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  • Morning Bell: First in War, First in Peace, and First in the Hearts of His Countrymen

    This season’s snow falls and Snowpocalypse presents a great opportunity to remember our president who also suffered through the cold to save the Republic.

    Happy William Henry Harrison Day! No wait. That is not right. Failing to wear a coat in cold weather is not the same as defeating the British during a blizzard.

    The third Monday in February has come to be known—wrongly—as President’s Day. But, this is not a day to celebrate every president in our Nation’s history: like one who served only a month in office. This is the day that we celebrate the man who led America to victory in the War for Independence, who was instrumental in the creation of our Constitution, and whose character forever shaped the executive branch. We celebrate George Washington. That’s why it’s Washington’s Birthday; not President’s day.

    What makes George Washington a great president, worthy of such celebration, and example to all other presidents? In short, he was committed to the principles of the American Founding. Liberty, Natural Rights, Equality, Religious Liberty, Economic Opportunity, the Rule of Law, Constitutionalism, Self-government, National Independence: these are the truths that George Washington held.

    Matthew Spalding, in his latest book We Still Hold These Truths, explains each of these first principles in depth and often points to Washington as an exemplar practitioner. For instance, Spalding points to an important series of letters to different religious congregations as an example Washington’s commitment to the principle of religious liberty. In a letter to a congregation of Jewish people, one of the most persecuted religious minorities in all history, Washington explains:

    The citizens of the United States of America have a right to applaud themselves for having given to mankind examples of an enlarged and liberal policy—a policy worthy of imitation. All possess alike liberty of conscience and immunities of citizenship. It is now no more that toleration is spoken of as if it were the indulgence of one class of people that another enjoyed the exercise of their inherent natural rights, for, happily, the Government of the United States, which gives to bigotry no sanction, to persecution no assistance, requires only that they who live under its protection should demean themselves as good citizens in giving it on all occasions their effectual support.

    Washington understood that citizenship did not require professing particular religious doctrines. Nor does the possession of rights depend upon one’s membership in a certain race or social class.

    Not all presidents are George Washington. But all presidents—and all Americans—can and should dedicate themselves to preserving American’s First Principles.

    Quick Hits:

    • American, Afghan and British troops seized crucial positions across the Taliban stronghold of Marja this weekend.
    • The scientist at the center of the Climategate emails, admitted to the BBC yesterday that there has been no ‘statistically significant’ warming in the past 15 years.
    • The IPCC admitted this weekend that their 2007 report overstated how much of the Netherlands is below sea level.
    • According to the latets CBS News-New York Times poll, just 8 percent of Americans want the members of Congress re-elected.
    • Thanks to President Barack Obama’s ambitious health care, financial, and energy policy agenda, a record $3.47 billion was spent on federal lobbyists this year.
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    57 Responses to Morning Bell: First in War, First in Peace, and First in the Hearts of His Countrymen

    1. Steven G. Poyzer, Up says:

      I found it unfortunate that on Sunday, February 14, 2010, the National Geographic channel choose to air a pseudo historical program regarding Washington that cast him in a very negative light attacking his career as a young man, his marriage to wife Martha and his role in the revolution and formation of our nation. It was obvious that rather than the program being an objective, fact based portrayal of Washington's life, the view taken was demeaning, subjective and an obvious smear campaign on our nations first president.

    2. Jeanne Stotler,Woodb says:

      It should be Washington's birthday, my mother was born on Feb.22 and living in D.C. it was always a holiday and we celebrated her birthday as well. In D.C. there was a bakery, Federal Bakery, they made log cakes trimmed with cherries and a cardboard hatchet, every year we would get one for our desesrt. I remember the papers showing all the people who would line up in the cold to buy a car for a dollar or some other bargain. Washington's BDay sales were big and store owners unloaded all their winter merchandise to prepare for spring. While I believe we should honor most who served the office of Pres.I still think we should give Washington his day back.

    3. Christopher Popham S says:

      Thanks for reminding your readers of the true meaning of "Presidents' Day".

      Thank God for George Washington, the Founders and our sacred Constitution.

    4. sandy roszmann says:

      I thought President's Day is to celebrate both Lincoln and Washington because we used to celebrate Lincoln on the 12TH and Washington on the 22ND. I thought we combined these two to give Martin Luther King his own day! …

    5. Ron Derry NH says:

      I admire that First President greatly.

      Our problem right now as politicking has formed into a sort of ritual of forming an allegiance with interests that may or may not have interest in those founding principles and then exploiting the power gained to sacrifice those principles for personal and party gains.

      Intellectually we are under attack for everything that Washington hoped to offer to his future brethren. Spiritually let's hope Americans haven't forgotten how valuable a gift was bestowed upon them and how its preservation will take more than a holiday to sustain.

      The grandeur of the First president not only stands as a monumental achievement of courage and vision but over shadows almost every modern presidents actions with towering moral fortitude and rightness of purpose.

      I hope we don't waste it with our present lack of confidence in our forefathers aspirations.

    6. James Wellington ,Ja says:

      Amen brother. As a 35 year practicing christian I am sadden in the direction this great country of one nation under God is going and who is taking us there. I pray for my leaders if not for any other reason than they don't hurt us anymore than they have in such a short time. Obama should be proud of himself for how far we have fallen in such a short time. His agenda is right on the schedule. And the other thing that scare's me is that most Republican's are cowards and won't take a stand for God and country. Thank-you James Wellington

    7. Kim O. Ochsenbein Ak says:

      It is to bad the bad that Barrack Obama does not live upto these standards as well as most of our representatives.

    8. Penny Boyd, Danville says:

      It is so rewarding to see the Heritage Foundation each morning. Thank you for uplifting the first president of the United States. When I was a child, our school rooms were filled with posters, and stories about the "Father of Our Country". Today, the government just lumps all presidents into one day. Sad. Sad, Sad!

    9. Blair, Franconia, NH says:

      Here's a thought. Let's abolish Presidents' Day and go back to honoring our two greatest Presidents, Washington, and Lincoln, on their actual birthdays. This idea of

      honoring every president, including one who was President of the United States for only a day, yes, there was a president with an even shorter term in office than William

      Henry Harrison, I can't think of his name right now, is ridiculous and so PC. It began in the the'70s when Congress wanted to decrease the number of holidays. So it passed a law moving Veteran's Day back to October 26th, Memorial Day was moved back to the May 27th, from May 30th, and the third Monday in February was made Presidents' Day, by combining Washington's Birthday, (February 11, 1732, O.S.),

      (February 22, 1732, N.S.), since the adoption of the Gregorian Calendar back in 1752. New Hampshire didn't move the dates of Memorial Day and Veteran's Day back to create three-day weekends. They were kept the same. It was the ONLY state that did so,

    10. chris Naples Florida says:

      Let's all take time today to celebrate the courage of past Presidents like Washington , Adams and Jefferson Happy Presidents Day everyone.

    11. bigdave, ocala fl says:

      George Washington BUILT our great country and the liberals/progressives have tried to destroy our history of him. Obama, whether through misguided principles borne of years of inexperience and do-nothings, or intentional policies as a follower of Alinsky, is tearing this country down in unimaginal ways. American Corporations denigrated, payoffs to Unions which supported him, takeovers of auto manufacturers, banks, student loans, Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, real estate loans to those who can not pay those loans back and the subsequent destruction of the real estate market and losses in the TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS, a 2700 page "healthcare"(my butt!) bill which no one has read but shove it down our throats anyway, terrorost trials here to reward the trial lawyers with more money we do not have…I mean where do we stop with this NONSENSE?! There seems to be no end to the destructive madness of the DEMOCRAT party, covered up in every detail by the LEFTISTS IN THE MEDIA, and the AMERICAN PEOPLE are led blindly to their destruction, just like the Jews to the gas chamber, all hoping what is happening really is not happening! Pretending everything will be OK will insure EVERYTHING FALLS APART! HERITAGE NEEDS MORE EXPOSURE TO GET OUT THE TRUTH! If real Americans Knew what this gang of crooks in government positions was doing to us we would have all of them arrested. That won't happen, too much apathy, so lets just vote out all those who have become RICH by stealing our money through unlawful taxes. UNITED WE STAND DIVIDED WE FALL. Are the CONSERVATIVES united yet? Seems as though the bad guys are.

    12. Zach, OH says:

      The dubious claim that President Washington was for natural rights is just blatantly misleading… One fact, slavery. Enough said.

    13. P. Woster, Detroit, says:

      You sort of left out Abraham Lincoln, who is also honored on this day. Some people think he was a good president as well!

    14. Char, Readfield says:

      Way back before "one size fits all" we celebrated both Lincoln and Washington's birthdays on their date of birth. Lincoln's, February 12 and Washington's, February 22.

    15. Richard Cancemi, Arl says:

      Today's modern Americans have been 'dumbed-down' over the years by the insertion of Progressive Liberalism into our school systems and curricula. So much of our history and traditional principles have been eliminated, that today's young do not see America as the shining example it has been to the world. They hear that America is not Special, is not the Hope of the world, is not heroic, is not the land of Opportunity for all who strive for a better life.

      Instead they hear that America is mean-spirited, unjust, imperialistic, ill-intentioned. Obama abases himself before the world and bows and scrapes before other world leaders, while apologizing for America!

      He does not represent the Presidents of yore. He is not in the same class as Washington,

      Jefferson and Adams. He dishonors our Founding Fathers with his Socialism and dedication to handing over America to a New World Order! Long live America (without Obama)!

    16. Alan DeCarlo, Tennes says:

      Although Martin Luther King was a great American, I have always had a serious issue with him being granted his own personal holiday at the expense of two exceptionally great Americans, Washington and Lincoln.

      It is a travesty that these two men have had what was their former birth date celebrations lumpedi nto a generic "President's Day, a day that also honors those presidents who were in office briefly or who were not so "good or great."

      It is also ironic that if it were not for Lincoln, MLK would possibly never had any noteriety at all,much less a platform for free speech.

      The Federal Government could have created another holiday for MLK and kept the other two intact. While it has no problem bankrupting the national wealth, our government still wanted to chinch out on one more day off for Federal employees.

      By the way. My corporation does not recognize either MLK Day or President's Day as work holidays, so I am sitting here at my desk putting in my time.

    17. Jackie Missoula, Mt says:

      You better enjoy it, the liar in chief in the White House will probably do away with it next. Right after he finds the proof he needs to issue and sign the climate control directive.

      Fair and balnced Fox brought on a historian on the Eric Shaun Sunday show with a tidbit about our first president, George Washington. It seems that the most noblest thing he could talk about was a little tidbit about George Washington was in love with his neighbor's wife. The way he told it was alluding to something more than just an innocent infatuation. It was disgusting and defaming. That subject was dealt with in some of the books written about him and it was nothing more than a rumor. Probably conjured up by his enemies that were very much like Carvelle, Begalla and company.


    18. BOB DEBIASE , MARINA says:

      Not having Washington's Birthday anymore is like a lot of things that our Government is doing . It is downplaying the celebrations and memories that we cherish Dearly . President George Washington , should always have a Birthday celebrated on February 22nd . What President today would lead his men into battle like Washington did , so many times . What President would cross an ice caked river to surprise an enemy in the wee hours of the morning and win the battle . What President today would act in such a moral and altruistic manner as George Washington did . What President would bring tears to your eyes as a small child when you read about him in history books. There is only one U.S. President that I know of that would elicit that type of honor and respect and that President is George Washington . Let us write our Senators and Congressmen and demand that we celebrate George Washington's Birthday once again

    19. Giles, Winnsboro, TX says:

      It was so great to have written documentation concerning president's day. I remember growing up, which wasn't that long ago, we celebrated not only Washington's birthday, but Lincoln's as well, then the days werecombined and the reason for the celebration was left to a more common celebration which takes away from the fundamental basics of this republic. Too many people don't remember, want to remove and dilute the very real history that allows them the freedoms they experience today. This just doesn't make sense and the danger is ever more present. I am grateful to Washington and those that fought tyranny to establish this nation based upon the will of God our Creator, not upon their opinion.

    20. ella quinn kinaton n says:

      I agree with the morning bell.This should be called George Washington birthday.

    21. Kent Nobbelin, Ph.D. says:

      While acknowledging the gratitude and respect Americans should have for the nation's first president, this accounting of our federal holiday in February has ignored the reality and the politics, it seems. In the not too distant past (prior to 1968), Americans honored two past presidents in February, Lincoln (Feb 12) and Washington (Feb 22). When politicians in Congress decided to designate most federal holidays to fall on Monday, it is my understanding that February's third Monday would celebrate the combined contribution of those two great leaders whose birthdays fell in February as Presidents' Day – and certainly not President's Day which would honor only one.

    22. George Blumel, Atlan says:

      George Washington also set the precedent for term limits –two terms. That held until FDR whose tenure ended only upon his death. Then, in 1951 the 22nd Amendment was ratified to avoid that happening again.

    23. Bob Veigel, Arlingto says:

      Sadly, over the years our Nation has drifted far and away from these founding principles. May we find the way back with God's help and once again set the Nation on a proper path, and become, truly, 'The Home of the Brave and The Land of the Free'.

    24. duelles, santa fe says:

      Perhaps, George Washington could be studied in elementary schools in our country. This might instill in our youth a true sense of patriotism.

    25. Ken Jarvis says:

      Do YOU think the GOP will EVER do anything to help Obama?

      If so, WHAT?


    26. A Person of the USA says:

      First things, like the USA Constitution, which Washington penned, and

      in so doing not ever denied women of the USA, USA Constitutional rights on

      the basis of gender.

      First things like a document that is the heirarchy and foundation of this great USA.

      An author that not once denied People, the decency of consideration of their intellect and ability and needs for freedom, simply on the basis of gender.

      That man, with the profoundity of foresight to the evolution of mankind wrote perhaps one of the most beautiful liberating establishments of a nation that could ever have been conceived.

      It is sad that too many people totally disregard it, and even the human rights of the people they violate in so doing.

    27. Garnet Richards, Cas says:

      It is a good article about President Washington. We need to know more about our first president. I differ with you over the"President's Day" holiday. When I was in grade school we celebrated both Presidents Washington's and Lincoln's birthdays in Febr. Washington: Feb.22 and Lincoln Feb 12. I seem to remember that when the Congress passed the law making the third Monday in Feb. Presidents' Day it was to commemorate both Presidents.

    28. Jim Kinnu, Fountain says:

      Dear Ed: I agree that Washington was a great President and one of the Founders of our Country. However, it goes without saying that he was a "slave" owner and did not give liberty and freedom to his slaves until his death. He led our colonial forces in the Revolutionary War and won our freedom from England but the outspoken defender of all American's freedom was Abraham Lincoln.



    29. Joe Colliins, Bremer says:

      Amen !! All Presidents should hold the original values, as An American as did George Washington himself….Hold up our U.S. Constitution, its values and truths are as important today as they were in our beginning as a nation..they do not change, for if they do they are of no value and never could be…hold the line….following the leadership, understanding, and greatness of our first President! This is who we are and to remain free and a great nation, not one line or dot can change……………..Cheer Greatly this day for our First and Founding Father of our Nation, "George Washington" Praise God for giving us such a leader and such a Great Nation Under God!!! Amen! …………….Thank you God! Joe Collins

    30. Mike, Chicago says:

      Why is it that MLK gets a holiday with his name, but George Washington doesn't?

    31. Thor H. Asgardson says:

      Now I know why I come to this site again and again. Kudos to Heritage for calling our remembrance to our illustrious president; George Washington.

    32. Joy Woods The Woodla says:

      Because our education system is so broken, most of the teens I to which I have spoken do not know the importance of Patrick Henry. I have replaced the "British" references in his famous speech, "Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death" with the words American and Congress. With that adjustment, the speech could have been written this morning. Try it and share it with your readers.

      Joy Woods

    33. philip says:

      Honor George Washington ,by supporting the constitution of United States which he help write to give us our God given rites of freedom and self-government by the people . Honor George Washington by opposing President Obama's plans to change the constitution to suit his form of a government socialist system, witch is government of the people by the government. Happy Birthday George Washington

    34. Mitch - AZ says:

      My appreciation taught me in grade school for Washington had diminished over the years, until I read a biography about him a few years ago. He was indeed a giant among men – his honor, integrity, loyalty and service were such an example to his contemporaries and a still a very good model for all Americans to live by.

    35. Holly, Arizona says:

      I also always understood that it was called "President's Day" in order to consolidate celebrating both Lincoln's and Washington's birthdays, which both occurred in February. It was specific to these two great presidents – our first president, Washington, who helped us win our independence, and Lincoln, who helped win the Civil War and kept the union intact. It was NEVER intended to celebrate any other president, and no other president was ever mentioned as the reason for this holiday. I hope our present day students are not being taught that President's Day has anything to do with any other presidents.

    36. Dennis Social Circle says:

      If the people in the great state of Texas have their way, history books will be changed so the our first Presiden will not be studied or mentioned, as will everything prior to 1879. These people are looking at the possibility of changeing the American History books, as they are one of the biggest buyers of school books along with California. Othe changes include but are not limited to proclaiming that we are no longer known as "AMERICAN CITIZENS" but will be refered to as "WORLD CITIZENS." I CAN ONLY GUESS THAT THIS CHANGE WILL FIT RIGHT IN WITH THE DEMS, PELOSI, REID, AND OF COURSE OBAMA.. This country is going to hell in a hand basket much faster than I would have ever though. The american people made a huge mistake in 2008, and we all will be paying for it in generations to come.WE MUST VOTE IN 2010.

    37. Bob says:

      For more information about how President's Day began and why, go to this Snipes web site. I hope you find it as informative as I did. http://www.snopes.com/holidays/presidents/preside

    38. Louis Levy Houston T says:

      Uplifting! Let him be a living example to follow.

    39. Sue From Detroit says:

      George Washington will never be forgotten. Obama will be forgotten within days of leaving office. there is a big difference between these two individual. Washington, the man, did what had to be done to get this country on its feet. He did not like to be the center of attention and never ever wanted to be a King. He limited his time as president. Obama, the child, wants to be King all his life. Loves and wants the attention 24 /7. And will do what he can get away with to destroy this country.

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    41. John B. San Diego says:

      GOD Bless America, for she is under attack; and all YOU PATRIOTS, God Bless!

      Ultra Politically Correct; if I may coin a phrase is the fact that MLK day is celebrated on its own merit and somehow President Washington and President Lincoln for some reason do not rate a day of recognition set aside for them as individuals.

      Ok; I'm labeled a racist, I doubt that will stick I trained the very minorities that have taken my job and career away! Yes…I am unemployed! For over a year!

      Let's don't go down that road.

      What I do not appreciate is the fact we must tear down the Founding Fathers.

      They had their faults sure they had servants(slaves) I'll bet if you look back through history George Washington's servants(so-called slaves) would have fought and died for him as a person (master) because they loved him!

      He loved them and would have never harmed them or their families!

      And he would have defended his servants; he loved them! Just as they loved him!

      Now days certain persons wrap themselves in "OUR FLAG” yes Old Glory and Our Constitution are displayed and worn as "Armor Against our Nation"

      Where is the justification for trying to take down the nation that many are hiding behind? Not that many Blacks and Hispanics and others too numerous to mention have not fought and died for America. Not that Blacks and Hispanics are responsible.

      Probably the A.C.L.U. and others like them are responsible for this INJUSTICE!

      Therein is my argument; the servants of George Washington would have protected him and his family with their lives. And modern day Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen Marines and Coast Guardsmen of all color and background will fight and give everything for America. Why can't we celebrate those Founding Fathers?

      We are all hiding behind "Old Glory"; when do we truly unite?

      Let's re-establish Washington's Birthday and Lincoln's Birthday and King's Birthday and in doing so remove a torn from our American sides to promote unity

      For those who wonder; I’m an old white guy with my own family of Americans

    42. wallyblu Zion IL says:

      We have the third Monday in January as Martin Luther King Day and the third Monday in February as Presidents day.

      Why not combine them on the first Monday in February as Obama the King day?

    43. Ben C. Ann Arbor, MI says:

      My recollection of the change to the current President's Day was to create another long weekend for federal and state employees. I feel it had less to do with honoring Presidents and more to do with long weekends and time off. I agree that we should go back to the traditional honoring of our First President and forget about the long weekend that most of us don't get anyway.

    44. Jeanne Stotler Woodb says:

      When the holidays were consolidated and Mem. day, etc changes it was to give more three day week-ends to Gov't. Employees and it cut down on workers taking an extra day or two off. My parents were both employed by the Navy Dept. Bu Ord. and frankly we enjoyed having a day off in the middle of the week occassionaly. Veterns day was called Armitace Day in honor to the end of WWI, and has always been celebrated Nov. 11th the day of the signing, Columbus day Oct. 12., if a holiday fall or did fall on a Sat. it was given Friday off, if on a Sunday Monday off. The reason behind it as I said was to give a certain amount of three day week-ends, usually for the benefit of Congress.

    45. Ron Derry NH says:

      I think I'd like to assist Ken in helping out Obama,

      First I will promise to treat Obama exactly as the left treated BWBush during his Presidency……..

      OK I won't treat him that badly because I have some dignity, but quite frankly mentioning facts doesn't hinder a president, it clarifies reality for him, and if he can not deal with reality he is not a good president or leader. No one is a failure until they can prove it…….the proof is in the deeds or lack of them.

      Leadership is an accomplished task during adversity not a gift from loyal subjects.

      It's just the facts.

    46. GEORGE Swallow says:





    47. Bobbie Jay says:

      the feds are bigots against the founders, therefore, no day off for them.

      I would like to know why children have been indoctrinated to understand "white man's privilege?"

      The founders took the teachings of a man who wasn't born white, nor in America!

    48. SAMUEL says:

      WE AMERICANS, are grateful that we had some great leaders. What if we started out with a obambba, peloise, reid, rangel, conyers, watters, biden. I CAN SAY WITHOUT A DOUBT WE WOULD BE A HAITI, AFRICA, MEXICO, We are getting there now.

      We give thanks for our great leaders. So is that why everyone, in every country, and nation tries to smuggle into AMERICA. OH, THAT WE HAD GREAT LEADERS TODAY.



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    50. bigdave, ocala fl says:

      Time we took back our government and get rid of all these shiftless skunks who prey on us, live off of us while we suffer, and destroy our precious history and the memories of those heroes near and dear to our hearts. They are destroying the AMERICAN DREAM by first DESTROYING OUR HISTORY, AND ANY KNOWLEDGE OF IT. Their goal is to make us a third world country, with the same skunks in power, and they are well under way. We need a NEW GOVERNMENT which is PRO AMERICA and PRO AMERICANS…it is time to gather together to make certain this happens. America is no longer a dumping ground for the misfits of the world who demand we take care of them. We need to care for our own first.

    51. B. Lowe Utah says:

      I loved this article and totally agree with what George Washington said. It is sad that what he said wasn't always true of some of the United States' people and still isn't. Things are much better and I am happy about that.

    52. Bob Randall says:

      Political correctness is destroying America. The left are the perpetraitors (emphasis on traitors).

    53. Joy Duval says:

      How tragic for the United States of America that we have state Boards of Education deciding to remove George Washington from history. Michele Obama made the statement that Barak knows we must rewrite history. This they are doing.

      I have at least one ancestor I know of who fought in the Revolutionary War. In the State of North Carolina, it will be as if neither of these men ever existed. Not George Washington and not my ancestor. To borrow the famous quote "He who will not learn from history is doomed to repeat it" I guess we will have us another King George to bow down to when these bastards get through with their re-education process.

    54. Bobbie Jay says:

      They won't "rewrite" history, they'll just change the names and skin colors.

    55. Pingback: govtrack.wordpress.com

    56. BC Biggs Kansas City says:

      My understanding is that the day is to honor both Presidents Washington and Lincoln. This is in lieu of celebrating both their birthdays, February 22 and 12 respectively. It is sad that many schools, universities, businesses do not view this day to honor two great leaders of this country. At least one state I know of, NC, is proposing to teach a US History curriculum beginning in 1877. Tragic. By the way, there is no apostrophe in Presidents Day.

    57. kristengreen says:

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