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  • “If You Think You Will Tax my Benefits and Give the Money to Ben Nelson in Nebraska, You’re Crazy”

    Rep. Edward Markey (D-MA)

    As the White House prepares for a bipartisan summit on health care later this month, the rhetoric and reality of the President’s plans for health care reform continue to conflict.  President Obama claims that he wants to bring congressional Republicans to the table to achieve health care reform.  However, he has also expressed the desire to present a final piece of legislation prior to the summit, focusing on marrying the differing ideas of House and Senate Democrats rather than those of Democrats and Republicans. In any case, this is not off to a bipartisan start.

    Though the White House perseveres in pushing the main elements of the massive Democratic health care bills, the unpopularity of these legislative proposals soars; it is a stark fact of life that is unacknowledged by the President.  A classic example of a provision that is highly unpopular is the excise tax on “high value” health plans included in the Senate bill to raise revenue to cover the uninsured. The tax increase is a tax increase; it is not a much needed reform of the inequitable tax treatment of health insurance. Though support from Democrats in Congress and even labor leaders who helped cut the deal continues to dwindle, the White House continues to urge Congress to include the Senate excise tax in a final health bill.

    A poll done by the AFL-CIO found that the new Senator Scott Brown (R-MA), who ran on the platform of opposition to Obamacare, won 49 percent of the vote among union members.  His opponent, Democrat Martha Coakley, received just 46 percent of the Massachusetts union vote. This is a stunning political development.  And that’s even after union leaders cut a sweetheart deal for union workers exempting them from the excise tax on high-cost health plans and thus shifting those costs onto the rest of American households that had similar health plans. In January, Rasmussen reported that 63 percent of all Americans opposed an excise tax on Cadillac plans.  When union members are exempt from the tax, opposition rises to 70 percent.

    The excise tax is, in fact, a middle class tax increase—in direct violation of the President’s high profile promise not to raise taxes on American households making less than $250,000 per year. The special tax represents just one of many provisions of Obamacare which have plummeted in public approval ratings. Most Americans say they want Congress to start over again on health care reform. Clearly, ordinary Americans aren’t buying the White House’s prescriptions for overhauling the health care system.  A constituent of Rep. Edward Markey (D-MA), quoted in the New York Times, said it best: “Eddie, I’ve voted for you my whole life.  But if you think you will tax my benefits and give the money to Ben Nelson in Nebraska, you’re crazy.”

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    15 Responses to “If You Think You Will Tax my Benefits and Give the Money to Ben Nelson in Nebraska, You’re Crazy”

    1. Bobbie Jay says:

      Why can't he be removed for defamation of America, Americans, and defamation of his own claimed character? ha…

    2. JUD says:

      I didn't vote for Obama. I knew he was educated to be a socialist. Why didn't those who voted for him, check him out before they voted. Oh, I know, they thought everything would be free. Sorry, no free lunches! Boy, how we have been "dumbed down"!

    3. Wm; Ky says:

      I believe history will remember Obama as the most successful President ever. He goal appears to be the destruction of America and he has nearly accomplished this goal the first year in office.

    4. Brad, Detroit, MI says:

      One aspect of this whole "taxing the Cadillac plan" scenario is the government's continued ignorance of taxation and evasive behavior associated with it. They think that they are going to actually get a new revenue stream from this tax. Doubt it. If you start taxing people's insurance plans that cover too much – guess what ? They start offering plans that come under the pre-determined limit or they make their employees switch to a HRA type plan. Many companies are already doing it. They basically provide a health spending account in the employee's name and they use a debit card and "pay as you go". Anyhow, the point is that Ben Nelson's and the Union's sweetheart deal will generate no new tax revenue (or very little) and once again the projections will be way off and it will run further deficits than predicted. I guess that is what we get when we let lawyers run the country.

    5. jd, real world says:

      What does it say when this administration continues to ram thru healthcare legislation which the American public has made abundantly clear they do not want?

      They don't give a whit about what we think, it's not about reform it's about creating a populace utterly dependent on the gov't.

      Time to sharpen our pitchforks.

    6. Daverino Ft. Worth says:

      So the question for most Repubs is what to do about all the Dem-o-rats scurrying all around the house floors?

      They are lashing out, spreading lies, and disease wherever they go–so I would try to keep them away from anything health related until their vile illnesses can be cured by elective defeat in November!

      Did I mention for the first time in my adult life I am no longer proud to be a citizen of this government?

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    8. Drew Page, IL says:

      Don't you just love it?

      Now that the majority of people have let Mr. Obama know what they think of the House and Senate versions of Health Care Reform, of the way it was put together by Democrats only, behind closed doors, to be paid for by cuts in Medicare funding, with Senate votes bought and paid for through outright bribery and with tax exemptions of 'Cadillac' plans for union and government employees — he wants to invite the Republicans to participate, not to reconstruct new reform legislation, but to vote for what he couldn't even get all the Democrats to accept. When the Republicans balk, he will again brand them as the "Party of NO".

      This is like being told "You have been sentenced to death, but you have the choice of being shot or hung. Why are you upset? You have been given a chance to participate."

      Mr. Obama, it's not just the Republicans who are saying "no" to the current versions of health care reform, it's the majority of American taxpayers.

    9. Judy, MA says:

      Does BHO think that we Americans are in a coma? Not! Some have been & they are waking up. WOW……. I'm glad I did before November because I'm marching down to my voting booth and vote your A– out of our house. Your making too much of a career on my expense.

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    11. David, Las Vegas says:

      Union exemptions for health care surcharges are even more nefarious that one might think. Just who would get this exemption you ask? First about 8.0% of private industry workers belong to a union. Of these members, the vast majority are workers in industries that do not pay well so no "Cadillac" plan for them. Their union leadership, however, draw big salaries and enjoy some the so-called "Cadillac" health plans. The five year exemption will let these union leaders have enough time to retire or restructure their own health plans to conform to a non-taxable status. About 40% of federal workers are union members, and as we all know, every federal worker has a "Cadillac" health plan. Of course Congress is making sure they get the exemption, too. From the above data, it is easy to see why Congress believes they need to help the "pool little union worker".

    12. David, Las Vegas says:

      Was it Obama who said: "From each according to his ability, to each according to his need"? No, that was Karl Marx. Obama paraphrased Marx in his campaign: "We have to spread the wealth around". See the difference? Neither do I.

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    15. Candy, GA says:

      I just can't believe that people didn't see all this before BO was elected!! Hannity, Rush, etc. were telling everyone daily what this guy was all about and people still put him in office. I hope this woke the people up big time and they will be more engaged in future elections and actually listen to what the candidates are saying, especially when you have a "Joe the Plumber" moment!!

      Couldn't have been more plain right then!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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