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  • Morning Bell: A No-Cost Stimulus That Can Create Real Jobs for the American People

    In today’s Wall Street Journal, former President Bill Clinton’s pollster Doug Schoen writes: “Sen. Evan Bayh’s stunning decision to retire should serve as more than a wake-up call to Democrats. It should spur a fundamental re-examination and reorientation of the party’s policies, practices and approaches leading into the fall election. Let’s be clear. The Democratic brand is in trouble — big trouble. … The Democrats need to do a number of things. First and foremost, they need to recognize there is only one fundamental issue in America: jobs.”

    Unfortunately, the White House is not getting the message. Where Schoen urges President Barack Obama to “go back to square one” on health care, The New York Times is reporting that the Obama administration is doing the exact opposite: they are set to introduce their own health care bill on Monday that is specifically designed to pass the Senate through reconciliation on a strictly partisan vote. And when the left is not continuing to shove a government takeover of health care down the throats of the American people, they are working on a second stimulus plan that repeats all of the same big government borrow-and-spend mistakes of the first.

    And there is no debate: by any objective measure, President Obama’s first stimulus was a complete failure. When President Obama signed the $862 billion first stimulus, the unemployment rate stood at 7.6% and the U.S. economy employed 133.5 million people. The President promised that, thanks to his stimulus, unemployment would never go higher than 8.2% and the U.S. economy would support 138.6 million jobs by December 2010. Today, unemployment is 9.7%, after rising above 10%, and the U.S. economy has lost almost 6 million jobs, leaving the White House 9 million jobs short of the 138.6 million they promised to deliver. The White House may claim their stimulus “saved” 2 million jobs, but they have zero real world evidence of this. As Heritage fellow Brian Riedl explains:

    Specifically, the White House’s “proof” that the stimulus created jobs is an economic model that they programmed to assume that stimulus spending automatically creates jobs. How’s that for circular logic?

    The idea that government spending creates jobs makes sense only if you never ask where the government got the money. It didn’t fall from the sky. The only way Congress can inject spending into the economy is by first taxing or borrowing it out of the economy. No new demand is created; it’s a zero-sum transfer of existing demand.

    If deficit spending were the path to real-world economic growth, then the Greek economy would be booming. It’s not. There is an alternative. There are some no-cost measures our federal government could take that could create the space for American entrepreneurship and private investment, resulting in real long-term job growth. Heritage fellow James Sherk identifies eight such measures, including:

    • Freezing all proposed tax hikes and costly regulations at least until unemployment falls below 7 percent;
    • Freezing spending and rescinding unspent stimulus funds;
    • Reforming regulations to reduce unnecessary business costs, such as repealing Section 404 of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act;
    • Reforming the tort system to lower costs and uncertainty facing businesses;
    • Removing barriers to domestic energy production;
    • Suspending the job-killing Davis-Bacon Act (DBA);
    • Passing pending free-trade agreements with South Korea, Colombia and Panama; and
    • Reducing taxes on companies’ foreign earnings if they bring those earnings home.

    Those wishing to score cheap political points against the conservative movement often falsely claim that conservatives hate the federal government. Nothing could be further from the truth. As The Mt. Vernon Statement, signed Tuesday by a broad coalition of conservative leaders, attests, our nation’s Founding Fathers ratified a U.S. Constitution that “created an enduring framework of limited government based on the rule of law.” But while government is necessary to establish the rule of law required for any free market to function, that government must also be limited so that it does not create the uncertainties in the marketplace that undermine economic growth. The specific measures outlined above are consistent with these principles. And Doug Schoen is right - the Obama administration “needs to understand that the American people, particularly those who support the tea party movement, will only come back to Democrats if it demonstrates that it understands voters’ desire to return to the kind of limited government the movement endorses.”

    Quick Hits:

    Townhall will continue to live-stream all Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) events in the Marriott Ballroom today and throughout the conference.

    In light of the failed United Nations Conference on Climate Change in Copenhagen last December, U.N. Climate Chief Yvo de Boer announced his resignation yesterday.

    The International Atomic Energy Agency declared for the first time yesterday that they had extensive evidence of “past or current undisclosed activities” by Iran’s military to develop a nuclear warhead.

    A series of online attacks on Google and dozens of other American corporations have been traced to computers at two institutions in China, including one with close ties to the Chinese military.

    Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) personally attacked Reps. Eric Cantor (R-VA), Shelley Moore Capito (R-WV), Scott Garrett (R-NJ) and Tom Rooney (R-FL) for their participation in a video web chat about Obama’s Failed Stimulus hosted by Heritage yesterday.

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    55 Responses to Morning Bell: A No-Cost Stimulus That Can Create Real Jobs for the American People

    1. Bob Godwin, Jarretts says:

      They understand what it takes to stimulate adn maintain a free market boom, but since it is anathema to their ingrained need to grow control by big government they simply cannot do it. This will not change.

    2. Sue From Detroit says:

      Obama, Pelosi and Reid and the far left believe the government is tha answer to all of U.S economic failings. The reality is the opposite. They refuse to admit they are wrong. As Milton said many moons ago " Rather Rule In Hell Than Serve In Heaven", that is how they think. They have to be stopped and kicked out of power. They are destroying this country.

    3. Jack Lohman says:

      How did Bush's tax cuts work out for us? I would suggest that if we get the
      corruption of campaign contributions out of the system we'll fix our problems overnight.

      Jack Lohman

    4. R. George Dunn says:

      Northern Light: Where USA went wrong fiscally & how FairTax will fix it,

      By R. George Dunn

      The Fair Tax is the Salvation of the United States of America and it's Constitution of liberty and Freedom of We the People.


    5. Whicket Williams Kin says:

      I can understand Mt Stacks frustration. It seems that writing letters and using logic has absolutely no effect whatsoever. I think the notion that anything at all except removal from office will effect any of these people is extremely naive. We Must remove ALL of them. And, we cannot simply replace them with more of the same, we must put our own people in, chosen from among ourselves, who will do our will, not the will of the powerful interest who currently ENSLAVE us all.

    6. Ben C. Ann Arbor, MI says:

      Another factor in the equation of recovery is the “union” influence on business and government spending. This morning I had a client in my office who moved from England to the US ten years ago to work for one of our automotive companies. He said flat out that ‘unions” were destroying England until Maggie Thatcher (his words) broke the back of the “unions.” His position is that “unions” reduced the competiveness of the English companies reducing exports to other companies. The short term “union” gain in salaries for “union” workers hurt the long term success of the companies. Given the profound influence of “unions” at all levels and their ability to create a monopoly in the USA it is time to “break their back” as done by Maggie Thatcher. Until we are competitive in world markets we will continue to be a ‘consumer nation” and slide down the slippery slope of bankruptcy.

    7. Ozzy6900 says:

      I just heard on the radio that President Obama's Administration signed over $1.4 billion to Las Vegas for Public Housing! You mean to tell me that Las Vegas can't afford to deal with Public Housing on its own?

      Just the other day, President Obama stated on camera that "we are spending too much money….". Yes, Mr. President, The Federal Dept of Housing and Management is one of the triplicated departments that needs to be closed down! Add this to a $1.8 million Turtle Run under a Florida Highway (Stimulus Money, there people – or should I say Porkulous Money), it's no wonder we (the USA) are going under!

    8. okiejim says:


    9. Denise, Ohio says:

      Agree with some of this in principle —but I must ask: how is expanding free trade (especially w/noxious countries such as N. Korea who starve their citizens into submission & mandate the very thoughts their citizens are permitted to think) 'limited' government or good for America? It's certainly not in line with the Founders ideals.

      Free trade can do nothing long term but expand the growing income gap (that can be demonstrably linked to past free trade compacts) and erase sovereignty, creating confusing liasons that interfere with American law and customs of traditional liberty. We don't need globalism. The world would be better off to see a brave example of resistance to the new world order —not cowing, and short-sighted profit-making as we slide into the same morasse.

    10. toledofan says:

      I say, let them, the democrarts, fall flat on their faces. They have created some really big problems for all of us and they just can't walk away and say 'oh well we had your best interest at heart, we're sorry we did all the worng things'. They have to be held accountable. The short list of 8 actions to jump start the economy are great and these are the things we should be talking about and not worring about the governments take over of healthcare. There are so many examples of failed liberal policies, it's hard to imagine that anyone with a half of brain, would believe what we are doing today, spending ourselves into obvilion, will fix anything.

    11. Ken Jarvis says:

      To Fix the economic problems

      1. Put a Sales Tax on Advertising

      It would bring in, at least, $30 BILLION per year

      and we would have LESS ADS.

      2. No more Stimulus $$$ to those districts

      that are Represented by Anti-Obama people.

      3. Meet with Murdock to get HIM to Help.

      Murdock Rules.

      Fear Murdock.

    12. Charry says:

      The process of determining "unemployment" is not objective enough to be used for a measure of our economy. We know our President and his picked Administration have a hard time with anything like correct numbers as required in business.

      Instead of counting "Unemployment" or "Jobs saved" as a water mark-let's use the total number of jobs in the USA. This way we can not count folks not working and off employment rolls or folks not looking for work. Neither should we count jobs created in the government agencies or the jobs created and filled by illegals as a promising guide to "end of the recession".

      It is the total number of jobs that really count to have any credance to the state of the economy.

    13. ldot, austin, texas says:

      Obama doesn't CARE what the American people want. He has an agenda to take this country to a marxist/socialist and I believe, he's working for others. Those that are hidden by his refusal to disclose college transcripts, medical records, etc. He's a puppet on a string. They saw an opportunity to take control and they ran with it. Those Dems that are "dropping like flies" may see and disagree with the direction and the total disregard and disdain for this country and it's Constitution.

      Why nobody is calling them out for their bribes, illegal actions (such as Pelosi hauling about family and friends on military jets at the taxpayer expense), collusion with Communists, those who hate this country (aka. Wright, Ayers, Soros, etc.).

      A true hero at this point would call for a complete and thorough investigation and impeachment proceedings if warranted.

      We should immediately cease all funding of government programs not detrimental to the security of this nation. There is so much waste in the federal government today and this admin is trying to grow it larger.

      They don't care what the majority want. They are going to do it their way to ensure that the power and greed continue.

      As for the census about to come about. I urge all to only give name and age. The rest is none of the government's business!

    14. Christopher Popham S says:

      When in the world will the Democrats realize that the American people have finally

      woken up to see that the past year has been spent on forcing legislation upon us

      that we do not, at this time, care about. It is the health of our economy that we should

      all be focused upon. Indeed, America needs jobs, a little money in the bank, home

      foreclosure relief, lower taxes and the ability to put adequate food on the table.

      Washington has wasted a whole year on extreme spending, and misbegotten legislation, but where are the benefits to the average American?

      Why don't they all hunker down in Washington and address the issues that affect this

      great nation? The November elections are 9 months away, then we'll see "change".

      Good luck America.

    15. Mary.... WI says:

      BHO, his administration and the democratic party are are losers in my book. Even if they followed the 8 measures you suggest they would never have my confidence in their ability to serve the people of the USA. Smokescreens and blame games are what BHO and his "gang" know best…..their goal is to destroy this great country and nothing they do will EVER convince me they aren't. Empty suits all of them with one goal in mind. Hopefully they will be voted OUT come 2012.

    16. Ilex Crenata, Spring says:

      I completely agree with this mornings' Morning Bell article. But, it seems that all I hear lately is what the Obama administration is doing, and what the conservatives/ Republicans should, could or would do as a result. I would like to know just what are the Republicans doing about or, going to do about it. It's one thing to say what someone should do, it's another to actually act. What are we going to do try and stop Obama's carefree antics ?

    17. Blair, Franconia, NH says:

      JFK, Ronald Reagan, and George W. Bush, all had the right idea for stimulus: Tax

      cuts. No phony baloney about non-existent "tax cuts for the middle class." They knew

      that the best stimulus was a cut in the tax rate. So do the Republicans. Did Clinton and Obama realize that? Does Bugs Bunny eat carrots and say "What's up, Doc?"

      too many times?

    18. Ken Jarvis says:

      Obama is NOT LISTENING

      and he should be.

      He just doesn't understand

      he should spend MORE Time

      Listening and less TALKING.

    19. ann kitay says:

      Too bad we are stuck with the Presisdent we have. The above outlined makes sense and that is something sorely lacking in DC today. I've also noticed when he finds himself with a hot potato Obama passes it on to another 'study' group thus giving himself an easy out for any responsibility owing to their reports. Keep plugging. Maybe if we say it long enough,,,,,, loud enough it just might penetrate that thick wall in DC.

    20. Norman Pollitt, Sacr says:

      Great suggestions. How do we make them happen?

    21. Bob Veigel, Arlingto says:

      Never happen. Politicians are too self-serving and convinced government is the solution to all problems. Important to remember, politicians are 'robber's'. They take from some and give to others. Legally, but it is still robbery. Until that mindset is changed, perhaps by some huge catastrophic event, corruption will continue and nothing of benefit will occur.

    22. William, Malta, Ohio says:

      obama will NEVER understand! He's a socialist! They don't give a care about what the people think. It's all about what HE thinks is best for his "little children". He's like a lemming, charging full speed over the cliff. Unfortunately, he's dragging us all along to our destruction. The good news is that he's taking his party with him as well. When this is all over, let's see if the voters of this country remember what left wing liberal loon policies do to us all. Only time will tell, but in the meantime, we're A:LL suffering, while obama disrespectfully uses the United States President's desk as a foot rest! This man is simply a megalomaniac!

    23. Evan, Anchorage says:

      Finally some real "do this" solutions comments from HF. And believe it or not, the usual comment of cutting taxes for the rich was not part of it. Maybe there is hope for reality that the bottom line of the budget is the only real important thing. The only way for republicans to win, is by making the budget the issue by promoting a business man to run the country. Some one that can distance himself from the big rich guy republican, which the HF openly promotes itself as. Openly praising the latest supreme court decision is embarrassing to me. We need clean elections.

    24. Parella, Aventura, F says:

      Beautifully and concisely constructed and right-on in every aspect. It's so easy…but perhaps that's part of the problem…. If only the folks in Washington would see things so clearly!

    25. William, Malta, Ohio says:

      Now this is an excellent starting point. However, knowing the obama syndrome of deafness to perfectly sensible and workable ideas, there is little hope, if any at all, that such proposals will ever be considered by the obama minions. Too bad for us!

    26. Lloyd Welch Valdese, says:

      The new democratic party is for the most part Socialist. The modern republican party is not far behind. I suppose they need to justify their way too high salaries by doing something even if its wrong. Having done something even if its wrong for so long it will be nearly impossible to educate them in the fact that the less they do the more help it really is. I feel the best thing we can do is to vote out ALL incumbents, totally clean house. If this doesn't send a message then nothing will. What ever else we need to stop this madness.

    27. Dennis Social Circle says:

      I do not believe the dems and obama can be so stuipid as to want another stimulis package. They must be blind as well as deaf, we the people have enough sence to know thsi can not be afforded. Fox news stated that inflation was 1.4% already, if it holds for 12 months that is approximately16%.. With this high inflation where will interest rates be when someone trys to purchase a home,car,or to just make a loan to pay an emergency bill?? The dems and obama must wake up now, Congress must wake up or this country will be gone. They have already made the dollar cheap, oil is going higher by the month, gas prices will follow. They still think they can spend us into a good economy. VOTE IN 2010, KICK ALL OF THEM OUT.

    28. Allen Krasinski, San says:

      I agree with the comments made by these gentlemen, accept for one thing, To return to limited government would mean we would have to go back 40-50 years.

      We need less commissions and their staffs,, less beaureaucrats and their staffs, less czars and their staffs.

      We need to let the elite in Washington D.C. know what its like to stand in an unemployment line and have no money coming in to feed, clothe and insure your family.

      Make it mandatory to serve at least 30 years in congress to receive a full pension. Thats what most people in the U.S. have to do. Anything less should be prorated according to what percentage of the 30 years was served. Also, make it mandatory that they pay for 20-25% of their health care out of their own pockets, not as a perk.

      We need to stop using money for space projects until we solve our problems down here on earth.

      We need to start using our own oil, gas & coal, and stop importing so much. We need to make it mandatory that the oil companies start mass producing synthetic oils to bring the price down. Can you imagine how much oil is used just in oil changes in cars and small trucks.

      We need real health reform; not some socialist/communist presidents idea on how to gain more control over the Ameircan people.

      We need to bring back the House Committee on UnAmerican activities, since our socialist congressmen have managed to institute 80-90% of The Communist Agenda of 1963 to take control of the U.S.

      We need to finally declare that we are an English speaking Christian nation.

      We need to bring back 80% of our troops from S. Korea, Japan & Germany and station half along the border between Mexico and the U.S. Then take the other half and start sweeping down through major cities arresting anyone who cannot prove citizenship or legal alien residency. We need to make it a $10000 fine, against the employer, for each illegal alien found working in their business in the U.S.

      We need to stop hiring people for government, just to buy their vote or reward them for political loyalty.

      We need to ban lobbyists.

      We need to pass a law that allows free air time to anyone that can get enough votes to be on a ballot. All debates should be between all candidates on the ballot. It should be illegal to have war chests for election to any office.

      We need to return to the basics of our constitution and stop allowing congress to ignore it.

      We need to make it illegal to allow any pork(earmarks) to be attached to any bill brought before congress.

      Just one mans middle class opinion.

      Thanks for listening.

      Al (the carpenter)

      P.S.– No one can make a claim to fame like a carpenter because Jesus chose to be one.


    29. Tater Salad says:

      Black conservatives are the best to know about this movement since they have struggled in so many ways over the years. They understand that big government and entitlements not only hurt them but hurt everyone by making themselves slaves to big government. It won’t happen with these people. They are true Americans and true conservatives. They don’t need anyone to tell them how to lead their own lives. As a Tea Party member myself I am glad to join ranks with black conservatives to fight this socialist, big government and to keep our Constitution safe from these Progressive morons!




    30. Lee White Tanks AZ says:

      Back away and take an objective look at the how and for what the stimulus fund has been used.

      I think you will find that not one cent has been allocated /spent that has not benefited a UNION.or unions. Additionally nothing has gone out the stimulus door without strings and "enforcement" mechanism built in.

      Note: pay particular attention the the word "enforcement". I would submit that this is the direction our country is taking. We have an emerging Enforcement Society."

      This is a society that is essentially ruled by a fascist elite who maintains power through the purse and control of all police and other enforcement agencies. For example, not even looking at the obvious governmental policing agencies, everything from HOAs, zoning, water controls, river and stream, wetlands, most of the environmental agenda requires sanctions of some kind. Take a good look at the proposed Cap and Trade Legislation and the Health Care and NOTE The Sanctions and Penalties involved.

      This is in many ways the Chicago Gansta approach. Look around at all the enforcement mechanisms that are so ubiquitous as to be almost invisible. This really has nothing to do with Obama, it is way bigger than he will ever be. He just happened to 'cut his political teeth" in that venue.

      Take note also of the attitude prevailing in Washington District of Corruption: We the People are ignorent, racist, potential terrorists, and just to stupid to tie our own shoes without Nanny government's help.

      To whit, we are going to get Obamacare no matter that We The People have said very loudly and clearly in numbers that can not be ignored "NO". No matter that the Climate Control ALGORIAN New Earth Religion has been exposed as a total hoax. Again, loudly and clearly the people have said "NO" To no avail. Control over every aspect of our lives is the goal here.

      The recent AUDI ad for the Super Bowl was eeriely predictive.

      PC is Thought Control


    31. Lloyd Welch Valdese, says:

      Response to Allen from Sanford. I feel that what you said and what I said were in fact basically the same thing. To take the measures you spoke of would mean nothing less than a return to what government was fifty years ago. The big difference is I feel that government needs to go back even further, say onehundred years or so. The United States has been on a down hill slide since 1913. 1st. the Federal Reserve, 2nd.10 years later the US went into bankruptcy 3rd. Internal Revenue Service to make the bankruptcy payments, 4th. the the coup de grace, NAFTA. I respectfully submit Congress was never ment to stay perpetually in session, because the Constitution mandates that Congress shall meet onced a year. To me the intent is obivious. The less they do the better. If you do some reasearch you will see that none of the four things I mentioned are Constitutionally legal. Congress has assumed powers that the Constitution does not give them. Oh yes as far as the House Committee on UnAmerican Activity I agree with you 100%.

    32. Walter L. Brown Jr, says:

      How about this for a money saving, job generation program: Stop the following illegal government activities:

      1. Department of Agriculture

      2. Department of Commerce

      3. Department of Education

      4. Department of Energy

      5. Department of Health and Human Services

      6. Department of Housing and Urban Development

      7. Department of the Interior

      8. Department of Labor

      9. Department of Transportation

      10. Department of Veteran’s Affairs (role into military branches)

      11. Corp of Engineers

      12. Environmental Protection Agency

      13. General Services Administration

      14. International Assistance Program

      15. National Aeronautics and Space Administration

      16. National Science Foundation

      17. Small Business Administration

      18. Social Security Administration

    33. Carol, AZ says:

      Ozzie, FYI

      I'm not certain which state your from, hence your question regarding the "passage of 1.4 mil, to NV.,for cheap housing."

      Just a hint here:

      Hotel Harry Reid, with his following , have ignored every available immigration law,for the staffing of unskill workers to work at every available "back of house" job in Vegas.

      You may not be a visiter to Las Vegas , however if your were , you would soon notice that the "back of the house," in every direction is staffed by no one, who's ability to commuincate ,is in English.(no surprise there)

      You may remember the gifting of millions, (bribes for votes) per certain states for $$$$, for a "yes" on the former health care proposal,

      Hotel Harry, as he is refer to out West , is being rewarded "in kind" for the good job he has been doing for Obama..

      He now has the ability to shove all those un-documentaed workers into some kind of cheap housing paid-for by us. .

      The violent crime rate in Vegas which you will never hear about on the National news media, further stilled by the all impowered Chamber of Commerce, for the tourist dollars ,is one of the highest in the U.S. And yes , you can connect the dots here .

      The hard working people of NV are fed-up with these loosey , goosey, run with the wolves politicing.

      Nov. they can decide, like all of us, in which direction they will vote.

    34. Ed says:

      You need to stop giving the presidency blame and credit for what happens in labor markets. It is exactly this blame and credit that sets expectations for the government to do something–anything!–in the event of falling prices, wages, employment, or any other economic variable of significance. Forget crises. Governments are reacting to blips, they are micro-planning markets, and to say "hey, you're not doing as well at centrally planning the economy as you said you would" legitimizes central planning.

    35. Dale B. Halling says:

      I am glad to hear someone talking about getting rid of SOX. Another no cost recovery program would be to strengthen our patent laws and fully fund our patent office (which is supported by user fees stolen by Congress).

      Innovation is the key to getting out economy growing again. Unfortunately, since 2000 we have passed a number of laws and regulations that are killing innovation in the US. (see http://www.hallingblog.com) The incredible innovation of the 90s was based on technology start-up companies built on intellectual capital, financial capital, and human capital. All three of the pillars have been under attack since 2000. Our patent laws have been weakened reducing the value of intellectual capital. Sarbanes Oxley has made it impossible to go public reducing financial capital for start-ups and the FASB rules on stock options have made it harder to attract human capital to start-ups. The Decline and Fall of the American Entrepreneur: How Little Known Laws and Regulations are Killing Innovation http://www.amazon.com/Decline-Fall-American-Entre… explains these problems in more detail.

    36. bigdave, ocala fl says:

      Lets see, demorats RAISE TAXES, KILL BUSINESSES with their regulations and that includes INSURANCE companies, vote themselves pay raises when the economy takes a downturn, want hordes of illegals flodding into our country just for their VOTES(excuse me idiots, if your name aint Gonzalez you aint gettin a vote!), stop drilling for oil and mining coal because of global warming LIES, costing MILLIONS of AMERICANS jobs and more taxes lost to the treasury. Notice how people who don't work are always AGAINST tax reductions! Notice how the DUMBEST PEOPLE ON THE PLANET SUPPORT A NO-NAME, NO-EXPERIENCED, UNACCOMPLISHRD, NEVER-HAD-A-JOB, CAN"T SPEAK WITHOUT A TELEPROMPTER(even to first graders!) so-called P R E S I D E N T?! A real party to be proud of!(?).

    37. Mike Sheahen, Hickor says:

      In response to the article entitled "A No Cost Stimulus That Can Create Real Jobs for the American People", here in Heritage's "The Foundry/The Morning Bell", except for one “Achilles’ Heel” which appears in it, that article is almost all right on target.

      Almost, that is, except for that “Achilles’ Heel” which is the first of some measures recommended in it, which is: (Quote) "Freezing all proposed tax hikes and costly regulations at least until unemployment falls below 7 percent", which presents not only a merely temporary “freezing” of some of the Left’s statist efforts to subvert and transform both us, the people of the United States, and our country, into yet another disastrous statist so-called “utopia”, but so also presents an “Achilles’ Heel” of the article at hand.

      In other words, "Freezing all proposed tax hikes and costly regulations at least until unemployment falls below 7 percent" would therefore be only a temporary “freeze” of such statist efforts to "Progressively" and otherwise subvert and (to quote Obama) "fundamentally transform the United States of America" into yet another statist nation of people dependant upon and thus controlled by such taxing and spending power and money-grabbing government politicians and their bureaucrats.

      Other than that, the things in the article at hand are mostly right-on.

    38. DKID says:


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    40. Al Wunsch, Fl says:

      It's simple, the Obama administration is bent on pushing through a far left agenda on a center right people and the people don't like it. Unfortunately, they (Obama, Reid, Pelosi) may try to push all they can through while they still have the current congress. I expect, however, for that to really backfire on them and the congress in 2011 onward should be able to revoke all, whatever it costs, that Pres Obama and this congress push through – bills and exec orders.

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    42. Chris, KY says:

      We are the only country that lacks serious consumption taxes (valued added, national sales tax, tariffs, etc.). China has a 15% VAT and France has a 19.6% VAT. They don't build taxes into their exports and they tax our imports at the cash register. We have embedded taxes on our exports and don't collect sales taxes on our imports.

      For example,

      By replacing the SSI and Medicare taxes (on both employee and employer) with an 8% VAT, we could remove taxes on our exports and place taxes on imports from other countries. This is what other countries do to us and this would make us more competitive both places. The current system screws our businesses coming and going. Over $10 Trillion is the sum of trade deficits since 1974.

      A supply side tax cut will not work because the recipients will simply take the proceeds to Mexico or Indonesia or China and build factories over there and sell back to us and they won't get hit with consumption taxes when they do it.

    43. Donald says:

      Just read through his quickly, but Right On. Who would think a Democrat would print the truth? Great, great job, well written, but as Mr. Schoen explains, the democrats are not listening to the truth. Move On is their source for guidance.

    44. Joe says:

      President Obama fully understands the message but it is opposite to his IDEOLOGY to TRANSFORM AMERICA to a 3rd World workers paradise. Are we not all wasting our time giving POTUS advice that he understands but which is counter to his strategic objectives?

    45. Joe, Virgina says:

      President Obama fully understands the message but it is counter to his strategic objective of TRANSFORMING AMERICA into a 3rd World workers paradise. Are we not wasting our time attempting to provide sage advice to POTUS?

    46. Mary Connelly,Austin says:

      The democrats "on-again" "off again" health care bill exemplifies their instability and lack of credibility. Investors and businesses must have confidence that punishment will stop and a certain structure will exist in which to invest and build.

      So far, the threats of penalties to business for health care and "cap and trade," as well as drastic EPA rules, control of banks by the Feds loom out there.

    47. John Carlson, Gibson says:

      Finally, finally someone has heard my cries to dump the Davis-Bacon Act! I've been an Alderman of the City, school board member, & micro business owner/operator for well over 25 years. I've told everyone to help schools & other taxing entities … junk the D-B Act! Thank you Heritage! Ring the bell!

    48. Frank Zanella says:

      I agree with most of the suggestions; however, taxing foreign earnings IF they are brought home is absurd. These companies sent the jobs overseas to save money, why would they agree to pay taxes on those earnings. We need to stop mergers in this country, it costs jobs not creates jobs. How about the Bill Gates & Warren Buffets of this country give their money to this country; like start a health insurance company that is not driven by the bottom line. The middle class is still taxed too much while the wealthy and poor benefit, the wealthy have reaped the rewards for many years for jobs poorly done, except to line their own pockets. Mr Obama is less suited for his job than was Jimmy Carter; and the American people voted for him. Nothing is a quick fix, maybe more incumbents will be voted out in the upcoming elections.

    49. Paul Curnow, Coppel says:

      Here's a new stimulas plan: Congress set aside $80 million. Do a lottery for 20 million Americans over 55. Each winner gets $4 million. They must retire, buy a new house and a new car. 4 million job openings, higher production for auto industry, and new homes being built. All for ONLY $80 million.

    50. C Hyatt says:

      We may indeed find that our problem all along has not be the Republican or the Democrat, but rather the Politician. And we may find that our real problem residess in a group of men in women who take our money via taxes and use it to fund their reelection efforts. Fooled, duped and deceived for too long.

    51. C Hyatt, Albuquerque says:

      We may indeed find that our problem all along has not been the Republican or the Democrat, but rather the Politician. And we may find that our real problem resides with a group of men in women who take our money via taxes and use it to fund their reelection efforts. Fooled, duped and deceived for too long.

    52. Linda, Louisiana says:

      I do not know what it will take for the Obama Administration, primarily him, to wake up to the fact that we are "Going to Hell in a Handbasket." He is so determined that he can't lose, but his methods are not working. I think impeachment proceedings should be looked into and begun. We cannot stand any more of his ideas and spending, and waiting until the 2010 Congressional Elections is not the answer. Action must be iniatiated ASAP before more damage is done. I support the Tea Party Movement. That and FOX News is working hard to apprise the public of just what is going on.

    53. Carol, AZ says:

      Creating Jobs for Americans…..a place to start…..

      Currently 8 milliom jobs are held by illegal living here.

      Cancel all foreign work visas.

      Hire American citizens for the purpose of accountaibility for all legal vertification matching.

      This would include all entitlement mega systems listed above by Walter, who is living out of the country.

      That would save us trillions.

      GIve tax breaks to Small Buss so they can hire and expand.

      Give American contracts to American based businesses.

      How can these decisons by our leadership continue to be voted on!

      Put a large piece of duck tape over MS Pelosi mouth until elections in NOV.

      Can anyone vertify Pres. Obama Social Security number as legal? Just asking…..

    54. Dave, Coatesville, I says:

      I must be the dumbest person in the USA. Can somebody explain to me why the Bush tax cuts are bad, and why every liberal thinks that I need to pay more taxes to bail out the regime we have in power? Do the liberals think that it is a GOD given right to pay taxes? If it was up to me, there would be a tax to register as a democrat, because they're the only ones stupid enough to pay it.

    55. Barbara G., York, Pa says:

      We must DEMAND that our stimulus money be returned, and the balance of the stimulus not be spent toward Obama's, Pelosi's, and Reid's agenda! Is there any legal way to remove these three (at least!) from office ASAP before they do any more damage??? I'm afraid waiting until November elections is dangerous for America!

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