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  • Outside the Beltway: E-Verify Law Gains Traction in Virginia

    Following the lead of a handful of other states, the Virginia House yesterday passed a bill by an 82–13 margin that would require all state agencies, public contractors and Virginia-based employers with 15 or more employees to ensure that any potential hires are eligible to work in the United States.

    The bill would require employers to use the Department of Homeland Security’s E-Verify system, a joint project between DHS and the Social Security Administration. The online system allows employers to check information from a new hire’s I-9 form against the government’s records. The program removes the major incentive for illegal immigration—the prospect of employment—while rewarding legal workers. As we reported this fall, the costs per search are typically low and roughly 97% of all workers are approved instantly.

    Heritage has supported the use of verification systems, like E-Verify, that allow employers to enforce immigration law with an easy, inexpensive, and real-time solution. It is likely that other states will adopt similar laws as word of the program’s success spreads.

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    8 Responses to Outside the Beltway: E-Verify Law Gains Traction in Virginia

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    2. Kenneth Hensley Covi says:

      I believe e-verify,nation wide,would solve most illegal immigration problems!

    3. Perry, OK says:

      Ok so now we e file. Name me some or better yet send me some workers,NOT EMPLOIES who will work as hard and long as some of the past day labor I have e used. Oh by the way I clean public restrooms and pay $10.00 an hour no benefits. You work you get paid.

      Oh got to go the line outside is forming. What they all speak spanish? Oh well at least they won't spend all day on the net!!!!

    4. Brittancus, Indianap says:

      Every patriotic American and legal resident can accomplish something to halt or recede the illegal immigration occupiers of our nation, which includes contacting ICE. We all know the astronomical costs in hospital treatment, education, prison and unrevealed government entitlement. Americans must stand together and demand all immigration laws be rigidly enforced. Our own impoverished, hopeless people remain in terrible poverty, will our politicians have been heavily influenced by open border lobbyists. We need a in-perpetuity E-Verify verification program to differentiate from illegal and illegal workers for each state internal use.Every worker who has been employed for 30 years or just hired–MUST–be identified in every company. In addition the 287 (g) federal program that has not been established by every state, county or city police department.

      This program also-MUST–be established and paid for by the government to train local police to apprehend illegal foreign nationals. Including in the SAVE ACT law, is the rescinded NO-MATCH-LETTER, that identifies discrepancies in cross-references a possible bogus name that doesn't correspond with a Social Security number. The No Match letter must be resurrected, including Homeland Security Secretary Napolitiano who has compromised under handily slowed ICE audits and raids on businesses using illegal aliens. Our government has even been reckless in underfunding the Southern border fence, that as stated in The Secure Fence Act (Pub.L. 109-367) was enacted October 26, 2006 was meant to be constructed in as a two tier fence. Each one of these laws have been silently either underfunded or secretly smothered, so it became weak in enforcement. Congressman Kenny Marchant (TX-24) has authored a new law to reveal fraudulent mortgages, using E-Verify. Congressman Kenny Marchant (TX-24) His bill would curb mortgage abuses and protect the taxpayers.” But E-Verify has universal innovations to uncover fraudulent drivers licenses, vehicle registration, even for those who illegally applying for welfare.

      Then how can Pelosi tell us, that our fence is secure, when Arizona-Tucson sector border officers explain that "Out of ten (10) illegal immigrants, only one (1) is caught." I think anybody who believes our country has just 12 million illegal people, will believe just about anything Washington reports. Could they be giving this number, as they hiding the truth as they are readying to his us with this non-nonsensical AMNESTY? Not only will it have millions streaming across the Canadian and Southern border, before the act is signed? While millions more will try and slip through the enforcement net, for a future AMNESTY. Were you aware that Bush set up a Social Security totalization treaty with Mexico, with loopholes so illegal aliens could access billions of dollars? Are you also aware that massive numbers of tourists and students have for decades were never expected to leave our shores.

      Never any copyright. Let "THE PEOPLE" know. Copy & Paste and distribute freely.

    5. Carol, AZ says:

      Ref, Brittancus / IN

      You are correct on all levels in your excellent response.

      My greatest fear living on a Border State, after living in many others states,

      the non-border states just don't get it.

      This is a national crisis.

      America has to understand OUR Borders are not Secured.

      The current budget for increased Border Patrols, begged for here, has just been cut.

      It is certainly the "other war" the "silent war," that has also been shut down by our mainstream press.

      One of the most powerful lobby's in D.C. is the Chamber-of -Commerce .

      No surprise there.

      We, will pay for this stupidity along with the "fleecing of America " we currently pay for, over issues you also listed.

      You are also correct in saying , "that lack of man power has allowed many to slip through. "

      This is exceedingly dangerous work and must be done for the safety concerns of our border patrol. Lives have already been lost, and many have been injuried.

      These are large groups of people entering our country who are moved at night, over thousands of miles of desert.

      The business of trafficing people and drugs ,

      human flesh for profit,

      and the $$$ involved, is an under belly of duplicity that cuts very deep on both side of the border and on all levels.

      What is never spoken about are the people who are abandon by the coyotes 'guides, @ (~ $ 3000.per head) who do get across here , and if they can not keep up physically are left to die.

      What is never spoken about are the unidentifed bodies of men, woman and children who are found dead from exposure every year. As it gets hotter here the death toll goes up each month.

      Also ,what is never spoken about (quill by the Chamber of Commerce) is the city of PHX is " the kidnapping Capital of America."

      Local news media from PHX reports openly about this.

      At least one person per day is kidnapped for ransom .

      The law enforcement agency handling this aspect of crime,totally overwhelmed.

      Further, what you probably never hear , is the numerous niumbers of campers, vacationers, who have left border states and have never returned.

      It is sometimes reported here, that "vechicle I D" has been discovered somewhere in MX. with no trace of the the missing family members.

      There are over 1200 cases of missing American who crossed for pleasure and never returned. I am not certain about CA, and TX stats which has the same problem also never spoken about openingly. .

      My advise to anyone who is thinking about going to Mexico. Don't go.

      My hope regarding this problem is the passage of laws based on State's Rights as Ref. in, today's Foundry articles.

      These state's understand the issue.

      Pass E-Vertify on a state by state vote. That decision is unstoppable.

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    7. Robert, CA says:

      E-VERIFY is the solution to all this mess. Every State, Every County, Every City within the United States needs to pass their own E-Verify legislation. I am pushing forward by going in front of my local town council, and County commissioners to enact E-Verify laws promptly. I think it will be a decision with a few patriots behind me that should get accomplished by the end of this year.

      Believe me when I say, Every person within earshot of this blog needs to get off their but NOW and go to their counties, and city councils and speak up about enacting E-Verify for their communities. Let's make E-Verify spread like Wildfire across this country, and the Illegal's that are in this country will self deport.

      The federal program 287 (G) would also be an important program to suggest to enact for your particular city, or counties sheriff, or police department. Just pick up the phone, or make an appointment to talk with the chief of that department and ask them to participate in the 287 (G) program. I have made my comments clear to the Sheriff of my county, and he is considering it seriously.

      Please consider gathering a few patriotic friends itogether in your particular county, or city and push your representatives to enact E-Verify laws and or 287 (g) programs!!! It may only take you a few hours out of your year. The cost is $0.

      It is not too late to save this country with some eager patriots behind the wheel.

      Thank You.

    8. Brittanicus Indianap says:

      The logical question to ask is–WHY–the United States government, has never even started the mass deportation of illegal immigrants? Because it costs too much? So the next question we should ask, is–WHY–if it costs too much, then–WHY–are they able to find–BILLIONS AND BILLIONS–of dollars in expenditures for free health care, education and accommodating hundreds of thousands in prisons? The answer is very simple that Wall Street, open border lobbyists, congregational religion, unions and subversive groups have to much power over our politicians. Hands are certainly greased by the wealth businesses, who have sold their loyalty to the American worker for Judases 30 pieces of silver or a larger profit margin. Throw out of office these conveyors of corruption, beginning with Sen Harry Reid, Speaker Nancy Pelosi in mid-term elections who intentionally opted E-Verify from the job bill.

      We need to insist of the legislators a permanent E-Verify? A permanant 287 (g) illegal alien arrest and detain.by local police.ICE needs to return to lightening raids on companies who use foreign labor. It works and must be operated nationwide. It ejects illegal laborers from the mainstream workforce, and gives the employee the ability to straighten out his dilemma by being interviewed by the Social Security agents. Of course nobody mentions that? Specially the pro-anti-illegal organizations and the business world. YOU CAN LEARN THE TRUTH at NUMBERSUSA, SMARTBUSINESSPRACTICES. Read about the corruption at JUDICIALWATCH The Jobs bill needs E-Verify attached to it, to halt the illegal immigration invasion. Call the Call the Capitol Switchboard at 202-224-3121 and speak to your federal, state representative. Tell them no AMNESTY, NO MORE SANCTUARY STATES. American jobs for American people. One flag, one language. No copyright on this comment. Inform the people–its a matter of survival.

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