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  • Hispanics Losing Hope for Obama

    President Barack Obama

    According to a recent story by the McClatchy newswire, Hispanics are frustrated with President Obama now that it is becoming increasingly clear that his campaign promises were nothing more than empty rhetoric. Although the article focuses on Hispanics’ disappointment in the lack of a comprehensive immigration bill to emerge from the Democratic-controlled Congress, Hispanics would do well looking beyond the immigration issue to realize how misguided the President’s policies are for all Americans – including Hispanics.

    Nowhere is this more evident than on the issue of education, where the high school drop out rate for Hispanics stands at a frightening fifty percent in some of our country’s biggest cities. Instead of supporting increased measures to provide Hispanic families with the opportunity to choose for themselves where to send their children to school, this Administration’s education policies have been more of the same.

    Despite previous failed attempts to boost academic achievement with increased federal spending, last year’s stimulus bill included almost $97 million dollars for education spending, doing very little to improve accountability and transparency. And despite promising to fund only programs that work, the President has been excruciatingly silent as the successful DC Opportunity Scholarship Program is on the verge of being eliminated. The DC Opportunity Scholarship Program has been a lifeline for many working families in the District looking for a way out of the worst public school system in the country.

    On healthcare, instead of adopting market-friendly measures to increase affordability and increased consumer options, the President insisted on pushing forward with a government-run health insurance exchange. Of significance to the Hispanic community, health insurance portability would be particularly advantageous given the community’s propensity to work for various employers. Instead, the President and his allies in Congress, including the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, told Hispanics that their plan was the best way to provide health insurance.

    But perhaps of most significance, with the unemployment rate at nearly 10 percent for all Americans and nearly 13 percent (according to the Washington Post) for Hispanics, the President continues to insist that his stimulus bill has been a resounding success. Despite the obvious failures of last years’ stimulus bill, Congress is working on yet another “stimulus bill” that will amount to nothing more than a pork-laden piece of legislation that will only add to our national debt and do little to improve the economy. If signed into law, Hispanics, just like the rest of our country, will get stuck paying off this expensive bill. Meanwhile,  spend-happy politicians will surely point to it before this year’s congressional elections to show the electorate that they have done something to help the economy, even if that “something” is nothing more wasteful spending.

    Instead of providing Hispanic families with increased opportunities to choose for themselves where to send their children to school or allowing them to keep more of their hard-earned money through tax cuts, it seems like many in the left want to continue pushing Hispanics into depending on the federal government for everything.

    Hopefully, the disappointment in the President’s empty campaign promises will transcend into further distrust of the liberal agenda and big government.

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    10 Responses to Hispanics Losing Hope for Obama

    1. Rick says:

      Don't feel bad. The country is losing hope in the anointed one. Well, he did offer "change."

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    3. john long,phoenix,az says:

      number one issue is americans 1st ,not one specific group of people(hispanics or latinos) thats why pres obama is at least trying to rid our country of your constant racism against americans.besides most are here illegally taking away our jobs in time of need.your paranoid assumption is correct. now please go back to your country of origin pres obama does not like or need your racist ramblings.

    4. tp, denver says:

      Living in a progressive community with young children, I've observed first-hand the harm to hispanic children within the public education system.

      Parents too respectful to challenge a teacher's assessment are described as apathetic. If they dare insist on english-only while in school they are marginalized. And as standardized test scores decline progressive school districts highlight proportional hispanic enrollment as the cause.

      By middle school many of these students have lost hope for their American dream, have stepped away from school activities and high school seems irrelevent.

      Opportunities must be afforded these children – early english-only instruction and vouchers. For without a sound foundation in english they cannot benefit from a good education. And without a good education they'll have few career options outside of service industries.

    5. John Clancy, Wyandot says:

      During the late 50's and early 60's I taught in what used to be called a ghetto.

      This was in Detroit, a city which, after Washington D.C., has perhaps the worst government schools in our country.

      I taught in a small Catholic grammar school. The families were minorlties, largely Hispanics and bi-lingual. The students received an excellent foundation in grammar, writing, math, science, and history. Most of them were then able to go on to good Catholic schools in the area. Their parents made great sacrifices to do this, but many parents in the community found it necessary to send their children to some of the worst government schools in the country!

      Last November we had a 50 year reunion. Many of the students from that small elementary school went on to college. Most raised upstanding families.

      Let's support tax credits to empower parents to choose good schools. We desperately need freedom of choice. A monolithic government school system does not serve us well. (Read Milton Freidman on education in the U.S.

    6. frustrated Californi says:

      Yay, its about time! Our California schools are so depleted from illegal children needing ESL classes, teachers, bussing, free lunch, free breakfast, free state tutoring because they are below grade level. How do I know they are illegals children? Schools are not allowed to ask that when they register….but…their parents do NOT speak english, how did they pass their citizenship then? They didnt- they're not legal, yet we have to provide for so many of their children.

      My kids schools are at 80% hispanic. Our budget is shot! Its finally coming to light a little bit. Theres a slight talk about wow we may have to cut ESL and free busses! !!!!! really? I am frustrated because I see $$$$$$$$$ going for their programs and my child needs help for dyslexia and there just isnt enough money for special ed and remedial help. My college kids couldnt qualify for some financial aid primarily because we own a house………while hispanic seniors in High school got a free ride……..yes complete free ride. so frustrating.

    7. Lesley, Albuquerque says:

      What this article fails to mention, that many in my community note, is the assumption that all Hispanics are as he says "so many" move jobs. The silent majority of Hispanics in the southwest, are the families who have been here for over 200 years, have gained middle class, speak almost no Spanish, but remain faithful to the Catholic Faith and sympathic and sensitive to their minority status.

      They do not feel they are represented in Congress at all, or by the La Raza minorities who gather in Washinton to fight immigration that isnt a another freebie, or who want a annexation of the Southwest back to Mexico. For that matter, many of the Southwest Hispanic citizens don't identify with the Latinos in Florida or from Cuba. But the whole State legislature makes laws and unevenly distributes money and law, to placate the illegals and Mexican neighborhoods that havent assimulated for the last 30 years. LIke the letter above, private schools are expensive, even the Catholic schools, and the public schools in New Mexico, direct so much tax and grant money to the inner city, minority neighborhoods, that the taxpaying middle income Hispanics and Whites seldom have the advantages and money that is earned by ethicnity mixed middle income neighborhoods and schools.

      For 20 years, the Catholic schools were the only ones with discipline, while the 70's and 80's saw the public schools overun with no discipline at all. (I taught part time). Now some discipline has been restored, but as many teachers struggle with the constant changes and new programs, so much that was basic, is forgotten. One thing few people realize, is once States started taking money from the Feds, the States and Locals lost all control, because of the fear of losing Grants and money, if they didnt follow the Federal Laws. JUst as many liberal college students from the 60's, gradually swung right or more conservative the older and wiser they got. So too, are many Hispanics marginalized or stereotyped as Mexicans Migrants. There are whole cities in the Mid West that look like white flight in the 60's, because those Migrants have bought houses, own businesses and their kids speak good English, because some States didnt succumb to the Federal Dollar and teach Spanish and English. The problem is some of those kids are now unable to get into college or loans because they were brought here as babies and don't have social security numbers. EACH STATE IS DIFFERENT, and the Feds are making law, as in Helathcare, like we are one big Federal Loan and Burcracy with no independent States or differences in pay, edcuation, progressivism, or Hispanic minorities that are so mixed with anglo heritage, that they actually feel just as betrayed by the U.S. as other Conservatives.

      Even the census drives me crazy in its attempt to break down the ethnic numbers for all the different Hispanic/Latino countries. Why??? Because money is distributed and the schools, cities and states, use the census numbers to obtain more and special grants and even budget their own State money, based upon civil rights/discrimination/so called equal rights lawsuits and manipulation encouraged and sought by using these minority figures. If early census figures counted slaves, we have now progressed to budgeting based upon race and some ethnicities, and not others. The Census is DISCRIMINATORY in the use it is put to.

      The problem is getting the quiet and reticent minorities (as someone above mentioned) to stand up and speak out! At local conservative and Republican Conventions they are not encouraged or befriended, and it is no wonder that even though we are a minority/majority State, they feel torn between two worlds or two peoples, at political events. The pols play patron politics by keeping the neighborhoods with illegals happy, and write law to keep that "base" driving and thriving, because they will be grateful. But the native Hispanics should not be stereotyped or ignored as business, teachers, cops, veterans, who within their families, are disgusted with our foreign policies, border insecurity, welfare and medicaid fiasco, etc. Like the silent majority or Tea Party middle incomers, the out reach should appeal to and be individually inclusive to those Hispanics who may still have parents and grandparents that speak Spanish, but who have lived here legally or illegally for 20, 30, 40 or more years.

      We need to also acknowledge the difference in every State, and fight for those things that may mean going back a few steps is Progress. English only, equal distribution of Healthcare dollars, not deals and minority/inner city special programs, and tough love on building the fence, stopping the border insecurity. Tough Love might just be the immigration reform that Hispanic and Latino Citizens want, but are to Conservative to verbally or physically march for.

      This Healthcare debate would be totally different if only property tax payers could vote, or if we hadnt lowered the voting age. To think California and others have discussed lowering the voting age further. One has to wonder when the Hispanics voted for Bush and Reps in 2000 and 2004, if the single issue was immigration? Or could it have been that they were older (not the Obama/ACORN coalition of young and money)and middle income, vets, tough love work ethic conservatives or independents that also believed that there was to much welfare, trusted Regan, liked welfare reform of the Rep 90's, wanted edcuation reform (not like they got) and in essence, were just as disillusioned with the Republicans Immigration plan, and spending and no child left behind, as many of the anglo's and african americans, that voted for Obama!

      SAdly, one has to wonder who the Hispanics are that the Washington Pols talk to, who are the ones surveyed, and how do you study a ethnic group that is so different in every State. The margin of error rate has got to be terrible, in my estimation.

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    9. rosa lopez, san bern says:

      how is it that we trusted obama nd now hes not doing anything for the latinos. he promised to make us legal citinzens, but the migra is still out there looking for us every day . we cant be worrying about them anymore. as president he should keep his promise and help us people

    10. Elizabeth, TX says:

      I am one of many hispanics that has been let down by president obama. I did vote for him thinking and hoping along with everyone else that we would be more united and stronger as a nation but I was wrong. I've come to realize that he is a great speaker and has gotten away with alot by talking his way out of situations but at the end of the day hasn't done a single thing for this country. I feel that while he has been president that all he has done is enjoyed the ride while the whole country has run a mock trying to pass ridiculous immigration laws and making racial profiling legal. He has done nothing to help minorities with opportunities to get a better education, nothing to better education in general, well, in one word he has done nothing really productive in my opinion to "CHANGE" anything. I really feel we are more divided as a nation and less tolerant of other races and cultures. I hope that President Obama dosen't forget that it was the minority vote and the young vote that got him where he is today. I hope that the president is aware that for his re-election he no longer has the minority support he had or the young vote he had. We fell for you once Mr. President but we will not fall for you again in 2012. I refuse to vote for him again. We need someone who will produce results. In retrospect Hilary Clinton was the better choice and I regret voting for this failure that we call "Our President".

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