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  • The Science Behind Global Warming Not So "Irrefutable"

    Despite claims that the theory of global warming is “irrefutable,” the science behind this theory is now being called into question.  Al Gore and all the others who wanted the world to take the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s (IPCC) report as untouchable science now have a problem as reports of flaws in both the methods and the data keep on coming.

    The Washington Post laid out yesterday multiple flaws in the IPCC report.  These include everything from misreporting critical dates, sloppy sourcing—including the use of anecdotal evidence from mountain climbers and a student’s dissertation – to the erroneous assertion that 55% of the Netherlands is below sea levels, when only 26% of the country is.  Among the many travesties is that the Environmental Protection Agency used the IPCC to justify its recent ruling on CO2 emissions posing a danger.

    And on that same day, the very scientist at the center of the “Climategate” affair, Phil Jones admitted to the UK’s Daily Mail that he has lost track of his data and that his lack of organization has made him reluctant to share his data with critics.  So much for the scientific method.

    Oh, and Jones also admitted that in the past 15 years there has not been any “statistically significant” global warming.  This is the irrefutable evidence of global warming?

    As Sens. James Inhofe (R-OK) and John Barrasso (R-WY) have pointed out, these errors are all the more reason to re-examine the evidence and block the mandatory CO2 limits the White House is pushing in the American people.  While errors do not disprove a theory, neither does sloppy research buttress a hypothesis, especially when the results could cost our economy millions of lost jobs,  our families thousands in disposable income, and our competitive standing in the world.

    More than just the integrity of the world’s scientific community is at stake. So is our freedom and economic survival.

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    10 Responses to The Science Behind Global Warming Not So "Irrefutable"

    1. Bobbie Jay says:

      If these people are the example of college educated, college must be educating idiocy. And the president wants to mandate it!

    2. Ken, Santa Cruz CA says:

      The Union of Concerned Scientists has posted a review of the IPCC report. The bottom line is that in spite of minor problems, the science is solid:


    3. Tom says:

      The Union of Concerned Scientists is part of the problem. Very biased group with the same agenda as the other GW groups

    4. Spiritof76, NH says:

      Where do you find a collection of idiots? At the Union of Concerned scientists. Those are bunch of political hacks and wannabe scientists.

      That is the same bunch that said that the Three Mile Island Nuclear Plant accident will result in health catastrophe and untold cancer deaths. They were wrong on all counts.

      Anthropogenic Global Warming is the biggest hoax. The so called science will not even pass the elementary test of verifiability.

      I have a solution. Those that spout Climate change crap should have their electricity cut off from the grid to prove that they are contibuting to lower CO2 footprint. It will be their contribution to the healing of the mother earth. By the way, cut off their transportation with automobiles and airplanes. A bit of bad news for them. Human beings also exhale CO2, a living necessity. Plant foods are carbon based too. I guess one could extend the argument for exterminating the human race to save the planet.

      We understand the stupidity.

    5. sharon tasmania says:

      I am no scientist but i really do wonder whether there is any real truth in what they all say about the global warming argument.

      If there are any scientist out there willing to answer the two questions feel free to do so if you can't then stop banging the drum and get on with real science and stop trying to help politicians squeeze more money out of the people!!!!!!

      1. Would you still be beating the drum if there was not funding for this research because we were all told that there was a hole in the ozone layer and anybody with half a working brain knows that you can not have a hole in gas it is impossible!!!

      2. What is everything on this planet made from, even us?????

      Question 2 I can answer for them if they are unsure……..Carbon is the answer the question 2….think about it people, we are infact made of carbon!!!!! does this mean that the scientists want us to kill ourselves off to help solve this problem??? if so I suggest the ones that are beating the drum wanting to impose a tax be the first to rid themselves of this so called problem and leave the rest of us in peace!!!!!

    6. Dale, Oklahoma says:

      The only thing that is irrefutable is that the only reason Al Gore

      wants everyone to "go green" is so he can make more "green".

      The guru of Gaia gold has been made a millionaire many times

      over convincing weak minded people that the sky is going to fall

      in on them. What really disgusts me though is the number of so

      called "scientists" who have whored themselves out to also become

      wealthy from government grants based on skewed science.

      Those in the scientific community love to make fun of people of faith

      for believing in some imaginary phantom in the sky. But look where science has lead us. Are their biological boogeymen any more real?

      No, what science has proven to us is that they ( like the sleaziest of

      televangelists ) can sell us on how to save us, if we just suspend belief just long enough to fill their plates. When did the pursuit of knowledge

      known as science become $cience?

    7. bo bolinski , fl. us says:

      Ken, you got your information from and evironmental web site. What do you think they would say?

      Remember, bad science is dangerous. "Silent Spring" led to 60 million deaths from malaria due to the banning of DDT.

    8. bigdave, ocala fl says:

      Yeah, real scientists, like the people in the White House provided white coats are REAL DOCTORS AND NURSES standing behind Obama…NOT!!!! I listened to a REAL SCIENTIST say "the only proponents of man made GW are Hollywood types, news casters and some politicians and Naturists". He also said "we are trully in a cooling period and don't be surprised to wake up one morning covered with snow where it was not before". This was about 7 months ago and HOW PROPHETIC! If Global Warming is such a HUMANITARIAN ISSUE, why is Gore making MILLIONS OF DOLLARS OFF THE LIES? HUH? HUH? You STOOPID LIBERALS WILL BELIEVE ANYTHING YOUR MORONIC LEADERS TELL YOU! Yeah, republicans WANT dirty air and water…you fools! How dumb can you possibly be? Oh yea, dumb enough to destroy your country.

    9. daz550@aol.com says:

      I think there is no real concrete proof of this so called "man made global warming"

      If so where is this proof it really is just a theory put by out by a tiny minorty many years ago that has been hijacked by people in power for political reasons.

      I remember a story years ago that broke stating cfcs were responsible for holes in the ozone layer. However when baning cfcs didnt make any difference they try to say it is caused by the alternative gasses we use to replace cfcs.

      It is all just highly speculative science. Remember there is something called nature I HAVE A REAL SHOCK STATEMENT HERE BUT MAYBE THIS COULD ALL BE JUST NATURE AT WORK.

    10. Groovy sistah 101 says:

      lol hey guyz. the groovy sistahs think not.

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