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  • Obama Goes Forward With Jobs Plan, Though Jury Still Out On First One

    President Barack Obama

    While the nation suffers an unemployment rate of nearly 10 percent, Barack Obama spent last week talking about job creation with “civil rights” leaders — despite the fact that President Obama’s last job creation ideas haven’t even been properly analyzed, let alone proven to work.

    The New York Times reports that President Obama met with Benjamin T. Jealous of the NAACP, Marc H. Morial of the National Urban League, and Reverend Al Sharpton on Wednesday to discuss “how the economic crisis was affecting all manner of poor people.” According to the article, the vast majority of the meeting was spent discussing “how to get Republican leaders to support Mr. Obama’s jobs proposals.”

    This is mildly hilarious, considering that on February 9th, President Obama “gave his strongest signal yet that he is willing to compromise on key priorities,” according to Reuters’ report of his Tuesday solo news conference. Yes, on Tuesday, Mr. Obama said he was willing to compromise with Republicans, and on Wednesday, he spent the day trying to figure out how to avoid compromise.

    But the most disturbing part of the President’s meeting isn’t merely his lack of desire to truly compromise — the disturbing part is his arrogant assumption that his “jobs proposals” are ready for serious consideration. This is especially true considering the fact that, as the Heritage Foundation’s Dr. J.D. Foster pointed out, President Obama “explicitly” admitted the “failure [of] last year’s $862 billion stimulus program” during this year’s State of the Union address.

    As the Heritage Foundation recently reported, there is still no proof that President Obama’s first stimulus bill worked. The study on last year’s stimulus package conducted by the White House Council of Economic Advisors (CEA) “fails basic standards of economic analysis,” according to Heritage expert Dr. Karen Campbell. The Heritage report, titled “Did the Stimulus Create Jobs? White House Economic Report Is Unclear,” clarifies the many logical problems involved with the studies that “prove” that the President’s last proposals worked. As Dr. Campbell said, “the American people deserve to have a true economic analysis done.”

    Indeed, President Obama hasn’t even ordered a true economic analysis to be done on the results of his last “proposal”—the expensive economic “stimulus” he argued would create jobs.

    Before he bothers focusing on how to gain Republican support to ram through even more expensive legislation, the President might want to take a closer look at the results of his last jobs plan. It would be a travesty if he let his arrogance and the support of “civil rights” leaders take the place of legitimate economic analysis in the quest to find a solution to America’s current economic crisis.

    Allie Winegar Duzett currently is a member of the Young Leaders Program at the Heritage Foundation. For more information on interning at Heritage, please visit: http://www.heritage.org/about/departments/ylp.cfm

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    16 Responses to Obama Goes Forward With Jobs Plan, Though Jury Still Out On First One

    1. Bobbie Jay says:

      please demand specifics in regard to "jobs created or saved." Government jobs? Private sector jobs? Seems the private sector jobs that exist today, even while obama puts them through outrageous tax increases and regulations, obama takes credit for "saving!"

      We are under different interpretations (the citizens and leaders) and assume the president will infiltrate government inefficient, overstaffed and overpaid, without substance, jobs as "created jobs"

      Why are "civil rights" leaders involved unless their looking for bias, unequal, opportunities? What are their qualifications to establish jobs in the private sector?

    2. Judy Lewis Plano, TX says:

      Jobs won't matter much as the Progressives create their plan for America. India has the chaste system, China is similar, Muslim countries — similar, Europe — most are "kept in their place" by birth, language (accent) or race. Our founding fathers discussed a system for America by using property ownership as a requirement for vote — and it was discarded.

      Now this administration and the progressive "elite" want those of us that cling to our guns and bibles to be the serfs and they can be the aristocracy and decide what is "good" for us even if we do not understand the leader's speechs to us. It is coming.

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    4. April, Colorado says:

      The Republicans govern the upper classes, but when it comes time for elections, they dust off the abortion issue and tout their Christian values in order to get the votes of the lower classes. Why do you think the Republican strategists chose Sarah Palin as the Vice Presidential candidate? And when one would drive through the small towns in Ohio, all one would see is Sarah Palin yard signs. They chose her to win the votes of evangelical Christians–hard-working, blue collar workers who don't understand the difference between Osama Bin Laden and Saddam Hussein, who justify bombing Iraq and the ultimate deaths of over a million Iraqi people by talking about "end times" and "spiritual warfare" and the second-coming of Christ. Meanwhile, the Republican leaders give tax cuts to the wealthiest, they roll back regulations on corporations, they allow banks and lending institutions way too much latitude in the name of "free market" practices and they call any breaks for those that need the help "socialism". Just look at the crowd at the RNC…older, white and wealthy. Just look at the crowd at the Tea Parties…older, white and wealthy.

      Republican strategists want you to be afraid…afraid that your good money is going to end up helping some undeserving, lazy black person or a Mexican. They want you to be afraid that your Medicare is going to be stripped from you…even while it was the Democrats that made sure there was Medicare and Social Security in the first place. They want you to be afraid that making sure that people of diversity in color, faith or sexual preference are somehow going to destroy your family. They want you to be afraid that if all the people that need medical care get medical care, then you won't be able to get in to see your doctor. They want you to fear the government when they don't have the majority.

      I think it very ironic when people vote for old-monied Republican power families from New England and then think that the black guy who worked his way up is somehow the "elitist".

      By the way, if Senator McCain had won the presidency, he would have had to bail out the banks and insurance companies, he would have had to institute a huge stimulus package and he would have had to send more troops into Afghanistan.

    5. Jeanne Stotler,Woodb says:

      I don't know where April got her idea that all of us who support "Tea parties" and the Republican party are rich. I am a Republican, first I am an American, then a Christian, then a Conservative. I am not from "Old money" nor am I rich. I believe in the Constitution and Bill of rights, I also believe our Laws should be upheld not adjusted to suit one group or another. I am a decendent from Richard Warren of the Mayflower, among the branches on my family tree are some very well known names, Monroe, Ross, Burr,Barlow,Luce Col. Benjamin Church to name a few, this is the only wealth I have, my heritage and I'll fight to the death to preserve what they and thousands of others fought and died to achieve. The people of Plymouth and Jamestown left England for a reason, April go back and read history as to WHY they left and then read whad they laid down as rules for survival in this country both 1605 and 1620. We do not rule by fear it's the present Administration that is constantly feeding bunk to the public ie: gLOBAL WARMING etc, as we dig out of almost4 ft of snow an VERY high heating bills.

    6. Brad, Detroit, MI says:


      The Democrats want to keep people "in their place". After more than 50 years of helping the poor and watching out for the 'little guy' – are they any better off ? So why do they keep voting for them ? To keep getting their share of hand-outs, they don't know any better. Heck, the wonderful people of Detroit voted Kwame Kilpatrick BACK into office even after all of his shenanigans starting coming to light. How has Detroit fared since 1960 ? All under Democratic leadership. Keep following the party line blindly and you will fall off the cliff.

      Not sure if you've been keeping tabs on the Social Security situation, but is now running a deficit. The now famous line of "It's the economy, stupid !" seems to falling on deaf ears. The last thing we need is more Federal government interference and wasteful spending. I don't care who is in office. The Fed. Govt needs to be reduced, the NEA needs to be eliminated, and all other entitlement programs simply take money from the producers to give to the non-producers. I don't expect to receive anything from Soc. Insecurity, so I am saving for my own retirement as EVERYONE SHOULD HAVE BEEN DOING since that flawed program was instituted. Whatever happened to personal responsibility ?

    7. dave, dayton says:

      April in CO. sounds like another bleeding heart liberal. Who the hell do you think gets off their ass and works to pay the taxes you want to "redistribute". I'm not wealthy, but I am older, and I "work". I don't collect welfare, I don't look for government handouts. I hope McCain would have let the damn banks fail, also the auto companies with union contracts that are way too costly. "upper classes", sounds like a little class envy? I do agree we should have stayed out of Iraq, we could have waited till the crazy B——– started WW3 and then played policeman.Somebody has to pay for all the entitlements, I've contributed to Social Security for 48 years, yea, I want my money back. Please remember- I have "contributed" not sit on my butt and waited for my government check each month. Sarah Palin appeals to the" middle classes" because she is one. She wasn't a professional politician. I hope she doesn't become one!!

    8. Dave - Chelsea, MI says:

      Jeez, April, Colorado – You sound rather bitter and most importantly, ill-informed.

      The Party of NO – is saying NO, to yet bigger Government which they and Bush helped grow – they say NO, to the socialist agenda this Administration and Majority Party are attempting to perpetrate on the American People, and they say NO, to handling terrorists as common criminals, and NO, to illegal immigration.

    9. Mike, Wichita Falls says:

      RNC Chairman Michael Steele is black, or is that just window dressing?

    10. Todd says:

      Last time I tried this it didn't work, hmm…perhaps if I try it again the very same way again it will.

    11. Drew Page, IL says:

      I get such a kick out of comments like April's. We are never going to convert her or those who believe as she does, but it's fun responding.

      Where to begin? You say that "Republicans govern the upper classes". By itself, that doesn't make a whole lot of sense. I take your comment to mean that Republican policies favor the wealthy. First of all, how do you define wealthy, anyone who earns more than you do? If the Republican policies favor the wealthy, then the Democrat majority in the Senate should switch party affiliation, as should President Obama, as they are all millionaires.

      You make an assumption that all Republicans are "pro-Life". I know a lot who are "Pro-Choice", just as I know several Democrat who are as "Pro-Life" as any Evangelical Christian or Catholic.

      I loved your diatribe about why Republicans chose Sarah Palin as a VP candidate. "They chose her to win the votes of evangical Christians – hard working blue collar workers who don't understand the difference between Osama Bin Laden and Saddam Hussein…". Wow. Those poor, stupid, hard working blue collar people, they really need to look out for old Sarah. Where in the world would they be if they didn't have someone smart, like you, who will take care of them? Maybe they just ought to turnover their voting rights to you, since they are too dumb to look out for themselves.

      The RNC is old, white and wealthy, I wonder what Richard Steele thinks about that? Maybe I didn't get the memo, but all those Republican strategists you are so down on have not invited me, even once, into their inner circle and cautioned me about the lazy blacks and Mexicans you refer to, getting all of my tax money. Do they really do that?

    12. Ben C. Ann Arbor, MI says:

      April in Colorado. You under-estimate the intelligence of the average voter. Obama's campaign of "Change" appealed to many people – he won. But now that the "Change" is being implimented the voters do not like what they see and worry about the future. My seven year old daughter will not be able to afford the national debt and unfunded liabilities Congress has bestowed on her (in excess of 100 trilliono dollars). For this I want smaller government and a return to self reliance. All of the entitlements voted into place by Congress have not helped anyone. Your Social Security was never intended to be a retirement program nor was Medicare intended to be health insurance for all. But now they are bankrupt.

      In addition, if you look at the demographics of our country – white caucasions still out number african americans so it makes sense that a cross section of Americana will have more "white" people at these events than "blacks."

      And lastly, as Jefferson said:

      A government large enouth to provide all of your needs is big enough to take everything you have."

    13. Jeanne Stotler Woodb says:

      April, You are so wrong, Conservatives want smaller gov't, secure jobs and a stable economy. Most of us are ordinary citizens, with modrate incomes and just sick and tired of seeing our savings and earnings going south while those who sit by and take for granted the intitlements. Most SR. citizens are not rich, we are living on what we worked for, and worked hard for. I am a decendent from Richard Warren of the Mayflower, my English side, Scottish side is Munro(Monroe) sent here by Cromwell as indentured servants, My french side was a 12 YO who came here to avoid rel. persecution, his grandson's barn is where Washington's men gathered before going on to Trenton that fatful Christmas morning. This is why I am a conservative I am fighting for what those who went before me and those who fought and died for, America, the Constitution and the Billof Rights./ I vote in every election. Proud to be a Christian, American, and Conservative.

    14. Bobbie Jay says:

      April, you are confusing the parties. I'm not wealthy and I'm not REPUBLICAN. My family and I respect this country for which it once stood, under freedom, liberties and the pursuit of happiness, which means carrying out the duty of personal responsibilities, which is now, being destroyed by the weakness of mankind, LIARS and FOOLS! Open your mind to the truth, it may scare you.

    15. Sam, WI says:

      The RNC is white, wealthy, and rich? That can't be, after all, I do have a rather pale complection but, I'm certainly not old, nor am I even "well-off".

      It simply astounds me how little logic is actually used for advocating certain topics or even to back up arguments. Any argument that lacks logical backing also lacks merit.

    16. cheap pittsburgh pen says:

      In addition, if you look at the demographics of our country – white caucasions still out number african americans so it makes sense that a cross section of Americana will have more “white” people at these events than “blacks.”

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