . Look at all of the avowed "Progressives (Socialists)" infiltrating this administration

      Are you so selfish that you want this for your own personal benefit (what's in it for me?!) and the rest of America be dammed?

      Pay VERY careful attention to the details coming out about this legislation. What I've heard today, so far, should frighten every citizen in America.

      Contact your Congress people and let them know what you think. It is your right and obligation . Someday, these rights, too, may be taken away.

    44. Lee White Tanks AZ says:

      With the Climate Change dependent AGW hoax exposed the "lets grab for control of everything crowd" (read Liberals) are on the verge of losing their greatest ever opportunity to almost completely "collectivize" the US.

      The ObamaCare legislation, complete with all of its original warts, still offers them a grab at the single most significant economic and psychologically binding sector of our business and "Social" environment.

      This bill is catastrophic with respect to a Constitutional Democratic Republic form of government as practiced in the United States. This is way, way beyond the "nose of the camel".

      PC is Thought Control.


    45. Gayle Kindall 94553 says:

      absolutely correct–Obama has been dictating to the people and it is dis-

      gusting. The intended manipulation has got to be stopped. Find him un-

      constitutional, destructive. Telling banks, car companies,etc. how to run

      their businesses. Get the gov. out of health care. Let free enterprise run it.

      Costs would come down, especially with tort reform.

    46. Bryant Pollard, Magn says:

      This is outrageous! We need to gather all available Legal Constitutional minds together and come up with a way to stop this madness. There has got to be a way to legally impeach the President for trying to surcomvent the peoples will. And, all states that have recall in their laws, need to start the process of recalling their Senators and Represenatives. Let's really put the fear of the people into these idiots.

    47. Bryant Pollard, Magn says:

      I am writing to Rick Perry, Governer of the Great State of Texas, and asking him to issue a non-participation statement or decree in this Federal Fiasco! The State of Texas should not recognize the Federal Government's authority to impose government controlled Health Care over the citizens of Texas. Texas is one of the few states that can go it alone. Our economy is strong enough to survive and prosper without any help from the Feds.


      George Will perfectly explained the Soros/ O'bama Liberal Fascist strategy. On the face of it, it seems to make no sense that O'Bama would defy the will of the people as it has been clearly expressed. The final health care bill now contains a public option previously dropped and as the government my now price fix charges made by insurance companies they will quite quickly go out of business.

      I will now paraphrase Mr. Will.

      There are presently just over 50% of the three hundred million American population who pay 0-3% of their income in taxes and are also the largest segment of welfare recipients. In other words their welfare benefits: free medical care, food stamps, tax rebates!, housing, and education far exceed 0/3% they pay in taxes. Should the proposed social welfare programs O'bama has proposed so far actually pass, that percentage will increase to 60%. This will mean that a voting majority will have a vested interest in the receipt of welfare. They will be a permanent Democrat constituency. They will not vote for anyone who would try to cut back their benefits. The Democrats if they are able to accomplish this, that they be voted out in this election cycle would be irrelevant. The Republicans will not last long and in any event, would do what they almost always do cater to the same welfare constituency on the moronic theory that the stiffing of conservatives and the abandonment of principle will keep them in power.

      Add to the 60%, an expanding federal bureaucracy predominantly democrat, and the vote of illegal aliens issued driver's licenses and you have finally a one party, liberal fascist state.

      The real tragedy is that this beast was created in the last eight eyes by Repubicans and Democrats working in a bi partisan fashion. Of course, those who swore and oath to protect the Constitution instead betrayed its plain, elegant words.

    49. Jerry Smith 3058sw r says:

      I'm a very fortunate person to have had health ins.most of my life,

      Now that I'm retired I have Medicare, and a secondary Ins, my

      secondary Ins, increased by 50%, I would rather be in this position,

      than what the government is trying to shove down our throats.



    50. Dennis Social Circle says:

      It is all about power and controll, pelosi, reid and obama have the power now, they want all the controll too. WE MUST VOTE IN 2010 AND BEYOND, THE DEMS MUST BE THROWN OUT, AND ALL THE REPUBLICANS THAT GO ALONG WITH THEM.THIS IS JUST COMMINUIM, SOCIALISN OR MARXISM, NAME AND IT IS IT. IT IS NOT THE AMERICAN WAY.

    51. Lee Silen says:

      This has not all come about through stupidity, it is a planned operation that is taking place as planned. Obama is only a player in the grand scheme to build the Global and North American Union.

      At their meeting in Waco, Texas, at the end of March 2005, U.S. President George W. Bush, Mexican President Vicente Fox, and Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin committed their governments to a path of cooperation and joint action.

      After 911, why would any intellegent President refuse to seal off our borders and jail anyone that did their job on the borders such border guards Ramose and Campion had done?

      Why would Obama be allowed to run for the most important office in our Nation while hiding all important information about his qualifications to hold that office when Bush could have demanded full disclosure?

      Have any of you readers got a reasonable answer OTHER THAN Bush was simply following through with his plans to put us into his Global Government? I'd love to hear any true and thinking American come up with a reasonable answer, If I'm off base!!

      Lee Silen

    52. Roger / Clarence, NY says:

      This has gone far beyond "not wanting to listen to the American People." This president has been backed into a corner and has decided that if he cannot have it "his way," then he will totally destroy it so that nobody gets anything. He reminds me of the neighborhood bullies of my early days. If he can make everyone miserable, then he will have his revenge. We can pull the rug out from under him in the November mid-term elections if Americans will awaken and get their act together.

    53. ACE SEZ BISHOP, cALI says:

      Am I the only person that suspicions Obama will institute "Martial Law" (any feeble excuse will do) between now and the November 2010 elections?

      Just the voiced threat of 'throwing out all incumbents' in 2010 elections can be misconstrued as civic rebellion—-hence call out the troops against the American citizens?

    54. toledofan says:

      It should be crystal clear to everyone, except this administration, that this bill has little to do with fixing healthcare and actually bolsters the governments control over a large piece of the economy and provides another mechanism to increase taxes. Tax is mentioned 35 times in Obama's plan, unbelieveable. The American people are seeing first hand the liberal agenda and this bill, whether we want it or like it, will be jammed down our throats. It's obvious that this administration cares little for the American people and regards their ideology as the sole purpose for their agenda.

    55. Lee White Tanks AZ says:

      Has something gone wrong here with the "Moderation" function?

      There are some 10 comments that can be seen at the RSS 2.0 feed and there are only three showing as Comments following the article.Mine is there and was submitted a couple of hours ago.

    56. joe says:

      The arrogance of thinking you can just put a pretty bow on a 5lb bag of sh*t and claim it's something other that a bag of sh*t is astonishing to me.

    57. Roy Callahan says:

      This is a very good article and I agree with the premise. There is one problem however. The Constitution is not mentioned. Article 1, Section 8, of the Constitution was never amended to allow social security, medicare and medicaid as a federal program. It was illegally enacted after FDR and some congressional thugs decided to pack the Supreme Court. If you look at the history, the supreme court until 1935 said most of what was going on was unconstitutional. Heritage was absolutely correct about the individual mandate. I keep hoping they will expose the fraud and unconstitutional background that social security, medicare and medicaid is. Finally, what so many people do not understand is the states can do this if they want to but the Federal Government Cannot. It's not constitutional.

    58. Mike, Chicago says:

      Obamacare and Obamanomics must be derailed.

    59. Don, Raleigh, NC says:

      This President, his administration and this U.S. Congress, including some who call themselves Republicans have no compulsion to adhere to the wishes of the people except around election time when they tell us what they know full well we all want to hear and then, when time after time they're elected and reelected, proceed with their own agenda; special interests, earmarks, payoffs, handouts, go along to get along, business as usual. And why not. Who the hell has been paying attention? Certainly not a good percentage of the American people many of whom are no longer worthy of the designation, "American." Obama and company have no respect for the will of the people convinced as they are that only their "superior intellect" can direct a nations affairs fully aware that all other "isms" have failed but only because others didn't have their "smarts." Popular uprisings? Pat em on the head, good dog, now sit down and shut up while we fundamentally transform America. We are reaping what we've sown and now we need to re-plow the field and use this bunch for fertilizer..

    60. Steve Shirk says:

      How do we stop this now? We've done everything short of outright public humiliation of the president and his policies. Still, he ignores us!

    61. Steve Shirk Atlanta, says:

      How do we stop this now? We have done everything possible short of public humiliation of the president and his policies. Still, he ignores us!

    62. Mike New York says:

      Change we can believe in [the most evil words I have ever heard]…..this is exactly what Karl Marx promised, and people seemed to agree until Change was implemented. Obama, Marx, Reid, Pelosi are the agents of control, despots, and it will not be long until we answer to the democrats for every aspect of our lives. Our freedoms are gone. Consider this; Democrats are very good at spending other peoples money, but not their own. Look at the demographics; more criminals are democrats than republicans, more democrats and liberals are athiests than republicans, more democrats want YOUR money than republicans. America, wake up, you voted for change and this is exactly what you got!!!!!

    63. wallyblu Zion IL says:

      The insurance companies should just say we will no longer provide health care insurance, since the Government is going to do it all, then see who the Obama Administration blames.

    64. steve Cariati says:

      Don from Raleigh NC is correct. The elites know best. Of course they heard but they do not care one wit what "the great unwashed" think about anything. If they get Healthcare they get power for the government over 1/6th of the economy. Couple that with their regulations over Financial firms and their Utopia of Socialism/Communism controlled by the Elite will have been achieved. You see in their minds the right people were not in charge in the Soviet Union. They still believe in the Ideology of Communism-they believe in the more Government the better. Make no mistake about this-they want power and that means diminished freedom for America. They will take care of us. How wonderful. Next time America, vote for Hope and Change when it is defined and specified. And yes remember our Media-trained at Columbia and other Liberal institutions. They trained agendized Journalists just like Dan Rather who would rather look the other way than to look for truth. Sad country for the elite media-you failed the United States by not unearthing this fraud of a President with the personality that no one can dislike unless they understand his policies. So yes Obama does not care what the public thinks-there are enough folks out there who are uninformed and want government to take care of them-for him to blithely move forward protecting the people from the evils of Capitalism. Never mind that our Debt has grown to unbelievable heights, that Social Security is unfunded with Medicare and Medicaid to the tune of $50 trillion. They will just keep spending and building debt because thene they can say- higher taxes. We need the taxes to go up so we can care for you. They like debt they like government power.

      So this November the informed had best turn out to explain at the ballot box what the Government apparently cannot hear right now. God help us all!

    65. Terri, Georgia says:

      The majority party has violated the Constitution in every way they can think of. We don't need any more proof that this is a deliberate attack on our founding principles and freedoms. Identify these policies for what they are: a government take-over, that leads to government control stripping us of our liberties. It is time to stand up and fight and learn a hard lesson, that the failed policies, strategies and suppressive government of the tired, old communist "progressive" thinking of the past DOES NOT WORK. I'll spread the wealth before it's taken by supporting every conservative candidate who upholds the Constitution and our founding principles. I'll call for our Constitution be reinstated as it is suppose to be adhered to and every piece of legislation in violation of the Constitution be rebuked, rescinded, repealed and rejected. Government cannot make our lives better. But God can. May God have mercy on our country.

    66. Lee, Alabama says:

      The White House has learned the lesson from Massachusetts.

      Washington is ignoring it so that they may continue their self-serving, condescending ways.

      That's it in a nutshell.

    67. Leith Wood Richmond, says:

      Republicans, take a stand and do not go to the B.O. meeting on health care. Who cares what the Democrats call us ; thinking people in America will see integrity and strength at work.

    68. Sue From Detroit says:

      The republicans should not attend that health care summit. If Obamacare passes we are doomed. The Dems are playing a very dangerous game. They do not care about the average American. This bill was suppose to lower health care cost and have every one insured. This bill will do the opposite and put more money and power in the Dems hands.

    69. Len, Alexandria,KY says:

      I just have ONE Question for the Obama Progressive klan..;" ARE YOU REALLY AS STUPID AS YOU ACT" ??? Did you already forget New Jersey, Virginia, Massachussets??? Have you yet to realize plain truth being that 2+2=4 no matter how you try to " fudge it" ??? and that trusting REID to get anything done in the Senate can only result in further decay of trust for your administration??? Take apage from Governors that are able to FIX WHAT IS WRING and Balance Budgets by INTELLIGENTLY Solve one Problem at a time even when Congress and the Loons in the WH cause them!!!

    70. Red in Denver says:

      Is it just ME or wouldn't you think that the Obama administration should have waited until AFTER their 'bi-partisan' meeting to putlicize their new health care plan?

    71. Pat Allen, Harriman, says:

      Obama is the Al Davis of politics. Just get it passed,baby! Too bad no conservatives have the stones to ram their agenda through. Hopefully there is a way for the next administration to erradicate the dissemblement. Vote them out!

    72. Pingback: Maricopa County Republican Committee

    73. Monte Crooks, Presco says:

      There are no points in this debacle which could (should) pass Constitutional scrutiny. Even a very loose interpretation of the Commerce clause meets a multitude of barriers. I mean, fining or declaring a person to be a criminal for choosing to not purchase a commercial product? Even the supposedly revised Obama version just put forth still contains the "Louisiana Purchase."

      I always suspected the Soviet Union had been driven underground and not actually defeated. Then came the painful surprise that its savior was actually "We the People." Maybe enough of us will awaken in time to keep a certain red banner from being superimposed over Old Glory's field of stars.

    74. Tomato Potato, San B says:

      Global warming and the 2016 olympics what really happened:

      michell and barack stayed up until 3 am preparing cue cards for baracs copenhagen presentation to the 2016 summer olympic committee. michell and barack packed the cue cares into a black brief case and headed off on air force 1 to copenhagen.

      first up and infront of the olympic committee was the prime minister of tokyo. he told the committee that if tokyo didn't win the olympics that there would be no more olympics because global warming was going to kill us all.

      barac was next and him and michell pulled up to folding chairs in front of the committee and michell took out the first cue cards for barac to read. barac said that if chicago didn't win the 2016 summer olympics that global warming was gonna kill us all. michelle got the second cue card out barac read it saying that after we die from global warming that a tsunami would kill us all again. barac was feeling pretty smug and confident about this time. michelle got the third cue card out barac read it. barac said if chicago wins the olympics that the little black girls could get jerry curls put in their hair for the special event. barac was really confident now. michelle got the 4th and last cue card out and barac said that if chicago wins the 2016 summer olympics that the muggers in chicago not having enough work currently mugging subway goers could mug olympic goers and achieve full employment stimulating the economy. barac was really confident but he lost anyways and upon his return to the white house rahm emanuel was standing on the front porch of the white house with his arms crossed and tapping his toe on the front porch steps of the white house. barac upon landing at the white house saw that rahm was fit to be tied so barac asked what was wrong rahm. rahm said barac you did everything right over in copenhagen but you forgot to tell the olympic committe that chicken little said the sky was gonna fall if chicago didn't win the 2016 summer olympics. barac said your right but i'm only human so they kissed and made up and held hands walking into the white house together.

    75. cella smith ohio says:

      We must vote them out. Stop this insanity. I do not want obamacare. Makes me sick. Jody wv

    76. tsav says:

      The best thing we can do is register or re-register as independent, i.e. non party affilated. That is the best way that we can make all politicians compete for our vote.

    77. Eleanor Hiatt ...Sar says:

      It is my firm belief that Obama and his Czars are doing exactly what they have planned. Their goal is to destroy the very foundations of the U.S. and put into practice all they have learned from their Left Wing professors, pastors, mentors! They are well on the way to suceeding and the Conservatives are still saying "Don't they ever learn?" The Dems DON'T CARE about these small losses of Mass.,Va.etc. Obama has said publicly that he doesn't care if he gets elected for a second term. They are moving fast and will destroy our country in one term! His plan IS working! They want ALL the citizens to be dependent on the government! They will be in total control! Isn't that the goal of all Communist and Socialist? They have already taken over our banks, polluted our childrens' minds & morals in the schools,extremely liberal judges in our courts, weakened the military, our economy is in a shambles and soon they'll control our healthcare! Why, oh why can the Conservatives not see this and stop saying "won't the Dems ever learn?" My point is for Conservatives to WAKE UP and know the Dems. are accomplishing their goals faster than they ever dreamed possible! They have learned how to defeat us!

      Please,please sound the alarm!

    78. robert sargent westv says:

      obama lies to the american people.he and his followers want nothing but power.they do not care about you or your childern.i pray that this set up in the blare house on the 25th ends with the republicans walking out.save our freedom vote them out in 2010 and2012.

    79. Rymond Schalow says:

      I would be wary of Scott Brown as a poster child for conservatism. His stand on abortion and his support of Reid's jobs bill sends signals to me that he may not be the 41st vote on anything!

    80. J. White//Quinton, N says:

      Did anyone with even the smallest iota of intellect expect anything else from an arrogant narcissist? Lying is what a narcissist does to kep himslef in high opinion of himsalf……..A psychiatrist has said publicly that thismisbegotten person posing as OUR president has a serious personality disorder and is unfit to be in charge of anthting except a latrine because that is all he deals with his "speehces"- sounds too muc like Hitler…they are all verbal fertilizer…than again, when people keep re-electing the vermin back into Congress, can we realistically expect anything else????

      When is the other shoe going to drop? The "National Police Farce" he proposed…to refute the military- which he fears greatly….

      This incompetent person needs careful attention and every effort to render him unable to accomplish his professors' goals of destroying the capitalist basis for the US…When will the rest of the nation come to realize that he abhors this nation and its very foundations because HE "thinks" HE is better and wants to have HIS control over our lives……….??

    81. Neil T. Goeckerman says:

      If reconciliation is employed and the House passes this power grab by the socialists the next stop must be the courts. Delay, delay, delay until November. After the 2010 elections Obamacare will be in the dustbin of history, Hopefully the elected representatives will not succumb to Harry Reid and reconcilliation will not be employed and if it is it will be defeated.

    82. James W. Smith, Adki says:

      I have been reading your Morning Bell for some time now and enjoy it, you tell it like it is. I wish someone from your organization would contact Glen Beck. I have listened to him and Rush for years but Beck has gone off his rocker. In my opinion he is trying to organize a third party and get it on the ballot. Has he gone crazy, and don't remember how Clinton got into office. Ross Perot did not have a chance, but he split the votes and Clinton got in, it would not surprise me if the Cllintons didn't pay Ross back for the money he spent. A third party is a sure way for Obama to get a second term, thanks to the a party.

    83. scott bowling green, says:

      we the people are being hoodwinked by the corruption in washington,

      it time we clean house on them all and elect constituional canadates.

      back to the basic prinicple, we the people are in charge and they work for us.

      if there was ever a time for term limits, it's now.

      scott (disabled vet. )

    84. Carole L. Vohs Valle says:

      It appears this administration and liberal senators, representatives are brain dead, couldn't care less about what "we the people" think, or have some kind of scheme/plan in mind that they are trying to fulfill. Frankly, I think it is all three.

    85. eva, new jersey says:

      You people just don't get it: he doesn't give a flip about what the people want or don't want. He doesn't care about his popularity polls. All he cares about it pushing through his fascist agenda as fast as he can, now that he's in power. Just look at the frenzied hurry they're in. With all the serious problems facing this country and the world, all that's on their minds is Healthcare?? And I wouldn't put ANYTHING past him.

    86. Marsha Hatfield says:

      This federal government is supposed to be,…"of,by,and,for the people…" When it no longer functions as designed, it is our constitutional right to overthrow it. I am not suggesting another revolutionary war, but instead one of voter response. Every American with an ounce of patriotism and civic pride MUST vote these arrogant elitists out of office. This country was not designed to be a carbon copy of any other. That is what makes us special. It's citizens have the right to make their own decisions, regardless of their intelligence. If any would chose" stupidity and self destruction", it is his right and the government does not have the right to "protect" it's citizens from themselves. That is the "benevolent" position of the current administration. We poor peons are so ill informed and have such limited capacity for intelligence that we cannot possibly be trusted to make beneficially correct decisions for ourselves. Even Marx recanted his own philosophy after observing it in practice.

    87. Pingback: Morning Bell: A Sham of a Summit for a Sham of a Bill | Fix Health Care Policy

    88. bigdave, ocala fl says:

      OK, that does it, this country can no longer AFFORD another minute of RULE by this KNOW-NOTHING, DUMB-AS-A-ROCK PRETENDER in the White House. This IDIOT has the audacity to talk down to people who actually know what they are talking about and put on such an ARROGANT AIR which screams out loudly "I DON"T KNOW WHAT I AM DOING HERE…I SHOULD BE SITTING ON MY THRONE EATING KOBE BEEF!". IDIOTS put him there and why wait for an election which may not happen anyway? We should remember the MEDIA and HOLLYWOOD put the man there, and they protect his stupidity to this day! Make excuses, do not report anything negative about our MESSIAH. MEDIA HAS YET TO TELL THE TRUTH ABOUT OBAMASCARE(you read it right, just left out the apostrophe), they continue to LIE and SPIN. Maybe they are all communists and just don't know it yet.

    89. Jackson, Denton, TX says:

      I have no doubt that these socialists will be ousted from office in 2010 and 2012 but that may be too late to get the horses back into the barn.

    90. Pingback: Morning Bell: A Sham of a Summit for a Sham of a Bill | Step Down Obama

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